Books: Skinny Pants by. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I am back with a new Mimi Jean Pamfiloff review!

Title: Skinny Pants-A Happy Pants Café Book #3
Author: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Disclaimer: Please respect the thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this blog! This review is based on her thoughts about what Mimi had written to put this tale together! If you don’t respect it, an invisible, vampire unicorn will come after you! My kitty minions had to hide from it once already after the last review.

Synopsis: This story is the third installment of the Happy Pants Café and this is where we meet Macy Franklin, a nurse at the Napa Valley Hospital who is also overweight. She always felt that despite eating a healthy diet her waist stays the same no matter what she does and then thinks about getting a Gastric Bypass. On top of these thoughts after drinking some sparkling wine, she creates a fake persona online named Katrina to see how guys would react since her dating life is not perfect as her friends’ dating lives have been. After waking up, she sees texts and emails from a Dr. JLove and sees the pics and doesn’t realize that it was the man of her dreams, Dr. Jack Reed, she sees at the hospital. Jack Reed moved to Napa Valley in order to get away from his ex-wife and the memories that were painful to him after how she left for a woman that was his patient before when he had to re-construct her face. When he meets Macy at work one morning as a patient at first, he doesn’t know that she has been keeping a secret identity and that she also met Lucy, the happy Pants Café owner who is known for her love cookies. Will Macy and Jack get together all thanks to the famous cookie that was sent to Macy?

Thoughts: First, why did this have to be the final story!? I will have to get to that later in my thoughts but first this was a very cute and funny story! I did have the giggles since this reminded me of Never Been Kissed but cuter since yes I know how Macy felt when it came to falling for the hot guy. I was overweight myself in high school and still trying to keep myself in shape for cosplaying, not easy when you’re curvy but my fiancé still finds me sexy! Try to have him play keep away with your scrunchie all the time after pulling it out of your hair. Anyways, I liked this one more than Leather Pants and Tailored For Trouble because I felt more connected with Macy and how she went through to fall for Jack was something that most of us go through time to time minus the online dating, okay maybe most of us would do online dating, but still I do admit that I felt that spark between them right away. I did find it heartbreaking where Jack had to face his ex-wife, Doris, because I did see how he had a hard time coming to grips that he had to let her go and I know that feeling too since I did have a hard time letting go of my ex during the first three years due to some mental scars and it does show towards the end how he was able to get over it and realize that Macy was the only one for him. Heck, it takes one super heroine thing that Macy did to have him realize that she is Mrs. Right. Does he propose? I would say is read the book! You will probably cry or just go, “Aww!”

Good! No invisible unicorns yet! Anyways, I have to say is that this series could’ve gone for more stories since I read the Author’s Note! I wanted to see how Taylor’s brothers might find love since I remembered they haven’t found anything or even have her dad find someone new after her mom passed away since a lot of stories do that, heck even in the Midnight Breed Series the vampires find new Breed mates when they lost their own. I would had loved to see that and it did say in the last book that Taylor was supposed to take the Happy Pants Café business when Lucy retired but it looks like this book kind of ended that. Plus Mimi did say she has other books to write and that includes The Librarian’s Vampire Assistant, Ah Hell No, Immortal Matchmakers, and more. I can’t wait to see what’s next in her line in books since she has a lot more writing to do like me.

Rating: 5 Out of 5 Star Paw Prints! Good no unicorn yet! I am sad that this was the last book in Happy Pants since this was the series that got me into Mimi’s other books and gave me a great author friend too. One thing about being a writer, talking to the writers do help in giving you writing advice and I’m glad I’m still going with my third book since I kept on starting over! Plus, her books do give me laughs since the characters are cute and quirky even in the supernatural realm. I would say to Mimi, create a sequel series to this one if you can because it could’ve kept going and would’ve loved how Taylor would try and keep the Happy Pants cookies going since that would be a fun idea to think about. So, that ends another Mimi review! And it looks like my kitty minions are…wait what happened to Tribble? Great, I guess the unicorn visited.

That’s it guys! I know I had a bit of fun writing this review since I do enjoy Mimi’s stuff and I guess you can tell I still enjoy unicorns, I do have a Rarity phone case after all and did cosplay her. Anyways, I need to finish up another book to review since I have so many to read! Until next time!


Books: Ballad of Huck & Miguel by. Tim Deroche

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Guess what? I finished another book and decided to read something out of order.

Title: The Ballad of Huck & Miguel
Author: Tim DeRoche

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinion of the lead writer of this blog! Please respect what she says about this book!

Description: In this re-telling of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, we see young Huck being placed into our modern world in this spin from Deroche. He gets chased by his psychotic father, Pap, after meeting an illegal Mexican immigrant by the name of Miguel and have to travel down a river through rainy and calm nights in order to dodge his father and anyone who thinks Miguel is accused of murder when he’s not. These two have to survive the the trip so Miguel could be free and form a bond along the way.

Thoughts: I admit I never read the original Adventures of Huckleberry Finn but I remembered the classic characters of Tom and Huck that Mark Twain had created all those years ago. I still remember from middle school where I had to see a video where a girl skipped a class and had to watch a scene with a Mark Twain actor and a scene of Huck and Tom to guess the different vocab terms that went with Twain’s stuff, even Onomatopoeia as an example. I still remember Hey Arnold! With that spelling bee.

I did like this book a lot since it gave Huck Finn a modern twist and made it more interesting in how it was written. I did find it entertaining how Deroche wrote the book in Huck’s words as in jumbled spelling and misspelled since it shown that he was a boy out of school traveling with his dad across the U. S. to get to California.

What did I love about the book was how Huck and Miguel have traveled along the river in order to be free. I knew they would be great friends at first when Huck was brought to Mrs. Watson’s place and how’d he preferred to be around Miguel over the two women even when he was taking care of Carolina with Miguel. I did find how they saved each other, Miguel saving Huck from his dad at first and keeping him protected during the other times they were found by Mr. Finn, and how Huck had to get the anti-venom to help Miguel when he got bitten by a rattlesnake when it was found inside a blanket on their raft. It shows how much their bond has not only gotten stronger but shown that they can’t be separated. Heck, especially when Tom Sawyer was added in again the friendship still blossomed between Tom and Huck. I wished there were more of Tom since Mark Twain always paired them up together in a lot of adventures. Who knows, maybe a sequel in the works to show the newer adventures of Huck and Tom since it is set in modern times and who knows what kinds of things they could get into in this kind of era?

Rating: 5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! This modern re-telling kept the spirit of the original Adventures of Huckleberry Finn that twain had told and can see how people still loved it to this day. Knowing when people were to read this book they would still feel that same free spirit that Huck had felt during his time traveling even with Miguel. Now hoping to see a sequel to have Tom more in the story since we got to see how Huck got to Los Angeles and to see what else can happen to the two. Apparently, there is going to be a movie version of this book and I can’t wait to see how it gets portrayed with this kind of telling. Still a great book and it gets my “Star Paw Print of Approval!”

Well, that is it for this review! I will include a link to the book for you guys to check out and I do recommend as a great read! I am reading more of The Ballad of Huck & Miguel on AmazonSiege Line so stay tuned for that review! Until next time!

Books: Dark Designs by. Stephanie Spangler

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I just finished another book tonight and time for another review!

Title: Dark Designs
Author: Stephanie Spangler

Disclaimer: This book review is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts and opinions on this book. There might be spoilers ahead.

Synopsis: Even though they’re opposites but twins Ivy and Violet Grant have one thing in common and that is their magic. Ivy has returned to Oak Hill after being away for college and returns and notices how her sister, Violet, who is often quiet, a little distant from her because she thinks that she would act like their mother who had left them. Charlie Logan, a former farm hand, has been obsessed with Ivy Grant for many years and finds a book with dark magic during a burglary and decides to use it in order to get his hands on Ivy again.

With the help from their grandmother, both Ivy and Violet must use their magic practices in order to defeat Charlie and the dark demon within him in order to keep Ivy away from him or they’re doomed.

Thoughts: Even though this book was fast but it was too fast because of how much each chapter had and ended a bit too quickly. I don’t mind the short chapters since there are times where so much story is told and it feels like forever before the next one starts. Spangler is pretty good at writing, I did notice that there were times where some things were missing from the plot such as how did the girls knew that they can do magic for instance or what kind of book Charlie may have found. Even though there were parts where some explanation took place like Audrey, their grandmother, getting her magical talent and how the spell book hat their family had contained information she needed there should have been a bit more to explain. I did notice in the description how both sisters were practicing their magic but I didn’t see it much because I mostly see them bickering, Violet being with her new boyfriend, Kevin, and them being with Audrey. I wished they would’ve focused on them starting to use it slightly more since this is a story about magic after all and could’ve explained what kind of magic they used. I do notice how it kind of felt like Dresden Files with using ritual items like candles, blood, sticks to write things down, even matches, and stones, I am thinking if I were to get this right and that is they might be using Wicca in the book due to Ivy’s friend from college was also Wiccan and did give her a blade with a stone that did help take down Charlie. I don’t want to give away too much but I think this book could’ve had more explanation to the magic itself and I did like the character back stories that led up to how Charlie was stalking Ivy but could have shown his obsessions towards her a little more and could probably show him talking with the spirit a little more that was taking him over as the book progressed. Besides my nit picking, I did like how Violet was acting on the more big sisterly role, not sure who is supposed to be the older one since there are times where one twin is born a few seconds to a minute more than the other from what I hear, I think it may be Violet due to how much she has been looking after Ivy even in this book when Charlie was coming after her. Also, I did like how she was acting on not only as sister but the replacement mother which she was angry towards her which I take it’s due to leaving the both of them or it’s just probably due to the magic part, we don’t really know since it was rarely talked about. I do remember Audrey mentioned that their mom left because she didn’t understand the magic they possessed and didn’t want to learn it. Wishing that was explained a little more too.

Rating: 3 Out of 5 Star Paw Prints! I know it is a bit of a harsh rating but I feel like the characters’ motivations needed to be Dark Designs by. Stephanie Spanglerexplained a little bit more. I get that Charlie Logan is obsessed with Ivy and I wonder why he is obsessed with her. Was the dark magic book necessary and how was it tied in? I understand that Violet is mad at their mother, why was she mad at her? Audrey talks about why their mother left, is it due to the magic or is it that she is that wild? These questions still made me wonder and not sure where Spangler was going with this book and wishing that some points were explained a little more. There was some back story which I did like and wishing there was a little more to it even towards the Grant family even with the magic explanations even where there was a matching book to Charlie’s. Plus, I felt this book went a little too fast and wishing it slowed down a bit so I could get a breath in between chapters even with the action.

Well, that is about it for this review, I know it was a little fast and a long explanation to some things but the book was good except it should’ve been worked on a little more and that’s my opinion. Well, next post will be my review on Omni, it is taking a bit since I have been busy the past week and my Braille Sense needed a major recharge since Gondras had my charger for the rest of the weekend. I really need that Polaris! Anyways, until next time!

Books: The Librarian’s Vampire Assistant 1 by. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I’m back with another book review from Mimi Jean!

Title: The Librarian’s Vampire Assistant
Author: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Disclaimer: Attention Human Pets! This review is based on thoughts and opinions of this blog’s creator! Please respect her thoughts unless Mr. Nice has to come after her! MEW! : hides:

Synopsis: We meet Michael Vanderhorst in the start of this new series from Pamfiloff who ends up in Phoenix, Arizona to pick up his creator’s ashes. By the way, did I mention he’s a vampire? He was changed all thanks to one vamp and has lived for over four hundred years and when he finds out that he was murdered and that the investigation is not going as he hoped, he gets involved with a mystery to see if he can find the person who has murdered him. On top of that, while visiting, he walks into a library for an unexpected interview by Miriam Murphy who has been working at her parents’ library ever since they died. When he finds out a drug cartel has been after her to get the property from her, he also gets involved with that mystery to see why they’re after her. Will Michael help Miriam to save her from the cartel and find out who killed his vamp creator? And will the Vampire Society stop him before he gets more involved?

Thoughts: This book was a new one and glad that it is something fresh and new. It’s not like Mimi’s many romantic comedies or a just plain romance, it’s more of a mystery with vampires mixed in. It did have a few comedic moments but I mostly seen it towards the end especially with Mr. Nice who is a hilarious character from meeting him so far. He is also a closet romance story fan which makes it funnier! While reading it, I was imagining Micah Asoledad doing Mr. Nice’s voice because I was kind of hearing his Yurio voice from Yuri!! On Ice but with more of a Greek and Spanish mixed accent from what it has been described. I even heard the voice when he gets mad about book cliffhangers and I know how that feels because I see that all the time in most books and movies, even anime!

Besides the characters I liked, I did like the lore that Mimi has created for this one as in what you knew about vampires just throw it out the window! I even chuckled a little towards how these vamps love spicy food especially Indian food. I did kind of crave Gondras’ curry while reading it and then chocolate chip cookies because like every book I’ve read so far by Mimi they always make a cameo. I did make an extra bit of getting cookies besides the Choco chippys, they also have M&Ms! Those are my fave kind of cookies, especially when I go to Mrs. Fields when I can. I hope this series keeps on going this way because the vampires are entertaining and have their own issues even with Michael, I even liked how awkward he feels around Miriam and hoping to see what he figures out about her as more books are released. I don’t know why but this is my own opinion about the both of them and that is I don’t see them as a couple, just as friends because Michael already has an established relationship with Lula and I want to see that more with the both of them and yes he does care about Miriam but I prefer Lula and Michael after reading this one. Hoping they stay together. Also, more Mr. Nice please! He was hilarious! I am hoping to see more things revealed about him.

Rating: 4.5 Out of 5 Star Paw Prints! Why did I take five off? Well, even though it was something new for Mimi to write this, I felt the start of the book was a little jumbled in my opinion. I felt like some parts should’ve been cleaned up in the book to make the story flow a little bit better such as how he shows up at the Sunshine Society and interacting with Viviana, I feel like she should’ve shown more signs of she shouldn’t be revealing that much, I wanted to know more about Aspen a little more in how he became a vampire because I felt like his in and out in the book a little too short, I wish he had more of a presence and same with his son, Jeremy, since he was only mentioned once. Yes, it’s the first book and knowing that later on in the books it will be more polished and Mimi did say in her author’s notes at the end that she couldn’t stop writing it because it became addicting to write. I know that feeling, I go through it with fan fiction sometimes. Bring on the sequel and I won’t be the one hurrying her up either. I can’t wait what else she brings soon!

Well, that’s it for this post! Hope you guys check out the link to The Librarian’s Vampire Assistant that I will be providing down somewhere in this post! Next will be a Cosmetic Controversy based on some The Librarian’s Vampire Assistant by. Mimi Jean Pamfiloffvitamins that were recently released. So stay tuned later on today!

Favorites: January and February 2018!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Sorry for being missing since my last book review but I have been busy living life outside of the net and I do have a major announcement or two within my January & February Favorites!


New Panel At Omni Expo 2018: Yes! My panel has been approved for Omni Expo 2018 and this one is a little different from the one last year. Nerdy Shirts talked to me about it during MegaCon when we were doing press and he thought I should do a panel on writing and get the word about my book, well now books, out there more and well from what you have read from my Holiday Matsuri 2017 review, I had panel form issues and couldn’t do it then. I did point it out on their Facebook group and they got back and said that they will try and make it more accessible with mobile devices which looking at how Event Bright works well on the apps they should definitely do it that way. I did put in the panel form for Omni last summer since they were accepting panels around July and I did fill it out. I didn’t know it got approved until a week and a half ago and now it’s going to be hosted on March 10th which is that Saturday during the con at 5 PM in Panel Room 1. It is during the costume contest this year but I figured since scheduling it on Saturday is where a lot more people show up during Saturday than Friday and a lot more things take place in Panel Room 1. I am hoping to get a better turn out this year than the last when we tried in the afternoon in Panel Room 2 on Friday. So crossing my fingers. What makes me happy about this slot is that it’s right after Joshua Seth;s panel that day! Yay! You get two authors for the price of one since he is also an author himself. So, if you’re going to Omni, please come! Please do!

Going for my JAWS Certification: My second announcement is that I’m going for my JAWS Certification and that’s the main reason why I have been gone for a bit. As you guys know, I have changed my career goal to work as an Assistive Tech Specialist and as my first step of getting myself back in the game even getting a job is to get this certification since a lot of positions are seeing if you do have a certification as a plus. I figured getting this would help me out in my search and can help any public or private schools or even universities with JAWS if they were to put in their computer labs which it would be nice. So, I have been studying for the test itself despite being familiar with it for years but there are other things to look over for it. So, wish me luck everyone!


Brow Product: NYX Tame & Frame Brow Pomade in Chocolate! You never thought I would go for something outside of my clear brow gel comfort zone until I have tried brow powders from Ulta all thanks to their makeup sets. I decided to see about getting one of the powders from NYX’s Baking Brow Powders but got the brow pomade instead and in the color Chocolate. I love this stuff! There are times when I want to keep my brows from going crazy and this does help since the Essence brow gel is so light and using the NYX pomade on top helps with keeping it down. Plus, these are perfect for the Florida humidity since knowing we’re in our early spring time and the humidity does go up around late March, this will be perfect once we hit that point of time.

New Pallet: Urban Decay Naked Heat! Well, I finally got it! I know it’s been out for a while but I got my paws on the Urban Decay Naked Heat pallet. I figured it was time to treat myself and since I have been starting to collect the Urban Decay Naked series pallets I felt that it was time to see what the newer Naked pallet was all about and lovin’ it! I used it on Valentine’s Day and took a pic for the What’s Up In MakeUp and everyone thought it went well with my eye color with the combination I came up with. I’m still sad that the Naked Smoky was discontinued but glad that this one replaced it and so far I have the Ultimate Basics, Basics 1 and 2, the original one, Naked Smoky, and now Naked Heat!

New Setting Powder for Under Eyes: L. A. Girl Setting Powder in Translucent! This was a recommendation all thanks to Casey Holmes on YouTube and that is the setting powder by L. A. Girl. Ulta has been carrying this brand and apparently they have them in store and now shrinking the NYX section to make room for more of this brand and other brands. I do love NYX but have been impressed by how huge their display is and can see why they’re doing it. Makes me sad though I couldn’t get a new pot of Super Natural from the Cosmic Gel Liner line. Anyways, I wanted to try this powder for a little while since I had heard good things and was happy that the Altamonte location had it and decided to use Translucent and loving it! The only thing you have to do is tap off any excess powder if you were to dip in without using the sifter. Yeah, I take out the sifter to use it and put it back like my E. L. F. one and this one is bigger than the E. L . F. one and knowing it will last me longer than that.

New Foundation & Powder: Wet N’ Wild Photo Focus Foundation and Powder in Buff Beige and Warm Beige! Well, I stepped out of my Almay comfort zone and started to use a new foundation and powder. I deicded due to a budget to try out Wet N Wild’s Photo Focus foundation and powder since I was running low on both and now I can see why everyone or mostly everyone enjoyed this line! I love the foundation which was unique in its own way with you use the little paddle to spread the foundation on your face and then use a sponge or brush to blend it in. It blends very well, my color in the foundation by the way is Buff Beige due to how warm my skin is and it was hard to see which one matched best among the light medium shades and this one was matched to me by my dad due to vision. And the powder is in Warm Beige and man this one didn’t feel so powdery like when I used the one from Almay. I may have to try out the setting spray since I did have a setting spray sprayed on me all thanks to Vivi since powder can end up on my phone but these two things have been a nice addition and it looks like I will be using for a long time. Also, the foundation is not too cakey and the smell reminds me of white chocolate almost. Way to go Wet N Wild!

Fave MakeUp Remover: Shea Moisture Coconut Oil! I have stepped away from the Garnier Mycellar Water to make room for coconut oil and I have been using the one from Shea Moisture. I have been using the Shea Moisture since last summer since my nose was so dry in the creases and started using it and it leaked in delivery from Ulta so I had to get a free one and that leaked and got a refund. I love this stuff because you can use it as a moisturizer on your face which I have done, on my hair sometimes even if I didn’t pack any hair products when I stay with Gondras, and now cleaning my makeup with it. Mycellar Water was causing my skin to feel dryer over time and decided to look into using coconut oil and it does work! It’s easy to remove where you swirl your cotton ball into the oil and wipe first and then use a tissue to wipe it off like with Cold Cream. I’ve been using it and find it better and it doesn’t break the cap when it falls from the counter. Sorry Garnier but Shea has my heart for now until I run out and going to Trader Joe’s afterwards.

Books: Goddess of Forgetfulness by. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff and Nemecene: The Epoch of Redress by Kaz LeFave! One part of being a little away is reading some books on my Kindle app on my Galaxy Tab! Well, one on my PC at home and these two happen to be Goddess of Forgetfulness by. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff which is book four in the Immortal MatchMakers Series and Nemecene: The Epoch of Redress by. Kaz LeFave. Forgetty was a very cute and funny story and it has me reading the first book in the series now which is on my IBooks app at this moment while Nemecene 1 is a new format I wouldn’t expect since the story was told from three different perspectives. I can’t wait to get into the next one since I need to start on it soon. Kaz did start writing a screen play and can’t wait to see how this series will be turned into a film. Really great reads if you’re looking for something new!

Well, that’s it guys! I know I don’t have any music faves it’s due to reading more than listening to music. I hope to have some fave songs for the next faves though! Let’s see what happens next and also stay tuned for all of our coverage from Omni Expo 2018 because this year will be action packed from what I put on my itinerary for this year’s convention! Until next time! And if you haven’t yet, I’ve been doing a lot more videos lately too over on the Nerdy Shique Universe channel including my cosplay looks for Rarity and my Digimon character and even did the following someone’s tutorial with And That’s Jacob!

Books + Access Tech: Nemecene: The Epoch Of Redress by. Kaz LaFave

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I’m back with a new book review!

Title :Nemecene: The Epoch of Redress
Author: Kaz LaFave

Disclaimer: This review is based on the lead writer’s thoughts and opinions! Please respect her thoughts on this book! Spoilers may happen but at the same time it won’t. And by the way, this is also dealing with Assistive Tech!

Synopsis: This story takes place in a toxic future where dead oceans and poisonous gases exist, we meet Elize and Keeto who are twins that are a target for a deadly predator and must save Elize from the fate that their mother had faced and the mystery of her death floods Elize’s dreams every night along with the same psychological illness that their mother had been imprisoned for and died from.

Keeto is an archaeologist and bookworm who keeps Elize’s problem from their oppressive father and afraid that he would find out and have her committed and they escape to Edenborough, a floating city with a bio wall. While in Edenborough, Elize befriends Zafarian, who is known for breaking the law but has an expertise in gadgetry doesn’t please Keeto but the three end up in a conspiracy to find out what has happened and piece the mystery that is front of them even if a stranger is trying to get in contact with them with certain clues.

Despite taking up new identities, Elize being an intern at the university and Keeto being an archaeologist at the Museum of Antiquities, Elize starts noticing how fragile she is and coming to terms with it. Will they be able to survive and find out what happened to their mother? Will deceit and lies take them down an even more dangerous path?

Thoughts: This book had a longer description but I condensed it as best as I could. Anyways, this book was a very interesting and entertaining read. When I saw the third book up for request, I knew I had to check it out and noticed the other two were also up for request and took them on. Well, that is where tech comes into play.

I had some issues with downloading the protected PDFs and even tried to access Acrobat Digital Reads and still wouldn’t work. So, I worked with Kaz to make her books accessible for me to read my computer. As you guys know, besides reading on my Galaxy Tablet, IPad, and IPhone SE, soon to upgrade to the 8 this year, I also read books on my computer and have been for many years. I use JAWS as a way to read DAISY formats on FS Reader and PDFs on Adobe Acrobat. Before, Adobe was not accessible and it always read things in code or gives me “Warning: Empty Document!” Which I and Kaz were able to work around that together which some companies and colleges do when it comes to providing reading material to their visually impaired clients and students. I did suggest NLS Bard and Book share to Kaz to get her stuff converted so anyone who wants to read after this review can have a new alternative when she looks into it. She did get the PDFs of the first two episodes without images and chapter art and it worked! I do have the third episode in paperback for Gondras to read to me which I miss having a paperback in my paws! Trust me, I sniffed it because I was really happy about it. Hey, try missing having actual books in my collection.

Anyways, my thoughts on the first book! I loved it! I found it how interesting the chapters took on the points of view of three characters which happen to be Nithruyu, the one who has been following the twins throughout the story in this episode, Elize, which you get to see how she interacts with people and going through her state of mind, and Keeto where his telling is in journal-style but as messages to their mother which I liked his storytelling the most. I hardly seen storytelling like this especially when it takes on different points of view of three characters that are important to the story. You get to see how they think of one person if they can trust them or not, or how they see each other, and even what they explore in Edenborough.

What I liked the most was how the world was painted after climate change took its course. Since this is a science fiction story, there are times where books are written in different versions of Earth in the future and there are times where we wonder if Earth is going to end up like Venus or are there going to be colonies around planets like in the anime Gravion, or what Evangelion painted with the Second Impact where the ocean changed to a red color and Angels attack. These are good pictures of what the writers and animators have painted for us and LaFave did it with this one which is almost like what took place in the Second Impact where the oceans are dead and we have poisonous gases taking root and there are still some cities that are around, like Edenborough for example, and in order to get from one place to the next you have floating platforms and trains. I’m hoping to see more of Earth looking like this in more episodes to come since this is supposed to be nine episodes long and a conclusion and can’t wait to see what Episode 2 holds for me after how this has ended since I don’t want to give too much away but definitely recommend. I even recommended it to the women over on Galactic Suburbia since they are known for recommending a lot of books, especially ones crowding my Book share and NLS Bard shelves on my Victor Reader Stream but they do get recommendations from their audience. Hoping they read my tweet!

If I were to pick a character I would say Elize is the one I liked. Reason being is that she is quirky in a very cute way especially with how she interacts with Stitch, which is the guy she became friends with and it’s his nickname by the way. Plus, you get to see how her state of mind develops as the episode continues. I did read in the description for the third book that it gets worse but I have to see Episode 2 to get me to Episode 3 first since knowing, like with anime and manga, you have to go book by book and episode by episode to know what the character is going through. I can’t wait to see what happens to her next since knowing that Nithruyu gives a message to Keeto to look for the answers in his sister. Speaking of anime, if this was animated as a tv series, I would see either Luci Christian or Jamie Marchi do Elize’s voice and give it a slight Scottish accent since I was imagining either one voicing her while reading it.

Rating: 5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! This book was a perfect story and glad I was able to Kaz in order to make it accessible for me to read. I guess this series is starting off with perfect teamwork both in the pages and outside in how people can work together. I can’t wait to see what Episode 2 holds for our three companions along with Stitch and see how much more the world gets painted in this new Earth. I will be reviewing Episode 2 for you guys so I would suggest to hang on tight for when I finish with the next installment!

Well, that’s it for this book review! I was glad to work with Kaz LaFave in getting this book readable and if you’re in Canada and find her at a bookstore on her book tour, I would suggest dropping by and saying “Hi!” And pick up a copy! I will leave a link to this first episode if you little kittens in the Nerd Universe want to be curious! What’s next? Not sure but I will come up with something! Until next time!

Books: Goddess of Forgetfulness by. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Hello Universe Pets and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I’m back with another book review and it’s from an author I love to review!

Title: Goddess of Forgetfulness
Author: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions of the Goddess of the Blog Universe! Please respect her thoughts and opinions and watch out for an invisible unicorn while you’re at it! Warning: There May be spoilers!

Synopsis: This is the fourth installment of the Immortal Matchmakers Inc. series that Mimi has released after her accidentally [Yours] series! In this book, we follow the Goddess of Forgetfulness or Forgetty for short, who was known for making people and her divine brothers and sisters forget her. When she finds out that she’s about to go evil, Forgetty has to find a mate before she starts making the world forget everything! She has to find one that won’t forget who she is and once that happens and it happens to be the Moscab King, she wishes that she forgets him and that they ever met at a DJing gig. Meanwhile, Zack, the God of Temptation, is in trouble due to his own evil switch being flipped. While trying to find his true love, Tula, he gets caught by Mermen (not kidding) and kept in order to be punished. What will Tula do in order to save Zack? Will love help him get over the darkness? Will Forgetty turn the Moscab King good? Is Chimel still pulling the strings on love?

Thoughts: I haven’t read the other Matchmaking series books, I really need to read the first one since I got that on IBooks but I know the format that Mimi does in these books. I loved the accidentally [Yours] books and loved the romantic comedy bits in those but this one really turned up the imagery of everything! I was able to see what was going on in my head and had a bit of a chuckle eve if in front of my parents, don’t worry I had my ear buds in since they act weird when I read or “see” sexual things even though I’m old enough but I make sure they don’t hear what I’m reading. If you’re wondering, “How can you see words?” Well, I did go to a discussion on imagery in literature at a writer’s conference and while writing you can use the words to paint that image and Pamfiloff pulled it off so well in this book. For instance, I did imagine the God of Wine and Parties, aka belch as his nickname, and Forgetty being glued to the Empire State Building nude and I busted out laughing on that, another image was feeling the pain of Zack losing Tula by rocking her until he hears the last few heartbeats. I’m hoping they find a way of bringing her back since the book did explain how they met and I want to read the first three books in how they interact with each other even though I have so much to do in little time at the moment. I will get there!

What I did like the most was Forgetty’s journey to find love even if it meant standing up in front of a crowd to find it. I remembered reading certain romance books where some characters have done the same thing, heck it happens in a lot of movies, and Forgetty realizes what she was doing is just that and you could tell that she watches all the movies and remembers every line. (Yes, I quoted “1985”) I think my favorite reference was the Fifty First Dates one because I love that movie and Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler were great in that and in here she points out that she would be Sandler and the guy would be Barrymore.

Rating: 5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! This book was a really good one and very comedic. It did cheer me up, which I didn’t mention that, during some upsetting times in my life recently and I may have to read the others to keep me smiling alongside my positivity. I would say I was expecting a book about the Goddess of Forgetfulness since I read the previous series to this one because I had a feeling she would have to find someone for herself after seeing the other gods get their lovers so far. If you’re into romantic comedies with a supernatural twist, I suggest accidentally [Yours] and Immortal [Matchmakers Inc.] especially with what I read so far in this book because Pamfiloff does very well with these and her way of doing supernatural is way different from all the other supernatural stuff I have read and seen in movies and tv over the years. I guess I thank Net Galley suggesting Tailored for Trouble from the Happy Pants Series two years ago or so!

Well Universe Pets, that’s about it for this review! I will have a link to this book on Amazon so you can check it out and make sure you check out Mimi Jean Pamfiloff’s other books while you’re at it! Until next time!

Goddess of Forgetfulness (Immortal Matchmakers Book 4)

Books: Reincarnation Blues by. Michael Poore

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I know I was going to do a post on Aira but I finished another book!

Title: Reincarnation Blues
Author: Michael Poore

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer and producer of this blog! Please respect her thoughts and opinions and there might be spoilers!

Synopsis: This book is hard to describe so here I go! We meet Milo in this book who has died and been reincarnated in so many lives that he is up to 9, 995 and has five more times to do it again and do it right! He has started as a Greek warrior and then ended up on the planet of Europa. He has to do it right so he could be with his true love, Death herself, Suzie.

Suzie is known as Death and has been in love with Milo ever since. She figures out that she doesn’t want to stay in the universal unknown even after finding out that if Milo reincarnates five more times he will vanish into the light. What can she do? Can she reincarnate herself so she can be with Milo?

Thoughts: This book was confusing! I am not kidding! I couldn’t figure out what Poore was writing because he was writing about Milo the most who was reincarnating. At first he was a wise, old fisherman in Florida and then the next he’s in the world of Death where it’s apartments and houses, etc. I do like how he painted that world because we always wonder, like the Ancient Egyptians, is there an actual afterlife? I think I liked Outlaw Star’s rendition because it was mostly showing purgatory in the end. Anyways, then it turns to him killing the Buddha? Or the Buddha just dying due to a stomach ailment which that’s what cause of death back was then. And finally Europa!? They did say on Planetary Radio that there might be water up there for sustaining human life. Anyways, it was interesting but I was like, “Okay! What does this have to do with the story?”

Again, I found the book very confusing because it did start off very well and went out of nowhere with all these reincarnation cycles. I was expecting Suzie to be an actual woman on Earth not Death since that is what I got from the description when I requested this book. Also, it did say “Science Fiction” which I am still wondering “Where’s the sci-fi!?” I see it with the space travel but Poore could’ve done it better in my opinion. This could’ve worked as a standalone romance story but not just adding sci-fi into the mix. I have read better sci-fi romances in the past and they were better than this one. Sorry!

Rating: 2.5 Out of 5 Star Paw Prints! I felt that this book was just too confusing and the story was all over the place and missing its sci-fi origins. I think the only interesting bit was the idea of how purgatory was painted while the rest not so much. I admit I wanted to let this book go but I had to finish it for review purposes. If you want to read this go ahead but you might be confused as much as I was.

Reincarnation BluesWell, that’s it for this review! Next will be my post on Aira!

Books: Royal Pain by Tracy Wolff

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I am back with another book review!

Title: Royal Pain
Author: Tracy Wolff

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this blog! Please respect her thoughts and opinions. Warning there might be spoilers!

Synopsis: In this book, it is the first in the Royal Hotness series by Tracy Wolff where we meet Kian who is known who is a playboy at first but a part of twins who are heirs to the throne of Wildmar. When his brother gets kidnapped, that is when Kian takes his brother’s place for a little while until they find his brother. As he fill in his brother’s role, he meets Savannah, a woman from America who came over to study in Wildmar, after rescuing him from some fans at a benefit event. She is all he wants in a woman but he is not what she wants due to how she used to be with his brother. Will love bring these two together or is Kian going to choose his country over her?

Thoughts: I liked this story a lot because it does give a bit of a modern fairy tale aspect but without the magic. Kian did appear to wanting to be himself not just a royal and pompice brat especially with how his dad wanted him to be but we get to see his sweet side towards Savannah throughout the book. I know Savannah was acting awkward since she didn’t know if he was going to be like his brother after breaking up with him and she always had the same commoner thoughts such as, “Why does he want to be with me when there are women chasing him?” “Should I let him in?” And more but when they’re having their love sessions it seems like those thoughts get blocked out. You do see her care for Kian’s brother a little during the book after knowing that he was kidnapped and how Kian always wanted to find him but you see him caring about her more throughout the entire book. I find it interesting that the brother was letting him be with her after knowing who Kian ended up with. I did like how Savannah rescued Kian in the beginning of the book because I could see how awkward being a prince can be especially when two women, one older and one around his age go after him, and she finds that right time to spill some drinks on a Tom Ford tux. I bet that was a fortune but he dealt with it.

Rating: 5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! This was a really good romance book and yeah it is the boy meets girl start but it did it in a very clever way. I liked how Kian and Savannah clicked and then it moved on from there. It wasn’t forceful throughout the book and I feel that the next one will either continue with how it ended here or it will show Kian’s brother with Felicity, which was the girl he ended up after Savannah. Time will tell!

Well, that was a short review since I felt it was a pretty light read. I am still trying to read Nimuscine 1 and now doing the next Net Galley read Royal Pain: A Royal Hotness Novelwhile I’m at it. Next post will be the Omni Expo Convention Spotlight if I haven’t finished the next book yet. Until next time!

Books: Sadie’s Highlander: A Highland Protector Novel by. Maeve Greyson

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! A second post of the day and it is another book review for you all!

Title: Sadie’s Highlander
Author: Maeve Greyson

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this blog! Please respect her thoughts and opinions! Warning! Spoilers may be ahead!

Synopsis: This book is the first of a new series from the author of the Highland Hearts series with the Highland Protector Series.

In this one, we meet Alec MacDara was transported to the 21st Century North Carolina with his other brothers, sister, and parents from 10th Century Scotland in order to protect the Heart Stone as a cover of working a theme park known as Highland Life and Legends.

Alec holds back a film crew from filming a Scottish Romance film on their property until he made the appointment with Sadie and Delia Williams all thanks to the emails Sadie has written. He agrees unless Sadie reports to him every day while staying on the property since Sadie still has to work as her sister’s flunky assistant.

Sadie is an adopted daughter and is always told by her sister that she’s ugly despite the curve to her body. She always wants to be a screen-writer but her sister is always holding her back and having her work as her assistant even writing certain parts of a film or her emails for her due to the writing talent she possesses. Once she starts hanging around Alec and his family, Sadie gets accepted for who she is and accepted by Alec for her beauty and wins his heart forever.

Thoughts: This book was a very quick read for me! I didn’t know it took me two days until I saw my spreadsheet. It was a very cute story and it did have a very sweet ending. I have read one of Maeve’s other books and that was My Tempting Highlander from the Highland Hearts Series. My Tempting Highlander from the Highland Hearts Series and need to read the other ones in order to understand it a little more but I did enjoy her writing and since I got to read this one it did give me a bigger idea of how she writes. I like how she does the characters doing the time travel thing from ancient Scotland to our time and this one shows it very well even if Alec is speaking in his old tongue. I also imagine the kilts very well. I guess no matter what you are, blind even, you have something for men in kilts. Anyways, I did like how Alec and Sadie acted around each other even if they aroused each other for sexy times. I am thinking what if Chris Hensworth voiced Alec in this one and man it would make it sexier unless if we have to get a sound alike. I am not sure about Sadie since she did have to build her courage up even against her sister Delia, which I can imagine Mandy’s voice from Totally Spies coming out of her. I need to wonder about that while reading, there was a point where explosions take place at the ancient castle and Delia went missing. I am not sure what had happened to her and it would be interesting if she does come back and end up with one of the brothers in a later novel. Maybe that would stop her from being so cruel even to Sadie since I can see how hard she wants to impress her sister even working as her puppet. I did find it awesome that she finally stood up to her since I knew she wanted to put her in her place. I still find it funny in the start of the book when Delia broke one of her heels. I am hoping to see Sadie again and that the rest of this series can be available for on Net Galley.

Rating: 5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! This book was a cute story and I liked the characters since they were going through a new 21st Century setting and even running a theme park. It does show that anyone can accept you for who you are rather than how you look since I know that feeling very well. I am hoping with the next one, Joana’s Highlander, keeps this theme going unless Maeve does a different theme for each book. I am also hoping to see Delia come around again and probably fall for a MacDara brother? Let’s see!

Well, that’s it for this review! Next book will be another romance novel and I am still reading another book at the same time so stay tuned for that Sadie’s Highlanderone too. I will also be doing the Convention Spotlight on Omni Expo 2018! Until next time!