Books: The Witch Of the Hills by. J. M. Fraser

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! I am back and Happy Thanksgiving! Taking one break from the Ranger Stop coverage which I will get back to since I have been moving to a new place. I am there and my computer is working with my own internet connection and everything. So, let me get to the book review!

The Witch of the Hills by. J.M. Fraser

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts on this book and thank you!

What Is It About? An ancient prophecy compels a witch from the 1600s to recruit a modern boy to save the dream world. Rebecca Church goes into the dreams of a modern boy to have him save the interactive dream world that she lives in by sending him riddles, drawings, and visiting him in the real world but only can do it for nine times even though she has fallen for him.

When Brian Danahey meets Rebecca on a desolate road he recognizes her from a nightmare he has about a girl in danger. He falls in love with her and she disappears to haunt his dreams and he has to figure out how to see her again and he starts knowing her as the Witch of the Hills.

Thoughts: This book was a very well written tale and I felt like I was reading a version of Paprika but without the weird elements of Kohn like in that movie. I loved how the dream world was a mix of modern and going back in the past to the time before the witch trials of Salem were to begin since we get to see some witch and sorcerer elements in this book. I did like the riddle and poem elements because it does draw the mystery of who Rebecca really is since she did write in an ancient language.

I do like how Brian and Rebecca having chemistry with each other because of how they interacted with each other even within each dream. I did find some parts confusing like why does Brian always become the main link in all of this? Which does get explained towards the end of the book and what his family is and why they are an important link to it and I always wondered why Abigail was so horrible throughout this thing? Which was explained to have fallen under a curse that Rebecca had placed on her and another person which I noticed I haven’t heard much about throughout this entire story except when Brian first goes to Salem and then later finds out what happens to Rebecca and her mother and how they get sentenced by the coven they were a part of. This is still a good book and definitely recommend it!

Rating: 5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! This was a really good story! The beginning to end did have an interesting twist and it played with the characters very well. It even had the idea of going between dreams and real life since we do see Brian switch between being a normal guy out of high school in college and falling in love with a girl of his dreams quite literally. This did have very interesting historical references to Salem and even Agatha Christy for one thing since I wasn’t expecting that. Maybe the author was a major fan of her writing? Who knows? I would definitely recommend it to my older readers because even though this is supposed to be a Young Adult book but it felt more like someone my age should read due to the college aspects and the historical stuff. Definitely pick it up when you get the chance!

Well that’s it for this review! It feels good to do another post on here since I have been so busy. Stay tuned tomorrow for the next Ranger Stop post! So, follow us on Twitter for that as The Witch of the Hills by. J. M. Fraserwell! Until next time! Stay beautiful while traveling the universe and Happy Thanksgiving!


Favorites: September & October 2018

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! I am back with a new post and it’s my favorites!

September & October 2018 Favorites!

So, now it’s time for September and October! This year is going fast as I know it and I will be moving next month. I do have some favorites but first I want to start with my Ipsy for these past two months and what I thought about the items.

September: My bag for September had me try more items from other brands that I have tried recently and in the past which was very fun!

IBY Beauty Eye Shadow in Fire & Ice: This shadow was fun to use and was much pigmented. I found it easy to apply and blend onto my eyes. I hope to get more eye shadows in the future since they did give two new ones from this brand in this month’s bag but didn’t get either of them. I am glad to try a second item from these guys and I may purchase from them in the future since they do have pretty good products.
Trestique Mini Lip Glaze in Mumbai Magenta: I was glad to try something again from these guys since I have gotten samples from them before in Ipsy. This was a very nice and lightweight lip glaze for its size and it did stay on pretty well. I definitely recommend this as a product due to how easy and creamy it is and you can make it lighter with each pat with a tissue. I may purchase this shade a few others in the future. Definitely a nice little thing for my job.
Lord & Berry Line & Shade Pencil in Flash Purple: I am also glad to get these guys again since I haven’t gotten anything else from them in a long time. Even though I am still using my Sugar Cosmetics Purple Rain pencil it doesn’t mean I don’t mind another purple liner to have as backups. I also remembered when I first tried this brand was my very first Ipsy bag and it was the Kohl liner in black and that was creamy and lasted me for many months before it couldn’t sharpen anymore and knowing this will last me longer.
Eva NYC Satin Dream Leave In Cream: Another product from Eva NYC I got to try is a Satin Dream Leave In Cream which this did help my hair slightly but wishing it was a bigger sample size and it didn’t last me too long before it gave me nothing but air! I did love the smell and it did help with my hair like with another leave in product I have tried from them except that was through Boxy Charm. I may buy this when I’m done with a coconut oil conditioner because that one has been weighing my hair down but this doesn’t and also I can get it at Ulta by the way since they do sell this brand and you do get good sales on it.
Luxie Wonder Woman Detailed Blender 140: Finally, every Ipsy subscriber got this brush or the Harley Quin brush and I got this Wonder Woman brush. I did use this to put on concealer for my spots after color correcting but to me this would be better to use it for setting my under eyes since it did feel hard to get at my NYX Light Concealer from its jar. I do like how soft it is and very durable so it will be used for setting powder when I would pick this brush up again.

October: This month’s bag was a nice switch up in items because I felt that my profile was matched pretty well with some of the products.

Beautiniq Beauty Blush Serum in Sunrise: First is a blush serum which I never thought of trying. Cream blushes can be tricky to use which you can either go nuts or not go nuts after putting it on. I was worried after someone getting this item in their bag they said it looked a bit clown pink and decided to put a little on my tea tray and put it on my finger and apply by blending it slightly with my fingers and then with my brush to get it from being over the top. I did ask if it looked okay on what’s up in Make Up and they said I did really well in blending and it was a relief that I did what I did with that. I suggest just putting a little down on a tray or something and then do what I did by using the fingers to blend a little and then use the brush to blend it out more.
Make up Forever HD Liquid Foundation in Y225: This was a nice change for me since I never tried Make up Forever before. I mainly used it as an eye primer due to its size but it felt like it didn’t help my shadows stay put much due to how creamy it was. It did sting my eyes which I will never do again. I do love foundations and this was a great match since it didn’t oxidize on my hand it just looked less noticeable. If I get another foundation sample I may use it for what’s it’s intended for.
First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream: Another brand I’ve never tried before and that’s First Aid Beauty. This cream was very moisturizing but it did tingle a lot after using my Clearasil facial pads since of course I was dealing with salicylic acid and this had shea butter as an ingredient. Not sure if I will get a full size but it did help some for my back while my face it did raise some hidden marks and did shrink one slight zit to a white head. I am still taking care of that. Also this sample did run out a week after using this which was kind of sad.
Sugar Cosmetics It’s Apout Time Lipstick in Better Call Salmon: I’m sad about this product because it broke the day after I got it! I did love this item for the shortest time I had it because it’s so pigmented, easy to build up, and the shade is just awesome! If Ipsy had this as a point item in their prizes shop I would so get this again! I hope to try more Sugar Cosmetics items because so far so good they are proving to be awesome with their stuff and I still love that eyeliner pencil from July!
Inc.redible You Glow Girl Jelly Highlighter in Cosmic Blur: The final item is something I have to keep my paws from grabbing it every single time I do my makeup and it’s this highlighter. This is the most pigmented and creamy highlighter I’ve ever tried since I started wearing highlighters myself. This is an easy to build up one and easy to blend into whatever blush you wear. This is very iridescent with purple and blue and it doesn’t feel like it’s changing to grey either. I’m stumped to why this is not in the Ipsy Shopper because I wanted to buy one of these and see what other shades were available in this line because I wouldn’t mind using a bronze gold or a pure gold, etc. I have to see if this brand has a website and hope to get more of it in Ipsy!

Verdict: October’s bag was better in my opinion because it was a nice change from the usual profile picks I’ve been getting. I got to try out First Aid Beauty and Make up Forever and a new item from Sugar Cosmetics on top of that. I also got to finally try out Beautiniq because of hearing how other people got their stuff in the past and the Inc.redible Highlighter is something I can’t get myself to not wear on a daily basis! Way to go October!

Returning Favorite: NYX Hydro Touch Face Primer! Okay, now into my favorites and starting with a returning one! I have gotten the NYX Hydro Touch Primer again because the Wet N Wild Dewey one runs out too quickly and the bad thing is that it has way too much air in the tube and not enough product that I can justify purchasing over and over again. I may have to get two of the Wet N Wild one if need be but getting the NYX one again is due to how much longer it lasts me than the Wet N Wild one and I love how it goes on smoothly and I would suggest buying it from the NYX official website or Ulta because they sell it cheaper at those places than Target. My dad noticed that it costs $17 to $18 at Target when it’s six to seven dollars cheaper at Ulta and I saw it go for $13 if I remembered on NYX which is kind of outrageous. I know NYX is kind of getting up there in price but it should not cost close to $20 at one store like Target when they are known for low prices on a lot of stuff. So, I will be getting it at either Ulta or NYX’s website or their store in town since we have two locations now!

New Favorite Eye Shadow Pallet: The Emily Edit Wants from Makeup Revolution: Yes, I got this one and that’s the Wants Pallet from Makeup Revolution! I’ve been a fan of Emily Noel for many years since I have seen her ads about her channel on YouTube. I love how honest she is with her trying on new things and reviewing items she picked up at Ulta, Target, WalMart and other places even online. When I heard that she was making pallets with Makeup Revolution I was really happy and that got me to getting The Wants. I did like the idea of the Needs but to me the Wants was more what got me to picking it up because it was all eye shadow and I could work better with that. And I was also happy to see they put a color guide on Ulta’s website that I did put into my pallet guide. This pallet is very versatile with shades ranging from your light mattes to deep mattes and some shimmers. This pallet is supposed to be buildable where when you place it on top of a primer it will be lighter than it is in the pan and you have to pack it on and blend it in order to get to the opacity you want it to be. Yes, I’ve seen two particular videos on this pallet that were controversial and from my observation I think it’s due to the eye primer someone was using and that the formulation was not working with it. Before I started using Soft Ocher, which is next on my list, I was still using my NYX White Base and had no issues applying the shadows after setting it. I did hear you don’t need to set your eye primer but I did it anyways due to how creamy the NYX Eye Base is and was able to create two looks which one had more of a maroon tone as my test and the other was a video look with the greens and the mocha brown called Capricorn and a bronze shade and those worked out great too and got so many comments on how well it matched with my eyes in the photos. I am using the shade today that was mentioned the most in the drama and that’s Apartment which is a very dark brown and it’s the second to last shade in the pallet. It didn’t feel patchy at all while putting it on because I did go in three times to get it to its pigment and all the reviews did say that you have to probably do that with some shades and that’s what I did with Apartment. Plus, I am using the last bit of a deluxe size of the Urban Decay Primer Potion I got when I picked up the Naked Basics pallet recently. I am agreeing with the other that Apartment is pretty pigmented in my book and you need to take the time to pack it on and blend and would say use a brush with this pallet because it does work out better with a brush than fingers. I know there is no right or wrong way with putting on shadows but usually it gives a different pay off between the two and depending on the pallet you use. To me brushes work better with application. I still love this pallet and I give props to Emily in creating it with a great brand, yes they have their hits and misses which a lot of brands do have those but this is a hit and I definitely recommend it.

New Favorite Eye Base: Soft Ocher from MAC! I finally got it and its Soft Ocher from the Paint Pot line at MAC. I was meaning to get this little thing for a while and finally got it and using it. This one lies a buildable paint pot because I tried it with a brush and it wasn’t working so I am using my fingers for it because this does need more than one coating while applying it to the eyes. One thing I do like about this product is that it does stay put once applied and doesn’t bother my eyes after application. I will be trying this out with the Emily Edit to see how well the shadows work on that since I did mention primer formulation earlier. Do I like it more than Painterly? I think I like this as much as Painterly because not only it does stay put but it is very good at keeping shadows on all day. I will switch between the two as time goes on.

Favorite Item That I Had to Say Goodbye: Ulta Just In Case Set! Recently I had to get rid of the makeup in the Ulta Just In Case set because it was too old and the shadows were bothering my eyes. I’m glad to get rid sof the stuff because I can’t keep using something if it’s going to be like that and I’m glad for it being in a train case because I’m using it to keep the brushes I’m using in it, the tea tray and fan, and even my headbands in the bottom compartment. I even keep my eye primer and setting spray in this thing. I do love the sets that Ulta puts out with the train case because you can multi-purpose it after finishing the items inside.

Not So Fave: Wet N Wild Photo Focus Powder in Neutral Beige! I know I love the Photo Focus powder from Wet N Wild but this shade is too light for me and glad my fiancé caught it too today. Okay, someone told me that this would match me perfectly and it was a customer by the way and I was looking for Warm Beige which is my shade despite it being slightly darker. I had Neutral Beige in my hand and random stranger shows up and says it was perfect match. Unfortunately it’s not because my skin is light to medium. So, I had to get a new one in Warm Beige which basically, according to Gondras, I’m in between both this one and Warm Beige, what should I do? Mix them? Maybe I should ask. At least now not to listen to other customers for foundation and powder advice.

New Favorite Accessory: Galaxy Kitty Backpack from Hot Topic! Next is a favorite accessory and that’s my new Galaxy Kitty backpack I picked up on my birthday from Hot Topic! This thing is so adorable and it’s very spacious too! Also I can not only use it for carrying all my tech stuff but also any food items and water bottles, even has a water bottle net on the side so I can carry the one I’m drinking in it. Plus, there is a sleeve where I can slide my IPad, my Galaxy tablet into and even a laptop but who knows! I do have two other backpacks but had to pack them for the move and they are a Panic! At the Disco one and a Kiki’s Delivery Service one of the cat. Of course, I went cat crazy again! I will be using this backpack during Ranger Stop and other conventions.

TV Show I’ve Been Watching: Riverdale! So, all thanks to getting the Amazon Fire Stick for my to watching, I have NetFlix to watch on there and I’ve been watching a lot of Riverdale lately. This is pretty much what if the Archie comics went darker in a live-action show. As in, instead of the happy-go-lucky 1950’s themes it pretty much is set in our modern days and we do have the usual cast of characters like Archie, Jughead, Veronica, and Betty and we do have Josie & the Pussycats, and I heard Sabrina the Teenage Witch makes an appearance but haven’t gotten there yet. The series starts when a murder of Jason Blossom takes place during the summer and everyone in Riverdale is shocked since the Blossoms are the most important family due to being in the maple syrup business for many generations. The mystery behind his death takes many twists and turns with having Betty’s sister, Polly, to Jughead’s dad who is part of the Southside Serpents. Right now I’m at the point when who has been committing murders under a hood and they’re trying to catch the guy behind these murders. Very interesting! I do have to say is that I do give props to one of the Sprouse twins as Jughead which he does a really good job as after their Zack & Cody days. I will keep on watching!

Favorite Book: Wormwood Forest and the Cupcake Bakery Mystery Series! Two books I have finished loved during these two months and they are Wormwood Forest: A Natural History of Chernobyl and the Cupcake Bakery Mysteries! First with Wormwood Forest. One thing I love to study is the Chernobyl disaster that took place in 1986 in Ukraine and it shows despite nuclear energy being so clean it is also harmful to someone and can be dangerous if it escapes due to a leak. One of the books I read recently was Wormwood Forest which looked into the more nature parts around the disaster and how radiation affected the environment for the past eighteen years at the point the book was written which it stated at the end of it. I found it interesting that the chemicals went all over like one giant mushroom in a diagram and how some of it still around in the ground but some of it is decaying as years go on. Interesting part was when they mentioned the new Arch that was built to cover the Sarcophagus and how it was planned and having countries on a chart to pay for the project and it did get built and was completed a year ago. There are videos now where people still tour the towns surrounding the area, especially one guy went to one of the newer towns that was built for the refugees from Pripyat. Would I go to Chernobyl? Not sure if it’s on my bucket list due to my thyroid having issues since there are still contaminated areas but it’s good to learn about how nature thrived in this book, heck even horse ranches are out there, wild boars are out there, apparently in the last chapter or two bees were mentioned. It’s fascinating to learn about this disaster itself. And now onto Cupcake Bakery Mysteries, remembered how I went through days without internet? Well, decided to read some of the back logs of books on my Victor Reader Stream and this series was one of them. I wanted to read the latest book dying for Devil’s Food but was turned down due to it being Berkeley Publishing why do you hate me so much? This series was cute and it’s a mystery series about two bakers named Angie and Mel who run a cupcake bakery called Fairy Tale Cupcakes. The start of the series in Sprinkled with Murder deals with their best guy friend, Tate Harper, is engaged and he asks Mel and Angie to bake the cupcakes for his wedding to a famous fashion designer by the name of Christy. Mel agrees to make some samples that the fiancé asks for and drops them off for her to try out. After being called in to talk about the samples, Mel stumbles upon Christy’s dead body with a cupcake in hand. This series was very entertaining and had a lot of laughs! Even the start of book two, Buttercream Bump Off, we get to see their rival, Olivia Pucket, in a giant cupcake costume and causes her to cause a car accident. I couldn’t help but laugh at imagining a middle-aged woman dressed as a cupcake passing out fliers. A lot of things take place and now waiting for the latest to be on Bookshare because I can’t review it. Dar Berkeley, I hope you’re reading this but please let me review more books!

So, that is about it, unfortunately I don’t have any top songs for this bi-monthly favorites so I will be waiting for a months to see about favorite music to do a top five. It has been getting harder and busier for me since I’m going to be moving in November to start a new job to help me save up and get awesome new stuff to help the blog during the down time between conventions which by the way besides Ranger Stop we’re also doing Holiday Matsuri this year! Yay! Will be doing the Convention Spotlight sometime in November if I can since my move is on the 16th so will try and squeeze it in before Ranger Stop. So make sure you follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique! Stay beautiful while traveling the universe!

Books: The Librarian’s Vampire Assistant Book 2 by. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! I am back with another book review for you all!

The Librarian’s Vampire Assistant #2 by. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions by the writer of this blog! Please respect the thoughts and opinions on this book unless Mr. Nice has my head. Mew!

What Is It About? In this stand alone, yes a standalone mystery, Michael Vanderhorst was always a lone wolf or maybe just a lone vampire? Who knows! Even though he is such a gentleman he is obsessed with the cutest, quirkiest, and a bad dressing librarian, Miriam. Even though no one has captured his heart in the four hundred years he has been alive and drinking blood it is the reason why he signed on to be her assistant.

There is one problem and that is she doesn’t know that vampires exist nor that she has broken one of their laws so Michael is ordered by the Vampire Council to tell her about their world or turn her into one of them except over his dead body.

Even though he wants the Council on his side, he has to go and find and kill five hundred vampires that are hard to locate and he has given up his sword. So with Miriam’s life on the line and his sword put away will he pick it up in order to save her or make her into one of them?

My Thoughts: Hmmm….I had to read this book twice in order to get what was going on. At least it did start off where Michael came to work after what had happened the week before and knowing what he has to do in order to either give Miriam the truth and hold back his feelings for her. Oh yeah, besides being a detective story you can tell he has it for her hard and you see it the most in the end.

The mystery did have its good quality by having the idea of him looking for the vampires that were missing and what he may suspect if Aspen and Jeremy were alive since the dust Michael saw at the end of the first book may not have been them or maybe the dust particles were them and someone is just covering their tracks and try to use Miriam as a scapegoat. What’s making it more interesting is how the library is getting looped more and more into it which does make us wonder is there something behind Miriam’s family and what her dad collecting all the books may have in common? I think it may be revealed either in the next book or later but I have a feeling that Miriam might be something other than human. I am not hoping werewolf despite the Twilight jokes in this one. By the way, Mimi, you meant Edward and Bella, right? Unless Mikey was just making a joke to make it wrong. Sorry for breaking the joke apart.

And of course, can’t forget is Mr. Nice! I loved how he has a bigger role in this one because he became more fun this time around. Last one was how he found the book Fanged Love and read it which made him more entertaining. Never thought a book would make a vampire become so chill. I couldn’t laugh out so loud during my second read since I was enjoying a pulled pork plate with a side of mac & cheese, a baked sweet potato and corn bread at Sonny’s despite how funny it was. You can tell by my smile that I was enjoying the interactions between Nice and Michael. I don’t know why but I was hearing Steve Blum with his Leeron voice from Gurren Lagan with a slight accent whenever Nice appeared. Besides books being a vampire’s weakness, I do like with these vampires that they do act a little human when it comes to certain foods which I should’ve pointed out with the first one. As in, their love for spicy food especially Michael when it comes to Indian cuisine. I love mild curry but really spicy tofu, yowza! I think my nose would beg to differ during my last allergy attack two years back. Also after drinking blood even over drink Michael was a bit bloated and acted like he ate too many burgers at Five Guys and needed to sleep it all off. I would too with the grease hating me. And of course! With coffee! He sure loves it and find it even more interesting with chocolate being kind of a vampire’s drug depending on its strength it can either kill or can be eaten, example with last book, Lula eating chocolate chip cookies. Hmmm, I wonder what a bag of Midnight Reverie squares from Ghirardelli would do to them unless the sundae version from the ice cream shoppe is more potent with the brownie at the bottom. I know it’s mean but it’s something that is in my head now!

Finally, my last thought, I think Mimi probably read either a Dead Pool comic or a Harley Quin comic because this book had major Fourth Wall showing! I think I have to add Michael Vanderhorst to the list of Awesome Fourth Wall Breakers after this book since we may be seeing more of it. I guess reading this book a second time did help me catch the jokes a lot more easily despite how the dark tones of the mystery being in this book. I think the comedy balances it out because yes we’re dealing with vampires breaking their own laws and have to figure out how and why and who is behind it and yet having the comedy of a vampire working with a librarian who is quirky and cute and having the funny reactions to what she’s doing or what she’s saying makes a very balanced story. I am hoping with the next one it keeps going with it since Mimi did a good job with this series so far and gives it a new twist on vampire stories. Yes, most vamps are supposed to be brooding, blood sucking a-holes that would swing a sword or gun except in this one you see vampire able to walk in the sun and not sparkling holding a coffee cup like a college student going to work to scare kids at story time. If I would, I would so cosplay as him! Not joking! I already have the fanged canines to go with it.

Rating: 5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! I have to give this one a five because it continues the story very well and it gives a better spin on how Mimi does vampires in this one. Yes, I still love her vampires in Accidentally Yours except this one is more of a modern spin of vampire goes to work at a library. I still like his interactions with all the female characters, especially Lula since they have that brother sister relationship and it’s funnier how Lula can give off that annoying sister attitude towards Michael and it works since she understands that he wants to protect everyone after being put as a leader for two territories. The mystery still continues and seeing what we would see with the next one. It did leave off hanging so I can’t wait how the first scene will start out and knowing it’s with Miriam. Also, can’t wait for the new series Mimi has in store too after revealing it.

Well, that’s it for this book review! I will leave a link to this book so you can read it yourself if you’re still into vampire books as much as I am. Stay tuned for my September & October Favorites since I was in the middle of writing that post!
Librarian’s Vampire Assistant Book 2

Books: Eight Simple Rules for Dating a Dragon by. Kerrelyn Sparks

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! I am back and taking a short break from packing for my move to bring you a book review!

Eight Simple Rules for Dating a Dragon by. Kerrelyn Sparks

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts on this book since they are based on honesty.

What is it about? In this book from the Novels of the Embraced series, we see Gwennor, an elven girl among the Embraced girls who lived on the Isle of Moon, she is a healer and gets whisked off to a land of dragons where she finds out about a curse that is plaguing the land. When she meets Cyllis Dravenco, a general and a prince, she was told to never trust a dragon until he came into her life but why does it feel so good to be around him then?

Silas felt that he can’t save the royal family he was supposed to protect throughout his life until he meets Gwennor and was revealed to be a healer. He asks her to help him in solving what has been plaguing the land and to see if the curse that is rumored to be true is in fact true. He and Gwennor work together to find the truth behind it and not only that fall for the elven girl which he is always warned to never to trust but ends up finding some truths about her and what she holds.

Thoughts: I thought I didn’t have the third book from this series until I realized I did after linking the last one, So I Married a Sorcerer in my last review. Thank you Amazon for helping me. So, I had to go through my vast shelf of books on Kindle and started reading. I liked this one the best because unlike the other two it did bring the action in right away. As in, dragon comes and steals Queen Luciana’s daughter and whisks her away and Gwennor ends up riding another dragon that came from the same land to save the queen’s daughter and lives there for a bit until they can take her back. While she’s there she finds out the queen in that land was not feeling well and things are coming up like there are hardly children in the country due to the curse, a plague has been causing problems, and people are afraid of dragons all over. I do like Gwennor as a character by the way during this story because she was very inquisitive and she was finding ways of figuring out the mystery behind the sickness, curse, and Silas himself which he kept on dropping hints about dating a dragon. Now I can see where the title came from since it does fit due to the rules he gave her.

What I also liked throughout the book is how we find out that Sorcha is related to Silas and some of the other characters which it looks like book four will be dealing with her since Luciana did see in the telling stones that she may be meeting someone that may be related to Gwennor which will make it interesting. I am hoping to read that one too since I already have read the first three and this series has gotten better all thanks to this book and hoping it continues into the next. I also admit I did download Sparks’ vampire series too since I liked the titles she has made for those books and thank you Good Reads for pointing them out to me. I can’t wait to see how these books are told and not only that what Sparks has for next since this is one fantasy series I definitely recommend. Especially when she weaves in some more modern speech into it and while reading this I kind of felt like I was reading a modern romantic comedy with medieval fantasy elements mixed within. Plus, it did have dragons which made it more interesting because we never thought these dragons could be telepathic and wondering if Sorcha has it too even though it was shown she was a little perplexed while Silas tried it on her. Let’s see what the next one holds!

Rating: 5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! I feel this one was the best out of the three so far since knowing there is another soon to come. I felt like the story was better due to how it started off quick with a dragon taking a princess and Gwen is the savior since she did keep an eye on Luciana’s twins for three years from what this book told me. It did give the idea of the girl wondering why is she feeling towards the guy and then the guy wonders if the girl feels the same idea since you do Silas pretty much beating himself up for being a jerk and not only that he does have major pain when Gwennor did say she didn’t want to be with him and that was rule number two, “A dragon feels twice more than anyone!” Which you do see that in the book even towards the end which I don’t want to give too much away. I am hoping they catch the Chameleon soon because I feel like he is trying to do something huge and hoping that gets resolved towards the end, I wonder how the next one will incorporate him. 2019 bring on the next one!

That is about it for this review! Come back later for my Convention Spotlight on Ranger Stop 2018! Stay beautiful while traveling the universe!
Eight Simple Rules for Dating a Dragon

Books: So I Married A Sorcerer by. Kerrilyn Sparks

Hello to all my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! I am back and it’s a new book review!

So I Married A Sorcerer: Embraced #2 by. Kerrelyn Sparks

Disclaimer: This book is based on thoughts and opinions by the lead writer of this blog. Whether it’s positive or negative, please respect what she says.

What is it about? Ever since living on the Isle of Moon, Brigetta didn’t know that she had a magical power nor how to use it until she found out who she really was. As the lost princess of the Kingdom of Tourin. Her brother and crowned king, Gunther, requests for her returned for a ransom until a mysterious pirate by the name of Rupert decides to interfere and take her on board his ship until a contest for the princess’ hand to be married is at stake. Will Brigetta get returned for this contest or will Rupert be the one who she falls for?

Thoughts: I had to read the first book, How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days to understand what was going on. Basically it talks about how some children get born once two moons are embraced and when this happens twice a year, once in spring and the other in fall, unless something happens in summer too if the next one reveals it, then anyone gets a special power from these moons. So far we have met Luciana who can see spirits of the dead even her sister since she died from being poisoned on the way to get her and her husband Leo who can use lightning by being struck by it and now we meet Rupert or shall I say Alfrieg who can use wind and Brigetta who can find lost things and see the memories behind those items. I found these books start slightly slow in telling the backgrounds about these characters but it does pick up pretty quickly. Even with the second one the story picks up as Rupert or shall I say Alfrieg shows up to get Brigetta and Sister Falen who is the nun that goes with her that was also from Tourin and the story is entertaining with what they experience. From Falen being afraid that they will be ravaged by the pirates but Stefan, the one who helped Alfrieg since he was little, assured her that they were nice pirates not what they have heard in tales. I do like how the wind power gets used throughout this book more than the lightning power because in the first one Leo had the fear of killing people even Luciana at first. Yes, that can be a little crippling but he has been wearing gloves so you can shake hands with those. While with wind, on the other hand, it’s easy to control unless Alfrieg gets upset but hey it was fun seeing how he used it to sail and with any strong emotions. I think my fave part with it was trying to get the dragons away during the competition that he disguised himself as a competitor which made it more interesting. Bridgitta, on the other hand, she was a little whiny at first but her character does get better as the book goes on since she didn’t know what her power was until she revealed that she can find things and the secrets behind it, I did like how she found who Rupert really was and that led to more about his family and why her family was hated by some of the other kingdoms, mostly her brother was hated due to how much of a jerk he was to them.

I’m hoping if there is a third one that we get to see more about the other kingdoms because two of the other Embraced women that lived on the Isle of Moon had some things revealed in this one but according to Brody, who is this shapeshifter, that Maeve, the younger of them all, is supposed to be next and hoping so unless it’s Sorcha since we got to meet the people she came from. I can’t wait until the elf girl gets her story if this series does continue.

Rating: 4 Star Paw prints out of 5! I’m taking off one point for the start of both books being slightly slow but glad the second book recapped some of the Embraced folklore. The characters in both do appear to have some whiny aspects about them but do improve as the books go on since both Luciana and Brigetta have only been in a convent all their lives like the other girls we got to meet. I’m hoping to see what gets revealed about the head nun that had them travel with them tell them why they had to keep hidden despite that people are opening up since Brigetta and Luciana are starting to see the secret and wondering why. Let’s see what happens next.

Well, that’s my review on this book, well these two books! I did enjoy them and did see the comedies but I did see it more as a fantasy romance with a little magic mixed in. I hope to see more by Kerrilyn Sparks even with this series. Next book will come a bit late since I’m reading Nemecene: Fire & Ice and Alex Verus Book 5 at the moment since other books are still on my Net Galley list. Until next time! Stay beautiful while traveling the universe!
So I Married A Sorcerer

Books: Check by. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Hello to all my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe and welcome back to my Word Press! I’ve been working hard on YouTube with the Urban Decay Naked Pallets and now I’m back to my blog space to post a new book review!

Check: Mr. Rook’s Island 3 by. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff!

Disclaimer: This book review is based on thoughts and opinions of the writer of this blog! Please don’t think it’s a dream when I saw honest things.

Last time we found Stephanie in a real pickle at the end of Pawn. Now that she got kidnapped by Warner Price, the one who had helped her get onto Mr. Rook’s island to find her sister who was killed while swimming. After finding out the secret behind her sister’s death and what had really happened, Stephanie left the island and find Warner at her home and being used as ransom in order to lure James Rook out in order to give up the island. Meanwhile, Rook faces the sands of time knowing what had happened to Stephanie after denouncing his vows as protector of the Lagoon that kept him and residents alive and young for so long. When Stephanie’s father arrives to get him to go with him to New York, Rook has to risk the island to save his woman by taking back something that he wanted to let go and that is being a prisoner himself to keep the secret alive rather than die due to time itself.

Thoughts: Oh man! Starting this book didn’t waste any time because it went into action once I got into Chapter 1! It did start where it left off perfectly because we saw how Stephanie came home and knew she had to face Warner at some point but it started this book just right. I thought throughout the book while reading it is that will they get out alive, as in Rook and Stephanie as I turned each page. Yes, I was at the edge of my seat with this one and I think even more with Ten Club. Heck, I loved the Indiana Jones reference which does make sense when you’re on an island near the Bermuda Triangle after all best to make that reference. That would’ve been a great story for Indie and the gang, searching for the Fountain of Youth, anyways back to the story. I do like the switch of emotions throughout the book because Stephanie did leave with anger at the end of Pawn towards James due to finding out about her sister from his aunt and that she didn’t want to fall for him again and of course this book did reflect that with her mistrust but she always questioned why can’t she stop thinking about him while being in Warner’s hands. I am thinking it’s because of how dyer the situation was your lover would cross your mind. Heck, I’ve seen it in a lot of mystery novels, adventure novels, and so on when the main character is on that edge of death scenario. By the way Mimi, damn on making Warner a complete and utter criminal! Did you study mafia-type bosses while doing your research, I wanted to kill this guy myself when he was hurting Stephanie. Sheesh!

All-in-all it did complete the series very well because this was an ending you weren’t expecting since it did kind of confuse me because it was starting to focus more on the lagoon itself and I could see why because with the first book, Rook’s Island, let me make it into the Chess Pieces, Rook, we see the start of the mystery and how a group of older women in the VIP club were wearing red butterfly pendants which confused Stephanie and somehow that became symbolic to this trilogy since towards the end of Check we see the butterflies again and I’m figuring that these butterflies are meant for the fantasy or just life regenerating or as a symbol sent by the monks as warning? I would say read the books and you might come to your own conclusion. Pawn, on the other hand, it was the mid-point story where you kind of see Stephanie trying to use Rook more because we did see her having a little romance to try to get to know him more for her sister’s sake but Rook was starting to fall for her hard and it was when we see why he doesn’t want to keep up the monk work so he could be with her so sacrificing the island and his youth along with everyone else for love was the other part of the story. I do like at the little bits at the end of all three books where we meet Wilma, one of the older ladies who was in the VIP Club, was starting to get her own thing and I want to see if that continues because now we see the island is now passed onto Luke, Rook’s nephew and that would be interesting to see the descendants take on the island and how it will be better. Mimi, you can do it! I want to see!

Rating: 4.5 Out of 5 Star Paw prints! Reason why I’m giving it five points off, I felt a little confused even though I have read the other two books with the whole Stephanie hates Rook but wants to be with him due to be a damsel in distress and then we’re focusing on the island now? I understand it is supposed to overlap with each other being a romantic story on an island and being a mystery at the same time except this one kind of started off weird but got better with each page turn when it came to the end. I don’t want to give too much in case you guys want to read this one and the other two, Mr. Rook’s Island and Pawn so you can get a feel of it unless if I need to read these back to back but I do have a major back log of books on Kindle that I need to get to. Not only that, I wished there was a fourth instead of compiling the ending into one because this one I felt a lot was going on and too much was going so fast when I sometimes I was like, “What just happened!?” I think I felt it too in Pawn too but hey she is the author and I’m just reviewing this. Who knows what will happen next for this series if she does continue with what happened at the very end, I’m hoping so since I did like Luke as a character throughout the three, wishing Stephanie ended up with him instead. That would’ve been more interesting in my opinion. Let’s see with Wilma shall we?

That is it for this book review! I will be leaving links to all three to this trilogy of books for you so you can check it out and come up with your own conclusions about the red butterflies. Are they a warning or are they just part of the lagoon? You decide! What’s next on Nerdy Shique Universe? Definitely my favorites for July and August since things in my life are starting to turn into a new chapter because I got my job offer approved and will be teaching Assistive Tech like I wanted but don’t worry I won’t forget you guys at all because you have supported this blog for the longest time and I appreciate it since we do have Ranger Stop 2018 on the horizon to think about! Until next time my beautiful nerds! Stay beautiful while Mr. RookPawnChecktraveling the vast universe!

Favorites: May & June 2018

Hello all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! I am back with my Favorites and this time it’s May and June! Let’s get started! I do have one non-beauty favorite and a Meh Favorite! Let’s see what I have.

Meh Fave: Urban Decay Primer Potion in Nude! I know everyone fell in love with this but I feel like it is not my fave except it’s a meh! It did work pretty well on my lids and worked better than the Wet N Wild Primer, which I will be talking about next in my Un-Favorites area, it did not glue my lashes shut but I felt like it was going into the lashes a bit. I know I am supposed to put not that much of this product and use the wand but I prefer squeezing it out into my fingers and apply it a lot more easily that way. I feel like this was not for me, I think I prefer my NYX Eye Base in the pot along with the MAC Paint Pots because I have an easier time applying those than primers in the tube and the lip gloss looking container.

Meh Eye Shadow Pallet: Marvel Avengers Infinity War Pallet from Hot Topic! I tend to love the eye shadow pallets from Hot Topic but this is in my Meh category. I did kind of put it under “Regrets’ at first because people on What’s Up In Makeup thought it looked muddy with the shadow look I tried first with the orange, the green, the brown, and others but when I re-did the look with Soul, which is the orange I put it all over my lid and just did more of a neutral eye that way. I thought the shadows were okay but too powdery after realizing it. I may keep on using it but I prefer the unicorn ones and the Galaxy Shadow pallet I got last year.

New Eye Shadow Pallet: Urban Decay Beached Pallet! I finally got this pallet after hearing so many things about it and that is the Beached pallet by Urban Decay. Yes, 2018 is all about the Urban Decay and not sponsored, sorry! I think they’re slaying it this year because of the new pallets they have been coming out with. Anyways, I got my Beached pallet after collecting my points at Ulta and used them on it and it was worth it! All thanks to doing a look with the teal, the deep blue, and the Blaze in this pallet I ended up attracting Hash Tag Sunglasses to it. I love Urban Decay and their shadows have been killing it and I can’t wait to complete the Naked collection since I have been collecting them, I have to keep my paws off my Naked Heat pallets, lol!

New Shadow Quads: Wet N Wild Flights of Fancy Eye Shadow Quads! Along with new releases by many brands, Wet N Wild released their summer collection last month and it’s called the Flights of Fancy Collection for the hummingbirds that are native to California. I got the full set and it was beautiful, I do have a not so favorite but these shadow quads are pretty much what Wet N Wild has done after discontinuing the trios. I think it was a good idea to do that because not only they re-formulated Walking on Eggshells but they added another color to it and it gives us more freedom to play with the quads. I realize I haven’t used the trios as much which I am trying to hit pan on so I can let them go. I used in my video the Hasta La Costa Quad and it is a green and blue quad which is gorgeous! I am thinking of using one of the others in the future since the Braille labels did pop off, which sucks but hey I can use them one day soon. Maybe I should use the rose gold one next week for the NFB Convention, who knows.

New Lip Gloss: Wet N Wild Lip Glosses! Along with those quads, Wet N Wild also released lip glosses! Those things are great except you have to kind of build them up due to the applicator. Usually with most lip glosses I do one swipe or two and I’m good but it feels like you kind of build up with two swipes on the bottom and top but still these aren’t sticky like most lip glosses. Not even sticky like MAC.

Lip Scrub: E. L. F. Lip Scrub in Mint! I finally got to try the Lip Scrubs from E. L. F. Normally I would use the ones from Lush but it’s been forever since I got any lip scrubs from them since now the drugstore is starting to create their own, even Wet N Wild made their own for the Flights of Fancy collection which seriously should be permanent! At first when I got the scrub in my package, this was when they did free shipping a little while ago, I thought it was weird due to how it looked as a lip stick tube. When I started using it, it felt weird at first because of how compact it is together and then realized I had to run it across a few times to make it work and then wipe it off with a cotton round. Easy enough and it is hard to be tempted to eat because I love mint! That is the reason why I went for mint. I definitely want to try the other ones that they came out with and they aren’t as expensive as Lush or the coffee one I have made with coffee from Ulta, this one is good!

New Translucent Powder: NYX Pressed Powder! So, I went to NYX last month and to get a new powder to get for my under eye because I felt the LA Girl one was running out faster and I felt that there was not much in the pan and realized I liked pressed more. So, I did find out that the NYX Setting Powder is also pressed and got it in Translucent. I love it! I can see why people recommend this powder to use as a setting powder and it feels as lightweight as you wear it.

New Mascara: NYX worth the Hype Mascara! So, I reached my first round of points at NYX and ended up getting a free tube of the Worth the Hype Mascara as a sample size and I heard good things about it from one person and when I got it, I was hoping it would not be flake city like Better than Sex and guess what? It wasn’t! I carry this in my makeup bag and whenever I spend the night at Gondras’ place and don’t hand don’t have any makeup I turn to this! It makes my lashes look so full! Way to go NYX, I want the full size now!

New Blush: The Baked Blushes by Wet N Wild! Speaking of WNW earlier, another item from their Flights of Fancy is the Baked Blushes. Sorry WNW, you need to make these permanent! Milani has had them for a long time! Anyways, these blushes are gorgeous! I think I use the nude one the most because it was a shade you rarely find as a baked one, you do have Apricot in The Middle, which I still need to get and try out, these definitely need to be permanent and they are very good in blending them on your cheeks.

New Setting Spray: Wet N Wild Matte Setting Spray! Yes, a lot of Wet N Wild but they have been getting my money for any of their face items because I used to use Almay and getting the foundation and powder was costing a bit much so I switched to Wet N Wild’s stuff since it’s cheaper and I like the wand part more than the pump. Anyways, I decided to try the setting spray from Wet N Wild and I prefer this more because the NYX one I’ve been using the Demi Matte formula was breaking me out in certain areas of my face but mostly around my cheeks the most. I think I’m a little too sensitive to their spray and I even felt itchy around the areas on my face after a few hours. The Wet N Wild doesn’t do that to me! I think it’s the ingredients that they use, I know one ingredient is Vitamin E if I remembered and it doesn’t cause me to itch nor break out. I think also that the NYX one was not reacting well to the Clearasil products I’ve been using. This spray has been working out beautifully and now on bottle number two! I am able to find this spray easily at Walmart and even on Ulta’s website and it doesn’t cost an arm and leg like most sprays. I also like how it smells, it smells sweet!


Wet N Wild Eye Shadow Primer and Primer Water Spray: These two items are not my favorites at all when it comes to makeup! I am so sorry Wet N Wild here are my reasons. I mentioned above, the Wet N Wild Photo Focus Eye Shadow Primer was the thing I wanted to try for so long! SO LONG! But it sucks! It glued my lashes SHUT! I hated how it felt like glue and it was thick as paste as it came out of the tube, I had to go back in for more dollops of this stuff and it glued my lashes shut. I am sorry, that is not supposed to happen when you put on any eye shadow primer even from a pot. I had to toss it, shadow primer is not glue Wet N Wild! And the other item, I tried loving but couldn’t due to how the spray nozzle stopped working correctly and that is the Primer Water that came with the Flights of Fancy collection. I was hoping this would last me for a while and I loved how cooling it was while spraying it and it did set very well but as time went on the spray nozzle would not work! I tried shaking it and it would still not work. It was like it worked once and would not work again! I take back that I want it permanent, I think I will stick to the Hydro Touch I’ve been using and I am planning to try out the Dewey Primer from Wet N Wild and see how that compares but sorry the primer spray does not get my love. I did toss it too.

Non-Beauty Faves!

Book: Tiffany Blues by. M. J. Rose! This was a very enjoyable read by M. J. Rose and it is called Tiffany Blues. If you read my review, you could tell I loved every page of it and I didn’t want to stop reading it because of how beautiful it was. I did do a makeup look based on the Tiffany Glass colors you heard throughout the book and I felt like I was brought to the 1920s to when Jenny was there doing art. If you have not read this book, I highly recommend as an excellent read!

Another Book: The Dream Keeper’s Daughter by. Emily Colin! Another book is the Dream Keeper’s Daughter by. Emily Colin. I didn’t want to leave Kindle alone with this one either because of how it pulled you between past and present to see how the two main characters, Max and Isabel, go through the times they were in with Isabel trying to live her life while Max is getting her mom back. I would say read that one too if you’re interested.

Recipe Favorite: Pickle Dip! I know what you are thinking, “Say what!?” you can make a dip out of anything and pickles was an interesting dip to make because you had many things going into it besides dill pickles, you also had cream cheese, garlic paste, and other things and came out to have an interesting mild taste. I would say if you find the recipe from Publix, which is who I got it from, use pretzels because they go the best with it.

Movie: Avengers Infinity War! Next is movie and you already know! Avengers Infinity War was a great film except the ending. All I have to say is, “Damn it Quill and Thor! You had one job!” I won’t spoil the rest and I can’t wait to catch any other Marvel movies even if it means on Netflix.

Series: Series of Unfortunate Events! Okay, I wasn’t expecting to watch this because Nerdy Shirts and his brother asked GOndras to be in a video with them reacting to episode 9 of season 2. Gondras couldn’t get past a certain point in Season 2 but I kept watching. All I have to say is that I never read the books but this was a great too series since they had Neil Patrick Harris being Count Olaf in this one. You never thought he would play creepy very well until you see this and it helps with his Broadway musical background because he does sing the theme song and it’s catchy! I can’t wait to see what Season 3 holds for the Bodalairs since the final episode of Season 2 revealed a big thing and I can’t reveal it. If you want to see the reactions on this series, make sure you check out the Super Reaction Bros.!

Top Five Songs!

1. Ignite by. Alan Walker! First on my list is a song by Alan Walker who performed at this year’s Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas! This year it was in May rather than June to keep people cool at night. I never heard of Alan Walker until I saw a video of his set and it brings an awesome beat but this song called, “Ignite,” got me loving his music even more. I do like his first song, “Fade,” from his early days but this one fits the sci-fi theme we pull on here, I would so use this as a theme song if YouTUbe doesn’t get mad.
2. “Odd Future” English Cover by. Jonathan Young: Next is another cover by Jonathan Young and it’s the fourth My Hero Academia theme song called “Odd Future.” I I’ve been loving this anime a lot and thank you Gondras for showing it to me and need to watch more of but this is one of my fave songs from that series.
3. “Dirty” by. Sevendust! Oh yeah! My Southern Metal boys are back and this time with a newer song! Apparently they have released new music and this song is called “Dirty.” It kind of goes back to their more metal roots since the Seasons album had more of a softer sound and their song, “Unraveling” was also pretty soft but do like it but this one it calls back to what I knew Sevendust for and kept it up!
4. “History Maker” Cover by. Nate Wants to Battle: I know this is not new but I can’t stop listening to it because it always get in my head, plus May was all about meeting with my destiny of getting my job offer, getting to go to the NFB National Convention, and of course being accepted at Northern Arizona. I am following my dreams people!
5. “Lion Skin” by. Hands like Houses: Even though there have been other songs that have been appearing on my I Heart Radio but this one was unique out of all the music that has been on there lately. I’ve never heard of this band but if I had then I wouldn’t have looked at their info but this song is a really good one. Almost reminds me of “Arrow” by Gackt in the beginning but then goes into its own song.
Well, that’s it for this bi-montly favorites. I know a lot of Wet N Wild was on this list because they have been in my makeup collection even more after using their powder and foundation. I may be adding Clearasil next time since the face wash I got was not a face wash but it was a face mask but I have the actual face wash so I will be giving another two months before I add them to my favorites since so far my skin has been getting better and people noticing in my pictures. So next time will be my review on the NFB National Convention since I need to take time to read some books! Until next time! And follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique!

Books: The Dream Keeper’s Daughter

Hello my beautiful nerds and welcome back for a second post of the night! Time for another book to be reviewed!

Title: The Dream Keeper’s Daughter
Author: Emily Colin

Disclaimer: This book review is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer. Please respect her thoughts and opinions on this book.

What Is It About? In this book, we meet Isabel Griffin, an archaeologist, who tries to be a great single parent to her daughter, Finn, she has gone through a lot after losing her best friend, Max O’Dair, and not only that her mother earlier in life which her father obsessed looking for her. After getting a call while being on a dig in Barbados, she gets the four words, “Isabel keep her safe!” She wonders if it’s her missing friend and wonders what was it about and on top of that finds a necklace that her and her father had given to her mother many years before just as she disappeared. Plus, she has to go through her daughter’s uncanny gift which lets her see people show up in her dreams and hear thoughts before spoken. Will she be able to get through her obsessions before they take over or will she move on from thinking about Max and her mother?

Thoughts: This book was a really entertaining read! I started it on Thursday and felt like I couldn’t stop reading because of it how it switched from present to past. We see Isabel get that mysterious call and how she reacted at first which was of course shock which I would go through if the same thing happened to me. Then we see Max in where he is at the moment since something had whisked him away to the past into Barbados. I felt like I was reading The Jekyll Revelation over again since that switched between present and past but that used a journal while here it was one person in the present another in the past looking for a missing loved one, well more like someone who wanted to know about her family due to adoption, which was Isabel’s mom. I find it interesting how the mystery took shape in what really could transport someone and that was an area of land that can allow someone to talk to their dead loved ones or be transported there. I can see where the link would come in this book since we see Isabel in present day Barbados digging things up and finding a clue and then we see what happens later in how that clue got there in Barbados of the past.

I also find it interesting that what made people communicate from past and present was through dreams and that was with Finn. I thought she only had the thought reading powers but no the dream thing made it more interesting because when you think about it, dreams do form from thoughts either good or bad during the day or from the past. This made the story intriguing because I’m wondering if Max had the powers to see someone from the past since he did see Isabel’s mom the day he vanished and it got passed onto Finn and that helped with the link between them. I would say give it a read if you’re into things like this since this not only had historical fiction at its finest but gave it a supernatural twist!

There is one thing I wanted to ask and that is why give Isabel another love interest? Yeah it’s a way of moving on but me kind of feel like he didn’t belong here if she wanted Max back until he did come back. I wished she did end up with Max because they have gone through so much together and yes it was awkward since he vanished for eight years but they could repair it. I did like the ending between Max and Finn since they did have father and daughter time out on Barbados which made the book more touching in the end.

Rating: 4 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! Even though this book was something I couldn’t put down whenever I got into Kindle but to me Ryan was out of left field despite him being the Max replacement. I did like the mystery and supernatural feel about this book since it did go from present to past to get an idea of what had happened to Max and how he could save Julia and get into trouble within the Slave Rebellion back in the 1800s while they were at it. I wished Finn’s powers were explained more and see if they were from Max but that could have messed with the magical aspect. Still it was a good read.

That is it for this book! I will have a link to it so you guys could check it out for yourselves! Next post will be my May and June Favorites! So stay tuned! And don’t forget to forget to follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique for all of our updates! Stay beautiful!

Books: Any Dream Will Do by. Debbie Maccmber

Heello my beautiful nerds who traveled near and far! I am back with another book review!

Title: Any Dream Will Do

Author: Debbie Macomber

Disclaimer: This book review is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts nad opinions on this book!

What Is It About? This book is the fourth installment in the New Beginnings series which also can be read on its own.

We meet Shea who had her own life until it got messed up due to her brother, Kaden, asked her to take money from her job and had to pay the price in prison while her brother was away. After being there for three years, she ends up meeting Pastor DDrew Douglas after showing up in his church one day in December. He helps her by dropping her off at a womens shelter to help her start her life over again. After graduating, Shea does start her life again by working at a cafe, having a small place, and being around Drew and his kids until her brother shows up again. Will things screw up again for her when she has started over all thanks to what she went through before?

Thoughts: I had to read the series before coming tto this one since I did not know it was a book in a series. I did find the other three books on Bookshare and was able to finish them pretty quickly. It deals with women who havve gone through tough times and want to start over and fall in love with men who have gone through their own tragedies and they help each other to start again.

The first book, Last One Home, we meet Cassie Carter who went through an abusive relationship and was disconnected from her sisters and had to start anew by working at a salon and getting involved with Habitat for Humanitty so she could have a new home with her daughter and meets Steve, who lost his wife due to cancer. Cassie feels like she is nott ready for a relationship due to what her ex-husband has done and not only that re-connects with her sisters to get them back together.

The second book, A Girls Guide to Moving On, Nicole, Cassies younger sister, ends up divorced from her long time husbalong with her mother-in-law, Leigh Ann, who also divorced from her ex-husbands father. They end up living close to each other in downtown Portland. While the both of tthem are moving on, they meet two men which Nicole meets Rocko, a single dad that ended up towing her car out of a ditch, and Nikolai, a Ukranian widower who is in Leigh Anns English class, and they fall for them but may have hearts for their exes despite what they had done to them. (This was my favoirte which I will say why!)

Third book, If It Were Not For You, we meet Sadie, a new teacher in town, who moved to Portland from controlling parents to have a new life with her aunt ends up in a car accident and was helped by Sam, Rockos best friend, aand start a relationship thinking they did not have the same interests but they had and that is through music. Even though Sadie has to get over her controlling mother, she knows Sam is the one for her rather than a man she tried to get her with. She also helps her aunt re-kindle with an old love that fell for her mother in the past.

Now to this one, this was a good one since it did give the moving on a great tale and even with someone who got out of prison.Like with the second one, this was also a favorite because it did not include any of the past characters but it added someone new to the series by starting a new cycle, which I am hoping there will be a book five in this one. Why? I have a feeling either Kaiden, Sheas brother, may be next or Shooter, Sheas ex unless he cannot be able to salvage but Kaiden might be a possibility since I saw Shea wanting to help him by praying for him. I do like all the moments she had with Mark and Sarah, Drews kids since she was someonee they related to easily and normally it takes time for a character or two to get along with anyone. I knew these Drew and Shea, were a couple from the start and the story did tell their build up to their romance very well and it was paced better than the third book, which I felt that was a bit rushed.

Reason why I like book two the most was that it was a romatic comedy with a lot of cute bits. I loved Rocko and Nicole togeter because Rocko knew what a girl needed when she was down and Nicole did not say it loud because of how much she hurt after her divrce from Jake. I think this one and Any Dream Will Do were the really well written out of the four and hoping a fifth will be written.

Rating: 4 Star Paw Prints Out of 5 For All of them! I was going to give it a five at first but the third book was the weakest in my opinion since it felt rushed. I am hoping to read more of this series because I want to see if Kaiden will get a do over for his life after jail like Shea did. I think he deserves it. It was a eally cute series and hoping to see more.

That is it for this book. Sorry for the gramar being bad because I am typing this on my tablet through Google Docs at Gondras place due to the air conditioner being broke at home. I know it sucks that it had to happen when summer started but what can you do? I will get the NFB convention Spotlight up this weekend or the beginning of next week. So stay beautiful my nerds in the universe!

Books: Digging A Hole: Oh Hell No Book 3!

Hello my beautiful nerds who are traveling the vast universe! Welcome back! I know this was supposed to be my Convention Spotlight but I finished a new book!

Title: Digging A Hole: Oh Hell No Book 3!
Author: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this blog! Please respect her thoughts and opinions and you might face an evil, vampire unicorn!

What Is It About? In the continuation of the Oh Hell No series, we meet Henry’s sister, Georgina or Georgie for short where after surviving a plane crash and facing her father’s insanity to create a naked yoga cult, I know bizarre, she decides to strike out on her own while taking a break from college by being an intern at a pharmaceutical company that her family had under their wing. When she meets Nick Brooks, the boss, she not only gets a hit of his smoldering, silver eyes but his attitude on top of it. Even though she is known for being the shy girl, will she be able to step out of her box and become a strong and independent woman that she wants to be while taking on a new name or hide in her bedroom for the rest of her life?

Thoughts: I thought this book was the best in this series so far! I was wondering how this book was going to continue the last one since it did reveal that Henry’s family survived and it did very well by showing us how they survived a plane crash which ended up a crazy kidnapping. I did like how it shown Georgie go from badass survival girl at first in the parts where it went back to her and family on the island situation to her shy self that people expect from her. It was amazing that she was trying to get herself out of that hole of shyness, basically she’s Flutter Shy turning into Rainbow dash in this book even when it came to Nick. At the end of the book with the note that Mimi put, she did wonder if any of her readers got a chuckle at some of the stuff he said despite it being mean, I did and at the same time I found it funny where there were parts that Georgie just let her feelings out despite people were hearing it around them and I have a feeling they knew her feelings towards him. My most fave part was when she let her feelings out in his office as loud as possible and he goes, “You know the main boss is out the door, right?” I would so imagine her turning beet red like an anime girl blushing from major embarrassment. I was laughing at that part during dinner and glad Gondras didn’t notice since it was one of his visits at my place that night. What makes me happy that there is another book coming out in this series and will gladly be reading it since this series has become a new favorite due to how much it shows the romantic comedy style that I love from Mimi’s writing, especially while reading her supernatural stuff? Trust me, I was reading Immortal Matchmakers 1 while eating at Tijuana Flats and had to hide my laughter while eating my taco salad. She did give a cover preview towards the end but you know me, I can’t see it so who knows what will happen and who are the next Vic-I mean lovely couple in this one.

Rating: 5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! This book was the best so far in this series! Not sure how many more are there and don’t want to think about it since I’m still kind of a bit of a sad kitty that Happy Pants Series ended. I hope she does keep on continuing since this was a more adult version of those Love Stories books I always loved to read back in high school. I’m not only glad to have a lot of chuckles in this book but it was pretty sweet in areas and I knew Nick and Georgie could not resist each other. I don’t want to give too much away since you have to read it yourself because it’s coming tomorrow for you guys to read which I highly suggest! Don’t worry, a link will be provided for you all!

That is it for this review! Don’t worry, next post will be the Convention Spotlight on the NFB National Convention since I do read books at a fast rate than most people. Hey, I have time before school starts for me! Until next time and make sure you follow our Twitter @ Digging A Hole By. Mimi Jean PamfiloffNerdy Shique! So, stay nerdy everyone!