Books: Digging A Hole: Oh Hell No Book 3!

Hello my beautiful nerds who are traveling the vast universe! Welcome back! I know this was supposed to be my Convention Spotlight but I finished a new book!

Title: Digging A Hole: Oh Hell No Book 3!
Author: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this blog! Please respect her thoughts and opinions and you might face an evil, vampire unicorn!

What Is It About? In the continuation of the Oh Hell No series, we meet Henry’s sister, Georgina or Georgie for short where after surviving a plane crash and facing her father’s insanity to create a naked yoga cult, I know bizarre, she decides to strike out on her own while taking a break from college by being an intern at a pharmaceutical company that her family had under their wing. When she meets Nick Brooks, the boss, she not only gets a hit of his smoldering, silver eyes but his attitude on top of it. Even though she is known for being the shy girl, will she be able to step out of her box and become a strong and independent woman that she wants to be while taking on a new name or hide in her bedroom for the rest of her life?

Thoughts: I thought this book was the best in this series so far! I was wondering how this book was going to continue the last one since it did reveal that Henry’s family survived and it did very well by showing us how they survived a plane crash which ended up a crazy kidnapping. I did like how it shown Georgie go from badass survival girl at first in the parts where it went back to her and family on the island situation to her shy self that people expect from her. It was amazing that she was trying to get herself out of that hole of shyness, basically she’s Flutter Shy turning into Rainbow dash in this book even when it came to Nick. At the end of the book with the note that Mimi put, she did wonder if any of her readers got a chuckle at some of the stuff he said despite it being mean, I did and at the same time I found it funny where there were parts that Georgie just let her feelings out despite people were hearing it around them and I have a feeling they knew her feelings towards him. My most fave part was when she let her feelings out in his office as loud as possible and he goes, “You know the main boss is out the door, right?” I would so imagine her turning beet red like an anime girl blushing from major embarrassment. I was laughing at that part during dinner and glad Gondras didn’t notice since it was one of his visits at my place that night. What makes me happy that there is another book coming out in this series and will gladly be reading it since this series has become a new favorite due to how much it shows the romantic comedy style that I love from Mimi’s writing, especially while reading her supernatural stuff? Trust me, I was reading Immortal Matchmakers 1 while eating at Tijuana Flats and had to hide my laughter while eating my taco salad. She did give a cover preview towards the end but you know me, I can’t see it so who knows what will happen and who are the next Vic-I mean lovely couple in this one.

Rating: 5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! This book was the best so far in this series! Not sure how many more are there and don’t want to think about it since I’m still kind of a bit of a sad kitty that Happy Pants Series ended. I hope she does keep on continuing since this was a more adult version of those Love Stories books I always loved to read back in high school. I’m not only glad to have a lot of chuckles in this book but it was pretty sweet in areas and I knew Nick and Georgie could not resist each other. I don’t want to give too much away since you have to read it yourself because it’s coming tomorrow for you guys to read which I highly suggest! Don’t worry, a link will be provided for you all!

That is it for this review! Don’t worry, next post will be the Convention Spotlight on the NFB National Convention since I do read books at a fast rate than most people. Hey, I have time before school starts for me! Until next time and make sure you follow our Twitter @ Digging A Hole By. Mimi Jean PamfiloffNerdy Shique! So, stay nerdy everyone!


Accessibility: Using Soundscape in Miami!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I’m back with another post!

Using Soundscape in Miami!

As you know, I’ve been using an app from Microsoft known as Soundscape. It’s a very good app to have if you’re visually impaired and have a hard time traveling around your area or in town even in the car, this is one you should have. I have had two people download it to take a try since our paratransit in town tends to take most of us all over the place, if if you remembered my story about my reason for getting this app is due to being on the van for two hours and it does come in handy after I downloaded so I can see if I’m on the way to my destination or not and same with heading home.

One good thing is to have this app in a crowded town and Miami is the perfect town to use it in. As you know, this city is almost what if you duplicated New York and made it slightly bigger by making it start near Dade County and go towards the tippy tip of the peninsula that is Miami! You have two parts to it and that’s North Miami and South Miami which that is why you see FIU, Florida International University, buses going from one part of town to the next. I’m not kidding, saw it before! Also, I knew people from Miami at the Rehab Center since this town is known for Bascom Palmer, which is where I was on Tuesday. Reason why I say that this town is perfect for this app is because it tells you EVERYTHING around you. I know it’s supposed to do that but I noticed here in Casselberry, even Altamonte, and Downtown that Soundscape doesn’t always pick up on everything like it’s supposed to since we do have some more independent businesses either opening or closing and also it doesn’t pick up on every store you pass by like a Hot Topic for instance which is weird in my book, it didn’t even catch on Journey’s when I was at the Altamonte Mall but it did pick up Foot Locker. While in Miami, on the other hand, it did pick up on every building on the block and it told you where it was. For instance, when my dad and I entered Miami after having breakfast in Jupiter Inlet we missed where we had to go and I decided to bring out my phone and opened Soundscape and it found all of the hospitals in the area even some of the rehab centers and of course it knew that we were in the Bascom Palmer parking lot and gave us the compass directions we were facing. I liked it here a lot more since it does detect where you are a lot better due to people can get lost easily in a town like this. I think the reason why it didn’t detect that many things in my area is due to how much spaced out things can be rather than being so close. I remembered using it briefly in Waterford and it only detected Regal Cinemas since we were seeing Solo with friends recently and it did pick up on Five Guys which was a little walking distance away. I think it detected other places but those were the only two it found.

There is one thing I would point out is that sometimes it’s not the best for actual GPS tracking because my dad was trying to ask about where to turn sometimes. I had to exit out of it to use the Maps app in order to find El Ray De Las Freitas which you can read my review before this one. Even though Soundscape is great for finding landmarks, I think that’s the best way to use it for even though it did say all the different roads we’re on and what direction we’re in but best to use Maps instead to find a particular address rather than relying on Soundscape to try and find where you’re going. I did find it interesting how Miami had churches on almost every block, including a Ukrainian one. It did point out the different schools, police stations in case if you want to move there for safe areas, and so on.

So, that’s my short experience about using Soundscape in Miami since it is very handy to use but if you’re looking for a specific address Maps and other GPS apps for addresses are better to use since it won’t give you the direction to turn in especially in a place you’re not familiar with since we rarely go to Miami unless it’s for my eye appointments. Plus best for Maps to find the location since there were so many number streets in town which you can be confused in where or what to turn onto.

So, that’s it! What’s next for Nerdy Shique Universe? Well, have a Convention Spotlight on the National Federation of the Blind National Convention which is coming up in July! Stay tuned!

Restaurants: El Ray De Las Fretas

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Time for another restaurant review and here we go!

El Ray De Las Freitas in Miami, FL

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinion of the lead writer of this blog, alongside her taste buds! Please respect her thoughts about the place she is talking about and hope you guys visit even during a convention!

It’s been a few years since I’ve done any restaurant reviews. I did write about Peach Valley Café and this time is another location in Miami. I had to go back down there for another eye doctor appointment to see about my eye condition and so far it’s still stable but will be doing a vision field test next time since I thought I had issues with that. Will have to see about that next time.

After the appointment, my dad and I went out for dinner and it was a place that Andrew Zimmerman, the one who is famous for the show Bizarre Foods, visited Miami for some places. I think this is on his American Tour show since he does features on places in America like how Guy Fierry does on Diners Drive Ins & Dives which the last time I was in Miami was for Sakya Kitchen which was delicious. This time it was a place that my dad wanted to try and it’s called El Ray De Las Freitas which is almost like a diner style place but with a Cuban twist and it’s located on Calle Ocho or 8th Street in English. For anyone who hasn’t been to Miami, even for some of the conventions, 8th Street in Miami is the main street for anything Cuban Cuisine and this is where we go to whenever in town especially for pastries, in case if you’re there early enough, check out Rosa Bakery which they have the best eclairs and custard horns in town! If you haven’t had a Cuban style custard pastry, the custard is not thick, it’s nice a creamy and not overbearingly sweet like most pastries we find in Orlando. And yes, one other place if you want to get anything savory to take home, Palacio de Jugo, or Juice Palace, is the best place for cheese and chorizo for anything you want to make.

Back to this restaurant, when we walked in, it had a counter where you can sit at or booths of to the side like an old style diner. If you have someone that speaks Spanish fluently, make sure they are with you at all times because I can’t speak Spanish despite my Hispanic background (I’m part Puerto Rican and part German) and trust me everyone asks and I say, “I tried in school!” Anyways, what got my dad to come here is for their burgers! I find it surprising since my dad normally eats the leftover rice and whatever my mom makes and my aunt as well but this did caught me off guard a little until he told me earlier in the day what they do is add little potato sticks to whatever burger you want. This had me curious because I rarely heard a place like this since here in Orlando and Miami a lot of the Cuban places tend to serve a lot of the traditional Cuban dinner plates like roasted pork, rice with black beans, and sandwiches like the traditional Cuban sandwich or Media Noche. This place was way different and it was delicious!

The Food: The food here and drinks were reasonably priced unlike most places where you pay more for your usual stuff. My dad did tell me some of the prices like the burger without cheese is $4.00 and it was twenty-five cents more with cheese and that is not bad for what you’re getting either! I admit I had a hard time eating the burgers since I had two of them, which is not normal for me but these burgers were reasonably the size of a Mc Chicken from McDonald’s or slightly bigger, because the potato sticks fall out like crazy! They stuff that thing with tons of those and they were not soggy! They were crispy! You would probably think they would not be crispy but no they are crispy as a potato chip. Whenever I had stick fall out I restuffed my burger with them and eat any remaining ones on my plate because they were so good! The bread if you’re wondering, it is a burger bun and it’s toasted! I think the buns are baked by them because it tasted like homemade Cuban bread and it held the burger pretty well. The only one that didn’t hold well with the bun is the second one I had and it was with egg and bacon. I know you’re thinking, why an egg and bacon? Well, my dad described one of them having this and you see back in my love for Japan days I heard that McDonald’s in Japan has one of their burgers with eggs in it and I thought it would be gross since you would find it weird and as time went on, I would never thought I would try it out until today. Well, yesterday to be exact and I had to try it for myself since Japan did it at McDonald’s I wondered how a place like this would do it. How did it taste? You hardly taste the egg at all because the flavors from the bacon, the burger meat, and the potato sticks disguise it. The bun did have an uneven bit where I did have that moment where one part of the burger was looming over the edge of the bun and should’ve eaten that part first but this kitty wanted to try it so bad that I didn’t care.

Another thing we did try were the shakes! At this place they do different flavors of shakes even fruit ones which I was glad to try one out. I have had shakes at other Cuban places in Miami and it was vanilla but this flavor I tried was mango! Normally, I would go for strawberry but mango? How did it go? It was like a creamier smoothie because of how light the mango is but you get the taste of the cream and other ingredients they put in. My dad had a fruit one called mame which tasted a bit strong but I do love my mango one and if I go back I would love to try it banana since I remembered trying out banana shakes from Checkers.

Rating: 5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! This place was delicious! It is a small diner like place on 8th Street that you would never think of when it comes to burgers. Thank you Andrew Zimmerman for mentioning this place on your show because it gives us a new spin on where to go in Miami. Plus it is reasonably priced and you must try the burgers with egg because you don’t know what you’re missing if you don’t unless you’re not a fan of eggs. Also, bring someone who can translate for you, I suggest it since you may be a little lost like I was and tried asking my dad for a translation but nope at many times. So, I was a bit lost. Unless they had someone who could translate but wasn’t working yesterday? Who knows? Anyways, if you’re coming for a convention in Miami, I also highly recommend due to the prices not being so expensive and they do come out fresh and in a timely manner on top of it. If you want a sweet treat, the shakes are also a must!

Well, that’s it for this review! I definitely want to do more restaurant reviews since it does give me a new perspective when it comes to my taste buds as a blind person. And what’s next for Nerdy Shique Universe? Another trip with Soundscape and how well it worked in Miami. Stay tuned!

Interviews: J. Michael Tatum & Brandon McInnis!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Today we have something super special awesome!

Interview with J. Michael Tatum and Brandon McInnis!

So, if you remembered that we didn’t get to interview these guys back at Holiday Matsuri 2017 which we got to talk to them and they were nice enough to let us interview them over Skype which we did. This is a new format to us since we tend to interview convention guests on the spot but there are times where schedules get packed with a lot of events, panels, and other interviews, so this is something new we’re trying out for the YouTube channel and it was something to get used to.

As you guys know or maybe new to these two actors, J. Michael Tatum has voiced many characters including Sebastian in Black Butler, Ita in My Hero Academia, which I’m a fan of the series since I’ve been watching it with Gondras on the Funimation Now app (highly recommend if you need new anime to watch), and Clyne from RWBY which might be back in Volume 6? Who knows! Brandon McInnis is known for Patrick Phelps in Black Butler, Finral in Black Clover, and now he’s in the new Card captor Sakura series, Clear Card as Yuna D. Kato. What did I ask these two? You have to watch the video to find out!

Will there be more interviews like this? Hoping so since we have interviewed so many people and a convention is three days or four depending where you go so this does bring a new format to our channel and hope to keep it going. Hoping to get Sawa for one since we didn’t get a chance to get an interview during Omni. So stay tuned to our Twitter for any updates!

That is it for this interview! If you want to find out anything about these two actors like any convention appearances make sure you click on the video for Mr. Tatum’s website and I will also link it in this post! More things to come as June continues and wait a second! ::hears the Convention Alert Alarm:: What’s this!? A new convention coming up in July and will do a post about it! Stay tuned and followJ. Michael Tatum’s Website! us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique!

Books: Nemecene: The Gadlin Conspiracy

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I am back with another book review!

Title: Nemecene: The Gadlin Conspiracy
Author: Kaz Lefave

Disclaimer: This book review is based on thoughts and opinions by the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts and opinions and make sure you check out the links!

What is it about? Last time on Nemecene, we have met Elize and Keeto and got to see their first part of the adventure of leaving their father behind to go to Eadonberg which is a city where they would find the answers to their questions about what had happened to their mother and guided to them by Nithruyu, someone who Keeto has connected with until she got captured.

In this book, we see the twins continue their questions to find out the mystery about what has been taken place by leaving the protective bio walls of the city with their buddy, Zefarian to find new clues. Besides seeing their adventures, we meet another first narrator by the name of Nepharis, a sapphire-eyed redhead who is also soft spoken whose quiet dealings give into misguided expectations. Since people can’t resist the wings of her words and how she’s able to travel through time, new murders arise with new young victims among the midst. Not only Keeto, Elize, and Stitch have to be careful, so does she as she finds out that dangerous things have been taking place around the city and has her own opinion about it and if she says one wrong thing or take one misstep then she would meet Nithruyu’s fate.

Thoughts: This book with how it started and ended makes me want to read this series even more. This was a good continuation from where Epoch of Redress ended and it did start a bit lighthearted with Keeto’s and Elize’s birthday which it felt like it linked to something but later on which I don’t want to tell. I do like how Keet and Eli grew a little bit as this book progressed because we got to see them in the workplace. Stitch was also interesting this book since I felt like you can trust him and not trust him at other points and I felt like he was knowing a lot more than he looks, even with his mood ring hair where he goes into a mood and his hair changes color. I can’t wait what the next book holds for him since he did reveal that his mom was taken.

Nepharuss on the other hand, I found her very interesting too because it felt like she had Nithruyu’s trust when she had to step up into place. I do like how she pops in and out of nowhere to tell her part of the story to go through her experiences. I do have to say is that she has an interesting power she can kill anyone with a touch or kiss. She is deadly in her own way even more than Nithruyu! I hope there would be more stuff with her because I feel that it’s not over with her since she started to connect with Elize towards the end of the book. All I have to say is that I can’t wait to read on with this series because of how the world would probably look like if we don’t take care of it and also the characters are able to survive. I also can’t wait to see how the adventure continues because in this book it did take a twist that dealt with any woman that has twins, I wonder why people want to take anyone who has twins even while pregnant? I hope more things come up and can’t wait to see what Kaz has in store!

Rating: 5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! So far so good, this series is having a great start! This book did give us pretty interesting new situations and clues to the mystery of what’s going on. It also brings more to the world that everyone is living in now which one part they go into a cavern with fossils of creatures from the past and Nepharus reveals that they have to look for waters that they want to live in again. I found that weird yet interesting. I do still love Keeto’s telling of the story in his journal because you get to see the connection with his mother’s spirit more and more as you read his segments and I can’t wait to do the challenge where what actor you would pick to play Keeto since Kaz did that with Elize and Stitch, which I remembered picking Brina Palencia to voice Elize because I liked how she did her British accent in Glass Fleet and I forgot who I picked for Stitch. If I were to pick for Keeto I would think Josh Grelle because he does younger character voices well and not sure how he would do an accent. It would be interesting. I think Gondras will have a field day reading the third book since I have it in print now, I may have to explain a bit of what’s going on and hoping he would be interested in this even while reading.

Well, that’s it for this book review! I know it was a long time coming to read this one but life did get in a way along with many other books! I will be leaving links to this book Kaz’s website so you can join in on the challenges of being an envoy which I highly recommend! It’s fun because you get to be creative and I will also leave a link to a video trailer for Epoch of Redress in case if you’re curious Nemecene: The Gadlin ConspiracyKaz Lefave’s Website for Nemecenelittle kittens! Until next time!

Panels: Joshua Seth Creativity Panel from Omni Fandom Expo 2018!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! We are back with a new post and the final video from Omni Fandom Expo!

Joshua Seth Creativity Panel!

Here it is and saved the best for last and that is Joshua Seth’s Creativity panel! I know it took a bit but got it up for you guys.

Anyways, this panel was an interesting one since it looks into how being creative as an artist, a writer, and so on since being creative is important especially in today’s world. Whether you’re on radio or making your own music, having that creativity helps. It did help spark my writing a little more for my third book and I can see how Josh’s point in listening to some music helps with the creative mind. I’m listening to music on the Electric Daisy Carnival radio because of the techno beats are helpful in my focus. I know its weird knowing someone who loves metal, hard rock, and alternative listening to techno but I do still have a very eclectic taste. Josh does point out some of the music he listens to and you hear the music he uses in this panel and I believe he used it in his Sunday magic show which was a fun thing to go to. If you are at a convention where Mr. Seth is a guest at, I suggest to go to his Creativity panel because you will learn some things that you haven’t realized that can help with what you want to do in the creative process. I also suggest his illusion show because it did end our weekend at Omni Fandom Expo very well and whatever day he does it on at your local convention will do the same! Also volunteer for his show!

That is it for all of what we have for this year’s Omni Fandom Expo! I want to thank the staff for having us for another year as press! We will be back of course since this is the first convention that keeps us doing what we do and I appreciate it so much! I also want to thank Vivi for the editing with this video and the Paul St. Peter panel by putting that one together. Now let’s make 2019 one of the best years Omni will have!

What is next? Hoping to get it up will be the interview with Brandon McInnis and J. Michael Tatum since3 we didn’t get to interview them at Holiday Matsuri we were able to catch them on Skype! Hoping this would give us more interview opportunities so let’s see how this one turns out because Sawa is next on our Skype list. So stay tuned and make sure you follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique for the latest updates! Also, Gondras was on Nerdy Shirts’ channel, Super Reaction Bros. doing trailer reactions and an episode reaction on A Series of Unfortunate Events! So you can check their Twitter for their updates @

Panels: From Attendee to Author: The BLind Perspective from Omni Fandom Expo 2018

Love Found In Cinders: A Backwards Fairy TaleHello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s time to bring you another Omni Expo Video!

From Attendee to Author: The Blind Perspective!

So, it’s time for my panel! This was right after Josh Seth’s panel during Omni that Saturday. Don’t worry we will get it up since it has to go through edits but in the meantime you get this one.

Nerdy Shirts thought it would be a good idea to do a panel about my writing and put “Blind Perspective’ in its name since it is the name of my first book. I created this panel to not only talk about myself but also give tips on starting a blog and writing a book. Even though this is my first time presenting this panel and was a little nervous but hey it is a good step in the right direction which I also filled out a form for Holiday Matsuri and hoping to host it at that this year.

About attendees….like last year not many and Gondras had to play the audience again. Not sure if it is due to what slots I picked but this time it fell upon the costume contest’s slot. Wait, one person did come in and leave. I am not sure if I will host another panel next year but if you think I should keep going then please comment down below.

What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? Well, Josh Seth’s panel is next since it is the best one saved for last! Also, trying to get the video together and that is something we wanted to do since Holiday Matsuri and that is a Skype interview with J Michael Tatum and and Brandon McInnis! Once that happens, follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique for the updates! And also, I will be linking you guys to my books, The Blind Perspective and Love Found in Cinders, so you can The Blind Perspective: Convention Stories From the Darkcheck them out and purchase them as EBooks! You can also find them as individual pages on this blog up above! Enjoy!

Panels: Writing Villains from Omni Fandom Expo 2018!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Now continuing with our Omni Fandom Expo coverage with another panel!

Writing Villains Panel from Friday!

Another Friday night panel during Omni this past March is the Writing Villains Panel. Since we have the heroes we cannot forget the villains which can be fun! Trust me, my fave villain will always be Loki from the Marvel movies!

Here, I felt like this was better out of the two because I felt like the tips here were a little more fleshed out and we had more discussion to go with since a lot of media has really interesting villains to see and read and not only that we have different philosophies when it comes to the villain’s actions. How will I do my villains in my newest book? Well, I can’t tell you but Love Found in Cinders does have a villain that I did have fun playing around with. So, enjoy these two videos!

That is it for this post! I hope you enjoyed this post. Make sure to catch my other posts and next one will be my writing panel! Stay tuned!

Books: Tiffany Blues by. M. J. Rose

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe yet again! Today I have a book review for you all!

Title: Tiffany Blues
Author: M. J. Rose

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinion from the lead writer of this blog! Please respect her thoughts and opinions on this book.

What is it about? This book takes place in the 1920s where we meet Jenny Bell who is an uprising artist with a dark past. At the age of twenty-four, she gets invited to the Tiffany Compound known as Laurelton Hall in New York where she vows to concentrate on her painting and not be distracted by anything outside of that even her past. But when she meets the grandson of Louis Comfort Tiffany, Oliver that was when things changed. Not only she falls in love for Oliver but her best friend seems to be out of it and fallen head-over-heels for one of their fellow artists that she thinks that her best friend is being taken advantage of and not only that someone from her past knows who she is and willing to make her leave the compound before the summer ends.

Thoughts: I LOVED THIS BOOK! I felt like while reading this book I was transported back to New York in 1924 with how M. J. Rose wrote this. Even her raving reviews were right about that on that part. I felt like I was there in the Tiffany Compound with Jenny experiencing all of the stained glass that Tiffany had made and imagined all the colors which made me become inspired with a makeup look with all the colors described. I do get inspired by other You Tubers but a book all about the Tiffany Company did give me an idea to use my Ulta Be Gorgeous set to create an eye look with blue, purple, teal, pink and rose all together and people loved how I used those colors to create an almost stained glass look myself.

Not only that, I remembered how I went to a Tiffany exhibit here in town when I retook my Art History course and it was at one of the museums in town. I didn’t know the exhibit nor Tiffany & Co. myself until I went to this thing. It was amazing! From seeing and feeling lamps, this was when I still had my sight at the time to an entire room of stained glass! I felt like while reading this book it brought me back to that exhibit but ten times more. I know Tiffany works are expensive and there are replicas but how they were described were gorgeous, especially the peacock jewelry that Jenny wears for a party where Thomas Edison visited with a new invention known as the spirit phone. During the 1920s, talking to spirits was a huge thing and even Ouija boards were huge at the time along with mediums. Now I cans see why there was an episode of Legends of Tomorrow in the 1920s with a medium.

If I were there, I could imagine how well done Laurelton Hall looked especially with all the stained glass in the windows, the lamps, and so on before it was destroyed by a fire. Oh yes, it did exist and it was a place for art students to study too and this was a great story with it incorporated. Besides the artwork, I did love how Jenny and Oliver interacted throughout the book. It was very sweet since despite her dark past she was accepted for who she was and despite how things were being revealed Oliver still accepted her. Even with how much the art was beautiful in this tale, the love story behind it made it even more beautiful because it gave a magical feeling and wishing I could have my sight to paint what Jenny had seen but in color instead of black and white. I did like how Louis Tiffany did say before we left 1924 to her present that can be true and that is, “You can find beauty in broken things.” Which I agree, even if I can’t see art I can still create it in my own way and that was a great lesson for Jenny in the end.

Rating: 5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! This is one of the best Historical Fiction stories I have read so far and it was a great one at best. It had the signature art from Tiffany but mixed in with romance. We got to see great characters and a great tale told. You can still see Tiffany’s work at the Charles Hausman Morse Museum here in Winter Park if you want to see what I’ve seen back in 2007. That room I mentioned? Well, that was the Tiffany Chapel which you get to see. If you want to give yourself an artistic read, I would suggest this book even for the Tiffany & Co. lovers who may have the jewelry pieces over time. I wonder if that museum would have this book on display. You will never know!

That is it for this book review and I enjoyed every single paragraph on Kindle. I will also leave a link to the book itself so you can purchase it on Amazon! So, stay tuned for the Writing Villains panel Tiffany Blues by. M. J. Rosefrom Omni Fandom Expo! Until next time!

Panels: Writing Heroes from Omni Fandom Expo 2018!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I am back with another video from Omni Fandom Expo 2018!

Writing Heroes Friday Panel!

Sorry for not being on here this past week, I’ve been studying for my JAWS Certification exam so I can go further down my path of Assistive Tech and I do have an announcement towards the end.

So, this panel is a writing advice panel known as Writing Heroes which caught Gondras and my ears because around this time I was a bit in a rut with my third book. I had a hard time writing it because I felt like it was not flowing as much and this panel did help me in a way and that is with back story.

Even though GOndras felt a little bit put down for what he said about writing someone’s back story was sad but I liked what was said and now that I have my story back on track I know where to keep going. And not only that my buddies Mimi Jean Pamfiloff and Kaz LaFave did give me inspiration to keep going. Don’t worry, they will be mentioned towards the end of my third book.

I would say you don’t always have to follow every tip in this video to a “T” since this is about writing your characters and you can write the hero anyway you want since like how Mimi put it, “It’s your story! Do whatever you want!” These young ladies also had a villain’s panel which will be after my newest book review! So, you can follow these tips or just do what you want!

Announcement: Now it’s time to announce that I was offered the Assistive Technology Instructor job in Daytona Beach! Yay! If you remembered, I did mention that I did a work experience at the rehab center and not having much experience teaching did notice that I need to work on things before I come back to it. I did and went to volunteer in my school district, went to Apple workshops to get better handles on apps and advanced learning, and even learned Android, and now I have a new Braille note taker the Braille Sense Polaris! So, back in February I re-applied for the position since one of my friends out there I knew for a long time sent me the link since they were looking for a new instructor and applied to see what would happen, I did get the interview in April and was told a week or so later that someone else was chosen. I know it sounds weird but then Tuesday comes around and I get a call and it was the person who gave me the experience and I did ask her for a recommendation letter for the school I was applying to for my grad certificate and she offered me the job. Yes, I took it because this was something I wanted for a long time and I know I may be a bit rusty but I did help people learn new apps, I did say I got my Customer Service Training Instructor to download Soundscape and she loved it! I did also suggest it to use it on paratransit if you’re lost this morning at the NFB meeting. I was really excited that I got offered this and yes I will be moving to Daytona. Don’t worry, this will keep going because Nerdy Shique Universe was the blog that started everything for me. As in, being able to get on Word Press, start the YouTube Channel, even getting to so many conventions and writing about so many things from hauls, to anime, cosplay, and even getting to interview so many people like Brian Beacock, Lauren Landa, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, and even now Derek Steven Prince for that entire hour. I don’t want this to end ever because it was also something that led me to writing my two books and onto my third. I may be posting less but I will make sure you guys will get the content, I will go back to Orlando for conventions when the press opportunities get approved, I mean did fill out Anime Festival Orlando’s form to see if I can extend the olive branch again because time has passed and hoping things look up. And of course, this will bring new technology experiences for me because the world of assistive tech is expanding ever since 2018 started, I mean Microsoft just created a controller for one-handed gamers. I guess you are also wondering, will I still do Soundscape at Florida Mall, I will have to see because I want to do that experiment and see how well it works. If I knew about it in March, I would’ve had it then but now that I know it exists I will test it.

So, anyways, I’m glad for this new opportunity and right now just waiting on the paperwork to go through and thinking about apartments, which that is another thing! I will be living on my own until Gondras graduates. He is supportive because he knew my struggles in finding a job the past three years and it’s hard having a cane in hand being interviewed for a position because we are the largest unemployed group at the moment and it’s heartbreaking. It did take me some time but the patience shown it and I’m glad that 2018 so far has been my year and I’m still trucking! Now that I got that career rolling that means getting back to school is another part to complete.

That’s it for this post! Stay tuned for the next panel video from Omni Fandom Expo 2018! I’m sorry for it taking so long but things got in the way and we’re catching up so got more things to get up! Until next time!