The Convention Quadrant: People We Want to Interview Part 1!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another post and taking a change of pace for a minute.

List of People I Want to Interview

Since we interviewed Steve Blum back in 2016 at holiday Matsuri, we have achieved that goal and still interviewed people like Paul St. Peter, Derek Steven Prince, and Jennifer Hale and so on. Now with the slight slowdown in press we have kind of thought just sticking with Omni and RangerStop for press but doesn’t mean we want to branch to other conventions in the future. Heck, we still want to go back to MetroCon since they were really good to us and have given us recommendations to some of their guests. Hoping next year would be a goal? Who knows? Now, there are some people I do want to interview whether it’s on Skype or in person and who are they? Let’s see!

Jennifer Yen: First up is someone I really want to interview for a long time now and that is Jennifer Yen. If you have read my Ipsy posts, she is the one who created the brands Purlisse and Yensa Cosmetics. Reason for interviewing is not just because she created her own brands but she was Vipra on Power Rangers Light Speed Rescue. Not only have I wanted to know more about her brands but her role in Light Speed Rescue as well. I still enjoy seeing that little tidbit about her villain role on Ipsy whenever I get an item from either brand.
Barbara Goodson: Next up is another iconic Power Rangers villain and that is Barbara Goodson. She is known for playing Rita Repulsa and of course our favorite overlord Leharl in Disgaea. Hoping to get press again this year for RangerStop since she is a guest again if not I did get in contact with her recently over Facebook to see about getting that Skype interview since that is a bit of a backup for us and has worked well so far. I will update over Twitter with what happens.
Neil Kaplan: Since we have interviewed Digimon stars over the years Neil Kaplan is another one I want to interview. Recently the National Federation of the Blind talked about how there should be more blind actors in blind character roles and I remembered how Mr. Kaplan taught at the Braille Institute years ago when it comes to using Braille scripts. I did get back in touch with him and he does stay in touch with students after ending his class. He does want to come back to Orlando and Omni if you’re reading this he should be a guest since he is Halsemon in Digimon Adventure 2. Also, any Voltron Legendary Defender fans? He also plays Zarkon.
Yuri Lowenthal: Yes! I placed this guy on my list since I have been a fan of one of his characters even if he was evil, Yuri Lowenthal. He has an amazing voice range and the first time I heard him in anything was as Sasuke in Naruto and my favorite role he has done has to be Haseo in the G.U. games. Getting to sit down with him in person or over Skype would be a huge honor.
Johnny Yong Bosch: Another Power Rangers alumni and now anime and video game voice actor has to be Johnny Yong Bosch. I have met him twice in person and want to interview him since it would be a nice addition to our channel. How I heard of his anime work was when the anime heat Guy J appeared on MTV2 when I was in high school and he has been in so many anime series and video games over time, heck he is in the G. U. games and the last two Devil May Cry games, as in four and five. Hoping to get to interview him sometime in the future.
Liam O’Brien: Speaking of G.U. another actor from that franchise is Liam O’Brien. When he was at MythiCon for the first time, we only went for fun to get a feel for the convention and got to enjoy the panels. Now that MythiCon has ended hoping to interview this guy since he has voiced Gaara in Naruto for the longest time and Endrance in the games I mentioned above.
David Mitranga: Who is this guy you’re wondering? Well, all thanks to our buddy Xeno Crystal not being able to go to MetroCon this year like us he has inspired me to add him to our list of people we want to interview. Anyone who is a My Hero Academia fan as much as we are he is the voice of Todoroki Mr. Ice Fire himself!
Bridget Hoffman: Adding another actress on and that is Bridget Hoffman. I know this would be a hard one to get since I haven’t seen her here in Florida as much. She has been the voice of Mizuho in Please Teacher, Miaka in Fushigi Yugi and Mahoro in Mahoromatic.
Colleen Clinkenbeard: Maybe I should stop here since this list maybe long and that my last entry for now is Colleen Clinkenbeard! We tried getting press for Anime Festival Orlando again last year since she was a guest oat this one and didn’t get a chance to interview her at MegaCon which I won’t get into detail but the short end to that story was due to not letting any press interview any people that were famous including voice actors. Voice actors can be famous but most of the time they can be popular! She is a popular pick due to not only voicing Erza Scarlet but she has directed many series in the past including my all-time favorite series, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. Hoping to get to interview her in the future even if she ends up as a guest at Omni.

Well, that is it for this list for now. I am ending it here because there are so many people I want to interview and it’s hard to fit them all in. I may do a second part to this down the road so stay tuned for that one later. Until next time everyone stay beautiful while traveling the vast universe!

The Beauty Quadrant: Ipsy July 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with…

Ipsy July 2019!

I got it in the mail yesterday but due to the rain being in the way I couldn’t visit the mailbox but Gondras did. I am glad to get it because there are pretty good items they sent me. I have no add-ons since some of them didn’t intrigue me except one but have to wait for Glam Bag Plus. This month’s theme is Destination because they are in Miami doing Destination Ipsy down there this weekend. I was in Miami getting my eyes checked last week and traveling down there is hard since we live off the coast this time. Anyways, makes sense this bag fits the palm trees on the bag due to Miami. This bag is $10 a month and you get five sample sizes to deluxe and sometimes full size items if you’re lucky. Let’s see what I got!

Mellow Cosmetics Precision Eyeliner Pen in Black: First is an item from Mellow Cosmetics which I got before in BoxyCharm. I still use the brow pencil I got there to help set my brows after putting my pomade on. This time I received an eyeliner pen in black. I will be using this for work whenever I use different shadows during the week. I’m still using one other eyeliner pen at the moment so saved it in my makeup kit for work.
Twisted Sister Curl Activate Crème: Next is a brand I never heard of known as Twisted Sister even though they are a band. This product was placed in this month’s bag because I enjoyed the Marc Anthony sample I got in a few months ago and glad to get this one. This item contains coconut, almond, and avocado oils to stop frizz and adds shine and volume to help with defining the curls. Glad to get this since I do have a tangle spot where my hair gets tangled after washing my hair and glad to try this brand out. I hope I can purchase from them since they’re a UK based brand.
Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Mascara: Next is a product I already have a full-size of and that is the Roller Lash Mascara from Benefit. I find that this is a good one but a great dupe for it is the Rimmel London Super Curl Mascara from the drugstore because it pretty much curls like the Benefit one. I did try the Benefit one as a sample and bought the full-size during one of the 21 Days of Beauty events and still enjoy it but prefer the Rimmel one over this one. Glad I did get another mascara but hoped for the Eyeko one since I did buy a full-size of the one I got last time.
The Balm Cosmetics Eye Shadow in He Said She Said: Another sample from the Balm and it’s another eye shadow in the shade He Said She Said. This shade appears in the “What’s the Tea” Iced Tea shadow pallet and it’s a shimmery lavender shade. This is very different from what what they have sent me which are more burgundy brown type shades and glad to get something new and different. I enjoy the Balm’s products so far and now have purchased a bundle from them. I almost thought about getting one of the Tea pallets but haven’t bit the bullet but maybe this shadow would help me do that. I am glad to get a lavender shade and maybe I should try this with my Alien Love Child shadow from Space Case since that is also a lavender.
Ciate London Glow-2-Highlight in Moon dust: Final item is a highlighter from Ciate and glad to try one of these. I forgot to add this brand as a Save for Later Brand in the last post since I do enjoy their products. This highlighter feels like a full-size pan since it’s also a magnetic pan and glad to find my other Z Pallet and stuck it in with my Finding Ferdinand blush. This highlighter is supposed to give a celestial glow with spherical particles in it and it’s easy to blend on top of it. Can’t wait to try it out.

Well guys that’s it for this post! This was a pretty good month and can’t wait what next month brings. I have been with Ipsy again for a year now and glad to stay with them this time since those two years have been sad for me without having that pink mailer show up every month. Well, next is supposed to be Glam Bag Plus which is almost here, hoping to get it in the next few days. Stay tuned!

The Beauty Quadrant: BoxyCharm July 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with a new post and that is…

BoxyCharm July 2019!

I did receive this Monday which I was supposed to get it last week but had to go out of town to get my eyes checked so got it Monday since it was in the leasing office. Wished they just put the thing in my mailbox. Anyways, let’s see what I got this month!

Elemis Super Food Vital Veggie Mask: First is something from a brand I never tried before and that is Elemis. I heard good things about this brand all over YouTube and was afraid of trying due to having sensitive skin. This product is good for everyone and that is their Super Food Vital Veggie Mask. This product claims to brightens, nourishes, and hydrates the skin and contains nettle, cale, and wheatgrass along with avocado and chia seed oils to help soften skin. I have to try this out since I prefer the kind of masks you put on for a few minutes and wash off afterwards rather than peel off ones. I have to see how this goes and update you all. This retails $35.
Butter London Natural Goddess Pallet: Next is a product by Butter London! I never tried these guys before and was super excited to get this pallet in this box. This contains six shadows and what I find interesting is that one is a blue from what I heard. I think Elizabeth Wolfe wanted more of a summer pallet which we are pretty much in the midst of it and I agree but at the same time this is a very classy box and not everyone wears wild colors. I don’t mind the neutrals since that is what most of my shadow pallets are. I can’t wait to wear this one since this does retail for #32 and it does pay for the box like the first item.
Luxie Gaya Brush Set: Next is another brush set by Luxie Beauty! I love this brand when it comes to their brushes because they are really good quality. This is a three brush set that contains a foundation brush and two eye brushes. Also the small packet it came in is recyclable. I will be using one of these for my blending after putting down shadow because it feels like a big shadow blender to make sure my edges aren’t too sharp. This set retails for $30.
Alomar Cosmetics Lip Gloss: Next is another product by Lamar and this time it’s a lip gloss. I did enjoy the blush pallet I received and this brand is not too expensive and I think they are also from Florida. I started using this lip gloss today and man it feels so good on the lips. I wear it on top of liquid lips to give it some shine. I think the retail price is around $12 since my scanner could not scan the card right.
Appeal Cosmetics Gel Liner: Final item is a gel eyeliner from Appeal Cosmetics. I remembered getting a cream eye shadow if I remembered right and finding this is even more awesome. It does save me money on getting eye pencils all the time. By the way, the color I got is in Forest Green which would go perfect with my green Coastal Scents shadows. This retails $21.

What I Finished: Now let’s see what I finished this time.

Glam Glow Foaming Face Wash: I finally finished this item and man it took me months to do so! I think I got this in May’s box since I got the Glam Glow masks with the same effect in Glam Bag Plus. This product felt like my face was slightly warm to the touch after using it. I know that sensitive skin people can use it but not everyone can. I did find it annoying with how hard it was to clean off the suds because it kept on foaming up with each bit of water. I did mostly toweled off after getting my makeup off. Its okay but wishing I got that First Aid Beauty item instead.
Pretty Vulgar Highlighter: Remembered that highlighter from Pretty Vulgar? Well, I had to throw it out because it broke! That thing stood very well while traveling to Orlando and back during Omni but not at home where it shattered in my big Caboodle. I did love the product though and tried to keep it in tact but nope it’s gone. Sorry Pretty Vulgar item. At least I got to try one product from them while it lasted.

Well guys that’s it for these products. I am glad that I got some nice items and can’t wait to use the eyeliner which I am happy since it’s different from all the colors I usually get while the mask will be interesting and so far so good loving the lip gloss. Let’s see how the other boxes’ products fair. Until next time!

The Beauty Quadrant: Brands I Buy THat I Have Gotten In My Subscriptions!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back to my blog! I am back with another post!

Brands I Bought From Me Got In Subscriptions Or Not!

HS, first and foremost Happy 4th everyone! As you guys know I am with four makeup subscriptions which are Ipsy, Glam Bag Plus, Allure Beauty Box, and BoxyCharm. They have offered so many brands ranging from NYX to Urban Decay to Huda Beauty and so many more but I can’t buy from all of them due to either price in Sephora or it doesn’t work well for my skin which does happen but I do have the ones I do support and buy from that I have picked up even on their Ipsy Shopper and Offers pages including brands that they didn’t place into my bag. I may also do a section of brands I want to buy from but maybe later.

Urban Decay: First is a brand we know and love and that is Urban Decay. I first tried these guys out when I first joined Ipsy all thanks to getting the Perversion mascara sample in my first bag, very first by the way in 2014. I have been into this brand a lot since all thanks to that mascara and have been into their Naked pallets as well. I do have the Game of Thrones pallets they have released and do have two other pallets they have put on sale over time. Still, this has been a favorite brand and will keep on buying no matter what. I think my favorite product would have to be both Naked Basics and Naked 2 Basics due to those being my intro into the brand alongside Perversion. I do have a new tube of Perversion since it had lasted me for a long time and glad to try them out first before buying through one mascara.
Smashbox: I think I have to give these guys more love but Smashbox has been a brand I have been trying out and liking for a long time. I remembered trying their Photo Finish face primer and loved it due to how it was great for sensitive skin and remembered buying the Starter Kit through the Offers page. I do have one of the shadow trios from the old set which is Filter in full-size and that is a perfect work friendly product I have ever used. I did remember returning to Ipsy and getting one of the liquid lipsticks in my first bag back and enjoyed that one too so far. I almost got the blue one at first which I need to see if that is still around. I do have two of the Cover Shot pallets which I hear mixed reviews on so I have to see how those go. But the product that got me really into Smashbox is of course the Full Exposure pallet which I still have to this day which I got for Christmas in 2015. I did make a good dent in one shade and hoping to keep using it.
Tarte: Even though I have been buying them more lately but Tarte has been appearing in my boxes lately. When I got back to BoxyCharm in January there was a Tarte pallet in my first box box and of course did try the Man Eater mascara and of course the Double Duty face primer which I am waiting for that to arrive since Ulta had a sale recently on selected Tarte items. I remembered getting into this brand mostly through Bunny’s collab with them in 2016 with the Swamp Queen pallet and I still have it to this day. Even though they haven’t branched as much into color but Tarte is a pretty good brand once you get into some of the items. I don’t mind neutrals since I have to stick to them for work even though I do have teal and blue shadows along with green in my work pallets but I have used the newer Tarte pallet I got from Boxy and love how it feels on my eyes. I can’t wait to see more items and probably get more things as time goes on.
MAC: Even though I have been buying from them for the longest time but I have bought two items from the Offers page even though I have not gotten anything in my bags from them. Still a great brand in my book and still buying from.
Formula 10.06: Next is a skin care brand I got into all thanks to Ipsy! Formula 10.06 was in one of my bags last year and that was the Three Times Sublime which is a grapefruit expholiant that can be used in three ways which mostly I use it for its intended use. I like how my skin just opens up to let in to do their job. When I found out that Ulta carry these guys I was on board and started buying their items and they are the Rescue Me Blemish Treatment and the Mark Gel. I also have been enjoying the makeup wipes because they do a good clean which I am going to wait until I finish all of my coconut oil before I use the makeup wipes because they do a better clean even more so than the Glam Glow face wash from BoxyCharm.
Space Case Cosmetics: Even though I have not gotten them in my bag per say but I gotten them through the Offers page. This brand is very unique and has space themed products which really catch my ears because of the space themes they go with. I have bought a nail polish set and liked how one of them look on my nails and of course picked up one of the eye shadow sets they sold and of course some items from their website. Their shadows are the same consistency as Colour Pop as in from a gream to powder formula which I have blended Alien Love Child into my inner corners a couple of times because it’s a unique lavender shade. Plus their blushes are also Colour Pop consistency with the cream to powder too. I hope to get this brand more because space themes do get me.
Coastal Scents: Another brand you haven’t heard much of lately is of course Coastal Scents! My very first bag was where I got into them when I got a blush duo sample and I fell in love with the formula that way. I did get their brushes through the Offers page here and there and find it weird that I don’t see them as much as I used to. I did also get their first few Revealed pallets in BoxyCharm which the first Boxy I got was the first Revealed pallet and fell in love with that range due to having more shadows to use and play with in each pallet and they were cheaper than a Naked pallet. I did get more of their stuff as time goes on and of course still an affiliate with them guys but didn’t get much traffic which is okay. I do still get the Revealed pallets as new ones get released and do get some of the sale items sometimes which they do have pretty good sales throughout the entire month.
NYX: I have been buying these guys for a long time so nothing much to say but I love using their products.
Ofra: I got into these guys all thanks to buying a pallet from them on Ipsy a long time ago and even bought the liquid lipsticks as a set with their old packaging. Ofra can be a little pricey but they are pretty good with what they make. I wish some of the lipsticks weren’t too runny because I had to toss out Havana nights which I got in my BoxyCharm in January. I do want to buy more of their lipsticks since I like how long they stay on my lips even during conventions.
Iby Beauty: Even though I buy this brand from the Offers page but I love this brand so far with what I have tried. I just got the highlighter pallet with the brush from Ipsy and have been enjoying it so far. I have gotten brushes and eye shadows in my bag from this brand and hoping to keep on getting more from them.
Trestique Beauty: Another brand I have been purchasing or purchased on their own website happens to be Trestique which they are very unique. I remembered trying these guys before when I was subscribed a few years back to Ipsy and have gotten an eye shadow stick and a highlighter stick from them. Ever since being back with Ipsy and BoxyCharm and even now with Glam Bag Plus I got this brand in there. I decided to get some items from the website since I am a fan of the lip glaze sticks and got the mini versions due to having a lip primer already and I prefer using them without that. I did get a bronzer and a blush stick and also enjoy those so far. These are amazing products for what they are since they can also be multi0tasking too.
Marc Anthony Hair Care: Final brand is Marc Anthony Hair Care. I remembered trying the Moroccan Oil hair spray a long time ago and have enjoyed it and still have a can of it. This brand is amazing for the price due to how much it can help with the oils. I do have one gripe though and that is why some products have to come in squeeze packets like the Coconut Curl Cream which can be a messy item. I do enjoy the shampoo and conditioner pairings more because they come in tubes that are easy to use rather than those squeeze packets. I wish they did that with their heat protectant because it’s easier to control that way.

Brands I Am Saving for Later: I Sine I mentioned the ones I got before that I buy from I will be mentioning some I am saving for later down below!

Huda Beauty: This brand has been a favorite so far since I have gotten their liquid lipsticks and Liquid Strobes in my Ipsy bag. I would like to buy more from this brand since I have gotten items from the Add-Ons that appear on the Spoiler page when the second of each month arrives.
The Balm Cosmetics: I have gotten a full on eye shadow pallet from the Ipsy Offers but I am eyeing the Nude Beach Pallet and some other items like the Illuminizer pallet. Added note: I did pick up the Palm Springs Bundle today since I saw that Nude Beach is in this bundle! I am so excited guys!
MakeUp Geek: I remembered getting this brand through BoxyCharm and they were two shadows and a blush which I did like but the peachy color was not my thing. I did used the blush again and liked it again. I feel as though that this brand it not getting enough love on YouTube especially with what she has been doing. I know they are at Target and want to see if I can find them there at the local one around here or in Port Orange to see about items but I can get it online since I want to build my own steam punk pallet. Let’s see what happens.
Domninique Cosmetics: I loved the lip gloss I got in BoxyCharm last month and how it went well with the Suga Momma liquid lip from Huda Beauty. I definitely want to try more things by this brand.
Winky Lux: I heard good things about this brand and wanted them in my Ipsy so much but never got them. I want to try their coffee collection!

Well guys that is it for this post! I will be adding more brands as time goes on since there are so many items I have tried and loved. I am so glad to get some of the full sized versions of a few I have tried. I am still waiting on my BoxyCharm which there is a weird thing that it says it has been delivered but was out of town and didn’t see it in my mailbox yet. I will be doing a post on voice actors I want to interview since there are new goals to achieve and of course I will be updating on my Project Pan since it’s been so long I have done so. Stay tuned for everything!

THe Favorites Quadrant: May & June 2019

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another post!

May and June Favorites 2019!

It’s that time again and that’s my favorites for May and June! We’re already halfway through this year and already heading into July which I can’t believe it. Before I know it it will be one year since I started working an actual job! Let’s see ‘what I liked and what I thought about my subscriptions!

Subscription Thoughts:

Well, these two months were really good for BoxyCharm, Ipsy, and Glam Bag Plus while May was very disappointing for Allure and June was better for it. All I have to say is that to any box subscription that may tumble onto this post I do have to say is that not everyone likes to self-tan!!! I know we all want to look like people in California and Florida with their bronze tanned skin but not everyone likes to do that even with how it can be patchy and the process to get to having that even tan is even more annoying. I am still thinking back to Good Luck Charlie where Teddy had her tanning session with a spray one messed up because Charlie took the timer that she was using and turned orange. I even remembered a pic that Jen put in of a girl having a really dark hand on her mouth and her loved ones thought she was being kidnapped but no she screwed up the tan. Again, I am not into self-tanning and I don’t want to look like an orange at work and have my co-workers ask me, “What happened to you?” When I have really nice light to medium skin and to me we should embrace our skin tone sometimes me of those chemicals can be dangerous. I did toss out the two San Tropes tanners that Allure and BoxyCharm sent me including the glove that came with the one from BoxyCharm because I am not using it neither the face mist from Allure because I prefer keeping my foundation shade thank you very much. So, rant over! There is one product I am really loving and that is the Tarte Be Naturally You pallet from this month’s BoxyCharm! I have been using this pallet for work looks and I love how pigmented and smells amazing! I keep my pallet on top of my work makeup box. On my vanity. I was also excited for these boxes because May was my first Glam Bag Plus and so far my first two months they have been amazing until one item and that is the Girllactic lip balm pencil that I was using. I have been using lip pencils as lip colors and well when I wore this underneath my lip pencil and my lip gloss from Allure this month it felt a bit drying, well too during and it felt a bit numbing. Even though I love lip balms and everything but I feel like these are a bit drying and whishing it felt like more of one those lip crayons from Wet N Wild and other brands that are more of a chubby stick not a sharpening pencil. Plus the glitter effect makes it more drying and I hope they could change these to the chubby stick instead. I am glad to try this brand finally and same with Suba Beauty with the Hydroliner which is an interesting product and glad to see what it was about. It was easy to apply because it was not like liquid liner and I didn’t feel it run either. It was very controlled due to it using water rather not being a liquid liner. I hope I get to try these more for being such a great and interesting product and I don’t feel like Benji from Good Charlotte. And lastly, I did the collaboration with Tetris that Ipsy had done for June because it shows that we can love video games as beauty enthusiasts and I do like the items in the collection except the lip balms because they’re drying. The shadows are great and blendable and I do love the brushes! I did get two of my friends the shadow pallets and they love them which makes me happy! I hope more brands do this because we’re all nerds! I know Wet N Wild will be doing Pac Man this year not sure when but I know it’s soon. I can’t wait to see what July brings me for my boxes!

Beauty Faves:

Maybelline Studio Fix Setting Spray: First is a making setting spray and it’s from Maybelline and that is their Face Studio Setting Spray. I found this through Shipt on Target and decided to get it. What I like is this is bigger than the Wet N Wild ones because I have to get two of those to last me two months but this one has lasted me since the end of May to now and we’re going into July. I do have a drawback though where I do like how it makes my makeup stay and it doesn’t feel so itchy but if you spray too close your makeup becomes splotchy! Gondras noticed since he moved in and then a supervisor did and man it was embarrassing! I did start spraying a bit farther but what sucks is that I can’t find this anymore on SHipt. I did find it on CVS’ selection but it was a different one from this but too pricey. Here in Florida the CVS locations upcharge like crazy when I get most of this lesser than them. I did start getting NYX again so I am going to see how that goes.

Fair’s Cucumber and Witch Hazel Toner: The past month and a half or more I have been into toners again all thanks to the Momond Rose Toner I got in Allure and decided to look into the drugstore ones since that one is $30 and this one I have been using is $7.50 at Target and it does smell weird but it does help my skin. It does have a nice cooling effect and use it twice a day to keep my skin healthy. I do have their rose one to see how that goes and glad I got into toners again!

Formula 10.06 Rescue Me Blemish Treatment and Mark Gel: Next are two skin care favorites from Formula 10.06 or was it 1006? Anyways, I got into this brand all thanks to Ipsy sending me the Three Times Sublime in one of my bags and fell in love with that which next post I will be doing the brands I bought from my subscriptions. These two items are gels to help with acne blemishes and spots after they dissolved and it has been helping out so far. The Rescue Me gel even smells very good and I put that on before the Mark Gel so it would help with shrinking the blemishes and their marks that they would leave behind. I am glad this brand is good for sensitive skin people which is pretty important to me. I will keep on using this brand.

Three Quarter Sleeve Tops: Next is a fashion item and that is three quarter sleeve tops. Since I’m working it’s important to dress the part and I’ve been shopping around on Amazon for work clothing and I find it a lot of fun lately since I’m doing it for myself and no one is doing it for me. I remembered one time I asked my mom to get me clothes for interviews and any work experiences and I made the mistake of saying get some with some designs and got stuff with prints from the 1980s from what Gondras had told me. Heck, a pair of pants was a good example with the orange and red patterns. I should have stuck with saying solids and when I started to shop for myself I started with getting more solid colored tops and bottoms which I have gotten a nice pencil skirt on Amazon and just got a navy one since I loved the white one so much. I like the three quarter sleeve tops the most because they’re really comfortable and come in a variety of colors and styles. I have three with scoop necks and one with a V-neck to it and man I love them! I am going back for two more of the V-necks and glad I found these!

Well guys, that’s it for this bi-monthly favorites! I will be doing a post on brands I buy from that I have gotten in my subscriptions since there are some I do buy from them due to how I have enjoyed what I’ve sampled. SO, stay tuned for that!

The Book Quadrant: The Extinction Agenda by. Michael Lawrence

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with a new review!

The Extinction Agenda by. Michael Lawrence

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this blog! Please respect her thoughts on this piece of media!

Jason Mason and his team of F. B. I. Agents stumble upon a discovery of a deadly virus created to end human life but when the place they were looking into as a possible hideout goes up in flame and his team including his partner get killed on the mission, James knows that there is a piece missing to all of this and wonders how the people behind the virus are finding out that he was coming after them?

After being obsessed to find the clues and the links, James ends up losing his wife who tried getting close to the investigation and now he has to piece the clues and find out about a man that has been found at any historical periods of this virus being made and used and meets one of the test subjects to find those pieces out. What does he find out? Well, that is one answer that this book shows!

My Thoughts: I was on the edge of my seat every moment of this book! This was a really good suspense mystery from beginning to end! I felt like the main character was going to die almost every time while reading it. I did get the Resident Evil vibe while reading it too. The image of skeletons burnt still invade my thoughts even took me back to the Castlevania anime series which I don’t want to spoil that either.

I would say is that you would never thought that a virus could be made but it can and how it could be used against humanity. This is basically Man vs. Man due to how much it was revealed towards the end even after meeting Alehandra who survived being tested on with this kind of virus to find her sister along with it. I did like how she played a huge part in the rest of the book since she did want to have revenge like James did for his wife but it was for her sister. I don’t want to give too much away but they are related in this book. I did find the reveal of the bad guys towards the end even more interesting because you would not think who the key players were until you read it to the end. And one more thing, I did like how tech was played in this book because as a tech nerd myself even with Adaptive Tech that sattleites can be used to detect you and your body heat. I found that really interesting when it was set in winter throughout the rest of the book. It can show that tech can be a scary thing even with how the bad guys were using it throughout the book. I would say just give it a good read!

Rating: Five Star Paw Prints Out of Five! This was a very awesome book if you’re into Resident Evil and other books that deal with medical science and technology. It was an edge-of-your-seat book where you would think someone would die but people still survive no matter how the odds are stacked against them. If there was a sequel planned, I think I would like to know since the final message from one of the bad guys was kind of cryptic and how files were going to be looked at in the end. I did like the clues that dealt with using chemical symbols from the Perodic Table and how each place was being destroyed to keep it under wraps. I hope there would be a second one because I want to see what happens next and what they find even if it didn’t look like there is a hook!

Well, that is it guys for this review! I am glad to get another one up after so long and hoping to get one up soon since I am reading the third installment the Librarian’s Vampire Assistant. What’s next? My May and June Favorites!
The Extinction Agenda by. Michael Lawrence

The Interview Quadrant: Nobu & Sawa at Omni Fandom Expo 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another Omni video!

Interview with Nobu and Sawa at Omni Fandom Expo!

Yes! We got to interview Sawa and also Nobu at Omni Fandom Expo. Last year when Sawa first came to Omni I was hoping to interview her but her schedule got full and when we thought we had a chance another press team got that slot instead but never shown up. One rule about press is show up to all interviews when scheduled.

Anyways, when there was an announcement about her coming back closer to the con, I sent that email right away with our interview requests! Nobu was also added onto us at the convention since I think either Gondras asked or the radio station person who is their handler, from the Fan by the way, asked if he could join in. We said or they said, “Sure!” It’s been month’s guys and I was ill after the con so I forgot what took place. It was an honor though to interview them since they are the first Japanese guests we ever gotten an interview with. Yes, you read that right! These two are the first guests from Japan we ever interviewed! And of course, in case if you’re wondering during the video, Sawa did translate my questions and GOndras’ answers for Nobu so you get to hear that in case of questions. Plus, give this video some love by liking it since it has no views. I know it’s sad but hey now we can say we got to interview Japanese music guests even in our new pamphlets when we get those printed again.

Well, that is it for our Omni stuff. Normally we would have events recorded but first the Marvel Musical didn’t allow it and I mostly went to night time events that were 18+ and of course we did mostly Press Booth this year. There is always 2020 and of course aiming for another year at RangerStop! What is next? Another book review, my Favorites for May and June, and of course maybe a Fairy Tail review coming up whenever I finish the Eclipse Zodiac Arc. Until next time!

The Beauty Quadrant: Tetris X Ipsy Collab

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with a beauty review!

Ipsy X Tetris Collection!

It’s been a while since I have reviewed beauty stuff on here and glad to get back to it on here again. Most of the time it’s on YouTube. Due to my mini tripod falling apart this is the only way of doing my review on the Ipsy X Tetris Collection!

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions from the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts and opinions!

This month marks thirty-five years since the game has been released. It started on Atari and then moved up to the Game Boy and has been a favorite for many people. Even there is a rave song called “We Love Tetris.” I think and remembered the song at the JACON Holiday Masquerade years ago. Ipsy has collaborated with the game to create a makeup collection!

What’s In It? This collaboration includes two six pan pallets in Game On and Block Party alongside a highlighter, two lip glosses, three lip balms, and five eye brushes. If you guys are subscribed to the regular Glam Bag or Glam Bag Plus you probably received elements from this collection. In the regular bag, you could have either received an eye shadow single from the pallets, a lip balm, or gloss, or even the brushes. While GBP, you could have either received the full pallet in Game On or Block Party.

Trying On Products: I decided to give the brushes a try and used the Block Party pallet which is the bolder pallet between the two. I used the bottom row three shadows which they were really pigmented while putting them on. I did use the brushes for the look which they included a flat shader, a brow brush, a crease brush, a fluffy blender, and a packing brush. I used the packing to put on the third shade on the bottom row, the crease brush for the middle bottom shadow, and the flat shader for my brow with the lighter shade in the row. I did blend them together with the blending brush. I did use the brow brush to apply my brow items as in spreading the Control Freak gel from NYX and then applied the Tame & Frame in Chocolate from NYX and set it with my BrowGal Pencil since I wanted to try it out that I got in my Allure Beauty Box. The brushes did feel really soft and I did like the handles. They start from the Farrell in a box shape and then end at a rounded point and the bristles were really soft too especially the one for brows because I remembered getting one set of brushes that a very stiff brow brush. Plus the bristles did fit my eye area very well because they were not too big but just right!

Besides trying out the shadows I did try out another item I did get and that is the Suba Beauty Hydro Liner in Grease. I was a major curious kitten about these liners since I heard about them on Beauty News and glad to get one in Glam Bag Plus. It was hard trying to get the water in the cap but managed to do so. It was easy to apply the liner because you don’t need a lot of water to wet the brush and dab the liner on. It was very smooth in application and it didn’t skip either like pencils and other types of eyeliner do. I like this formula so far and it’s an interesting product for what it is. I have to try other ones to see how they perform.

I did like the highlighter as well since it did go on very well. It is a gold highlighter from what I am hearing and you get a deluxe size of it in the entire collection if you were to buy it from the Ipsy Offers. The lip balms are pretty smooth but to me they need more moisture to them. I did get one of them in my Glam Bag and even they are supposed to have a sheer tint but I feel like my lips are a little drying. I do like the smell though. And finally, the lip gloss is slightly sticky but it is pretty good in application. It has more of a flat brush to apply which does make sense for a formula like this. I have to keep on wearing it more to see how I like it.

Final Thoughts: This collection was pretty good for what you get if you bought the entire thing. Even though the value is over a hundred but to me it felt more of a $75 value due to the lip balms being slightly drying. I did enjoy the brushes and how well they performed and how soft they were even with applying the shadows I used. The shadow pallet is pretty pigmented for what you get in it. I will have to wear these more to get more use out of these. The highlighter is nice but I wish they made it bigger because my brush couldn’t fit the entire square. I think it would have worked as a bigger square or as a cube of loose highlighter. I wished they made more items for this collection or switched the lip balms and keep the lip glosses and released another highlighter or maybe a blush to go with it. Just saying.

Rating: 4 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! I felt this was a pretty good collection and did like the brushes, the gloss, the highlighter and of course the shadows. The Suba eyeliner was also good too. I hope Ipsy makes more beauty collaborations like these because gaming has been a big part of most people’s lives. Heck, Wet N Wild is releasing a Pac Man Collection soon which is interesting. One game I would like a brand to take on is either Final Fantasy or Banjo Kazooie because there are tons of colors to use from those two games, especially the bright colors since we rarely see enough bright shadow pallets.

Well, that is it for this review! It feels good to talk about a collection after so long. You can see my look on Instagram which my profile name is Mari Blue Cat. Next time will be the interview with Sawa and Nobue!

The Interview Quadrant: Tia Ballard At Omni Fandom Expo 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! Time for our interview with…

Tia Ballard from Fairy Tail at Omni Fandom Expo 2019!

Yes! We got to interview Tia Ballard at this year’s Omni Fandom Expo. When I saw her being announced I was so excited because she played a lot of cat characters and that includes Aries from Cat Planet Cuties (Anyone from Anime Sushi, I have to put this as a note, it is the translated name that Funimation put so please respect!) Rag Doll from My Hero Academia which you can catch on Funimation’s streaming app and of course Happy from Fairy Tail! I just realized while watching Part 19 last night since I finally bought it recently that we interviewed both Happy and Natsu, Todd Haberkorn, and of course Brittney Karbowski from the main cast of characters. Hoping we get to meet the others like Jad Saxton, Carla, didn’t get a chance with David Walde back in 2015’s Omni, Gojeel, and of course Colleen Clinkebeard, Erza. I think I should do a list of people we want to interview on here since we have met the Steve Blim goal.

Anyways, enjoy the interview! Next will be my review on the Tetris X Ipsy because guys my mini tripod fell apart and no way of putting it back together. I will purchase a new one so hoping that can be soon since I want to do another Makeup Story Time for you guys. Stay tuned for that and after that I will be posting my video interview with Nobu and Sawa.

The Beauty Quadrant: Allure Beauty Box June 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back again! Yes, another post for you all today! Let’s get into it!

Allure Beauty Box June 2019!

It came today on my doorstep and I was surprised when it did. I was kind of sad at first on finding out what was in it until I took a closer look. This box is $15 a month but if you subscribe anytime it will be $5 off and you get a gift on top of it. Not only that, you get seven deluxe to full-size items in this box as well. Last month was a bit of a disappointment but let’s see what June has to offer!

Makeup Floss Lip Gloss: First is a lip gloss and it’s from Makeup Floss which is an interesting name. This is a lightweight gloss with some shine and it is a squeeze tube with a doe foot applicator. It is very lightweight since I did try it out after coming home with Gondras for an important thing we had to do. It did stay pretty well and it was kind of sticky but not too much like the Dominique one. This retails for $16 and have to see how it goes from here!
Skin Context Vitamin C Eye Cream: Next is a full-size eye cream but mostly a gel. I normally don’t wear these items since I feel like it’s not really needed but then I read in the tiny pamphlet through Open Book that I can use it as an eye base which I have to try out. Let’s see how that goes. The person talking about this said she sees immediate results of de-puffing so I have to see about it. I did just place it on top of my NYX Light Concealer which I use under my eyes which they did the same thing and will see about it. This item retails for $35.
Moroccan Oil Treatment: Next is a hair care product and that is the Moroccan Oil Treatment! I love these since it helps keep my hair from going crazy all the time. Basically from the pamphlet that person using it puts this on their hair after washing it. Perfect for me since my hair does tangle up a little bit even while sleeping. This item retails for $44.
Eau Thermail Avine Thermal Spring Water Spray: The next item is a can of thermal spring water from Avine France. This is meant to help with hot, irritated dry skin. I do have dry skin and never tried out a spray like this until just a few seconds ago because I did go into the Florida heat plus breeze, I do live on the coast now, to throw some stuff into our dumpster. Not bad so far but have to give it more tries despite its fancy name. It did say that it would help people with sensitive skin which I have to see if it does. This product retails for $18.50!
BrowGal Eye Pencil: Next is an eyebrow pencil that also has a spooly. I heard of this brand before and I think I got them in a BoxyCharm and traded the pencil off. This has more of a waxier consistency and I will see how it goes! This item retails for $23.SGX NYC’s three In One Dry Texture Spray: The final item is a three-in-one texturing spray from SGX. This is a texture spray, a dry shampoo, and a hair spray in one. Sounds like something someone can travel with. I did try it out and it doesn’t feel heavy at all. Normally my hair feels a bit heavy after putting so many hair products and glad to get this sample then. This item retails for $7.

What Have I finished from Allure? I finished everything, well almost everything in last month’s box! I threw away the expholiating powder because it caused my skin to break out unfortunately. I also didn’t like the feeling when it turned into a paste either. I am sorry but this was not my favorite. The Modelco eye shadow ran out too easily despite how big the sample was. I wished it was full-size so I could enjoy it more. The Amore Pacific moisturizer was okay but not my cup of tea either because it felt like it wasn’t doing much for my skin and yet that in full-size was over a hundred dollars. I still haven’t received my replacement for my lip gloss which sucks! And the Lenege cream was just okay but lost the cap. I do have to say that this month beats last month’s box because I can use these products without worry.

So yes, I will continue with this box since like many months sometimes the products aren’t always great but other times they are and I am glad this month made me happy. I will update by the favorites post if the spring water mist didn’t irritate my skin and how well the eye gel works with my eye shadows. What is next? My interview with Tia Ballard!