Books: In Twenty Years by Alison Wynn Scotch

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Will be taking a small break from my Omni coverage to review a book!

Title: In Twenty Years
Author: Alyson Wynn Scotch

Synopsis: This book is a reunion story that starts with twenty years in the past where six friends lived in a house during college. They split off once they graduated until Bea, the one who brought them together, dies and her lawyer send s out a letter for them to reunite in the same house on the day that was supposed to be her 40th birthday.

Since being astranged, the five other roommates reunite with secrets and feelings still locked within. First Katherine and her stay-at-home husband Owen were seen as the picture perfect couple but their marriage is on the edge of disaster, Lindy who is a famous singer is pushing middle-age in an industry that expects you to be young rather than older and fighting her own identity, Collin is the pretty-boy surgeon who has to keep the secret about his relationship with Bea and the time that took place while everyone was apart, and finally Annie is trying not to face her reality through social media.

Disclaimer: The Review portion is based on observation and opinion of the lead writer of the blog! Please respect her thoughts and feelings of this book!

Thoughts: This book was amazing! I was thinking it would be a boring read but nope, it wasn’t! What do I mean by that? A little while back when I first joined Net Galley, I did read one book that was also a slice-of-life one but it wasn’t as great. This one, on the other hand, kind of shows what can happen after college for many years. I kind of see it as Real World where you meet the people that lived in the house which are our key players in this story and Bea is the main person who brought them together in that place. It does tell the back story hhow they came together in the sotry which made me happy and you sometimes don’t get that, as in you wonder who are these people and how did they meet? You get it here and what I did like is that the author did each chapter with all the character’s point of view as the story took place which first you see their lives in what they are doing with their lives in 2016. Which first you see Annie at home doing her social media stuff then you see Lindy at home writing a song and getting the FedEx legter from the lawyer which she contacts Annie about which starts the story and then you see their reactions to the letter and wondering why are they getting it now of all times. Then you see Katherine at her job as a crafting celebrity about to do an HGTV pilot and knowing that it might end up being bad, then she hears about the FedEx letter in a printed email from Annie and then she goes home where Owen was and they both read the letter together. And finally, Collin who is heading off to work as surgeon in California and tries to ignore the letter. It shows that five adults are a little awkward and mad about getting the reunion notice and it does show the snapshot that their lives did not pan out as they hoped and dreamed about throughout the book.

I know in our little reality we expect being a famous singer is amazing but it is not always cracked up to be, then we have bloggers which can go down the hill at some point because people expect sunny days in their appearance, and of course marriage can go down the drain which this book is trying to show that life after college doesn’t always go the way you want it to be, especially with what you study. I have gone through this and going back into what I wanted to do before I was put into writing as my Minor. I wished this book continued because I wanted to see how everyone would fix everything. As in how will Owen and Katherine fix their marriage and how will Katerine get her career back in the right path, how will Lindy get through her career and juggling pregnancy, even how Annie is able either leave her husband to be with Collin or Lindy or stay with him? This kind of needs a sequel in my opinion.

If I were to pick one character or characters to like I would say both Lindy and Annie because Annie tries to drown her sorrow in social media but we all know that is one reality that shouldn’t be done but I can see how it relaxes her but realizes she needs to fix her own reality and does realizes how to fix it towards the end. While Lindy, yes she was self-destructive and did try to run away from her problems which a lot of post-grads do when they are in a crisis but there are times when they get brought back to where they started. I do like how she becomes overprotected about Annie during their past and then in their present after finding out what her husband was doing when she took her phone away, I can see that she still had feelings for Annie despite what she did to hurt her that lead to the husband issues. I hope that there would be a sequel or at least a spin off where these two still keep in contact after what took place and what will happen to Lindy nine months pass.

Katherine is one that I would probably relate to since I am a blogger and there are times when things don’t go right. She does rely on Owen for a lot of thiungs and I do the same with Gondras since I’m blind and he’s sighted but I do try find solutions and we do talk about it and pass on the info to Nerdy Shirts so he would know what is up. Wait, I forgot to do something which I am about to text Gondras about. Still, even though I am not as famous as she got to be in the book but life does get complicated when you’re trying to juggle life and work at the same time.

Rating: Five Star Pawprints out of 5! The reason hy it deserves this is because I couldn’t stop reading it even though I did have interruptions while reading since I was enjoying the book a lot! It did show the past in what the characters did as college students such as breaking into the stadium during a snow storm as an example and even streaking on the final night while being drunk. Then of course we see their lives take place after having families or careers and it does show how they can be burned out or see the chaos about to erupt. This was an amazing slice-of-life book and if you are into something like this I would definitely recommend!

That is it for this book review! I will be putting up up the interview with Josh Martin and Chris Rager soon! Stay tuned for that! I will also put up my Top 10 Songs soon as well. Stay tuned!

Books: Come Winter by Clair Gutierrez

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I know it’s been a while but been busy the past few days and now I am back with a book review and this is going to be interesting. Disclaimer!

Disclaimer: This review is based on opinion and observation. Her thoughts are based on what she read and what she thought about this book so respect her review.

Title: Come Winter
Author: Claire Gutierrez

Synopsis: In this book we meet Katrina Taber who gets captured while she sailing back to England and brought to Scotland. She becomes a kitchen maid of Master Reese Dermouth and hopes to leave to head home. She tries running away hoping to head home and works to get back home but her plan fails and gets brought back to Dermouth’s place hoping that love would start between the two.

This tale is a journey of one woman falling in love, going beyond the oppressive role that women are seen during her time, and live among royals that capture the villagers’ hearts.

Thoughts: ::deeply sighs:: I felt this book took forever to finish! Sorry if I am sounding critical but when I read the description I was hoping to see a romantic story between Katty and Reese but I was wrong since it kept going. I noticed how it was a cycle after she lost her first two husbands as in she runs away and gets found by the guy and brought back and they fall in love. The final husband, I did find it cuter in how they got together in the end and how at first that the last husband almost went through an arranged marriage but the girl ended up not looking as pretty as she looked. I did find it interesting that the second husband had an affair with one other woman while being with Katty but wishing they had the affair more involved in the story, which would’ve been a more hilarious tale like with some stories. Nope! I feel like it was briefly mentioned and ended quickly.

Did I like it as much as the other love stories? Not as much because there were good points to end the story and I felt like one love tale with one husband repeats and it rinses and repeats with a newer man. I think this author would’ve made the story shorter and not so repetitive and it was already fine with just the first husband, Reese.

Rating: 3 Pawprints out of 5! I didn’t want to go way below since there are good parts where the first part was better than the rest of the book in my opinion. I wished they covered the second husband’s affair and not cut it short because it would’ve given an interesting spin on the story. I wished it was cut short but if you like stories that are almost the same way as Gone With the Wind but set in Europe, I am not the end all be all reviewer, you can find this on Amazon.

Well, that is it for this short book review. I am hoping with the next one it will be better because it is in the Sci-Fi genre and I do love me some sci-fi stories!

What is next? Well, my Top Ten Songs of February! Stay tuned!

Books: Ten Club Book 7 by Mimi Jaen Pamiloff

Disclaimer: This review is based on opinion and observation by the lead writer and producer of this blog! Please respect her thoughts and opinions and please support the author of this book by purchasing the official release along with any other works!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Time to take a break from my schedule of what I have next in store for a book review. Okay Book Nerds in the Nerd Universe that are my age, you may want to read this one and the books before it!

Book: Ten Club Book 7
Author: Mimi Jaen Pamiloff

Yes, another by the talented Mimi Jaen Pamiloff and this time it is a dark one! Let’s get to it!

Synopsis: This book is book seven, what looks like the final one, of a series she has worked on known as the Ten Club. We meet Maya who lost her husband, King, but finds out that her husband came back from the dead! ::inserts scream:: What else is that he is not the same guy she fell in love with and she has to go and get him back by risking her and his brother’s lives and her time to rescue him from what had happened.

Thoughts: Even though I got a special invite to read this book and didn’t read the ones before it, I did like it! Dark fantasy is usually one of my fave parts of fantasy and wishing I did read the ones before it. I never thought I would read a supernatural story from someone I read a romantic comedy from. Well, I did download one of other books that deal with supernatural romance from Bookshare on my Victor Reader Stream. Anyways, I did like how it did explain the back story of how Maya got to where she is in the series since it did read in the description that I didn’t need to read the previous books to know what happened. You all know me with series, I have to do it in order but unfortunately it is not available on NLS nor Bookshare, but hoping very soon!

I would say Pamiloff is pretty good with doing fantasy style writing from what I’ve seen. She does weave the romance when it needs to be especially at the points where she gets close to “King,” since it makes sense for quotes due to how he was different from what I got in the reading. I felt like I was on the edge of my seat with each twist and turn and I can see why this was a good adventure as JAWS read on for me. I can’t wait what Leather Pants will hold for me because I did enjoy her writing after two books.

Now, I am hoping I get to read the other books in this and come back so I can have the complete book series to understand and feel how it was like before this one.

Rating: 5 PawPrints Out of 5 Plus A Reading PawPrint of Approval!

If you guys want to find any of Pamiloff’s work, I would say look on Amazon, especially for the next Happy Pants book when it releases!

That is it for this review! Next will be a post on Nerd Music! Til next time!

Books: Chasing Embersby James Bennet

Disclaimer: This Review is based on observation and opinion of the lead writer of this blog! Please respect her thoughts and feelings. Also, spoilers may be ahead!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s been a while since I done a book review since I have been reading books on my Victor Reader Stream, now I bring you a new review!

Title: Chasing Embers
Author: James Bennet

Synopsis: We meet Ben Gaston in this tale who is known for a bad attitude with a leather jacket and always bar hopping. There is one thing that not everyone knows is that he is known as Red Ben and has a secret underneath his skin and that is he is a fire breathing dragon! When an old rivalry re-surfaces, he ginds out that not only he is endanger from an old legend that exists in a desert but his once girlfriend, Rose, also gets taken and he must save her and his own life before things become dicey in this rivalry.

Thoughts: I think I did a better job with this synopsis since the website had a confusing one in my opinion. I did say it took me a while to finish this book since I had new reading device during my work experience but managed to get back to it once the New Year arrived.

I think the book was good but at the same time some of the parts were skipped over due to how Kindle likes to skip when you do the double finger swipe down on the screen. I did get the idea that this story deals with how Ben signed a pact that keeps all magical beings in control and not to cause any trouble and this was made after his story back in the old days when he used to know a girl that ran off with him and died when her lover caused major damage to the region they lived in by trying to kill the dragon when the lover didn’t know it was Ben who whisked her away in the first place. The pact did get broken when a girl ends up taking on the spirit of a dragon from Egyptian times as part of a prophecy. It did feel a bit complicated with this part because I can see how witches appeared to cause trouble but the girl taking on the spirit of a queen dragons spirit was out of nowhere. I think the book would’ve been better off without that part and just focus on Ben due to how the rivalry started in order to preak the old pact that was signed many centuries ago. They did resolve it in the end which I felt like it was fitting. I know I am a bit of a rookie author myself, putting too much into one story can make it hard to finish reading and there were points where I did have a hard time to continue the book, which towards the end I did have to take a break and digest what was going on with the final fight. Bennet should’ve just stick with the Ben and his current lover story and why the bad guys wanted her instead of adding on the queen dragon bit since I did see the love story part more than the B-plot. TAlso, there was a lot of Ben’s back story being told more than the ideas behind the witches and one other character, I did think they talked about the guild a little bit if I remembered from reading it earlier. I did say I have to take a break at certain points due to how much story this carried.

To me, this book should’ve been better to just focus on the love story bit than making it so action packed and focus on the legend parts itself to keep the story going. It could’ve been better…

Favorite Character: Khadra! It was hard to pick a favorite character since there were so many involved but I would have to say Khadra herself, the one who takes on the Queen Dragon spirit wiuthin. I was confused with how her story got involved since this did deal with a prophecy too. I didn’t get it as much because it only went back to things with Ben more than Khadra herself. If this book was split and would have Khadra’s story separate then that would make a better book. I did like how she was unsure of what her duty was and she did become stronger in the end after she let go of the Queen herself because Ise didn’t want to get hurt anymore than she had before when she took on the spirit back in the beginning. That is why I liked her a bit more than the other characters since it seems like was going through a growing up phase from what I’ve seen at the end of her role.

Rating: 2.5 Cat Paws Out of 5! This was hard especially with how complicated the story felt. I needed the breaks to digest this story but it felt like there were too many things going on in this book. I wished it was split into two with focusing on Ben and Rose in this one and then Khadra and the trouble with the rivals in the sequel itself because Ben was mostly focused upon in this one. Still, I feel like it would’ve been a better story.

That is it for this review! Next book from my titles from Net Gally, Come Winter!

Bests and Worsts of 2016

Disclaimer: This post is based on the opinion and observation of the Lead Writer herself! Please respect her thoughts and opinions! Also, we didn’t mean to go political for one thing but had to! Also, if you don’t like it then don’t read it!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Whew! We are finally on the last day of 2016. You know what that means? It is time for the annual Bests and Worsts list of the year on this blog. This past year was pretty much the worst year to many and there have been really good moments along the way but balanced with the bad too. Let’s start off with the Worsts because I think I have a bit more than the Bests!


Celebrity Deaths: First is that this year had a lot of celebrities dying and that included David Bowie, Prince, Pete Burns, and the most recent Carrie Fisher. It felt as though this past year was the big year for us losing the most epic of celebrities even the ones that were overlooked such as the guy who was in the R2D2 suit, I am not kidding there was an actual three foot tall dude in that robot suit in the original Star Wars trilogy.

Worst Election Year EVER! Yes, I have to mention this when normally here we are not political but this year has been the worst election especially with the winner. As everyone knew and voted, it was pretty much Hilary Clinton vs. Donald Trump all year and man it was a heated battle which caused me to ask on Facebook towards America, “WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?” After knowing who won and that was Donald Trump. Heck, the world was even upset since there were countries watching who who will win and I know they wanted Hilary like the popular vote which she didn’t win and did find out as a fact that back in the past Presidents did win based on popular vote which would’ve been great but nope! The electoral college chose Trump to win over the popular vote this year. I keep on wondering why would they want someone who is going to embarrass us with the next four years? Let 2020 get here so we can have a better election because I don’t want him back in office.

Most B. S. Press Turndown: MegaCon Orlando! I had to mention this because we did have another turn down by a convention for press and that is our most popular and biggest convention in town and that is MegaCon. I did put Orlando due to how there is Tampa Bay MegaCon and not sure if that will happen again this year but we did get press for that but due to scheduling conflicts, we couldn’t make it but at least we know we can get it. Why Orlando turned us down? Apparently, even Nerdy Shirts mentioned this in his review and I added some notes, that it was due to how we didn’t cover them in the past. Here is the thing, if you know the story of us starting we didn’t start until a few months later from MegaCon 2012 on Blogger and didn’t start doing press until a year later but in Tampa over at MetroCon. We haven’t been back to Mega for three years due to branching out to other conventions like Omni, since they were the ones who reached out to us, Holiday Matsuri, and MythiCon. We did try AFO last year and you know the story with that. Will we go for Orlando again? Yes and hoping we get it this year because we have done so much for the convention community and since we are a small blog now getting slightly bigger, it does show that we can gain more experience and Nerdy Shirts did say that bigger conventions should give smaller blogs even some that are starting out press badges to help them get their name out there. Plus, unlike most blogs, we do interview the big stars, heck we just interviewed Steve Blum this past Holiday Matsuri and it would be great that we get more stars which we wanted if we done MegaCon like the Doctor Who companions, Kevin Smith and Jason Muse, even Adam West and the guy who played Robin in Batman who are now retired. Please let us cover Mega this coming year because just heard that Tim Curry is a guest this year.

Worst Movies: Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad! This goes to two movies since this year D. C. Comics and Warner Brothers tried to topple over Marvel Studios by bringing in Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad. WGondras and I didn’t see either but heard that they both sucked! I would believe because I’ve seen the reviews especially with Black Critic Guy and both Bennet and Gabe doing it. I did do a post on where D. C. and Warner Brothers are better on and that is on TV because when they do movies they try so hard to copy off the success of Marvel but when they do it their story in film falls flat on their face or faces. As in, when they did the BVS film, they had characters that just stood there and when Nostalgia Critic did his review he had his cast do that “Oh, this person is there!” and whoever played them they went, “Hello!” and just left. That was a really good example of that idea and that’s not what we want in a movie when it comes to comic movie adaptations. At least with Civil War, you have all the characters involved and interacting with each other throughout the film not just stand there! I did hear the best out of Suicide Squad was both Marg Robbie as Harley Quin and Will Smith as Dead Shot which I might see that on NetFlix. Still, D. C. and Warner Brothers are better off just doing shows since what I’ve seen of Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow they were all great and the casting was even greater and not just saying that when they got the guy who played Harry Dresden on the Dresden Files tv show was on Arrow. Still, Warner Brothers, just stick to TV!

Weakest Season for a TV Show: Season 3 of Agents of SHIELD! Yes, I had to mention this on here because it was the worst season of Agents of SHIELD! Even though I need to catch up on season four of this series, Season 3 took on the Hive storyline and just made it bad. I am really sorry that I felt like I crapped all over it but Seasons 1 and 2 were better than this and the start of this past season was better because they did take the time to write all these seasons. I never thought back to season 3 until now because I wanted to forget about it and how it felt a little rushed even I would’ve written a better Hive story by instead of having Ward come back and becoming the Hive, I would’ve had the guy that Simmons interacted with on that planet be it instead by acting all okay on Earth but then turn around and not okay! I did feel better that Simmons and Fitz finally made love! Sorry, spoler!
Runner Up: Agent Carter Season 2! I think most of us have to agree that the second season of Agent Carter was a bit weak. Gondras didn’t like how they changed up the story and made the twists and turns different from the original story. If we gotten press for MegaCon, we could’ve interviewed Haley Atwell and asked her about her thoughts on it but as you can tell, we didn’t like it as much. Even though the series will be on a hiatus at the moment due to Atwell doing a different series, hoping if it comes back

Worst MakeUp Product According to YouTube: Nikki Tutorials Pallet with Too Faced! I had to mention this since this year it was all about the YouTubers collaborating with popular makeup brands and Too Faced was one of them. They collabed with Nikki Tutorials wt creat the Power of MakeUp pallet. I did get my paws on this and some people did say that this pallet had inconsistencies and that dealt with the pigmentation in the shadows and the highlighter, Pink Truffle. I did admit in one of my Favorites post that I mentioned this pallet is that one of the shadows did have to be built up but I did notice the other shadows were pretty pigmented and stayed put all day. I even remember a YouTuber did do a tutorial with this when she got it in Canada and so many people got on her case about it when she said it was really pigmented to her. To me it deals with the type of primer you use whether it is the Shadow Assurance primer that came with this pallet or anything you use like how I used the Maybelline shadow primer I love a lot! Also, I do believe that Too Faced should’ve taken the time to formulate the shadows like their Chocolate Bar pallets since it could’ve helped fix the inconsistencies and made it better.
Rummer Up: LimeCrime Super Foil Shadows! I heard about these but never bought them myself since I heard bad things about them and that is the LimeCrime Super Foils. They are a duo chrome shadow that features two colors in one compact and they are activated with water to give the metallic effect that people love even with the Duo Chromes that MakeUp Geek makes. As I have heard, LimeCrime is known for their own crimes such as the website being hacked and the owner putting down her customers, and there was recent sacadal where a contest dealt with buying a gift card to be entered into a drawing for over a $1000 in their products as a prize which normally contests don’t require that. Anyways, what made this the worst product from what I’ve seen on YouTube? Apparently mold and rust grows in these shadows even with not using the shadow itself! What did LimeCrime say about it? They said it’s harmless! How can it beharmless when you are putting rust and mold near your eye? Even people are wondering that too! Apparently the pans in these shadows are made from tin which rusts eery easily and when you are making a shadow that is activated with water you need a stronger metal! I need to ask Doe Dar something…have you seen the Wizard of Oz? The Tin Man rusts when water hits him due tow tin rusts easily when water hits! Plus, the eye is the most sensitive thing on us and you can get injured in that area or even go blind, take it from me since I’ve been blind since 2008 from an eye condition and it’s not easy. That is why I took a look into the fake lashes thing but back to what I said before, I wouldn’t buy this if I were you if you found it somewhere since I heard this item got taken off of LimeCrime’s website. I would also say stick to using shadows from MakeUp Geek, Colour Pop, Urban Decay, and many more that we all trust and love!

Worst Tragedy: The Pulse Shooting in Orlando… I had to mention this here since not only we had so many deaths in the celebrity world but we also had a worst emount of deaths but at a night club all thanks to one guy shooting up a night club in Orlando and that is known as Pulse. This took place when I was in Daytona for a pre-employment program and I just froze when dorm staff told me about this. I had to look into it and can’t believe that something like this would happen especially on a night where so many people were trying to enjoy their nitht like everyone else both gay and straight. At least the guy was found and was killed, I know that sounds mean of me to say but if he did survive then the House of Blues would’ve been next. Near Pulse right now, there were flags installed on the light poles saying “Orlando Unites” and even Tom from Soul Switch wore the shirt with that on his final night performing with them back in July. Again, I don’t get why people should have guns and gun control should take place since tragedies like these can be prevented. My heart still goes out to the victims that lost loved ones during this shooting.

Worst Device: The Galaxy 7 Note! ::groans:: I had to mention this since this thing has been on the news everywhere all this fall! It is the Galaxy 7 Note! If you all haven’t heard or heard all over, it is a phone that looks like a tablet and it was the latest in the series this year along with the IPhone 7! This device was known for overheating and causing fires while being on the charger. Someone in Hong Kong lost their apartment to it and even a guy got bronchitis while sleeping as it caught on fire on the charger. TSA wouldn’t even allow this thing on board of any flights due to what happened! Even someone in Daytona had one and had it recalled when news of this started rising. All thanks to this, Samsung did lose a lot of business due to the recall or shall I say two recalls of this device. I am so glad I am with Apple and have an IPhone SE since I upgraded to it this year finally when my IPhone 4S’ power button had a spring broken. Good thing is that I went with bigger storage with it too. Speaking of which.

Worst Tech CNo Ear Phone Jack in Iphone 7! Reason why I had to mention this is that I know we are trying to go wireless but IPhone 7 having wireless ear buds due to not having no ear phone jack was a bad idea. Yes, I know there is a lightning jack to plug in regular earphones but people were mad about that as well. What even sucked more was that some guy made a video about drilling a hole to create a new earphone jack into your IPhone 7 which newsflash it doesn’t work that way! People tried it and pretty much bricked their phones! There goes the Apple Care repair thing! I am hoping with the next phone they have an earphone jack with hhow bad this went.

Movie: Dead Pool! Oh yes! I have to start the bests list with movies and to me Dead Pool takes it this year! Wow, a Fox Entertainment movie takes the trophy? Well, when you look at it, Dead Pool is still a part of Marvel and Fox did a pretty good job on this film. As in, getting his attitude, the comedy down, and even the action! Heck, the audio description that I had with this film even described it to a T! When I heard that Regal got it for this film, I was like “Count me in!” And I did get a Dead Pool hoodie! Oh by the way, even Ryan Reynolds, still better as Dead Pool than Green Lantern! I did hear this a second one coming out and can’t wait!
Runner Up: Civil War! It was hard since I almost thought Dr. Strange should’ve gotten runner up for this but Civil War kind of gets it more because it was a very good comic adaptation even though the ending went differently from the comic and it worked out very well. As said in the Worst Films slot, this movie did a lot better than what Warner Brothers did with BVS because it had all the characters interacting and being ivolved like they’re supposed to and made the story as compelling as it is. Also., Spiderman is back and he was played very well and of course, if you guys want me to, do you want me to write my thoughts about Spiderman having a movie in Marvel?

Best Death Battle; Dead Pool Vs. Pinky Pie! Speaking of the Merk with the Mouth, at least he didn’t pop out of nowhere, he had another Death Battle and this time against one of my fave ponies from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Pinky Pie! I know, I tend to go for the action-packed anime and action packed movies but I do love the newer MLP series that they have done since the dubbing in it was better and the animation was done right. Anyways, enough of that! This was a pairing that I never thought I would hear and when I told Gondras he was even more surprised! I don’t want to spoil who won but I will put the video and a fair warning…y6eah Pinky Pie’s description and stats may be so cute and nerve racking and also torture to some of you but the rest is still entertaining and that is why it got this slot!
Runner Up: Jack and Daxter vs. Ratchet and Clank! I do have a runner up and that is the match between the biggest couples of Playstation history and that is Ratchet and Clank vs. Jak and Daxter! This was made in time for the Ratchet and Clank movie and it was an amazing Death Battle! Todd Habercorn also voiced one of the characters in this battle and he did a very good job and that is why I wanted to know how it was working with Wiz and Boomstick since last year. I will get to ask that question if he comes back for a convention. I would say watch this battle and see who won!

Best Book Series I Wished I Didn’t Judge Too Much On: The Hunger Games Trilogy! Yes, I did judge way too much on The Hunger Games Trilogy! I remembered taking Theory of Creative Writing back in college and my teacher was always doting on it like it was the best book trilogy. I did meet a woman at my work experience who was a major fan and told me how she liked it more than the movies and decided to sit down and actually read it and like her, I really like it! It is not to the point of that teacher who doted on it but it is more of “Ma“, these aren’t as bad as I thought!” I guess I was worried that it would’ve turned into Twilight but it’s not. It is pretty much what happens if people had to survive by being controlled and to keep from rebelling against the capital and in order to take out people a contest must be held to thin out numbers. This is supposed to be a young adult book but by the time I read Mocking Jay, my thought was “Is this for young adults? This feels more like a college age series!” Even the first two felt more college age than high school age reading. If I would, I would write a paper on the trilogy for college.

Best Book: The Aeronauts Windless Book 1 by Jim Butcher! I had to mention this one since I have to mention my most fave author, Jim Butcher! I have read the Codecs Alera and now waiting on book 16 of the Dresden Files and found out that he wrote this one known as the Aeronauts Windless and that was the first in a newer series he is doing. I couldn’t stop listening to this on my digital book player due to how many twists and turns it took in the book! I can’t wait to see what the next one will bring since Jim is starting on it after Peace Talks is released! I am hoping it gets released in 2017 because I’m waiting for it in audio and Gondras is waiting for it in print!

Best Reading Device: Victor Reader Stream! I have to metion this and that was during my work experience, I had this device purchased for me and it is the Victor Reader Stream! It is a digital reader device where I can download podcasts, read Talking Books, and even Bookshare books which I finally got back! Also, this thing can record things which came in handy for getting the brownie directions when I made them recently with the leftover chocolate chips and toffee bits when I made cheesecake for my birthday.

Best Voice Actor Encounter: Interview with Steve Blum! I finally got to meet the guy behind the voices of our childhoods and that was Steve Blum! iIf you read my Favorites post recently, I did get to interview the man since I wanted to do it for a while now! I can’t wait to interview many other guests in the new year!
Runner Up: Finding Out We Had a Good Word In for Brian Beacock! Well, I had to mention this because I never heard this until Omni. One of the guests this year was Brian Beacock, the voice of Takato in Digimon Tamers and we were trying to arrange an interview with him and when it was being arranged there was a good word put in about us. He even told us about that and that made us really happy and feeling good! We never had a convention do that when it comes to interviews because we have been turned down by other conventions and since we have done press for Omni since it started and done our job and enjoying it, this was a major first for us. Maybe I should mention that on the MegaCon form, eh?

Best Thing Released: MY FIRST BOOK! I know there were many things released but the best thing ever released was by me! I released my first book self-published under Light Switch Press and it is known as The Blind Perspective: Conventiom the Dark! I have been a convention attended since 2004 and have gotten many experiences and have told them to friends and it got me wondering why not put them into a book? Well the most memorable and wrote it since last year. Well, it was done last year and took a year to be edited. I was happy that this took place and that people could read what I went through as an attendee before going blind and then went blind later. I did have business cards with me to promote it at Holiday Matsuri and if you have seen the videos on YouTube, I have linked it to the Amazon and Barnes & Noble pages where you can buy it. Here are the links again! So, please buy it!
Barnes & Noble:

Best MakeUp Collaboration: Tarte with Grav3yard Girl! Well, final item of this year is the Best MakeUp Collab with a YouTuber and that is with Grav3yard Girl! I loved Bunny ever since I stumbled upon her on YouTube and started watching her many videos. She is different and quirky and I love that in many people! It is not that bad being weird. Anyways, this year Tarte Cosmetics has collabed with her to create two liquid lipsticks and a face pallet and I was able to get my paws on the face pallet which includes eye shadows and a bronzer, blush, and highlighter! I loved this thing and I had to keep myself from using it everytime I take out of my drawer! I even loved the smell of it which reminds me of the Coldstone waffle bowls cooking! I loved to use the eye shadows the most along with the blush since they are so pigmented and made with the Amazonian Clay blush formula which is amazing! She did bring it back for Christmas recently on the Tarte website or shall I say Tarte did it since there are people who didn’t get it the first time. I didn’t get the lipsticks at first since I only wanted the pallet the most and love it the most! I really want to meet her since she has been my most fave YouTuber of all! Even Gondras has watched some of her stuff after witnessing me watching her.

Well, that is it for this year’s Bests and Worsts! I know it took me all day to do this because of the amount of Worsts from this year! I am looking forward to the next year because a lot of us wanted this year to end so badly after so much has happened. Yes, I did enjoy having my book come out but 2017 will be the year that I want a better life as in I am going to look into living on my own for real, things aren’t go so well at home by the looks of it and I am not getting any younger guys! Also, I am working on getting my aareer as an Assistive Technology instructor started since that was my work experience tog et my toes wet and I have been missing it and I am looking into continuing to be certified in that. Also, I have been working on a new cosplay for 2017 with the funds I got from the work experience which is finally coming to life! What is it? I wanted to do it this past year but I did get another cosplay made instead since I had everything I needed for it but for next year it is Link from Legend of Zelda as a Pokemon Ranger! Basically it is my Pokemon Ranger costume but what if I changed the red to green and give it the Zelda touch. I did buy the Silveon last year at AFO and got the goggles, elf ears, and hat before and after Matsuri which was a process in the making. It will be done by Omni 2017! So, anyone going? Go there or stay tuned to Instagram, I will try to get a pic up for it! I am also working on another book at the moment which is my very first fiction piece to be self published and I will try to get it done by mid-summer so it will also be released by next fall or so or even earlier depending on the time I will be working on it. So 2017 will be a huge year! Happy New Year!

Books: Bury the Living by Jodie McIsaac

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s time for another book review! Wait a sec, I bet you’re wondering what about Tampa Baby MegaCon? Well, due to scheduling conflicts on our end we couldn’t make it. There is always Orlando next year and besides we have Holiday Matsuri to talk about but in the next post! Let’s see what new book I read!

Book: Bury the Living
Author: Jodie McIsaac

What is it about? We meet Nora O’Riley, a woman who has been surrounded by rebellion all her life. She joins the R. I. A. after her brother died and all thanks to vivid dreams about a man that she has never met haunts her, she was given a relic from the patron saint of Ireland, Bridget of Killder, she gets transported to the 1920s at the height of Ireland’s Civil War in order to find this man and hoping to change Ireland’s history to make it better in the future.

Thoughts: This book was very well written and it seems like it’s the first of many in a series as well from what I can tell on Net Galley itself. I do like how the present leads Nora to what she has to find in order to know what she needs to do and that was to go to the prison that women were sent to in the past as a tourist herself to understand what is going on. She does see the ghosts of the past not only in her dreams but in front of her as well. I did like how the history of Ireland was painted in this book since I only had brief glimpses of its history when I was in middle school and high school which we never thought of happening until read literature. This is pretty much a historical women’s fiction since McIsaac did look at autograph books to help shape the story from what she researched while writing. This book did end on a cliff hanger and hoping I get to read the next one and see what is next for Nora on her historical travels to help change her fate or her brother’s in the future. I hope the next one does end up on Net Galley because I want to see how the next book takes shape with more of Ireland’s background in storytelling.

Rating: 5 Out of 5 Paw Prints!

Why? Because this kind of reminds me of Doctor Who in a sense since it deals with time traveling but with a relic rather than that old blue police box we always love! Plus, we get a woman doing the time traveling and going through the events of a civil war that took place in the 1920s. This also brings some of the fairy legends into it too since I have read the Goblin Wars Trilogy and that told Irish folklore in that too. This one, the folklore was saved for last and it is always to save the best for last and once that was told, I am hoping the next one keeps on shaping the folklore and history more as the series continues!

That is it! Make sure you check out Bury the Living by Jodie McIsaac which you can get on Amazon and Barnes & Noble! Stay tuned for my post on Holiday Matsuri 2016!

Favorites: September and October 2016!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It is that time again and that’s time for my favorites and that is for September and October of this year! Damn! I remembered January started yesterday and now it’s October? What did I like these two months? Let’s see!

Moment: Releasing my Very First Book! Starting it off is that last month I had my first book released! I know I did mention it in my posts the past few times but it is a favorite! What is it called? It’s called The Blind Perspective: Convention Stories from the Dark. It is pretty much my stories that have been the most remembered from my convention going for the past twelve years. My very first convention was JACON back in 2004 which I was 18 at the time and just graduated from high school. This was when they still held at the university I went to and have seen so many cosplays, bought so much stuff, and so on. I didn’t really start cosplaying until the year after and was with THEE X at the time which yes you get to read one story with him and that is how the FullMetal Autograph first started. Some other stories I included are when Dan Southworth thinking my cane was a golf club, how Gondras and Tobi were getting Steve Blum to talk to me as Orochimaru over the phone, giving an extra Carla plushie to Brittney Karbowski, and many more! I also met so many people we friended with over the years that help shape these stories as time went on and still friends with to this day. You can get this book on Amazon for Kindle and at Barnes & Noble for the Nook and the app as well as Kindle and you can read it on the way to a convention, during a convention which you can share with your hotel roomies, or even when you have down time during class. I bet you’re wondering why I did a book like this first is due to how me and Gondras shared these stories with our friends and decided why not do it in a book? I do have many more stories but have thought about doing a sequel to it later. I am writing another book and it will be my first fiction book to release and will try and get it out next year in the middle of it. So, support my work and try to get me up to a hundred copies so you guys can get a paperback version.

News: Getting Press for Holiday Matsuri! So, I mentioned months ago that right after being turned down for Mega this year that I filled out the press form for Matsuri this year and got it for a second year! The funny thing is that at first I got a turn down email and replied asking about it and got a reply saying that we were on the wrong list and got accepted. It was a tiny mistake but glad to hear that we’re doing it a second year in a row. I love how Orlando has their own Christmas convention and it’s close to Christmas which makes it even more awesome for gift buying. I will be doing a Convention Spotlight soon, which I was planning to do it earlier this month but due to Hurricane Matthew, it may have to wait until next weekend or the beginning of November. Stay tuned for that!

Movie/Special: The Rocky Horror Picture Show! Not sure if anyone has watched anything this past week and caught Thursday’s programming on FOX, they had the Rocky Horror Picture Show Live! I never seen it since I heard the two most famous songs, “Sweet Transvestite” with Tim Curry singing it and “Time Warp,” I finally seen this and…I LOVED IT! I know I have to see the original and will get it on Amazon since I heard it’s also good. I am into musicals, which my most two fave ones are Rent and Repo: The Genetic Opera, this was very entertaining and glad to catch this while being in Daytona and glad to enjoy this!

Song: “Karate” by BabyMetal! Lately, I’ve been listening to a Japanese band that I got into all thanks to some of the guys being at the dorm here and they mentioned BabyMetal. I heard one of their songs blasting and checked them out on YouTube and fell in love with their song, “Karate!” I have listened to their other songs like “Headbanger” and “Gimme Chocolate” but “Karate” is my all time fave one and the one that stood out to me the most. What can I say, they are an amazing band with amazing music!

Books: My Fair Princess, Defy the Dawn, and Tailored for Trouble! I am giving you all a triple hit of books this month and first of all is My Fair Princess which I have reviewed on here for you all! This is based on My Fair Lady which also has hints of Princess Diaries in it where we meet Gillian, a daughter of an illitigimate prince, where she has to be taught to be a proper lady of society to find her a husband. This is supposed to be a trilogy and can’t wait to see the next book since this one is where I didn’t want to close Kindle! Another book was of course the latest by Lara Adrian, Defy the Dawn! This continues the story right after the last novel, Bound to Darkness, which we meet Tavia’s half-sister, Brine, who falls for the Atlantian, Zeal, who knew Jordana’s father for the longest time and helped him leave Atlantis. I kept reading through this entire book since the secret she has would scare Zeal but he accepts her for who she is. I was happy they revealed Selene in this and I can’t wait until she shows up again later in the next novel. I know the next novella, Midnight Untamed, came out and need to get the funds to get that since it deals one of the members of the Lazarro Archer’s group in Italy like the last one. The last book is of course Tailored for Trouble! This was the last review I gave you and it is a romantic comedy story that was really cute and wishing this was a Lifetime movie! If this was one then I wouldn’t mind seeing Rachael Leigh Cook or Courtney Cox to be Taylor in this and not sure to be Bennet. I did send the link to the writer and she thanked me for it. If you are into romantic comedies when the characters have a love/hate relationship that brought them together due to a cookie then this is for you!

Pallets: NYX Highlighter and Nicki Tutorials Collab! Yes, two pallets I loved this month and they are the NYX illuminator pallet and the Power of MakeUp pallet from Too Faced! Let me start with the Too Faced one since that one is the big elephant here! I know there is a scandal behind the Power of MakeUp pallet due to how people noticed that there is hardly any pigmentation unlike her swatches she has done off camera. I did get this pallet since I was so excited and did love the Tart collab with Bunny and the Too Faced pallet with Vegas Nay and those were really pigmented! I do notice that there was a build up on one shade and that was Irresistable which is the gold glitter shade. I don’t blame Nicki for this actually since she did know there were inconsistencies with the pallet and how some people who got ones that weren’t as pigmented. I did do a video where I used Darkest Hour, Wham Bam, and Wanted as a look and didn’t have a problem with those shades. Normally, Too Faced does have really good shadows and this pallet should’ve been kept for a bit longer to test out pigmentation before being released. People found some of the shades weren’t showing up and even the highlighter not being great but I did have luck with it. Nicki did say Champagne Truffle is supposed to be subtle and don’t mind it being subtle at all. Still, Too Faced should’ve tested out the pigmentation more. While the NYX iluujminator one was a major fave! I know it’s been out forever but couldn’t buy it when I found it at Ulta in Port Orange since my credit card was still ou and then the Orlando locations only had it for promotional purposes which I don’t get and decided to wait to get it on the net. I was happy to get it at the NYX store in Milennia! I was really happy that they opened a store here in Florida and best place was Milennia, which they should open other locations in town since they are a really popular drugstore brand! I love this thing and used it for an entire week! I can see why people liked this but haven’t talked about it as much since its release, only for two or three weeks it was talked about from watching reviews. If you can find this or get it online, I give it two thumbs up! I hope NYX makes another one with more colors because they are awesome with what they bring!

Lips: NYX Cosmic Lip Metals Lip Creams! Next is a lip color and that is from NYX and that is their newest item in the brand and that is their Cosmic Metal Lip Creams! This is their boldest line of lip creams and they are metallic since metallic lips are coming back into style. I have two of these in Out of This World, which is a metallic teal color, and Celestial, which is a royal blue! Been stepping out of my comfort zone of the usual pinks and reds to wear these! They are very comfortable san better than the Lquid Suede lipsticks since they don’t feel very tacky and don’t dry to very dry. I know it doesn’t make sense but it’s very comfortable that you don’t feel it. I want to get the gunmetal one since that’s available along with the other blue colors.

Hair Mask: Tresseme Coconut Hair Mask! Lately I have been into hair masks to help grow my hair. I tend to have it short for wigs but Gondras asked me to grow it out. I did read hair masks help and I tried out the Honey Essentials or was it Natural Honey or something like that by Garnier and it did help and tried to find them at Target here in Daytona but couldn’t find it. Did ask a worker and he shown me one by Tresseme and I used their Naturals shampoo and conditioner years back and saw that this had coconut oil. I decided to try it and love it so far! My hair feels stronger and moisturized all thanks to this one! It also smells like coconut milk!

Eye Primer: Essence Backstage Primer! Next is a new eye primer I’ve been using and it’s by Essence! I know I said I loved the Master Prime by Maybelline and do love the Smashbox one too and then heard the one from Essence is amazing from EVERYONE who has used it on YouTUbe! It is affordable and have tried two lip glosses, an eye liner, and eye shadows from them and decided to try their primer. How do I like it? It is amazing! It is around $2 or $3 for it at Ulta and it goes on very smoothly! It keeps my eye shadow on like glue and it has more product in the tube. How is that? Well, in some of the vials of the Master Prime I feel like there is not enough primer to use an entire month and I have been using this since the middle of end of last month and I still have product! I may have to pick this up again. Oh by the way, didn’t mention this with the Nicki pallet, the shadows from that stay put on that! Which depending with the primer you wear it does stick on better! I already have the small size of the Shadow Insurance from Too Faced and picked up another tube of the Smashbox primer when the 21 Days of Beauty event this year!

Face Wash: Clean & Clear Morning Burst moisturizing with Cucumber! Last thing is a face wash and that is the Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturizing Face Wash in cucumber. I have been using the sensitive skin one and my skin went dry. I have sensitive skin and have to be careful and then my skin dries up all of a sudden so that means it is time for a new face wash. I decided to try the Morning Burst one and it has cucumber in it. It did moisturize my skin and it smells amazing! I still use my other things with it which happened to be the Stridex and the Clean & Clear toner for sensitive skin. Speaking of skin care…

Non-Fave: Dark Angels by Lush! Since I have been trying some expoliants lately, Vivi told me about Dark Angels by Lush which is an expoiliating charcoal scrub and I decided to try it. It felt good and decided to use it each night until I broke out! Oh no! My right side of my face was covered in zits! I tossed it and my skin healed. It did feel great and I can see why the price tag is so high, it’s $50, but at least it was a sample!

Face Mask: Cup ‘O Coffee by Lush! Don’t worry, this is a fave mask! It is the Cup O’ Coffee mask by Lush and man it is amazing! Normally I would use Oat Fix for my skin and when I heard of this one I knew I had to try! It’s made with coffee grounds and it doesn’t irritate my skin at all. I tend to have sensitive skin and it would hate something like this but it didn’t! It also did clear my sinuses when I was sick during the hurricane. I can’t wait until I get this myself since it was a gift from Vivi.

Well, that is it for this favorites! Damn, this year is going by fast and before I know it will be Holiday Matsuri! Which next is the Convention Spotlight on it! Stay tuned!

Books: Tailored for Trouble by Mimi Jean Pampiloff

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Time for another book review!

Title: Tailored for Trouble
Author: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Synopsis: This book is a romantic comedy where you meet Taylor Reed, a woman who started her own business after being fired to tame bossy CEOs to be more human, getting hired by Bennet Wade, a handsome but jerkish man who was the main reason that she got fired from her old job, in order to be changed by her program and she is willing to do it in any way she can in order to help him fulfill his business deal with a former client she dealt with. As time goes on, she does find out that Bennet is not that selfish jerk she thought and it turns into something all over one thing they share and that is a cookie.

Thoughgts? Apparently, this book had a prequel that I didn’t know until I read the very end, as in the acknowledgements from Pamfiloff. When I look at it, I didn’t join Net Galley until earlier this year. Anyways, this was a very good book and didn’t want to close it like the last one I read.

How so? Well, this was a romantic comedy since I did do nothing but watch romantic comedies and read a few when I was younger. Yes, I was a high school girl looking for a guy like any other girl! Anyways, I did enjoy this book and I do have to say is that it gives off a Lifetime Movie feel since they do sometimes show those kinds of movies. As in, this was heart warming, sweet, even loved how a baker can be a sassy woman that can bring love together! I did blush at certain parts between the two and Taylor and Bennet do have the typical romantic comedy couple idea since it goes with “I hate you!” “I hate you too!” And then they kiss! I am hoping that the next one is as sweet as this due to how in the acknowledgements that this is a part of a series. I am wondering about this whole cookie business is that it is a sugar cookie that gets mentioned and said to bring love to a couple in sevent days. Well, Gondras and I only had pocky so close enough!

Rating: 5 Out of 5 Stars!

Why? Because the book did have its happy ending but it did take a lot to get there. I always thought they would get together but it got to it in a heartwrenching way! For instance, sorry for a spoiler, when Taylor tried to leave Tokyo to head back to the United States after a situation Bennet does the meeting her at the train station after trying failed attempts of riding the train. Is it me or does it sound like Not Another Teen Movie right there? (Haven’t seen all of She’s All That so don’t kill me!) I even found it sweeter with the real reason Taylor was hired for the huge business deal and how Bennet wanted to be trained in order to get the deal he wanted. Did he get it? I would say buy the book and read it for yourself which is available for Kindle and Nook. Oh, also if you want to know if they get together? Read it for that as well, you may enjoy it if you are into romantic comedies .

That is it for this short review! I will get my favorites post up by this weekend since I have so much to do! So, stay tuned!

Books: The Confectioner’s Tale by Laura Madeleine

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I am back with another book review! Let’s get to it!

Title: The Confectioner’s Tale
Author: Laura Madeleine

Synopsis: This story tells the tale of Guillerm, a yong man who came from Bardeaux in Paris and goes to Paris to make his life better. At first he works at the railways and then meets Madamoiselle Jean Clermonte at a patisserie by helping unloading a delivery. Not only seeing this woman leads him into a world of pastries, chocolate, powdered sugar and so much more, his heart starts beating for the lovely mademoiselle and things start to spiral out of control especially when he meets a journalist from London.

Eighty years later, Petra, granddaughter of this journalist, finds photos of her grandfather with the Madamoiselle and Guiellerm and starts to look into the photos and find out that he was involved with a romance scandal between the two. As she keeps on researching to find the truth, her academic life does get jeopardize in the meantime. Plus, she does get into a research rivalry with a biographer who started writing a biography on her grandfather to show what he did was not as bad as the biographer thought.

Thoughts: I found this story a very eautifully woven tale! Not only it tells the story from 1910 but it does switch to 1988 in how Petra goes through to find her research. It does connect the dots as the story goes on. I couldn’t close Kindle as I read like with the last book and same with the one I’m reading now, which you will see that review when I’m done.

I do love how the romance between Gui (since he went by that name during the story) and Jean since it shows how love can come out no matter what class you are even though it wasn’t acceptable back in the day. It also isn’t really a business, love I mean! Also, while I was reading it, I felt a little bit hungry while reading this and I am a major sucker for sweets, especially how they described the eclairs in how they made them! It makes me want to go to Paris and try them there since I tend to get ones from a Cuban bakery in Miami when I go to my eye doctor.I also did like Petra’s side of the story since it did show how she went out of her way in order to get her research to prove that her grandfather was still a good person. Good thing is that the dots do take a weird turn but at the same time she gets led to the final answer and it was something unexpected. If you’re into stories like these, I highly recommend! Speaking of that….

Rating: Five Pawprints Out of Five!

Why? Because I feel as though that this story takes not only very good twists and turns when it comes to love but it does tell it from two sides. As you know, there is always two sides to a story and this takes it to another level because it tells it from two different times, which it tells the tale of how two characters start falling in love in 1910 and then it tells the story in 1988 by a photo saying “Forgive Me” on the back which starts connecting the dots while the other side is filling in the blanks. I know it sounds confusing and thought it was at first but as I read, it pretty much answered, “What happened next in 1910?” I would also say is that this book may make you hungry so be careful of that even when you have a monstrous sweet tooth like I do. Trust me! I even have a big bag of gummy worms and gummy bears.

That is it for this book review! I would recommend it and I would say if you have the Kindle app or the Nook app on your phone or tablet then get this book if you are into Women’s Fiction and Historical Fiction as well!

Next time: Look out for my September and October Favorites of 2016!

Books: My Fair Princess by Vanessa Kelly

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s been a while since I posted on Word Press! I have been busy doing a work experience in Daytona also done a few more videos on the YouTube channel and so much more. Not sure if you have heard on the news that Hurricane Matthew is hitting FLorida and now back home in Orlando for a few days due to a precautionary evacuation. So, now to something I am bringing to you and that is another book review!

Title: My Fair Princess
Author: Vanessa Kelly

Synopsis: First, Vanessa Kelly brought many readers The Renegade Royals and now is bringing a new series with three women who are put into adventure and romance.

In this first book of three, we meet Gillian Dryden, a daughter of an illegitimate prince, who is a wild child that grew up in Italy but was ordered to England to get married and also be changed to fit for marriage. With the help of Charles Pennly, there is a lot of work that is not only cut out for her but him as well until something precious gets stolen from her and her mother that puts her in even more danger and a truth gets revealed what has been happening under Charles’ nose. With all her learning and the dangers that fallen onto them, Gillian does find Charles to be her true love.

Thoughts: I never read anything by Vanessa Kelly until I saw this book in one of my Net Galley emails and saw that it supposed to be like the musical My Fair Lady. I did remember during my senior year of high school that we did touch on the original story behind it and did read some of the play and took an entire week to watch the movie. I decided why not take a look into the book and see how it goes and man it was a major page turner! Or a major Kindle turner since I did have this on my Kindle reading list.

I found this book like My Fiar Lady with a hint of Princess Diaries since it does deal with bringing a tom boy princess to become more feminite and royal. My Fair Lady shows more since Gillian did have the rather rash tongue and Charles did have to change her cursing into proper English which was entertaining to see how she worked on that. I did like how she did the toe stepping with the dancing since she had to work on that for a ball and thought back to Princess Diaries when Joe had to show her the traditional waltzy tango that people in the country of Genovia did and referred to it as a “Wango” to combine the two. The twists and turns did surprise me since at first when Gillian was introduced it talked about how she used to go after bandits and that got her in trouble by being shot which led to having her come to England and with meeting a group of bandits while leaving London to head for Charles’ estate after many rumors being spread, there was even more trouble to take on since she wanted to go after them due to jewelry that was taken that was left as presents from her stepfather. This point kind of shows how love can come through when danger arises and despite all the costs to get something that precious that the love for someone is way more than just jewels.

Favorite Character: I know this is kind of like when I reviewed The Deadbringer last time but I think I should mention who’d I like and I would say Charles Pennly. Why? Well, I kind of see it with how I am going through my work experience to become a teacher. The thing is throughout the book I am seeing how patient he has to be when it came to being around Gillian and I can see his frustrations build but he kept a very tight compsure and seeing that makes me keep it too because being around students does take a lot of patience, especially when they have different visual impairments and learning levels. Heck, even the teacher in My Fair Lady was also seen in this but less torments towards the student because at least Charles let Gillian have a meal and have more social interactions. I did like how he took a different teaching approach when she and him got to his estate.

Rating: 5 Out of 5 Paw Prings!

Why? Because this book does take the My Fair Lady approach in a very nice and different direction by using princesses rather than a woman randomly out of her background in the poor society. I love the interactions between Gillian and Charles which I did love their relationship grow by each page whether it was in a dangerous encounter or social gathering. I am hoping with the next book that I get to see more of these types of interactions since it did give a bit of sequel bate in the Epilogue. I can imagine the next princess being changed from what she was into what she will be!


I do have a few announcments and they are we will be doing press for Holiday Matsuri 2016! Yes! We will be returning to the holiday themed convention for a second year and stay tuned for the Convention Spotlight because this year will be action packed!

My other announcement is that I did mention a project that I’ve been working on and that is I released my first book! I have been doing this for over a year and it deals with stories that I thought were memorable from my convention experiences the past twelve years. I have gone to many conventions all over Central Florida and have seen a lot of them grow, a lot of them change, and even two end. You get to read the book description at this blog post:

The Blind Perspective

So, please support! Also, while you’re on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, make sure you search for My Fair Princess by Vanessa Kelly which you can find it there as well!

That is it for this review! I will be back with another book review along with my faves of September and October and the Convention Spotlight on Holiday Matsuri 2016! Stay tuned!