Conventions: Brina Palencia Panel from MegaCon 2017!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It is time for the final video from MegaCon this year!

Panel: Brina Palencia…Just Part 1

I know what you are wondering, “Part 1?” Well, Nerdy Shirts lost the rest of the panel due to his dad’s computer crashing earlier and that is why it took a while to finish getting the videos up. I understand that tech can be crazy since I am going into Access Tech as my career and computers do crash over time. Heck, I went through it earlier this year with my computer and had to have Gondras post all the Omni footage for me and had to do the posts through my IPad. I do appreciate all Nerdy Shirts did for me during Mega this year as in doing all the videos and covering for Gondras since he only could be there for a day (blame that on Mommy Gondras) and of course was my sighted guide for the entire weekend getting around the crowds who kept on bumping into me without seeing the cane in the vendor room. So yes, I give him the Glittery Star Pawprint of Appreciation for all he did with MegaCon!

So onto the panel, Brina was one of the people who I wanted to interview and sad that I couldn’t try to get an email one with her before the con like with Katie Griffin and Linda Ballumtyne but I did ask her a question and that is “How does it feel to play one of the most iconic characters in anime?” Which was her role in the EVA movies which are 1.1, 2.2 and 3.3 so far. Not sure if 4.4 is being dubbed since that is supposed to be End of Eva in that one. If that doesn’t show in the video, she did say from my memory, “It was fun being Rei!” I did almost have a kitty spazz when someone did ask her about her cats in case if you hear me making any noises in the background because I tend to have a spazz like with what happened in the very first Fairy Tail review I’ve done. So enjoy!

Next will be the best Liquid Lipsticks for Conventions!

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Conventions: Totally Spies Reunion Panel from MegaCon 2017!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Time for another panel from MegaCon 2017!

Panel: Totally Spies Reunion!

This panel brought back a lot of memories for me because I was a fan of Totally Spies when I was in high school. Yes, I also admit that I did like Brace Face as well but mostly caught Totally Spies even when it was on Cartoon Network in the early 2000s! In this panel we bring back Sam, Alex, and Clover with the actresses Jennifer Hale, Katie Griffin, and Andrea Baker! I know what you are thinking…”Wait! Who did Jennifer play?” She was Sam and Katie was Alex while Andrea played Clover. I think Jennifer also said she was Mandy which you will hear during the panel. This panel was also before the Mass Effect panel with Jennifer and Ally Hillis but this one was also fun to be at.

Is that it? Not yet, Nerdy Shirts will be posting the second part to Brina Palencia’s panel from the first day of MegaCon since he had to record the rest of it on his phone. Don’t worry, we will get that to you as soon as possible! I know we have been to so many panels during Mega and dodge the crowds to get this content for you all!

What is next? I thought it would be fun to do a post for convention tips since I rarely do it and in time for Holiday Matsuri and that is the Best Liquid Lipsticks for convention going! It makes sense since we rarely have that time to drop by a bathroom to re-apply and sometimes come to a panel late or have to host one. So, that will be next!

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Conventions: Billy West Q&A Panel from MegaCon 2017!

/embed]Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Guess what? We have more MegaCon stuff!

Panel: Billy West Q&A

It is time for the Billy West Q&A panel! I remembered watching Ren & Stimpy when I was a kid in the early 90’s and of course Doug since he played Doug and Roger in that which I did not know until this panel! I did want to interview him but got a no with that but with this one I didn’t mind because the questions he got asked were ones I was going to ask. Oh wells!

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Updated: Best Convention Snacks!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I was going to do this as a video but due to how busy I have been, I decided to do it as a post instead on Word Press. What is it? It is my Convention Survival Snacks! I wanted to do it as a video before Omni when the convention just started for us here in Central Florida but you know my sad computer story and couldn’t do it. If you guys still want a video later, probably before any fall/winter conventions, I could do it but right now with MegaCon fastly upon us dfr Memoria Day Weekend in one week…yeah! What snacks do I suggest, keep reading!

1. Protein Bars: Starting my list is protein bars! Reason why is that these can be tasty but they do help with filling in your appetite as the day goes on. The ones I did carry during Omni were the Cliff bars in Chocolate Mint which is basically a protein bar version of a Thin Mint. Yes, they do have that weird taste but they can be very handy when surviving three or in Mega’s case four days of convention going, it is good to carry one just in case!
2. Granola bars: Since I mentioned protein bars, granola bars are another great thing to carry in your backpack or messenger bag like me! Also for any of your hotel roomies to carry too. These are not that expensive and they do provide energy and protein too alongside fiber in case if anyone needs it. The bars I recommend the best are Quaker bars if you are into chewy bars like I do and have a nice crunch along with it and of course I do love my chocolate chips, S’mores, and of course I used to get the Thin Mint ones last year but a Variety Pack can last you and any roomies that may want a bar or two. If you don’t want them to be a squishy mess, there is the Nature Valley classic bars which are very crunchy and solid and you get two per pack.
3. Cracker packs: I am mentioning these because I started carrying these with me last year as a nice added snack in case if I felt my stomach rumble a lot more and they are those little Thomas or Captain Wafer cracker packs. When I was little and was in the second grade, I had these with my lunch and for snacktime during the day and these were filling and still are. Great thing that these come in different flavors and variety packs if you want more than one flavor and be surprised by eating them. My fave is always the cream cheese and chives because it gives a nice herbal flavor with the wheat crackers. Also, the peanut butter ones with the honey cracker are also good too! You can get them for a good price at WalMart, Publix, Dollar Gneral, and one place here in my area known as Ollie’s.
4. PopTarts: I know they aren’t the healthiest thing on the planet but knowing as a college student and a convention goer and you know you are late, PopTarts are your best friend! You don’t have to toast them, they are already ready for you to eat. Plus, you already have the frosting on top on a lot of them which with Toaster Streudel you have to put it on. Plus, nice accessory for that school girl cosplay to run out of your hotel room with a PopTart in your mouth. (I know, nerd!)
5. Nuts: If you want to keep the healthy part going and need extra protein, nuts are usually your best friend unless you’re not allergic to them. I remembered always carrying cashews and almonds but it was hard for me to finish them off in the end but I did something pretty cool which I will mention next…
6. Brownie brittle: If anyone knows about this then it is handy, if not I will esplain for any new people to the concept. Brownie brittle is basically the thin, baked parts of a brownie, basically the almost burnt bits of the brownie but in cookie form. THey have many flavors and the cool thing I did is I crumbled it up and mixed it with whatever nuts I carried and make it as a mini trail mix. Plus, it is low calorie for bronie brittle!
7. Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches: One of my all time fave things about being a nerd is peanut butter and jelly, especially in the same jar! If you guys remembered Goober Grape from the 1990s like me, then high five! Good thing is that you don’t harefrigerate peanut butter and jelly but you can do it with the sandwich itself after it’s made. I will be doing this since the pb does offer the protein and the j gives you the sweetness! Great for hotel snacking in between panels if you go back to your room and need a snack. Also, helps any of your roomies that may need it and it is also inexpensive when you gather your snacks for the con. I am doing this this time since during Omni until Sunday I didn’t eat breakfast which the good thing is that this is any time food too!
8. Chex Mix: Another thing I love to carry during conventions is basically snack mix especially the beloved Chex Mix! Great thing about these is that you can carry it in small snack bags or you can get a freezer bag like I do and carry ate entire bag in it and it pretty much keeps you eating all weekend. Great to share with others too who love this stuff! What I also like is that there are different flavors to choose from which I do love the Traditional and Turtle ones the most. I want to try Muddy Buddy but got Traditional this time around since the Target I went to didn’t have Muddy Buddy. Anyways, Hershey’s did make their own which I haven’t found in my area yet but may do someday since I love having snack mix and it does keep you snacking even during panels. Heck, I think I had a lot of mix during Ranger Stop with the Cheddar flavor.
9. Japanese snacks: For that Wheeaboo inside of us, there are times when we want something to snack other things and there are times when we find vendors selling Japanese snacks! I always love finding Mr. Japanese Snacks whenever I go to the conventions, especially with Omni and Holiday Matsuri, he tends to carry a lot of new items and the classics that I love and the ones I tend to pick up the most since they last a good while is Hi Chew! They are like Starburst but a lot chewier and they have more flavors like apple, strawberry, and I even found cherry flavored at an Asian market in town. Speaking of which, there are also looking around in Asian markets if you have the time to do so since getting snacks can be time consuiing while packing. Also, you can get a great box of pocky for Scott McNeill.
10. M&M’s: I know candy is not the greatest thing but if you are craving for it then by all means but M&M’s are the best thing to go since they are really good movie snacks and panel snacks. Plus, there are the usual chocolate lovers that tend to carry these and also the old prhrse, “Melt in your moth, not your hand!” Also, if you find the M&M’s World during Omni, then a good idea to get some or a tin!
11. Chips: Potato chips in any style, whether your standard Lay’s, Cape Cod’s, and so much more, can be that perfect snack if you’re craving for them! They can be an excellent snack to share with your roomies or to go into the snack bar at your hotel or into a WaWa need be. The best chip for a backpack would be Pringles since they come in a cardboard tube and they don’t cgetcrushed as easily and you do have the travel size versions which I used to have in my university days. Plus, they are pretty cheap to purchase when you only have a dollar on you.
12. Combos: My finally snack of this list is of course Combos! I know, in case if you haven’t heard, these were re-called a year ago due to finding peanut elements in them and now they have been showing up in stores again, well depending where you live. WalMart bring them back in town. Anyways, these are our fave snack during conventions because they are easy to carry in a freezer bag and we all enjoy them the same. As in me, Gondras, and Nerdy Shirts. They come in pizza flavor, heddar, nacho cheese, and you can choose between the basic cracker and the pretzel. I prefer the pretzel slightly more because I am a pretzel addict! Now youc an see why I ove Chex Mix! Anyways, this is one good snack to carry and you can eat it easily during panels or while sitting down for a break.
Update! Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I am adding a few updates to this post because I have something to announce at the end and I do have a few more snacks to add that I have forgotten!

Since you guys know that I have done my Convention Spotlight on Holiday Matsuri 2017 and this would be perfect to update this post since we are planning to have a room this year and after going through Irma, I did notice some foods would be great to take during convention and here we go!

Beef Jerky: I forgot to mention this food since Vivi did bring this up after having a huge bag from Sam’s Club during MetroCon 2014! As we all know that Beef jerky has been an important part of a lot of diets and heck it is a great food for a zombie apocalypse due to how it can switstand the environment but it does go old so better eat it as fresh as it is. Great thing is that it is tough and ready to eat and you can get a small bag for easy travel or a huge one for the entire weekend and friends at hotels. And the best flavor to me is teriyaki!
Trail Mix: Since I mentioned Chex Mix, I want to mention this snack and that is Trail Mix. This year for Holiday Matsuri I am planning to make my own but without the raisins. I hate raisins if anyone knows and loves me, no raisins anywhere! I admit I loved them as a kid but I did read that I can make my own Trail Mix even though there are different variations sold. So, why not make my own with stuff I love? It is an easy thing to make and all you need are nuts, seeds, dried fruit which there is a big list of and going to get one other dried fuit after my older brother leaving some dried mango and it is delicious! Plus, you can add other things like popcorn, pretzels, with mine I will be having brownie brittle which I used to do that with almonds and it will be fun. And you do have some seasonings with one recipe I did read. And you can put it in a jar or Ziploc bag and into a lunch box with said bag. If you don’t want to make your own, you can find the pre-made stuff in your local grocery store, heck Nature Valley makes their own Trail Mix bars so you can have for breakfast!
Bagels & Cream Cheese: I bet you are wondering, “Say what now!?” While I was without power during Irma, I had to eat a bagel without toasting it and with cream cheese which shows I can survive on that. If you have a fridge available or cooler, you can keep your cream cheese in there and have a bag of Thomas bagels which you can find at your local supermarket! If you have extra cash, there is always your local bagel shop or Panera, I would suggest Bagel King if you are in Casselberry since they have really good bagels but if you want to spend less, Thomas has good ones and they are not as strong as most places which you can use the sweeter cream cheeses on the blueberry and cinnamon flavored gbgels, heck I use the Philadelphia cumpkin Spice cream cheese on the Thomas Pumpkin Spice bagels and it feels like you are eating pumpkin cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory! If you want them toasted, there is something cool you can do according to Hack My Life and it deals with the coffee maker in your hotel room where you can switch it on and toast your bagel face down for a little bit. Not sure if it works but that would be interesting to do if you need to toast it unless you spring for a suite with a kitchen that has a toaster like the Extended Stay near the Convention Center in town.
Ritz Bits: I got this idea from Nerdy Shirts and not sure if I had mentioned it but these have existed since I was a kid and best to carry them.
Dried fruit: If you aren’t into trail Mixes, there is always carrying dried fruit if you want your daily fiber intake which is important. Plus, you can refrigerate it or not and eat it straight out of the bag and they don’t go as bad as regular fruit since that can go bad pretty easily depending on what you bring. Even banana and apple chips are very popular for people when it comes to anything fruity. Also, if you have a fridge/freezer in your room or staying at home if it is close to the convention site, which we knew people who did, there are the Dole Banana Dippers.
Flavored Bread: As in banana bread, blueberry bread, etc. Remembered when I mentioned Thomas? They do have good breads that you can eat cold or toasted if you have toast. I wonder if that coffee maker toaster hack will work with this? Anyways, also WalMart’s bakery section does make their own too from what I remembered.
Deli Meats And Cheeses: Since I mentioned peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, if you are allergic to PB, you can always have deli meats and cheeses for sandwiches too. Since some rooms do come with refrigerators, that can help them keep them cool…or….
Lunchables: How can we not forget these!? I remembered carrying one each day when I started going to MegaCon with Gondras back in 2007 and these were handy too! Just carry a huge lunchbox and have one in there and there you go!

Well, that is it for this post again with added snacks! As a convention goer, these do help with survival and help you keep going before your next meal, especially with dinner.

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Convention Spotlight: Holiday Matsuri 2017

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It is time! What time is it!? It’s Convention Spotlight Time! Which one is it?

Convention: Holiday Matsuri 2017
Location: Marriott World Center Resort and Convention Center in Orlando, FL
Dates: December 15th-17th, 2017

Yes it is back for another year! Orlando’s #1 Holiday Themed con is back for another year and at the same location as last year, Holiday Matsuri! Also, this is our third year of press and that means new coverage, hoping new people to interview this year since you guys love those things when it comes to the Shique Hot Seat, and seeing about events to cover for this year too. I will update at Twitter @ Nerdy Shique with the events the convention chooses for us to cover so I would suggest to follow that. Also, I did put in a panel form this year so hoping you guys will get to see a new panel from me! Let’s see the info for anyone new who wants to check this convention out!

Location: Holiday Matsuri is returning to the World Center Marriott here in Orlando! If you guys have not been to this during last year’s convention or during Omni Expo Year 1, you may have seen how huge this place is! It is located at 8701 World Center Blvd. which is close to the Walt Disney area. If anyone wants to book a room, there is a convention rate for this year, You can book the room at:

And make sure to use the code for the discount rate and I have seen the rooms all thanks to Nerdy Shirts staying there last year and they are nice and depending on the floor, you do get a nice view! If it is still warm in Orlando this year, you do have a nice pool area, then you have the Pantry where you can get food and it is pretty nicely priced but if you don’t want to buy there there are restaurants in the surrounding area including Wendy’s, CiCi’s, and so much more! I also heard they decorate the hotel nice for Christmas, I know in the event rooms they do but haven’t seen the outside so get your cameras ready!

Registration Info: Of course we have to mention Registration which is important for any of you going to any convention! To buy tickets you will be buying them through Event Bright, you can also do it through the Event Bright app on your IOS and Andorid devices which once installing the app and signing up, you search for Orlando, FL and Holiday Matsuri will be listed or you can try searching for this event too to make it easier. The passes availkable now are the Three Day pass, the VIP Pass, and the Forever Festive Pass. If you want single day, those will be available online closer to the event so keep an eye out on the website as December gets closer.

If you bought any tickets during September, $5 of sales went to Save The Children which is a charity that helped displaced kids during Hurricane Irma. You can donate through their link on the Registration page which I will link to here:

It will also include all the registration and pass info! I would say pre-register as soon as possible even if you are getting a pass for aloved one as an early holiday gift! (Not bad of an idea!)

Guests: This year there are a variety of guests which you can check out here:

Some of the guests include:

Christina V.: She is the new voice of Sailor Mars and of course Homura Akemi in Madoka Majica.
J. Michale Tatum: Scar in FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Sebastion in Black Butler.
Brandon McInnis: Appeared in Black Butler as well.
Fred Tatasciore: He was just announced and you may know him as the Incredible Hulk in Avengers Assemble!

Vendor’s Room: For anyone who needs a last minute holiday gift, Holiday Matsuri is your best stop for that nerd who loves anime, movies, video games, etc. in your family or your significant other! You can find a variety of merch and artist made items in this room. Can’t wait to see what vendors they bring to this room this year!

Events and Contests: If you are wondering about events and contests, you can find information about contest sign up and other info here:

If you haven’t seen our cosplay gallery where we included pics of the winners from last year’s Holiday Runway COntest, I would say search for it on here! It is a very fun and festive contest where people do holiday themed versions of characters that we know and love!

Well, that is it for this Convention Spotlight! This year’s convention will be exciting and hoping to see you guys there in holiday cosplay or in regular clothes! In case if you guys need some night life outside of the convention, there is always Disney down the road even Disney Springs since they will be going through their Holiday Events especially Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and Universal doing their holiday stuff as well. And of course, Last Jedi is opening in December and Thor Ragnarok will still be in theaters which Gondras and I are excited for that!

Hope to see you guys there! What is next? I am thinking of updating the Convention Snacks post because I do have two new entries to add and it would help in the snack department for you all who are staying at any hotel during any convention, even for Holiday Matsuri! You guys can also find our past Holiday Matsuri coverage which includes the Cosplay Galerries from the past two years, our interviews with Josh Seth, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Steve Blum, and Todd Haberkorn! You can head over to our YouTube channel for all of our Holiday Matsuri videos!

SO that is it! Until next time and stay tuned for our Last Minute Info post in December!

Cosmetic Controversy: What Is Up With Morphe!?

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I was going to do the Convention Spotlight but then thought about something. Don’t worry, I will get it up as soon as I can since I have been really busy and noticed this has been popping up and that is all about Morphe.

I know you guys know that I am not interested in the eye shadows from Morphe but I am willing to give their brushes a chance and when I found out that they are coming to Ulta and already have a page waiting for products, I hear more controversies about the brand and decided to look at some stuff on my own and thought about doing a Cosmetic Controversy post on it!

Controversies: There are a lot of controversies behind the brand such as brushes shedding, eye shadows staining people’s eyes, bad customer service, and even how people push their codes and here are my thoughts…

Disclaimer: This area is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this blog! Please respect her thoughts since she is entitled to the opinion she presents!

Thoughts: I know things are hectic with this brand since this brand did get its start from social media and its popularity all thanks to working with YouTubers, well the bigger YouTube personalities such as Jacklyn Hill, Kathleen Lights, Laura Leigh, and even Manny MUA. Apparently, they were supposed to have a brush set made with Jeffree Starr since they do carry some of his makeup products but drama is involved with that between him and Jacklyn from what I have been hearing in the Grapevine. I would say is that usually brands do get noticed by the audience all thanks to people on social media talking about them. Remembered when I was with Ipsy and BoxyCharm? I always talked about them here when I got a bag and box from each and then review them honestly and even linked my social media so people might be interested in the brand that appeared in each of them. I still laugh a little when years ago when I first heard about the Lipnotic lipsticks by Maybelline all thanks to commercials that played on YouTube about them and through some of the reviews and get asked, “How do I know about these things?” by an employee and mentioned YouTube and this is at WalMart by the way. All thanks to seeing it on YouTube the consumer wants to pick up that item. Unfortunately, nowadays with the push of the Morphe discount codes does get a bit annoying and that kind of causes the person to get annoyed, ahem Laura Leigh did snap on Snap Chat about how people got mad about her and Manny getting things for free at the Morphe store and waving their codes around. I like the idea of using a coupon code like with Ulta but I don’t have to use it, it is a choice and the question is now if Morphe is going to be in Ulta will those codes still be valid? As in, will Morphe still do codes since the new CEO wants to expand the Morphe brand into stores and create new locations in the United States? That is pretty good questions don’t you think? I even wondered myself after hearing the news from Sanders Kennedy about Ulta and Morphe partnering up since now Ulta is carrying a lot of bigger brands and a few independent ones such as Fiona Styles for example. Time will tell and seeing how far the codes will go and who knows how many YouTubers will be involved and be affiliated with Morphe since staff has changed. I bet you’re wondering, will I be an affiliate with Morphe? Maybe not since I am not as popular and haven’t tried them yet which brings my next point!

The Products and Quality! Well, lately there have been stories about the products that Morphe makes aren’t as great as they are promoted which has me wondering what I should get when Ulta starts to carry them when it comes to brushes. I wonder should I do the set or should I do individual brushes? Now the story is that there was one girl who got a set, Korina Kaboom credited here, that she ended up having a scratched eye due to how the brushes fell apart and scratched her eye and it is from the Copper Dreams set. I know that the set being carried by Ulta is going to be the Vegan 9-piece set according to Pop Sugar. I did ask my friend Vivi about her set since she got a set of Morphe brushes to try out and used them when we were doing a girls’ makeup day and she told me they only shedded a little bit but they are still good brushes and that I should try them out. After hearing the story about the girl I decided to do some research about the Morphe experiences and someone did have a bad reaction to a brush ingredient that wasn’t listed and then one story came up and that is about Jacklyn’s brush set.

As we all know that the set sold out and re-stocked twice and some orders were cancelled for no reason, which I will talk about in customer service, fans were mad about the set for shedding all over them even when applying their makeup. People have posted on the Instagram and Twitter complaining about it and according to John Cookian, these brushes are private labeled where Morphe can just stamp their name all over any brush set from the lab/warehouse and sell it without testing it first. Now my question is that will the brushes that Ulta will be getting, since they are supposed to be the more popular among the singles in this round of release and one set, will they be crappy and shed or will they be more of the better quality? I am definitely going to take the jump and try the brushes and see how they compare and well they work. If they shed then it will happen. Heck, I even remember Korina mentioned in video today that we have to research in the products and the brand itself before buying since that is a good point. Heck, when I first tried Physician’s FOrmula I did research into it and tried it and didn’t like it which made me take it back. Which what I like about Morphe being at Ulta, you can take your receipt and your purchases back to any store to get your money back. If you are wondering shadows…I did mention this in my anti-haul…I did hear how some of the shadow pallets do come broken which I am thinking will they come in tact to Ulta which the good thing is they use really good bubble wrap and place some items into plastic bags for comfy shipping. That will be a great plus buying them from Ulta. Anyways, what is another frightening thing is that the shadows do stain the eyes which I heard a story on Korina’s channel where a girl was using a pink shadow from a Morphe pallet that stained her eyes for days until she had to use coconut oil to remove it. Yes, some shadows stain but they do get removed pretty easily if you have the right kind of remover, heck even Ponds tends to remove a lot of makeup in one go. With the new CEO, will the quality concerns be looked at and have a formula watch? A lot of companies are doing that nowadays if there are inconsistencies and improve the formula. Heck, even testing on people to see if they do stain would help. Another thing, a warning label would help since Urban Decay did that with their Electric pallet when it was till around by warning people that some pigments aren’t eye safe in the pallet. It wouldn’t be so hard Morphe.

And finally, customer service being bad! When researching for this post, I did have a Better Business Bureau page pop up for Morphe and man everyone talked about the customer service being horrible especially at the stores! Okay, this does happen depending on who gets hired and there are times when people do have bad days. Heck, I remembered how a salon worker at Ulta sounded annoyed when I said Marc Anthony was a drugstore product and she said, “I didn’t know, I work with pro hair care.” Heck, even watching stories about bad Sephora and MAC experiences with some of the workers were even entertaining. Back to the point, some of the stories I noticed included how a concealer that was never used was opened and it couldn’t be returned to only getting 10% of your refund for a ruined pallet, to many others and all I have to say is that Morphe may have been a new brand but I do agree with a lot from what I have read and that they should be training their workers a lot better, especially with shipping products which I read one story that someone got two other products that weren’t her brush set and had a better experience but the girl helping her over the phone agreed that the brush set should have been sent the first time. Heck, I even had the same kind of customer service with E. L. F. when I got the wrong orders except I didn’t have to pay for extra and they did apologize for their mistakes but did have a hard time when I got a bundle a few months later to get someone from customer service when I haven’t gotten it yet which reminds me! Latest problem was when the Jacklyn Hill pallet got re-stocked for a third time and people had to wait two weeks for their pallet to ship and Morphe kind of dropped a ball, a huge yarn ball, since they didn’t have the pallets to send out. I can imagine a lot of people crowding the Twitter with pitchforks and torches figuratively speaking but they should’ve addressed it with, “Sorry for the delay! We will get your pallets out as soon as we can!” Instead of having complete silence and same with Jacklyn since this is her product and she should’ve keep in contact with Morphe to make sure the pallets shipped out.

Will we experience the same thing? Well, so far there is no product on the Ulta website so far when the page already went up this past Sunday. Milani is now carried at Ulta and they have products up on their page with Ulta and even had a coupon in my email this morning. Apparently, Morphe hasn’t put an exact date from what I heard with when they will be there but hoping it will be soon.

Also, since I mentioned customer service, Ulta’s customer service is amazing! I had to get my Marc Anthony Growth Spray and Shea Moisture Coconut Oil replaced all thanks to their outstanding customer service. Heck, there was a time when I got charged for the original price of the Smoked pallet from Urban Decay and they credited me for that and that was three years ago! Still amazing as always. If a Morphe item does get damaged or poops out shadow from a pan, Ulta will gladly send a new one and they do have a pretty fair return policy in store if you do it within a month of purchasing the product. Also, if you do have the card you purchased with, you do get a full refund and if not then you get a in-store credit for that in the full amount. Sounds better than just getting 10% of your refund even with pics.

Verdict: Yes, hearing about these stories make me a little skeptical in buying anything from Morphe but I think with the items they will get into Ulta it may not be as bad as what people have experienced. They have changed management and maybe things will be better in production quality since brands do that a lot, which look at E. L. F. and Wet ‘N Wild, they have changed their formula in a lot of products and have gotten better and now beating a lot of brands out of the water, especially with their new products! Even E. L. F. has skin care at affordable pricing and good quality from what I am hearing. I am still on the fence if I want to try the set of brushes or get some of the individuals to try out a little bit before committing to the set, whatever I do decide I will see if the brushes are worth the hype since I do have a lot of brush sets I have picked up from Ipsy and Amazon over time. Heck, I still have a set from E. L. F. and a few brushes from Wet ‘N Wild including the two limited edition ones from this year. So, this will be a good try out and thinking of making a video on them. Gotta remember, this will be honest and I do love being that with my products I purchase!

That is about it for this post! I am glad to get this off my chest since it would nag at me as time goes on. Also, if you guys have noticed a new page saying “Affiliate Links” then you aren’t wrong in seeing that. Well, here at Nerdy Shique Universe, I have mentioned that I loved Coastal Scents and do have the first four Revealed pallets along with some brushes and now we are an affiliate with them! You can click on that link and do get 7% commission with each purchase! It is not easy being broke and I am still trying to get my career started and of course still working on my third book at the moment! So, support and use the link if you want.

Now, next will be the Convention Spotlight on Holiday Matsuri! Must do it before Halloween! Until next time!

Books: Murder In Montego Bay by. Paula Lennon

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I was going to do the Convention Spotlight but I finished another Net Galley book! Let’s take a look shall we?

Title: Murder In Montego Bay
Author: Paula Lennon

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions from the Lead Writer of this blog! Please respect her thoughts and feelings on the book and might be spoilers might be ahead!

Synopsis: Even though there is not much of a description on Net Galley but will tell you my own. This book is a mystery set in Montego Bay, Jamaica where a murder of one of the richest families known for their smoothies, desserts, and other foods is killed. The brother of the one who is murdered gets accused for what had happened and both Praddy, a very hard working detective and native of the island, and Harris, a transfer from Glasgow, must solve the murder and find figure out the truth behind the murder and get around their tensions of working with each other and the rest of the department at the Pelican Bay Police Department!

Thoughts: This book was okay because I felt that the story was a little too laid back. When I read mysteries I tend to get a bit more suspense but this one was a bit more slice-of-life in Jamaica. Yes, we do get to see the people who were suspected for the crime and do get some stuff that we might see with the family of the murdered but we don’t see what goes on with the family just what the Praddy and his team does or Praddy and his family does. I would love to see more interaction with the Chin-Ellis family as in Praddy seeing Carter’s and Lester’s mom since there were situations that happened off page but not actually getting to see that until towards the end. Yes, this book was more about family and what can happen behind closed doors and everything, I think a lot more should’ve happened during the story.

There was one thing I did like was the entire motive for the murder and it dealt which is the family choosing the younger over the older sibling for the future finances to be taken care of and that caused the murder. I don’t want to give too much away unless you guys want to read it for yourself. It is available on Amazon for Kindle if you are into books like this. If I were to pick a character I did like it would be Detective Spence because she was working her hardest along with Praddy and knowing that things were not as great at the office which she was working hard to keep herself from being fired alongaddy by sticking to finding any leads that would be important throughout the entire case.

Rating: 3 Star Pawprints Out of 5! To be fair, I thought it was a little too laid back but the motive was good. The characters did interact with each other pretty well, whether it was a suspect being interrogated or if it was a family member, it was pretty good. I wished that some of the stuff was a bit more suspenseful but I still find this book okay. If you are into more laid back stories like this then this is something you would get.

Well, that is it for this book! Now, next time will be the Convention Spotlight! Until next time!

Books: The Shattered Heir by N. M. Howell

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It is time for another book review and this time it is another fantasy book!

Title: Shattered Hir
Author: N. M. Howell
Disclaimer: This Book is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts and feelings about this book and there might be spoilers.

Synopsis: This book is in the first of a series from what I have seen and it tells the story of Reia who is a daughter of a god in her world. She escapes from the world to get away from the violence and pain that her father has inflicted on the people of her world and ends up living in Detroit among humans and disguised as one. When she turns 18, her five guardians appear in her make shift apartment to tell her that her father is dead and must return to her world to take the throne. When she returns, she finds that the world that she once left is no longer the same place as it was before, she even finds out that she is a target to be killed so someone else can take the throne. Will she become the riteful queen and will she be able to save the world with her five guardians?

Thoughts: I liked this book since it was a nice break from reading a mystery book I started reading during Irma. This is a young adult adventure but it kind of puts it at the age range that Hunger Games put it at, as in wondering is this meant for teens really? I do like Reia and how she was able to get around as a street rat in Detroit and able to survive which it does work well for her when she gets back home, as in able to use her speed and strength. She does have magical abilities where she can absorb other’s magic to use against them or another enemy which is kind of cool but it is something she does inherit from her dad. She does inherit her mother’s powers since she was one of her father’s guardians which makes it interesting. I am guessing from reading that the Royal Guard are able to fall in love whoever they protect. I was surprised which guardian she ended up with in the end of the book which I won’t say who because she does start making a better friendship with each of them. Taylor trains her how to fight so she can defend herself due to only having her speed and does hand her daggers passed down from her mom, Eiri, who is the most happiest and positive, kind of relates to her more to me because of how they can be the same age to each other and he does have a love for human things especially technology. If I would I would so cosplay as this guy in his elven form or glamour form since that is what the fei can do, they can disguise themselves as humans which Reia is good at. And why would I cosplay as Eiri, of course I do love my tech! Keagan, who is the vampire, is more of the caring type towards her and she tries to see how he became a vamp but he doesn’t know because it just happened and according to earlier in the Detroit part it is said that vampires are rare in her world. I am wishing that would be explained more because I love my vampire stories and the lores they present and would like to know how Reia’s home does their vampires. I am hoping the next book would kind of explain it if they run into another vampire. Roan is a bit more of a beast guy who turns into a lion which does make sense for Reia’s status as queen. I was also hoping they would hook up but he is mostly the blanket for her to keep her warm at night. I do like his origin story where he was in a circus but was tortured and kept in lion form until he was rescued. And finally Grayson, the gargoyle, this guy was pretty fun but seems to be the one who gets targeted a lot in this book but at the same time does get back up. After seeing these guys, I like the idea of what kind of guardians royalty can have and we do get to see another guy’s own guardians but that felt like a short scene but knowing he may be back for the next one.

There were some things that seem to surprise me about the author and would like to give her advice from my own point-of-view as a writer myself. First is that when she promoted this book it was through a romance group and not a lot of people enjoyed it as much and she did change it and took some reader feedback to change it. They were minor but I felt like the book, especially the second edit, was fine. My first piece of advice is to promote the book in genre groups that it is based on. Yes there was a bit of romance between her guardians and her but most of it was due to friendships but this is mostly a fantasy adventure and this book should be promoted in groups based on that rather than romance readers. I would do the same thing if I was promoting Love Found In Cinders with not only fantasy but with romance too with what takes place at the end but it is mostly fantasy due to the magical aspects and goes the same way with Shattered Heir.

And second piece of advice, even though reader feedback is great but if you like the book as you kind of written it then leave it. I remembered this past MegaCon with Stan Lee’s panel where someone asked what is his advice to new writers and that is write for yourself not anyone else. As in, write the story how you want it rather than having people say it should be like this which the feedback was about Reia being whiny, which I hardly saw. She was inexperienced as a princess and yes they can be whiny a little weak but she does grow and there was one tiny scene with a dress which at first she made from a sheet, which that was unique in the story! Again, I found it fine. I admit there were times when I don’t like a scene in my writing and I tweaked it to make it look better in my ears with JAWS or Siri. Again, N. M., write the story how you would tell it and yes there are going to be people who will not like it or certain areas but there will still be people disappointed and upset so don’t let their negativity put you down and how you write the story. Keep writing!

Rating: 5 Star Pawprints Out of 5! This book was a fun read and it was something I didn’t want to close Kindle on every night. The story was well paced, well described, and of course it shows that someone can rise out of the depths to stand for what they belive in and love. I am hoping the next book does explain the vampires a little more which it makes me curious about them a tad bit more. I do have one of N. M. Howell’s other books but I do have tons of books to get through and it may take a while so I would sit tight for a while.

That is it for this review! Next ime I will be doing the Convention Spotlight on Holiday Matsuri 2017! Stay tuned!

Conventions: Mass Effect Q&A Panel from MegaCon 2017!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Sorry for being away for a bit since I have been busy doing tech related stuff. I have been using my tablet to get used to it and now have a keyboard for it. So, I am back with a bit of good news! Now we have another MegaCon video! I know it’s been months since the last one but Nerdy Shirts is doing the best he can to post them as time goes and hoping to get it done…I do have an awesome announcement!

Panel: Mass Effect Q&A with Jennifer Hale and Ally Hillis!

So, this was the final panel me and Nerdy Shirts went to the entire weekend and it was with Jennifer Hale and Ally Hillis who played the Female Sheppard and Liara from the Mass Effect series, the first three by the way! I did want to interview Jennifer Hale since we never got a chance to at any other conventions we couldn’t make and of course you guys know the business with us with MegaCon.

Since we did like the games, Gondras palyed the first two around me and as you know the voice acting from it is always amazing and of course in case if you have noticed our logo it was inspired by the Paragon symbol from this series. Did I ask them anything? Yes I did and it was not easy getting myself to the microphone closest to us! My question was inspired by Troy Baker which I wished we got footage but essentially that Saturday he said during his panel with Nolen North that he wants to see more accessibility in video games and that made me cheer because as you know I love playing Pokemon and want to have a screen reader there to help. I asked the ladies what they think and you will hear the answer in one of the four parts. Yeah, this panel got divided into four, sorry guys!

Well, that is about it for this post! I do have a very awesome announcement which I did announce on YouTUbe! We’re going to Holiday Matsuri for another year for press! Yay! I will be doing the Convention Spotlight on it soon and I am so excited about this year since we have worked with them in the past and this is looking up for us! I am hoping we do get interviews because last year was a bit of a mix up so hoping things are going to go smoothly this year. Next up is another book review from a pretty good writer so far so stay tuned for that guys! Until next time!

Beauty: Project Pan Update September!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I am back from the hurricane and have been at Gondras’ due to no power at home for an entire week. I am glad to be back with a new post and this one is an update on my Project Pan!

What Was Finished:

Versacci Woman Perfume: So, starting with a fragrance I have finished and that is by Versacci and it is the Woman scent. I got this at Nordstrom Rack one summer and it was on sale for the small bottle for $30 and I have two things to say. I love the scent but it was a bit overpowering! It was a natural smell but it was so strong that I even used it as an air refreshner to help with my room both here and in Daytona and it took me three years to finish because I have so many other perfumes and I was happy to finish this one and it was also my most worn perfume of all!
Nicole by Nicole Richey Travel Size Vial: Another perfume I have finished and that is a travel size of the Nicole scent from Nicole Richey! I have been using the travel size more than the full bottle because the full bottle has a strange design and it is hard to spray out of! I wish they put an old style nozzle with the puff from like around the 1930s or was it 1940s, you guys know what I am talking about with the old school spray poofs even at the end of a hose! That would’ve been a better design for the big bottle. I was able to use up the travel size version and it was very easy to use up. I love the scent since I can wear it year round and it has a very sweet pechulli scent which I love pechulli a lot! Even my fave perfume from Lush, Karma, had that in their scent and they discontinued it! This reminds me of that but sweeter and less the citrus. I did get one of those atomizer bottles to use on the big bottle because it is hard to spray out and the atomizers make it easier to use the perfume.
Lip product samples: I was glad to finish up some of the lip product samples I got from Ulta and Sephora because I felt like there was not much product to them and my Artemis makeup bag can’t hold way too much at one time so I have to use them up. I am so glad to use them up since I had the two Ulta butter lip glosses from when I started shopping from Ulta and tried their makeup and they were a part of set at the time and it was time to use those. I did use the Tarte sampler liquid lipstick from the birthday gift at Sephora and that was pretty fast. While my sample of the Bite lipstick I got from Sephora broke on me so it was gone. Hey, I am making progress after all.
Bath & Body Works Body Butter in Madgascar Vanilla: I got this two years ago and I had it for so long I needed to finish it up. My skin has been dry and drier still on my hands due to washing them, cleaning my brushes, etc. I was glad to finish this thing due to how many years I had it and there was a good bit left and I went through it pretty fast. I am using a Tree Hut lotion for my hands and seeing how good their products are since I have heard good things about them.

What Is Being Worked On:

Burberry Brit: I am adding another fragrance to finish and that is my bottle of Burberry Brit! I love love love this scent and it is the scent everyone asked me about in Daytona since it has such a unique vanilla spice scent! I had this one bottle for a long time, I do have a back up which was an accidental purchase from my dad but hey at least I have another bottle.
Double Ended Ulta Pencils: I decided to add these to the mix since I had them for a while and they also came in sets I purchased and even in free makeup bags. I am using a black and brown duo at the moment and might another to my liner mix. I have been doing this thing where I where one color on my topline and then the second on the bottom line to give an ombreyish effect.

Updates On The Items In my Pan Bag:

In case if you are wondering what is going on with the items in my Project Pan bag, well I haven’t touched them as much due to other items I have been using. I do use them sometimes, heck I even used my Romantic Rose blush from Milani one day and did the same with one of the L’Oreal pallets. I am going slowly but working on it!

Anything Else to Add?

Electric Slide by Colour Pop: Well, adding a Colour Pop product to the mix and that is Electric Slide from their Christmas 2015 collection or was it 2016, I forget! This one was the one that got me into the brand it and I need to try to finish it up since I had it for a while. I do love how golden it is and I don’t give it enough love and time to use it up!
LA Colour Warm Berry Blush: I have to include this blush on here since I had it for a long time too. I am not sure if the brand is LA Color or LA Girl? I know it is one of the two but it is the Warm Berry blush. I love this blush but need to be careful because it can be a bit much due to how pigmented it is!

I think that is about it for this Project Pan update! I know there is a lot to get through but hey I am making progress and will get there! Until next time everyone! I will update if I finished anything over on our Twitter which is @ Nerdy Shique!