The Beauty Quadrant: Ipsy August 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! Time for my last subscription for August!

Ipsy Glam Bag August 2019!

It’s finally here guys and glad to get it! It was in Transport Limbo at FedEx until it finally shipped out recently. I understand that add-ons can cause it to delay except it sucks that it’s close to the twenty-fifth. Enough of that! This subscription is $10 until October because it’s going up by $12 due to some new perks like picking one item and getting five add-ons. I can’t wait for October! Watch, September will fly before I know it. Anyways, let’s get into the bag!

Add-Ons: I didn’t mean to buy any but Ipsy would not shut up even when you press the VO+Spacebar on No Thanks! Anyways, I did get a few items from the add-ons and they are two brushes and a shadow. First is the Royal & Langnickle Cheek Blush Brush in Rose Gold. You all know I love me some rose gold and this brush caught my ears. This is a nice fluffy brush and meant for blush. I will be trying this out! I also got a brush from SL Miss Glam and it’s their E66 Angled Eye Brush! I want these brushes in my Glam Bag since they are amazing even with eh quality. I have some sets and man they are so soft. Glad to find this item along with the Suva Beauty eye shadow in Barbecue. It’s weird to hear shadows named after condiments but hey it’s their idea so not complaining. It claims to be water-resistant and very opaque. This is also supposed to be easy to apply which Madison Miller said that it’s best to apply these with your fingers. I think I will apply with a brush which you can. This is a plum foil color so can’t wait to try it!


Sol de Janiero Coco Cabana Cream: First is an item I was a curious kitten about ever since BoxyCharm had it and that’s the Coco Cabana Cream from Sol de Janiero. This brand is famous for the Bum Bum Cream and glad to try their newer cream. It’s been a while since I got anything lotion related in my bag and glad to get this. This smells like coconut cream pie! People say it smells like popcorn but I smell coconut. This cream contains coconut oil and acai oil alongside ceven coconut sugar and one ingredient that is hard to spell to help with hydration even for dry skin types over time. I am glad to get this!
Inc.redible Jelly Shot Lip Quencher in X Revenge: Next is another item from Inc.redible and that is their Jelly Shot Lip Quencher which is a lip balm. I thought it was going to be in a pot but it’s a stick. This lip balm contains avocado oil, rice bran oil, and Vitamin E to help with moisture. I did run this across my lips and didn’t feel it so I have to try it further. Glad to get a lip balm again.
Adesse All Day Lip Crayon in Beverly Boulevard: Next is a product by Adesse and glad it’s full-size. This is also a lip moisturizing product that has Vitamin E and many other oils blended to keep the lips moisturized from work to night with a high impact color. The shade is a deep rose and glad to try this out!
Luxie Beauty 237 Dream Catcher Blending Brush: Next is a brush from Luxie Beauty. I love this brand oh so much! I am glad to get another brush but surprised by how small it is! I think this is more of a detailed blending brush for your crease. Wait, it is meant for the crease! Okay, makes sense! I did get the highlighter brush from this same line in an Ipsy bundle from Offers and love how it feels. I can’t wait to use this on my eyes. Keep the Luxie brushes coming guys!
Nails Inc. Nail Polish in Weekend Super Heroes: Finally is another nail polish from Nails Inc. This time it’s a green color! I remembered redoing my quiz and it asked about nail colors and I checked off green so that is how I got green in both boxes. This is a cool khaki color which I can’t wait to try. I wished I had it earlier because it could have gone well with my khaki pants this week. Anyways, it is supposed to be glossy and long lasting so I will see how that goes. I am so glad for nail polishes appearing in both this bag and my Glam Bag Plus!

Now onto items I finished:

I Am Trash Perfume: I am not going to write in French since it can be butchered so I am using the English name here. This was the smallest sample I have ever gotten and it did smell good but faded too quickly. When I wore it to work it faded by lunch time and that sucked. I also notice that it is pretty pricey for what you get even in a set which Ipsy had as an offer but it was over $100. Sorry but I get perfumes cheaper than that and last longer, one good example is my Harley Quin perfume from Hot Topic. It is a nice and musky smell that lasts all day!

So, that is it for this month’s bag! All I have to say this was pretty good for what I got. I can’t wait for the new updated bag in October where I can pick one item on both sides which will be fun. I did get to pick one item in this bag once and it was great. I can’t wait for what September may bring and crossing my fingers that no hurricanes take place since it’s the peak of the season. So, until next time stay beautiful while traveling the universe!

The Book Quadrant: THe Riddle of the Sphinx by. Alexander Montague

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with a new book review!

The Riddle of the Sphinx by. Alexander Montague

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts of the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts and opinions on this literary work.

Synopsis: This book gives off three perspectives with one boy escaping Tyran on horseback to a student in Princeton going through a love affair that leads to trouble, and finally ends a lawyer trying to find out about himself at his job and how he fits in.

Thoughts: I know that was a short description of the book but it was pretty much written like that on the NetGalley page for it. This book was an interesting read. Even though it says it’s a psychological drama but I didn’t see much in the first part of the book since it deals with a shah losing power in 1970s Tiran and yes it does lead with the seeing how a boy kind of has a sexual relationship with a boy and then ends with a so-called death and goes to Princeton. Apparently this book follows a boy named Kavan in the beginning and I think his name gets changed to Eric from what I’m seeing and it shows how he has a thing for men since we see it early on in the book with a friend that ended up going missing and was tricked in going with a teacher to be in a radical group. Then we go to many years later where Eric is a college student and meets a guy named Mark who ends up dating each other and this causes some complications when he meets up with the shah prince Ali and somehow they were seen to be connected and an article kind of makes things more complicated. This book was pretty complicated even though when it got to Princeton I felt the story was more cohesive due to how it is a young man exploring his gay side and able to love himself and his partner. I wished the Princeton stuff was the entire story since the older Eric was him in the start of the book where he has a wife and two daughters. I wonder if this book is supposed to do three stories with different possibilities.

I did find it strange is that I was wondering why did this book had the title The Riddle of the Sphinx and it did get revealed towards the end where Eric has a dream seeing himself in Princeton and him as a boy and he wonders why is he seeing these two versions of himself where the Princeton one fell ill with AIDS while the kid him was trying to head home when he remembered being brought to Paris. I just wondered is that did he get found with the group of boys in the desert somehow and was rescued with the rest of them? I would like to know. I have a feeling the riddle deals with how different lives can be experienced by the same person but the outcome is always survival since the boy version was that he survived the desert trying to find his friend but got tricked, his Princeton version was in a great relationship until a guy he spent a night with screwed it up and causes a break up and leading to his contraction with AIDS with a stranger even though he thought it wasn’t real but survived potential suicide, and now his adult version where he wonders if being a lawyer was what he really wants and his daily life is his survival? That is what I can tell from what I read.

Rating: 3 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! I found that this book should have just stuck with Princeton instead of having the other two parts to it. I found it more intriguing since it did show the drama of college life and how someone can get into a homosexual relationship depending on who you are with easily. Well, love is love and can’t judge it. I did find it funny that the wife in the end of the book did figure out that Eric was into men but didn’t want to leave him because it would look bad since they are a couple that is seen out in public a lot. Even though this was an interesting read but it was kind of confusing and the title for it was hard to fit in my mind. Doesn’t mean I can’t leave the link in case you guys want to read.

Well guys that is it for this post! I hope I won’t take too long with any of the other books since I have so many to read. Now hoping my Ipsy does come soon since I still need to post that! So stay tuned!
The Riddle of the Sphinx Book Link

The Beauty Quadrant: Glam Bag Plus August 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with another box post!

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus August 2019!

It’s that time of the month where I get my Glam Bag Plus! This is the upgraded version of the regular Glam Bag but you get full size items and it is only $25 a month. A new bit of news that starting in October there will be a makeup bag included. Wasn’t there one in every other box when they started? At least it will be showing up again. I will talk about the changes to the regular Glam Bag when I get it in a few days. Let’s see what I got!

Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Face Cleanser: First product is from Murad and it’s an exfoliator. I wanted to try this brand for a long time now ever since Bunny has mentioned them but the price got me. This cleanser helps refine the skin to help with it to absorb other skin care and it contains glycolic and lactic acids that help with breaking down any dead skin cells to improve turnover. It also has salicylic acid to help clean the pores of any excess sebum and the hahoba beads are able to help with cleaning the skin. When I found out I was getting this in my box this month I was happy about it since I am going through a too much skin care phase at the moment and my Three Times Sublime is helping me with that. When I run out I am going to use this and man it’s a huge tube of cleanser! I think it will last me a good while!
The Balm of Your Hand Greatest Hits Vol. 2 Pallet: Man that’s a long title but I did get a full on The Balm pallet this month! I love this brand and what I have tried in the fun size form whehther its lip items or face items, I loved it! This pallet contains shadows, blushes, a bronzer, and highlighter for an all-in-one travel friendly pallet. This also includes crowd pleasing shades that mix and match very well. I can’t wait to use this pallet since I have loved the shadows I have tried from the pallets they have released, heck I finally got the Nude Beach Pallet in a bundle last month. If you haven’t tried these guys I suggest doing so!
Suva Beauty Liquid Illuminating Drops in Trust Fund: Yay! Another Suva product! I loved the Hydro Liner from these guys after getting it in my first Glam Bag Plus and glad to try out another item. These drops are a face highlighter which are supposed to be waterproof, which is a good thing since it does rain a lot here in Florida, it also contains pomegranate extract, Vitamin E, and natural emollients to give that everlasting glow. I can’t wait to give these ago since they are supposed to be waterproof and of course having friends visit this weekend and the weather says rain then I will put these to the test!
F. A. R. A. H. Show Me Now Brush Set: Next is a five brush set from F. A. R. A. H. Brushes! I love this brand among the others when it comes to brushes! Some people have complained these brushes feel cheap but I think they feel lightweight and great since it’s better to have that than a heavy handled brush even if it’s $50 for the set. Not kidding guys, that is how much it retails for. I remembered getting a similar set in a similar size as an add-on before I joined this side of Ipsy and have gotten other brushes in the Glam Bag as well, I think the last one from these guys was a double ended brush and that was great! I would say give these guys a chance!
Sundays Nail Polish in #44: Last product is a nail polish by Sundays! I never got to try these guys in the regular Glam Bag since for months I didn’t get any nail polishes until a few months ago. These polishes are supposed to be very pigmented, very shiny, and claim to be long lasting which that will be put to the test on my nails since I do wash my hands and type at the speed of light. Also, this brand has polishes that are 10-Free which means they are free from the harmful chemicals that are found in other nail polishes. The shade with this one is a cool, minty green which excited me since I do love wearing green polishes. I will so wear this one next!

Well guys that is it for this post! Wait! I do have to mention one thing I did finish from my Glam Bag Plus!

Sunday Riley C. E. O. Moisturizer: Yes, I finally finished this this past week and glad I did. I normally don’t do Vitamin C moisturizers but wanted to see how this went. It didn’t irritate my skin at first but when I added the Pixie Glow Tonic and the facial pads I picked up from Ipsy’s Offers page that was when it started irritating a bit. I think it’s due to the ingredients not meshing well and trying to finish up the Pixie stuff since I am now using a Target Up & Up Moisturizer for sensitive skin of course! It did smell good and it did last me two to three months with how big the jar was. I won’t purchase this product even though they do carry sensitive skin friendly items but they are so overpriced! This item is $65 alone! I can buy three to four containers of Celestial from Lush for that price and one container lasts me even longer despite it being a smaller size than this product. Sorry Sunday Riley I prefer my drugstore moisturizers and if I wanted to go back, Celestial is also my favorite.

Now that completes this post! I am glad that Ipsy is getting a major upgrade and glad to hear that new makeup bags will come with this box. I am so happy with what I got this month and can’t wait to try everything out! Next will be a book review so stay tuned!

The Beauty Quadrant: Allure Beauty Box August 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with a new post!

Allure Beauty Box August 2019!

It’s that time again and that is my Allure Beauty Box! This box is created by Allure Magazine and its $15 a month while new subscribers get it for $10 for their first month and some gifts on top of it. You get from five to seven items ranging from skin care to tools and even hair care items that have been mentioned in articles in their magazine or if you read it online through emails like I do. Last month was a collaboration with Huda Katan and man I loved that lipstick but let’s see what this month had in its pouch.

Benefit They’re Real Mascara: First up is a mascara from Benefit. I have tried their Roller Lash and I find it is okay since the Rimmel Super Curl is an exact dupe and glad to see what other mascaras Benefit has and that is the they’re Real Mascara. The claims are that they take the lashes and make them longer without using false lashes and that it doesn’t smudge even on a hot summer day. I will definitely put this to the test since we are really in a heat wave at the moment with a mix of rain since we are heading into the peak of Hurricane Season. This is a deluxe size which is a decent size for one and it values for $10.
Nuria Triple Defend Eye Cream: Next is another eye cream which is pretty interesting in packaging and it’s a full-size item this month. This has a disk applicator and it doesn’t give a lot of pressure so it won’t hurt the under eyes and also it doesn’t crease concealer when worn under makeup which I will try this out since I do put on my concealer before foundation. The last eye cream I tried was pretty good and did help with application so hoping this will also help. This values for $40.
Erno Lazlo Multi-Task Serum Eye Mask: Next is an eye mask from Erno Lazlo and you get one set in this box. These patches contain allantoine which is a moisturizing agent that helps under eyes look more awake even when you have long days. I think these will be handy since being a teacher and always waking up SUPER EARLY for my rides every day I do look exhausted by the end of the day once the final bell rings. I was surprised that is a drugstore valued product and I wonder how these will work since they do fit the under eyes. This values at $6.
The Makeup Eraser Mini in Black: Next is a product from Makeup Eraser and well it is just a towel. I know I am not that surprised by it since I do love my makeup wipes. This claims that you wet this and you wipe it all over your face and it takes off everything even waterproof mascara. I doubt it since I have seen Bunny’s video on it too and I am a little skeptical since I have been using coconut oil and that gets a lot of stuff off but my lashes still feel oily while my Formula 10.06 takes off a lot of stuff but this is a little skeptical and not sure if I will use it myself. This values for $12.
Primera Alpine Berry Water Cream: Next is a water cream from Primera. When I opened this it reminded me of the Belief moisturizer I got in a Ipsy skin care bag but this smells a lot more woodsy than that and it reminds of the scent Juniper Breeze from Bath & Body Works. Jenny Bailey, the Executive Beauty Director, visited the Primera shop while in Sol, Korea which this is a Korean Beauty brand and Korean beauty has been on the rise for many years and found that the shop had plants and a lot of products. This cream is made with not only seeds but also Glycerin and Cocoa Seed Butter. It does absorb very fast so I will have to see how this goes and hoping it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. Also, this product is now available here in the U. S. and it does value for $4.Cargo Cosmetics Essential Lip Color: I am familiar with the brand Cargo since I remembered many years ago with Ipsy I got a lip item from them and never got them again. I know they sell at Ulta and this is supposed to be a lip color that stays all day and makes your lips look plump. We do get a full size item and shades may vary. I am not sure which one I got but I can’t wait to use it since I do love trying new lip products. This values for $22.
Laritzy Liquid Beam in Topaz: Final item is another product from Laritzy and if you’re wondering, yes I got my lip gloss finally that was missing and enjoying it! This item is a highlighting eye shadow in a bronze shade. This can be worn all over the lid or just in the inner corners. It did go on pretty well since I am wearing the Tarte Clay Play Vo. 2 on my face right now. This product values for $22.

Well guys that is it for this month’s box! I am very excited about the items since it does make up for the getting false lashes last month as an item in it and glad to get to try another Cargo lip item. I have to see how the Primera Cream works out since I have tried other Korean products and even have a few in my collection of sheet masks and glad you can get Korean products in the states since Asian Beauty has been a big subject. I will also have to give those eye patches a try since I do wake up really early in the morning during the week and the Benefit Mascara will be fun to use!

The Beauty Quadrant: BoxyCharm August 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with a new post and it is…

BoxyCharm August 2019!

I got my BoxyCharm pretty early this month and it is in time for my birthday and well this felt kind of a bust. I will tell you now! Yay! I heard so many people rave about this brand, especially their highlighter in Champagne Pop, but I never bought anything from them. This is a nice way of getting into these guys for me since I am new to the brand. This setting powder is Becca Hydromist and Refresh Powder: First is my official Becca product! This product is basically a powder made with water as part of the powder which I did feel it and it does. I did get the light shade from what I could see and I can’t wait to try this out since my Wet N Wild powders are hitting pan this time and I have been wanting to use more of translucent powders. I still have my NYX one and did get the Wet N Wild translucent powder from the Photo Focus line. Let’s see what happens!
Wonder Beauty Glow Ahead Oil: Next is a product from Wonder again and it’s an oil this time. This is an oil that restores the complexion with whatever skin type you have which I did watch a sneak peek video saying it is only for dry and other skin types except sensitive. Here is the thing though if this is meant for all skin types then do the research into it first because I do like this brand so far and they haven’t really broken me out from what I’ve tried nor irritate my eyes either. I will try this item since I do have dry and sensitive skin and will have to see.
Tarte Big Ego Mascara: Next is a full-size Tarte mascara and that is their Big Ego mascara. I am glad to try a full size Tarte mascara especially this one. Apparently it has an hourglass shape and supposed to help with make lashes longer and bigger so hoping it does follow through.
Pur Complexion Authority Pink Glitter Mask: Next product is from Pur and apparently they have skin care. This is one of the other products you could get and it sounds interesting. This $26 mask is supposed to give an everlasting glow and hoping it does. I hope my skin doesn’t break out due to the glitter since my arms can’t handle it.
False Lashes: Don’t know the name but as you know I am not into wearing false lashes so I will give these to one of my friends.

Yes, you can see this was a bit of a bust this month. I was hoping to get the shadow duo from Ace but didn’t and or course the Steve Lorent lip liner which I am sad. I did not put false lashes on my profile because I don’t wear them due to wanting to keep my natural lashes thank you very much! I hope with September it will be better since I do love this subscription but I am glad to try out something from Becca and another skin product from Wonder Beauty. Let’s see how it goes next month!

The Blind Tech Quadrant: Review On Tap!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with something I have not done in a while.

Review on the Tap!

It’s time to review another blind tech item which I have not done since May. I have reviewed OrCam which you can find in the May 2019 Archive alongside in the Related Posts area down below. Let’s get to the review shall we?

Disclaimer: This review is based on opinion and experience of the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts and opinion and her experiences since not everyone has the same issues and successes with a product. You have been warned.

What Is It? The Tap is a wearable device that kind of looks like brass knuckles and you wear it on your hand. There are censors that go on your knuckles and it is connected through Bluetooth and can be used as a way to text by tapping your fingers in different formations to form letters and words. This device was introduced at the 2018 NFB National Convention and I got to see it in action and try it out at the A. T. I. A. this past January and picked up one myself. Let’s get into it.

My Experience: I received a discount coupon for this through going to A. T. I. A. where it was demonstrated. I was so excited about it since I had heard about this device through the Blind Abilities podcast. I had to check this device out and glad I did and man it was a hard one to learn. This device made my motor skills give a major exercise and my arm a workout with how much I had to move to make the taps work. I did have my IPad Mini 2 at the time before I got my new one which I will explain later and downloaded the Tap Manager, Genius, and Aloud apps at the time. I didn’t know Aloud was more the learning the alphabet app when trying out Genius which that was a hard one to do since I didn’t really know the navigation and trying to know which buttons are which at the time were hard enough. The Tap Aloud app was the place where I learned everything and glad it is the better app due to not only giving you the hand motions to do the letters but also the practice rounds to do the letters first then do words and punctuation along the way, which I will talk about now!

Struggles and Issues: Not all devices are perfect and this one is no exception. I had issues where the Tap Aloud app kept on kicking me out after learning new punctuation and even did it when I re-installed this app and Manager, also got Academy just in case and re-connecting my Tap after a while. I did find the device had an update and glad to get it. I did contact Tap Team about it and yes we did have a bit of a back and forth because I think this app and the others should get updates, heck Academy is not letting me do anything since it is still at allowing notifications. And to tell you the truth, I have an IPad Mini 5 and I have the latest I.OS updates but seeing that this is still an issue is no excuse. Updates are meant to fix bugs and when they asked me to do a screen recording which good thing I was able to do and find instructions on it I did provide them a recording and they were glad it gave them what is going on, which I used the lesson on Y & W as an example to learn the semicolon which is using C, fingers 1, 3, 4, and 5 which are your thumb, middle, ring, and pinky and you tap them together three times for this punctuation. Heck, it happened with comma, which are fingers two and four, index and ring, which I did mention the team that they should look at the other lessons since it happened with some of the others too and fix the issues there and they told me that it tends to crash. What were my feelings? Well, as an instructor and a tech user myself seeing Tap on Amazonthese issues can be bothersome and being able to bring it up to the company is important for them to know in order fix it. For example, when I first got into Discord I noticed how the app was not accessible where the buttons aren’t labeled for the voice software is able to read it and I brought it up to them over Twitter. I was thanked and was told that they will fix it to make it more accessible which makes me feel better that they gave me a great response.

Now to the struggle with it, I have motor issues due to my visual impairment and that usually is the first sign with it as well and even though this device made that stronger in the end but also it did hurt trying to do some of the letters. Some of them included Z, J, V, and sometimes W due to how the finger placement was kind of difficult. I think they should crate later models with wristbands to help not only with comfort but also help people with motor issues get the finger placement when first learning this device.

And one more thing, even though I just restarted this use of the product, I noticed after learning the different letters and numbers that after getting out of the app and trying to type in text messages and even Pages that the letters were not responding to their positions which I had different letters show up instead. Like instead of the letter I I got M and so on. After getting the new update that was fixed! But I noticed that using it to do the basic functions like double tapping to select an item and trying to swipe on a surface with this to perform the IPad tasks aren’t happening even after the device update. I did get the email about how with the new I.OS coming in September with Tap is supposed to have mouse movements and since also IPad OS is being released in September too for anyone who has the Apple tablets I am hoping there is another update for this device to handle both systems and their new features that are coming. If not, well that’s going to be a major issue there. I did read how some people did struggle texting after learning it too so I was not the only one either after seeing reviews after its release on the internet when I notice the not being able to swipe or double tap and so on.

Final Thoughts: This device is pretty innovative for what is. It is also not that expensive either which is $199 or if you were to attend any events where it is you will get discount codes and coupons through their website also by joining the mailing list any sales throughout the year. I would say buy it after some of the improvements I have mentioned that are needed are made. I feel like even though this is a great device as a substitute for Dictation with Siri which as you know that I have issues with that a lot but it does have its bugs and should have them fixed by updating the software more often which a lot of apps and devices do and of course do the same with the apps too since I have told what had happened with me. And of course you have the latest and greatest device to support this item but there will be issues so I would say wait a little bit until after I.OS 13 and IPad OS 1 are released and if I noticed the improvements I will do another post on this down the road.

Well guys that is it for this post. I hope you enjoy reading about this device and if you want to learn more, I will also include a link when you want to purchase this for yourself or your blind buddies. So, stay tuned for more posts and stay beautiful while traveling the vast universe!

The Beauty Quadrant: The Bad & Boring Tag!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with a new post and it is a tag!

The Bad & Boring MakeUp Tag!

This is a new tag flying around on YouTube and that is the Bad & Boring MakeUp Tag where people get to talk about what’s bad or boring to them. A little disclaimer, not all products are so amazing that the angels will be singing their praises even Jacklyn Hill would tell you to buy it like she always does. There are duds within makeup and I will be talking about those and they are based on my own opinion so please respect.

Makeup finish you don’t like? Okay, first question up is this one! It’s hard to choose because I only really stick to one foundation and that is the Phot Focus line from Wet N Wild and I can’t really say if I don’t like the finish. I do love it because it doesn’t break me out but I would say having a foundation with SPF so I would put it under Protection Finish. I can’t really do anything with SPF in it even though I live in a coastal town right now and I do go outside to get some fresh air during morning break and well SPF makeup breaks me out. For instance, I tried a moisturizer from Paula’s Choice I got back in my Ipsy August 2014 bag and that broke me out and when I got the IT Cosmetics CC Cream with SPF 20 I think and used it in Miami I came back with a big zit on my face. So I can’t do that finish at all. Heck, I gave a co-worker my Yensa foundation sample I got in my Ipsy bag due to the SPF in it.
The Worst Mascara You’ve Ever Tried? I would say the L’Oréal Feline Noir would be the worst one I have ever tried. The thing is that Miss Manga was discontinued and you all know that is my Ride or Die especially with cosplaying and when I saw that they discontinued it I was really sad and even sadder when I had to toss my final tube after it drying out but had one last good use. Before it was discontinued, at the same time they released the Feline Noir and I loved and still use the Colossal Cat Eye from Maybelline and thought that this would be similar but it did NOTHING to my lashes. It felt like my lashes had nothing on them when I wore it. I know when I have mascara on when my lashes are curled and separated like no other and that my natural length is being shown! This one nope! I felt like I just have my shadow and liner and nothing else. Oh yes, it was supposed to be the next Miss Manga but this is not it! Please L’Oréal bring back my beloved Miss Manga!
One Thing You’ve Tried Once and Threw Away: I would have to give it to Ribbon from COlour Pop. If you remembered that Colour Pop did a Hello Kitty collection and you know me with Sanrio items that I must have almost all of them. When I saw this collection was on sale, I saw the lipstick Ribbon on sale and it was a Matte Liquid Lipstick I think? I know they have various formulas and I was excited to get this one since it was in the iconic Hello Kitty red ribbon color that you see on her. This one turned me into Suicide Squad live-action Harley Quin! As in, it smudged all over my face! It did not stay in one place it just went all over and I had to toss it. I could not salvage it with lip liner or even my beloved E. L. F. Lip Primer would save it. I had to throw it out even if it was limited edition. I also admit another product but it took me a few tries before throwing it away and that is or they were the Girlactic Lip Balm pencils I got in my Glam Bag Plus a month ago. These were very drying and hard to sharpen! IT would be one thing if they put these in a chubby stick form or made it more of those automatic pencil type ones since it can be easier to bring up rather than sharpen a pencil because I could hardly fit these in my E. L. F. cosmetic pencil sharpener. I had to toss them.
Most Boring Shadow Pallets You Own? Hmm…that is hard! If I were to pick I would have to give it to the shadow pallet from one of the Ulta sets I got in 2017 which I got in a mint case? I forgot the name of it but that was a pretty boring eye shadow pallet because it had colors that were hard for me to work with. I am not sure who made up the color scheme for it but they should have added more silvers or a few more greys to it in my opinion. Another one would be the unicorn shaped pallet I got from Hot Topic last year. I love unicorns and that pallet did not scream unicorns at all because it had mainly brown shades, it was mainly a smoky pallet with two blues. I think they were going with the trend of neutral with a blue and even though it’s nice but that pallet did not scream unicorns even though I did like the blush and highlighter. I think I make better shadow pallet decisions based on colors I like. I think the Midnight Unicorn was better despite having a red in there.
A MakeUp Trend You Find Boring? Hmmm! This sound interesting since there are so many things out there but I would have to say is neutral pallets even with one pop of color. I think this has been a done to death trend lately and I think a lot of brands are starting to break away but some have been still doing it. It started with a neutral pallet with a pop of blue or purple or even green but a lot of people have been yelling for more colors to show up and agree that should be done more to make it more interesting. I am glad that a lot of brands have been coming out with some blue pallets even green, heck now neons are coming back since Urban Decay had discontinued the Electric Pallet a while back and giving other colors a chance is helping break away from it. Still some brands are still doing the neutral pallets. I do love my neutrals but sometimes I do love my colors in the color wheel.
What Color Do You Find Boring? Hmmm! I would have to say black! There are so many pallets with at least one black but they keep on adding to it. As in sparkle or making it more of a black brown, etc. It may be my favorite color but it seems like it’s almost in every shadow pallet I’ve seen or hear. Heck, I used my Flawless Ultra 32 and the last two columns sport different shades or variations of black. You can play with more shades than that.
What Brand Do You Think Have the Most Boring Releases? I give it to Morphe! I admit I tried one brush kit and that was the vegan one, I was tempted to get the Jeffree Starr one but to me they come out with the most boring stuff ever. Doesn’t help when people love to shove this brand into your face by saying it has the best eye shadows, sponges, and brushes. To tell you the truth, I’ve tried really good brushes from the brands in Ipsy and BoxyCharm like Luxie, IBY, SL Miss Glam, and so many more. Heck, a good portion of my brushes came from Amazon! I even enjoy the blending eggs from Beauty Bakerie since I just got those and have tried the sponges from Juno & Company all thanks to Hot Mess Mama MD! Not only that, with their shadow pallets they come out with pallets based on that color like one just purples, another oranges, and so on. That’s nice but some of them are pretty pricey and you can get really cheap pallets not only in that color scheme like Colour Pop now but you can get more variety, also I heard some of the shadow pallets don’t perform as they are claimed and you can get pigmented shadows from other brands. Another brand, even though I love some of their products and most of my items come from it is NYX Professional MakeUP. Some of their pallets that do come out don’t excite me to buy them as much as they used to. I do still have all three Dream Catcher pallets and making major dents but some of the new ones have not excited me as much as their lip items, some of their face items, and so on. I think it’s because of trying so hard to fit the trend but some of the trends have been changing as time goes on. The only pallet I did get was the Swear by It Pallet since that contains the shadows I would need in one look. The Steam Punk Collection was nice but they did have two shades in the pallet I got that didn’t really fit since Steam Punk is known for just being earth tones and neutral tones. Wishing I got one of the other pallets though but hey I do learn. And of course, agreeing with a lot of them, Tarte! Even though I have been getting back into them but they need to really step out of the neutral zone! The only pallet I have seen them do that was the Tartiste Pro Remix because of the colors they put in there and you are wondering where those in other pallets are? They should keep going with that because the more colorful shadows they bring out are so good, especially the Swamp Queen pallet a few years back. Tarte you need to really get up your game.
Which Is the Most Boring In Your MakeUp Routine? Hmmm, like everyone else is brows! I do have a nice arch but doing the brows even for work with my clear gel from E. L. F. is boring because you’re pretty much putting on certain products in a straight or almost straight horizontal line on both sides and you’re done! I know there were new eyebrow trends around 2015 or was it 2016 where people on Instagram were doing really different things with their brows? Still a boring step. I also give it to lips since nowadays everyone is coming out with lip glosses due to the trend changing. But lip gloss, lip sticks, and even lip liners have been around for many, many, MANY years and they have kind of stayed the same. I think Maybelline was the one that stepped out and made newer things for their Color Sensational Brand but I rarely hear much of them anymore.
If You Were to Choose Between a Good Base and a Bad Eye Look or a Bad Base With a Good Eye Look, Which One Would You Choose? Oh man, I would say the Bad Base because there are times where I did make poor eye shadow base decisions and did not like how they performed. For instance the shadow bases that come with brush applicators. They are nice but you run out product so quickly, especially the E. L. F. ones where I feel like there’s nothing in there and when I put my shadow on my shadow sometimes goes to crap or it comes out totally amazing. That is why I prefer the potted bases like the Mac Paint Pots and the ones from NYX that are in little jars because those are easier to apply and I can make really good looks with. Plus, we do have bad eye shadow days anyways, there was one day at work where I went ham on my Coastal Scents shadow with the blues and I smudged it all over my face. Not kidding!

Well, that’s it! I had fun with this one because it does make you think of what is bad or boring and you do have your thoughts about it. I want to do the MakeUp Purchases Tag that Danielle Schmidt also did but will wait for another day to do it. And if I were to tag anyone, Vivi you’re it! So, until then! Stay beautiful while traveling the nerd universe!

The Beauty Quadrant: Glam Bag Plus July 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! Another post for you guys!

Glam Bag Plus July 2019!

Another great month for Glam Bag Plus and I was really excited with what I got especially! This bag is $25 and in order to get it you have to be an Ipsy member as in getting the regular Glam Bag that is $10 a month. You can just get this after signing up and usually it is through invite or keep both like I have. This one features more prestige and luxury brands and they are full-size on top of it. Let’s see what I got!

Purlisse Matcha Green Tea Antioxidant Priming Moisturizer: When I heard about this product being in this month’s box I was crossing my fingers in getting it and glad I did! As you know as a Power Rangers fan I never thought that someone who played on one of the many seasons would create a brand all thanks to heavy stage makeup back in the late 1990s early 2000s and it did happen. This primer is oil free and is made with green tea alongside white tea, Vitamin E, and marine plants help with wrinkles and fine lines from forming and of course retain moisture. Plus, it is very lightweight in keeping the skin nice and Dewey even during stressful days at work. And the sent is supposed to be calming. I do have other face primers to use but this was something that excited me the most in this month’s box since being someone with sensitive and dry skin I have to keep up with keeping it moisturized. Thanks Jennifer Yen for making this product!
Wonder Beauty Catch the Light Highlighter and Glowtion in Celestial: Next is a product that was pretty interesting from Wonder Beauty. I was hoping that this would have a compact of having the regular highlighter and then the lotion one underneath in its own section but it was a tube of the glow lotion and then a stick part for the regular highlighter which is pretty interesting. Warning on the lotion part don’t squeeze too much! This product not only gives you shine but also contains aloe leaf, Vitamin E, and Hyrolonic Acid to help with hydration and added protection. I did try this product out and it did give some hydration to my cheeks and nice glow, which you should blend very well so it won’t be so stark.
Thrive Liquid Extensions Mascara: Next is a mascara and this time by Thrive! I have heard good things about this brand and wanted to try and well Ipsy delivered with giving me their mascara this month. It will also be in next month’s Glam Bag Plus so hoping no repeats which is weird in my book. This mascara curls and lengthens lashes to make it look like you have lash extensions without the fuss and of course the comb-like brush you get in this product helps with that process by separating each lash. I did wear it yesterday since GOndras and I finally saw the new SpiderMan flick and man my lashes were curled! I hope to get more mascaras like this because this gave me and idea of what lash extensions would feel like and glad to have it in a formula like this so I won’t go through that option of doing that to my own lashes. Great thing about Thrive they do donate to different causes to help women with Cancer, gone through domestic abuse, and other challenges so if you were to purchase this and other items your money will go to a great cause.
Huda Beauty Mauve Obsessions Pallet: This month you could have gotten a pallet from Huda Beauty whether it’s one of her highlighter ones or an eye one and I got the Mauve Obsessions one. Before I subscribed to this one I did buy the Smoky Obsessions pallet that came in a previous box and they were selling the leftovers with the Ipsy Glam Bag and glad I got this one this time since I almost bought it. This pallet features nine shades and big mirror on the inside and of course this color story is mauve which you can create a lot of looks with it. I can’t wait to use this since I did enjoy the Smoky Obsessions pallet I have purchased.
Pixie by Petra Glow Mist: Another item I was hoping to get and that was by Pixie with their Glow Mist. I have heard good things about Pixie’s Glow line on YouTube and wanted to try it out for a little while now. All thanks to the Offers Page I did pick up the duo with the Glow Tonic and the Glow Pads and glad to get the Glow Mist in my Glam Bag Plus. This is basically a setting spray that contains oils like rose and lavender alongside aloe Vera and fruit extracts along with nine other oils this spray helps keep you hydrated and helps keep the makeup set throughout the day. Glad to get this since it is very hot here in Florida that we definitely need this, especially me where I am at. I have not opened it yet since I am in the middle of my NYX Dewey spray and that has lasted longer than the Wet N Wild setting sprays and could not find the Maybelline one I have used for a good bit recently on SHipt in Target. I can’t wait to try the skin care duo I ordered from Ipsy with Pixie’s stuff.

Add-On: Naked Cosmetics Shadow Quad: As you know I love my add-ons and I only got one this month and that is from Naked Cosmetics. I remembered how one sneak peek shown you could have gotten this too or instead of another item and when I saw this as an add-on I decided to purchase it. I have swatched the one I bought before and it was a blue color and man its pigmented! I will have to wear one or two of these at some point to get a good feel of them!

Now onto what I have finished:

Illumasqua Lip Liner: I managed to finish one of the lip liners from Illumasqua! I liked the feeling of this pencil and can’t wait to break into the other one.
Girlactic Lip Balm Pencils: I had to toss these actually guys. My issue with these were that they weren’t moisturizing enough for my lips and they were hard to sharpen. I think they would work better as a lip crayon in my opinion rather than a pencil.

Well that completes my July subscriptions! Not another bad month! Can’t wait for what August will bring! What is next? Just stay tuned!

The Beauty Quadrant: Allure Beauty Box July 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with a new post and this time it’s another subscription!

Allure Beauty Box July 2019!

So, I got my Allure Beauty Box this past week and was really excited except for one product. This month was a collaboration with Huda Katan who heads Huda Beauty. This was a better collab in my opinion because we did get one skin care item and the rest were makeup and hair care, even a perfume sample. Let’s see what was included! Oh right, this box is $15 a month and if you sign up you only get it for $10 and then you get it at the regular price after that.

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte in Alluring: First item is an exclusive item to this box and that is the Huda Beauty Matte Lip in Alluring. I was really excited about this item because I already love these liquid lipsticks. I tend to wear these for work since they last very long on my lips since I am a teacher and I need to explain adaptive tech it’s best to have a long wearing lip even though there are times where I don’t re-apply and this does help with that. This is an orange red color which they were inspired at Allure by the latest runway trend this summer and sent it to Huda which she sent back samples from her brand and Allure’s editors picked the perfect shade and even tried it on each editor with different skin tones. Hoping this will look good with my light to medium skin tone.
Huda Beauty Classic False Lashes in Samantha: Unfortunately I don’t wear false lashes because I have already nice long lashes and these do damage the natural lash as you wear them. Heck even Jen Luv’s Reviews did go through a situation where she had little lashes due to wearing them. I will give these to someone else since this is not a product I would use and don’t want to waste since someone else can use these more than I can.
Huda Beauty Kaylei Vanilla 28 Perfume: Next is something I do enjoy and that is perfume! When I found out this was coming in this month’s box I was really happy and when I smelled it I fell in love! This was developed by Huda and her sister which I have to take a look into the scent brand since this smells like cake batter with a hint of amber, vanilla orchid, and musk for a sexier blend. I mainly smell the vanilla in this and now I want to get the 50 ML for $65 which is not bad for a smaller size when the bigger one is around $118. Ouch! Hey, I will get this one someday.
Urban Decay Glide On 24/7 Pencil in Zero: This month the item that can be changed around depending on what you answered in a survey with is either this pencil, the Benefit Kabrow, and the Too Faced Hang Over. Somehow the survey made it sound like I wanted the Too Faced primer more instead of this pencil but apparently my answers were put back in order I think and got this out of the three. I have heard good things about these pencils and glad to get one in this box. This is a popular product since it doesn’t tug at the waterline and you can smudge it if you want and does stay put all day so I will see how this works! These pencils do retail for $22.
Oui Dry Texturing Spray: Next is a dry texturing spray from Ouai. I have tried a shampoo and conditioner from this brand all thanks to Mama Gondras but didn’t like the feeling of it since you don’t feel the suds at all and when I heard about this maybe it will be a good try since I did see that this does help limp hair go into full volume. I will see how it goes. This item retails for $26.
Tony Moley Snail Gold 24K Moisturizing Mask: Finally is an item from Tony Moley and that is their snail mask. I have tried a snail mask myself and it feels good and not irritating but with this brand hoping it won’t since I have tried sheet masks from them in the past and enjoyed them. The thing is snail mucen is good for the skin which keeps it cool and moisturized and it contains peptides and antioxidants. This is pretty popular in Korea and their beauty products. This mask is worth $10 and hoping it doesn’t break me out since the other one didn’t!

Well guys, this box was pretty good for what’s it worth. You got an exclusive lipstick, a dry texturizing hair spray, and of course a random product out of three different ones that were being offered. I like that idea and they should keep doing it.Now let’s see what I finished!

Gloss Lip Goss In Clear: First is the the clear lip gloss from last month’s box and I enjoyed it so much! It did feel like a standard gloss on the lips and it great to put on top of a matte lip and did help it stay on the entire work day even though I did have to reapply sometimes.
Moroccan Hair Treatment: I felt like this ran out too fast because of how much of a size they give you. It was not that bad and I don’t think I will purchase it since there are so many products like it on the market.
Au Thermail Water Spray: Even though this was pretty cooling but it’s not something I would gravitate for and plus the price for this thing just makes me jump out of my seat. I did find that this brand is carried on Beautylish so I would say if you are curious then go and check them out.
SGX Three In One Spray: Finally I did finish this spray and didn’t last as much either. It did work as a dry shampoo and a hair spray which was pretty neat. I am not sure about buying the full-size since my Dove dry shampoo works as much as this one.

Well guys that is it for this month’s box. I am glad they collaborated with Huda for this one since her brand is starting to grow on me and have been enjoying her products minus the lashes of course. I will definitely buy from her brand in the future. I hope August brings more awesome products from the editors themselves.

The Book Quadrant: Nemecene: Through Fire & Ice by. Kaz Lefave

Note: Anyone new to anime reading this I am including a clip to Erik Vale’s Kimbley if I can find it.Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with another book review!

Nemecene: Through Fire & Ice by. Kaz Lefave

Disclaimer: This book was requested through NetGalley and was able to get a free copy of and able to read. This review is based on thoughts and opinions from the lead writer of this blog so respect what she has to say and thank you!

As Earth gets hotter every day Elize’s decreasing mental stability brings on new voices that no one not even her buddy Stitch nor her brother Keeto would understand. Within this last episode of the first trilogy of the ten episode series, we get more clues of what’s going on and how Elize is able to see what is going on with Stitch and Keeto tagging along. As each page turns, our three heroes find out new things that Dr. Tenille has handed Elize and the newer counselor so they can find out what had happened to the orphans from the Aldemedina Orphanage and responsible for these happenings.

On top of it, Sothese, the first narrator and new player in this game as the Spiritual Councilman to the Prenam, has his sights on ELize and snakes around anyone who gets in the way to find her as the Pranum’s leadership declines slowly. Will Elize, Keeto, and Stitch be able to keep themselves safe in order to take down whoever is behind the acts taking place in their new home? Will Elize be able to keep herself in control while new clues resurface?

Thoughts: I have to say is that sorry for this taking so long to read? I was trying to read it on my Braille Sense Polaris but due to new Firmware updates it always brought the book back to the beginning so I started reading it on an app that a former co-worker told me about called Natural Read and it worked out very well. It is basically a PDF reading app for your phone and when you encounter any PDF files you can Share it to the app itself. Now onto my thoughts.

I liked this book more than the first two because we get to see more what is going on with Elize and how Keeto is trying to find ways of helping her with Stitch. I felt like this was more of a story about her because of what she was going through with the voices inside her head and it felt like she was taking on her mom’s psychosis all thanks to them. I did like how her personality changed from sweet and innocent to someone who had a major attitude issue and then switched back due to realizing what she was doing or forgetting about it later. This book did show how it was driving her insane even towards the end where things were getting darker for her due to harming herself. I did feel like I was looking in on both Keet and Elize because of how they have grown through each episode and how I felt that this story is starting to shed layers like an onion in what they are going through as each page turned and as each day drew on since this takes on midday for Elize with how she goes through her day of seeing the doctor or the captain characters that she has interacted with about her voices and so on and any clues dealing with their mother while Keeto is late evening with his journal writing to their mother about the day’s events.

While Sothese, on the other hand, in the book description I felt like I was wanting to punch him with how of a…pardon my French…asshole he is! I understand he is important to the story and how he wants to find Elize but how he does it is so creepy! I know there was one challenge where we had to pick a voice or actor for this guy and I chose Erik Vale but using his Kimbley voice from FullMetal Alchemist which makes him sound creepy enough and thought that voice as I read the book on my Braille Sense and on Natural Read. What I found it interesting was how he made Caroline involved with this as a way of luring Keeto into it and who knows maybe with the next episode there may be more to it and Sothese’s plans since we did end the book on a bit of a cliffhanger where he has Elize at last and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Rating: 5 Out of 5 Star Paw Prints! This book is one of the best I’ve read in Sci-Fi so far due to how mysterious it sounds. I found Sothese’s actions creep7y but it does show how he wants to get what he needs and that is by using different people as pawns even if it’s at the risk of his job in the religious unit. ELize is starting to show more of herself even if new voices come to be and how she interacts with them as each day goes on makes it even more interesting and you do get to see her other side by the end of the book where things start getting juicier. While Keeto is trying to figure out more things about Elize that may have been shared between her and their mom since it looks like she may be facing the same fate as her and plus it’s starting to get more interesting to learn that he and Elize may not be human as he thinks. I can’t wait to see what Episode Four has in store for me since I want to see more of what is going on and plus this book series is painting our world as time goes on since we are going through major climate changes. One example, huge wasps nests in Alabama and a tree species dying in Alaska due to Hemlock. Who knows what else is happening in our world and it would add more material to these books I guess.

That is it for this book review. More books to be read reviewed as time goes on since I do have a new Mimi Jean Pamfiloff book coming up to review since I still have my kitty nose in that one. Stay tuned!
Nemecene: Through Fire & Ice