Interviews: Brittney Karbowski at Holiday Matsuri 2018!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another Holiday Matsuri post!

Brittney Karbowski Interview!

I know it was a long wait but due to work and the holidays I was very busy plus doing other posts that were also in line for the last few days of 2018. Well, now I am back to post the first interview and that is with Brittney Karbowski.

Years ago, when we first started doing press, we interviewed Brittney but had to transcribe it from a 3DS at the time since the video quality was not that great. It was a nice sit down for our first time doing press especially when she was our first voice actress we got to interview. Now that we have been doing video interviews since MythiCon 2014 and it has become a huge success for us, we got to do it again with Brittney and made sense too since she has gotten more voice acting done between 2013 and now, even with the release The Time I Was Reincarnated Into A Slime which is an anime all about RPGs! We highly recommend! I hope you enjoy what we got to ask her in this interview this time around and yes I am dressed as L this time. Last time I was my original Soul Eater character and don’t worry I have more cosplay ideas to come. Right now interview comes first!

So, that is it for this interview! Next up is our interview with Jennifer Hale which we were really excited about that! Hoping to get my Ipsy soon and we still have two event videos from Hol Mat to post too so stay tuned!


Beauty: BoxyCharm January 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! I am back with something that has been forever that I’ve haven’t gotten!

Boxy Charm January 2019!

Yes! It’s back! My Boxy Charm is back! Like with Ipsy I had to unsubscribe due to how my parents thought it was me doing the draining of someone’s account. I am glad that I have to worry about my own account and now I’m working so I finally got it back. I have heard so many good things coming into Boxy Charm that I had to get it back. Like always it’s $21.00 a month except Florida gets taxed so we pay $22.00 instead. It is worth it since this tends to have four to five full-size high end to luxury products in this box unlike Ipsy having more deluxe sized items and they are a mix of prestige, drugstore, indie, and luxury. Plus, now they change up box contents to make it more unique, even though it did happen sometimes in the past when I was with them. Let’s see what I got!

Brioggio Leave-In Conditioner Spray: First is a hair product and it’s by Brioggio! I never tried this brand, even though I have gotten the hair mask that was very famous by these guys except I gave that to my mom. I have heard good things about this brand and when I found out about this leave-in being in the box, I was kind of curious. My hair tends to become a frizzy mess and this can help with that even after I wash my hair every Sunday and have been using one with coconut oil so this will be even more fun since it has both Argon and coconut oils along with B-Vitamins. Hope it works out!
Tacha Nourishing Sheet Masks: I have tried a sheet mask when I used to be subscribed to this box years ago but it was so slimy that I mentioned that it was like Nickelodeon made a face mask when I reviewed it and it’s still on their website by the way, Boxy’s I mean. Now I got two of these at a $24 value because they included two instead of one and they cost $12 each. I am wearing one right now since I am writing the rest of this post on a Saturday due to being exhausted from a long week. So far so good it is not as slimy as the other one. I heard good things about this brand and how they use more of food ingredients in their stuff and these masks are supposed to include rice germ oil, botanical oils, and vitamins and major absorption for the skin. I find it smelling good too. If these masks go well, I think I will get another brand of masks as a dupe since my skin is sensitive and maybe other brands are available for sensitive skin. It would help me out with my dry skin due to how the weather can go from hot to cold here on the coast.

Added Note! I just finished using the mask and rubbed in the oils and man it feels nice and cooling! I did say it was not as bad as the last one I tried.
Ofra Everlasting Lipstick: Another Ofra product and is another Everlasting Liquid Lipstick! I got into these through an Ipsy offer many moons ago and glad to get them in Boxy since I love the formula and I find them WAY better than a Brand-That-Has-Super-Dry-Ones! In Boxy this month, you were going to either get a Bite lipstick which I wished I gotten instead because I wanted to try more of their stuff, Smith & Colt or Ofra. I think most people got Ofra’s liquid lipstick more than the other two which is interesting for a box that offers other choices. I am not mad, I think the shade everyone has gotten so far is Havana Nights which is the color Kathleen Lights created with Ofra since the brand is originally from Miami and they asked to collaborate with them years ago. I was meaning to try this color out for a long time and even happier to get it finally!
Star Looks Mechanical Eyeliner: Next is another product that has different variations is that this month you either got an eyeliner from Star Looks or a brow pencil from Billion Dollar Brows and I was glad to get the eye pencil. I remembered in the past I have tried Star Looks’ eye pencils and enjoyed them and was happy to see a new one in the box this month. I have one eye pencil in black already open so I will put this with the other many eye pencils I have.
Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Volume 3 Pallet: Final item in the box is a Tarte eye shadow pallet from their Rainforest of the Sea collection and this is the Volume 3 pallet from that range. I rarely buy from Tarte, the only things I have were the Grav3yard Girl pallet and the set of four blushes they did for holiday and afterwards never bought from them again due to how I wasn’t that interested in them due to not having that many interesting products. I did hear the Clay Play 2 pallet is great but doesn’t catch my eye. Plus the holiday collection they did with the tropical theme didn’t even catch my eye because it felt out of season. Not sure if this pallet will get me interested in them again but it is pretty cute pallet from what I am noticing. It has eight shadows with seven micro shimmers and one matte which kind of screams Urban Decay since the Naked pallets have a lot of shades with micro shimmer and at least the rest matte, even the Elements pallet have two or three mattes and rest were metallic and shimmery. I am still going to try this pallet out and see how it goes. It is something nice to try after knowing that Boxy always has at least one type of pallet in their box every month now.

That is it for this post and not bad of a return either! I am glad to start getting this box again after not being with it for three years since with Ipsy it has been two. One thing I do have to say is with makeup even if you have a big or small collection, don’t let people get you down about it. To me with my own stuff I see it as a new creative outlet due to being blind and not being able to draw again. Plus, it’s fun even with these subscriptions you get to try brands you never heard of or try their newer products and even see what’s new with them. So, just enjoy it! I can’t wait to see what February holds despite it probably having the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara from what I heard but I can’t wait to see what else may be contained in the box. I hope it is something for a Valentine’s Day night out which would make sense for the box since a lot of men and women love to make themselves look extra pretty for the big night. Let’s see what it holds!

That is it for this post! Stay tuned for more things to come! I will be having my Ipsy soon hopefully since I want to see what nail polish and shadow I will be receiving! Until next time!

Technology: ESight

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! I am back with another Assistive Tech Post!


I bet you’re wondering, “What is ESight?” Well, it is a pair of glasses that has a camera that is attached to them and what it does it tries to give someone who has lost some sight regain some of it back to be able to see in front of them again. This was developed in Canada a few years back and well Momma Gondras saw it on Rachael Ray and saw someone was able to see with these glasses and they were talking about how it worked for them. I have met people that has tried these glasses out and one person it didn’t work out for them while the other it did. Reason why I am writing about it here is because I tried them today.

How I Got Onto the List? Well, like most places there is a waiting list for this thing due to how long of a list to demo these glasses can be a high demand. I want to tell you a little bit about my past before I got onto this list.

When I got diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, I wanted to find ways of seeing again since I was an artist and well you know makeup has been a new creative outlook for me and still wanted to find ways of seeing again and able to draw again. Not only that drive too since my dream car is still a VW Beetle in blue, either the old Herby model or the newer ones since I am not picky. Anyways, I always saw an eye specialist in Miami and he was helping me with research in getting something to help me see again but as time went on my hopes kind of stalled out since I was getting comfortable with my visual impairment even before getting my job as an Adaptive Tech Instructor. That was when Momma Gondras came in last year and it was during Irma hitting. I told her my plans in being a tech instructor since it is a field that they need more people in and volunteering at the middle school I used to go to was helping me get over some hurdles that I have noticed during my work experience and she was asking me about job related stuff and it was hard for me to answer to tell you truth. Heck, I wanted to go back to school even for my Grad Certificate for Adaptive Tech. After that, I learned that I shouldn’t share my dreams with the future-in-law if they don’t share the same ideas or aspirations as you. Apparently, there were things and said and done which was that Gondras put me on the waiting list for ESight. I was surprised by that because I wasn’t expecting it due to how skeptical we felt about it and will get to that.
Why Were We Skeptical? Now! I and Gondras were skeptical about this device because we didn’t get that much information through the website and that is why I don’t feel like posting the link, best to Google search for yourself. Most websites that talk about tech items do talk about the specs of the item, what it is exactly and so on. For example, I will use Apple for this. For a lot of their products they talk about how big their Mac Books or even their IPads, heck the newer IPhones with the height and width, what the camera is like, Siri of course, and the latest I OS that will be coming with the device and what else can be done with that particular product. With the ESight website, on the other hand, the information is repetitive, not too much to talk about even with pricing, and doesn’t give success stories if it has worked for a lot of people.

What even has me more worrisome is that it lists off different eye conditions that it can help but the issue is that people have different types of an eye condition and the degree of sight can change over time, which I will tell my experience with this device next due to my degree of vision. Plus, an eye condition can take place at any time in life, like me with getting my condition in high school for example and going blind at twenty-three. Not only have that, depending on the amount of sighted loss it can be tough to regain which I will tell you my experience now!

My Experience with These Glasses! Trust me, I was really not looking forward to this demo since I did take the day to do it due to how bad traffic can get between Daytona and Orlando, especially the part of town it was taking place. I felt a bit off with the address first, but let me start with the call though. I was working on my Chrome Book when I got the call and the person was very friendly and told me that he was from ESight and explained things that looking back at the website now was not mentioned there. A little red flag right there! Oh yes, the Red Flag Kitties were there waving their little flags! I had a feeling if I turned them down I wouldn’t be left alone without guilt after waiting on the list since 2017 after Irma. Got to talking more and got some pricing, which looking at the website, another Red Flag Kitty pops up because he mentioned the prices and how low it has gotten and I remembered the fundraising option if it did work. This device was originally $10,000 which is more than the Braille Note Touch and the Braille Sense Polaris on their own own. Even though they dropped the price it would have taken most of my pay and have me eating ramen for the next few months and probably skip more conventions and probably makeup re-stocking. And not only that, there was a home trial but it is a risk to take because if these didn’t work you lose $500. For anyone who wants to try these you are getting some warning while reading this and I care. I even almost had a major spit take with the home trial option.

So, fast forward to today. Getting to Orlando was a breeze even though there was some traffic on Sand Lake which the address that was given was at an office building that felt like in the middle of nowhere. I have gone to similar buildings but they did have names when it came to job interviews but this was kind of weird in a way since I didn’t know where I was going and I remembered that one guy I used to know had his demo at a hotel. I think it would have been better if it was in a place that is well-known like an office inside of a mall or at a doctor’s office, heck even at one of the Lighthouse locations would have been nice since that was mentioned during my demo. Getting into the building was even more of a pain because the elevator in the parking garage was a freight even though we were able to get to the basement level, yes it has one of those, and the stairs were leading to doors either private or there was no exit on the floor I was supposed to be on. I am not kidding, I felt like I was in a bad Escher painting. With my experiences being at my dad’s doctors or other parts of Orlando with parking garages with office buildings at least I could get in and out without a problem. Anyways, so we got in and was seen pretty quickly.

So, it started off telling the salesman about myself, my degree of vision, and he did explain what the glasses were, what the camera does, and that it doesn’t work for everyone, oh right also get to adjust the glasses if need be with a remote that is attached. He also had me try and see one of those eye charts we always get tested on. I admitted I only saw his arm holding it not the card since I can only see in my peripheral which brings up another red flag which I will get to the next point of the story. So, the glasses felt like standard blind man glasses as in sunglasses with a camera attached and there was a strap to hold them on. The strap felt like a tourniquet. I know it’s supposed to be adjustable but I felt my head getting tighter despite the adjustment and. So, he had me try to see my dad with these on and unfortunately I couldn’t. My dad did not appear clearly which they were supposed to. So, this brings up that one Red Flag Kitty which the person on the phone explained that with my RP versus the standard that it can be worked with the camera versus the tunnel vision standard. With the demo it shows that it didn’t! The guy in the room did say reason why it didn’t work on me is due to the lack of natural vision that is left in my peripherals and I can see why.

How I went blind was an interesting tidbit which I will share here. When I was trying to draw something a few days after designing my first costume on paper, I noticed my right eye turning. It was like a hurricane on a weather map and knew that I lost my right eye and then a year or so after my left eye followed and yes I may still have some vision in my peripheral like a flounder but not enough for these glasses. I am taking Anatomy of the Human Eye I and I learned so far that not all eye conditions are the same even with mine. I have met people in the past that are going through RP but different versions even different ways with the same thing as mine. These people working on ESight feel to me, well mostly to my dad, is that they are just there to sell the product. Plus, Gondras did bring up that it feels like a VR set that is not made to fit a certain degree of vision that a person may have and should make the tech help for those different degrees of sight loss and I agree with him. I did tell him that we were right about not working but at least I did try it for free rather than shelling out major cash. Even my dad asked if we had to pay up front. It can happen with some places.

Final Thoughts: Even though the glasses didn’t work one me doesn’t mean it won’t work for anyone but I would say is that think before signing up for a demo because the website is not a good place to check because the pages repeat the same information over and over and once you’re on the phone with someone or there at the demo that is where the true information is given.

I’m sorry but being a bit harsh here, also honest, but when looking for something like this you need more information, actual testimonials to see if it worked, and give the price tag on the website and any information about how to get the funds to pay for it. If it had worked for me, then I would have a Go Fund Me raise the money for one after hearing someone have this device work for them.

Another thing is, please don’t go in with hopes of it working. Technology works in different ways and can either work great or not for someone who tests that new toy. Just know that yes it is a possibility of seeing again but if it doesn’t work out then find a different avenue which I did appreciate the guy giving an alternative for something similar. And now looking at it, I am also thinking that the people who worked on this device should look more into eye diseases because not all of them work the same way, they get diagnosed differently and people have different ways of losing their sight due to that condition like I had. Not only that, get a better website because I feel it needs to show better information about the product and how it works and explain the tech better. Plus, the pricing which is the first question on a lot of people’s minds when going into something like this. Even when I tried confirming on their website, it did have a question, “If this does restore some residual vision, how much will you pay?” And gives you options from highest to lowest so that is why a price guide on the main website can help.

So yeah, if you’re thinking about having a demo, just look out for some things even with the website and if not, I understand!

Well, that is it for this experience. I know it was an interesting experience with the building I went to but I rather try this at a doctor’s office or at a Lighthouse knowing that I am in a safe and familiar environment. Plus, I feel as though that this device should be improved upon even with the website because of how many eye conditions can happen at any moment. Which I need to get back to that Human Eye class because I am learning a lot of stuff as time goes on.

That is it for this post. Sorry for a bit of a mishap but my Boxy Charm was not shipped yet so hoping to see if it will soon because I have seen some people on YouTube get theirs so far. Next up is one of our interviews from Holiday Matsuri! Stay tuned!

Books: Twelve Days at Bleakly Manor by. Michelle Griep

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! I am back with another book review!

Twelve Days at Bleakly Manor by. Michelle Griep

Disclaimer: This book review is based on thoughts and opinions by the lead writer of this blog. Please respect what she has to say about it.

What Is It About? London 1851 where this story takes place and it’s Christmas. Clara Chapman had lost a lot and about to lose someone most precious to her of all and when an invite is sent to her by a mysterious man to spend twelve days at a mysterious mansion her life not only is in danger during this time but also meeting up with her former fiancé, Ben Lane.

Ben Lane was imprisoned and wants justice for what had taken place and knows he didn’t commit embezzlement. Once he gets an invite to the mysterious Bleakly Manor, he finds Clara which he has a feeling he would have another chance to win her heart back after leaving her at the altar the year before.

Thoughts: I loved this book! I felt like I was reading Christmas Carol minus the spirits of Past, Present, and Future. This was set in the time of Charles Dickens and it was a perfect setting. I know it’s late for me to read Christmas stories but this was on the Net Galley shelf next and I was glad to request this book.

I did like the characters and how they interacted with each other like Mr. Pocket, the French woman who was always into her riches, and of course Clara and Ben the most since they were so cute together throughout this story. I can see why they fit despite the heartbreak that Clara had to go through but a coin did say, “Second Chance” after all and that is what had happened.

If I were to pick a favorite scene I would probably say how everyone worked together to put out a fire in the mansion. Around this time anything can go up in flame especially a fragile Christmas tree. I did like how it went from a Christmas Tale to a mystery since not only we don’t know who was doing this gathering but everyone wants to know who it is and able to stand out to get their fortunes, especially with how Clara wanted to stay for the five hundred pounds promised to her but she did worry about her dying aunt and of course Ben wanting to know who had embezzled the money when he’s innocent himself. Very well done! I am not sure if there is supposed to be a sequel soon because this is the first in a series and hoping to get a chance to read it next since I did like this book and wanting to see what else Griep has more in store for us.

Rating: 5 Star Paw Prints Out of Five! This was a very entertaining read from start to finish. I didn’t feel bored with the interactions between characters and I did like how they found their own fun within the time at Bleakly Manor. Even though this was holiday themed but it was a mystery mixed within and definitely recommend it!

That is it for this book review! More to come because I have over two hundred books to get through! Next up is my Boxy Charm for January and of course starting to get our Holiday Matsuri videos up so I will be bringing you one of them! Stay tuned!
Twelve Days At Bleakly Manor by. Michelle Griep

Books: The Waking Land: Waking Land #1 by. Callie Bates

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! I am back with another book review!

The Waking Land: Waking Land #1 by. Callie Bates

Disclaimer: This book review is based on thoughts and opinions from the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts and opinions on this book.

What Is It About? Lady Elena is devoted to the king that has raised her for many years. When the king dies from mysterious circumstance she gets accused for killing him and must run to save her life.

Once she returns to her old home and to the father that has abandoned her, she must take up the magic that was given to her and learn about the truth behind the magic she must cast in order to save her land and her people and find out what really had happened to the king she had lived with before she dies with her people.

Thoughts: This was a really good book! Callie Bates is a new writer from what I’ve seen from the description of this book. I can see that her writing is very well done and she did a really good when this is her first book. I loved the character of Elena and how she is more of a tomboy than a girl in this one and how she prefers pants and studying plants which does make sense when you do have magical powers that deal with Earth. I wouldn’t want to dirty my skirts with dirt myself. I also loved how she felt like she didn’t understand what was going on since she was abandoned to the king at first and she did have the many questions like any abandoned child would have if something like this were to happen. I couldn’t stop Kindle from reading, I was finding every bit of free time to keep reading this book and loving every minute of it and how it twisted and turned as each parts of the story went on. I hope to read the sequel since this is supposed to be a series but I feel like it ended pretty well in my opinion and just stick with one. If the sequel does come out, I hope to get it through Net Galley so I can read it for myself. Very well done Ms. Bates!

Didn’t get to mention, I do like the magical aspects in this book because I felt it was interesting since we do hear about wedding the land and everything all thanks to the earth magic within. I do like how throughout the book how it talked about the background when it came to the magic of the land and how it passed down through the bloodline and why using blood to sacrifice to ancestors is important in order to be triumphant. I felt like during the call on the ghosts towards the end of this book being like in the final Goblin Wars book where all the Pukas and Teagan were altogether reciting a poem heading into battle and it felt like that with the chanting they all did. Hoping the sequel also shows that too.

Rating: 5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! This was a very enjoyable read from start to finish. I am hoping to see that the sequel matches up to this one since sometimes sequels don’t come out as good as the first but hoping it does. I love the characters, I love their interactions with each other, and the story in its twists and turns with each page turn on Kindle. I will leave the link for you guys to check out.

Well, that is it for this book review and hoping you get to check it out! I highly recommend! And updates on the Hol Mat videos, sorry for being busy during Christmas and New Year’s but we will try to get them up as soon as possible since there Waking Land by. Callie Batesare things to look forward to for Omni Fandom Expo 2019. Also, next up is going to be the return of Boxy Charm! Yay! Stay tuned!

Bests & Worsts of 2018!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! It is time for the final post of 2018!

Bests & Worsts of 2018!

We are at that time again my friends and that is the bests and worsts moments, beauty items, movies, and so on of 2018! This year was a life changing year for me so let’s start with that!

New Job & New Home in a New Location! Well, last year I said 2018 was going to be my year of getting a job and hoping to move out and guess what? I just did that in November! I did get interviewed for the Adaptive Tech Instructor in Daytona and I got it! I have been a student at the Rehab Center I’m teaching at and glad that I got to move up and doing it in something I wanted to teach and that is Adaptive Tech which I use on a daily basis especially with writing Nerdy Shique Universe by using JAWS. I knew I had to also move out for this job because I can’t drive and got my own place and loving it! Me and Gondras are sharing it so he will be moving in with me so we can be a full on couple, well engaged couple here together. We will be commuting back to Orlando for conventions since we do have Omni Fandom Expo in March and also Ranger Stop if we get another press badge since we did enjoy that one too. There are conventions here in Daytona too but haven’t heard from them much. I have to get back in contact with them since one is a writing convention and there are some authors on my Net Galley shelf that will be appearing there. How do I like living on my own? Well, the good news is that it made my mental health a lot more easier because it was stressful living in a big city where the job market is still unsure about hiring blind people even in call centers and I did try going for volunteering at the Lighthouse but that didn’t go through as planned for their Adaptive Tech Department. Glad I am working in it and plus I have changed dramatically since I did take a Self-Esteem & Adjusting to Blindness class which helped me understand more and understand myself when it comes to adjusting to being blind. Plus, getting to cook my own food feels a lot better too since I did go through back seat cooking with my parents and it caused some stress too, even when I made potato salad and wanted to follow the recipe but mom wanted me to do it our way. I did get to make her black beans and it felt like home even with the Adobo seasoning for my pork chops. Plus, I get a bigger closet too which made me happy along with smaller furniture than what I had in my old room at my parents’ place. Not only that, transportation is also better here because you have more bus stops to get to and the paratransit is way better, not only that the Lift drivers are very friendly! So yeah, I am at a better place in life, I have a great job teaching, now I can write my book in peace as well since I did re-start it again. I know, this is becoming annoying when I should have finished this year. Well, living on the coast will help me out since my first two books were done while I was a student. Let’s cross our fingers!

Being Certified In JAWS! Next is another great aspect this year and that is being JAWS Certified! I have been using this software since 2010 and figured being certified in this software could help me get into the field of tech more and I was right about that. The test was hard and I had to study a lot of things from the Help Topics to knowing what the commands were, especially when they tested more on the Laptop Keyboard Commands versus Desktop, and so much more. I was glad to pass and now waiting on my certificate so it can be in my office!

Getting a Chrome Book! Speaking of tech, I did get a Chrome Book for myself this past month because I wanted to see about the operating system and since my mom returned hers after having it for a few weeks, I really wanted to see about its built-in screen reader after seeing the ones on display at the NFB National Convention. So far so good it has been working out because of how the commands are like JAWS but with a different modifier key. I have to play around more with it since I am creating a Chrome Book workbook on Excel to help me and any other instructors.

Getting to Go to the NFB National Convention! I finally got to attend the NFB National Convention for its last year in Orlando, which it will be in Vegas next year. It was an amazing opportunity since I went with the Jernigan First Time Scholarship, I tried for National Scholarship but didn’t get it and now holding off on my Grad Certificate at the moment, and got to enjoy the convention. I even volunteered at the Braille Book Fair to get my interaction with younger kids better since I wasn’t doing it in the school system at the time. It was fun and getting to talk with a mom about how she is trying to get her child’s dexterity back after a stroke was even life changing too because it was sad hearing about it but I did suggest some things since Braille does help us out. I did get a new watch from this convention along with a few other items and got to meet the many other chapters in the United States and knowing that we’re not alone in the universe. I am going to try and join the chapter here in Daytona but due to how busy it has gotten unpacking and getting things for the apartment, even working, it will be a little bit before I join since being in the NFB shows that we can self-advocate and do have family and friends to help us. Oh right…let me save that for later!


Now to start with the bests since there are tons of awesome things going on this year and I have to give it to a lot of people and moments!

Game of the Decade: War Frame! First is Video Game of the Decade and I give it to War Frame! All this year Gondras has been playing this game and it is also up my alley with story since it’s a science fiction story where a metallic virus turns humans into robots known as War Frames and you as the Tenno pilot these robots to travel across the Solar System to take on the threats that want to take over. You also get more War Frames along the way, especially one where it was from a secret event story that dealt with one who had darkness take over. Now the game is where you go to Venus and get to explore the now icy planet to meet robot dwarves and even have hover boards. This game is very pretty and now that we have a new tv in our living room, yes good to say that, it will look even better. For anyone who has a Nintendo Switch, it’s going to be available for the Switch! Now you can play it on PC, PS4 and Xbox! Amazing work!

Movie of the Year: Avengers: Infinity War Part 1! Movie of the year goes to Avengers: Infinity War Part 1! We all know that it has come down to this where we see the Infinity Gauntlet is completed and now the Avengers must come together along with the Guardians of the Galaxy to take on Thanos and his gauntlet. Can’t wait what Part 2 has to offer since we are getting Captain Marvel next since she will be important in that part!
Runner Ups: Black Panther and AquaMan! Can’t forget these two since they have appeared this year. Black Panther was another great movie from this year since we got to see an African-American superhero take center stage for his origin story in this movie. It also became a hit at box offices back in February and schools even took kids to see this movie as a field trip which was even more amazing. While AquaMan, on the other hand, was something DC should have done like with Marvel and start with the origin story movies before diving into the big team up films. I did enjoy Jason Mamoa as AquaMan and we get to see a mix of villains which made it more interesting. Nicole Kidman did a great job as his mom on top of it. Too bad we’re not doing MegaCon next year, interviewing Mr. Mamoa would be pretty sweet! Speaking of interviews!

Interview Opportunity: Apl DeAp from the Black Eyed Peas! Yes, another moment this year was getting to interview a Grammy winning artist and that is Apl DeAp from the Black Eyed Peas and it was during the NFB National Convention. When I first heard he was going to be performing at it, I had to get the interview and what surprised me was that he is visually impaired himself. He has Nystagmus which causes severe near sight and he did tell his story behind it which you can still see here and over on our YouTube Channel’s Interviews Playlist. It felt great to meet him and brought us another musical artist to our channel since we did interview Traverser not long after. If you get to meet Mr. DeAp, just say hi not wave because he did explain it’s hard for him to see it.
Runner Up: Trying Out Skype Interviews with J. Michael Tatum, Brandon McInnis, and Traverser! As you know being at a convention you can get busy as a guest or even as a musical artist your schedule gets packed before a show so that is why we went one step beyond with our interviews this year. We used Skype to interview J. Michael Tatum and Brandon McInnis, since there schedules were full during Holiday Matsuri 2017, and Traverser, since they were returning to the stage after three or so years. It shows how we got over the obstacle of not being able to interview people face to face and hoping to get more in 2019 since I have a list in mind for the year.

Anime: My Hero Academia! Speaking of Tatum! It is the Best Anime Category and this year it goes to My Hero Academia! GOndras did start watching it himself and then shown it to me and man it is one of the best dubs I have seen so far! It is like the movie Sky High but what if it’s an anime and your main character, Izuku, is not born with a Quirk and has one transferred to him by his idol, All Might! I can’t wait for the next season because the last season ended on a pretty good note.
Runner Up: Overlord! I have to hand the Runner Up position to Overlord because it is an anime series that deals with a video game you have never thought to be better than Sword Art Online. Why would I say that? Well, in Overlord, you get to see new worlds being built, characters going through certain adventures that help them get better in fighting, and not only that take over towns like a usual fantasy RPG. Plus, with the main character, Momonga, we not only see him in the game but see his player in the real world thinking about what to do next and how to interact with the party. I would say check this out if you can!

Male Performance in An Anime: Justin Briner in My Hero Academia I decided to include this after watching the anime and I give it to Justin Briner because he gave a stand out performance as Deku in My Hero Academia. He is a new voice to my ears and I have heard him in Team FourStar’s Final Fantasy VII Abridged as Cloud and trust me I was thinking to Cloud watching MHA A. I hope we get to interview him either over Skype or in person at a convention.

Female Performance in an Anime: Monica Rial in Shimonetta! I know, it’s a weird title but when Gondras shown me this one on Funimation Now I never thought it would be hilarious especially with Monica Rial as Ana. I bet how many takes it took for one certain line, if you are of age, watch it!

Best Supporting Role in an Anime: J. Michael Tatum in My Hero Academia! Final anime related thing and that is best supporting role and it goes to J. Michael Tatum when he played Tenya Ida in My Hero Academia.

Makeup Brand of the Year: Cover Girl! I decided to give this year’s Brand of the Year to Cover Girl because this year they made a huge change from being a brand that wasn’t Cruelty Free to one that is now is and Leaping Bunny approved! Brands are trying to get away from animal testing and glad to hear that Cover Girl is the first even close to the end of the year, especially many months after Nars has joined in being sold in China during the beginning of this year. Hoping Cover Girl leaving China and being on this list can be an example to others and saying, “Join us and be Cruelty Free!” Now China is fighting to have better ways of testing at the moment, so more news on the horizon!
Runner Up: Urban Decay! 2018 has been a huge year for Urban Decay since they have released a lot of collections and discontinued a beloved product and that was the Original Naked pallet. Trust me, it was sad for me to hear since I was doing my Urban Decay Look Series on the YouTube Channel. But they have released many pallets this year that have been a success so far and they are the Beached Pallet in the summer, Born to Run, Naked Cherry, and Elements for the holidays. Now they have announced Naked Reloaded which is the Naked pallet but with new packaging and shades. Plus, the Naked Honey, and Naked AF soon to join the series! Will 2019 have all three? We will have to see!

Collection of the Year: Wet N Wild Flights of Fancy! I have to give this award to the Wet N Wild Flights of Fancy Collection because it has been a really good collection that was released during this year. Not only it had new items like a lip scrub and baked blushes but it also had donations from each box set go to the Audubon Society to help with a species of hummingbird that is native to California. A great cause for a great box! Let’s see what WNW brings to 2019!

Set at Electric Daisy Carnival Vegas 2018: Alan Walker! Even though I can’t take a flight to Vegas every year for EDC but this year’s videos shown a lot of great sets but I have to give it to Alan Walker’s set! I like his music the most because it has a science fiction feel to it and of course I did create a makeup look to his song “Ignite.” His newer stuff is pretty good too and I highly recommend. If you can’t make any of the EDC events this year, you can always catch it on YouTube!


I do have a few worsts this year since I felt like not that many had happened but I will get to it!

Moment at a Convention: My Cane Breaking! I never had this happen before and that is my cane breaking at a convention. Someone pretty much stepped over and got caught in my cane and caused it to crack. Still makes me mad that people are blind to blind people and well, thinking we’re are like Terezi from Homestuck which we’re not, the cane is real. Hoping this year with cons I don’t experience this again because it’s not fun meeting an annoyed mobility instructor at work, even though it was not my fault because I was using proper cane etiquette and the person just shown up out of nowhere.

Makeup Moment: Being Makeup Shamed! Apparently, this year there has been a bit of makeup shaming taking place, more recent actually and I became a victim of. Seriously people? When did we came down to this? I understanding roasting someone for laughs but doing it with makeup is not cool. I did hear there were Cosplay Shaming Groups but there are groups for makeup and a newer one came up and someone from the What’s Up In Makeup Group did use my pic for it. I don’t get why we feel the need that this should be okay when makeup is a creative outlet for a lot of people, especially me. At least the person got kicked out for it because in the group you are being watched.

The Most Okay Movie: Solo! I had to mention an Okay Movie but not necessarily a Worst Movie either and that goes to Solo. It’s the movie that tells the story about how Han Solo got the Millennium Falcon and we get to use Lando get his butt kicked for it. It was not that bad and it did get bad reviews for it, when you look at it, it was competing against a Marvel movie at the same time. We did enjoy it.

Game: My Hero Academia! I have to mention this one because Gondras was looking forward to this game but it didn’t come out to being the one he was hoping for and it was the My Hero Academia game. It was supposed to play like Ninja Storm where you got to play the different story arcs but the only ones you get the arcs from the Stained arc through rescuing Bakugo! Even though those are nice arcs but Ninja Storm started from the beginning so you could play through them while here it’s the best arcs being played. Not only that, they didn’t use the English cast for this either. The Funimation dub of the show is one of the best dubs they have done and wishing they recorded this with them because they picked a lot of great actors to be in the dub. Sorry My Hero Academia, we prefer the anime.

What’s Up For Us in 2019? Well, another year at Omni Fandom Expo and just in time for new promo material. Even though we have business cards but we need to step it up and we will get it in time for this year’s convention. We aren’t sure about other cons but shooting for another year at Ranger Stop and of course new content for the YouTube Channel including new playlists to come! Also, I just re-subscribed to Boxy Charm and glad to get it back! It will be separate from Ipsy so stay tuned for our new stuff in 2019! Until next time everyone, have a safe and Happy New Year and see you in 2019!

Favorites: November & December 2018!

Hello and welcome back to my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! It is time for…

November and December 2018 Favorites!

Damn! 2018 is ending tomorrow and I do have a lot to say in this post and starting with Convention Favorite Moments!

Favorite Item Found: Jolteon Standing On All Four Legs! First item is that I found and it’s a plushie of Jolteon standing on all four legs. Normally the Evee plushies are found sitting but this one of him standing like my figure I have on my desk at work. I will be using this plush when I do my thunder gym leader again. Too bad the Umbreon in the same style was in a prize machine since I need Umbreon and Espeon to finish off the Evee collection. I will look around at Omni when March rolls around.
Favorite Interviews: Jennifer Hale, Sean C. W. Johnson, and Audrey Dubois! Next are the favorite interviews from Ranger Stop and Holiday Matsuri. First of all is that getting to interview more Power Rangers cast mates was great and hoping to get to do it again next year. Why I pick these two exactly is that with Sean is due to how after watching Light Speed Rescue it shows that we can still keep it in our time limit. Plus, I did get to ask about the small Easter egg with Mariner Bay from the 2017 film. While Audrey, on the other hand, she is a motivational speaker and it was great to know what she has done even though she was Trini for one episode. If you haven’t seen these interviews, I would say go back and see. While Jennifer Hale, on the other hand, we have not posted it yet but hoping soon since as I said in the review that getting to interview her finally made me happy. We wanted to sit her down for an interview since MegaCon Orlando 2017 and was still sad that they wouldn’t let us have one with her and hearing that she was a guest for Holiday Matsuri it was that chance we could get and did have. Once it gets posted I will let everyone know and even that new subscriber since she was happy with the Totally Spies panel from that MegaCon as well.
Favorite Moment: Christopher Kayman Lee and Me Wearing the Same Shirt! I had to include this because this was a funny moment that had happened during Ranger Stop and never had it happen until now and that is wearing the same shirt as a guest and that happened to me and Christopher Kayman Lee from In Space. This year I wore my Lost Galaxy Red shirt despite they didn’t invite anyone from that season this year but it was my other shirt from one of my favorite seasons and wore a makeup look using the Naked Heat pallet from Urban Decay to match my shirt. When I was going to talk about a possible interview, a photographer was there and was talking about a pic that was on his table with the guy who played Zane in In Space and then pointed our shirts out. I am still waiting for that photo by the way since I gave him my card. I will try and get the Skype interview since I have been busy with unpacking from the move and work of course, just stay tuned!

Beauty Favorites!

New Moisturizer: Burt’s Bees Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin! Lately I’ve been wanting to try new moisturizers since my skin has not been working much with Celestial so looked into the Burt’s Bees one for Sensitive Skin and so far so good it’s working out. It goes on pretty smooth and putting my primer on top is getting easier. Speaking of which!
New Primer: Makeup Revolution Baking Oil! I have been using the Makeup Revolution Baking Oil. I did mention in the Collective Haul I put up this morning that this was a recommendation from YouTube and I can see why it was a good one. I have dry skin and with how bad the cold has been this helps! It is a nice change by the way.
New Eye Shadow Pallet: Too Faced Gingerbread Spice and Zodiac Pallet! I got my Gingerbread Spice pallet through EBay. I know it’s kind of dangerous but I did get a pretty good one from Hong Kong. Jen Luv’s Reviews did say it smelled more like vanilla and I could smell it. I have done so many looks with this pallet and even had it with me during Holiday Matsuri for Friday’s and Sunday’s looks. Too bad you won’t get to see the Sunday one with what had happened with that interview. While the Zodiac Pallet, on the other hand, I know I need to play with it but I did make two good looks with that so far and I love what Kathleen did with it. I will do one with The Scorpio at some point in time.
New Lip Color: Mumbai Magenta from Trestique and Scorpio Moon from Colour Pop! I have to mention these two lip items since I have been wearing them a lot and that is the Trestique Lip Glaze in Mumbai Magenta and the Colour Pop Lux Lipstick in Scorpio Moon. I wore Mumbai Magenta during work and I think Ipsy for it. It’s not a liquid lipstick, it is more a stick type one since Trestique is known for doing stick products. I think it worked out with this one since liquid lipsticks can be messy. I like how pigmented it is but it can be a little drying. While Scorpio Moon, this was a unique color since it brings more of a rosy mauve to the color selection. Kathleen Lights needs to come out with more colors like these if she collaborates with Colour Pop because it was a fantastic lipstick.

Ipsy Review:

November: Now my thoughts on the last two bags of the year! November took a while to get to me because of my move and well it went to my old address due to being changed in the middle of the month.

SL Miss Glam Brush Trio: Better mention the first extra I got. I got a brush trio from SL Miss Glam that was offered and decided why not try them since I haven’t tried their brushes yet. I did enjoy these brushes since they were soft and they blended my shadow very well. I hope to get more brushes by these guys in future bags or purchases since Ipsy Offers do happen with many brands.
Marc Anthony Bye Bye Frizz Heat Protectant Cream: This was an awesome item! I will be putting off using my flat iron until I get my straightening brush but to the product itself. This kept my hair soft in the straight. It also smells good! I am buying the full-size of this item when I run out because it is better than a spray in heat protectant and it dries fast too since last time I used my flat iron I let my hair dry before putting the flat iron through and it did work out.
Huda Beauty Lip Strobe in Shameless: Sorry Jeffree Starr but I am liking Huda Beauty. I will try out Beauty Bakerie in the future but now I am liking this product by Huda. I did like the liquid lipstick I got a few months ago and this was another great product. I did hear how the shadows were hit and miss but the lip items so far are spot on.
The Balm Cosmetics Dewmunizer in Marydewmunizer: This was a really good product for its size. It was tiny and I thought it was the Huda Beauty lipstick but looked at it closely. I want to get the powder version of this to see how well it works on my skin since it’s a champagne gold colored highlight and those work well with my skin tone.
Jelly Pong Pong Cosmic Light in Pulsar: Another single shadow pigment and it’s from a brand that I haven’t gotten another product in a long time. This was a blue shadow with a metallic finish and I like it. It was easy to blend with the eye base I’ve been using. I have to use it more as time goes on. I wonder how well it will go with my blue cat ears.
Ciate London Mini Setting Powder in Hideout: I just finished this item recently and what I liked about it is that it set my under eyes very well but the the thing I least liked about it was it always ended up on my shirt! I know I should have used the sifter but to me that is too tedious and it’s easier for me to put my brush into the product instead of wondering where it went. I am not a loose powder fan I prefer pressed powders because it doesn’t get all over the place and doesn’t get into my eyes which this didn’t get into my eyes as much. I hope to try more Cite which I did with December too.

December: December had one more product and it was my first time seeing six products in Ipsy. I remembered there were times where it mentioned it is rare and this one the first time it happened.
Extras: Pacifica Liquid Highlight, Sugar Cosmetics Mini Bronzer, and Nomad Cosmetics Moonlight Highlight: These three extras really good but out of three I liked the Nomad Cosmetics Highlight. I know it was very small but it was easy to blend and glad to pick it up as an extra like the other two. The Pacifica one was pretty nice and easy to blend and very sparkly and the Sugar Cosmetics bronzer was also much pigmented when applied. These were pretty good extras that I have chosen and hoping to get more from these three in future bags.
Finding Ferdinand Blush in Skinny Dip: This was a pretty good blush. I liked it and glad it fits into a magnetic pallet. When I first got this in the packaging, I found it weird because I thought it was the hair mask I received and noticed it was flat. I did like how it applied and blended very well.
The Balm Nude Beach Shadow in Bootylicious: This shadow was another one added to my Balm Shadows and it’s from their Nude Beach Collection. This was a very easy to blend shadow and I liked how the pan in this one was bigger than the other two I have. I hope to get more shadows from The Balm and not only that I am planning to get the Nude Beach pallet since I am liking it and want to see how the pallet is like.
F. A. R. A. Brushes Tapered Blending Brush: This was an amazing brush! I enjoyed how much it blended my lid color and also my defining shade too. The bristles were soft and the handle felt like a pencil grip in my hands. I hope to get more brushes from this brand.
Coco & Eve Hair Nourishing Mask: It felt good to get another hair mask in the bag and man this one feels great! I notice that my hair feels softer after I use it and not sure the price but I will be using hair masks yet again. More hair masks in the bag please!
Ciate London Glitter Flip Lipstick: Another Ciate London product and that is their Glitter Flip lipsticks. I am so glad to finally try this lipstick since Beauty News talked about it and was interested. I was happy to get one and glad I put “Loved It” for Ciate. I am hoping to get more items by these guys and may buy more of these Glitter Flip lipsticks!
Dr. Lip Tint in Sweet Potato: This item is very nourishing and moisturizing but wishing it was in a pot instead of a tube. I had a hard time squeezing the product out and it was very thick so that is why I had such a hard time. I am sorry Dr. Lip but you should have used tins not tubes for this thing.

Books: The Stolen Marriage by. Diane Chamberlain! I have to give this to The Stolen Marriage by. Diane Chamberlain because I enjoyed every minute of it. You guys know I do love World War II history and this book told it from the American side and how the Polio epidemic happened in Hickory. I loved Tess throughout the story and how her character had to change but she didn’t want to change it throughout the story due to how wanted to be a nurse so badly and the Polio epidemic happening shown her true strength in the book.

Candy: Sour Patch Kids Candy Canes! Well, since it was Christmas I went on a major candy cane binge and I got so many of them which will take a while to finish despite the holiday being over. I have gotten two boxes of the Trolli ones from Amazon which I should have cancelled but at the same time did enjoy how light in flavor they are. I may have to keep on getting to the sour parts on the inside. I do enjoy the Sour Patch Kids ones since those were pretty sweet with a sour edge. I guess my Christmas spirit got the best of me to get into candy canes yet again.

Well guys that is it for this Favorites. 2018 has brought me new things to enjoy and so many things to talk about for the Bests & Worsts of this year for the next one. So stay tuned for that one!

Haul: Collective December Beauty Haul!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! I am back and this time with a collective beauty haul!

Disclaimer: I bought these products with my own money and got a few for Christmas, so please respect what I purchased or got for Christmas!

So, I have not done a beauty haul for a long time on here since I either do it on my Channel or not do one at all since I tend to forget or just too busy. It feels like towards New Year’s I am not too busy even though I am working now. I did buy most of these products with my paycheck I am admitting here and other items were with my Ulta card for two items I think. Let’s get into it!

Ipsy: It’s been a while since I’ve ordered from Ipsy and two items have not arrived yet but will still talk about them and will do the same with one or two sites. Let’s get to it.

Luxie Rose Gold Detailed Face Brush Set: First is a Luxie brush set and it’s their Rose Gold Face Detailed Brush Set. You know my favorite metallic color besides silver is rose gold and when I saw this set being offered on Ipsy I had to get it and plus for the longest time I wanted to get myself a Luxie brush set after trying out their brushes through my Glam Bags. This set is originally $42.00 and it was $19.00 on Ipsy which is a good deal when these are expensive brushes to begin with, not like those really expensive Artiste brushes we always heard about but the name is Luxie after all. This includes five brushes and they are the Flat Blender Brush 110 which I am using for my color correcting concealer which is said perfect for that. Round Makeup Blender Brush 120 which I can apply creamy eye bases which is no bad idea and might do that when I start using the NYX White Base again. Angled Makeup Brush 130 which can be used for cream contour or concealer. When I saw this brush when I got it I felt like I can use it for carving out my outer parts of my cheeks with my bronzer since I tend to do that with my out of work looks. Tapered Blender Brush 140which can be used for concealer around the mouth and under eyes. I remembered getting the Wonder Woman designed one and going to use this for setting powder because I had a hard time using it for my under eye concealer and would be better for powder. Flat Angled Blender 150 which is best used for cream contouring especially around the cheeks and nose. I think I would use this for concealing as well or just powder contour. I did find the one I am using for the color correcting very soft and glad I got this set and liking what I am using so far!
Nomad Around the World Pallet Light Infusion: Next is the Nomad Cosmetics Light Infusion pallet from their All around the World Collection. Whenever I heard people getting shadows from these guys I wanted to try them for a while and when I saw this highlighting pallet on sale I decided why not try out the highlighters since I got one of the deluxe size ones in Moonlight. This pallet was $27.00 originally but got it for $21.60. Not bad even though it could have gone lower in my opinion except I could see why they put it at the price they did and that is the pan sizes are huge in this thing! You get four highlights and they are Positano Sunrise which is a blushing highlight shimmering soft peach with topaz pearl finish, Punta Del Est Sunlight which is an intense illuminator a bright yellow with a gold pearl finish, Hanalei Sunset is flushed highlight in a glowing rose rose pink with a opal pearl finish, and Co Pha Ngan Moonlight is a holographic illuminator in duo chrome glow with a sapphire pearl finish. How pretty sounding are they. I did try the second one on my face and they are pretty easy to blend by the way. I did use Moonlight, the deluxe one I have, and that was also pretty easy to blend too. I am starting to like Iby Beauty Essentialist Brush Set: Next is something I haven’t received yet in the mail but it is another brush set and it’s from Iby. When I first got back to Ipsy I got one of their eye brushes in my July bag and when I saw this brush set for $18.00 it was a pretty good steal. This set comes with six brushes and a case and the brushes include a powder brush, an angled blush brush which also can be used for contouring, liner brush, eye shadow brush, and eye fluff brush for blending shadows, crease shadow brush, and a little bag to go with. I can’t wait to see these brushes and use them with my makeup since I did love the shadow brush I got before and if I like these brushes then will get more through Ipsy.
Ittse Six Shadow and Pallet Set: Last item is something from the brand Ittse. I tried these guys out when I got a shadow from them in either August or September and it’s not bad of a brand. This is a magnetic pallet with six neutral shadows in Film Noir, a matte wine, changing to Flats which was the first shade I got, matte nude, Sweater Weather, a grey olive green, Velveteen, a light marigold, Suede Booties: shimmery brown, and Irish coffee, a matte taupe. I can’t wait to use this since I did but Changing to Flats and it’s in my Z-Pallet at the moment and see how their other shadows feel.

Colour Pop: Remembered during my Holiday Matsuri that I went onto Color Pop’s website to shop round? Well, I did get a few things since they had a 40% off sale on pallets and 33% off their Lux Lipsticks. I got two pallets and one lipstick.

Lux Lipstick in Scorpio Moon: The lipstick I picked up was one of the Kathleen Lights zodiac Collection lipsticks. With her Zodiac collection she released two Lux ones and I loved the Lux ones more than the other lip products they have come up with, not more than the glosses but the other lip items. These are super creamy for what you get and the packaging is amazing too. Scorpio Moon is a rosy mauve shade and I did looks wearing this lipstick and people said it looked amazing on me and I never thought I would rock a color like this but apparently people thought I am able to. I wanted this shade for a while and was kind of scared due to how dark it sounded according to Kathleen but bought it to see how it went and it is going very well for me. I almost thought about getting Juno Mars which is a peachy nude but I got this instead and the two pallets.
I have been eyeing this thing for a few months ever since it came out and when I heard about the sale I picked it up. People said that they found some hits and misses in this pallet but so far so good it has worked out for me. I did a fiery gold look when I went out to the mall last Saturday to return something I have ordered at JCPenney and get my mom some gifts. I used The Cancer all over my lid, The Aries to define the eyes, The Leo in my crease, and The Gemini for my brow. Then I decided to pair the pallet with the Dream Street Pallet with the blue shades from that with The Pisces all over my lid then Mermaid Boy from DS to define, Water Bearer in my crease and then The Aquarius in my brows. Then lined them with my blue pencil. I took a picture of both looks for What’s Up In Makeup and got the most really good comments for the Fiery Gold look due to how I can play with the bolder shades without being afraid of them. The Blue Look did get positive and slight negative ones. If you’re in this group, all the admins do watch for negative comments and well recently I was a victim of being makeup shamed by having one of my pictures taken and put on on a makeup shaming group that was private from anyone else. That member did get kicked out which is a major risk and they do say don’t use someone’s pic to shame them. It didn’t stop me from posting since but after seeing some comments on my second look with the Zodiac pairing with Dream Street is that some people asking if it was something real and someone else was asking what I was using as my eye base and my brushes. I tend to buy brushes from Amazon and now Ipsy again which I was using my SL Ms. Glam ones I got as an extra last month and the one brush from this month. Of course I have been using Soft Ocher from MAC’s Paint Pot line which those are really good eye bases for the price that get charged for. I did love the blue look I came up with and even someone commented that they wish to use blue shadows despite how bold they can be. Don’t be afraid. I have to use the other shades in this pallet since I want to use The Scorpio which was the shade that sold me on this pallet.
Chasing Rainbows Pallet: Final item I got is the Chasing Rainbows pallet which is the newest pallet in the fifteen pan pallets Colour Pop has released. I almost bought this from Ulta but didn’t get it due to no colou descriptions for the shades because as a blind person it’s hard for me to justify buying some pallets that have these descriptions. Yes I do get pallets without it but when I saw this one on Ulta I felt like they only put shade names not the colors to each one since I heard Beauty News talking about this pallet. I was glad Colour Pop put the colors with the shade names and they were interesting with what was in this pallet. You mostly have red brown shades, two bluish shades, and mostly different shades of purple and one taupe, plus one coral, one peach, and one ivory. I know it doesn’t sound like a rainbow pallet but it is mostly a shadow version of a rainbow. I did use the purples with one look and the red browns for another and they are pretty pigmented for what I paid for with the sale. I would say they could have added another row of colors to this to make it more shadowy or even add a few dark greens and a navy blue at least and one grey. All in all, it did turn out pretty well and glad to pick up this pallet during the sale due to how different it is from all the neutral pallets I have gotten this year. Way to go Colour Pop!

Ulta: These purchases were done at different points of December! I will start with the pallet I got for Christmas!

Urban Decay Naked Cherry: This was the pallet I got for Christmas from my dad. Before I moved I made my Christmas list and put this one on there since it was a newer naked pallet. As you know that I have been collecting the naked series and when I heard about this one it was pretty unique from knowing that this is more of a berry type pallet with a peach in it. I have to give props for Urban Decay for going into berry tones since they have been becoming bigger over time and it is an extension of the Aphrodisiac pallet they have done earlier this year which I need to get at some point in time but this one felt like the other pallets in the range. I did have a great look using some of the mattes in this pallet and I do like how they played with burgundy in it and not only that adding a cranberry to it. I heard about Naked Reloaded which is the first naked pallet but being re-done with newer shades and some people are not liking it but I am going to see about the shades because it may be interesting to see what they have done with the re-vamp. Also, Naked Honey and Naked AF is the next two to come which I am waiting to see what happens next with those in what will be placed.
NYX Duo Chromatic Lip Gloss in Gypsy Dreams: I wanted to get one of these glosses for some time and couldn’t use my card since it did some weird thing by reducing the limit as I tried making the purchase. I am glad I did wait for purchasing this item since it’s been a long time since I got a NYX lip gloss. I loved the Butter Gloss formula and the Intense Butter Gloss formula and the newer lip glosses weren’t interesting to me until they came out with the lip gloss versions of the Duo Chromatic Highlighters that I still have and love. I got Gypsy Dreams since it was the most interesting of the colors since it’s a lavender with a blue, gold, and silver glitter mix. I liked it for how it shifted. I may get more since some of the other shades caught my ear. I may pick them up from the NYX website or Ulta again.
Cover Girl Chocoholic True Scented Nude Pallet: Besides the Duo Chromatic lip gloss, I also got this, this was the same night as the Colour Pop order because Ulta was doing a free gift with purchase idea. I heard good things about this pallet and it is supposed to be like the Chocolate Bar pallet from Too Faced with with the chocolate scent. I definitely smelled it as I pulled it out of the box when it was accidentally sent to my parents without double checking the address. It smells just like milk chocolate but you only get half of the shadow amount as in eight shadows rather than sixteen. I can deal with this and plus this is the very first eye shadow I ever tried from Cover Girl. I am not kidding about that because I heard the shadows are a bit hit or miss and I almost wanted to try that one duo eye shadow stick but the colors didn’t grab my interest as much. Oh well, I did hear this eye shadow is pretty good and will see how it goes!
Makeup Revolution Mint Chocolate Pallet: I know I am going chocolate crazy, doesn’t help with the Hershey’s candy canes I have been eating that Saturday either. I heard good things about this eye shadow pallet and decided to pick it up and it’s been a while since the Emily Edit pallet I got and I still love Makeup Revolution and not giving much love to their shadow pallets. This pallet is the same format as the Chocolate Bar pallet from Too Faced but this is mint and chocolate inspired and it supposed to have a mint scent from what I read for the shades but don’t smell it since it was described to be medicinal which I can smell. I don’t get why Too Faced didn’t create their own mint chocolate pallet like Makeup Revolution has but glad I got this and will be doing a look with it for New Year’s.
Bonus Gift: Ulta Three Sided Eye and Face Pallet: Like I said it was Gift-With-Purchase and that is the Ulta Three Sided Eye and Face Pallet. It’s been a while since I got anything from the Ulta makeup brand and glad I did with this gift. The sets didn’t appeal to me as much as they did last year and no shade descriptions, really Ulta? Hey, at least I got this for free and you needed to spend $35 in makeup to get this and that’s what the total became to be for these items. This item comes with twenty-one eye shadows, two bronzers, two blushes, and two highlighters and a mirror in one cute clutch. It looks like a planner when it comes to you and very compact. Maybe I should travel with this little thing if I know the shade names that is.
Makeup Revolution Baking Oil: I have tried a new face primer and this was a recommendation from Abby Aspen O’Keefe on YouTube. When she mentioned how this helped her dry skin I had to try it out myself. It does help keep my makeup on and it does keep my face moisturized alongside the Burt’s Bees moisturizer I’ve bene using lately. Interesting thing is that it does help make my skin look amazing with my makeup. I will definitely purchase again.
NYX High Definition Photo Concealer Wand in Light: I know I usually go for the Concealer Pots but Ulta did not have them anymore which makes me mad. So, I got the concealer wand since it’s easy to know what Light is in NYX. I will probably get my concealer on the NYX website but for now I will try this out and see how it goes since the other concealers I looked at were complicated in description. Why Ulta/ Why did you stop carrying the Concealer Jars from NYX?
Essence Lash Princess False Extreme Mascara: I had to get another Lash Princess Mascara because mine was drying out. The last time I used my tube was during Holiday Matsuri and glad that it’s done and now got this one. I don’t think I have tried the False Extreme yet since I have used the Angle Falsies from either Cover Girl or Maybelline, not sure which one, but notice how my lashes look amazing and I heard the false lash formula in the Lash Princess is better than the Volume version. I will see how it goes.
NYX Keeping It Tight Liner in Nude: I needed a new nude eyeliner since the Maybelline one I have been using made my eyes water slightly and it was hard to sharpen all the time. I got this one since it is not only an automatic liner but it was one of the only ones I can find. I heard Rimmel makes a good one but Ulta doesn’t carry RImmel anymore so I may try that one later and Wet N Wild has one too and haven’t found it yet. This will be a good one to try out.
Wet N Wild Setting Spray: Running low! Next!
MAC Paint Pot in Laying Low: As you guys know I am using the MAC Paint Pots as my shadow base and saw this among their colors. It is a creamy beige and was surprised that no one has talked about this one with Soft Ocher and Painterly. I also remembered with the eye bases that NYX made is that they do have a creamy beige color to choose from. I am going to see how this goes with my eye shadow.
Urban Decay Elements Pallet: I found this on sale on the Urban Decay website and then went to Ulta and found it half off too on there and picked it up. I wanted to get this pallet at first when it was $52 and saw Nicole Quinn do a review on it and was intrigued by it. I didn’t put it on my Christmas List since I already had Naked Cherry on there and decided to see about a sale and guess what? I love the shade names and descriptions of each one and glad to add another colorful pallet because we hardly see them until holiday times. I know BH Cosmetics and other brands do have some but I don’t buy them but I may consider them. I can’t wait to play with the Elements pallet, plus rocks and minerals are my favorite things to study in Geology.
Hot Tools Straightening Brush: Now onto a hair tool! Reason for this purchase. Since I got the Marc Anthony Leave in Heat Protectant Cream I fell in love with straightening my hair again. I love the smell of it and it did help my hair in being much moisturized and the issue I have is that my hair wants to curl up even when I turn up the heat but don’t want to turn it up at the highest due to my hair being damaged in some areas. I got this brush to help get my hair straight. I figure to use the brush first and then the flat iron to get the straight to happen. I almost got one from a company called WIggo and it was about $18 but when I saw hot Tools being five dollars less but had a better rating than the WIggo one and decided to go with this one and use a 20% off. I hope this works out because it annoys me to see some wave in my hair after straightening it.
Marc Anthony Anti-Frizz shampoo and conditioner: Final items from Ulta for this month, sorry for the long list but I got coupons to use and discounts happened. I am starting to run low on my shampoo and conditioner and I have no dandruff at the moment and when I saw the Jumbo Hair Event on Ulta, I almost thought about getting the Matrix Anti-Frizz shampoo but decided to see about Marc Anthony since I love their items. I love the price points they charge for this brand because you’re not breaking the bank and they are salon quality and it helps my hair calm down. Too bad they don’t have the Heat Protectant Cream. I decided to pick up the Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner since they have pretty good ratings and my hair does frizz up time to time and some damage on the right side of my head still exists. Hope it does work out for me!

E. L. F.: Thank goodness I am at the final place for beauty! I have a fun story about E. L. F. and that is when they did their Free Shipping sale and bought my items I found out recently that my order was not put through. Somehow the PayPal end did not communicate with E. L. F. and had to call both sides about it. So, had to reorder everything except I changed one item!

Metallic Flare highlight in Rose Gold: I was getting a different highlight but saw this as a new product and had to get and that is the Metallic Flare. I enjoyed their Shimmer Whips and tried enjoying the Baked Highlight I got in a bundle and their Shimmer pallet I do love. This will be an interesting try since when I saw NEW I had to try it.
Primer Infused Bronzer in Always Sun kissed and Primer Infused Blush in Always Rosy: I heard good things about these Primer Infused face products and how pigmented they are. E. L. F. is known for having very pigmented products and sometimes their formula is meh or hit or miss. I decided to try a bronzer and blush from this line to see how well it works. I figured always Sun kissed would be a light shade to go with my skin while Always Rosy from the blushes can be a good one to try for my first time.
Luminous Blush in Rose: Another blush and this is supposed to be new too. I decided to try the rose shade over the pink since rose colors do look good on me.
Modern Metals face pallet. I know another face item and this is from their Modern Metals collection. I was not feeling for any shadows from them this time so this was something that caught my eye. It has three blushes and three highlights so good to try something new.
Daily Hydration Moisturizer: I did say I wanted to try new moisturizers and this was one of them. I never tried E. L. F.’s skin care which I heard hits and misses with some items but hoping this will work out with my skin especially with how cold it gets here since I am thinking that is why Celestial doesn’t work as much.
Brow and Lash Gel: Needed a new one for my work makeup kit!

Well, guys, that is it for this entire haul! I know it was long even with the Ulta part but hey I wanted to share with what I got. Beauty is what I love and it’s been forever that I have done a beauty haul on here. Hoping I get to add another haul post so stay tuned! Until next time! Stay tuned for the next post which is my favorites for November and December!

Books: The Stolen Marriage by. Diane Chamberlain

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! I am back with a new book review!

The Stolen Marriage by. Diane Chamberlain!

Disclaimer: This book is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts and opinions on this book.

What Is It About? In this book, we meet Tessa, someone who is a young woman during World War II who has everything going for her life. She’s studying to become a nurse and engaged to an up-and-comingdoctor and childhood friend. On a visit to Washington D. C. while the fiance is away, she ends up meeting Henry Kraft visiting from Hickory, North Carolina and she and her best friend, Jenna go out for a night with drinks and all-of-a-sudden she ends up in bed with Henry. Her fears come out when she is pregnant with Henry’’s child and leaves her family behind to marry him. During the marriage, she gets treated as a stranger in the small town and seen as the little tramp only marrying into the Kraft family for money but it was mostly a business transaction.

While being married to Henry,, Tessa starts finding out about some secrets like why Henry lost his fingers and how he was rescued to how a wad of money ended up in the bottom of a wardrobe, and so on. Will she find out some secrets while living under the scrutinizing eyes of her mother-in-law?

Thoughts: This book was a really good read. I got to see some things beyond World War II that I wouldn’t have seen since the town of Hickory was an actual place that went through the Polio Epidemic as the war ended. As we all know is FDR did suffer from Polio himself while being president during the second World War and was wheelchair bound which if you seen Pearl Harbor they weren’t messing around and the actor did a good job at it. Back to the book of course, I did like how the story started itself off as happy couple living in Baltimore and then when Vincent goes off that is when time draws out. The war effort is a long wait for a lot of people especially in the medical field since at the time Polio was starting to show and it was a big theme throughout the book because of how it shown up later.

When Tessa and Henry met it felt like different sides since it felt like they were going to end up together but in a different way. Yes, it starts off as a one-night-stand and then the pregnancy takes place and Tess leaves and when she catches up with Henry things change, like he was different all of a sudden, as in he went from sweet Southener boy to complete stranger which that can be shocking when your One Night comes to find you at work. I did like how Tessa described her downward spiral of losing her own self because while living at the In-law’s home she was being watched and not only that being gossiped about which is big in smal town in time like that. I do like her interactions in trying to make nice with Lucy, Henry’s sister, even though she tries very hard but Tessa knows that she would gossip to her friends about her, like with the part about driving a car.I think the best interactions wold be with Henry’s mother, Ruth the most because she was expecting a different girl to marry her son and now has to put up with Tessa. I would have to say this was a major test for Tessa because she has to grit her teeth and bare withing under the same roof with Lucy and Ruth until things take place around them.This story shows how strong a female character can be when facing adversity from the family and a community in a small town and all she could hope for is finally getting out of there and being a nurse. I can relate with her since I just moved from a big city to a smaller town to be a teacher right now and see how much better it became due to the change of scenery. In the end, this was a really fun read.

Rating: Five Star Paw Prints Out of Five! With all of the World War II novels I have read throughout my Net Galley membership this one has been the best. I have seen books where the lead woman character has risen above like Kasha in Lilac Girls getting over her days at a work camp and having a bad leg injury after a hideous test, alongside caroline getting through her relationship with Jacques and finding out that his wife was alive, even Mary in Everyone Brave Is Forgiven where she has to survive the bombings of London and almost drowned as of the result of it. Alse, the women in Karolina’s Twins shows even more bravery and survival. Here we see it with a Polio Epidemic starting to show and Tessa surviving through it along with a small town with a family who has different religious beliefs from her own and trying to live with a husband that has secrets that lead to it failing. Strenght and bravery through the second World War in women has shown in many ways and I have seen it through here because Tessa had put a smile on her face through adversity. I hope to read more books like this because it shows that even if a war is so bleak but people still come through and survive in the end whether it is through a bombing raid or helping people get through a really bad disease that shows up in a small town. I want to read about the Polio Epidemic in Hickory since Diane Chamberlain The SSstolen Marriage by/ Diane Chamberlainhmentioned some of her sources and it would be interesting to see how the actual story happened with the people who lived there. What I found it more interesting about it was the street name changes after the war to confuse enemies. I didn’t know about that until read the dedication. I suggest this book to anyone who wants to read more Historical Fiction set in World War II.

Well that is it guys! Don/t worry, I have not forgotten about the Holiday Matsuri coverage. I am still going to get the videos up as soon as I can. I definitely have a haul post and a Bests & Worsts coming up, also my Faves of November and December coming up. So stay tuned everyone! Until next time stay beautiful while traveling the universe!

Convention Impossible: Holiday Matsuri 2018!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! It’s time for our Convention Impossible post on Holiday Matsuri. It’s going to be a hard one this time around which I know there will be some Needs for Improvement.

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and observations from the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts on the convention and its rating because not everyone has the same experience especially with this convention.

Oh man! Where to start! This year we had a different experience from past years since it felt like the convention gone and went without even knowing. We did stay at the World Center like last year and I felt like we spent more time in the room than the con itself. Let me talk about the hotel.

Hotel: Like I said above, we stayed at the World Center and we spent some time before heading there by getting some shopping done for the weekend as in getting food to eat in the room and getting checks cashed because apparently there was a security breach that took place and best to use cash at the hotel areas itself rather than your card. Trust me, being hacked is not fun. So, we got to the hotel and the parking was packed! Apparently, besides Matsuri, there were two other events taking place and it was a military ball type event and a business convention in one of the wings. This does happen at some venues where some events take place at the same time, especially with conventions. Good examples, the cheerleading competitions during MegaCon when they were held in March, Omni Fandom Expo taking place at the same time as Florida Anime Experience when they first started, even a beauty pageant took place at the World Center as Omni Fandom Expo taking place, these are a few but these three going on at the same time caused parking to be full and Gondras was told to park at the outlets and take the shuttle but he did find a parking spot. We were glad we had East Tower this year with our room and it was a one bed and one couch situation. I did remember that leading up to the convention that they talked about rooms being sold out and the Queen Bed rooms were taken by then and I have a feeling people from the other two events were also staying in those. So glad they extended stay slots at other hotels in the area to cater to everyone. We were afraid that Hol Mat would be moved next year but heard that it won’t so who knows where we will be next December. I did point out Gaylord Palms but realized that they have their Ice exhibit and that would be an issue to hold Hol Mat there unless they give discount tickets to attendees, just saying. We did have a great stay this year and man that King Size Bed was comfy. Also our roomie was great too! At first we asked on the Hol Mat Housing Group to find new roomies and the first cancelled due to financial reasons which does happen, second one what friends coming, and third person was a major charm! She was awesome and she is a big Tales fan and she did host a trivia panel which I will get to later!

Game Room: I have to point this out because this year’s Game Room was very impressive this year and better than years before. Not only it featured your classic cabinets that you tend to see at this convention but we also had Japanese games including the famous Gundam pods! If you haven’t been to Japan in the Otaku areas, it’s basically a Gundam cockpit simulator game where it’s in an arcade that you have people dressed as the attendants in the Gundam anime series and you get to be in the pods where you get to pilot Gundams ranging across the vast series. Gondras wanted to play this thing so bad if we ever got to go to the arcade with it and they brought it here except he didn’t fit in it due to how tall he is. That did make him happy that they brought it to a convention of all places where a lot of fans would roam around. Also, there was the Rock Band set up which not only had the classic songs but there were a few more added in. Besides this room having games inside there were games spread out in the convention itself like Music Tag near the vendor’s room which I will get to now…

Vendor’s Room: I liked it better this year than the last. How so? Not only it felt bigger but the vendors were better this year! As in there were more variety in merch than it has been before as in plushies, apparel, even artists for instance which I felt like I bought more items from as usual since I do love handmade items since they are more unique. Some of these items include a seatbelt type belt for your pants featuring Happy. You know I love the kitties from Fairy Tail and haven’t gotten much of Happy lately and glad to get this because this is a comfy belt! As in, you just have a cloth strap versus leather which to me leather belts do become uncomfortable even while being Lucy thank you very much! I should have taken a card from this vendor because I would want to see if they can make a plain black one. I also did find my favorite seller who had the cat ears and tails. She did give me a discount again which made me happy and did pick up two of her newer furs which one pair of ears and tail had pastel spots all over and pink bows with the bells and I didn’t mind having that on my ears because they matched better with the pastel spots. As you know, calico kitties are one of my favorite types of kitties. While the other pair is more interesting which is a very fluffy fur that is in red with silver striping. I didn’t get the bows and bells, which I should have asked, maybe I should message her about that but it was so soft that I did hand her the money for them too. I love her ears and tales and I suggest buying from her. I did run into Japanese Snacks Guy at the front of the room which he had a really good spot. He had new items which are these long gummy things. They remind me of those jolly Rancher bars I remembered as a kid which I wished I could find them again but as a gummy. I haven’t opened them yet since I have been munching on candy canes all thanks to my L cosplay! I am not kidding, after Hol Mat, I have not only my remnants of the Hershey’s candy canes but two boxes of Sour Patch Kids canes, a box of soda flavored which features Crush, Dr. Pepper, and A&W Root Beer canes which the A&W got my interest since that is my fave root beer ever! And now waiting on a shipment of Trolli Brite Crawler ones which I did order a box through Shipt and they taste good! They aren’t overbearing sour since the sour powder is inside. Anyways, I did get another pack of Hi-Chew which is green apple, I did like this flavor from long ago when I first got into them and got a bag with multiple flavors. I still have my stock just in case I need something to chew on even at work and that is not gum. Also, I did get something chocolate but only one item since I still have a big container of mint bark and a chocolate bar thing from Gondras’ job and my chocolate container filled to the brim. They are these chocolates I did love but this time different types of strawberries which is going to be interesting. Other items I did get were for holiday parties, I did get a Charmander for a toy drive party but didn’t go due to really bad weather rolling through Daytona Thursday, even a tornado warning happened and had to stay in the building, and got a Groot keychain for a White Elephant gift thing for the staff party and was entertaining seeing that get passed on for a gift steal. I also got a new Jolteon plush which you guys know I cosplay as my own Thunder Gym Leader and I had a plush from Disney of Jolteon but it was a chibi form one. This one is him on all four legs like my little figure on my desk. Trust me I couldn’t resist since the only Evees I have left to get are Umbreon, which I have a Dark Trainer in mind, and Espeon, which I haven’t done a Psychic trainer yet. I will have to wait for Omni to see if anyone sells an Umbreon in the same style as my Jolteon which the interesting thing there was one but in a prize machine. I did almost have Gondras get me Umbreon as a belated birthday present but I wanted the Pikachu with the Rawst Berry instead because I didn’t know when I could see that one ever again. And Gondras did get something and that was Keith Silverstein’s autograph on his Persona games. When we heard Mr. Silverstein being at the con, Gondras wanted to bring him something that was rare and it was these games he got from Cyber Tron Gaming here in town, which is a game shop that sells vintage games and some anime too. Which by the way…

Guests: Oh man the guests! Did we interview? Yes! The only one we didn’t interview was Zach Callison because by the end of the weekend according to his Liaison that he was done for the weekend. Hoping we can get a Skype interview since we have a line to get to for that with some people from Ranger Stop, I did Tweet Zach to see if he can do it with us and haven’t heard back. We did get to have a video interview with Brittney Karbowski which was great, I know we did interview her years ago at MetroCon but had to transcribe it and now that we do video ones it worked out. And we did interview Jennifer Hale finally! As you guys know we wanted to do it at MegaCon 2017 but since everything going down we didn’t get it and since this was another chance for us we did get to sit down with her for one and it was great! We will get the videos up as soon as possible if we can since I am really busy with work and Gondar’s is to, we will try to get them up as soon as we can so stay tuned on Twitter!

Panels: We didn’t go to many this year. I did say we spent most of our time in the room and I felt bored. I know it’s sad since panels are the greatest part of the convention experience. Not only that this year we didn’t have a real coverage schedule which I will get to that later due to press not being as organized as it has been. I admit I was on Colour Pop and Ulta’s websites shopping since Ulta was doing a gift to spend $35 to get a free gift from their brand. I did make it and it’s at my parents’ place, I am thinking of doing a collective haul of beauty stuff since I did buy clothes for work and fleece jackets too since it was freezing here for a bit. And Colour Pop did a 40% off pallets and picked up two I was eyeing on and a $30 off their Lux Lipsticks which I got one I wanted. So, yeah I was a bit bored. We did go to two yaoi ones, well me with Vivi and Tobi. We went to Yaoi after Dark and Yaoi on Ice, the Voice Actors panel on Saturday which Nerdy Shirts did record from the start which we were late due to something that took place. And the Funimation Peep Show. I told you guys not that many and wishing we did go to more or at least had a set schedule this year. I did try submitting Blind Perspective but didn’t hear anything about it, I think it was not approved being it a writing panel. Oh well, I don’t think it will be a panel I will submit again, I do want to bring Blind Experience though since that was a success even though some people did tell us it wasn’t that great. I think it is a success in my eyes and people did enjoy it during Hol Mat 2013. Let’s see what 2019 brings. I did forget to mention the Tales Of Trivia Panel, that was also a fun one since all thanks to playing Xilia 2 for the most part with Gondras, I did get to answer the questions on that game. I did win the Mila and Jude keychain or shall I say phone charm.

Verdict: Convention…abor…Complete! I am saying why! I felt like this convention was almost an Aborted this year due to some things going on but I give it a Complete because I have noticed some staff were working harder than others and I will explain in Needs for Improvement!

Needs for Improvement:
Hotel NFI: Don’t Plan SO Many Things At Once! I know this is something that does happen but I feel like the hotel was overbooked for events this year and as said above that included a business convention in the western part of the hotel, the Military Ball, and Hol Mat. This caused a major parking problem and I felt like due to the overbooking not everyone could park at the hotel even when you were a person with a room. I did see that on the group were there was supposed to be more parking areas but it wasn’t noticed. Even motorcycles took up an entire space! There should have been parking slots for motorcycles instead of having the riders do that. With the Outlets parking, I don’t think anyone of us who owns a car would have enjoyed it. ZI did see one of our friends did have to park there but being towed is not great either. SO, my message to World Center, don’t overbook when you know hol Mat is there for you guys. Not only that for anyone who wants to hold an event in Orlando at the same time as a convention, there are other places in town that you can hold events and some of them are pretty big like the Caribe Royale where Hol Mat was at, Rosen Shingle Creek, Rosen Center, Holiday Inn Across from Universal has a decent size ballroom, I can go on, even the Florida Mall Hotel is pretty big with how Omni holds their events. I would say do research in holding events at other places please, there were so many people coming to this thing, plus some people did say they had complaints about some of the Military Ball attendants, which I haven’t heard much of.
Attend Your Meet Ups! I have been hearing about how meet ups are being held and others just had people bail on them, this is according to Vivi. I understand the convention is filled with shiny things that you can be distracted by but having a meet up with people that you schedule on a group is something important from what I have seen. I remembered people posting meet ups for Naruto, My Hero Academia, even a Lolita one and these are planned ahead in time and scheduled with the convention and it not happening is something that says it was not cared about. I know Vivi was excited for the Yuri On Ice meet ups and the Lolita Meet Up because she ordered an actual cord for her first time and it’s sad to hear that it didn’t go well, it was just crafting and some people almost came in but didn’t go in since it wasn’t really a meet up. I guess I am glad that I didn’t go through a meet up, I bet if I were to cosplay as Sue or one of the Wild Pussy Cats from My Hero Academia and find out the meet up wasn’t happening at last minute where people just left I would be mad! I am not sure if that still happened since that would have been fun to witness.
Press.pardon my French…WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOU GUYS!? Sorry guys, I had to ask because the past few years Press was really organized ever since we have started getting the press pass with them and thought they were a good con to go to since we have seen great and unique events, meet up with awesome guests and hoping to interview them. I was glad we got the interviews this year and I noticed that the Guest Relations people were working harder since they had to take care a lot of people and working with press for possible interviews like us. Press this year….I know they had higher demand…I know they probably have been swamped…but I was lucky to meet someone who helped in getting us in. I haven’t seen bad organization since JACON 2009 actually. To tell you the truth, I preferred Press at Hol Mat to be more organized as in first of all having a set schedule to cover events which was great, it helped get more coverage out there even on our channel where we had so many videos, like our coverage from last year and the year before, not only that it kept us going to more events too that we never got to see. I also enjoyed that! We also got great pics from the Cosplay Runway over the years and now this year we didn’t go due to our interviews which was fine in my book. This year without that set schedule, yes we got to be a bit more slack but I missed it especially doing the Google Hangouts which the past two years we got to sit down with the Press Staff, even last year was the best Hangouts because I got to talk to the other teams that were covering Hol Mat but now this year I am wondering who else got approved besides us or shall I say who else got handed Press Passes? We didn’t get to meet anyone from Press unlike last year where we got to meet some of the other Press teams in person. See where I’m going? I know Press can have high Demand and I can see why with this year but not being able to see who else is doing it with you makes it like you’re the only ones doing it. I am glad that whoever has known what we do remembers us, even the staff member who has responded to my post about my giving away some of my manga due to the move knows about us all thanks to her daughter. That is why for 2019 starting with Omni Fandom Expo we will have better promo materials since we have worked hard especially this year with Omni, interviewing APl DeAp at the NFB Convention, Ranger Stop, and now with this one I felt not so much work. I am sorry guys but with my rating with what I was about to say was almost an Aborted because I felt this convention felt disorganized and Vivi pointed out that attendees weren’t as friendly in person as I have seen more people talking on the group and once the con does happen not a lot of people talk in person, it just becomes a huge standoff mess. I did have fun with our roomie though during her panel since it was a trivia thing and hoping to get to stay with her again maybe for Metro and we are looking into a room for Omni next year since working now we can do hotel stays a little more often. Also was supposed to meet another person I have met on the board but she was in line for something. I know big tangent…next point…
Watch Out for Disabled People! What do I mean by this, I had my cane cracked by someone during the con? I know, gasp! Okay, the story is that Gondras and I were heading over to the voice actors panel on Saturday and on the way there someone walked up and walked and in front of my cane but in the worst way, it was halfway up the cane and tripped over it and caused it to crack. I wasn’t hurt nor the person and it caused the cane to twist and cracked one of the joints where it collapses. We did get it duct taped Sunday because using an umbrella was not easy for me, I even ran into a wall since I missed my cane so much and almost cried Sunday because of it helping Gondras carry stuff to his car. This was something that still made me mad and bid felt like I lost a best friend when my cane cracked. Even the mobility instructor was annoyed when I told him about what had happened when I went to get a new cane, I didn’t show up with my taped one because I felt awkward so I show up with my short cane I had since my college days. I know the con was crowded but when I am at cons using my mobility skills people step aside! Even people with guide dogs, wheelchairs, and even crutches get that treatment too but what I went through was even worse. The person who tripped even said, “I didn’t know!” I was appalled when I heard that because here is the thing, all thanks to the comic Homestuck, people have cosplayed the blind character in that even back in 2012 when the comic had a major spike in popularity and people thought my cane was a prop and I was cosplaying the character when I now the comic with the troll side having candy corn horns. I even remembered seeing someone with huge horns from that comic, I think they did a better horn design for their character they were doing. Anyway, I cosplay as characters like Lucy, my many Pokémon characters even my variation of Link, and so on and my cane is always with me. Plus, it is my symbol of being someone in the bind community getting to enjoy a convention like a sighted person and doing press for it. So please guys, watch out for people in wheelchairs, guide dogs since there was a story that Vivid Barnacle read that someone had their service dog get hurt really badly at a con to use as an example, and watch out for blind canes because they’re not props and blind people are real! Yes Homestuck did have one in comic form but we are real!
Please Wait to Celebrate After the Con! What I mean by this is that I did notice that there was a meet up at Volcano Bay three weeks before the con or was it four weeks, can’t keep count but still it was planned during my moving weekend. It is great to have meet ups outside of the convention and good to party but best to save it during a time after the convention or during like how AFO does it with any volunteers. During the last three weeks before the convention it should be taken as a way to plan and make sure things are finished as and secured for the con, plus I think that would’ve been a better Saturday to do the Google Hangouts for Press too since I did get my internet in and would have spent the time before my dad shown up to take me for my grocery trip talking to the Hol Mat Press Crew and when the con is over then you can go to Volcano Bay or have dinner somewhere. I did notice that not every convention goer could go to this thing, like I said I was moving that weekend, so best to just save any big party things for after or at least during the convention to do a pat on the back thing for a job well done. The convention weekend is the real test of how the event goes rather than thinking it will be great in advance. That’s my opinion on that.
Need Better Security! Even With the Rooms! Apparently this year there was a lot of stuff being stolen, even a projector was stolen from someone’s room. I am glad no one went to our room or Vivi’s and Tobi’s room. I would be pissed if someone stolen my Braille Sense Polaris because that thing isn’t cheap! There should be better security at this thing since we have seen so many things happen at cons and now this taking place I feel a little unsafe with Hol Mat knowing that people broke into hotel rooms to take things. It’s sad that people are willing to hurt others to get their stuff, one thing is it’s not right, just save up for that product you want and then buy it. Someone else’s stuff is not yours people and plus you are risking your freedom for jail and being banned from the con itself. So, please better security.

Well guys that is it for this year’s review. I know a lot of people had fun during this weekend but I felt like even though we were Press doing what we do but I felt like this year was not the year that we had more work as Press. I did mention above on asking what had happened. I know conventions are supposed to be fun but I did say in my Ranger Stop review that I enjoy doing press and looking at this one I felt like my experience at Hol Mat was not as great as it had been last year and with 2016. I understand there being a higher demand in one department but Press could have been better handled. We did try to salvage what we could, we did enjoy our roommate which she was fun and she did have to volunteer during the weekend. Are we coming back? It looks like not so much at this point. I did answer someone asking who is going to what in 2019 and we just got word about our Press Passes for Omni Fandom Expo which is a great Christmas gift and hoping to get a room next year for that since I do live here in Daytona now. And of course Ranger Stop since that was a major blast this past year even getting to interview some of the guests this year. Vivi did mention MetroCon which I want to go back to due to how that one was our first Press job of all time and it’s been years since we’ve gone back to them. AFO…it will take us forever to meet their press requirements of how many followers which I wish we could have a bypass on that when we have done a lot of work already and do have still have a small following and Reuben Langdon is on our list for interviews we want to do. Let’s see what 2019 brings with our Press work!

Note: I know it seemed biased with this review but people experience different things and this is how I felt about this year’s event. I want to thank Jerad from Guest Relations who worked hard in getting us the interviews that we were able to do and Trina Wilson for helping us get our press passes when we didn’t get much of a response when it comes to how many applications they have received this year. If anyone from Hol Mat’s staff reads this, sorry for being harsh but I was pretty honest and observed what I have been even before the convention itself, it is a big “IF” in coming back. Thank you for understanding.