The Interview Quadrant: Tia Ballard At Omni Fandom Expo 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! Time for our interview with…

Tia Ballard from Fairy Tail at Omni Fandom Expo 2019!

Yes! We got to interview Tia Ballard at this year’s Omni Fandom Expo. When I saw her being announced I was so excited because she played a lot of cat characters and that includes Aries from Cat Planet Cuties (Anyone from Anime Sushi, I have to put this as a note, it is the translated name that Funimation put so please respect!) Rag Doll from My Hero Academia which you can catch on Funimation’s streaming app and of course Happy from Fairy Tail! I just realized while watching Part 19 last night since I finally bought it recently that we interviewed both Happy and Natsu, Todd Haberkorn, and of course Brittney Karbowski from the main cast of characters. Hoping we get to meet the others like Jad Saxton, Carla, didn’t get a chance with David Walde back in 2015’s Omni, Gojeel, and of course Colleen Clinkebeard, Erza. I think I should do a list of people we want to interview on here since we have met the Steve Blim goal.

Anyways, enjoy the interview! Next will be my review on the Tetris X Ipsy because guys my mini tripod fell apart and no way of putting it back together. I will purchase a new one so hoping that can be soon since I want to do another Makeup Story Time for you guys. Stay tuned for that and after that I will be posting my video interview with Nobu and Sawa.

The Beauty Quadrant: Allure Beauty Box June 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back again! Yes, another post for you all today! Let’s get into it!

Allure Beauty Box June 2019!

It came today on my doorstep and I was surprised when it did. I was kind of sad at first on finding out what was in it until I took a closer look. This box is $15 a month but if you subscribe anytime it will be $5 off and you get a gift on top of it. Not only that, you get seven deluxe to full-size items in this box as well. Last month was a bit of a disappointment but let’s see what June has to offer!

Makeup Floss Lip Gloss: First is a lip gloss and it’s from Makeup Floss which is an interesting name. This is a lightweight gloss with some shine and it is a squeeze tube with a doe foot applicator. It is very lightweight since I did try it out after coming home with Gondras for an important thing we had to do. It did stay pretty well and it was kind of sticky but not too much like the Dominique one. This retails for $16 and have to see how it goes from here!
Skin Context Vitamin C Eye Cream: Next is a full-size eye cream but mostly a gel. I normally don’t wear these items since I feel like it’s not really needed but then I read in the tiny pamphlet through Open Book that I can use it as an eye base which I have to try out. Let’s see how that goes. The person talking about this said she sees immediate results of de-puffing so I have to see about it. I did just place it on top of my NYX Light Concealer which I use under my eyes which they did the same thing and will see about it. This item retails for $35.
Moroccan Oil Treatment: Next is a hair care product and that is the Moroccan Oil Treatment! I love these since it helps keep my hair from going crazy all the time. Basically from the pamphlet that person using it puts this on their hair after washing it. Perfect for me since my hair does tangle up a little bit even while sleeping. This item retails for $44.
Eau Thermail Avine Thermal Spring Water Spray: The next item is a can of thermal spring water from Avine France. This is meant to help with hot, irritated dry skin. I do have dry skin and never tried out a spray like this until just a few seconds ago because I did go into the Florida heat plus breeze, I do live on the coast now, to throw some stuff into our dumpster. Not bad so far but have to give it more tries despite its fancy name. It did say that it would help people with sensitive skin which I have to see if it does. This product retails for $18.50!
BrowGal Eye Pencil: Next is an eyebrow pencil that also has a spooly. I heard of this brand before and I think I got them in a BoxyCharm and traded the pencil off. This has more of a waxier consistency and I will see how it goes! This item retails for $23.SGX NYC’s three In One Dry Texture Spray: The final item is a three-in-one texturing spray from SGX. This is a texture spray, a dry shampoo, and a hair spray in one. Sounds like something someone can travel with. I did try it out and it doesn’t feel heavy at all. Normally my hair feels a bit heavy after putting so many hair products and glad to get this sample then. This item retails for $7.

What Have I finished from Allure? I finished everything, well almost everything in last month’s box! I threw away the expholiating powder because it caused my skin to break out unfortunately. I also didn’t like the feeling when it turned into a paste either. I am sorry but this was not my favorite. The Modelco eye shadow ran out too easily despite how big the sample was. I wished it was full-size so I could enjoy it more. The Amore Pacific moisturizer was okay but not my cup of tea either because it felt like it wasn’t doing much for my skin and yet that in full-size was over a hundred dollars. I still haven’t received my replacement for my lip gloss which sucks! And the Lenege cream was just okay but lost the cap. I do have to say that this month beats last month’s box because I can use these products without worry.

So yes, I will continue with this box since like many months sometimes the products aren’t always great but other times they are and I am glad this month made me happy. I will update by the favorites post if the spring water mist didn’t irritate my skin and how well the eye gel works with my eye shadows. What is next? My interview with Tia Ballard!

The Beauty Quadrant: Ipsy Glam Bag Plus June 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back! I am back with another subscription box!

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus June 2019!

My second Glam Bag Plus has arrived and I loved it! This is an upgraded version of the regular Glam Bag where you pay $25 a month and get full-size items from more high end and luxury brands. You can just upgrade to this or get both the bag and this subscription together. So far so good I’ve been loving it! Let’s see what I got this time!

Suba Beauty Hydro Liner in Grease: First is a product from Suba Beauty and it is the Hydro Liner. I heard of these guys all thanks to Beauty News and finding their products at Riley Rose and Vivi even talked about them especially this product. It is basically a water activated eyeliner as in you get a out of this eyeliner and it’s like those Crayola water color paints where it’s completely dry and you take water into the cap and lightly touch your brush into the water and lightly touch one area of the product and draw your line on your eye or other parts of the face since you can also do detailing for makeup effects. They gave anyone who got this Grease which is a black color but you can buy other colors even UV activated ones that activate under black lights. So, anyone going to Electric Daisy Carnival or Electric Forest this may be your product. I can’t wait to try this out myself since I never seen a product quite like this before and I do like unique makeup products that I can use and I am planning on doing a video on the Tetris collab and may use this! Speaking of that collab…
Tetris X Ipsy Shadow Pallet in Game On: If you’re subscribed to this subscription then you got one of the Tetris themed eye shadow pallets and if you are with the Glam Bag itself then you would probably got a shadow from the two pallets. These are six pan pallets with colors named and based on the game Tetris which this one is more neutral based while the other is more colorful. I am gifting the one I got here and picked up from my add-ons which is Block Party to gift to my friends since I did buy the collection. I did forget to mention my add-ons so I will do that at the end then!
Trestique Matte Lip Crayon Plus Shiny Balm in Belize Bordeaux and Grenache Balm: Another product from Trestique and this time its full size. I love this brand because they are so easy even after a busy day at work. This is a matte lip color and a lip balm in one and when you receive it you have the lip color at the top and the balm at the bottom like a pencil. It says on the page you can wear them together or on their own where with together you do the pointy end by filling in your lips and then put the balm on top for the shiny effect. The color is pretty berry from what I read which I can’t wait to use!
Girlactic 3-in-1 Lip Sparkle Balm Duo in Periwinkle and Twinkle: I finally get to try this brand! I wanted to ever since I heard about them through Young Wild and Polished and glad to get them in this box! They are stick glitter lip balms which they are basically pencils. When I saw them in my box when it arrived I was surprised with how they looked since I wasn’t expecting them to look like this. I did try one on last night and it feels so light and smooth. Periwinkle gives a light lilac color while Twinkle is a light pink and you can wear these alone or under a lip color or on top of a liquid lipstick which is kind of fun. I will have to keep on using these then!
Sunday Riley C. E. O. Vitamin C Enriched Hydrating Cream: Final item for this month is by Sunday Riley. I never tried this brand before and have heard of them all over YouTube and was surprised to get this in my box this month. It claims that it contains highly potent Vitamin C to help repair and moisten skin and won’t leave the skin overly greasy. It also helps prevent ageing even from environmental stress. Hmm I don’t have that much aging with my face since I do look young for my age but I do love moisturizers and have been wanting to try other ones. I did remember trying a Vitamin C moisturizer in the past from Sylvester Stallone’s wife’s brand but it made my skin feel weird. I hope this doesn’t do that since I do use different moisturizers for sensitive skin. Let’s see what happens!

My Other Add-Ons: Since I mentioned one of them, I did get two other add-ons and they are the Prism Cover Shot Pallet from Smashbox and the Huda Beauty Matte Lip in Sugar Momma. I know I have not used my other Smashbox pallet yet but when I saw it I had to get it since I wanted to try more Smashbox items since I have not given them much love and heard some mixed reviews about this so let’s see what happens. While Huda Beauty their liquid matte formula is so comfortable that I wanted to try more and glad that this was an add-on and it even looks great with my Dominique lip gloss from my BoxyCharm this month!

Well, that is it for this month’s box. Yet another awesome one! I can’t wait what July brings for this box since so far so good it brought me really awesome products and they do cater to my profile unlike BoxyCharm with sending me a self-tanner. So, what’s next? It’s my Allure Beauty Box!

The Beauty Quadrant: BoxyCharm June 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back again from traveling the vast universe! I am back again with another monthly subscription!

BoxyCharm June 2019!

It is that time again for BoxyCharm which is a $21 a month subscription where you get five full size items and sometimes a deluxe size and it is worth over a hundred dollars. This month’s theme is Boxy Get Away and let’s see what I got!

Tarte Be You Naturally Pallet: First is a pallet from Tarte Cosmetics! Apparently they teamed up with BoxyCharm to create this neutral shadow pallet that contains four mattes and four shimmers. This was made with Amazonian Clay and it is filled with bronze and brown shades. I did wear this one to work today and it felt like I didn’t wear anything all day. It did blend very well and glad to try something new. This is $36 and it’s in the same format as the Rainforest of the Sea pallet. I did see they were giving out the newest Rainforest but I didn’t get that one and plus they were also giving the Pro Glow 3 Face Pallet which I already have one since Ulta did a sale. I am not mad at this which did work out. I will be wearing the other four shades to get more of a feel for this pallet. I do have to say is that I am getting back into Tarte even though they still need to step out of the box into color.
Touch & Soul No Poreblem Prime Essence: Next is another product from Touch & Sol which is a Korean skin care brand from what I have tried. I did finish the other No Poreblem primer but I didn’t like it much due to it making y skin even drier than it has. When I found out about this item being in the box I was kind of wary if it will cause the same thing. It claims to have a weird spelling of a flower in it which is supposed to tighten pores. I will have to see how my skin does well with this one since me kind of feel like this is a brand meant for the oily skin types. This is retaining doe $23.
Dominique Cosmetics Lemonade Lip Gloss: Next is a lip gloss from Dominique Cosmetics. I heard good things about this brand it was developed by YouTube star Kristen Dominique which I have been rarely watching and she has made her own brand which is great! There were two glosses and I think I was like everyone else getting Peach Tea and it goes well with my Sugar Mama Liquid Lipstick from Huda Beauty that I got as an extra in Glam Bag Plus. I will get to that box next! This is a sheer peachy gloss and it is very comfortable despite some tackiness. I will have to keep wearing it! This retails for $17.
San Tropes Tanning Mousse and Mit: As you guys know I am not a self-tanning person so I tossed this and the mit. I am sorry but I am not going through it and plus I am happy with my light to medium skin tone. Next! Also if anyone wants to know, this retails for $24.50.
Dirty Little Secret Lip Liner: Finally, I got a lip pencil! I normally didn’t like these but after using one of the Illumasqua lip pencils as my lip color I am liking them. I think I prefer the wooden pencil ones over the mechanical ones because they don’t break so easily. I can’t wait to wear this once I get to it. This retails for $15.

Well, that is it for this box! So far so good I have enjoyed the lip gloss and the pallet and I will see how the face primer works this time and can’t wait for the lip pencil. I am sorry for wasting the tanning mousse since I am not into self-tanning. I didn’t even check it off on my quiz which I hope they notice that tidbit on my profile if they are going with profiles. Let’s see what July brings! So, now onto Glam Bag Plus! Stay tuned!

THe Beauty Quadrant: Ipsy June 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am sorry for not posting lately since I have been really busy at work. The good news is I did get something in the mail!

Ipsy June 2019!

Well, it’s that time again! I got my Ipsy Glam Bag and this is the regular bag that costs $10 a month and you get four to six samples each month based on your profile. The thing is what you checked off is not always guaranteed in your makeup bag. Also you get a makeup bag with your stuff, which this month is a collaboration with Tetris!It’s their anniversary this month and they not only they have a makeup collection which I picked up and will be doing a video soon but they also did different color bags which I got the purple one! Yay! Now onto the items!

Etat Libre De Orange I am Trash Perfum: I am spelling the rest of the French on that because it is one long name! I am so happy to get a perfume again. Yes, it is not guaranteed that you would get certain items and I was hoping to get the perfumes sometimes because they have really awesome scents and when I got this in the mail I was happy! This is made with upcycled products including cedar wood extract, strawberry and other products and it’s also unisex too. I did smell this and it does remind me of a cologne almost but I do smell the strawberry the most. It’s a very musky scent even though it’s supposed to be a fresh scent. It does smell fresh in a musky way and loving it! And yes, this is a brand in France.
Tetris X Ipsy Lip Balm in N00B: Next is something from the Tetris collab and that is one of the lip balms in N00B! I remembered this was an old term used in table top roleplaying games and also Rocket Power. This is a smoothing and moisturizing lip balm has hahoba oil and it is very sheer. I can’t wait to use this since I do love lip balms.
Pharmacy Hydrating Gel Sheet Mask Duo: Next is a first in this bag and that is a pair of sheet masks and they are from Pharmacy! Ever since trying the Tacha ones in BoxyCharm in January, I marked I wanted to try more sheet masks and didn’t get them until I joined Glam Bag Plus last month where I got them. I did say I loved them and guess what? I got them this month in my Glam Bag. These masks are packed with coconut water, hyrolanic acid, and cucumber water to bring hydration. I tried one and they aren’t lying! My skin was much moisturized after using this mask but what I don’t like is how they are packaged as in so many layers to get through. At least all of my other masks they are easy to unfold and place on my face. Wait, actually there is also a brightening one that contains purple broccoli extract but still the one I used did feel really good. I hope to get more sheet masks in the future because they are great to have even after a long day or week of work.
Flied Nail Polish in Secret Project Robot: Another nail polish this month! I am so happy to get new nail polishes to try and this time it’s from a brand called Fluide and this is a polish in the color Secret Project Robot which is a navy blue. I love blue polishes and glad to get this one. They do claim to be chip resistant but to me all polishes chip no matter what you do so I am used to it. I will have to try this one out!
Pixie by Petra Lip Lift Max in Sheer Rose: Final item is from Pixie! This is their Lip Lift Max in Sheer Rose. So far so good I have been loving Pixie and glad to try them in my Glam Bag whenever I get them. This is a peptide enriched lip glory with chamomile and aloe to soothe lips. I did like how this came as a lip gloss and I did try it and it felt nice after wearing it. I felt like I was wearing an ice and beneficial gloss. I hope to get more items from this brand as time goes on.
What Have I Finished? Let’s see what I finished from Ipsy! I did finish the Marc Anthony Curl Cream and the Grow Strength Hair Mask! I wished they put the curl cream in a container like another one they have which is better and more sanitary and plus less messy when getting the product or put it in a medium sized tube like they do with the Ipsy sample which would be easier. I am not sure if they have the hair mask but it did feel nice after using it. I also finished the Tarte face primer which it did feel nice. It did smell good too but I do love my Hydro Touch from NYX.

Well, that is it for this post! I am glad to finish it up since I did start it the other day when I first got my Ipsy and due to being busy I almost forgot. Hey, it happens! Stay tuned for my BoxyCharm items!

Adaptive Tech Quadrant: The OrCam: THe Better E-Sight

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the universe! Time to take a little detour with a new tech gadget!

OrCam: The Better E-Sight!

Disclaimer: This review on this product is based on thoughts, opinions, and observations of the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts!

Not kidding either. For those who are new in this Nerd Universe, back in January I tried a device called E-Sight. Gondras’ mom saw it on the Rachael Ray show and how someone was able to see again with this device and that it would help with my eye condition. So, I was placed on the waiting list for a while until they contacted me in January. Even though Gondras and I were skeptical, it felt like we were told it would. Guess what? It didn’t and tired seeing about success stories and the website didn’t show any. Even some someone I knew from a support group did try it but didn’t return all of his vision but did see some. So yes, good to know about these things since I had a feeling that it wouldn’t work and it didn’t since I couldn’t see my dad at all and the prisms didn’t refract to do what it needed to do since I learned more about prisms in my Human Eye class.

Now onto the new toy! OrCam on the other hand is a device clipped onto a pair of glasses or you can clip it onto your own pair of glasses but best to do it with plastic frames like the ones you have seen me wear in a few videos. This is a mini camera where you can point and have it take pictures and read out text, read out labels on a bottle or a can and other items, color, and a lot more. It’s Seeing A. I. but on steroids! Also, there is a version where it just reads but I tried the Seeing A. I. version and I used it on my 3DS. Thank you Florida Vision Tech for this demo and coming to demo at the Center for the Visually Impaired.

How Did It Work? A lot better than E-Sight! Yes, it was a little tricky trying to get my finger to point and listen for the shutter since some people were talking. Good thing is that there was a Bluetooth speaker connected since this is also a Bluetooth device which is a major bonus due to how there are Bluetooth devices for anything even earbuds. I tried it out with my 3Ds because I remembered years ago at MegaCon Orlando 2017 that Troy Baker yelled out about finding ways of making gaming accessible and after seeing OrCam for my first time it had my gears turning in my head. When I heard about this demo I wanted to see about how it will read off the dual screens. Even one of my co-workers during lunch said it should. When I had it on, I pointed at the screens and it read out the battery charge at first which it was 10% which didn’t know I had that much left. Then I tried to see about reading the text the Pokémon team I have on my bottom screen and it did. One of my other co-workers was surprise I was playing a Pokémon game after hearing a Pokémon name. I didn’t hear the feedback from OrCam but now I know it does work! It doesn’t work with stylized fonts. Hey, it works!

I did over hear some of the other students and the Florida Vision Tech people helping them and how they used it such as finding French on the creamer bottle which it does read Spanish and French, even the face recognition where if you have someone turn their face to have OrCam catch it and then record their name then whenever you see that person again with it it will recognize them! Could be handy for me when there are a lot of people at different tables at conventions like RangerStop for example? Sometimes I get people mixed up when it’s loud in one space. Anyways, I did ask about object recognition and they said that’s in the works since there were times where people at any vendor tables told me to look around but had to point at my cane as a way of saying, “Hey, can’t see!” At least I don’t have that issue with anyone I have shopped from before.

Do I Want It? Yes! Oh man yes! Even though this is in the thousands, this item will help me out in being able to see and many other people do this as well. No wonder this thing appeared on the Dr. Phil show since it is something we can use. Good thing is that it’s compact and portable and you can wear it on a lanyard if need be. Also, like security systems, appliances, and other smart thermostats, you can control the settings with an app and that is what I may do since I could only do bits of text but setting it to automatic read would be the best for me if I get my paws on this.

If you’re visually impaired and heard of E-Sight and OrCam I would say look into OrCam more because this has more success so far for what has been shown in person and plus it does run on better tech than E-Sight since prisms have to refract at certain angles in order to produce the light necessary when going through the eye. Unlike OrCam it’s just cameras and audio.

Well guys! If you have a vendor in your part of the universe at an American Council for the Blind or National Federation of the Blind Convention in your state or going to the national one in Las Vegas in July check this device out if it’s on display. While me, it looks like Go Fund Me will be happening because this thing can help me out greatly. Stay tuned on Twitter on news whenever it goes up.

That is it guys! I will put the Dr. Phil clip for you guys to see and again thanks Florida Vision Tech! And next Adaptive Tech item is…ugh…The Tap! Until next time!

The Convention Qudrant: Holiday Matsuri 2018 Guests Q&A Panel!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another Holiday Matsuri video!

Okay guys, the last video from last year’s Hol Mat is here.
Voice Actors Q&A Panel at Holiday Matsuri. Like the past few years we have done press, we have recorded another year. Well, more like Nerdy Shirts. SO, me and Gondras were on our way to this panel since he forgot the tripod in our room and as we got closer that was when my cane incident. Trust me, when we told him the news about what had happened he was surprised. I will talk about that later.

Anyways, this panel apparently while Nerdy Shirts was recording, Todd noticed him and asked about it which you will hear from that moment. We did make it for the end which was good and glad we did despite being late and my cane being broken which I will go tint next!

Like with the last post, this will also be the last Guests Q&A thing we will record because this is our last Holiday Matsuri we will be covering press for. I know we should come back for it as attendees but press has been a big thing for us for many years and still remembering doing it for MetroCon many years ago and we missed going to that one. We would go to it this year but this July will be getting my eyes checked so may stay in a hotel Friday night. Anyways, we have appreciated the work and we have done really great work and gotten awesome opportunities at Hol Mat during the years we have attended and covered even with how we interviewed Steve Blum which was amazing. What got us not to cover anymore is that last year’s press staff was disorganized. The past years before that as in 2015 through 2017 they were really organized as in making sure we have events to cover and also Google Hangouts to do with the teams, heck I did love 2017 Hangouts when there were more than one press teams in the chat! Having that time to meet was a good thing and gives us time to work together and say, “I will cover this event!” “We will cover this.” And so on, last year that didn’t happen. It felt like we were dismissed and it did take almost close to the convention for any word about us getting the passes when we did reserve our room. Vivi was mad that Tobi and him didn’t get any word about not getting approved either. I did get the message that they were overwhelmed with so many people signing up for it but smaller conventions have gotten a high demand, even Omni, on press and they were able to handle it by doing what they need to do and schedule what they can. Heck, even Barbara Goodson at last year’s RangerStop told me that she was already packed with interviews and understood. I think the high demand last year was due to the guests they were getting since we did tot that chance to interview Jennifer Hale which made me happy despite losing my cane, which I will get to next. So, in the end, I feel like the Press Staff could have handled it better last year and I know we have brought great publicity to the convention but seeing how disorganized it was who knows what would happen for this year and I am really grateful for what we have done and the opportunities presented to us. I hope you have enjoyed we have brought to you guys and this year we are hoping for RangerStop 7 since I had a blast and hoping Gondras will join me for it too since we have been Power Rangers fans for years!
Another reason is that my cane was broken at Holiday Matsuri and I never experienced that at bigger conventions. Plus, I felt like blindness is overlooked when becoming accessible. For one thing, last year, on the group I posted an idea where town criers would call out where certain events would be and where other rooms like Vendor’s Hall and Game Room, even someone came up with an idea of playing certain music to show the different areas are. I also liked that idea but it can be drowned out. What ticked me off though was a guy out of nowhere saying it was a completely bad idea because of people with sound sensory issues can have problems. I can see where he is coming from but the Manga Library was actually considered a quiet place and of course some panels are pretty quiet too. Not only that, I did reply to his comment saying, you know you can either be in a different spot or just wear ear buds, I mean Electric Daisy Carnival even sell them in their store on site for anyone who needs them and there is an electronics store in the World Center if need be. I did appreciate one staff member who was in charge of some of the set up for the convention did ask me to message her with my ideas and I did write my post about making conventions more accessible to the blind and sent that link and unfortunately no reply nor anything happened. I felt like it was not looked at. To me blindness does get overlooked and not considered as much nowadays, it was earlier when I did do the Blind Experience back in 2013 but now I feel like accessibility should not only consider the people with sound issues but also visual issues and what is interesting I found out I was not the only blind person going to this thing and it’s not easy when so many people are in one place and you need to get to somewhere and don’t have an idea of where you’re going. Not only that, there are times where people get distracted by their friends and what’s in front of them or even by the phone in hand which can cause an accident like my cane breaking, I am still sad about that, I think people should be more aware about that too. Not only that, not sitting in the middle of walkway either, saw that on the ramp in the hotel heading towards the rooms.

I think that is it guys! I know I rambled a bit but wanted you guys to understand what I have experienced and why we made our decision, on this. Not sure about attending as attendees since I felt like some of the stuff was a bit disorganized outside of Press. Even I heard the Christmas Tree Ornament thing didn’t happen. I know I always look forward to this convention every year with the Convention Spotlight but after last year it is now aborted for me in my mind. Hoping we do go back to MetroCon since I have missed that for many years and they were our first Press Experience so we will see for next year.

Well, that is it for the Hol Mat posts. So, what is next? Our interview with Tia Ballard from Omni Fandom Expo!

The Convention Quadrant: Holiday Matsuri 2018 Opening Ceremonies!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with a post that was supposed to be up a while back!

Holiday Matsuri 2018 Opening Ceremonies!

I know, why am I doing this close to the end of May? Well, life did get in the way! Ever since Gondras and I moved into our own place, took place during the Volcano Bay hang out when there should have been a Google Hangout for Press, things have happened since. As in me starting my job, getting unpacked, doing groceries, getting things for our living room and well during January the both of us got sick except me it was serious with a sinus infection! We weren’t able to upload the last two videos which one was the Opening Ceremonies. While doing groceries for the weekend on the day the convention started, Nerdy Shirts texted me about recording the Opening Ceremonies and said, “Yes but not the dancing parts!” The past years we did record them we got claimed for the music being in the shot. Anyone doing press at any convention, just record the important parts and not any performances because YouTube loves to claim everything for Copyright even if it’s overseas. Heck, I did warn the Press Staff at Matsuri about Idol Fest, this is one good reason for a Hangout to mention.

Anyways, hope you guys have enjoyed these videos. Sorry for the wait due to life getting in the way and this will be our last Opening Ceremonies at Holiday Matsuri we will ever record. I will explain in the next post which is the voice actor’s panel that Nerdy Shirts also recorded! Stay tuned!

The Beauty Quadrant: Thoughts on Beauty Community Now

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe, it’s time for something serious!

My Thoughts on the Beauty Community Now!

I wasn’t expecting myself to travel down this dark nebula but I think it’s time to talk about it. If you guys have not been on YouTube for two weeks or so, Tati, James Charles, and Jeffree Starr had a bit of a Dramagedon! First, James was sponsored by Sugar Bear Hair for sleeping pills which Tati got upset since she has Halo and he has been a huge friend of her’s and she couldn’t believe what he did. Then Jeffree ended up in the mess after sending text messages and plus there were videos made and things went crazy! If you have been on YouTube and tired of this, I think everyone has because it feels like we’re losing focus on the Beauty Community as a whole. I am glad that Jacklyn Hill decided to bring focus back by advertising her own makeup brand she has been working on and people got excited and what made me happy is that she was bringing focus back to what brought the community together.

When I first got into makeup, I remembered watching YouTube around 2009 when I was graduating with my A. A. and soon to go to get my Bachelor’s and I remembered getting into watching hauls by people like Makeup By Tiffany D. and Dulce Candy and other smaller people. Back then I didn’t know who Tati was, nor Jeffree, not even Jacklyn, I only watched other people doing huge hauls from CVS, Target, even Sephora and heck Ulta was started being mentioned and I even wondered if there were locations near me i9n my part of Orlando when I lived back there. I still remembered even going to Kmart when it was still open and got my very first lip glosses from Wet N Wild and it went from there and I got into Almay, Maybelline, L’Oréal, and even NYX later on because of YouTube. Now it feels like that’s lost because of the drama. I may have mentioned that I do like watching drama channels but to see what is in the news since I am hardly subscribed to some of the people that get mentioned, wait I am subscribed to Jeffree myself sorry, but I used to like Jacklyn but I felt like as time went on since around 2016 since that thing between Jeffree and KVD happened that is when it felt like the focus from makeup shifted. As in, we kind of lost the makeup aspect that made this community thrive.

Should We Cancel?

Not exactly! The thing is like reality t. v., we always love to watch some of the drama and sometimes we want to either keep up with it or like me be more informed about what’s going on with some of the stuff taking place and if I get bored then I will watch some of my favorite beauty people talk about stuff they want to get or what they picked up that may catch my eye, heck I still enjoy What’s Up In Makeup when I am not a convention for a weekend. I would say if you’re just bored with the drama then watch someone else doing something else. Heck, I watch Anime Abandoned and What the F Is Wrong with You two take a small break.

My Advice: I would say if you don’t like the idea of supporting problematic makeup influencers I would say follow the smaller ones that aren’t getting much notice and not just me but other people. I do have makeup videos and have two coming up this weekend. It’s only fair that paying attention to some people who love makeup as most of us do should be watched more. Who would I suggest?

Danielle Schmidt
Kirsten Leigh Ann
Nicole Quinn
Angelica Nyquist
That Girl Shea XO
Leisha who as also known as Ssparkedge
Head to Toe
Makeup by Tiffany D.
Jessica Braun
And That’s Jacob
And so many more but I highly recommend these people and should get more views despite how famous of some influencers. Heck, even Samantha Ravendal and Raw Beauty Christy are getting up there but still down to earth!

In the end, really it comes down to is really who we watch and also getting that focus back to makeup since this is supposed to be for beauty and beauty’s sake.

I know this post didn’t make much sense but I felt like I should say some of my thoughts. I am missing the joys of makeup on YouTube and heck it even brings new people in like we have Molly Berk who is blind and loving makeup despite her challenges like me. Again with all the drama, I feel like the focus has shifted from “Check out what I bought!” To pretty much something toxic and hoping things do get better. Since we are the audience we should pick the stuff we want to watch and who to support and hoping we can bring that makeup focus back to YouTube rather than just focusing on the drama. Now next will be the convention stuff!

The Beauty Quadrant: Allure Beauty Box May 2019

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another subscription!

Allure Beauty Box May 2019!

Well, it’s another month for Allure Beauty Box and all I have to say that this box is pretty good so far and this month I am not sure about. Let’s see what I got!

St. Tropes Self-Tanning Mist: This is one item I won’t be using since I don’t self-tan myself and not planning on it. So goodbye!
Amore Pacific Youth Revolution Mask: Next is a product from a very luxury brand that costs more than my usual skin care and that is Amore Pacific and I got the Youth Revolution Mask. This is a variation item and man there was a lot of it this month and glad to get this one since it’s a moisturizing mask. I do need more moisture in my skin due to it being so dry but hoping it doesn’t cause any other affects by that and this item retails for $200. Ow! Can I just get my usual moisturizer from the drugstore or Lush?
Modelco Eye Lights Eye Shadow in St. Barts: Yay, I love getting eye shadows and this is a liquid eye shadow that is a bronze shade and is supposed to deposit the right amount of shadow while doing so. Once applied it does dry down very quickly. Plus you can either keep it as is or just blend the edges for a blurring effect. This costs $12 which is not bad.
Loretzy Lip Gloss: Unfortunately this is missing from my box. It should have been in the box part like everyone else’s but it didn’t show up in mine. I did contact Allure about it and hoping to get a replacement for it.
Bonseny Expholiating Powder: This is an interesting powder which is made with milk and oats and you combine it with water and place it on the skin by rubbing it in. Supposed to wait a minute and rub it away and it will clear pores and other parts of the face. Hmmm, I definitely should try this out since I never heard a product like this before and it will be interesting to see how it works. I still love my Three Times Sublime by Formula 1006 though. This product is $15.Lenege Face Cream: Finally is a product from Lenege and it’s a moisturizer. I heard good things about their lip mask but trying out something like this is something new. I think this is very luxury when it comes to their brand and can’t wait to use this.

Well, to me this month’s box feels more like an Ipsy bag. I got so much skin care in this one it’s not even funny. I think April and March were better since I got more makeup in those boxes this one. I think they should have more makeup items and it sucks that I didn’t get the Loretzy lip gloss since it was missing. Way to go Allure, what happened? Let’s see if the expholiating powder doesn’t brake me out and same with the moisturizing mask and the moisturizing cream from Amore Pacific and Lenege. The shadow from Modelco which is pretty cool and hoping the claims are good.

What is next? Our Opening Ceremonies videos from Holiday Matsuri. I know it’s been a long time waiting but we finally have them up! Stay tuned!