Favorites: March & April 2018

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It is time for favorites!

March & April 2018 Favorites!

Favorite Cosplay: Rarity from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic! First is my favorite moments of Omni Fandom Expo from this year! I always start off any favorites when there is a convention involved in the two months that they are based on! First is my five cosplay to do this one and that is Rarity from My Little Pony! I picked up a tulle dress from Hot Topic and one of them happened to be Flutter Shy while the other being Rarity! I was surprised that so many recognized my costume even though I did get mixed up as Twilight Sparkle, which I wanted her dress but that wasn’t in my size. I also thought I was getting Apple Jack except that order got cancelled which it said my size was in stock but then it wasn’t. Anyways, I did get the wig and the unicorn horn that was on clearance at Hot Topic’s website and it worked out! I did forget my bronzer except my makeup looked fine to people, I wore the Pur My Little Pony Movie pallet which is based on the newer ponies while Colour Pop did their stuff based on the classic ones. I used the shades in Rarity and Generosity alongside Mythical Dreams from Wet N Wild’s Unicorn Glow set, the Infinite Star eyeliner from NYX alongside Pure Society from NYX, Unicorn Heart from Makeup Revolution and Pearlescent Pink from Wet N Wild! I also wore my unicorn earrings from Etsy. I was happy that people loved my cosplay and I do have to fix one of the ears on the horn headband because I had to do that with the horn which it looks like its ripping. I am definitely going to do this costume again because of how many compliments I got as her!

Favorite Find in the Vendor’s Room: Pink Ranger Lunch Box! Something that I found in the vendor’s room that I never would think to find and that is my Pink Ranger lunch box from Mighty Morphen Power Rangers! I wished I had this when I was young since that is how I got into Power Rangers like any kid! Trust me I wanted to see the movie when I was a kid in the theaters. I would so take this with me with my food during Ranger Stop if we do press this year because I would be having fun if someone catches me with this. Plus, the price was hard to give it up for because it was only $5 when something like this would be around $14 at Hot Topic. Knowing Gondras would probably guilt trip if I didn’t buy it either because you can’t find this as much as you could back in the 1990s!

Best Interview: With Derek Steven Prince! Reason why is that not only we had an hour but I feel like this has been one of my best interviews I’ve done. I was able to learn a lot about a voice actor and even was surprised that his first role was on Power Rangers, hey Ranger Stop, get him! Get him! Even with the actor who played Divatox, you could have so much fun! Also, you get pretty good advice on top of it if you want to get into voice acting. I did mention in the Paul St. Peter panel post that every actor has different advice to get into the voice acting business and this will be a nice learning experience from our interview with him.

Most Favorite Moment: Being Brought Up Front by No Ordinary Balloon Man at His Panel! I had to mention this because it was the most touching moment of all time. I will never forget this and having my badge on my wall was one reason why I have it there and that was when I brought up by Bruce during his Twisting up the Odds panel. I did help him with re-creating a penguin he made for a kid that had the same disability as him and also blind and it shows that I was seen as an inspiration to him and everyone else in the room because I’ve overcame a lot of obstacles like he has in life except it was with blindness and that was even harder. All thanks to this moment, I did write an article for the Braille Monitor which is NFB’s newsletter that comes out every month. I’m a member and also a board member for the Central Florida Chapter and one thing is to be a self-advocate and my representation of the blindness community at these conventions doing press is one of those things. I can’t wait to see if my article about this moment ends up in May’s newsletter. In the meantime, this is still my favorite moment!

Favorite Event: This Year’s Script Reading! This year’s script reading was one of the most entertaining since there were a lot more guests to play with and more scripts to have. It was entertaining to see everyone read the two Guardians 2 scripts even with the part where Groot had to bring back Yandu’s fin and you had Derek doing his VImpmon voice for Yandu which kind of matches and Josh as Rocket Raccoon. Even though Josh as the typical Jewish mom for the Fifth Element was awesome too! I did almost yell out, “Think of your character from Mad Bull 34!” For doing Rocket or was it something else. Why? In that anime, he did have a New York accent and I would say watch Bennet the Sage’s Anime Abandoned episode for the clip.


Brush Set: The Unicorn Brushes from Black Beauty! First is a brush set and I loved the brushes that Hot Topic’s Black Heart Beauty brand came out with because they are nice and soft! You get four and they include a contour brush, a blush brush, an all-over eye shadow brush, and a liner brush! All of them perform beautifully but I think the eye shadow brush should’ve been made with more bristles because I felt like it was a bit flimsy when it applied eye shadow. To me the other brushes were very well made and performed awesome!

New Shadow Pallet: Urban Decay Petite Heat! I know I won’t shut up about the Naked Heat and now it’s the Petite Heat! I was on the fence of getting this since it included matte shades that weren’t in the Naked Heat and one shade that should’ve been in the original and that is the orange shade in this one. Yeah, there is the terra cotta shade in the original but would have a better balance with the orange and I can see why I can pair this one with the original and it worked out!

Favorite Re-Discovered Item: NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams! Well, I finally got these again since NYX did send me the email about items that will be gone once sold out and I got a set of the Soft Matte Lip Creams. It’s been forever since I had these in my lip drawer and never re-purchased over time. I always loved Milan and want to get that again since it looked so good on me and I noticed they released more shades even San Juan since I’m Puerto Rican I may need to get that one too and the color even sounds pretty. These are five re-discovery.

New Skin Care: Clearasil Acne Protection Face Wash and Stubborn Acne Pads! Recently, I switched my face wash and facial cleaning pads to the Clearasil brand because I was running low and was in Target with my dad and tried to find my Stridex ones since I was getting my five Hydro Touch primer and Target is the only other store besides CVS that carries NYX. So, since they didn’t have Stridex, I decided to check out Clearasil and remembered how this brand has been around since my middle school days and fell in love with the facial wash sample I got and tried to get my mom to buy me that specific one and she wouldn’t listen to me! She always pushed using soap as my face wash and it made my skin dry over time. Then I remembered it was either my brother or my nephew leaving a container of the facial pads and loved those, they were the ones that exfoliate only not the ones I got and used Stridex afterwards. I noticed my face was not recovering over time as much as I hoped and when my dad read out Acne Protection and Prevention on the face wash that got me interested because there are times where I do get my zits show up and then what got me sold to have Clearasil for real was the facial pads which read, “Gets rid of stubborn acne!” Yes, they were $8 each but they always say pay a little more for skin care because you have one skin so take care of it. I’m not talking about going Sunday Riley prices but these two things so far do work. Starting to at least because the little pads are exfoliating my face which you have a rough side and a smooth side and I first exfoliate and then use the smooth side to calm everything down and I feel like the little bumps that don’t want to leave are starting to come up and reduce a little, it will take time which all skin care does for most people and I will update in due time to see if it’s still working. I do love the clean smell that both give off! Oh right, the face wash, it’s not so harsh like the Clean & Clear, it’s just a creamy wash and it also smells nice! Let’s see how well it goes!

Book: The Ballad of Huck & Miguel! Next is five book and I give it to The Ballad of Huck & Miguel because it was a modern twist to the classic by Mark Twain and when I sent Tim DeRoche the review he was surprised I never read the classic but this gives you a newer idea of that tale. I loved it and didn’t want to close Kindle at all while reading this.

Songs: It’s that time again! Time for my favorite songs!

1. “I Want It That Way” by. Backstreet Boys! First song on my top five is from my pop roots and that is “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys. I was a fan when I was younger and since I had them in my head for the longest time it was time to give them another listen. It felt good to listen to their music again because it brought me back so many memories and I did go to see them when they toured with the Black & Blue album which was the last album before they went on hiatus. I did hear how Kevin left the band which I remembered hearing one of their latest songs on I Heart and it’s not bad but this song has brought so many memories and I’m able to sing along with to this day. Nineteen years I can still sing it!
2. “Crossing Fields” cover by. Jonathan Young! Next is another cover I love by Jonathan Young and that is the cover of the first theme song from Sword Art Online. I loved this song when I first saw SAO when it was just subbed and when I heard the English translated cover I was happy. At first I heard a girl do it, not sure who it was but it sounded good until I heard Jonathan Young’s version and loved it even more! I did get it on ITunes for my phone playlist.
3. “Re: Re:” by. Asian Kung Fu Generation! Yay! I’m back to my Japanese music roots since I rarely mention any artists from Japan on these lists. I think it’s because there haven’t been many new songs coming out and Gendou hasn’t been updating as much. There is one song I was happy about that was used for the anime Erased and that’s “Re: Re:” by Asian Kung Fu Generation. I remembered first hearing this song back in 2006 on their Solfa album and wondered what it was called for the longest time until we saw the anime Erased in the viewing rooms at Omni 2016. When Gondras told me the title, it did make sense that it got its title since it’s like a response to love in time since in the translated versions we tend to hear starts with “I’ve waited for you! I’ve waited for you!” And makes sense for the anime due to the time travel that takes place. This is an amazing song and glad that they did a re-recording for the 2016 version of the album and knowing that I will be getting it onto my phone at some point.
4. “History Maker” from Yuri!! On Ice! Knowing that Vivi is reading this and might get it in her head. So, I’ve been getting “History Maker” in my head ever since I started watching Yuri!!! On Ice with the girls on our Galantine’s Date and I do sing along with it time to time too when I ever listen to Nate Wants to Battle’s version and Pellock’s version, which I prefer his version more due to how pretty it sounds with the guitars and the rest of the instrumentation. The reason why I also love this song is that it does have a great message along with it because since I’ve been working on my Grad application I have been having this song in my head due to how I want to follow my dream of becoming an A. T. Specialist and I do agree with the lyric, “We are born to make history!” Because we are the only ones to make history happen not anyone else when it comes to what we want to do and that’s how I felt when I re-wrote my essay which I need to Spell Check it and the song was also in my head even at the point where I mentioned that I felt regret for not going and finishing the original Minor I wanted to do. If you have the time, I would suggest the full version of this song and give it a good listen to on repeat, it’s a really good song!
5. “A Rose for Epona” by. Iluvuti! Finally, I’m listening to this song because it’s always in my head as of late! I heard of this band while watching a Pastel Goth tutorial which had no voice over to it but let the music play. They’re pretty much Celtic Metal kind of like how I put seven dust under Southern Metal, Iluvuti is Celtic Metal and they do it so well too! This is the prettiest song for a metal song and sometimes makes me think of Fairy Tail since they do River Dance music mixed with metal in that series and same with Seven Deadly Sins. I did have another song from these guys in mind but this song seems to stick with me! Maybe that other one will be on the next list, you will never know!
Well, that is it for this list. I know it wasn’t much because I was really wearing the same kind of cosmetics to my customer service training courses and hardly any room to try new things. Hoping I will have new favorites in the next two months. What is next? Will be reviewing a new app I have been trying out by Microsoft! So, stay tuned!


Beauty: I Copied a ThatGirlSheaXO’s Look!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back Nerdy Shique Universe! Today, I bring you another video!

I Copied a ThatgirlsheaXO Tutorial!

Since they have been popular lately, people have been doing videos where they copied a YouTuber’s tutorial or makeup look. I did and that’s Jacob, an Australian YouTuber, where I used my Ulta Be Gorgeous set along with the Sweet Tea bronzer from the Swamp Queen Face & Eye Pallet by Tarte since I didn’t have the Balme’s Nude Beach pallet. This time I did a look by ThatgirlsheaXO since I’m subscribed to her like with Jacob and I had something that she has for this look.

The look I copied was a recent one where she used the Urban Decay Naked Heat Pallet. It’s a smoky look that was inspired by Chinese Food she ate recently and it was pretty interesting when you look at it. It was fun doing the eyes since I rarely do my bottom lash line and I used a purple liner like she had when I usually use Rust from NYX’s Jumbo Eye Pencil collection. I also found it interesting with the liquid and powder highlight in one use for the cheeks since she was worried at first since a lot of people say don’t use a liquid/cream on top of powder but I sometimes do use it on top of a powder blush anyways or use a blush stick anyways. There’s no real rules in makeup since once that setting spray goes on then it melts into the skin. It did turn out pretty well! What did I use?

Eyes: Naked Heat Shadow PalletthatgirlsheaXO’s Channel!

Ulta Gel Pencil in Plum (From the Be Gorgeous Set)

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

MAC Mineralized Blush in Gleeful

Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer

NYX Liquid Illuminizer in Gleam

Wet N Wild Mega Glow Pallet with the silvery highlight

Well, that’s it for this post! Make sure you follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique for all of the latest updates! Next post will be my favorites for March and April!

PS I also added Shea’s Channel Link for you all!

Beauty: Final Coastal Scents Revealed Look: Using All Of the Pallets!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Now time for another look!

Coastal Scents Revealed Series: Using All Five Pallets!

So, today marks the final video in my Revealed pallet series! I used shades from all five pallets which made an interesting look to say the least. I did also use the Ten Blush Pallet Number 1 which did add onto the use of my Coastal Scents items. I’m not sponsored by them but I am an affiliate which you can find that link on the Affiliates page here and in the Description if you watch the video on YouTube!

Well, that is it for this post! Stay tuned for our next Omni Fandom Expo video and on top of that the next book review from our fave author, Mimi Jean Pamfiloff! Until next time!

Beauty: Beauty Products I Would Replace If THey Were Gone After A Convention!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Time for a fun post!

Ten Makeup Products I Would Buy If Everything Vanishes!

So, today’s new beauty post is something I saw all thanks to Emily Noel and now Jessica Braun did a videos on and that is what if you were somewhere with a hotel, like a convention for example and the next day your makeup is stolen! Like the cleaning staff sees your beloved Urban Decay pallet and steals it or a roomie takes your makeup case by accident and you have to buy your top ten items over again! Here are my ten items I would purchase again and it would be based on what I use! Let’s see what I have to say!

1. NYX Hydro Touch Face Primer: I’ve been using this primer a lot because I love how it keeps my face moisturized while wearing my makeup and makes my foundation application a lot smoother than before. It doesn’t feel dry when I put it on like the L’Oréal Magic Face Base.
2. NYX White Eye Base: I love this stuff and has been my favorite so far and see why this is a great base for my eyes. I do have to set it after rubbing it and it’s also creamy and one thing is be careful not to go overboard because it can slide a little bit. I would suggest using a brush when putting it on!
3. Maybelline Monoid Eye Shadow in Vanilla: Next is my eye shadow set shade and that is Vanilla from Maybelline’s Monoid Shadow line. This is very matte and it holds my eye base in place! It’s not that expensive like most shadows and it is great and does last you for months with the amount of shadow in the pan.
4. Essence Lash and Brow Gel: A brow product if it was stolen and need to have it in a quick and can only spend $2 on my brow product and that is the Essence Brow and Lash Gel in clear! I love using this as a base for my brow pomade from NYX but other times I tend to just use its own and it makes my brows tamed.
5. Urban Decay Naked Heat! If I were to replace an eye shadow pallet if it was stolen it would be the Naked Heat by Urban Decay! I would travel with Petite Heat but I would have the actual pallet if I wanted to go out for a night with Gondras or if I were to be a guest it would be my number one pallet to wear. I have to keep my paws away from this pallet since I’m addicted to it especially with the Petite Heat now.
6. L’Oréal Voluminous Miss Manga! If I had a mascara stolen, I would replace the Miss Manga! This is my Holy Grail mascara and it has been my trustiest of them all because of how nice it makes my lashes look and I feel like an anime character wearing this one. I almost thought about Perversion from Urban Decay but this one has been my all-time favorite for the most part.
7. NYX Concealer in a Pot in Light & Green! I know it might be cheating but the concealers from NYX are now my newest faves! I know I have been using the one from Almay but these work a lot better and also a lot cheaper in my opinion, plus you get to see the product being used up more than the concealer wands since that can be a hassle and it doesn’t drip as much.
8. Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation in Buff Bisque! I just bought my second bottle of this foundation because I started loving it a lot! I know if this was taken by someone during a con I know a Walgreens would be nearby to get another bottle of this foundation. Plus, my shade was matched perfectly in this range because my skin is normally hard to match a foundation with because it’s so warm and Buff Bisque is the only one to match along with the Warm Beige powder.
9. Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer! If this was stolen from my makeup case I would probably cry because I love this thing so much! I know whoever will take this will also love it since it is kind of pricey in the drugstore but it’s worth the $15 for it due to how well it blends, how nice its pigmentation is, and it does smell good!
10. MAC Blush in Warm Soul! If I had to replace a blush I think I would have to replace my blush in Warm Soul by MAC the most! I do love my Dainty and Gleeful but this one has been one I reached for the past month and a half because of how pretty it is and it is the most natural blush you’ll ever get. I heard Wet N Wild’s Apricot in the Middle is also nice but if I end up running into the closest MAC after finding this gone in the morning it will be the first blush I will run to!
Runner Ups: I know there are times where runner ups can be mentioned!

1. Milani Baked Blush in Berry Amore: I’ve been using this blush for a few cosplays now and can see why I loved it so much! It’s a pretty berry color on the cheeks and it’s not so dark either. It just gives a pretty shade to the cheeks!
2. Makeup Revolution’s Unicorn Heart Highlight: I would be upset to find this is stolen if I were to be doing Rarity as one of my cosplays and someone snatches it due to its packaging.
3. NYX’s Dreamcatcher Pallet in Dusk to Dawn: I love this pallet a lot like the other two but this one is my most loved out of them since I can do a quick and easy neutral eye with it!
4. Too Faced Chocolate Bonbons Pallet: If this was stolen for its chocolate scent I would probably cry too!
5. Urban Decay Perversion: I love this mascara and I think it’s my number two favorite in my fave mascaras because this gives my lashes an amazing curl and goes with all of my Urban Decay pallets I own!
Well guys that is it for this post! I had fun doing this one since it gives you a perspective on what makeup products I would replace if they were taken! If that were to happen, I would have a Rarity overload reaction since makeup is my favorite thing to be creative with and would be super upset if some of my favorite things were taken, especially my Urban Decay Naked Heat if that were to be taken by someone. So, if you want to do this as a post or video, I would like to see what would you replace if someone stole your makeup during a convention or vacation or just broke into your place and did it? We all have different tastes!

What is next? Well be waiting on our Paul St. Peter video to be edited so stay tuned!

Beauty: Brands That Can Do Better!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Today, I feel like doing something different and it’s inspired by Jen Luv’s Reviews!

My Advice to Makeup Brands!

Disclaimer: I know I’m a blind blogger but I do have my own advice towards brands and please respect my advice and opinion.

So, I was watching one video where Jen talked about some brands should do some things better and she mentioned Too Faced, Kat Von D, Benefit, and NYX and found that her video was very informative and feel like I should do something similar since I have some things that I need to give on. If you’re a brand reading this or any of the ones I mentioned, this is something that will HELP you and how it can BENEFIT you in making better products or better formulas later on because we’re your customers and want to spend our money on your items and keep on doing so. Here is what I have to give.

Too Faced: Push Back Releases until They’re Ready! Jen says that she’s peached out by Too Faced and I don’t have any of the peach pallets but I do have the ever popular Chocolate Bars except for the Golden one, which is a MIGHT PURCHASE at the moment, the Merry Macarons set, the New York Café Set, and the Power of Makeup pallet that Nikki Tutorials has released with them. I know you’re wondering, “Why did I get the Power of Makeup?” Well, I am a Nikki fan and I understand that it wasn’t as pigmented and this leads into that. To me, Too Faced should push back any collabs or new releases until they’re ready! As in, make sure that the pigmentation of their products are ready to be released and improve products as time goes on due to the final product being the most important of them all especially in their eye shadow pallets. I’ve seen reviews of some of the pallets where some of the shades aren’t as pigmented and one example where people had some problems happened to be not only the Nikki pallet but the Too Faced side of the collab with Kat Von D. I understand that Too Faced wants to get their stuff out there but rushing the release can mess up with how things turn out. I did hear the Candee Johnson collab was successful which I want to see that continue with other items that Too Faced come out with.
Kat Von D: Keep Things Permanent and Make Unique collabs! We know her for her awesome tattoo work and unique package designs but there is some advice I want to give Kat Von D and that is making collabs unique. Yes, the Divine collab was pretty unique which contained eye shadow shades that were different but the latest collab with Green Day was something that made me not want to get. I love Green Day but as I mentioned in the last Anti-Haul is that it’s a regular black liner with different packaging. I would buy this if it was something different but Kat you can do better especially for the artwork you’re known for. I love the liquid lipsticks and the Studded Kiss lipsticks and those were unique, I wished the Green Day collab could’ve been better as a pallet and can name the shadows after songs where “Basket Case” came from or after her fave songs on their album or elements of Green Day like with Gwen Stefani did with her pallet that Urban Decay made. Another thing is that I have to agree with Jen is that the limited edition items should be kept as permanent. I am kicking myself for not getting the Metal Mattes and didn’t get a chance to get the Pastel Goth pallet either. I’ve heard great things about the Pastel Goth pallet and sad that it wasn’t around for longer than a month or so. These two should be brought back and stay permanent and not only that for any new releases should be kept permanent because it feels like anything that is new is always limited edition except for the collabs, we would understand those being limited but something like the Serpentina pallet or the Saint & Sinner pallet they should be on the permanent line and if keeping doing limited edition stuff would make you run out of ideas a little too quickly.
Tarte: Make Unique Shadow Colors! Remember how Tarte made that April fool’s Joke this year and it back fired on them? Well, it shows how much of a response people have given them because the pallet was featuring unique shades than neutral ones. It seems like ever since after the success of Bunny’s pallet they went back to the same old neutral pallets. I do love neutral pallets but there are times where I do like how pallets do add other shades to balance them out like with the Ulta sets last year where they not only had your usual neutral shades and smoky colors but also added color so you can create many looks with them. It goes the same with Urban Decay with Naked Smoky, Naked Heat, and of course the Naked Ultimate Basics and even the Gwen Stefani pallet from two years ago. Now that Tarte did Toasted for their Tartlet series it was a repeat of the Naked Heat and did remember seeing someone do which one is better or you should buy, in my gut I went with Naked Heat because the pallet was unique with the reds and wanted to play with red a little more after using the reds in Be Gorgeous. It feels like Tarte has been repeating shades for a while and it happened with their Mermaid pallet which you do have the metallic shades but it is pretty much the same shades like in the Beauty Treasures pallet from Ulta which came with the Beauty Treasures set last Christmas. Sorry Tarte but you need to make unique shades again like with the Swamp Queen pallet and I know you can do it! It’s not hard! It’s becoming too repetitive! Even release the April Fools pallet!
Colour Pop: Re-formulate the Liquid Lipsticks! I felt like including Colour Pop and I feel like this is a bit important as advice and that is formulate the liquid lipsticks. I love the lip products especially with the Lux Lipsticks but their liquid lipsticks need to be re-formulated! I want to love these but I have an issue where they run all over my face. I even tried using Ribbon from their Hello Kitty collection on top of the E. L. F. Lip Primer and it still ran all over my lips! I had to toss it despite the packaging! I think the formula is WAY too thin! It needs to be thicker in order to keep it from running. I know other people have some luck but not me since this is a complete mess and won’t buy another liquid lipstick until it’s fixed.


Too Faced, NYX, and Colour Pop: Slow Down On New Releases! I know what you’re thinking, “What do you mean?” I feel like NYX, Too Faced, and Colour Pop are doing too many releases all at once! It’s like one month you have one collection coming out and then another comes out within two months. Not only has that, in NYX’s and Colour Pop’s part, too much come out all at once! As in, I feel like too many eye shadow items that Colour Pop has also made and released which makes it harder to choose what I want. I like the idea that these companies come out with items but it becomes harder to choose who to buy from! I noticed how NYX added new ranges to the Lip Lingerie and Colour Pop had doing new seasonal and limited edition items almost every month! Too Faced just does too much in one year and they might be slowing down but watch they may speed up.

Well, that’s it for my advice to brands. I didn’t want to say anything about Benefit like Jen but they will still release the same old stuff. At least I touched upon the brands that need it more. If you notice some brands doing some things that need advice, just comment it down below.

What’s next? We’re about to get the Paul St. Peter panel from Omni this year edited so stay tuned for that! Until next time!

Beauty: Anti-Haul 3!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I am back with another post and this time it’s another anti-haul!

Disclaimer: This post is based on my thoughts & opinions! Please respect my thoughts about the products and how I feel about them!

What Am I Not Buying This Time?

Well, it’s that time of year where things come out like crazy and pushing the new releases, let’s see what I got this time!

Wet N Wild Gothographic Collection: I know spring is almost over and summer is right around the corner, especially for us in Florida but this collection has not gotten my interest at all and that is the GothoGraphic collection by Wet N Wild. I know I bought all three season releases last year but this one…it feels like it repeated what you have gotten in the Midnight Mermaid collection. I know I wanted to see more of the metallic Cat Suits and the eyeliners but I feel like some of the items have been repeated in this collection and not only that it is mostly pastel. I know there is Pastel Goth especially with Kat Von D’s stuff except this collection didn’t really caught my eye or ears as much. I usually become really interested with new stuff that Wet N Wild comes out except this one wasn’t one of them.
Kat Von D Collab With Green Day: Another item is the Basket Case eyeliner from Kat Von D in collar with Billy Joel of Green Day. There is one thing I have to say that makes me want to get it: IT’S BLACK! It’s a normal black eyeliner! If I were to get this it is just for the packaging alone. Sorry Kat, I can’t get it despite my love for Green Day. If it was a different and unique color that I can’t find at Walgreens or Target then maybe, MAYBE! This one, no. I think she should collab with other bands or something because I have seen more unique items made with other band collabs, I mean even Avril Lavigne came out with perfumes. Again, no.
Too Faced Natural Collection: Another thing from Too Faced is on this list of things I don’t want to buy and that is the newest release from Too Faced and that is their Natural Collection. They not only re-released the Natural Eyes Pallet but with newer shades, formula, and packaging but to me it feels to repetitive. I know I heard people hated the original Natural Eyes pallet due to how the formula was not as good and yet again, Jared, need to slow down and check your formula! Maybe I should take a page from Jen Luv’s book and do “Message to the Makeup Companies” because I feel like they need my take. Anyways, great for them that they wanted to apologize for the screw up with the Natural Eyes pallet but here is the thing, we can get neutral pallets everywhere now! I mean we still have all of the naked pallets from Urban Decay, which I am still collecting, the Revealed pallets from Coastal Scents especially the new Revealed Matte, Kat Von D’s Shade & Light, Makeup Revolution’s Light & Shade, even E. L. F. with the Mad for Matte pallets. As in, we can go everywhere for these things! I did hear they did release new blushes and highlights with Emily Noel’s video but still I can go and get these things at drugstores and other prestige brands.
Fenty Glitter Puff: Here is something that gives me a “WTF?” Fenty is out of my price range when it comes to makeup related things but this announcement made me put it on the list and that is the Glitter Puff from Fenty. It’s basically a big powder puff with glitter and you cover your body with it. Okay, to me this concept sounded cute at first when Beauty News talked about it but at the same time if I want to glitz myself up, I would just get glitter powder and dunk a small loofa and pat it on my body and that’s it. I don’t need a fancy little poof ball to do it for me and who knows how long will that last for people. Or just get that regular body glitter or the NYX Roll on Glitter and your set!
Steela Glitter & Glow Shadow: When I heard about these I was thinking that I still have my Wet N Wild Metallic Shadows because they pretty work the same way except the best results with WNW is putting it on top of a powder shadow. To me liquid metallic shadows are a tricky thing to work with because they can come out patchy like crazy. I do hear good things about Pur’s Eye Polishes and Steela’s Magnificent Metals collections but to me I’d rather get the WNW ones or just do what most people do and that is use a glitter adhesive from NYX and stick on glitter that way.
Laura Lee & Morphe Favorite Brushes Collection: Okay, another YouTuber collab with Morphe and that is with their brushes. Laura Lee is releasing a brush collection called “My Fave Brushes” like with Jacklyn Hill. I think she has the same favorite brushes if I’m correct as Jacklyn and I feel like if that is so then you would probably get a repeat with special packaging. To me, if I want some of their favorite brushes, I would just get the singles or get dupes of them since you can get brushes for cheap on their own. Heck, I did do a post on here about better brush brands than Kiley’s brushes since we already remembered those. Plus, these are supposed to retail for $50 or so and again you can get cheaper brushes everywhere else, heck when I was watching Rich Lux’s video on this set he mentioned someone got a 15 brush set from BH Cosmetics for around $10. You can get brushes from Coastal Scents in that price range and they do a lot of sales every week!
Tarte Mermaid Collection: I know this brand has been in major hot water but the Mermaid Collection doesn’t appeal to me. I like Tarte’s blushes and the Swamp Queen pallet but some of their items don’t appeal to me as much. Their Lights Camera Lashes mascara is okay except I can get really good mascaras from the drugstore, I do love my Urban Decay Perversion the most out of the high end area of makeup. And of course people compared the Toasted pallet to the Naked Heat except some people did have some shadow pigmentation issues from some tutorials I’ve seen. I’m wishing they did release that April Fool’s pallet because that got a lot of attention and people wanted it because it was a break away from all of the neutral and warm toned shadows that Tarte has released already over and over. Is it me or do they wait until Christmas to break out of the neutral tones? Tarte, you need to really step it up. I did just look at the shadow shades and I feel like I’m looking at my Beauty Treasures Eye Shadow Pallet because that pallet has all the shades like the teals, one taupe for their ocean-like color shades except the rose gold one and Burgundy one. I still feel like it is too neutral even in the metallic, again Tarte step out of the box a little, you made Swamp Queen which had more oranges, a rose gold, and purples why not expand that? Now I want that April fool’s one.

Well, that is it for this anti-haul! I did have a bit of a hard time and realized these things were coming out or are out. I will do that Message to Makeup Brands so you guys can see what I have to say!

Beauty: Coastal Scents Revealed Palllet Look and Project Pan Update!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Another Coastal Scents look and an update on Project Pan!

Coastal Scents Revealed Pallet Look!

First is my newest look in the Coastal Scents Revealed Series! I think I did do the look on Revealed 2 last time since I did find my Revealed 2 still on my makeup drawer setup. I hope it was and if it wasn’t, I will be doing a look next incorporating shades from all five so stay tuned for that! Also, the good news is that I found my Soft Spoken Blush from NYX since I was looking for it for the longest time! It was with my printer paper for some reason, I don’t know how it got there but it was there. I did mean to use Pin Up by Hard Candy but that blush is now lost. At least I got to use Soft Spoken again since I loved it a lot and glad that it is back for good. Funny thing was I almost bought another since NYX was doing a special where a lot of their holiday items were put on sale with other items and I didn’t get another and glad to find it but I did get the Green Concealer from the Concealer Jar line which I loved and this is my second time buying it. I can see why it is a great pick for green correcting concealers and I do have two stubborn spots at the moment and had to switch my skin care. I also got another Matte Lipstick in Nude because mine was expired and I started loving the Matte Lipsticks again and I like them more than the Butter ones. And for the items from the sale I got the Intense Butter Gloss Set and the Soft Matte Lip Cream Set in the remaining ones left. I was noticing that a lot of items were sold out and glad to get these! What I put in as a note in the video description is that there was one Lip Cream called Swiss Manifest and I know they are usually after cities and thought it was a city and saw it wasn’t. I am not sure if it is supposed to be Stockholm or another Swiss city. It is a brown nude. Anyways, it has been forever that I got any of the Butter Glosses, when the Intense line came out and went to Ulta they were already sold out in most of the colors so best to wait a while for them. While the Soft Matte Lip Creams, I always loved Milan, heck my mom loved it on me and I got her one once in that shade, and I missed them so much. Glad to get it then. So, yes, I know I rambled but wanted to add that! Next will be the all of the pallet line look!

Project Pan Update!

I haven’t done an update at all lately but it’s time to do one! The good news is that I finished all three of my Revlon Primer + Shadow pallets in Bohemian, Metropolitan, and Advant Gard and man it was easy for me to finish them up! I know Ulta’s website only carried four or five at the moment but Revlon hasn’t been on YouTube or anywhere as much since some of their newer stuff I’ve been hearing hasn’t been as great. I do enjoy the Super Lusterous Lipsticks I have in Fuschia Shock and Iced Mocha, I should try to finish those up since they are old, I think you can still get them since Gwen Stefani promoted them a while back. Wait! They are still around! I may have to get more since it’s been forever and some colors caught my cat ears! I also have gotten one of their gel lippies and one of their liquid matte lips. Also their So Lengthy Mascara which I do enjoy! And I think one of their highlights too. Anyways, glad to pan those three since I did love them but you have to pack them on a lot to get any color pay off which I read people had a hard time with. I don’t get why with the lip products Revlon does they do amazing jobs but their shadows are either a hit or a major miss! Sorry Revlon, oh right, their nail polishes are also amazing!

I did finish some perfumes in the past and one included my bottle of Burberry Britt! I had a back up bottle of it and glad it’s done and now into my newest bottle! I love this perfume and everyone else does too because it is a vanilla spice scent and people in Daytona knew it was me when I wore it! Another perfume was Versacci Femme, not sure if I did mention this one but I did finally finish it and it took forever to do and knew I was finishing it up anyways! I think I will be adding my Lush perfumes to this if I can get them done because they are old and the ones I have are from their holiday sale they have done for years and stopped doing which makes me sad, I have Snow Showers, Ponche, and Cream Candy and also Black Pearl somewhere. I wish they kept doing the perfume sale because I wanted to get the Twilight perfume so badly! Oh well! Those are in my project pan and of course Nicole by Nicole Richey! This perfume was a major want years ago around 2012 and loved it but the bottle! The bottle is hard to spray anything with! I don’t get who designed the bottle it’s too hard to spray despite how pretty it looks. I need to put it in an atomizer to finish it up. I do love the smell though!

Speaking of add ons, I am adding to the project all of my Wet N Wild pallets I have purchased from 2012 until now because Wet N Wild has done a revamp on their eye shadow pallets by discontinuing the trios which I’m sad due to how much I love Steel My Thunder which is the silver trio, Petal Pusher which is my fave purple eight pan, and Blue Had Me At Hello! This will include those two, Shimmer the Night Away, Flirting At the Party, Walking the Red Carpet, Walking On Eggshells in the old packaging, and all of the five pans I have, and the Spring collection trios, and Retro and Cloud 9 from the trios. So, goodbye when they are done! It would be fair to get the newer ones since during Galentine’s Day this year we did a gift thing and I got the gift Vivi bought and it was one of the new ten pan pallets in the peachy one. I do like it so far and Walking On Eggshells is now a quad which that is now what they did with the trios, they are quads which is pretty cool! So must finish those old ones!

I did finish Electric Slide from Colour Pop which happened during my And That’s Jacob look and that took a long time but hey I got to hit pan! I still have ways to go on other products like my Disney Villains pallets from E. L. F., didn’t touch One Night in Morrocco lately. I decided not to add my only Maybelline quad since there are no dents in it. And I added my Avon green trio to my professional makeup items since that is very matte and I do have two things it goes with for any professional looks. Oh right! During this time, I also finished up my Naked 2 Basics because I bought a newer one two years ago and that thing had so much shadow that it was hard to finish even if one is completely dust. Don’t worry, I am using the newer one.

Well, that’s it for this post! I will update on the Project Pan when I get around to the next update of stuff! So, next time will be having a super special treat for you all so stay tuned!

Beauty: Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Look!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Time for another look in my Coastal Scents Look Series!

Revealed 2!

Another Revealed pallet since so far I have done Smoky, Matte, and 3 and now it’s time for 2! I got this pallet through BoxyCharm when I used to be subscribed and it’s apparently a bestselling pallet on Coastal Scents! This is supposed to be like the Naked 2 pallet by Urban Decay and I can see why since it does have the slightly smoky bits to it. I do love this pallet and glad to pull it out again. I did use my Spoon highlight from Colour Pop and lovin’ it!

Since this video went up, I did fill out the press form for Anime Festival Orlando 2018 and hoping to get it this year because after 2015 it is time to re-build that bridge and reach out since I did say after Omni that I have confidence again in getting more press opportunities. I’m still trying to reach out to Ranger Stop since we did interview Power Ranger voice actor alum Derek Steven Prince and two of the Dino Thunder Rangers in the past, I would like to interview more Power Ranger guests since we are fans of the series itself. 2018 is all about expanding so keeping our fingers crossed, sent our Press Kit even to show that we have been at this for a long while. So, wish us luck everyone!

That is it for this post! I hope you all who celebrate it a Happy Easter and enjoy all the food and desserts and even making makeup looks based on the holiday colors, which I will be and it will be on Instagram, and stay tuned for any book reviews, hoping more Omni coverage, and next weekend will be the last two Revealed Looks with Revealed 1 and colors from all five!

Beauty: Coastal Scents Revealed 3 Look!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe and I’m back with another Coastal Scents look!

Revealed 3!

Now to continue my Revealed Look series and it’s with the Revealed 3 pallet! I am so sorry for not getting this up on Sunday because my camera decided to record a minute videos somehow. I hate it when this happens because it did happen before and it caused me to use my Android tablet’s camera but that only records ten to fifteen minutes at a time which kind of sucks. That is why I rather use the IPhone camera since it records more than that and only does it on a good day. I hope Samsung fixes that recording issue since there are times where people love to use the camera to record things. Anyways, another thing is that in my original look I tried using a Bare Minerals bronzer that Gondras’ mom gave me during Omni and well it turned up super dark on my face and my mom noticed. I had to toss it and I was warned it was going to do that. Bare Minerals, if you make a warm bronzer it is not that dark for the shade warm, just saying. I did use my Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer in Light along with the Milani Blush in Berry Amore in this one. I almost used Spoon from Colour Pop but realized I already had a highlight I wanted to use and that was Boozy Brunch from Wet N Wild so I will be using Spoon with my Revealed 2 look tomorrow. So stay tuned for that one!

That’s it for this look and stay tuned for Revealed 2! And news about the Omni coverage, I am still waiting for the videos to be uploaded since Gondras still has them. I did text him this morning because it’s almost April. Sorry about that guys I am working on it. So stay tuned and follow us on Twitter!

Beauty: Look with the Coastal Scents Revealed Smoky Pallet!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Time for another look from the Coastal Scents series!

Revealed Smoky!

So, next in the Revealed pallets is the Revealed Smoky from Coastal Scents! This pallet is a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Smoky which was discontinued a year ago, which was a sad time for all of us Naked lovers. Apparently there weren’t enough sales for Naked Smoky over time so it was discontinued. I still have mine and this one which unlike Naked Smoky it has twenty shades to choose from and the shades do blend very well. Some people found it is not as pigmented as the others which to me it did come out pretty pigmented and did enjoy it. I got mine through BoxyCharm when they had it in the January 2016 box where they did nothing but eyes that month like with Ipsy and this was a great treasure to have. I did use the Milani Romantic Rose blush since I love rosy blushes with a smoky look, the Lilac to Reality highlight that Wet N Wild released last spring, and my Makeup Revolution Bronzer that is meant for light-medium skin types.

Stay tuned for my look with Revealed 3 coming up tomorrow where I get to play with some purple tones! Make sure you follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique for all of the latest updates!