Bests & Worsts of 2017!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Happy New Year all and it is time for the Bests & Worsts of 2017! Man, this was a fast year and man I have things to say in both the Bests and Worsts!

Disclaimer: This list is based on thoughts and opinions and observations of what took place this year! Please respect with what I thought and thank you!


Interview: Chris Rager and Josh Martin from Omni Expo 2017! Man, this year was a lot of drama when it came to interviews but I feel like I had to mention one in this category and that is my interview with Chris Rager, who voiced Hercule Satan, and Josh Martin, who voice Magen Boo, from DBZ. This was the second duo interview we’ve ever done in the NSU past since we have done it with the Dino Thunder rangers at Omni 2016 and when I found out that Chris Rager and Josh Martin were going to be guests this past year I thought to ask Gondras to see about doing another duo interview since the last we have done was a success. It had fun doing this one actually because I got to have my talk show moment with these two and we did have the couch and I felt like Wendee Williams, the Talk cast, and so on interviewing these two. I would so do a talk show or join one since talk shows are my guilty pleasure during certain times in the year. I do call my interviews the Shique Hot Seat and will keep it calling that even with Omni next year! I also have to say where the staff placed us for interviews was also great since we do enjoy the privacy and not so much noise since we do have the Florida Mall areas underneath. If you haven’t seen the video, I would go into our archive or on our YouTube channel directly.

Email Interviews: Linda Ballantyne and Katie Griffin from Sailor Moon! As you know the problems with us and MegaCon interviews so I had to take it to Twitter to see if anyone wanted to do email interviews where I send the questions to a voice actor or actress and we get the answers and I was happy to do it with Katie Griffin, the original voice of Sailor Mars, and Linda Ballantyne, one of the original actresses of Sailor Moon. These two were major sweethearts and understanding with what happened since I felt upset about not having that one on one with them. One thing I do love about doing the Shique Hot Seat in person is more interpersonal and you get to actually see them in the camera and interact with me. I am so glad I did start doing videos but Mega said no so the next best thing and I did thank them in person and gave them lanyards I made themed of their Sailor Scouts. I even wore my Sailor Moon R broach. I did read the interviews and did enjoy their answers too, you will see what Christina V. said when I asked if she had met Katie since you have read Katie’s response about Christina. So stay tuned for that! I still thank Katie and Linda for doing that for me and I am very grateful for it.

Movies: I bet you are wondering why I put “movies?” Well…this year we only saw five movies that were really awesome and it is hard to pick out and I will say the reasons why I chose them and not in particular order either.

1. The Last Jedi: First is the new Star Wars flick to be released this year and we just saw it last week. I know normally we would catch it first day but Holiday Matsuri was on opening day. This movie was awesome and it does show how the torch gets passed onto the next person to be a Jedi. Yes, the story was clunky to some but how they told it was very well done and it flowed. I never thought playing around with telepathy like they did would take place in a film like they did. And we got to see the Yoda puppet return for this movie and I missed that about Episode 2 since they did him in C. G. I.! Thank you Disney for bringing the puppet back. Also, I have to give props to Little Kuriboh for this because he was the one who did the audio description! Nerdy Shirts did tell me about it and when I listened to it I did hear snippets of Yami and Kaiba a little bit in the description but they did pick the right person for this since he did get the dramatization right, heck I even went wide-eyed from the suspense during the description. Way to go man!
2. Thor: Ragnarok: Next is Thor: Ragnarok which I have to say was the strongest of the Thor flics in the Marvel universe. Dark World was funny but they cut down on Chris Eckleston’s character during this and the first one was fun but to me the third one was the best because you do have the call back to Dr. Strange and also bringing back the Hulk and following the apocalyptic myth in the Norse myths. I did love Cate Beckinsale as Hela, I know it is supposed to be Hel but this is Disney after all, but she did a very good job on this character after her character in the Underworld series. And the comedy flowed a lot better in this one than the other two because as you all know that comedy has to flow not be forced nor take over the action most of the time like the second one. I can’t wait what awaits Thor and Hulk in Infinity War with the other Avengers!
3. Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2: I have so many words to say but this one did continue Guardians very well since we did get to see what happened to Quill’s mom in the first and then see what happened and who his dad was in the second one. This movie made me laugh the most and I thought I would go into tears from so much comedy even though the part that had me laughing the most was when Baby Groot brought a person’s toe to Rocket’s and Yandu’s cell. Sorry to say, with this one, I didn’t recognize most of the songs except for “Surrender” by Cheap Trick to be honest. Still, this was very entertaining and a great start for the summer movies! I can’t wait to see the Guardians’ role in Infinity War too next year since they are showing up.
4. Wonder Woman: Finally a movie that Warner Brothers did right! I am so glad Zack Sneider didn’t touch this one with his writing nor directing because with how they did this movie was perfect! Yeah, it is supposed to be in World War II but this did work out in the end. Too bad they didn’t continue this movie making in Justice League because I heard how the movie was not that great.
5. Spiderman Homecoming! And finally, Spidey’s back! We were happy that this film brought back the whimsy and comedy we loved about Spidey in the cartoons and a sweet relief that Marvel has him back and can do the proper films with him. Seeing the Vulture as the first villain made sense because with most of the villains besides Green Goblin and Doc Oc, we hardly see any origin stories for them either. We are hoping to see Scorpion step up in the next Spidey film since it seems that way with the last credit scene during the movie. So glad Spidey is back!
Best Stan Lee Cameo: Being With the Watchers in Guardians Volume 2! It was hard to choose which of the Stan Lee cameos were the best since the one in Thor and Guardians were equally good but I would lean towards him being in Guardians Volume 2 because it was a surprise one and that is him telling things with the Watchers. I couldn’t hear what was being said due to everyone around me plus Gondras laughing their butts off with Yandu and Rocket speeding by in the distance but it makes sense for Mr. Lee because he does go into tangents even for his age. If you see the videos from MegaCon with his panel, you would know!

Makeup Brand of the Year: Wet N Wild! Next is Makeup Brand of the Year and I give it to Wet N Wild because they blew other brands out of the water with their seasonal collections especially the Unicorn Glow and Midnight Mermaid Collections this past summer and fall! Sorry Makeup Revolution, Too Faced, Tarte, and everyone else who jumped in the unicorn and mermaid themes this year but Wet N Wild blew you guys out of the Last Unicorn’s Forest and Ariel’s home with their stuff! The Midnight Mermaid collection was a major success with how much of the bundle sold out and some of the items sold out on the WNW website and of course the Unicorn Glow selling out on Ulta’s website. Out of these two I do think the Unicorn Set happened to be my favorite overall because I got to play with more highlights and I did do a video series where I created looks of a Goth Unicorn, a Colorful Unicorn, and a Smoky Unicorn and had fun with all of them! I may have to come back to one of the highlights and glitter pigments when I do my Rarity eye look for Omni Expo.

Liquid Lipstick: Wet N Wild Liquid Lipsticks! Next is all about Liquid Lipsticks and I give it to Wet N Wild too because of how they came into 2017 with new products and that included a collection of liquid lipsticks! You weren’t expecting how well these will do, heck I had a hard time looking for Rebel Rose which is the pinky rose shade in the collection. They even did metallic colors for Midnight Mermaid with a coral, a burgundy, a blue, and a green to show their gothic side. I did hear they did do some for their Fantasy maker’s line for Halloween but couldn’t find anything but these lippies are amazing to have in your collection!
Runner Up: NYX Lip Lingerie! I have to give the Runner up slot to NYX for their Lip Lingerie line because of how comfortable these things are especially during a convention. They stay put and they even go on very evenly when you have a lip primer on. I do enjoy these and they are not as expensive since they are at a drugstore price.

Makeup Sets: Ulta! Next is Best Makeup Sets and I give it to Ulta! Ulta has improved their makeup game over time since their last sets I picked up a few years back. The sets I got were Love Makeup, Beauty Treasures, and Be Gorgeous and these three are amazing except for one part of the Love Makeup pallet where I feel like they should’ve changed the color selection before releasing because some of the shades are not as cohesive but at the same time you can get a look with most of them. The one I do love the most is Be Gorgeous since it has a variety of colors to play with and you can come up with a ton of looks and it did get me into color correcting after all. Way to go Ulta and keep up with the good work!

Best Actress: Gal DuGat! I know I should’ve mentioned this in the movies arena but this list is in no particular order and this year’s Best Actress goes to Gal DuGat who played the title character of Wonder Woman. I think Warner Brothers picked a very good actress to play Diana because of how strong she made her to be. I wished they made her better in Batman vs. Superman or not use her at all and just stick her with her own movie but the actress pick was pretty spot on.

Best Actor: Dave Bautista! It was hard to choose but I give it to Dave Bautista who plays Drax in the Guardians movies because with this character he played a very awesome and awkward badass! Plus, he has to go through hours of makeup in order to play this role! Still, I give it to him especially how awesome he did in Guardians 2!
Runner Up: Jeff Goldblum! My runner up slot goes to Jeff Goldblum because it was hard to say who gets this slot, him or Dave? Reason why Jeff is in this category because of his role in Thor Ragnarok and he did amazing for his part. I know everyone is hating that he didn’t get the blue makeup treatment like the actual character but he hit the personality and you did get to see him have a cameo dancing in the credits of Guardians 2!

T. V. Season: Doctor Who Season 10! Best season of a t. v. series for me goes to Doctor Who because this ended Capaldi’s run in the best way possible even with the Christmas Special! I am still wishing they continued the part of the season where he goes blind but there is always the new doctor to play around with for next season and the seasons after. I and Gondras did like how they called back to the First Doctor especially with the last arc with the Cyber Men and bringing a past version of the Master on top of it. I can’t wait to see what they do with Doctor 13!
Runner Up: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Season 7! I bet you are wondering why? Well, this season did continue where it left off with the last one with Starlight Glimmer taking on the ideas of friendship all thanks to Twilight Sparkle and I was hoping they continue with her because knowing and my feeling is that she may be the next in line to have Aracorn powers like the princesses. Who knows if Season 8 may show that if it does happen. I did like and wasn’t expecting that they would talk about Star Swirled the Bearded and his companions who help form the first Elements of Harmony which I wish they talked about that more in all honesty because I felt that came out nowhere but it did show what had happened to him and his companions. Now hoping Season 8 would continue and I am thinking that the main six would take on teachings from the first Elements of Harmony for certain things like making AppleJack stronger or Rainbow Dash more faster or something. Who knows!

Fave Crowd Cosplay: My Link from Legend of Zelda but as Pokémon Ranger Link! Final category in Bests is my Crowd Fave Cosplay and that goes to my Link cosplay! This costume was two years in the making because I did start getting some of the things and needed to wait due to funds not being that high. I did finally finish getting the parts last year and getting the costume together in time for Omni Expo this year and man it was awesome especially with the Ageslash prop Gondras made! People were surprised by how well it looked in the Master Sword Coors and Zelda elements especially with my patches which shown the Tri-Force and the goggles too. Plus, I even worn elf ears for my first time since I never had and hadn’t used spirit gum in the longest time. Still, everyone who this cosplay loved it a lot!


Meh Movie: Power Rangers Re-boot! I know it is weird to see me mentioning this one but looking back at it but Power Rangers was an okay re-boot. Yes, they did have different people for Zordon and Alpha but I feel like I was missing the original Mighty Morphen even though it was cheesy 90’s t. v. but we grew up on that. Another thing is that Gondras pointed out is that the pink ranger’s costume had too much pink to it that it almost looked magenta and not pink. I guess they wanted to match the dark elements? Still, it was a meh movie.

Convention Press Experience: MegaCon Orlando 2017! I have to be honest that doing press for MegaCon was not as great as I thought. Yes, they had so many panels to cover but I am still wishing to do interviews with some of the actors. I am kicking myself for not saying that I was blind when we could only interview attendees, cosplayers, and comic book artists but it is due to being kicked out after the work of getting the passes in the first place and I felt that they didn’t also want to listen to it either nor give valid reasons even though the reason I got from Tampa’s Press Head was they only give interviews they felt deserved it. Okay, seriously? We have done this work for many years and interviewing someone as big as Stan Lee is someone’s dream, heck I wouldn’t mind to interview Danielle Panebaker when she was added after seeing her on Sky High and some other stuff on Disney. I know with cosplay, we did interview Riddle but.reason being is that I have to know their work in order to interview them and that is why it was easy for me to interview Riddle and if you want it to count, R. J. Heady since I did love the show Face Off. Also, with the huge crowd…it would be hard for me to ask attendees because there are times when people do get uncomfortable being asked things or give an answer that is not as great or just run off. And comic book guests…you know my situation! Sorry MegaCon, we won’t be coming back due to this experience and I feel like with all the work we have done, it feels like we can take our work to other places and new heights. I mean Omni and Holiday Matsuri still have us do work at their conventions.

Makeup Product: Anastasia Beverly Hills Sub Culture Pallet! I had to add this one on here because so many people were in an uproar with this one and that is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Sub Culture pallet! I have seen so many bad reviews on this pallet because of how much shadow it poops when you dip your brush in. Yeah, it not only becomes dusty with product but it poops it. I am glad I didn’t get on the Anastasia shadow or highlight kick because the…in my honesty…brand doesn’t interest me. I can get really good brow products from the drugstore, shadow pallets I love from other brands in drugstore and high end, especially Urban Decay and Makeup Revolution, and of course better highlight pallets like the Strobe of Genius pallet from NYX but Anastasia doesn’t strike up any interest in me getting anything. Maybe the Moon Child pallet but I found similar shades in Wet N Wild’s and Nyx’s highlight pallets already. So when I saw all the reviews on their Sub Culture pallet, I was surprised! Yeah, people say you can work with it but it is way too pigmented and with shadows like that it is hard to work with, I don’t see that much fall out like this one with my L’Oréal Infolluble Shadows. Not only that, the owners were telling people you aren’t using it right until they found out the reason why it was the way it was is due to how the machine pressed each shadow. Sorry to say but need to improve on that. I did hear the Prism pallet was better.

Okay, looks like that is it for this year’s list! 2018 is going to be big and hoping so because Omni Expo announced Josh Seth to be a guest this year and I am still waiting on the press application for it and hoping next year to have a new panel for it too. New posts to add to the Word Press side on top of that, especially the technology side! New costume to be designed, and hoping! Hoping! I finally get something started my access tech career goal because 2017 was a sit and waiting game for me and 2018 is where I need to spark something!

So, with that, have a safe and Happy New Year everyone and see you in 2018!


Favorites: November & December 2017!

Hello SHiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s that time again and that is the Faves and this time it’s November and December! Where has the year gone by? Well, new faves and let’s hop to it!

Convention Faves:

Fave Purchase: The Cat Ears and Tail in Latte! First is a fave purchase at Holiday Matsuri and that is the cat ears and tail that I got from the maker I always go to known as Micki LA Course. I started buying my cat ears from her in 2013 when I found her stand at Florida Anime Experience when it was in Orlando, apparently it will be in Vero Beach now, and I went for a day to get a signature from Mahle Flannigan since no one else wanted to help out with that. At least I went for a day and went around in the dealer room which was kind of small and found her stand on the outer perimeter of the room and the first ears were in vanilla fudge calico pattern and still have to this day! I forgot to get the tail from her for the longest time even when I found her again at Holiday Matsuri! She had a new fur and it is the color of lattes when they have their cream and you know me and coffee and couldn’t resist and got the tail too! I highly recommend her ears and now tails because they are very fluffy, they clip on, and you don’t always have to use for just cats, a girl came to her stand to ask for wolf ears for her wolf fondness cosplay for a RWBY thing that evening and she handed her the ears. I remembered that you could use her red ears for Flareon too. If you see her stand I recommend her ears s and she does have other things too.

Fave Panel: The J. Michael Tatum 18+ Panel! Do I need to say more? That’s it! Highly recommend if you are at a con with him as a guest and if you are 18 and over. I also did love his panel with Brandon McInnis which is also the “It Gets Better” panel which we will get the videos up soon of that and know how he feels because I was picked on too as a younger person and I did have a speech impediment which you do not hear as much today but if you knew me in high school that was back when it was really bad. I know how you feel <r. Tatum, if you are reading this, I had problems sounding my S’s and Sh’s when I was younger.

Fave Cosplay Moment: The InuYasha During the Holiday Cosplay Runway! Even though my Ageslash was complimented on Friday but this moment goes to the InuYasha cosplayer during the Cosplay Runway and hoping they are okay after being told to “Sit!” Which that takes a lot of dedication. I think nowadays if you try to tell any InuYasha cosplayer to “Sit!” They probably won’t do it due to how much it hurts and you have to face plant for it. Hope they are okay!

Fave Food to Eat: The Bourbon Burger at Denny’! After the con, we headed for Denny’s because we needed a meal after eating sandwiches and snacks all weekend! I had the Bourbon Burger and OMG it was delicious! Even the onion rings were delicious! If we have another Denny’s After Con thing I am ordering it again.

Makeup Stuff:

Fave Ulta Set: The Be Gorgeous Set! This year Ulta was killing it with their sets! I remembered having three of them when they started doing their own makeup brand but the only one I really still have is one that is in a Caboodle style train case and I did try de-potting things and didn’t go well. Not a good idea guys! So, this year they released a lot of sets but the ones I got were the Love MakeUp, the Beauty Treasures, and the Be Gorgeous which is my all-time fave out of the three! I do love jewelry boxes but the Be Gorgeous has my heart at the moment because I have been using it like crazy for November and December even if I got it in October. This comes with a 42 eye shadow pallet at very bottom, face items such as concealers, blushes, bronzers, and two powder highlights with one cream one, and you also get the gel liners, brow powders, and glitter top coats. I would say the eye shadow primers in this set weren’t the greatest because it was hard to get out of the little plastic part where they were in and not as creamy, very stiff mind you but everything else was amazing! I did use this set when I did my RWBY main cast looks with Nora, Ruby, and Cinder which they came out really great. I did use this set to re-create Kathleen Lights; teal smoky eye despite the teal being shimmery along with the other shades but I did have fun re-creating it. You can find the pics over on my Instagram at Mari Blue Cat! I am hoping Ulta keeps up with these sets because they are a major step up and it’s been a while since I have gotten anything Ulta brand.

Lip Oil: Ulta Brand Lip Oil! All thanks to the Love MakeUp set I got two lip oils and I like one more than the other. The set came with the Soft Rose and the Coconut one which they are a part of a line that Ulta sells and I never tried any out since Too Faced was the only real brand that did them and they are tinted. These don’t have tint which is great because with lip oils you really don’t need it since you need the extra nourishment after wearing lip colors all day, especially liquid lipsticks which can be very drying. I prefer the rose one over the coconut one because I feel like when putting on the coconut one is too sticky and I feel like not enough product goes on my lips and have to dip in twice. I think this happens due to how tiny of a size they give you in the Love MakeUp set but I do want to try the Black Raspberry one since they do have other flavors in the line. I can’t wait to go to Ulta!

Brow Powders: Ulta Brand! I know it’s weird to mention Ulta again but I have been loving the brow powders in their sets since I decided why not try it out. These powders do have a bit of fall out but they do go on the brows very well and you don’t know you have anything. I did use the taupe ones for Yang and Weiss’ looks to match the white and blonde hair they have, I did mention I did de-pot the powders from their older set I still have but a good portion of the powder came out but the taupe one was handy during my Link cosplay and the dark brown during my Itachi cosplay. I am going to explore more in the brow powder department!

Bronzer: The Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer! I know I said I would probably won’t use bronzer but I started using it now for contouring and started doing it when I tried out the Morphe Vegan Set to see how I feel about it and it is great. The bronzer I do like at the moment is the Butter Bronzer from Physician’s Formula and I can see why so many people love this thing! Even though the smell is the biggest love but this one is not heavy, it is just light and easy to blend and build up too. I had this with me for Holiday Matsuri to contour my cheeks for Link and my chin and under the lip for Itachi and that is really my contouring. I do do the nose time to time but I really stick to the cheeks, the jaw, and the chin and lip areas. I may have to try other bronzers but this one is a fave!

Liquid Lip: NYX’s Lip Lingerie! Next is my fave liquid lipstick and I give it to the Lip Lingerie’s from NYX Cosmetics. Not sure if I mentioned them but they are way better than the Liquid Suede ones in my opinion. I like how the lipstick stays on my lips even on top of the E. L. F. lip primer and they feel light even throughout the day. I took French Maid with me which is a purple color to Holiday Matsuri and it did not vanish at all since it stayed all day even while talking! These are also inexpensive and around holiday time they do have sets which I got two of them when Ulta did a $10 off $25 NYX purchases during the end of November and I think it ended on Christmas Eve. I got the sets with French Maid, Lace Detail, and something else and the other with Teddy, Push Up, which is one I wanted the longest time ever since Jessica Braun, and there was one more but they are worth it for the set but you can get them individually if you don’t want the colors in the set itself. I am thinking of getting Beauty Mark and Baby Doll because the other set came with Embellishment which I already have and they have a great color range to choose from!

Fave Eye/Face Pallet: Ofra Holiday Glow Pallet! Next is the Ofra Holiday Glow Pallet which was an Ulta only thing for the holidays since you can only get on their website for anything Ofra. Ofra is a very good brand and I remembered getting items from them in my Ipsy and Boxy Charm when I used to get them both and still have the pallet I got on the Ipsy Offers page years back but this pallet is a mix of face and eye stuff where you get eight shadows which one of them is an Ulta exclusive shade while the rest are regular Ofra shades, a bronzer, a highlight, and four blushes. Most awesome thing is that you can take the pans out to customize a pallet with them or if you run out of an item you can get the refill except Winter Berry which I think that is a Christmas shade only. These things are very pigmented, especially the bronzer! I would say with the Americano bronzer is to go in light handed since this can go out of hand and should blend it in with a brush afterwards because I had major blending issues once and did give it an air brushed look with a powder brush since I was using my oval contour brush from Ulta and wanted to try it on the hollows of my cheeks and didn’t work out that way. I also like how you can use two of the shadows as liners but I use them as eye shadow shades like the others. The good thing was that this was half off when I got it and hoping you guys got your paws on it like I had.

Fave Eye Base: NYX White Eye Base! I have been testing out the white eye base from NYX for the past couple of months and I would say it is a fave despite how crazily creamy it is! This does make your shadows pop and does give a nice base to it but there are some shadows you need to build up since there are times where people do have trouble with certain shadows, one good example happened to be the Maybelline Rock Nudes pallet which those shadows need to be built up while with other shadows when I clean them off you do see them on the cotton round later. I did admit I had a hard time removing my makeup on Christmas when I did a red, green, and gold eye look where I used Ruby Red from Maybelline, Golden Sage from L’Oréal, and Treasure from Pacifica which was an Ipsy sample before I got the full pallet and then used the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Rust and the Wet N Wild Midnight Mermaid Liner in Sea Symmetry and knew that the Maybelline shadow stuck like glue with this base! I think I like this eye base as much as the MAC Paint Pot in Painterly since it works very well and does go on very smoothly and I do prefer a potted eye base over a tube because I can control the amount I put on and I can be more sanitary with a brush. Plus, it has lasted me this long too when most eye primers last me a month which were the Maybelline one, the E. L. F. one which was less than a month every time, and better than using a B. B. Cream and foundation in my book. Plus, this does work better than using a pencil which I keep hearing the Milk pencil from the Jumbo Pencil line is the best for shadows but this is just as good.

Fave Christmas Special: Doctor Who 2017 Special! This year’s Christmas Special of Doctor Who was pretty good but last year’s was better than this one but with this year’s special it does show what had happened after the Doctor yelling out, “I don’t want to re-generate! I want to stay!” That was when the First Doctor appears and they got someone that is like William Hartnel for this special and did the same when they re-told the re-generation scene for Hartnel into the Second Doctor. This was basically showing the Doctor kind of going through a crisis since in Season 9 it shown that too where he even had his last moments with Clara but this kind of did that better since Season 9 was a bit of a weak season when 10 was the stronger of the three with Capaldi. I am going to miss him but now with the Thirteenth Doctor coming in and this time being a woman, I can’t wait what is in store for her and her adventures in time and space since the new season will be starting in spring which works out well for me! What I did like the best about this special though is where they show the Brigadier’s Father in World War 1 with the Christmas Truce which is an important part of history and it is a good way of doing that and showing this where the guy who headed Unit for the longest time came from and of course led down to his daughter in Season 8. Sorry for spoilers but Phathom Events did do a theater showing of this yesterday if I remembered and if you wanted to see it in the theater it was another good way of seeing it too but it is in select cities. I can’t wait for April when the new season of Doctor Who starts with the new Doctor!

Fave Books: The Cavannah Legends Series! Next is the Cavannah Legends series which I have read leading up to the book Chasing A Legend which was the one book I got on NetGalley to review from and was told I can read as a standalone but I did read the first three to get the idea of what I got into. I did love the books and how Sarah Robinson created the family of brothers who are into Mixed Martial Arts and their dad used to be a Mafioso before they were born and that is how he met their mother and she is so cute because she really wants grand babies! The book I loved the most was Saving a Legend with Kieron meeting Fiona because it shows how much Fiona sacrificed her own adult life to take care of her autistic sister Shea ever since their parents died. I am hoping this series continues since the youngest brother ended up with someone and I want to see how that relationship started since Robinson did spark that relationship in Chasing a Legend.

Songs: Can’t be a faves without my favorite five songs!

1. “Fire” by the Crazy World of Arthur Brown: I know what you’re thinking, “What!?” Okay, I blame this on Todd in the Shadows’ Halloween episode and it was talking about this guy by the name of Arthur Brown who had a music career in the 1960’s and he came out with this song called “Fire” and it was a hit and it was even #2 in 1968 after “Hey Jude” by the Beatles. Yeah, this guy had a very trippy song and it was even trippier with the song. Back then, he couldn’t tour because the costume he had on had a flaming torch on his head and clubs back then had a lot of cloth walls, rugs, and even paint that can catch fire very fast. He has been touring right now from what I have seen on YouTube since venues have changed over time. I did find it interesting that Alice Cooper did perform this song and I think with Arthur Brown once since the title said Arthur Brown and Alice Cooper doing it together. Great, now it’s in my head because the song’s keyboards and beat are catchy, very catchy that is!
2. “Out Loud” by. The Gabby Show: I know it’s not her actual name but she not only does videos on YouTube but she does music as well. I love this song the most because it not only has a great beat but the lyrics even with the chorus deals with saying things you actually mean out loud. I do struggle with this because I tend to bottle things up and it’s not healthy. I also sometimes get this song stuck in my head.
3. “Team Rocket” Metal Cover by. Jonathan Young: Another metal cover by Jonathan Young and apparently he did a metal cover album for the “2Ba Master” Album which I have to take a look at since that has been my fave Pokémon soundtrack. This version of the song “Team Rocket” is way too awesome since they did get someone in to be Jessie but wishing they got someone else do Meowth’s parts and actually sound like Meowth. I can’t wait to see what other metal covers Jonathan did with his crew for this album!
4. “Bang Bang” by. Ariana Grande, Jessie J. and Nicky Minage: I know mentioning Nicki Minage is a first here but I do like this song since it is catchy and of course I do love Ariana and her vocals match up with Jessie J.’s! Nicki does a pretty good rap solo for this one too. I couldn’t help listening to this song after getting Nicki’s MAC lipstick in Pink Print and enjoy the color a lot since it is like Cream Cup after all.
5. “Chandelier” by Sia: Not sure if this was on a list but I kept on hearing this song after finding out that Sia will be the new face in the Viva Glam series at MAC or shall I say “face” since she doesn’t show it in pics and will go the same with the posters and advertisements and the tube for the lipstick she will be releasing next year. I may have to get this one since I do love this song and it is something different to listen to besides all the metal I tend to listen to and I have a softness for any song that has an operatic or symphonic sound and her voice in this song is “Damn!” I can imagine karaoke with this song will be a challenge even though someone did sing it on The Voice.
Well guys, that is it for this bi-monthly favorites! 2017 introduced me to a lot of new music and a lot of new makeup products. I am hoping 2018 will do the same thing because I have new convention experiences, new products I catch on my local shelves at the drugstore or at Ulta, and so much more! Let’s see how it goes!

Next will be the Voice Actor’s Panel from Holiday Matsuri which we have up on YouTube! Stay tuned guys!

Beauty: The Best Brushes At the Cheaper Price!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I am back and this time with a beauty post! I think this would be appropriate to do this post before all the press coverage I will be doing in the next week or so and then will do the Accessibility in Gaming post too but now it is time for the Best Brushes for the Lowqest Price!

The Top Best Brushes for the Cheapest Price: The reason for this post is that in case if you all haven’t heard the newest news and drama lately in the beauty world is that Kiley Jenner is releasing new brushes in her makeup line and that will include a set for $360! Oh yeah, I am hearing everyone’s wallets exploding, even Gondras’ new wallet I got him for his early birthday gift, sorry! Anyways, people have been tweeting like crazy, including Jeffree Starr, about how this price is outrageous! Even people on What’s Up In Makeup’s Facebook Group talked about it the other day and I did get into the conversation since I do love brushes and have bought sets in the past and you can get way cheaper sets and even cheaper single brushes since Kiley is planning to charge between $25 to $50 for each single. I know that seems like MAC’s prices but you can get good deals on brushes. So, that iswhen my kitty on the hamster wheel started running and decided to do this post!

Disclaimer: This post is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer! She also uses ideas from other people’s posts and experiences to create this list! So please respect her thoughts! Thank you!

1. Amazon: First I am mentioning my most fave place to buy brushes of all time and that is Amazon! I started shopping for my brushes from Amazon a year and a half ago and you can get a lot of brushes for cheap! I have gotten 30 brushes for under $30 even and the cheapest I have spent on a set was around $7 and that is not bad for what you get. You do get your basic face brushes, your brow brushes, and even all the eye brushes too. I notice they do carry some of the usual brands such as Crown, Coastal Scents, and many others. I also notice there are even have oval brush sets! I would say is search around and pick out from a lot of sets and you can get them in two days on Prime.
2. EBay: I never bought on EBay, well yet, but you can get brush sets for cheap too. I have heard people get brush sets on EBay for around $15 or so and I even saw unicorn brush sets for $10 and up. I may have to look into Sailor Moon ones since Rich Lux has gotten some and you know me with Sailor Moon!
3. Morphe: I know I was not big on Morphe but a lot of people have bought brush sets from them for cheap, heck I even got the vegan set for $39, I know that doesn’t sound cheap but it is lower than what Kiley asks for. A lot of people do love this brand and the good thing is that it is carried in Ulta now which you don’t have to spend the amount of shipping that Morphe does for standard shipping prices. Instead of $10 on Morphe to ship, it is $5 plus the taxes on Ulta. If you don’t want to spring for a set, there are the single brushes too which are around $4 to $5 and at least $15 depending on what you want to get.
4. Real Techniques: Everyone even their mom probably have one or two brushes from this brand. I admit I have a brow brush and one set from Real Techniques. This brand is runned by two sisters and I have seen them do a live chat on Sirine Wau on YouTube and they make awesome brushes for affordable prices. The more expensive are the Bold Metals but you spend around the teen range prices depending on what you get. If you want to experience Real Techniques, I recommend the the Starter Set that comes with four brushes and they are the dome brush for foundation, the highlight brush, the concealer brush which I suggest for your under eye concealer, and the multi-[urpose brush and I tend to use this one for powder. I do hear good things about the eye brushes and the sponges but I do love the bace brushes that I have used so far. You can find them all over but Ulta does do good deals time to time even discounts on sets so I would keep an eye out for that.
5. Wet N Wild: This brand has been knocking it out of the park and growing still! I remembered starting with Wet N Wild when I was starting with lip gloss and over the years they have grown and expanding their products, then they started doing brushes! I do have a few brushes from them and I love them! The brushes are very well priced and very well made, also they do wash very well too! I suggest the foundation brush because it does keep its shape over washes and does spread the product very well. I do have the limited edition unicorn highlighting brush from the Unicorn Glow Collection and the Kabuki brush from the Spring Collection and they are soft as well. You may be able to find these two on EBay.
6. NYX: I hear some good things about these brushes and will have to try them out at some point. I know Ulta sells them and you can find a big range of them at their physical store too! I may have to get one or two to try and see how they are. I did see some of the prices and they are reasonably spiced from $5 to around $15 or so.
7. Coastal Scents: Another brand that I do love with brushes is Coastal Scents! I started getting into their brushes through Ipsy along with the next brand and I got one or two sets from Ipsy and man are they soft! I even used the one set in the leather case, the pearl set, and man I loved using it! I really want the Brush Vanity Affair set. Anyways, if you go to the Coastal Scents site, I also have an affiliate link you can use on the Affiliates Tab here, you have a lot of sets to choose from in many ranges. If you are an Ipsy member, they do have deals with sets to sell around $20. Coastal Scents also does a lot of sales even around this time of year. In for a new brush or set, head over there!
8. Crown: Another brand from my days of Ipsy and that is Crown Brush. I remembered getting their brushes in my Ipsy bag time to time and they are the softest brushes you will ever feel! I even have one set from them and it feels so amazing! You not only can get the sets but also single brushes for affordable prices! Great thing is they do offer the price listing for you on the website and to print it out if you need a point of reference and to see what you want to buy and its price.
9. E. L. F.: Next is another very affordable brand with a lot of brushes and that is E. L. F.! I didn’t really get into E. L. F. until I started using their brushes. I did get a few here and there and a few sets. This brand’s brushes was what I used to point out an example in Rich Lux’s video on the first announcement that Kiley was going to release brushes and talked about how you can get more affordable brushes. I did point out how the 19 brush set from this brand for holiday is $50 and that is way less than what Kiley is asking for and I did see Kathleen talk about this set. I did talk about the other full on Pro Brush set which is $30. Again, you get more affordable brushes with these guys!
10. Zoeva: I have seen this brand on the net and YouTube and people said they can get brushes at very affordable prices and same with the makeup. I tried to access the website but it is not as accessible but I will take a look again in the future.
11. MAC: I know it is weird to talk about mention MAC since their prices can be a bit up there but I do hear good things about their brushes and yes they might be from $20 to around in the mid $40s but you can get good deals when they do sales or even when Ulta has some of the products during their 21 Days of Beauty sale. I did hear there are times where TJ Max and even Marshalls do carry some of the sets for a good deal and the holiday sets are pretty good in the brush department since they are travel size. I may have to look at the brushes in the future.
12. Royal & Langnickle Moda: Finally is one brand that has been showing up in WalMart and that is Royal and Langnickle! These guys started as a paint brush brand and still are today and now they have makeup brushes which they are some of the softest brushes you will ever use. I got an eye brush in Ipsy as a start from them and then got a small brush set of six if I remembered and then Boxy had three brushes in one box for subscribers. If you are someone on a budget, they are very affordable for what they bring. I suggest checking them out and their sets are pretty affordable, the set I got on Ipsy was $15 and can’t beat that!
Well, that is it for this post! I know that it was a long one but it felt good to do this as Kiley’s brushes are about to come out. I did hear some of the big influencers did get the set in PR and not sure if they want to review them which I wonder why not in case people want to get the single brushes over the set. What got some of these influencers is that she compares herself to Kevin Aquan and Artieste but to me she is not up there when her audience are more of the higherend lovers as in the luxury loving makeup collectors. And she did say that she prefers starting this way because it is better than synthetic brushes when a lot of people do like synthetic brushes since there are times they can hold the product better than most luxury brushes. She will go to synthetic at some point but it will be a while if you want to spend that $360 on the sixteen brush set when I can get a similar set of the same amount on Amazon for $14!

Okay, enough of the brush drama because right around the corner is Holiday Matsuri 2017! Can’t believe it’s here and stay tuned for all of our coverage from this year’s convention! Until next time! Catch you on the universe side!

Beauty: Brands Not Getting Mentioned As Much On YouTube!

Hello SHiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I know it’s been a while since I posted and want to say is sorry about that. Life has coming and getting me and keeping me busy. I do have a post for you guys and that is something I was inspired by Jessica Braun on YouTube and that is makeup brands hardly mentioned on YouTube as much anymore. As in, I rarely her them as much as I used to when I started watching YouTube around 2009 or 2010 when I started wearing makeup. Here are the brands that I have noticed that rarely get mentioned as much.

Revlon: First is a drugstore brand that was well known but not as much anymore and that is Revlon. I remembered getting tons of stuff from this brand all thanks to videos and even commercials on tv and YouTub. I wonder what happened to Revlon!? I hardly have seen them on YouTube and the last thing I got from them was the So Lengthy mascara and loving it! I think someone did a haul video and forgot who did it and they said the newer items aren’t as great as they used to and I can see why. I remembered how people didn’t like the Primer +Shadew pallets that came around 2011 to 2012 and some people had pigmentation issues while me I was able to work with them but they are so powdery and you can hit pan easily. I do have one left in my Project Pan bag since there aren’t as many as they had when they first launched, I remembered Ulta’s site only had four of them and I guess those are the only popular ones? Still, this brand is hardly mentioned as much even in my subscription feed. I do still have my lip butters, one of the liquid lipsticks, and two of the Super Lustrous lipsticks which I want to get more of but keep forgetting to hit the section since my essentials are from other brands and the Revlon section is also not as big as I remembered in the Target near me. I may have to go in there again.
Sigma: Another brand I remembered being mentioned ALL OVER is Sigma! I don’t always have the cash to buy from Sigma but always heard great things about their brushes the most and well the problem is that Morphe pretty much stole that spotlight! I do have a Morphe set and I think…it’s…okay…not the best brushes but just okay. I think the last time I heard Sigma nowadays are some brushes in tutorials and in Beauty News since they do still make their makeup pallets.
E. L. F.: I know it is a bit of a surprise but around two people on subscriptions mention E. L. F. and I do admit it is a hit or miss with some of their items. I do use some of their products time to time even the Bronzer Pallet nowadays since I have started contouring myself. I know GASP! I also do love my brushes which are soft and amazing even when you travel. I need to get more E. L. F. products at some point since some of my essential items are from there.
Smashbox: I have been noticing that Smashbox is not getting much love except in news videos. I have the Full Exposure pallet which I do love and need to give more of it, the Full Exposure mascara, and one of the trios which got discontinued due to poor sales. I did hear they did make new ones and being released soon. Anyways, this is one brand that doesn’t get much love from what I have seen and hoping it does since they are coming out with new shadow trios at the moment. I did hear the liquid lipsticks are nice and they have a sapphire blue one. I may have to get my paws on it. Still, not mentioned as much as I have seen.
MakeUp Geek: Another brand I noticed that is not being mentioned as it had been when they were featured in BoxyCharm and so many people fell in love with is MakeUp Geek. It used to be YouTube famous but Oorphe did come around and a lot of people dropped them. I think Jen Luv’s Revies does reviews on their products nowadays but I have noticed they aren’t mentioned as much as last year.
Ulta’s Own Brand: I noticed this is another brand that doesn’t get mentioned as much and that is Ulta’s own brand. I do admit when they first had their shadow sets that they were very powdery especially a set that I got that was like a binder and I did de-clutter them. I saw Jessica oo a video recently and agree there are some hits and some misses and that goes very every brand too even high end. I have gotten three nof heir newest sets for this holiday season and man they have changed! Yes, there are times when someone’s stuff is bad at the start but do get better over time and these sets do it, heck I gave so and have been giving so much love to my Be Goregeous set which now the teal has a lot of dents to it.
J. Cat Beauty: Not sure if this brand still gets reviewed but J. Cat Beauty is another brand that is not getting a lot of love and they are pretty affordable for what you get. I do notice the ratings aren’t as great on Ulta since you can only find them now since they haven’t sold much in the stores themselves. I did get some of the lip products from Ipsy since I did try some of the items from my bag, I think I only got one product a long time ago but I know I got on the Ipsy deals. I know they are known for bold colors but I hardly hear about them on YouTube.
City Color Cosmetics: Final brand I have noticed that is not as mentioned as it had on YouTube is City Color Cosmetics. I have been introduced to these guys via Ipsy since I did get some items from them in my bags when I was subscribed to them in the past. I even have the huge pallet set that has around 50+ shadows and four blushes and do have some of the lip items and like them. I even still have the Magical Leaves trio I got from Ipsy and still like the brand even though I have many other pallets in my collection. I need to give their set a little more love.
Coastal Scents: Now final brand, I have noticed that Coastal Scents hasn’t been mentioned as much as it has especially when they have been coming out with new items even the newest Revealed pallet which I still need to get due to having the other four Revealed pallets all thanks to BoxyCharm but since I am no longer getting Boxy I will get this pallet at some point. Anyways, Coastal Scents is not getting mentioned as much but my best buddy Vivi did mention their Ultra pallet on her top five fave pallets which was awesome! Hoping that this brand does get brought up a little more since their brushes are even awesome as much as their makeup. I am not just saying it due to an affiliate link I have with them but their products are just awesome and willg et the Revealed Matte pallet in some point in time.

Well, that is about it for this post! So, Holiday Matsuri is almost here and same with the rest of the year about to end so I will be doing the press coverage from Holiday Matsuri 2017, my November and December Faves, and the Bests & Worsts of 2017 since that is always a tradition here! So, make sure you not only stay tuned here but also follow me on Instagram for snippets from the con and packing for it. Also follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique where I will keep that up to date! Until next time! In case if anyone is wondering about book reviews, I am reading the series to lead up to the next book review because I couldn’t understand what was going on so best to read the previous books first. So, stay tuned for that too. Catch you on the universe side!

Cosmetic Controversy: The Safety of Using Cosmetic Testers in Stores!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Today, I am bringing you a new Cosmetic Controversy and it deals with what we never thought of and that is…Cosmetic Controversy: Using the MakeUp Testers In Store

Recently, there was a story where a woman got Herpes from using a makeup tester on her lips and the interesting thing is that it does take time to get the virus unless you had it already but it can also bespread, sorry to be gross but this disease is usually spread through kissing, sex, and skin to skin and I bet you are wondering how can a lip product can spread it? Well, spit from someone who has the HSV1 can end up in items that are used in everyday life such as cups, towels after wiping your face, and you guessed it, lipsticks, lip glosses, and even lipliners. Even though 67% of people are infected with this virus, it is invisible and can be spread in many ways and people don’t really show signs immediately, which it may take some time to show up. The question is did the person who contracted it try the lipstick a few days to a week before and it started showing days later? Or did it take a month? Well, according to one article, the woman went into a Sephora in Hollywood and tested the lipstick two years ago, 2015, and contracted the virus after using the tester. Yes, this virus can be common but when you look at it, anyone can touch the testers and use it on themselves and that can spread germs in those testers we see at Ulta, Target in their NYX section, and even at Sephora.

Yes, we do love to test a certain product such as a foundation, concealer, and even a lip product but applying directly on that spot can be a major health risk which you may not know what the person before you may have. Take my experience for example.

Here in Orlando we have a ton of makeup stores in the Millenia Mall which include Ulta in the plaza next door, MAC, Sephora, and NYX. So, since I was at the Apple Store for workshops in April, this was around the time I got my anniversary gift from MAC and have gone through many swatches on my hands and picked up a lipstick from the metallic line they released at the time and then went to NYX during the weekend and decided to look at the Matte Lipstick line since I haven’t gotten any in a very long time. I decided to try out Alabama and the girl asked, “Do you want to swatch it on your lips or hands?” I just froze knowing that the lips was a very bad idea and did the hand thing. I did have another recent experience since I started loving the Lip Lingeries and the girl asked if I wanted to try it on as well and said, “No thanks!”

I bet you are wondering, why didn’t I swatch on my lips? Well, I was smart enough not to. Like I said above we don’t know who swatched before us and plus with all the makeup testers on display they do build up a lot of germs and bacteria due to the periods of time being out. Good Morning America even tested the samples by taking swatches to a lab and they found that the samples they took found that nine out of the 25 samples that were tested at a lab had bacteria growing and three out of these were even growing yeast which is not a good thing. Even though these testers would have bacteria that might be normal but some people can be compromised with what might be found.

What can I get? I bet you are wondering besides the Herpes that was mentioned above, there are many things that you can get from some testers, you can also get things like rashes and pink eye since people not only touch their face but also rub their eyes. Trust me, I had an eye infection myself and it’s not fun. Some other things include strep, E-Coli, and Staff infections. Even though the person working there does use hygenic practices, the person walking in and trying the product out at the counter probably isn’t, just imagine going to the bathroom and see someone walk out without washing their hands and they go in and try that awesome Lush lotion by dipping their dirty finger that may have contained salsa from Chipotle! Or go into Sephora and take the Kat Von D liquid lipstick and put it on their lips and walk away! Trust me, my brother’s ex-wife always swatched the lip glosses from the pallets on her lips when I was with her back in the early 2000s. I know, yuck!

What should I do? Do your best in not using the testers! If you want to try out a tester like a lip product or a face product, go to an associate where they give you an applicator. Lush gives you a popsicle stick to try out their lip scrubs as an example. Or why not get a sample of that particular item since some stores do that especially Sephora and Lush, there are times when Ulta gives you the little sample packets if you’re lucky enough.

Another thing is that I saw this in one video where people go around to stores to use the applicators to put the makeup on themselves and they have sanitization stations next to their products which means sanitize before you try or ask if the person to sanitize it.

And my own tip is to buy a particular product that you really want! For instance, remember my NYX story earlier? I knew the shades I wanted in the lipsticks and did asked for a particular Prismatic shadow in Frostbite and went to the counter to check out without swatching because I went in and knew the product I was aiming for and got it. If you don’t like it, take it back for a refund because there are stores that are good with return policies.

One thing from the experts I didn’t mention, with eye products don’t test them on your eyes especially mascaras! Mascara is known for building bacteria over time and our eyes are the most sensitive and the lashes not only are supposed to protect your eyes from dust but can get infected from the tester mascara. Even with eye shadows would go the same way, so test the shadows on your hands to see if the shade will look great or ask the associate what shade would look best since our eye colors can match with certain shades and others not so much. And with mascaras, I would do the same thing like with the last tip and that is aim for that product, if you need to read or watch reviews on that product before buying. It is best to see the reviews rather than putting yourself at risk. Oh right…goes the same with eyeliner!

And one more thing, if you need to then carry your own applicators! I know the associates tend to have them out or in their aprons but you can get small applicators for cheap and carry them in your bag or makeup bag and toss them out as you go or use a snack Ziploc bag to toss out in case of no trash cans in the store. There is also taking mini Q-tips as well in case that doesn’t work, still B. Y. O. A. as in Bring Your Own Applicators!

And for the workers, please for the love of peace and doughnuts! Be as hygenic as possible especially new employees! We don’t know who walks into your stores even during fluseason where people sneeze without the elbow for protection. (Trust me, I had a kid cough on me once at the mall and got worse with the cold I already had! So glad for the flu shot!) This means keep your brushes clean, sanitize makeup and toss the items when they reach expiration date and hand out more applicators or use popsicle sticks. The cleaner the better.

Well, that is it! I know that was a bit gross but this has been a bit of a problem and did experience it myself. Yes, it is nice to try things but can’t do it on the eyes nor lips since we don’t know who touched it before. Plus, to the one who got Herpes hoping they do get some treatment because yeah she risked it but should’ve swatched on the hand instead.

Not sure what will happen next on Nerdy Shique Universe! I have some books to read and knowing that it will take me through to Holiday Matsuri which I am planning on doing the Last Minute HM Info like always! Until next time!

Shopping: Holiday Gift Guide 2017!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It is November and we are getting closer to Christmas and you know what that means! It is time for a gift guide here. I have done gift giving advice here and back on Myspace when it was a thing and now it is time for a gift guide in case if you need some ideas!

MakeUp Sets: First is makeup sets! We all know the beauty lovers in our lives and getting that perfect makeup gift would help. We do have the beginners and experts that we know when it comes to makeup and Holiday time is when the brands come out with their own makeup set. I have gotten some in the past and even purchased a few for myself this year and they are worth it. Some of the makeup sets that are big this year include Tarte’s Holiday sets which you can find at Ulta and Sephora depending on who has what, Kat Von D’s Saint & Sinner pallet which would be a big one to ask on any list, but if you want to go for drugstore E. L. F. has released a lot of sets from brushes to highlighters and even stocking stuffer gifts. If you want a better list of sets, I would suggest watching Kat and Hayleigh (sorry if I butchered the spelling) on Beauty News since they talk a lot about new releases even for holiday and Jen Luv’s Reviews for new holiday releases every week on What’s Up In MakeUp and I suggest joining the Facebook group since everyone helps in suggesting products so asking for what gift to ask for or get for someone special they are willing to help. Heck, they helped me with selfie advice.

When it comes to some sets I would suggest, I would suggest the Ulta sets in Be Gorgeous, Beauty Treasures, and Love MakeUp because not only you get a lot of makeup but it does come in nice cases that you can keep. If you have someone that loves jewelry boxes, I would suggest the Beauty Treasures because you can remove the face and eye pallets for convenience since they are not in the signature plastic casing like the Be Gorgeous one. Plus you can go through the drawers very easily for what you need for instance, one drawer is for the concealers and eye primers, another one is for the brow powders, gel liners, cream shadows, and eye topcoats, and the last drawer has the lip items, the brow mascara, and a blush brush and dual ended eye brush. You would pay a bit more for this and good thing is the eye pallet has a lot of warm and cool shades to play with. If you have someone that loves train cases more for convention travel or vacations, then the Be Gorgeous and Love MakeUp sets are for them. I just got the Love MakeUp on sale and these two sets do have your usual eye shadow pallet which the Be Gorgeous comes with 42 shades while Love Makeup comes with 36 and you can create a lot of looks with these and you do have your essentials like your bronzers, gel liners, brow powders, but interesting thing is that the Love MakeUp does not come with the primers. I would suggest using your usual eye primers with the Be Gorgeous and Beauty Treasures sets because I find the Ulta primers in these sets too drying. Also, with Love MakeUp you do get lip liners. I would say for either of these sets to see which one would be worth more to give and again to see if the person loves train cases or jewelry boxes. These sets do retail for $29 which is Beauty Treasures and $24 for the other two but they do have specials on the train case sets.

Nerd Memorabilia: Here at Nerdy Shique Universe, we do include nerds when it comes to giving gifts and many stores do carry a lot of merch based on Doctor Who, Harry Potter, even Dungeons & Dragons. Your best places to find these things are Barnes & Noble, especially the ones with music and movies being sold, Best Buy where they sell Marvel themed thumb drives and other pop culture related things mixed with tech, F. Y. E. for a lot of your merch and tees, Hot Topic being the biggest, and two more stores to mention that we do have here in Orlando and they are Pop Cult where there are way more pop culture items like Hello Kitty, Pokemon, and more, and Box Lunch which has more of the classic pop culture stuff like Miyazaki films and 90’s themed stuff. Gondras did get me a Gigi from Kiki’s Delivery Service as a coin bank last year for Christmas from Box Lunch by the way. Nice thing about that place, they do put your purchases in a lunchbox like carton since it does match the name. I know I will be hitting the Hot Topic website for Gondras this year! Lol

Bath & Body Sets: I know a lot of us love to pamper ourselves after a stressful week at work, heck even a stressful weekend at a convention, so having a a set of bath or skin care or body products to help soothe that aching foot or to calm the skin from stress is a way to go. Many brands have been coming out with sheet masks to help with the skin, even on a plane which I hear people use sheet masks to help with the dry air on a plane, and you know the holidays are HUGE for travel! You can get some of these sets from Sephora where they have skin care sets from Glam Glow, Tachia, Boshia, and much more. Emily Noelle even talked about some masks she got with holiday scents recently like pumpkin spice and sugar cookie and I think those are Ulta and you do have other brands at Ulta like Tony Moley, their in house brand of bath sets that you can get Buy One Get One 50% Off at the moment. I do hear the scents from Ulta do smell good. And of course, Bath & Body Works, my kryptonite with their Christmas scents! And of course, can’t forget Lush because they do have awesome gift sets with bath bombs, bubble bars, and they do come with mini shower gels in there too and good thing about getting these sets from Ulta, or Bath & Body Works, and Lush is that if the person never tried them before this is how you can try them. That is how I got into Lush by the way, Mommy Gondras did work for them seasonally back in 2007 and I got a gift box from their Christmas line and I was addicted, even to Snow Fairy. So, every year is Snow Fairy right after Christmas! So yes, sets are a good way to go!

Luxury Brand Sets: I can’t forget about this because there are times where we know someone that loves that luxury skin care brand or makeup brand and there are times where the singles are a bit pricey. A lot of the luxury brands do come out with their own holiday sets and if you have saved up a lot over time then getting a set like this would give the luxury lover a ton to try. One good set definitely to recommend are the mud mask sets from Glam Glow because you get to sample some of their more popular masks in one single set rather than trying to buy it for $50 (just guessing) and around this time there is the Sephora sale depending on your membership level you get 15% as a Bauty Insider and 20% for VIB and VIB Rouge which does help even when it comes to early gift shopping.

Train Cases: I feel like bringing these up as a possible gift item especially when I mentioned the Ulta sets before and that is train cases. If you don’t want to get the Ulta sets, there are the usual train cases that we love to travel with, heck I am going to be using my pink caboodle for Holiday Matsuri since that is what I use for my convention makeup stuff. These last you for a long time and they do come in many sizes and price ranges. I have a six tray one and it was $24 if I remembered and I got it from WalMart two years ago. Trust me, I have a lot of stuff to put in, lol! Anyways, besides WalMart selling these, you can find at Target, Ulta, and I believe Sephora too and of course Amazon and EBay does carry some of the older ones you may not be able to find in store anymore.

MakeUp Bags: Besides train cases, you can also get a loved one a makeup bag because a lot of us do travel and having that makeup bag is very handy! They come in all shapes and sizes and even in nerd memorabilia, heck I have a Pikachu and an Artemis one from Hot Topic since you know me, plus they do come as sets depending on the brand. For instance, Too Faced has a set where you get three mini shadow pallets, their Better Than Sex Mascara, and other items in a makeup bag. Even MAC has some such as their mini lip glass trio, which you can use the little makeup bag afterwards for lip stuff, bobby pins, and other things when you are on the go. Also, Sephora has really big ones every holiday and they come oujt with new designs for every holiday so you can get what you like. And in case if you are at a department store browsing makeup counters, some of the brands do include makeup bags as gifts with purchase, I do admit I take my mom’s Lancome ones due to how spatious they are. Lol! Speaking of gift sets…

Perfume and Cologne Sets: Besides beauty and clothing, there are the loved ones that love to smell good! I usually ask for perfume but due to how many bottles I have I have slowed down incredibly! Anyways, sets are a good thing to go with because there are times when a brand wants to treat the customer or their loved ones by selling the set together and they do come with pretty sweet stuff like a shower gel and lotion and sometimes even a bag to go with. For instance, my Nicole Richey perfume set came with a carrying bag. A good set that people suggest is the one from Sephora because they include a coupon to get the full-size perfume or cologne that is included in the set of minis of your choice.

Gift Cards: If you have a hard time choosing what you want to get someone, gift cards are a way to go! In my gift advice, I say pay attention to where your loved ones shop or ask where they like to go. If you can’t get an answer, you can get them a Visa gift card so they can spend it anywhere. Another good idea is if the person loves to play games on their devices or game systems, you can get them either a Google Play card, an ITunes card, or even the systems’ cards to use in their stores such as the PSN card in case if they want to get a classic game or pay for their membership at the end of the month.

Food Sets: Finally, there are times when we want to give a person a little something extra especially in their stocking and that is either something sweet like candy or a box of cocoa packets. Heck, my mom gave me a can of blueberry tea bags one year as her stocking stuffer gift because I love blueberries especially as a tea. Not only that, if you have a party to go to or your friend loves savory foods, Hickory Farms always, always, ALWAYS have stands every year! If you have not tried Hickory Farms, I suggest trying their turkey summer sausage. Anyways, this place is a good idea for any party platter or as a gift even the day after Christmas has a good sale with them which is buy one get one 50% off and that includes their food sets that come with pretty good mustard spreads to tell you the truth.

Etsy: Finally! Finally! If Didn’t mention this earlier, Etsy is also a good place for gifts! This has a lot of craft items made by people, think of it a craft version of EBay. Not only that, this is where most of the people I meet at Artists Alley sell here as well such as Black Flame Creations, Aunt Matilda’s, and a bunch more. You can find a lot of great jewelry, some people even sell kitchen items, even candles if you can’t walk into a Yankee Candle. Plus, a lot of stuff is really well priced and they do ship as soon as possible even in time for holiday time! For instance, I got Vivi a wolf necklace for her since I was her Secret Santa last year and I did remember how she loved wolves and found it when looking for steam punk jewelry and it did arrive on time. So, I would say look around Etsy and also sign up for their newsletters because they will give you some items as ideas and some of the stuff does get discounted depending on the seller.

That is it for this post! Hoping you got some inspiration from this post! Christmas is my fave time of year not only just for gifts and sales but also Holiday Matsuri and the Doctor Who special that comes around every year. So, good luck on your gift hunt! What is next? A new cosmetic controversy that may want you to think carefully of swatching a tester on yourself! Until next time!

Reviews: E. L. F. Luxe 8 Piece Brush Set and Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I haven’t done this in forever and that is bring you a beauty review on here! I have been busy with stuff in my life and not only that have been posting more over on YouTube and with this week being a little packed, I decided to bring this over here and it is a review on…
8 Piece Brush Set and Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer!

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer! Please respect her thoughts on these products!

So recently I have been shopping on Ulta thanks to my card with them and now my Platinum status and since the Holidays are technically here according to the Business Universe a lot of makeup companies came out with holiday sets. I did get my paws on two of them from MAC’s Snowball collection which happen to be the Rose Gold pallet which features six new shades for the season and the Lip Glass Mini Trio in the Rose bag.

Well, E. L. F., who is known for makeup that is sold at affordable prices and has been in Target, CVS, and now at Ulta with some stuff only online and in store. They released their own holiday items and one happens a set of their brushes from the Luxe Brush Collection which ranges from $3 to $15 depending on the brush. This set you get eight of them for $20 and it is a $27 value! Man, that is a good deal for a set like this, I think it is better than the Morphe Vegan Brush Set since you get one more brush in that and it costs $39. I thought Morphe brushes were okay when I tried them out in a YouTube video and did keep my promise to just the brushes and they aren’t as special that people make them sound while E. L. F., on the other hand, I always love returning to time to time. I did use these brushes to apply my makeup but had to supplement with the color correcting concealer, the under eye concealer, powder for a moment since after wiping the big brush after foundation, and highlight since I used these for the brows, foundation, blush, bronzer, setting powder, shadow and concealer. What did I think?


• Ultimate Blending Brush: This brush is can be used in any formula of foundation and can also be used for bronzer and blush but I tried it with foundation since I use a liquid foundation from Almay and set it with powder later. It did blend the foundation in very nicely even with two pumps when other brushes would need more. One wxample is where I got the Ulta oval brushes and I tried the foundation one and took a lot of product to use so I think that one is best for blush since that would need less product to blend. This one in the E. L. F. one is great! I did try it with powder but it was a little bit wet from my baby wipe but it did a bit before I switched to my powder brush from the set I am using now. Still, this is a good brush to have and you can get it on its own for $6.
• Eye Shadow C Brush: This brush was a pretty soft brush and it does remind me of the regular eye brush E. L. F. has separately and any set too. I used my MAC Satin Taupe to try this brush out and it did blend very well even though my eye base from NYX was still tacky and laid two layers for good measure to blend on top of the base. I did see this can also be used with cream shadows so maybe I can use it with an eye base or blend the Wet N Wild Metallic shadows!
• Flawless Concealer Brush: This brush felt more like a crease brush with how it is shaped. It did blend in my concealer which I lay down on top of the color corrector. It was pretty soft as well and I even decided to see how well it blended the CoverGirl concealer and not bad! I would probably use this for my crease or my under eye.
• Contour Brush: I think I got this confused for the blush brush but it did work as a blush brush more than a contour one due to how the angle can help with applying on the cheekbones. I know technically it is the apples but I do the cheekbones due to how we blush naturally around that area. Well, there is always next time but most people think there is no exact rule to makeup and that includes brushes.
• Small Angle Brush: I used this for eyeliner since the description for the brush on its own said that it can also be used for brows but it did make sense for liner more. I decided why not try it with the eyeliner stencils I got for my Link cosplay? The Essence black gel liner was the one I used and man it worked well with the brush! I was able to do the wing parts on the stencil fairly easily. I may take this brush with me to Holiday Matsuri since I am planning on doing Link and Itachi and may be using gel liner for the wrinkle lines he has.
• Eyebrow Duo Brush: This brush was very good! This is not an angled duo brush I have from another company and it does have a spooly on the end and didn’t dig into my hairs as much. I did apply my Essence brow gel very well with the brush end and the bristles weren’t too stiff either! I think I will have an easier time putting a brush shaper when I wash these off.
• Small Stipple Brush: This one I used for under eye setting powder because I felt like the shape was best for that even when I have to go into a small container of powder. I think Emily Noelle uses this one for highlight time to time but this one feels good as a setting powder in my book and the double layer of bristles does it very well!
• Blush Brush: Finally, I think I did get this one mixed up as the contour brush even though this fits more as one due to how rounded it is. I did have an easy time blending the Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer with this one since it can do both cream and powder like the other one that is more angled. I do like how soft it is and shaping the outer parts of my cheek with the bronzer was done very well with this brush and I am thinking of doing that for now on with this one!
My final thoughts on the set is that this set was very good! Not too expensive for what you are paying and they are very good quality! They aren’t scratchy, they didn’t tickle me as much as two of the brushes from Morphe since on camera I found them very tickly against my skin due to how soft those were, these have enough softness that it doesn’t do that! I think this set is a perfect idea for any beginner who wants to try out E. L. F. brushes or a gift for a makeup lover who has not try out the Luxe brushes and I can see why these are good! You can also find these in the 19 Brush Set for holiday which is $30 more if you want to spend more on a set for someone but Ulta does have sales which I may get the bigger one if it does go on sale and is still in stock by then due to how a lot of holiday shoppers go nuts! Next item…

Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer: I have to include this since I have been doing simple contouring lately. I know I never wore bronzer before but all thanks to Vivi I decided to start doing it and I am doing fairly well. I just do in the outer areas of my cheeks and under the lip and chin to give those areas more definition. I remembered doing that with my color pencils when I used to draw back in the day. I knew about this bronzer and everyone in the makeup community I have seen loves this bronzer and I can see why! This is like a cream but it does blend to a powder finish. I got the one in Light so it wouldn’t look so dark on me since people do have some bronzers that look muddy or too orange on them depending on what they get and so far so good this one has not done too much. I may take this with me to Holiday Matsuri since it is not so harsh. Also, another good part of this bronzer is the smell! OMG! This smells like regular butter and it was made with Miruru Butter or is it Miru Miru Butter? Still, it is an amazing scent! Plus, this thing doesn’t make me itch like the foundations because it doesn’t contain any SPF, I know I live in Florida and SPF is important but my skin is sensitive to products with it and the foundations from this company made me itch. This bronzer doesn’t and glad I can use something from this brand without any worry!

Rating: 5 Star Pawprints for Bronzer and Brush Set! These two items are amazing! The brushes are soft and very affordable for the price and great for any makeup lover or beginner that may want to try E. L. F. brushes and to me these are better than Morphe since they don’t tickle me as much with the face brushes. I think my favorite brushes out of this set would be the duo brow brush, the angular brush, and the blush one that I used for my contouring since they were great for those uses. The Butter Bronzer is also amazing for what it is. Yes, it is $15 but it is worth it! I did forget to mention that Physician’s Formula does have coupons time to time and some places do put them on sale. Also, the smell is great and you can smell it while applying and this product does not make my face itch like the foundations. Definitely a Pawprint of Approval on the Butter Bronzer!

Well, that is it for this review! It feels good to bring a review back on this blog since I feel like it is a little neglected despite doing book reviews and having a beauty review is a nice break. I am thinking of doing a gift guide for this year since I tend to do the advice stuff and I think it is good to do the gift guide. Until next time everyone!

Favorites: September and October 2017!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It is time for favorites for September and October! I will also be including my fave top 5 songs!

Empties Finished: First, let’s start with a Project Pan Update! Urban Decay Naked Basics 2: First, I finally finished my Urban Decay Naked Basics 2! I was giving this one so much love when I first got it even with my neutral looks for anything interview related and Pre-Employment Program stuff and man it took forever. I decided to toss it finally noticing that it is hard to get the eye shadow with my brush and knew that I had to let it go. I do have a back up of this pallet and it is out of its box!

Revlon Primer + Shadow in Bohemian and Metropolitan: Next I finally finished two of my Revlon pallets from that Primer and Shadow line which it was an okay thing and not very pigmented for most people. I only had three of them and finished two of them which happened to be Bohemian and the other Metropolitan. I don’t know what is up with some Revlon items but the nail polishes, the So Lengthy Mascara, and the lip items are the best from them while the eye shadows are meh in my book. I had these for a long time and glad to finish two out of the three, I will get to Advant Gard and I know it.

Burberry Brit: I finished a perfume and that is Burberry Brit from Burberry. I had this bottle for a long time and it was time for me to finish it! It was also a fave scent for anyone who noticed it at the Blind Rehab Center I stayed at in Daytona.

Painterly and Kaaahhhnnn by MAC: Time to start a new with Back to MAC and that is with Painterly from their Paint Pots and Kaaaahhhhnnn! From their Star Trek collection! I loved these two a lot. I am thinking of going for Soft Ocre next time if I am looking for a primer again while Kahhhnnn, it was just limited edition and this was the only other Star Trek themed lip glass I had. The thing is that the lip glasses tend to go thick and you finish them a bit too quickly. Glad to start a new collection to take back.

I think that is it for this Project Pan update!


New Collection: Ulta Be Gorgeous Set: First is the newest Ulta gift set and that is the Be Gorgeous set that they released for holiday this year! When the new holiday stuff comes out you know I am getting some of it early to try out! This one especially when the email was in my inbox and it was $19 along with the Be Charming set. Even though these sets are the same price, the Be Gorgeous was way worth more than the other because I feel like I can create more looks with the shadows than the other. I did do two looks with it and managed to do a video of one of them but the other my Android camera kept on going out. I hope to get my next video up. I do admit I only didn’t like one item and that is the eye primer they put in this set. They did it as a cream in the plastic mold but wishing they did it as a tube of it instead because it is hard to put on the eye that way. I had to go into Painterly for my primer but I do love how it did get me into color correcting!

Color Corrector: NYX Concealer in Green: Next is a concealer and you would not expect to see it being a green one from NYX. I had some issues with dry patches and redness on my face and needed some help and when I saw the Be Gorgeous set had concealers, I decided to do some digging. I got the NYX Green Concealer at the NYX store in twon since a website highly recommend it and this concealer is amazing! It does go on thick but it does blend very easily and for $5 it is not that bad for a concealer. I am going to try out the light shade for the under eye because sometimes the Cover Girl one I use runs out a little too easily.

Eyeliner Pencil: Penny by Ulta: Next is an eyeliner fave and it might be cheating since I got it last month during the 21 Days of Beauty but it is the Ulta Gel Liner Pencil in Penny. These pencils are AMAZING! Yes, I know you have to sharpen them but I prefer to sharpen over automatic because they don’t break as easily. These go on smooth and they do pack on a lot of color. Plus, they do stay put in the water and lower lash lines! Where was this pencil when I first did Link but I would just get the black one for the wing. Still, it is a good pencil!

Lip Product: E. L. F. Lip Primer and Plumper: I mentioned this in my “Best Liquid Lipsticks for Conventions” because it does help and that is the E. L. F. Primer and Plumper! I heard about this all thanks to Andrea Matalano because she was have the same problems like I had with the Color Pop Matte Liquid Lipsticks where they ran all over the place! I looked like what if Harley Quin kissed the Joker way too much with Ribbon from the Hello Kitty collection. I was so happy to find out that I was not the only one and when she mentioned this product I knew I had to find it and Ulta had it on their website and it was amazing! Yes the plumper does sting a little but that goes for all lip plumping products but it doesn’t swell like crazy when I used a NYX plumping gloss a long time ago. You essentially put the primer down first and then put the plumper on top or put the plumper on top of the liquid lipstick after putting that down. This makes any liquid lipstick stay in place. I used it on my Kat Von D’s, my Ofra ones, even my Rimmel Apocalips or Show Off Lip Laquers and they stay put! Where were these? I did get two more by the way!

T. V. Show: Stranger Things: It took me a year but glad I did see it in time for Season 2 to come out and that is Stranger Things! This show was interesting and yet weird but I loved it! It tells about a boy gone missing in a small town around the 1980s, is it around that time? Anyways, He goes missing after a night of Dungeons & Dragons with his friends and then the next day a mysterious girl shows up and more people do go missing as the story goes and the girl, 11 or El for short is linked to the strange happenings that lead to a world that is different from ours. This show was great and I loved it! Yes, the first season was slightly short but it is NetFlix after all. I can’t wait what comes next since Nerdy Shirts and his brother were the ones who got me more curious about the first season after watching their reaction video to the second season trailer, I had to see it for myself. If you are into strange worlds beyond and having nerds be the hero, this show is for you!

Cartoon: Voltron The Legendary Defender: I had to mention this since it is a part of my Rookie Days of Anime and that is Voltron Legendary Defender! I haven’t mentioned it on a faves because I didn’t see season 1 and it got spoiled for me while I was in Daytona but I did catch up very well with Season 2 and now that Seasons 3 & 4, or shall I say Season 3.1 and 3.2 came out this year, I loved it! All I have to say is that the characters they did for this series is better than the classic, sorry that’s my opinion, because you have Elura be more useful and not always in distress, Lance as more like Saka from Avatar and a lady’s man, Pidge with HER character seems more like the one in the original but looking for her brother and dad who got taken, Hunk being more handy in the kitchen and science, and Keith being emo, and Shiro being the leader! Lotor, which I did like more, had a better character build up especially towards the end of 3.2 which I won’t give which you must see yourself. All I have to say is that this was a really good come back for the series and told a better story, even it gave an origin story for Voltron and filled in the blanks. I can’t wait what the next season will bring because it did end on an amazing note.

Book: Shattered Heir by N. M. Howell: I know I gave this book a bit of a detailed review but this was a great book and I want to apologize to Ms. Howell because I feel like I won’t get any newsletters from her again but I was pretty honest. There are times when you can’t always please everyone and someone at a job search seminar I went to recently said know your target audience and you will retain more as much as you repel. I didn’t think the story need any changes because the story was well-written and enjoyed it very much. I hope I get to read the sequel because I want to know what happens next to Reina and her guardians and how she will get her kingdom back in order.

Songs: Now onto my top 5 fave songs because it is hard to pick ten and these songs have been stuck in my head for the longest time!

1. “Victorious” by Panic! At the Disco: This one is a very catchy song with a very catchy beat!
2. “Uma Thurman” by Fall Out Boy: This always pops up on any radio I tend to listen to on I Heart Radio! I really want to try out CK Eternity since Calvin Klein is a fave clothing brand of mine and perfume brand too!
3. “Bulls&*^!” by Rise Against: Next is Rise Against with a song that does tell all! It does get into my head time to time and don’t always sing along.
4. “A Favor House Atlantic” by Coheed & Cambria: I started listening to these guys again and I still remember an old classmate loving them. I also have an easier time singing along with this song too!
5. “Strike Back” English Cover by Jonathan Young: I found this cover on YouTube by this guy since I love the song by Back On and did finally get my paws on Part 18 of Fairy Tail. The lyrics do fit me the most since I did get put down recently for my career goal by someone but not letting it be put down anymore. Heck, I would get the chorus tattooed with my Fairy TailxKingdom Hearts tattoo design. Plus, the song was well translated too!
Well, that is my faves of September and October! Let’s see what November and December brings when of course we have Thanksgiving and Christmas and Holiday Matsuri rolled into one!

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Beauty: Best Liquid Lipsticks for Conventions!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Since Holiday Matsuri is coming up in less than two months, I feel like doing an awesome beauty post!

Best Liquid Lipsticks for Conventions!

As makeup wearers in the convention community, there are times where we have a hard time finding that moment to re-apply our lipstick even with panels where can’t get that time to re-apply if we are hosting or late to show up after sleeping in from a long night of partying and panels! So, with MegaCon, I noticed that wearing a liquid lipstick is a lot better because they stay on for a very long time and a lot of cpmpanies in both high end and drugstore have been getting on the liquid lipstick train both in matte and mettllics, especially in time for the holidays! Since I wore a liquid ipstick, why not do a post of the best brands for anyone who needs an awesome lip and being comfortable too!

First, a Lip Primer Recommendation: I know a lot of people do have the problems of their liquid lipstick running all over their lips like I had with the Colour Pop ones and all thanks to Andrea Matalano, she says that the E. L. F. Lip Primer and Plumper is the way to go! I never heard about a lip primer until she mentioned it in her video and I do have the E. L. F. one and waiting for two more to appear on my doorstep with other items from Ulta, but other brands do have their own lip primers which NYX makes one too if you don’t want to get the E. L. F. one. People did complain about the E. L. F. one that the plumping side does sting which I did cecounter that before which my lips did get used to it. You essentially put on the primer side first and then the plumper side which you can smell very easily or you can put the plumper on top of the lipstick for added plumping. Does it work? Yes it does! It kept on all of my liquid lipsticks on and they stay pretty well too. I suggest getting a lip primer because it will save the bleeding and it is easy to carry as well.

Now for the lipsticks:

Disclaimer: These products are based on the love from the lead writer so please respect her choices!

1. Ofra Liquid Lipsticks: First off is the Ofra Liquid Lipsticks! I love these especially with the smell. They glide on very smoothly and when dried down they stay put! I only re-apply one or two times because of how well they stay and even with the lip primer they do stay on a lot better. These retail for $17.50 each and you have a wide range of colors from nude to bolds and even metallics. You can get Ofra through Ulta on their website and I would say it is a good thing since you can get points from buying these!
2. Colour Pop Matte Lipsticks: Before the lip primer, I hated how these ran all over my lips but with a lip primer these do stay put! These are very affordable and you can get a lot of colors as well. They around the $6 range and they do take a week to come in. Good news that select colors will be carried at Sephora which would be in time for December.
3. Black Moon Cosmetics: I tried this out all thanks to Vivi getting me an early birthday gift, a very early one, and that is a liquid lipstick from Black Moon Cosmetics in Eternal. I wore this during MegaCon, well two days out of the four, and it did not budge at all, even when I asked people questions! I did have to put on once after eating my pb&j sandwich. Still, that thing stays very well even on top of lip primer. This company does a wide range of colors from matte to metallic and even bold if you want to do a goth cosplay. These are around $18 each!
4. Kt Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks: Next is up Kat Von D’s liquid lipstick range! I thank Vivi getting into this line too and I only have two in Echo, which is a navy blue, and Wolf, which is ddeep gunmetal. Even though these do stay put but they are pretty drying which I suggest using not only the lip primer but also a lip balm before the primer. I always use lip balms, especially my all time Holy Grail one and that is LipSmackers, and then do the primer afterwards and then the lipstick. A head’s up, for the color Witches from what I hear, best to use a black lip liner or eye liner to line the lips to make it more oopaque. Reason why I mention these besides the downside of the dryness and needing a liner for Witches is because there is a wide range of shades to choose from! Heck, one shade is a best seller that sells out and that is Lolita and Lolita 2! (there is even a blush…) You can either go nude or natural and classic red or even bold for certain cosplays. And again they do stay on even while eating. These are $21 from what I remembered buying Echo and Wolf and you can get these from Sephora and the Kat Von D Cosmetics website! If you need a gift suggestion, there is a set for holiday for friends!
5. Rimmel Provacalips: These liquid lipsticks are amazing! I tend to wear one with my cosplay and that is a very, vampy purple color. It is the RImmel Provacalips collection! It is a two in one where you have the lip color on one side and then the top coat to seal it in for the day. This does stay put all day and it doesn’t budge. If you saw my interview videos as my ice Trainer Cosplay my lip color was there every video! These around $6 or $7 depending where you go! I may have to try the only one I have which is a berry one on top of my primer because I had these before the primer came out.
6. NYX Lip Lingerie: This list wouldn’t exist without at least one NYX product and that is their Lip Lingerie liquid lipstick line! I have the colors in Corsette and Embellishment which are nude colors among them and they feel great! Yes, they might be drying but I do use my lip primer underneath and they aren’t as bad. They do stay pretty well on top of the primer too which I highly suggest to do that before using these. They are in the $7 range depending on where you are whether it is Target or Ulta or even if you have in town and that is a NYX store! We have one in Orlando at the Milennia mMall and the nice thing is if you guys have the NYX app or shop at the store and sign up for their MakeUp Crew membership you can get points. Goes the same with the NYX website. Giving you guys that tidbit in case if you didn’t know.
7. L’Oreal Infolluble Liquid Lipsticks: Now another drugstore choice and that is from L’Oreal! I heard about these all thanks to Casey Holmes and you know me and my kitty curiosity I had to try! I decided to get some on Ulta and got them in the colors Kitten Paw and Petal Potion and these are amazing! They are lightweight and they don’t budge! They do transfer before drying down matte but just stay on for 18 hours which it claims. I think I rarely had to re-apply and I think these would be perfect for a convention because of how comfortable they are and do dry into place. I can see why people bought out one color when I was buying two of them. These are $7 and change at WalMart and Target and $9.99 at Ulta.
8. Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick: Another liquid lipstick from Rimmel and that is their Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick formula which I just tried! I remembered seeing was it Vii Dreamcatcher reviewing these on her channel and at first she said they were patchy which made me a bit skeptical but all thanks to Shop Kick having it as a Kick Bait item I decided why not give it a try. There are times where makeup works for some people and other products don’t and these worked out a lot especially with the primer. I do have to double dip, as in put one coat then put another on both top and bottom lips and then do the tissue and it stays! IT STAYS! I only had to re-apply once and that is it! Great thing is that you not only get your usual pinks and nudes but you do get a vampy purple, a blue, a black, and if I remembered a grey as well so anyone who wants to go beyond your normal colors and try something bold then RImmel is your brand with this line. I have Blue Iris and Pink Blink which someone in a review said the Blue Iris was patchy. I did mention how the lip primer helps and it did help with the patchiness. These are in the $5 range and you can get them at Target, Ulta, and WalMart!
9. Wet N Wild Color Icon Liquid Cat Suit: The final liquid lipstick best for conventions is the Wet N Wild Ciquid Cat Suit! THESE ARE AMAZING! Wet N Wild first released these at the beginning of this year and when I heard about them I had to try them out. These stay put very well except Goth TOpic always ran all over but hoping it stays put on my lips with the primer. I do have Goth Topic, Rebel Rose which I finally found after two months of looking for it, Gimme Mocha, and all of the Midnight Mermaid ones which happens to be Sea Seduction, Coral Crown, and a red one and a green one. I will be having the green one on hand during Holiday Matsuri for a very festive look for Sunday in my own way. Plus, these are pretty lightweight on the lips which I feel like I am not wearing any liquid lipstick at all once it is set. These are very affordable in the $4 range. I did hear they released Halloween colors but I didn’t look at the moment. Sorry but if you have the Halloween ones, awesome! Still, a great item to get and you can get these at Walgreens, Ulta’s website, and Wet N Wild’s website. I think you can also get them at Walmart since they did carry the Fantasymakers stuff.
Well, that is it for this post! I would put a tenth one but at the moment I am waiting on the new Maybelline Matte Metallics one I picked on Ulta. I haven’t tried the nnw Liquid Suede metallics from NYX yet, it will be a bit for those. I will update on Twitter with the Maybelline one in how well that one goes! So in the meantime, I will be doing my September and October favorites in the next few days so stay tuned guys! Also, donate to our Patreon and Go Fund Me!

Cosmetic Controversy: What Is Up With Morphe!?

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I was going to do the Convention Spotlight but then thought about something. Don’t worry, I will get it up as soon as I can since I have been really busy and noticed this has been popping up and that is all about Morphe.

I know you guys know that I am not interested in the eye shadows from Morphe but I am willing to give their brushes a chance and when I found out that they are coming to Ulta and already have a page waiting for products, I hear more controversies about the brand and decided to look at some stuff on my own and thought about doing a Cosmetic Controversy post on it!

Controversies: There are a lot of controversies behind the brand such as brushes shedding, eye shadows staining people’s eyes, bad customer service, and even how people push their codes and here are my thoughts…

Disclaimer: This area is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this blog! Please respect her thoughts since she is entitled to the opinion she presents!

Thoughts: I know things are hectic with this brand since this brand did get its start from social media and its popularity all thanks to working with YouTubers, well the bigger YouTube personalities such as Jacklyn Hill, Kathleen Lights, Laura Leigh, and even Manny MUA. Apparently, they were supposed to have a brush set made with Jeffree Starr since they do carry some of his makeup products but drama is involved with that between him and Jacklyn from what I have been hearing in the Grapevine. I would say is that usually brands do get noticed by the audience all thanks to people on social media talking about them. Remembered when I was with Ipsy and BoxyCharm? I always talked about them here when I got a bag and box from each and then review them honestly and even linked my social media so people might be interested in the brand that appeared in each of them. I still laugh a little when years ago when I first heard about the Lipnotic lipsticks by Maybelline all thanks to commercials that played on YouTube about them and through some of the reviews and get asked, “How do I know about these things?” by an employee and mentioned YouTube and this is at WalMart by the way. All thanks to seeing it on YouTube the consumer wants to pick up that item. Unfortunately, nowadays with the push of the Morphe discount codes does get a bit annoying and that kind of causes the person to get annoyed, ahem Laura Leigh did snap on Snap Chat about how people got mad about her and Manny getting things for free at the Morphe store and waving their codes around. I like the idea of using a coupon code like with Ulta but I don’t have to use it, it is a choice and the question is now if Morphe is going to be in Ulta will those codes still be valid? As in, will Morphe still do codes since the new CEO wants to expand the Morphe brand into stores and create new locations in the United States? That is pretty good questions don’t you think? I even wondered myself after hearing the news from Sanders Kennedy about Ulta and Morphe partnering up since now Ulta is carrying a lot of bigger brands and a few independent ones such as Fiona Styles for example. Time will tell and seeing how far the codes will go and who knows how many YouTubers will be involved and be affiliated with Morphe since staff has changed. I bet you’re wondering, will I be an affiliate with Morphe? Maybe not since I am not as popular and haven’t tried them yet which brings my next point!

The Products and Quality! Well, lately there have been stories about the products that Morphe makes aren’t as great as they are promoted which has me wondering what I should get when Ulta starts to carry them when it comes to brushes. I wonder should I do the set or should I do individual brushes? Now the story is that there was one girl who got a set, Korina Kaboom credited here, that she ended up having a scratched eye due to how the brushes fell apart and scratched her eye and it is from the Copper Dreams set. I know that the set being carried by Ulta is going to be the Vegan 9-piece set according to Pop Sugar. I did ask my friend Vivi about her set since she got a set of Morphe brushes to try out and used them when we were doing a girls’ makeup day and she told me they only shedded a little bit but they are still good brushes and that I should try them out. After hearing the story about the girl I decided to do some research about the Morphe experiences and someone did have a bad reaction to a brush ingredient that wasn’t listed and then one story came up and that is about Jacklyn’s brush set.

As we all know that the set sold out and re-stocked twice and some orders were cancelled for no reason, which I will talk about in customer service, fans were mad about the set for shedding all over them even when applying their makeup. People have posted on the Instagram and Twitter complaining about it and according to John Cookian, these brushes are private labeled where Morphe can just stamp their name all over any brush set from the lab/warehouse and sell it without testing it first. Now my question is that will the brushes that Ulta will be getting, since they are supposed to be the more popular among the singles in this round of release and one set, will they be crappy and shed or will they be more of the better quality? I am definitely going to take the jump and try the brushes and see how they compare and well they work. If they shed then it will happen. Heck, I even remember Korina mentioned in video today that we have to research in the products and the brand itself before buying since that is a good point. Heck, when I first tried Physician’s FOrmula I did research into it and tried it and didn’t like it which made me take it back. Which what I like about Morphe being at Ulta, you can take your receipt and your purchases back to any store to get your money back. If you are wondering shadows…I did mention this in my anti-haul…I did hear how some of the shadow pallets do come broken which I am thinking will they come in tact to Ulta which the good thing is they use really good bubble wrap and place some items into plastic bags for comfy shipping. That will be a great plus buying them from Ulta. Anyways, what is another frightening thing is that the shadows do stain the eyes which I heard a story on Korina’s channel where a girl was using a pink shadow from a Morphe pallet that stained her eyes for days until she had to use coconut oil to remove it. Yes, some shadows stain but they do get removed pretty easily if you have the right kind of remover, heck even Ponds tends to remove a lot of makeup in one go. With the new CEO, will the quality concerns be looked at and have a formula watch? A lot of companies are doing that nowadays if there are inconsistencies and improve the formula. Heck, even testing on people to see if they do stain would help. Another thing, a warning label would help since Urban Decay did that with their Electric pallet when it was till around by warning people that some pigments aren’t eye safe in the pallet. It wouldn’t be so hard Morphe.

And finally, customer service being bad! When researching for this post, I did have a Better Business Bureau page pop up for Morphe and man everyone talked about the customer service being horrible especially at the stores! Okay, this does happen depending on who gets hired and there are times when people do have bad days. Heck, I remembered how a salon worker at Ulta sounded annoyed when I said Marc Anthony was a drugstore product and she said, “I didn’t know, I work with pro hair care.” Heck, even watching stories about bad Sephora and MAC experiences with some of the workers were even entertaining. Back to the point, some of the stories I noticed included how a concealer that was never used was opened and it couldn’t be returned to only getting 10% of your refund for a ruined pallet, to many others and all I have to say is that Morphe may have been a new brand but I do agree with a lot from what I have read and that they should be training their workers a lot better, especially with shipping products which I read one story that someone got two other products that weren’t her brush set and had a better experience but the girl helping her over the phone agreed that the brush set should have been sent the first time. Heck, I even had the same kind of customer service with E. L. F. when I got the wrong orders except I didn’t have to pay for extra and they did apologize for their mistakes but did have a hard time when I got a bundle a few months later to get someone from customer service when I haven’t gotten it yet which reminds me! Latest problem was when the Jacklyn Hill pallet got re-stocked for a third time and people had to wait two weeks for their pallet to ship and Morphe kind of dropped a ball, a huge yarn ball, since they didn’t have the pallets to send out. I can imagine a lot of people crowding the Twitter with pitchforks and torches figuratively speaking but they should’ve addressed it with, “Sorry for the delay! We will get your pallets out as soon as we can!” Instead of having complete silence and same with Jacklyn since this is her product and she should’ve keep in contact with Morphe to make sure the pallets shipped out.

Will we experience the same thing? Well, so far there is no product on the Ulta website so far when the page already went up this past Sunday. Milani is now carried at Ulta and they have products up on their page with Ulta and even had a coupon in my email this morning. Apparently, Morphe hasn’t put an exact date from what I heard with when they will be there but hoping it will be soon.

Also, since I mentioned customer service, Ulta’s customer service is amazing! I had to get my Marc Anthony Growth Spray and Shea Moisture Coconut Oil replaced all thanks to their outstanding customer service. Heck, there was a time when I got charged for the original price of the Smoked pallet from Urban Decay and they credited me for that and that was three years ago! Still amazing as always. If a Morphe item does get damaged or poops out shadow from a pan, Ulta will gladly send a new one and they do have a pretty fair return policy in store if you do it within a month of purchasing the product. Also, if you do have the card you purchased with, you do get a full refund and if not then you get a in-store credit for that in the full amount. Sounds better than just getting 10% of your refund even with pics.

Verdict: Yes, hearing about these stories make me a little skeptical in buying anything from Morphe but I think with the items they will get into Ulta it may not be as bad as what people have experienced. They have changed management and maybe things will be better in production quality since brands do that a lot, which look at E. L. F. and Wet ‘N Wild, they have changed their formula in a lot of products and have gotten better and now beating a lot of brands out of the water, especially with their new products! Even E. L. F. has skin care at affordable pricing and good quality from what I am hearing. I am still on the fence if I want to try the set of brushes or get some of the individuals to try out a little bit before committing to the set, whatever I do decide I will see if the brushes are worth the hype since I do have a lot of brush sets I have picked up from Ipsy and Amazon over time. Heck, I still have a set from E. L. F. and a few brushes from Wet ‘N Wild including the two limited edition ones from this year. So, this will be a good try out and thinking of making a video on them. Gotta remember, this will be honest and I do love being that with my products I purchase!

That is about it for this post! I am glad to get this off my chest since it would nag at me as time goes on. Also, if you guys have noticed a new page saying “Affiliate Links” then you aren’t wrong in seeing that. Well, here at Nerdy Shique Universe, I have mentioned that I loved Coastal Scents and do have the first four Revealed pallets along with some brushes and now we are an affiliate with them! You can click on that link and do get 7% commission with each purchase! It is not easy being broke and I am still trying to get my career started and of course still working on my third book at the moment! So, support and use the link if you want.

Now, next will be the Convention Spotlight on Holiday Matsuri! Must do it before Halloween! Until next time!