Books: Murder In Montego Bay by. Paula Lennon

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I was going to do the Convention Spotlight but I finished another Net Galley book! Let’s take a look shall we?

Title: Murder In Montego Bay
Author: Paula Lennon

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions from the Lead Writer of this blog! Please respect her thoughts and feelings on the book and might be spoilers might be ahead!

Synopsis: Even though there is not much of a description on Net Galley but will tell you my own. This book is a mystery set in Montego Bay, Jamaica where a murder of one of the richest families known for their smoothies, desserts, and other foods is killed. The brother of the one who is murdered gets accused for what had happened and both Praddy, a very hard working detective and native of the island, and Harris, a transfer from Glasgow, must solve the murder and find figure out the truth behind the murder and get around their tensions of working with each other and the rest of the department at the Pelican Bay Police Department!

Thoughts: This book was okay because I felt that the story was a little too laid back. When I read mysteries I tend to get a bit more suspense but this one was a bit more slice-of-life in Jamaica. Yes, we do get to see the people who were suspected for the crime and do get some stuff that we might see with the family of the murdered but we don’t see what goes on with the family just what the Praddy and his team does or Praddy and his family does. I would love to see more interaction with the Chin-Ellis family as in Praddy seeing Carter’s and Lester’s mom since there were situations that happened off page but not actually getting to see that until towards the end. Yes, this book was more about family and what can happen behind closed doors and everything, I think a lot more should’ve happened during the story.

There was one thing I did like was the entire motive for the murder and it dealt which is the family choosing the younger over the older sibling for the future finances to be taken care of and that caused the murder. I don’t want to give too much away unless you guys want to read it for yourself. It is available on Amazon for Kindle if you are into books like this. If I were to pick a character I did like it would be Detective Spence because she was working her hardest along with Praddy and knowing that things were not as great at the office which she was working hard to keep herself from being fired alongaddy by sticking to finding any leads that would be important throughout the entire case.

Rating: 3 Star Pawprints Out of 5! To be fair, I thought it was a little too laid back but the motive was good. The characters did interact with each other pretty well, whether it was a suspect being interrogated or if it was a family member, it was pretty good. I wished that some of the stuff was a bit more suspenseful but I still find this book okay. If you are into more laid back stories like this then this is something you would get.

Well, that is it for this book! Now, next time will be the Convention Spotlight! Until next time!


Books: The Shattered Heir by N. M. Howell

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It is time for another book review and this time it is another fantasy book!

Title: Shattered Hir
Author: N. M. Howell
Disclaimer: This Book is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts and feelings about this book and there might be spoilers.

Synopsis: This book is in the first of a series from what I have seen and it tells the story of Reia who is a daughter of a god in her world. She escapes from the world to get away from the violence and pain that her father has inflicted on the people of her world and ends up living in Detroit among humans and disguised as one. When she turns 18, her five guardians appear in her make shift apartment to tell her that her father is dead and must return to her world to take the throne. When she returns, she finds that the world that she once left is no longer the same place as it was before, she even finds out that she is a target to be killed so someone else can take the throne. Will she become the riteful queen and will she be able to save the world with her five guardians?

Thoughts: I liked this book since it was a nice break from reading a mystery book I started reading during Irma. This is a young adult adventure but it kind of puts it at the age range that Hunger Games put it at, as in wondering is this meant for teens really? I do like Reia and how she was able to get around as a street rat in Detroit and able to survive which it does work well for her when she gets back home, as in able to use her speed and strength. She does have magical abilities where she can absorb other’s magic to use against them or another enemy which is kind of cool but it is something she does inherit from her dad. She does inherit her mother’s powers since she was one of her father’s guardians which makes it interesting. I am guessing from reading that the Royal Guard are able to fall in love whoever they protect. I was surprised which guardian she ended up with in the end of the book which I won’t say who because she does start making a better friendship with each of them. Taylor trains her how to fight so she can defend herself due to only having her speed and does hand her daggers passed down from her mom, Eiri, who is the most happiest and positive, kind of relates to her more to me because of how they can be the same age to each other and he does have a love for human things especially technology. If I would I would so cosplay as this guy in his elven form or glamour form since that is what the fei can do, they can disguise themselves as humans which Reia is good at. And why would I cosplay as Eiri, of course I do love my tech! Keagan, who is the vampire, is more of the caring type towards her and she tries to see how he became a vamp but he doesn’t know because it just happened and according to earlier in the Detroit part it is said that vampires are rare in her world. I am wishing that would be explained more because I love my vampire stories and the lores they present and would like to know how Reia’s home does their vampires. I am hoping the next book would kind of explain it if they run into another vampire. Roan is a bit more of a beast guy who turns into a lion which does make sense for Reia’s status as queen. I was also hoping they would hook up but he is mostly the blanket for her to keep her warm at night. I do like his origin story where he was in a circus but was tortured and kept in lion form until he was rescued. And finally Grayson, the gargoyle, this guy was pretty fun but seems to be the one who gets targeted a lot in this book but at the same time does get back up. After seeing these guys, I like the idea of what kind of guardians royalty can have and we do get to see another guy’s own guardians but that felt like a short scene but knowing he may be back for the next one.

There were some things that seem to surprise me about the author and would like to give her advice from my own point-of-view as a writer myself. First is that when she promoted this book it was through a romance group and not a lot of people enjoyed it as much and she did change it and took some reader feedback to change it. They were minor but I felt like the book, especially the second edit, was fine. My first piece of advice is to promote the book in genre groups that it is based on. Yes there was a bit of romance between her guardians and her but most of it was due to friendships but this is mostly a fantasy adventure and this book should be promoted in groups based on that rather than romance readers. I would do the same thing if I was promoting Love Found In Cinders with not only fantasy but with romance too with what takes place at the end but it is mostly fantasy due to the magical aspects and goes the same way with Shattered Heir.

And second piece of advice, even though reader feedback is great but if you like the book as you kind of written it then leave it. I remembered this past MegaCon with Stan Lee’s panel where someone asked what is his advice to new writers and that is write for yourself not anyone else. As in, write the story how you want it rather than having people say it should be like this which the feedback was about Reia being whiny, which I hardly saw. She was inexperienced as a princess and yes they can be whiny a little weak but she does grow and there was one tiny scene with a dress which at first she made from a sheet, which that was unique in the story! Again, I found it fine. I admit there were times when I don’t like a scene in my writing and I tweaked it to make it look better in my ears with JAWS or Siri. Again, N. M., write the story how you would tell it and yes there are going to be people who will not like it or certain areas but there will still be people disappointed and upset so don’t let their negativity put you down and how you write the story. Keep writing!

Rating: 5 Star Pawprints Out of 5! This book was a fun read and it was something I didn’t want to close Kindle on every night. The story was well paced, well described, and of course it shows that someone can rise out of the depths to stand for what they belive in and love. I am hoping the next book does explain the vampires a little more which it makes me curious about them a tad bit more. I do have one of N. M. Howell’s other books but I do have tons of books to get through and it may take a while so I would sit tight for a while.

That is it for this review! Next ime I will be doing the Convention Spotlight on Holiday Matsuri 2017! Stay tuned!

Books: Ekata: Fall of Darkness by. Dominique Law

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It is time for another book review and going to try and get this done before Irma hits! Yes, another hurricane after a year of being hit by Matthew. Hoping we still have power like Matthew and if not, I do have a power bank for charging my devices and I do have plenty of books to read on my IPhone and books and podcasts to listen to on my Victor Reader Stream so I am good in keeping myself entertained. Plus,I do have a new Galaxy Tablet to try out since I am expanding my tech learning to become an A. T. Specialist. So, what book did I read? Another sci-fi and fantasy which was interesting so let’s see what I thought!

Title: Ekata: Fall of Darkness
Author: Dominique Law

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions by the lead writer and producer of this blog! Please respect her opinions on this book and warning spoilers might be ahead!

Synopsis: This book is the first of three and in this one meet Asher, a person who has been plagued by visions of violence and death ever since his mother died as he lived in Ekata, a world that is filled with peace for many years. When he finds out that he is a part of a prophecy and must fetch a girl by the name of Alexis on Earth, he has to survive the coming threat of her father and any war he wants to start.

Alexis, a seventeen year-old birl, was transported to Earth as a baby in order to escape her violent father and thought she was living a normal life until Asher appears on her doorstep. She gets swept into Ekata in order to train and accept her gifts and not only that fall for Asher until darkness decides to take him away. Will she survive her father’s wrath and able to keep Asher alive? Time will tell!

Thoughts: This was a really good book! I felt like I was reading Avatar, the James Cameron one by the way, except the world is slightly modern on one side where there are hardly any vehicles and then you have modern day New Zealand in order to find Alexis on Earth. I liked how the characters interacted from beginning to end in not only in word but also in mind because of the psychic powers that get used in this book. With Alexis, I kind of feel like I’ve seen this as a movie before and I can’t get the title of it! I remembered Disney Channel did something similar where a girl gets sent from the future and has telepathic powers and wears some sort of crown and bad guys come after her. Here it deals with her violent father who lost his way and wants to rule the world with his daughter and enslaves people on top of it and of course we see training to be stronger.

Speaking of training, I do like the training sequences which is done on an island in Ekata and shows how the characters train with their minds besides fists and wweapons and even the struggles of getting stronger with the mind. I did like how Asher was mentioned that he was weak at being able to grab hold and transport items like rocks for example and when he had to train he fell over a cliff if he fails. I wished they shown Alexis’ training a bit more because since she didn’t know who she really was until Asher shown up and get to see how she trains in order to get from newbie empath to novice and advanced than just focusing on Asher despite him being more main character since she is main character status too. Maybe that will appear in the second book because at the very end it did give you the title right before acknowledgments and hoping I get to read that since I did read this one. Another thing I did notice about this book which was that the fight scenes were kind of rushed. I noticed in the beginning of the story it did tell all the key players we need to know and how to find Alexis, the journey to the portal to get her from Earth, and then to the island, the training, and then the rising conflict shows up but the conflicts, especially with Alexis’ father felt a little rushed and he ran off so soon. I wished it was a little drawn out unless the fighting will take a bigger role in the second and final book that Law is working on since I know the ending was opened to the next but it was a bit rushed in the ending. Another thing is, even though the two main characters and heroes fell in love but I do like Blake and Alexis better together. I know he is supposed to be a little gay but you do see him falling for her and wishing they did stay together. Who knows what will happen to them next. I would say take a read if you want.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Star Pawprints! I know it is a bit weird for a little bit taken off for the rating. I think the fighting scenes in the end needed a little work but who knows what will happen in the second book. I love the characters and how they interacted not only face-to-face but also in the mind and how everyone can feel everything from each other. I hope the relationships get built up a little more by the next book and see more fighting scenes. Also, another thing I didn’t get to point out is that how did the main bad guy decided to enslave people!? I felt like that came out of left field! It did get explained a little bit in the middle of the book but should’ve been explained a little more. Hoping we get a bit more explanation if there is more of that to come. Still, this book was a good start and hoping to read the next one and if that happens, yes there will be another review!

That is it for this review! And yay! I did get it done in time before Irma hits! I am hoping we get through this one and hoping soon I will hear back from Holiday Matsuri knowing that December will be upon us! A head’s up, I may be starting my first class in the A. T. Specialist Program at Cal State online so who knows when I will finish the next book which is going to be a bit of a thriller and I do like reading these kinds of books. Until next time! Any Florida nerds, please stay safe and evacuate when necessary if you are in a location proned for a lot flooding and wind!

Books: Fata Morgana by. Steven R. Boyett and Ken Mitcroney

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Time for another book review and I think you guys may like a historical fiction with a sci-fi twist!

Title: Fata Morgana
Author: Steven R. Boyette and Ken itchroney

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions from the lead writer and producer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts and feelings and there might be spoilers ahead.

Description: This book takes place at the height of the air war in Europe during World War II where Joe Farley and his baseball loving crew are on a mission in their air fortress the Fata Morgana when they go through a vortex that sends them to a different world from their own. After crash landing due to a beast-like fighter that has been a weapon used by one civilization that probably meant to bring them there and sees treachery and other things that takes place in this world. Besides the tech and learning more about it, he meets the girl of his imagination that was painted on his bomber that sparks a romance that he will never forget once he gets his airship back and his crew back home to where the war is waiting for them still!

Thoughts: This book took on a new meaning of not only sci-fi but also on Historical Fiction as a whole! I wasn’t expecting that a future world would exist and would call out to our characters until I kept on reading. I did like how the book did start off with telling the backgrounds of some of the characters that would be important as the story goes on, especially with the character Shorty who painted the woman that they meet in the future world and Martin who is the newest crew member who had survived from a bomber crashing before he joined Farley and his crew. You get to find out more about the crew but as the war was ending and knowing how their lives are going on after the war.

I do like how it goes from World War II to more of the future where the land is more desolate and that people are in domes where the climate is not normal and they have to rely on technology to grow food, having light and time, etc. I do love how both Farley and his men don’t know much of the stuff because they came from 1943 and whenever they talk about their time, Wenda and her men don’t know what are they talking about, especially baseball! They teach them how to play the sport because it got lost over time when things changed. That would be an interesting point to think about if what Farley had seen might be what his later generations or his men’s later generations might experience if this version does exist and how time would lead up to it. That kind of gives the reader a possibility of what we might end up in Wenda’s future. I would say read the book if you are into things like this since when I read the description I wanted to read it for myself since I do love WWII history and the historical fictions do a pretty good job and this one does make it a lot different which brings me up to…

Rating: 5 Star Pawprints out of 5! This book was a change from the sadness of WWII and brings it more of a different light. It gives you a new world within in a time where bombers fight and people distrust each other and takes you into a future where even more people can either unite with each other deceive into mistrust. I like how Farley and Wenda and the other characters interact with each other and how they don’t know the different parts of each world, especially with the tech but when the crew of Farley’s bomber knew what problems might be going on in Wenda’s home then they kind of relate it to what they have experienced in their time. For instance, there was a part where they were trying to figure out why aren’t there any crops growing and their crewmember who lived on a fram finds out there is a unique species of bug that does the same thing of eating and destroying crops like in the 1940s and gave tips on what to do in order to make the soy beans more flourishing and any new crops to grow. I did like the idea of bringing back baseball to the future because it shown the unity of people from two different times coming together into one world but it does lead to deception which I want you guys to read the book to see the point after the big baseball game because I don’t want to bring too much.

I do like the interactions between Wenda and Farley the most because not only they find out that her picture is on the Fata Morgana but Farley wasn’t expecting that he would meet her until they get to her world. It was sad that he had to leave her so he could live his own life and what made it more touching in the end is when he was in the restored Fata Morgana when he was 93 and he had Wenda just appear next to him and he could feel her while in the pilot seat. That does show that he didn’t imagine her and that he really loved her and knew what he and his crew went through wasn’t imagined.

This wouyld be a nice anime movie that Funimation should dub because I can imagine Caitlin Glass do her Evergreen voice but with a slight accent for Wenda and probably Kent Williams as Farley because his voice would fit him the most especially with how he can make his characters be caring and strong at the same time. I mean look at Akisame from Kenichi for example. I would probably see Josh Grelle as Shorty since he is supposed to be one of the younger guys in the seat.

Well, that is it for this review! I have many more books to read and more reviews to come! Until next time!

Faves: July and August 2017!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It is that time again and that is for my July and August favorites! I tend to do my top ten songs but it is getting hard for me to know what to put into my list so I am doing every three months rather than every month because it gives me time to listen to a lot more music! It doesn’t mean I can’t still mention fave music at the moment so let’s see what I have this month!

Not So Faves:

Essence Brow Gel: So, lately I have been experiementing with a newer brow product and see about a cheaper alternative if I can’t get my NYX Control Freak brow gel. I am trying out the Essence Brow and Lash Gel and well…it is not that bad but I feel like it is not there. Whenever I wear my lash and brow gel from E. L. F. I know it’s there on my brows when I use the brow side but this one I don’t feel it on my brows at the end of the day. I don’t get why it disappears after application. I do have it to use up and if it improves by the end of it then I will go back to the NYX one.

Slim Fast Meal Replacement Shake Powder: I bet you are wondering, “Mari, did you start a new diet?this?” No, I was sampling it because of Pinch Me. Pinch Me is a free sample service where you sign up, take a survey, you don’t pay anything and you get free samples depending on what they have. This box that came recently…well…it had something I hadn’t had in years and that is from Slim Fast. I know everyone is thinking you aren’t fat and I agree I am curvy but I won’t be left alone without trying it. I did and it was gross! It did not dissolve, I think I wasn’t supposed to put in the entire packet but it made the milk taste worse. I think I would rather drink almond milk over this stuff which I do prefer my almond milk thank you very much. I hope I never get a Slim Fast product again because I used to drink it as a teen to get skinnier but never worked and I tasted can! No offense anyone on this diet but I didn’t like it from my first try and never going back again!


Ice Cream: Truffle Kerfuffle from Ben & Jerry’s: Starting with a food item and that is an ice cream by Ben & Jerry’s and it is a flavor known as Truffle Kerfuffle! I know it is a tongue twister and I admit I can’t say it either! This ice cream is basically vanilla with pieces of salted truffles and pecans! I tend to have pecans with sweets and this added a great balance of salt to the truffles and I already love sea salt chocolate truffles since I tried the Godiva ones and I am glad they made this one!

New Chocolate: Hershey’s Cookie Minis in Vanilla Cookie: I know, “Say what now!?” Well, for a while Hershey’s has been making these special cookie versions where they put cookie pieces in the bar and they make them look like the nuggets but as segments of three! They have them in caramel, mint, and the ones I have tried recently and loving are the vanilla ones! These are so creamy and you hardly notice the vanilla because it blends so perfectly into the chocolate. So, basically you have a twisted ice cream cone but in chocolate form with cookies. I have to keep my paws off because you know me, I do love my chocolate. What sucks htough, they only come with nine per bag and wishing they added more due to how much space is there in the bag for more. I know Ghiradelli has a ton of room for ten or slightly more squares. Still like them though!

Hair Product: Marc Anthony Hair Growth Leave In Spray! I think I haven’t mentioned this product but it is the Marc Anhthony Caffeine and Ginseng Leave In Spray which is what it does it helps hair grow. Well, helps it to be stronger so it would grow. GOndras wanted me to grow my hair out and I am doing my best and I had so much damage and split ends as time went on. Yes, I do have the R&B tbut it does so much to keep my hair from frizzing up but this spray helps tame those split ends and damage since there are some areas where there is some damage that exists. I am not sure if it is from straightening my hair even though I don’t do it as much or from when I had highlights but this is helping out a lot! I rarely don’t feel so much damage on the right side of my head which was the most of it was going on ever since I have been using this product. I did have to order another and lord and behold Ulta sends me another 20% off coupon and I used that to get another bottle along with the Oil of Morocco spray I love a lot from them along with two other items. Thank you Ulta for that and just in time for getting a new bottle and I did get double points due to still being August!

Best Store Birthday Gift: NYX Birthday Pallet! I know that with everyone’s birthdays we do get gifts and this year was a full pallet from NYX and that is called the Birthday pallet! I thought at first it was going to be from Lancome since they were doing that, I am thinking it was only Platinum members got Lancome and regular people got the NYX pallet which to tell you the truth I am not a big Lancome fan. The face makeup made my skin itch which is kind of sad. So, the NYX pallet is a ten shadow pallet of neutrals and they are pretty pigmented and easy to apply! I hope they keep on having birthday pallets like this, even with other brands, because I think this is better than the sample size gift from Sephora, which I went with the Tarte blush and lquid lipstick which I do like the lipstick by the way and the blush. Even though I do like Tarte blushes already. So yes, hoping another brand does this next year.

Collection Complete: Too Faced Chocolate Bar Pallets! I know! I know! “What!? You never got the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar?” Well, the truth was back during last Christmas, I was choosing between the Semi-Sweet and BonBons and I liked BonBons more which I do still like that pallet out of the three. I am glad I finally finished it to get Semi-Sweet and I saw why some people did start liking it a little more than the original since it did have more unizue colors besides the same old pinks we are seeing from Too Faced pallets. I do like the idea of pink shades but not everywhere! This one did have a good balance and same with BonBons and I did do a small series where I did looks that involved one from each pallet and then shades from all three and liked how it came out! I think my fave shade would be Puddin’ which is a taupe grey shade and it reminds me of my fave character Harley Quin when she says it. And yes, in case people are wondering, I am excited about the new Batman and Harley film! So, since I got this completed, that would mean no more Too Faced unless if I need to get another Chocolate Bar if I hit pan.

Fave Shadow Primer: MAC Paint Pot in Painterly! I know…I know it took me a while to finally try it out and that is the Mac Paint Pots! I heard so many good things about these and how well they keep eye shadow on and I was able to sample it first with Painterly and Soft Ocre to tell between the two and they do keep my shadows on like crazy! I got Painterly first since I do like the idea of a white base to my shadows but will get Soft Ocre after I am done to give a bit of variety to the use of these and it is so satisfying to see my shadow on my cotton pad because I know it works!

New Mascara: Lash Paradise by L’Oreal! Next is a new mascara I got into and that is Lash Paradise. I wanted to try this ever since I saw people try it out on YouTube and they were right that it is a dupe for the Too Faced Better Than Sex and even better than than that one actually because…Too Faced flakes on me like no other mascara! It makes my lashes too normal and it doesn’t work like for most people and when I heard about Lash Paradise I knew I had to get it. I got it on my birthday at Ulta and the girl who was checking me out said, “You will love this mascara!” She was right! I do! Yes I did experience a tiny clot in my lashes but they made my lashes curl like crazy! I felt like I had the good spider lashes rather than the bad. If you hadn’t tried this one, I suggest to do so because it is affordable and it doesn’t flake like crazy like Better Than Sex did and L’Oreal knows how to make mascara work. I mean, look what the Miss Manga does to my lashes everytime I cosplay for example!

New Eyeliner Toool: Wing Stencils! So, I decided to mention a tool since I rarely do it and the tool is a set of ten eyeliner stencils for wings. When I first did my Link cosplay, I tried doing winged liner freehanded and I had a hard time doing it and decided to go hunting on the interwebs for the stencils and I found a set from EBay that was $1 and got them in the mail by July and these aren’t ones to stick, you just put them against your eyes and do the wings like normal. These are so handy and easy to use and I can use them with gel liner which I got a pot of the Essence one and that glided pretty well, pencil which is easy to do, I haven’t tried liquid yet but I will someday but these will be handy when I do Link again which I am planning for Holiday Matsuri if we do press again.

New Lipstick: The Midnight Mermaid Mettalic Cat Suits from Wet ‘N Wild! I know this a bit of a cheat but…I had to mention these! They are the new Metallic Liquid Cat Suits that Wet ‘N Wild released for fall for the Midnight Mermaid Collection! I have been wearing Harbor a Crush and man they do stay put like their original counterparts! All I have to say is WNW is beating it out of the water since they have improved greatly as a brand over the years and happy that these liquid lipsticks are here to add to the collection but for the limited time! I would say hurry and get these as they last especially in store, knowing people would run for these like on Ulta’s website and WNw’s site.

Fave Accesory: Sailor Moon Luna and Artemis Wallet! So, on my birthday Gondras and I went into Hot Topic and I was hoping to get new t-shirts since I was getting bored with what I have been wearing especially in the music department but they didn’t have that many at the location we went to. I do go online and had to go to the Florida Mall location for the second shirt but the item that I did love that I picked up was a wallet of the cats from Sailor Moon. Ever since meeting Linda Ballumtyne and Katie Griffin, hi ladies, I think I went a little crazy for Sailor Moon and when Gondras shown me the wallet…I got it! You know me and cats and these two are no exception! Heck, I am waiting on an Artemis makeup bag to come in the mail!

Fave Album: Wolves from Rise Against! Oh yes, had to mention this and that is the new Rise Against album, Wolves. This album has been out since June and I did get it with some of my birthday money and happy I did! I had to listen to it and now I can see where the notes were talking about because this album was written after the last election. Even though the song, “The Violence,” is something that describes what we face day to day. It does have a good message to it like a lot of their music and I do like “The VIolence,” of course, also the songs “B. S.,” “House on Fire,” and the title track, “Wolves.” I even have the album t-shirt since I couldn’t get the “Time + Tragedy” shirt which made me mad. Anyways, I think this album was shorter than the last even though some of their albums have up to ten songs while others do have thirteen or fourteen unless you get the special edition which there wasn’t any. I would say well cone to Rise Against and hoping to hear more albums in the future since they are known for songs with a message.

Fave Book Series: Accidentally [Yours] by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff! So, covered food, makeup, music, and now onto books! This time it is a series from Mimi Jean Pamfiloff and that is her Accidentally [Yours] series which is one of her more early books which is a paranormal book series hat has gods, vampires, and an incubus…oh my? We first meet Emma who has been hearing a voice in her head and that voice belongs to the god of War and Death, Guy who has been trapped in a zenote for many years. She goes on an adventure to find him and once he is freed her life changes and so many others such as Helena who meets her vampire lover, Niccolo, and many other women who fall for either a vampire or a god according to the fate of Samille, which she has a secret to why all this is taking place. This series was cute and funny despite all the hapenings. Yes, I went into it blindly, tee hee, but it was something new and interesting. I do like the characters and how they got together and the book that I really liked was Vampires Need Not [Apply] which deals with the goddess of suicide, Exstab. I think I was laughing the most because her character was quirky for someone who wanted to hide herself behind a veil and I liked how she shown up at self-help groups to find her true nature and to make her feel better about her talent. It was even funnier when the guy that she fell for…forgot his name…met her at the zenote and had to beg for her forgiveness, it was under the style of Samille’s list of getting it, which I forget to mention, Samille was the best part of everything because she was so ilarious! Yeah…she ight have caused things…but her character was the best and it made it even more entertaining. I do have the first book of the Immortal Matchmakers series which is the sequel on my phone but this is a good start and if you are around my age and into paranormal romantic comedies with some action, this is one series you want to look at!

Fave Release: MY SECOND BOOK! LOVE FOUND IN CINDERS: A BACKWARDS FIARY TALE! ::Final Fantasy Fan Fare Plays:: Thank you! Thank you! And thank you! Yes, your lead writer here has now have a second book out and it is known as Love Found In Cinders. This is the first in a new series I am going to be writing known as A Backwards Fairy Tale where the gener roles of our fave fairy tale stories get switched. Int his one, you meet Sidney, a kindhearted boy, who meets his princess all thanks to a garden tea party and the princess doesn’t like her fiancé as much so she hatches a plan to meet Sidney again in a different way and get back to the ball in time. I did start with Sleeping Beauty but that story…well…that has to go through a re-write but later! I am currently doing a new book but that will come later since I am trying to finish up a fan fic at the moment and my schedule has been busy trying to get around to get back into volunteering again, getting into school for my grad certificate, and many other things. So, yeah I am busy! So, in the meantime, please support my work! You can also get The Blind Perspective: Convention Stories From the Dark on Amazon as well for Kindle. I will have more stuff to release in fiction so keep an eye out! Here are the links again:

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That is it for now! I know it was a huge list but hey, a lot of things to talk about! So, next itme I am doing a response to something that was talked about on YouTube. You will see next! Also, follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique, and check out the YouTube channel, and buy my books while you are at it!

Books: Hell No Books 1 & 2 by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It is time for another book review and it is on another Mimi Jean Pamfiloff book or two!

Titles: SmartAss and Oh Henry from the Oh Hell No Series
Author: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Disclaimer: This Review is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer and producer of this blog! Please respect her thoughts and opinions on the books!

Description: The Oh Hello No series is a romantic comedy series that Mimi had started this year which takes a look at nerds hooking up with either jocks or the millionaires that they thought they won’t be able to fit with them.

Smart Ass: Book one of this series is known as Smart Ass which we meet our first couple in the series. We meet Tassie, a very smart college freshman, who has been picked on by the hot, football quarterback, Hunter, all her life and they have been neighbors at home two hours away from their campus. Tassie wants to get into the sorority that her mother was in and the only way of getting in is getting Hunter to go out with her but in the end it is not as cracked up to be and finds out the real reason behind the hook up. Will she and Hunter stay together is it just a scam?

Oh Henry: This book is the second one which I just finished an advanced copy for and it takes a look at Henry, Hunter’s mbst friend that is a millionaire all thanks to his father’s company, and Tassie’s roommate, El, a super smartie that has been going through a lot in her life including her mother being sick with a brain tumor. She thinks she and Henry doesn’t fit due to him being a football player and her being a super computer but in the end love does find a way even if it means sacrificing something you love!

Thoughts: Oh man! These two books were fun to read! I felt like I was reading an adult version of the old Love Stories series. If you guys don’t remember that series, it is basically a teen romance sbok series that shows couples getting together one way or another such as one I remembered that kind of fits with the first one called The Boy Next Door where a girl goes back to her grandpa’s home after getting in trouble at home in New York and her family decided to move out of there due to how bad the city for them and sees a guy she has remembered when they were kids. It ia almost like that but the girl, as in Tassie, is a smart nerd and is into science fiction stuff and even Titanic. I know, I am sounding like a major nerd remembering this old young adult book series but being a teen back then I always believed in falling in love but none of the guys liked me back then in high school. Well, except the tallest guy who played basketball but I did turn him down. Anyways, back to the books!

So, I kind of felt like I was taken back to Love Stories but this was a bit more mature since the characters were in college and going through classes, sports, and of course frat and sorority houses in the first book. I did like in the first book how Tassie didn’t like the Tri Kappas and how they were treating her and how she was standing up to them at sertain parts which she realized that it is not for her and that she and El shouldn’t bother when there are other things better to do and of course she was being used. It does show how nerds can stand up for themselves when there are snobs in the group, trust me I remembered one back in my universtty days and wishing I stood up to her with how she treated some of us.

Oh Henry, it is hard to know what Love Stories book would fit but if I did choose one then I would probably compare it to one that tells the story of this one chubby girl who had a crush on the popular guy but his family and friends want him to be with the most popular girl except in Oh Henry, Henry has a status to uphold in his family to take on the father’s company instead of going pro after graduating from college and marrying a friend’s daughter, etc. He rather wants to be with El instead because of how happy he is even if it meant giving up football for her. I found this story entertaining in how it switched the point of views between both characters and how they were seeing each other’s personalities and how they acted around each other and how they were seeing why are they compatible and how they weren’t, why their attitudes have changed, etc. It is like they were in mirrors almost. It didn’t help that they mentioned that El had a cat! Well, Henry gives her a cat but it is a cat and I had to keep my kitty spazz to a minimum so I could review this book. What else I did like was this book did give a shout out to one of Mimi’s newer works, Mr. Rook’s Island and if you remembered me reviewing book one, I was remembering the book as El was reading it and I had to hold in my laughter since I was reading around midnight. (As a writer like me, you do tend to sleep later due to how much writing takes place, lol!) And yes, I can’t wait for the next Mr. Rook’s Island book.

Rating: 5 Out of 5 Star Pawprints! Mimi has been on a roll with her writing and this series has kicked off pretty well. I do like the interactions between the characters in both books and can’t wait to see what else this series will bring. If I were to pick one over the other I think I like Oh Henry because I liked El and how she was eeveloped from the first book and her unicorn tees reminded me of Samille’s shirts with unicorns from Accidentally [Yours] and I do love unicorns, especially Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony. Not only that, I can see why Henry and her cringed with Henry’s dad doing yoga…if you are my age, around the thirties, read and you will see why! If I were to relate most I would say I think I would be a mix between El and Tassie because I was picked on by the popular guys for being the nerd in high school and being talented for being an artist while El, I do love my cute things and very into technology and becoming an Assistive Tech Specialist so I do become really nerdy around that. Plus, I have been becoming more inquisitive and assertive over time like the both of them even though I have to keep my smart remakks on the inside.

I would say is that Mimi, keep up with the good work! I do have other books by her that I have picked up from IBooks and already completed Accidentally [Yors], which if you are into paranormal romances then this one is for you because it has vampires, gods, and one incubus. I can’t wait to see more books to come by her!

Well, that is enough of this review! If you hadn’t yet, make sure you check out my newest book Love Found In Cinders: A Backwards Fairy Tale! Until next time everyone!

Books: Sherlock Mars by. Jackie Kingon

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It is time for another review and this time it is another sci-fi book!

Title: Sherlock Mars
Author: Jackie Kingon

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and observations by the lead writer! Please respect her thoughts and opinions of the writer! There might be spoilers!

Description: In this book, we see how Mars is turned into a terra formed planet and we meet Molly Marvels who owns a famous bistro known as Molly’s Bistro. Just when a new restaurant that seves virtual food opens up next door and they hold a joint event, the owner of Virtual Vitals, Rick Frances, ends up dead in her restaurant and she helps with the case in knowing who killed Rick and try to keep her business in tact, try to keep her allies close and even find out secrets about her staff along with helping plan one of her daughters’ wedding in one of the most expensive hotels in the universe! Also, dodge threats that are made against her while being on the case.

Thoughts: When I read the description of this book I was intrigued! I love science fiction mysteries since this one had more of a futuristic vibe with it and how the story started. You never expect someone to die in your restaurant until it happens and I do like how Molly did mention how she started as a detective when she moved to Mars and then started her own restaurant later but she still has that mystery air inside while trying to connect the dots as she lives her life as a bistro owner and a mother/wife.

While I read this book, I remembered how Planetary Radio has been talking about living on Mars as lately and I think this is how Mars would look like when people start living there and many other planets. I have seen Gravion where they had colonies in planets and even Pilot Candidate shown how people can live in space too and of course the Zenon movies did the same thing but with just a satellite. Plus, it does give us the actual space elevators, people living on Mercury, and many other parts of the universe. I think this is pretty much like the Jetsons meet Sherlock Holmes since it had the comedy, the characters to set up the story and the mystery, and all the gadgets in between!

Rating: 5 Star Pawprints Out of 5! I didn’t want to get out of the Kindle app but so may people around me interrupted my reading. (Trust me, I always hate that!) This book’s story had very good characters, a good plot and a good motive and makes you wonder if this person Molly talks to really did it but they pretty much tell what had really happened. I am not giving away who did it but if you want to read it just go for it and if you have loved Sherlock Holmes and the Agatha Christi books then you would also like this one too! I highly recommend to check it out!

That is it for this review! I am going to take a break and catch up with one of my fave authors, Mimi Jean Pamfiloff since I got the latest ARC by her and now catching up before I read it since it is a sequel!

By the way guys! My second book has released! If you are into fairy tales, this is a modern twist on the Cinderella story we know and love but what if it was told from a guy’s point of view! Here is the link and please support my writing outside of this blog because my last book, The Blind Perspective hasn’t sold much but hoping Love Found In Cinders would not only do well but also help boost it! So support!

Books: Bannerless by Carrie Vaughn

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It is time for another book review!

Title: Bannerless
Author: Carrie Vaughn

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinion of the lead writer. Please respect her thoughts and opinions on this book! Spoilers might be ahead.

Synopsis: This story takes place in a dystopian future where population control takes place after economic and environmental problems in the United States cause people to rely on birth control and have households in order to take care of children and earn symbolic banners to prove that they can take care of the children they bare.

We meet Enid Haven, an investigator, along with her buddy Thomas who get called out to a town where a person was killed and must figure out what had happened to him and what the townsfolk might have done leading up to the death. As she investigates the case, she ends up running into an old love who is a minstrel that she traveled while she was younger and had left after a storm taking place and she wonders if this old love had committed murder or he knows something that she didn’t?

Thoughts: This book was a major surprise for me while I was reading it. I wasn’t expecting it to be set in a dystopian future since it felt more like a Colonial-type period but as I read on I did notice that they still had technology and that was used through solar power, especially with cars. It did bring bartering and working for goods back into this and I can see how the economical problems of the past led to this and how the environment changes when typhoon-like weather can hit the areas, especially later on in the book where Enid and Dack, the minstrel she reunited with, went through a storm while traveling back to Haven which is the household she lived in when she was younger.

Besides knowing about the environment, I did like how there was backstory to Enid’s life in how she became an investigator which at first she didn’t know what to do and wanted to run off to travel before she settled with anyone and thought it would be with Dack but along the way she noticed that she had made thoughts and had feelings that being with a minstrel was not a good idea, heck even when Thomas was younger before she joined even warned her about Dack and that minstrels aren’t always the best. This did build up her character into the more demanding personality that we get to see in the more present story and it does go back and forth showing what she was like then and then present to balance out between her past and the current situation in how she couldn’t handle her jealousy with how people were falling for Dack to how she was handling with other people in the case and how they were acting a bit close-offish from her and Thomas wwhile they were gathering clues. I think this book is trying to say, “Be careful who to trust and how to trust them despite what they are telling you.” And I like that in a sense since there are times where mystery stories do take that idea and love to roll with it.

I hope Vaughn keeps on writing books like these or even do a sequel since this was a pretty good read. I liked the idea that they are in a world where they have to work for their keep and for a banner and sometimes people would like to bribe or cheat in order to get that banner to show off their status. Plus, it does paint a picture of what our world might end up if we keep on going the rate we are going as in hard economic times even though it is slightly improving but the environmental changes are weird and we are seeing it more. So, it is an interesting thing to think about when we might end up in this kind of world. I would say give it a read if interested.

Rating: 5 Out of 5 Star Pawprints! This was a very light and easy read. I did like the setting, I like how the idea of this world it painted and of course I did like how the characters interacted with each other. As in, people mistrusted each other in the case, no one wants to talk about what goes on in the households, etc. It also gives us backstory to link to the character’s current situation which made it an interesting read. I would like to read more by Carrie Vaughn and see what else she has written in the past and anything else coming up!

That is it for this review! Check out Bannerless if you can!

Books: White Fur by Jardine Libaire

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It is time for another book review and it was a hard and long read for me. Here goes!

Title: White Fur
Author: Jardine Libaire

Disclaimer: This review is based on opinion and observation of the lead writer and producer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts and opinions and there might be spoilers.

Synopsis: A story set in the 1980’s where we meet two lovers who came from different backgrounds. Elise Perez is someone from the projects who didn’t have a father growing up and never graduated high school and ends up in New Haven where she meets Jamie Hyde, a Yale student and an heir to a family owned fortune and company and they end up as neighbors that turn into sexual obsession. When they move to Manhattan to live their lives together, Jamie’s family tries to intervene to show that Jamie should keep going with his family’s expectations of inheriting the business but he wants Elise. Even they have to fight for their lives after a crazy dinner party that throws them into a situation that makes life harder but their love stronger.

Thoughts: Man! This was a very long, hard, and strange read. I did like the description and when I read books from NetGalley, I am always honest in choosing the description option while requesting the book. When I read it, it was something I never expected and it felt different from the description since yes, I did see the sexual obsession between Elise and Jamie bubbling, yes, I saw Jamie’s family always expecting him to be like them but I did like how he said, “Screw it! I want Elise!” Which I can see why he wanted to give up everything to be with her rather than being the rich boy always following the rules and always having servants doting on his every command. He just wanted to be with her and I saw that throughout the book. What I didn’t like is that they seemed stiff, as in the characters Elise and Jamie were always the types that don’t want to be where they are at most of the time as in they didn’t want to be at this dinner party or they don’t want to be at a fancy restaurant and just want to eat in Central Park. Even at first when they started dating, they were kind of stiff in how they interacted, yes relationships do start kind of awkward but I felt that their personalities were lost in some moments.

Even though this book is supposed to be a slice-of-life book set in the 1980’s, I think it did show what it is like to live in new York at first since it did paint the time very well. As in, got to see that drugs are still there, how college life is different back then, even how arcades existed back then due to how Jamie and Elise hung out at one most of the time which we rarely see as we used to. Yes, we do have Daven Buster’s here in Orlando but we used to have Rocky’s Replay but they closed down and there used to be another arcade in one mall where Gondras enjoyed DDR but the nearest arcade you can get to is really inside movie theaters unless you have a hundred to spare at Daven for an entire night. Sorry! A little off track, the book also painted how life is not always glamorous as in not all families have to be like the Brady’s on t. v. and there are going to be times when you are going to face life and hardships and even have to make money to survive on rent and food most of the time. I would say this is more of that darker and grittier slice-of-life story that is different from the rest.

Rating: 3.5 Star Pawprints Out of 5! I almost gave this one a three but I think it gains the half point since it did give us the portrait that life can be hard and that being a rich boy or girl is not always everything. I think the characters could’ve been fleshed out a bit more but the scenery did give off that the characters can live through anything especially the real hardships at the end. If you are into something like this, take a read since you can find this on Amazon like a lot of the other titles I read.

Well, that is it for now! Hoping the next book is a bit lighthearted! Until next time!

Books: Our Only Chance by Ray Else

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It is time for another book review!

Title: Our Only Chance
Author: Ray Else

Disclaimer: This review is based on observations of the opinions of the lead writer of this blog! Please respect her thoughts and opinions and there might be some spoilers ahead!

Synopsis: This book is about how A. I. can make themselves human which we get to meet Eina who is seen as a normal girl who loves to laugh, pray in temples, and other things but she is really an artificial intelligence created by MManaka Yagami, who is a genious scientist. With her human-like thoughts and experiences, Eina must create her own soul and human bodies without Manaka and the Yakuza even knowing.

Thoughts: All I have to say is that this book was very uplifting! I felt better after reading this book and despite my neck having a major crick earlier today, I still felt better reading it. I felt like I was reading the book version of A. I. but instead of having Haley Joel Osment, I was seeing our modern world doing it and seeing more of it being animated either by the person behind Digimon and Summer Wars or even Studio Ghibli. I did like the anime references in this book since it did take placein Kyoto and one part taking place in Tokyo, which this book was able to paint the picture of daily life in Japan. As in from being employed even in technology and robotics all the way to being a kindergarten assistant which Eina did in parts of the book. I did like how she got to explore Tokyo in cosplay with some of the workers and then her computer self went portable with another worker in Tokyo so it could explore what Android Eina was seeing except it was in a Pachinko Casino.

One character I can relate to is Manaka because we got to see how she was a university student at first and was always surrounded by technology and work which I know that feeling of being able to be surrounded by my phone, IPad, computer, and Braille device at home. What I did like was how she interacted with Eina the most like a mother would since she was known as “mother” due to how she created her in the start of the book. She was one of those motherly types who wanted to know what her daughter was up to since Eina had major plans and wanted to make them happen and even wondered about what love is and how it is from Manaka to Eina and back. I did feel bad about Manaka in how she lost not only her lover all thanks to her lover’s wife trying to kill her but things went downhill for him but also felt like she lost her daughter and her soul with it. I did notice that this book is supposed to be in the first of more to come since it did have “A. I. Chronicles” attached to it so it looks like there is a sequel being written and I did see some opened parts for one and if there is one I would like to see what happens next to Manaka and her relationship with Eina.

I did see one review talking about how this book should be a movie and I agree and I did say above it should be animated because I think it would be easier to do and they can do a lot in making Eina’s Android form more real looking. If it was dubbed I would see Luci Christian playing Eina since she can do little girls very welland can make her voice high. For Yuriko I can see Tara Platt or Colleen Clinkenbeard for that role. For Manaka, I would either see Christine Auten or even Mary Elizabeth McGlynn to play her since they can do the motherly roles very well. I even see R. Bruce Elliot as Manaka’s Professor Mentor and seen as the uncle towards Eina since he is supposed to be the older and wiser despite the events that take place.

Rating: 5 Star Pawprints Out of 5! I do agree with the earlier praises for this book that it is well written. I felt like I was there in the lab to witness Eina’s creation and seeing the feelings of every person in the room. I hope this does become a movie because I would love to see this on the big screen and with audio description.

That is it for this review! Since July is almost over, I do have my Top Ten Songs for this month! Stay tuned!

Also, a head’s up, reason I am mentioning Anime as a category with this one it does mention anime.