Hauls + Accessibility: Hot Cash April 2018 Haul and Microsoft Soundscape Review!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, here is a mash up I never thought I would do! You know I love shopping even at Hot Topic and tech and this is a mash of tech and a haul since I got my Hot Cash Haul for 2018 and tested out a new app while I’m at it! Let’s start with the haul shall we?

Hot Cash Haul April 2018!

So, Hot Cash has come and gone at Hot Topic and this time all thanks to some purchases in February I did get two of them and it was a hard thing to choose when knowing what to get in order to meet that amount you have to get a discount! I had #30 off this time around let’s see what I got!

Sailor Moon Sailor Guardian Symbols Earring Set! You all know that I have been a Sailor Moon fan for the longest time and and had a major nostalgia bomb when I watched the re-dub. When I saw these on the website, I knew I had to have them. They are earrings of the original five guardian symbols that you see in the series when they reveal themselves as Sailor Guardians. I was really happy about it due to the Jupiter symbol in there since Jupiter is my all-time fave scout or guardian! Sorry! I wished they made the earrings Sailor Moon and Mars wore, I always wanted those!
Spike Gem Earrings! I know it sounds crazy but these earrings are almost like icicles in a way but they’re plastic spikes. I kind of feel like Hot Topic is coming back with the spike items since I saw a choker with spikes with a ring in it like in the past which I almost got but decided not to. These earrings were interesting and never seen before. I have gotten the spiked hoops which were heavy but looked great and even worn them with my Digimon character but these are cool! I feel like I had my ears pierced with these but they are more of a stud style. Hot Topic! Make more earrings like these!
Loki Septor Necklace! You all know who know me, I love Tom Hiddleston’s Loki from the Marvel movies! I can’t help it because he does it so well! While looking for items for this haul, I was looking for items related to the Avengers due to Infinity War coming out today and found Loki’s septor as a necklace. I added it to my bag right away and was surprised that when I got it it was a horizontal charm necklace like my Panic! At the Disco one. I’m wearing this with my Fairy Tail emblem and Panic! Necklaces and it gives an interesting layer when you look at it. Oh yeah, next author pic, I’m wearing these three necklaces!
New Doctor Who Logo Shirt! I did get two t-shirts since there are times where my large tees don’t fit as well as they used to due to my shoulders and I’m pretty much plus sized at the moment. This shirt was something I’ve been wanting for a while and that is my new Doctor Who logo shirt. As we all know is that the new season is coming out this fall and with it there is a new logo and Hot Topic happened to have a shirt with it and released it around February but decided to wait a bit before I got it since I was getting Hot Cash. The wait was worth it since I got the $30 off my entire order. I’m happy that I finally got it and can’t wait for the newest season in the fall!
Avengers Infinity War Collage Tee! So, Infinity War is out and I thought it would be perfect to get a shirt for the newest movie and the good thing that Hot Topic had a ton of t-shirts to choose from based on Marvel. I got the one where all the characters are in a collage since in this movie we will be seeing a ton of characters appearing and can’t wait! In case anyone is wondering, yes I caught Sebastian Stand, Bucky Barnes, on The Talk yesterday and it was great watching him talk a little bit of the movie and the pics they took as one big cast. I can’t wait to see this movie and will be wearing my Thor Thunderbolts and Loki Septor!

Additional Items:

Exchanged Sailor Moon Cat Cup for Pushin Cat Bottle! Well, after this order, I did notice Hot Topic was doing a discount code but couldn’t use it with Hot Cash so I went for the Sailor Moon cats travel cup. I didn’t know it was going to be one of those cups you tend to get for a kid when I saw it in person or felt it. I thought it was going to be a sealed tumbler because when you hear “travel cups” you think to that or the mug version and was wrong. I had to exchange it for something better and it’s a water bottle with pushin cats! It may not be a tumbler but it also has cats! I love this thing even if it has the straw inside. The reason why I prefer sealed bottles or tumblers is because I tend to knock over my drinks and with it being sealed tight there would be no spills. I am glad that this one is the same way where you have tightly sealed and the straw comes up easily.

Avengers Infinity War Makeup Pallet and Too Many Dead Pools Shirt! Gondras brought me a coupon that Hot Topic had sent him and he knew I would put it to good use and I did! What got me to use it is that they advertised an eye shadow pallet based on the Infinity Stones from the Marvel movies and other shades in it. I was hoping they would have it in store but they sold out and had to go online. What else I picked up was a Dad Pool shirt since the last Dead Pool shirt I got for I was many years ago and it was of him with the cake and the portal behind him as a Portal joke. I got the one with Too Many Dead Pools. I almost got the one with him and Domino but this one was funnier and I prefer the funnier shirts with him, I mean Gondras has the one of him punching a shark that Nerdy Shirts got him. Now my shopping spree is over.


Besides picking up my order, I did have a bit of a mobility test with myself and it’s with an app I’ve been using lately and it’s called Soundscape which is made by Microsoft and only available in the App Store on IOS devices. What got me to get this app is because of one situation with paratransit during my customer service training at the local Lighthouse. There are times where I get home early and other times I get home so late it’s unacceptable and this time it was really unacceptable because I live nearby the Lighthouse which is around thirty minutes or less but nope! They didn’t get me home until close to 8 at night! Even Gondras was on the phone with me when it happened and that is why he picked me up during the last weeks of training because it made him mad and concerned that they are doing this time to time. I understand that too since there are times where some people need priority drop offs.

What is this app? Well, it’s basically a location app that uses your Location Tracking to tell you were you are with the “My Location” button which tells you the direction you’re heading or what place you’re at, what’s around you with the “Around Me” button which tells you the businesses and intersections and streets around you if you’re walking or on the bus, what’s ahead of you with “Ahead of Me” which tells you what road and intersection or business is ahead. This app tells me what’s in the park next to my neighborhood in miles! Good thing is that I use it to see if I am heading home or not on the paratransit to see where the driver drove to. Gives you a better perspective. So, I decided to test this app out at Altamonte Mall which is where I was picking up my package and wanted to test it out in a semi-crowded mall. When I went today, I decided to have the transit system drop me off at Barnes & Noble to make it easier than picking a random department store. I decided why not use the Beacon Setting which now it added a feature where I can mute and unmute the beacon noise in order to hear the announcements and if I’m ready to come back. I did use the Beacons on Tuesday when I went to Walgreens with the paratransit after an appointment with Blind Services to look at my new Braille device that’s being purchased and happy about and set the Beacon Setting with Walgreens and went to lunch at the nearby pizza place and enjoyed two slices of pizza and walked back to Walgreens to wait for my ride. This time I used it with Barnes & Noble since that was going to be my pick up point at the end of the day and muted the noise because it can be a little distracting. I turned on the announcements and when I walk by places, which I walked around the top floor first to get a better feel and for Soundscape to catch everything so if I were to come back to a place I would know where to get back to. I did use my sensory training from Daytona Beach as well to hear any key sounds, notice some lights that are particularly bright, and any unique music coming from a particular store.

Even Life after Sight Loss did talk about this on their YouTube, which I also thank them for this app in the first place, and using that sensory recognition to know where is what can tell you a lot. One thing that tells Hot Topic apart is the metal that is usually played on the speakers, Bath & Body Works and now White Barn Candle have their usual scents wafting outside in the corridor, which you can smell a mile away, there’s a popcorn stand where you smell the butter and at least it’s a lot lighter than it used to be. All-in-all this app is really good but I wish not only Soundscape give the unit of measurement, either in yards or meters depending on the setting, but tells you if it’s on the left or right of you because when I walk I tend to not know if a certain store or aisle is on my left or right and without that it can be a little confusing. Microsoft if you read this, which I will be tagging them on Twitter, add that to the settings or have it automatic because it can help some people that need that added information.

Rating On The App: 4.5 Star Paw prints Out of 5! This app is a really good app and so far Microsoft has been hitting it on the ball with helping in the Accessibility department. They have added more support with JAWS even with Edge which I still need a new license key in order to play around with Edge. Their mobile apps are really good which I love using Seeing A. I. for doing product identification, color help, and even short text reading. While Soundscape, it does give you the locations and it did that for me in Altamonte very well. I want to try this app at Florida Mall since that mall is huge and crowded due to how big of a tourist spot it is and of course I heard that there’s an Inglot store which I never knew and just seeing their cosmetics with just number labels don’t help me at all so I need to explore more with this app and I will give you another review in how much it works at the Florida Mall. If you think I should try it out at other malls or places Like Disney Springs for example, I would love to do that! If you’re visually impaired and need an app like this, I would say try it out since not all apps are for everyone, I did have my teacher in the training course download it and she did suggest it at the Lighthouse Reunion since it did give her the location updates. And a head’s up, any Android users, it’s not available for Android. Hoping there will be a version for those users along with Soundscape.

Well, that’s it for this post! I know it was pretty lengthy but it was something I wanted to share and add something to the Accessibility part of this blog. I will see how it works anywhere else and hoping more things get added. Stay tuned later on today for a new book review! Make sure you follow us on Twitter for the latest updates @ Nerdy Shique!


Haul: First Oriental Super Market and Sun Pearl Bakery Plus Review On Food!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It is time for a haul and a review! It’s been a long time since I’ve done any haul especially from an Asian Market since I do still go to them time to time to try new foods and snacks and this time it is from a market that StellarNan took us to! Let’s see what I got and what I think about it!

First Oriental Super Market!

So the store we went to is called First Oriental Super Market and it’s located on West Colonial Drive near the Fairgrounds. This place is a very big place and even bigger than my and Gondras’ fave spot Donga Corps. On E. Colonial & Mills. Not only that they carry a lot more than just food and also have cheaper prices! Normally on Donga I spend around $30+ on snacks and tea alone but here I spent $10 on cookies, some candy items, a bowl, and a pack of chopsticks, not kidding there is stuff more than food here! There is even an aisle dedicated to cookware alone if you needed it! Besides that you also have your meat and seafood counters and a small bakery area on top of it but will get to a different bakery later. Let’s see what I got!

Hi-Chew in Acai Berry, Kiwi, and Cherry: To start is my favorite candy from Japan and that is Hi-Chew! I lost my Pokémon container that contained my orange flavor and triple berry flavored ones and not sure where I lost it and have not gotten any new ones since. I should’ve bought some from the Japanese Snacks Guy at Omni but completely didn’t realize it until after the con. I was glad that this place had more flavors than Donga and a bit less than Japanese Snacks Guy since he has a bigger display when he is at cons, I have to make sure at the next one I get more Hi-Chew. Anyways, I did remember enjoying the cherry flavor which is one of the flavors they had. I tend to not like cherry flavored things especially with cough syrup but these Hi-Chews make it taste like real cherries! They also had banana flavor, strawberry, green apple, and even had kiwi which I never tried before and decided to get it. What caught me by surprise was the Acai flavored Hi-Chew! I know there are accent marks with the berry name but it may be complicated to do. I didn’t notice this flavor before since there was the triple berry I got once and the strawberry ones being a common flavor, I have a feeling it’s new since Japan does make new flavors over time and decided why not try these out and how I feel. I’m glad to get these again because there are times when I need something to chew on and don’t chew gum and this is a good replacement because you can chew and swallow it. According to history of Japan, taking out gum from your mouth is gross and unpleasant so making these were to replace that and yes they do have gum in Japan. Another interesting fact, the creator of Fruits Basket in an interview talked about how she is a major gum chewer even while creating her manga panels. I would be too or I was when I was younger but then got off of it and decided these are my replacement when needed and I did start using my Easter Egg containers from Lip Smackers to contain a pack of these things.

Chocolate Mint Hard Candies: Sorry for the long tangent above, next item is these mint candies that contain chocolate chew bits in the middle. The funny thing was that while being in the snacks and candy aisle I gravitated towards something out of nowhere and it was a bag of these candies and StellarNan noticed and was surprised that I took a guess out of nowhere that they were mint candies since I love carrying mints in my bag and love other mint things. I did try these out this morning and besides being minty they also had chocolate and that made it even better! I love chocolate and mint together, especially dark chocolate and mint. The candies started out with the mint coating and then when you bite into it you have a chocolatey chew in the middle. It dissolves as you chew and if you bite into it if it still has a little bit of mint left over then you have both flavors. I guess I picked up a really good item based on assumption.

Lemon Cream Wafer Cookies: Next are some wafer cookies. I did love these when I got them at Donga and when me, Stellar, Tobi, and Vivi went to this place for our first time last year I found the same wafer cookies and they were cheaper but also more flavors to choose from. Last year I got the sesame cream and the taro cream which they tasted very light. As in, they weren’t a-punch-to-your-face taste like most things. Well, the cappuccino ones I tried first had that idea and had to dip it in hot cocoa to make them taste better and it worked better. I did try the strawberry ones but they were too light to me while sesame they had more of a roasted taste since sesame seeds tend to do that and the cream tasted interesting with the wafers while the taro you barely tasted it since it has such a light flavor. The lemon cream ones, which I got this time, tasted very light too but it was there. It does have the cream taste but the lemon had a bit more of a zest flavor rather than the overpowering flavor you tend to taste in cake. The wafers added the slight airiness to the taste and I think I love these the most because I had another one due to how good they are. I will be buying more of these whenever we return since they’re delicious!

White Chocolate & Strawberry Yogurt Wafer Cookies: These were interesting to say the least. I wanted to find regular cookies but these were one other wafer cookie the store carried. These had more of a yogurt base with either white chocolate or regular chocolate but what caught my ears were the ones with white chocolate and strawberry and decided to try them out to see how they were. OMG! I was glad I did! These were individually wrapped and they were more of a square cookie and the yogurt was covering the wafer with a creamy consistency and the cream was solid. When I bit into it, you barely notice the white chocolate but the strawberry flavor is so real! Even more real than a pop tart! I highly recommend these!

Jelly Drink Pouches: Remember in anime where you see characters drinking something from a pouch that kind of make you want to find it? Well, that is how I felt about those! Ever since I got into Fooly Cooly in my high school days, I noticed how Naota and this one other girl in episode three which was the Puss & Boots episode and Naota brought them the drink pouches to have after dinner. I wondered, “I wonder if I could find those in real life?” I tried finding them at a lot of the Asian markets and couldn’t find them and figured you can only get them in Japan while the closest you can find to those were little jelly cups which were good but not what I was looking for. I did eventually found these pouches at this Asian market and happy that I could get them in real life! They are just like they are in Fooly Cooly and many other anime that featured these! I tried one today and it is pretty good! Not only you have the jelly but you also have fruit bits in it which makes it even more awesome! I am not sure if it is supposed to be grape jelly or something but it does taste very good for a jelly pouch! I know if I go back I may get another pack or two of these again and they don’t cost much either, just around $4 and you get around six or eight from what I felt in the packaging.

Instant Miso Soup Packet: Besides the snacks and the jelly drink, I did manage to get something more savory. I was hoping to find mocha since it has been a long time having that but did have something I hadn’t had in a major long time and that is instant miso soup. I had the one from Publix that comes in the cups they sell next to the sushi display and it was not that great in my opinion because if how much it was diluted after making it. This one, on the other hand, is the real stuff! Yes, you can dilute it if you wanted, but it basically asks for 2/3 cups of boiling water and that’s it! While having this despite how strong it tasted due to the amount of water it asked for, I felt like I was back at any of the restaurants I’ve been to enjoying miso soup! I was glad to get this and at the same time I wish I had gotten more of because they were around $2 each a packet. You get the usual seasonings, the stock, and everything else and you just pour the water on top and there you have it! I know there are other soups you can get and knowing your basic ramen, I may have to get more of these if I were to come back.

Mini Cat Bowl: I know, “Mari! You love cats too much!” I can’t help it! The thing is like I said above that this place has an entire aisle, or an entire aisles dedicated to cookery and serving plates and even utensils for traditional Asian families. In the cookery aisle, you have your serving plates, your tea sets, and of course your soy sauce trays for when you have sushi. One thing that got me to buying something was that there were little items with cats on it! You know me, I do love my kitties and good example are my little cats in bananas plush from Hot Topic. I got the bowl only to keep myself in control and plus I can come back if they still sell any of the cat items. One thing that got me wanting to come back is the tea kettle and matching cups! That has to wait a little bit. The bowl does hold pretty well for its size since I did go with the smaller size. A head’s up if you were to buy anything from the cookery aisle, make sure there are no cracks or any other blemishes on the bowls or glasses because it can’t be returned. Nice little friendly tip.

Chopsticks: One other thing that got me excited about this place was of course getting more chopsticks! Last year, I wasn’t able to get a pack since this place sells them in pretty awesome packs of a nice amount of them. Most of the time you tend to get chopsticks by the pair rather than a pack unless if you look further in dealer rooms at conventions. These were really good for a really good price and also I tested a pair and they are pretty sturdy too. It’s been a while since I picked up any chopsticks and this is a good place to get them at since you get more than one pair and of course they do have smaller ones if need be if you have smaller hands or starting to learn how to use them. And they do come in a variety of colors.

Sun Pearl Bakery: After shopping for snacks and other things, we did drop by the Sun Pearl Bakery since StellarNan told us about it and we do enjoy this place. This place has many desserts and some savory things on top of it, last year I had a very delicious pork bun and almost got it again but got three other items instead. At first I was hoping to get another taro Boston cream pie slice but they didn’t have it. Figured that it was closer to closing time, yeah we decided to meet up later than usual to get some rest especially Tobi with his long night shifts and me with waking up super early to catch my rides for Customer Service Training. I did get to enjoy three other things that the bakery had to offer and they were the bag of cream puffs in chocolate, the Princess Custard Bun, and the Taro Bun! These were all delicious! The cream puffs were like Oreos where the outer parts were more cookie and they were soft baked, the cream was a small dollop but they still melt in your mouth in one smooth taste. I may have to get more bags of these in the future because they taste better than the cream puffs you get at Barnes & Noble in my opinion and these are smaller and the cream is not so heavy. The Princess Custard one was a pretty big bun that had a bit of décor on top to match the “princess” parts but the custard was really creamy! You have to be careful in the end of eating this thing because the custard can end up on your hand which can be a huge mess. Wishing they had huge napkins or something to help with clean up even with kids since they can be messier than a blind person eating these things. The taro buns, yes there were more than one, were easier to eat because they were more a bread rather than a cream filled bun. I did have the taro cream one last year and that was also good but this I think I prefer a little bit more because you don’t have a cream coming out, you do have bits of taro baked in throughout it and the bread is baked to perfection! One other thing I wished to have was the Boba tea which has been a major fave ever since I went to some of the Boba places in town. My fave places for this tea are Chewy Boba in Oviedo and Chibi Boba near where Gondras works. They did open a Chibi Boba in Florida Mall, which I want to test Soundscape in but will have to test it in a different mall for a review first. Anyways, they were out of Boba and I was sad about that, there is always next time though!

Well, that is it for this snacks review and the haul! I definitely want to try and find some mocha in the store, I almost got these Fig Newton looking cakes at first but the flavors were a little meh and now looking back on it I may have to try them out next time I go. I definitely want to get more of those jelly drink pouches because I was really happy to find them in real life! I highly recommend anything jelly related that comes from Japan because they don’t taste as artificial as most jellies here in the States. I also recommend trying out the Blueberry & Black Current Preserves and the Lemon Curd Preserves from England because they’re also very natural! I’m glad to find more flavors of Hi-Chew since I missed those things for many months since we did go to Star Wars and had to put my Hi-Chew in Gondras’ car, not sure if it got lost in there or something! Anyways, glad to get these again and try new flavors. I will also be getting more of the miso soup and the lemon wafers because they are so delicious! All-in-all it was a pretty good haul and day!

What is next? Hoping to get more of the Omni Fandom Expo stuff up since we are still behind on that, we also had an interview with J. Michael Tatum and Brandon McInnis over Skype and we need to get the audio edited into a video so stay tuned for that, yes that was the special treat for you all, long story short it was to make up for not interviewing them during Holiday Matsuri so will see how that goes in the editing. And yes I will be trying out Soundscape in a mall, which is an app developed by Microsoft for IPhone users to find out where they are heading on foot or on bus and can’t wait to do that review! So stay tuned for more posts on here! Until next time!

Shopping: Holiday Gift Guide 2017!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It is November and we are getting closer to Christmas and you know what that means! It is time for a gift guide here. I have done gift giving advice here and back on Myspace when it was a thing and now it is time for a gift guide in case if you need some ideas!

MakeUp Sets: First is makeup sets! We all know the beauty lovers in our lives and getting that perfect makeup gift would help. We do have the beginners and experts that we know when it comes to makeup and Holiday time is when the brands come out with their own makeup set. I have gotten some in the past and even purchased a few for myself this year and they are worth it. Some of the makeup sets that are big this year include Tarte’s Holiday sets which you can find at Ulta and Sephora depending on who has what, Kat Von D’s Saint & Sinner pallet which would be a big one to ask on any list, but if you want to go for drugstore E. L. F. has released a lot of sets from brushes to highlighters and even stocking stuffer gifts. If you want a better list of sets, I would suggest watching Kat and Hayleigh (sorry if I butchered the spelling) on Beauty News since they talk a lot about new releases even for holiday and Jen Luv’s Reviews for new holiday releases every week on What’s Up In MakeUp and I suggest joining the Facebook group since everyone helps in suggesting products so asking for what gift to ask for or get for someone special they are willing to help. Heck, they helped me with selfie advice.

When it comes to some sets I would suggest, I would suggest the Ulta sets in Be Gorgeous, Beauty Treasures, and Love MakeUp because not only you get a lot of makeup but it does come in nice cases that you can keep. If you have someone that loves jewelry boxes, I would suggest the Beauty Treasures because you can remove the face and eye pallets for convenience since they are not in the signature plastic casing like the Be Gorgeous one. Plus you can go through the drawers very easily for what you need for instance, one drawer is for the concealers and eye primers, another one is for the brow powders, gel liners, cream shadows, and eye topcoats, and the last drawer has the lip items, the brow mascara, and a blush brush and dual ended eye brush. You would pay a bit more for this and good thing is the eye pallet has a lot of warm and cool shades to play with. If you have someone that loves train cases more for convention travel or vacations, then the Be Gorgeous and Love MakeUp sets are for them. I just got the Love MakeUp on sale and these two sets do have your usual eye shadow pallet which the Be Gorgeous comes with 42 shades while Love Makeup comes with 36 and you can create a lot of looks with these and you do have your essentials like your bronzers, gel liners, brow powders, but interesting thing is that the Love MakeUp does not come with the primers. I would suggest using your usual eye primers with the Be Gorgeous and Beauty Treasures sets because I find the Ulta primers in these sets too drying. Also, with Love MakeUp you do get lip liners. I would say for either of these sets to see which one would be worth more to give and again to see if the person loves train cases or jewelry boxes. These sets do retail for $29 which is Beauty Treasures and $24 for the other two but they do have specials on the train case sets.

Nerd Memorabilia: Here at Nerdy Shique Universe, we do include nerds when it comes to giving gifts and many stores do carry a lot of merch based on Doctor Who, Harry Potter, even Dungeons & Dragons. Your best places to find these things are Barnes & Noble, especially the ones with music and movies being sold, Best Buy where they sell Marvel themed thumb drives and other pop culture related things mixed with tech, F. Y. E. for a lot of your merch and tees, Hot Topic being the biggest, and two more stores to mention that we do have here in Orlando and they are Pop Cult where there are way more pop culture items like Hello Kitty, Pokemon, and more, and Box Lunch which has more of the classic pop culture stuff like Miyazaki films and 90’s themed stuff. Gondras did get me a Gigi from Kiki’s Delivery Service as a coin bank last year for Christmas from Box Lunch by the way. Nice thing about that place, they do put your purchases in a lunchbox like carton since it does match the name. I know I will be hitting the Hot Topic website for Gondras this year! Lol

Bath & Body Sets: I know a lot of us love to pamper ourselves after a stressful week at work, heck even a stressful weekend at a convention, so having a a set of bath or skin care or body products to help soothe that aching foot or to calm the skin from stress is a way to go. Many brands have been coming out with sheet masks to help with the skin, even on a plane which I hear people use sheet masks to help with the dry air on a plane, and you know the holidays are HUGE for travel! You can get some of these sets from Sephora where they have skin care sets from Glam Glow, Tachia, Boshia, and much more. Emily Noelle even talked about some masks she got with holiday scents recently like pumpkin spice and sugar cookie and I think those are Ulta and you do have other brands at Ulta like Tony Moley, their in house brand of bath sets that you can get Buy One Get One 50% Off at the moment. I do hear the scents from Ulta do smell good. And of course, Bath & Body Works, my kryptonite with their Christmas scents! And of course, can’t forget Lush because they do have awesome gift sets with bath bombs, bubble bars, and they do come with mini shower gels in there too and good thing about getting these sets from Ulta, or Bath & Body Works, and Lush is that if the person never tried them before this is how you can try them. That is how I got into Lush by the way, Mommy Gondras did work for them seasonally back in 2007 and I got a gift box from their Christmas line and I was addicted, even to Snow Fairy. So, every year is Snow Fairy right after Christmas! So yes, sets are a good way to go!

Luxury Brand Sets: I can’t forget about this because there are times where we know someone that loves that luxury skin care brand or makeup brand and there are times where the singles are a bit pricey. A lot of the luxury brands do come out with their own holiday sets and if you have saved up a lot over time then getting a set like this would give the luxury lover a ton to try. One good set definitely to recommend are the mud mask sets from Glam Glow because you get to sample some of their more popular masks in one single set rather than trying to buy it for $50 (just guessing) and around this time there is the Sephora sale depending on your membership level you get 15% as a Bauty Insider and 20% for VIB and VIB Rouge which does help even when it comes to early gift shopping.

Train Cases: I feel like bringing these up as a possible gift item especially when I mentioned the Ulta sets before and that is train cases. If you don’t want to get the Ulta sets, there are the usual train cases that we love to travel with, heck I am going to be using my pink caboodle for Holiday Matsuri since that is what I use for my convention makeup stuff. These last you for a long time and they do come in many sizes and price ranges. I have a six tray one and it was $24 if I remembered and I got it from WalMart two years ago. Trust me, I have a lot of stuff to put in, lol! Anyways, besides WalMart selling these, you can find at Target, Ulta, and I believe Sephora too and of course Amazon and EBay does carry some of the older ones you may not be able to find in store anymore.

MakeUp Bags: Besides train cases, you can also get a loved one a makeup bag because a lot of us do travel and having that makeup bag is very handy! They come in all shapes and sizes and even in nerd memorabilia, heck I have a Pikachu and an Artemis one from Hot Topic since you know me, plus they do come as sets depending on the brand. For instance, Too Faced has a set where you get three mini shadow pallets, their Better Than Sex Mascara, and other items in a makeup bag. Even MAC has some such as their mini lip glass trio, which you can use the little makeup bag afterwards for lip stuff, bobby pins, and other things when you are on the go. Also, Sephora has really big ones every holiday and they come oujt with new designs for every holiday so you can get what you like. And in case if you are at a department store browsing makeup counters, some of the brands do include makeup bags as gifts with purchase, I do admit I take my mom’s Lancome ones due to how spatious they are. Lol! Speaking of gift sets…

Perfume and Cologne Sets: Besides beauty and clothing, there are the loved ones that love to smell good! I usually ask for perfume but due to how many bottles I have I have slowed down incredibly! Anyways, sets are a good thing to go with because there are times when a brand wants to treat the customer or their loved ones by selling the set together and they do come with pretty sweet stuff like a shower gel and lotion and sometimes even a bag to go with. For instance, my Nicole Richey perfume set came with a carrying bag. A good set that people suggest is the one from Sephora because they include a coupon to get the full-size perfume or cologne that is included in the set of minis of your choice.

Gift Cards: If you have a hard time choosing what you want to get someone, gift cards are a way to go! In my gift advice, I say pay attention to where your loved ones shop or ask where they like to go. If you can’t get an answer, you can get them a Visa gift card so they can spend it anywhere. Another good idea is if the person loves to play games on their devices or game systems, you can get them either a Google Play card, an ITunes card, or even the systems’ cards to use in their stores such as the PSN card in case if they want to get a classic game or pay for their membership at the end of the month.

Food Sets: Finally, there are times when we want to give a person a little something extra especially in their stocking and that is either something sweet like candy or a box of cocoa packets. Heck, my mom gave me a can of blueberry tea bags one year as her stocking stuffer gift because I love blueberries especially as a tea. Not only that, if you have a party to go to or your friend loves savory foods, Hickory Farms always, always, ALWAYS have stands every year! If you have not tried Hickory Farms, I suggest trying their turkey summer sausage. Anyways, this place is a good idea for any party platter or as a gift even the day after Christmas has a good sale with them which is buy one get one 50% off and that includes their food sets that come with pretty good mustard spreads to tell you the truth.

Etsy: Finally! Finally! If Didn’t mention this earlier, Etsy is also a good place for gifts! This has a lot of craft items made by people, think of it a craft version of EBay. Not only that, this is where most of the people I meet at Artists Alley sell here as well such as Black Flame Creations, Aunt Matilda’s, and a bunch more. You can find a lot of great jewelry, some people even sell kitchen items, even candles if you can’t walk into a Yankee Candle. Plus, a lot of stuff is really well priced and they do ship as soon as possible even in time for holiday time! For instance, I got Vivi a wolf necklace for her since I was her Secret Santa last year and I did remember how she loved wolves and found it when looking for steam punk jewelry and it did arrive on time. So, I would say look around Etsy and also sign up for their newsletters because they will give you some items as ideas and some of the stuff does get discounted depending on the seller.

That is it for this post! Hoping you got some inspiration from this post! Christmas is my fave time of year not only just for gifts and sales but also Holiday Matsuri and the Doctor Who special that comes around every year. So, good luck on your gift hunt! What is next? A new cosmetic controversy that may want you to think carefully of swatching a tester on yourself! Until next time!

April 2016 Haul

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Today I have a small haul for you since I haven’t done one in so long! This past month I have been at Hot Topic for a day and then did a girls’ day out with Stellar Nan and Vivi this past Thursday. I did get a few things at Target and WalMart but already mentioned those in my favorites! Let’s start with Hot Topic!

Hot Topic: I went to Hot Topic on a day off that Gondras had and we decided to see The Boss that day since I needed a comedy after being surrounded by my wallscroll, plushie, and Tardus poster covered walls for an entire week! The thing was that I was looking for blue lipstick. ::record screech:: I know, it sounds weird to hear that or read that here from me but I am thanking Jeffree Star and Vivi for it. Months ago I almost bought Kat Von D’s (finally got the right spelling) Poe at the Sephora in Altamonte but stepped away a bit since I rarely go bold when it comes to my makeup since I am used to neutral and smoky until Jeffree Star did a pastel goth look! He used a navy lipstick from his own line and I wanted to try out the pastel goth look and remembered Hot Topic had a blue lipstick in their Black Heart line and went to the Fashion Square location and they didn’t have one. I wasn’t the only one looking for it either because the guy working there that day said someone else was looking for it too. I decided why not go for black and they had it. That day we found out about their Buy One Get One % Off! I wanted to stick with the lipstick until Gondras had to point out a shirt! I have it in my hamper and it’s a new Doctor Who shirt of David Tennant, Matt Smith, and Peter Capaldi doing selfies and Peter is face palming thinking “I’m surrounded by idiots!” While David and Matt are doing their thing! They had others like the Van Gogh painting and a graffiti portrait of Peter in his 12th costume but the selfie one is the one I chosen due to how Gondras KNOWS I love the 10th and I do still have the Matt Smith quote on a poter in my room from his season about stories. I had to get the poster because of my writer side and that was during Ranger Stop. So, it didn’t end there either! I found out I was close to my having Hot Cash which I am not sure if it’s being redeemed or expired, not sure but I did get two other lipsticks and one of them is on Clearance by the looks of it and the two colors I got were a deep purple and a fushia pink. I felt good getting more Black Heart stuff since the last time I got anything was a smoky eyeliner pencil last year. I did call Florida Mall’s location but they didn’t have a blue lipstick either, I might call Altamonte’s since it is good to try and I do love their lip products but the packaging needs work in my opinion. Godifid Dotor Who earrings but I had to drag him away since I already spent the money and a lot of it! He knows I love earrings but don’t want to be tempted!

Girls’ Day Out: The reason why I called the Florida Mall location of Hot Topic is because we were going there this past Thursday! They didn’t have it so C’est la Vie! I did get my goal reached to get that blue lipstick and I found it at Mac! Reason why I had to go there is because it’s been a year since I shopped at Mac according to their website. I know I started doing it at the end of 2014 but the Daytona Beach location in their Dillard’s didn’t tell me about their little membership. I know it’s horrible but what can you do? Still, the good thing is that after a year I get a free eye shadow with a purchase and I had my eye on Satin Taupe! I wanted that shadow for a while due to how my eyes look good with taupe and I heard so many good things about this color due to the purple hints mixed in. I have Last Chance from NYX’s baked shadow line and love that one! Anyways, the one item I got for my purchase is Mac’s Royal! It is pretty much the same shade of blue that Jeffreee used in his video and so happy to pick it up there!

We did drop by Lush because Stellar never tried it before and wanted to see what we were talking about. We did bump into Tobi and Gondras while we were there and they were trying to find Ice Blue but it’s being discontinued which is sad. Why Lush? Why discontinue the faves of everybody and the popular products? I got a sample of the Ocean Salt scrub to try out. They have a lighter version which is without the most salt and then you have the heavy portion and I went with the lighter salt portion and it works better that way. I have sensitive skin as you know and don’t want to go heavy on the salt and was glad to hear they had the less salt portion and tried it out and so far so good my skin is not hating it. I am going to see how well it goes and if it does well then I will get an actual size of this version.

Next is Sephora and to announce…this is my very first purchase from Sephora! I normally go to Ulta since they tend to carry some of the higherend brands I love like Urban Decay and Too Faced but they do have drugstore on top of it so if you can’t go to any other places, Ulta is your one stop shop for it. I did try getting the Smashbox Photo Op Trio but had my card declined. I will get it some day. The thing I did get this time around is a Kat Von D lipstick! At first I was thinking of getting Echo from the liquid lipsticks days before since Gondras met someone who came into the deli while he was working and saw it on her lips and took a picture of it after asking her about it. Vivi did give me some black lipstick recommendations which were Slayer from the Studded Kiss line and Witches from the same one that Echo is in. The one I got and got my kitty ears going towards is Ion from the Studded Kiss line. It’s a gunmetal shade and it looks good on me! It was hard to choose because not only I did get the suggestion of Echo but Slayer did get sold out and Witches…Ion got me the most! Plus this lipstick smells amazing since it has the scent of Crème Broullie which is Kat’s fave dessert! I think Mac’s lipsticks also has the same scent. Vivi also shown me the green one that she got and thought it would look good as well, that is a possibility since I do have a CleanColor lipstick bundle in mind that has greens in it. I also got an eye shadow from Sephora’s line due to a $5 bin that was on display that Vivi found! That is not bad and it gives me a try at their stuff this way and I got a charcoal gray color! There was a taupe but somehow someone was like a ninja and bought it up! I think everyone was a ninja, heck the guy at Mac who helped me snuck behind us with my items to hand them over.

We did explore other places like one place that Hot Topic owns is Box Lunch and it is like Hot Topic but for more of the nerds and 90’s kids since they carry the classic Nicktoon shirts. Interesting fact about Nicktoons, especially Rugrats, it started on my sixth birthday! I know it is pretty cool and still made me happy that I got to have them start back then. Anyways, I did get a small button of a rainbow kitty and I do love kitties! I want to go back and get the Sonic Screwdriver pizza cutter, that would be fun cutting pizza with that and it has a battery compartment so it can do the sound effects. I needed more hand santizers so a stop at Bath and Body Works was a must! I always get the travel sizes for my makeup bags due to know not knowing when you need it, especially with convention time! I did smell the guy stuff since now they have stuff for men and man they smell amazing! Apparently Suave does commercials no saying that pople prefer Suave’s scents over Bath and Body’s scents, they do smell good but I would choose Bath and Body due to how much of a choice in scents and I prefer to have variety in my lotion scents so I wouldn’t be bored from just three of them. And of course I have to mention Vanilla Bean Noel every Christmas beats any vanilla scent and Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte is always my fave fall scent now! Sorry Suave, your oil infused line is my fave though. And finally, we goto check out Think Geek which is their only actual store open here in Orlando! We found where a friend of ours has a backpack that says “Bag of Holding” and we know where he got it from. This place is amazing! They have tons of stuff geeky from Doctor Who all the way to Pokemon! The thing that I like the most from them is of course the Spock oven mits and they are positioned in the “Live long and prosper” hand sign. What Gondras wants the most is the Sonic Screwdriver universal remote but need to be a best seller first to get that. If you’re in Orlando during the summer, should come to Think Geek!

Well, that is it for this haul! I feel accomplished now that I bought something at Sephora since I hear so many people loving it, including Vivi and able to step out of the comfort zone. I am even carrying my Black Heart black lipstick in my makeup bag if I’m feeling gothy around my buddies. Plus, nice alternative for concerts as well! Thank you Jeffree and thank you Vivi! Also, mission accomplished on the blue lipstick find and got my anniversary gift from Mac. I wonder if that free shadow thing happens every year because their shadows are amazing and very pigmented! I definitely want to shop more at Box Lunch since they have more nerdy things than Hot Topic and of course classic rock shirts.

That is about it for this post! Next will be the fake lashes post! Til next time!

What I Got for Christmas 2015!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Sorry for not keeping up with the Holiday Matsuri coverage but Christmas had us busy. I will try and get the Opening Ceremonies video up by tomorrow afternoon or Wednesday. Stay tuned for that! Since it is after Christmas, why not do a What I got for Christmas post!? Well, normally I do this after Christmas and since I am supposed to keep with the press stuff, why not take a break and do a pattern with this, my Best s and Worsts of 2015 and November and December Favorites! So, let’s see what’s my haul this year! A head’s up, I am not bragging at all, just a haul of items!

From Mommy Blue Cat: MONEY! Well, I got an early gift from my mom since I was going to Holiday Matsuri the weekend before Christmas, she was planning to give me a hundred bucks to use and decided why not give that in time for the convention to use for food and for whatever I have left before I get my newer debit card. A long story short, I went through a crisis where my bank dropped me due to a scam that was going on and didn’t notify me about it. A head’s up, watch out for anyone who is having a scam even with job related things. Anyways, I was sad, it did cheer me up and didn’t let it bother me because I was already happy with doing press and the cash I got did help out in getting me my breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the convention. I did have a tiny bit left to pick up my Amibo reader for my 3DS since I already have three of them and they are Pikachu, Gruninja, and Mewtwo! Mewtwo was something that we found at GameStop out of nowhere and it was the last one. Now I have the reader and will try and use it while playing Alpha Sapphire!

Daddy Blue Cat: With being dady’s little girl, I tend to go a bit crazy and this year, I did get an early gift which sometimes does happen when I tend to make my list early. I made my list super early, at the end of October due to how many things came out in the past few months and itching to make it! The item I got early was the Mega Mewtwo Y card and figure set from Pokemon! I have been getting into collecting Pokemon again well the cards anyway, you all know I love my plushies! The set comes with a special EX card of Mewtwo and then you have the figure of what version you got, I went with Y because I played the game and he looks similar to Mew. He is next to my Amibo of Mewtwo in my display case of figures! I did get a good haul of cards, even the Mega Mewtwo X EX card! I keep my shiny cards in a Pikachu tiny binder and pretty lucky with what I got in the packs lately!

When it comes to other nerd stuff, I did finally get Attack on Titan Part 2 but on Blue Ray. Apparently, it seems like DVDs are starting to phase out and only Blue Rays are being available even for anime. I did try seeing about getting the DVD version but FYE didn’t have it, but hey I will be using Gondras’ PS3 to watch it since knowing my mom wouldn’t want to hear titans eating people if I use her Blue Ray player. Also, had to get this after Christmas and that is a copy of Avengers: Age of Ultron. My dad said they sold out but he tried finding this movie in the anime section, which it is a Marvel movie. I find it weird, he found all the other Marvel movies I put on my list the past few years in the front of the store but not this one. I did get it on Blue Ray, hey at least I am building that collection when Gondras do live with each other. I also have Firefly on Blue Ray as well. Sooo yeah! I have to get Fairy Tail Part 16 on Amazon though since FYE sold out of it, they only had Part 18 and I am kind of OCD to watch things in order and collect in order after looking for all my FMA DVDs years ago out of order was a mess. So yeah, never did that again! At least, I can use EBates to get it!

Now for make up items! I started doing this after getting the ELF special edition pallets but went higher end since last year, which I got the Too Faced Chocolate Bar and Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 last year. This year I went a bit crazy with the list, well sort of. I was itching to get the Too Faced Stardust pallet and Urban Decay Naked Smoky! I heard so many good things about these pallets, even Vivi got the Stardust pallet when we went to Ulta with our buddy Kurious Keeper. So, on my list they went and glad to get them. That is also why I made my list super early because the videos really got me to doing so. I wore the Stardust pallet on Christmas since we were seeing Star Wars finally after knowing so many people went during Matsuri weekend and thought it would be fitting! My thoughts are that the pallet is easy to use, very easy to blend, I think I used the primer that came with it, I also used the Better Than Sex mascara and I can see why EVERYONE on YouTube loves it! It pretty much curls up my lashes like the Rimmel Glam Rock mascara I used on Christmas Eve with my golden eye look. I am not sure if I will get the actual size, I hope I do find the deluxe version since I do like the idea of smaller versions due to when they dry out you don’t feel so bad tossing out the smaller one. The Stardust pallet is in my train case with my Chocolate Bar pallet, knowing me I will reach for this along with my Dream Catcher pallets I have in there. While the Urban Decay Naked Smoky, I was so happy to get! I never gotten any of the regular Naked pallets, just the Naked Basics, the Smoked Pallet, and Ammo pallet as well, this one really got me to want it especially with how Graveyard Girl talked about it. I like the design on the pallet itself, it takes 3D to another level! To me the pallet has the same bar design as the Dream Catcher pallets but the shadows are in a line like the Basics pallets and get twelve instead of six! I hope I do get the Coastal Sense Revealed Smoky, since they made that, in BoxyCharm in the near future since the revealed pallets are supposed to be like the Naked pallets, at the same time I want to get the first two Naked pallets and see if Urban Decay makes a Naked 3 Basics so I can see if I like that to get the Naked 3! I wished that the Naked SMoky came with a mascara or the primer potion like how the Smoked and Ammo pallets did but it came with a nice double ended brush! Can’t wait to see how this pallet turns out!

Finally, I did have a back up pallet in case the first two sold out, which the Stardust one did do after Christmas shopping started. Well pretty much by Christmas Eve! Wasn’t able to find it on Ulta anywhere, so they did sell out. The back up was something I started getting into and that is Smashbox Cosmetics and the pallet I am talking about is the Full Exposure pallet! I am so happy to have the full version because I have the mini one that I got with my birthday coupon! I loved the shadows, even the ones in the try-it kit and still want to have the Photo Op trios but the Full Exposure shadow pallet really got me into loving Smashbox! It does come with fourteen shadows, which the top having shimmer shades and then the bottom with mattes! It is like the mini version but better! I like how the bigger version is leather bound like a book while the mini version is the same size as my digital camera! I will pop my mini version into my cosplay and professional make up case in case if I want to do a night time look or change up my make up for my cat persona! I do like that there is a brush in the pallet and put that into my train case since I do love double ended brushes the most! If you’re wondering, am I getting the Double Exposure at all? I am not that interested in it, I do like the idea of doing colorful looks but most of the time I do smoky or neutral type looks and do have some colorful shades in my make up stash, not sure if I will get the mini version to try out but it’s not as appealing as the Full Exposure was to me. Besides eye shadows, I did get my fave item of all during holiday time and Easter, LipSmackers! I love these lip balms, will keep on getting them more and more, which now they were picked up by the company that Wet N Wild is affiliated with, which I noticed the caps have more of a rounded edge versus the flat top! I love the flavors they come out with even if they are some classics and some new. Can’t wait what Easter brings this year if they bring the eggs back!

Gondras and Mommy Gondras: Of course Christmas cannot be complete with what I got from Gondras and his mom! His mom got me two items from Bat and Body Works and that is the Vanilla Bean Noel foaming hand soap and lotion! I love this scent! It smells like vanilla frosting and have been a fan of it for years. I still have the lip gloss tubes and man those are even more delicious! Not sure when I will use the hand soap, but knowing me I am going to be using the body lotion like crazy! I still have the body splash she got me a few years back and have been using that, even when I am about to hit sleepy time! She also got me a box of teeny tiny nail polishes that have 24 bottles of them! She knows I love doing my nails, even for cosplay purposes, these are from Expressions Girl or something like that, some company I never heard of but these babies will last me for a long time or if I reuse them enough they would be loved! I can’t wait to see what colors are in this box since the bottles are so small I can’t label them, it’s okay, it’s a nice surprise!

Gondras did get me a Pokemon item and that is the Legendary Pikachu set! We saw this in my local GameStop and he knew I wanted this because it comes with four or five packs I believe, a shiny Pikachu EX card, and a pin! I love collecting pins and I have been getting Pikachu stuff due to it does evolve into my fave Pokemon of all, Raichu! Yes, I got the deck with him in it! I did get a pretty good haul out of this like Primal Grodon and Giratina from Third Gen! I also got a holographic Magnazone which I swapped out for the non-holo one in the Raichu deck.I am pretty lucky with Pokemon packs and since they made it a lot more better with the shiny cards, even doing energy background holos with the Pokemon, it becomes even better! And of course, we did go to Lush as part of our Christmas tradition! Instead of medium bottles, Gondras did get me the Buy One Get One Free on a large bottles of Snow Fairy due to personal reasons, but hey, still have enough bottles of shower gel from years past of Snow Fairy,, some might be Twilight, Ponche, and knowing two left of So White from last year, plus there was something weird that he did see with the medium bottles and that is how one of them did seem to separate in the shower gel. Not sure if it was all, but normally that doesn’t happen with Snow Fairy by what I seen in what I have. They do use bananas for the sweet scent as an added ingredient, I guess this year the formula went weird in the medium bottles and at least now I have larger bottles to last me! If I run out, there is Bath and Body Works and the Lush in millennia since I am running low on my Celestial moisturizer and will turn in my containers for another face mask soon! Speaking of containers, I did pick up two containers of each of the Christmas shower jellies and they are Snowman and Santa’s Belly! I started getting into the jellies again after loving the Night Wing from Halloween and of course that container is with my new collection of them, that I decided why not get the Christmas onex afterwards? I did love both smells since Snowman smells like carrot juice but sweeter and Santa’s Belly has its sweetness as well. I like to break off pieces of these and then pour my shower gel on top to give me an added smell and it does make my skin soft! If you haven’t tried any of the shower jellies, do it! You will enjoy them!

Well, that is about it! A pretty good haul for Christmas and afterwards. Almost forgot, I did go to Hot Topic and got Pokemon earrings of the Kanto starters and Pikachu all thanks to PikaBelleChu mentioning them on Facebook and did get a new thumb drive at Best Buy with a gift certificate I had in my account. Yay! As said above, I will be posting the Opening Ceremonies video and any others we got, we also need to get the pictures up since we want to make a gallery of everything we’ve taken pics of during Holiday Matsuri! So stay tuned, even for November and December Faves and Bests and Worsts!

Major Collective Haul!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I decided to take a post break with convention stuff since I have a collective haul for you guys! It’s been a while since I had a haul on here and it deals with Lush, Ulta with a visit and an online order, Bath and Body Works, and of course Walgreens! This going to be a long one! Almost forgot, Spirit Halloween due to it being Halloween as well!

Lush: It’s been months since I been to Lush! I think the last time I was there was when I got a new container of R&B and Shine So Bright, since those two are my two all fave hair products, pretty much Holy Grail because they keep my hair smooth with the oils I use and my split ends out! Anyways, reason I had to go there was for a free face mask due to collecting five containers. If anyone’s wants to get into Lush, this is a great concept since the containers are made of recyclable materials, I mean the ones for the hair products like R&B, the lotions, now shower creams, and so many others and you collect five and get a free mask and great thing is that the container the mask comes in also counts, which if you get done with a mask you receive you save the little potted container. Anyways, I traded in for the OateFix face mask! You guys know my skin is very sensitive and need to be careful with what I use on it and decided it’s time to try the masks again due to how my skin is not too picky as it was in the past with Lush products. It is still buddy buddy with my Celestial and did mention how my skin was sensitive to the girl and she let me try out Oat Fix and one called BB Seaweed to see how it reacts. It did not like BB Seaweed since don’t know how it happens but my skin does not like seaweed on it, even when I tried the Aquamarine face wash from Lush, it hates seaweed but my stomach love it when I eat it. I was glad to get Oat Fix and the smell is still the same! What do I mean by that? The ingredients are oatmeal, banana, and other ingredients and it smells like banana bread but to me it takes on more of the smell of the waffle bowls that cook at Coldstone. I say try this mask out if you have sensitive skin!

Another item I got was finally something eyed and tried and that is the Dirty styling cream! I love the scent of Dirty and I was sad that they discontinued the perfume and the shower gel since I love mint and this scent is very clean, even as a shower gel! I don’t get why they had to discontinue those two items with how popular the Dirty line is and when I found out that the Styling Cream was made I decided to go into the Florida Mall location for a sample and loved it! It is not like a hair gel nor heavy like one, it is very light and it has a medium hold to it, which I don’t mind since years ago that is how I wore my hair gel, within the 6-7 range in the LA Looks line. They need to bring back the shower gel and perfume because I love this scent! I am glad that I can trade the container in when I’m done, which will probably take forever to do.

And finally, I got something I have loved forever and haven’t gotten in years and that is a piece of the Karma soap! I loved this scent for many years and will never let go! It is a citrusy pichulli scent with sandalwood and smells very mazing. I still have the perfume left and afraid to finish it since it was one of the first scents that got me into Lush and it’s my second all time fave next to Snow Fairy. Even when I picked up the chunk they had in the store while my dad was smelling all the other soaps, I was like “I miss this scent!” That was when he asked for the quarter of a pound because he knows I love it.

I am going back when they call me about this and that is since Halloween items come out every year at Lush they have gift sets now for it and they have a pumpkin and a bat and they didn’t start selling til recently and sold out of them. The pumpkin one contains bath items while the bat contains shower items and one newer shower jelly called Night Wing. I did call them to see if they have any in stock but sold out, I am hoping I get a call Monday when they get a new shipment! I notice how Halloween stuff sometimes sells slowly but this year it is selling out fast! I still have my Magic Pumpkin from last year since I haven’t done many baths but will have to use it! Crossing my fingers to see about the Bat Hibijibi and try out that new shower jelly.

Walgreens! Should’ve started off with this but going out of order! I have gone to Walgreens three times and two times for Wet N Wild and Cover Girl while the last one was to get Rimmel and Furgy. First, if you read my Fall Favorites I mentioned that I found the newer Fall Collection from Wet N Wild called Here’s to the Wild! I have to thank Vivi for making the video about this collection because I haven’t gotten anything WNW for many months because of getting stuff by NYX, Rimmel, especially the new Provocalips collection months ago, and other lines until now. I got two of the nail polishes, one of the lipsticks, and one of the shadow pallets! I got the lipstick in Coffee Buzz which is a berry brown color according to Vivi. I haven’t gotten a brown lipstick in forever, especially this one being so unique to me and had to get it. Vivi did mention that it is hard to find some of the colors but the location I went to had it and was glad to get it. It stays put like the Color Tattoos with the feel of it. I picked up two of the nail polishes and they are Pop Up Blue Teak and Thrift Shopaholic, which Pop-Up Blue Teak is a sapphire blue which I love blue polishes, if you see my collection of polishes it is pretty much the good portion even in Sinful Colors, and that got me wanting it after how Vivi described it. It is the hardest to find but I found it easily along with Thrift Shopaholic which is a purple shade and purple is the second most colors I own and glad that this one exists in the collection. I did almost thinka bout getting I Moss Have It but didn’t appeal to me much. I got one of the eye shadow pallets though and can’t get the name because I took off the sticker before knowing what it was. I am not sure if it’s Gallery Next Door or since I hear it has purple shades and blue ones and that is what I remembered from the one I got. I did get two items from the permanent vollrvyion dinvr iy was Biy One Get One Half Off on WNW and got a black glitter liner because my Hot Topic one was a bit old and getting dried iyt and glad that I found one by WNW. I also got another eye shadow pallet but it’s a trio and that is Walking On Egg Shells. I did forget to mention the newer pallets in the Here’s to the Wild Ones are five pan pallets and I heard good things about the Egg Shells trio and decided to finally get it. I did walk by the Sinful Halloween display and picked up a bottle of High Spirits, which is a dark polish I haven’t gotten before and I do love the Halloween display by Sinful due to how I can get my paws on polishes I can’t find on a regular basis.

Another trip to Walgreens got me due to how Vivi told me about Cover Girl releasing Star Wars Limited Edition items. The collection is supposed to have nail polishes but didn’t find them, I did find the mascaras and they are just tubes with quotes on them which I feel I can just buy the tube without the packaging. The lipsticks, on the other hand, really caught my interest and I got the ones in a shimmery pink and the other a shimmery plum. They don’t have names which is odd and kind of disappointing which they should’ve named them after several of the girl characters such as Lea and Asoka as examples. I did pick up two of the Fantasymakers stuff, which one I had to return because it turned out to be face paints and I tend not to use the Halloween paints but I did get a red lipstick from the line. And the last visit was to find the Rimmel Apocalips or Show Off Lip Lacquers here in the states in Star Gazer since it felt like the one I had was a bit low. I couldn’t find it but found one of the velvet ones in Atomic Rose and got it because I heard good things about the velvet line in this formula. I will see how that goes! I did find two highlighters from the Wet N Wild Furgy collection. I hseen how Kathleen Lights goes crazy for the one known as Hollywood Boulevard which is a very gold highlighter. She said it was limited edition but the girl who works at Walgreens told me they are permanent. I was also able to pick up Rose Gold Goodness from the same line to at least try out a rosy shade. I am glad to try these out since I have been into highlighters whenever I like to give myself a bit of shimmer.

Bath and Body Works! I did drop by Bath and Body Works for more of the fall hand sanitizers since I have been pumpkin crazy! I did get a few scents in my fave Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte scent, which when I smelled it it smelled stronger than I was used to from one of the ones I got back in September. Not sure if it’s the newer batch that got stocked at the Millennia location, I did pick one up anyways! I also picked up Pumpkin Cupcake and one in particular that made me curious to get and that is the Pumpkin Pecan Waffles because of how Young Wild and Polished talked about how this scent is her fave candle and in hand sanitizer form it smells amazing! It smells like what if you turned pumpkins into syrup! I did pick up another Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte item but it’s the shower gel this time! I almost thought about getting the body mist again and a guy that worked there said they sold out the day before but was happy they got the shower gel! It smells like lattes in the shower gel and I am going to be using it next to have a break from my Lush shower gels.

Ulta! Next is Ulta! I shopped in store and online because I was looking for the make up line known as Make Up Revolution. I heard about this brand from YouTube and decided to look on their website and found that there were a lot of things from this brand. This brand orginated from London and it feels like a lot of European companies are sending their stuff to our lands such as Make Up Academy being at CVS and Make Up Revolution being at Ulta. I decided to see if any of the locations near me has it in stores and well Altamonte didn’t have it, they even thought I said Make Up Forever, Winter Park had it, and then Milennia, which is where I got two of the items. I wanted to try out a highlighter and got the one in Golden Lights which is a golden toned glittery highlight. I tried it out and man gives you pretty good amounts with a brush stroke and does blend nicely into blush. That was not the only thing I got that visit, I also got the Iconic 2 pallet which is an eye shadow pallet that is very affordable when it looks like a higher end one. That is one thing about Make Up Revolution is that it’s drugstore prices for this brand and the highlighter was $6 and the Iconic 2 was $7. Not bad huh? This is a nice and smokey pallet that you can go smokey and dramatic and of course there are two other pallets in this range on top of it. The first has bronzey shades and the third one has a mix of rosey gold and neutrals. I think I will stick with the Iconic 2 pallet since smokey is what I like the most!

My second Ulta purchase was online and it was a last day thing for free shipping over $25 and other specials. I tried going for the buy 2 get one free for NYX and buy two and get two free on Ulta but realized I have too many eyeliners that I need to get through and the NYX sale kind of felt a little much. I think I prefer the buy one get one half off for NYX because when shopping with Ulta it does add up fast. I will say I did get one eyeliner and that is from Essence and it’s the automatic gel liner in Gunmetal. I normally don’t go for automatics but since I have gotten lipliners and eyeliners in the automatic pen, I got used to it! The reason why I went with this is not only helped with me getting to the free shipping and have been looking for another gunmetal color eyeliner because the Pacifica sample liner I got from Ipsy is getting shorter and it’s hard to find. I am not sure if Target sells it, I may have to check at some point but at least Essence makes one and I did start liking this brand due to buying the Bare to Be Nude set from Ipsy. Come to think of it, I do have the automatic liner in brown all thanks to that set! I did want some more of the gel liners from Ulta in colors that sound cool, I still have a Night Sky pencil which I almost got another of which I am going to finish first.The next item is another Make Up Revolution product and that is the Unicorns Unite pallet from the Salvation pallets. My dad did read out all the pallets due to how it is hard for me to know which one is which and he read the Unicorns one weirdly and that had me take a look at it and was happy about it because it has shimmer shimmer shades and matte ones and I did read great reviews about it. I tried to find out if Winter Park had it and they only had the Mermaid one and something else. This was $10 which is not bad and when I received it in the mail it looked amazing from what I could see in the light! What I like is that this has more jewel tones than the NYX Wicked Dreams pallet that I got a year ago while hunting the Dream Catcher pallets. I even like the layout which the first two rows are boxes and the final row is circular which makes crease brushes get in easily. There is a sponge tipped double ended brush which I don’t use since I prefer using my brushes. I also like how it’s bigger than the Wicked Dreams pallet and prettier. If you want to check this pallet out, I highly recommend it! I did try out the Iconic shadows and the feeling is buttery and knowing the Unicorns one will be too! Don’t know why I am on a unicorn craze, heck I got earrings from Claires. Anyways, the final item I got was the Real Techniques Core Collection! I have been brush crazy and what got me to the site besides the other two specials was the 25% off Real Techniques items such as the sets, the Metals collection, which no matter the discount was pretty expensive, and so much more. I decided to get the Core Collection since it was originally $17 and it was brought down by $4. I almost got the Dual Fiber Brush Set, which is a limited edition set, but didn’t appeal much since it has a contour brush and I don’t contour and I did watch a review and said the set was okay. The Core Collection on the other hand is a set of four of their brushes which comes with a detailer brush that is used for concealer and it says that it can be used for a lip brush for lipstick, which can’t get enough of! Then pointed foundation brush for liquid foundation which I tend to use and may use this at some point! Buffing brush is for powder and mineral foundation which of course I like the use of different brushes, I am using one of my kabuki brushes that I got from ELF and Bella Pierre. Finally, the contour brush which I can use for my powder highlights! I am not sure about the liquid ones I have from ELF and NYX, but will have to see!

Spirit Halloween! Since it’s Halloween month, I decided this year to do Blair again from Soul Eater because I liked doing it and last time I done it I just worn tights and an older pair of shoes since I was tight for time in college. This time I decided to go and get pumpkin socks which I was glad to find and they are knee ones as well. These are very comfy and not as bad as tights. I did find a pair of tights with pumpkins at the knees but then Gondras saw the ones I wanted. Then decided to go extra and look for pumpkin earrings. The guy that worked there is very sweet and helped by showing the different ones and a set he shown me was a three pair of witches on a broom, ghosts, and pumpkins with cats. I am a sucker for cats so that will be perfect due to Blair turning into a cat! I did have to go back for an exchange because I didn’t know until one of the witches were missing and was lucky to find out they still had the set. I did try and see if they had a set of the studs that included plain pumpkins but they sold out. I did ask about bats, I can’t help it they’re cute as well, and found a set with two dangling earrings with one pair of spider webs and bats with a moon, and then a pair of studs with spiders. I did wear the spider ones earlier to break them in and they feel comfy! I want to wear the bat ones next! I am kind of going earring crazy lately as well, I guess I like the idea of changing out and wear different pairs! I still love my Harley Quin ones of course! I did go to Claire’s earlier in the week and did find the unicorn ones I wanted that I couldn’t find at a different location and did get a mix and match of a star and moon and a pair jeweled star studs! Gotta love buy two get one free!

That is it for this haul! Man, it took all day to write! I will do the Best and Worst Places to Eat At During a Convention post next! Stay tuned!

ELF Haul: Ship For Free Special!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Finally I got my ELF order and an extra order due to the problem. What happened exactly?

Well, last month, ELF sent everyone who was surbscribed to their e-mail list a code to have anything shipped for free, it was also advertised on their site and decided to take advantage of it. This was the right time since they released new moisturizing lipsticks and decided to get some more and did have to get a re-purchase of an item and when things were shipped, I waited and then got someone else’s items. I had to contact ELF and they said that I can keep them and they will ship the person another order to them. I did get my order the next day but two items were missing and called them last Tuesday about it and then shipped me another order of my items and I did make a joke that they should send me a gift card. I checked my e-mail and earlier that morning they sent me an e-gift card for $5 and was glad to use it that same day. What did I get exactly?

Order Number 1:

Moisturizing Lipsticks in Bardeaux Beauty, Pink Minx, and Marsala Blush! This time around I decided to get two of the newer lipsticks and one of the older ones! I do have the one in Rosie-Go-Round and liked how it felt and decided why not get a few more with this deal. The two newer ones I picked up were Marsala Blush and Bardeaux Beauty. I was curious about these two and a few others and they seem to be complicated with how I was going to choose them and I decided on these two. Marsala Blush is a mauve color which I have been curious about trying out mauve colored lips. I think I have a mauve colored lip glosss somewhere in my major collection of lip colors and this is a nice one to try out as a little stepping stone. Next is Bardeaux Beauty which is a crimson-like red and since I am getting more into red lipsticks and glosses, I think it was time to try out a wine-ish color for a change. I did hear that some of these didn’t come out as pigmented as they hoped in videos but they did up their formula in some of them. I kind of see what they are talking about since Rosie is pretty moisturizing and one YouTuber said that when they first tried the color Cheeky, which is a bit of a rose gold, it was very drying. I do admit I use a lot of lip balm because my lips do dry out without applying it but the application goes on better with lip balm, that is just me. And the theird color, which is an oldie, is Pink Minx! I went back to my pink comfort zone when it comes to lips and it let me explore some of the older shades with the new. I do want to get Red Carpet, which I believe I got or not, there is always next time! The berry shades do catch my kitty ears and not sure if I will get those when they arrive at Target, I will try these out first before getting any more. If anyone loves black lipstick, you are in luck because the darkest shade in these new ones is a black one iknown as Black Out. Any cosplayers looking for a cheap lipstick, there you go!

Brush Cleanser! Yep, I got my daily brush cleanser spray and this was missing from my order when I got it in the mail. I am so glad to get it this time around because it is the best cleanser you can get for cheap! If you read my favorites post for July and August, this is the easiest cleaner you will ever buy! You just spray it on your bristles and rub all the residue off with a towel or rag and then let it air dry and you are good to go. Plus, it makes the bristles smell nice! If you can’t get your paws on the brush cleaning solid, which I hear so many people rave about, or the professional one from Michael’s, which people do clean their make up brushes with, or Sally Beauty Supply, I would suggest getting this one because it works as well!

Lip Liner in Mauve Lux! After getting the lipsticks and the brush cleanser, I decided to venture in the lip liner section. All thanks to my beauty subscriptions I have way too many eye liners and trying not to buy anymore and decided to get a few more lip liners because I wanted to get more into those. I found the Long Lasting Liners and they had three to choose from and went with Mauve Lux. I thought this would be a nice one to start with due to it being in the pinkish-purple range and it would give a darker edge to my lips. Great thing is that this liner does come with a sharpener, which I will carry in my make up bag for my lip liners I travel with. Not a bad thing to include, plus I do have my universal lead sharpener from Revlon. I do have an extra all thanks to the order mix up, since my package did come with this last Tuesday.

Shimmer Face Whip in Pink Lemonade! Oh man, how can I talk about this without laughing a little. When I got the other person’s order by mistake, I ended up with three of these Face Shimmering Whips, which I was curious in trying other illuminators. I picked out Pink Lemonade because it said in the description that it is the highest rated item by Allure and decided why not choose it? On top of that, did get two of the other ones and they are in Lilac Petal and Spotlight Fuschia I believe and when my actual envelope arrived I did receive my tube of Pink Lemonade. And then another in the order that was sent Thursday. I have three Pink Lemonades now and glad to try these out! Yeah, I do have two other of the colors that they made and it gives me a better idea of what they are like. I do like the smell though, they remind me of shervert and they do blend despite how sticky they are but they do stick well and I like that in a liquid type highlighter because I tend to have ones that were runny like crazy when you squeeze a small bit! I am so glad my NYX one is in control when I use it. Plus, you get a generous size, the tube is small because you only need one or two droplets for each cheek, which I wore one and it only need one droplet for both my cheeks and then blended into my skin. If you are in a need of a highlighter that is not runny and will give you too much in one squeeze, these are it and they are rated pretty high on the ELF site and plus you get it for $2 which is cheaper than a lot of highend stuff.

Shipment #2!

Essentials Brush Set! As you guys know I did get a gift card as an apology for my troubles and it was $5 and it was good to use since of course ELF is inexpensive! I did get two more items, I didn’t go back to the lipsticks since I have so many lip products as is! I did wanted to get a brush set and decided to go with the Essentials 12 Brush Set. I have been brush crazy and this kind of shows it. I love ELF’s brushes because of how soft they are and they aren’t expensive at all! In that order mix up, I did get the contour brush but gave it to my mom since she doesn’t have any and I don’t contour. I did tell her that these brushes are good and best to get these since she went to the department stores and were going to charge her $80 a brush, which is ridiculous mind you! The set includes your essentials in eyes, even a lip brush, and face, gotta love the signature name! It costs $12 and it gives me the nice range and of course can switch out whenever I need to. I would suggest getting this set for a loved one or yourself if you are looking for an inexpensive set, plus the kabuki brush is a must have since they are nice and soft!

Smudge Pot in Ocean Bound! I decided to go curious kitten on the eye shadow page and ran into the smudge pot section! I do love my Maybelline Color Tattoos, especially with cosplay looks, I decided why not check these out since they do have good reviews. It was hard to choose which color because I didn’t have an idea of which is which, even tried watching a few YouTube videos on them, but did decide on Ocean Bound which speaks for itself as a ocean colored shadow. These are pigmented according to people and willing to see if they are and they aren’t as expensive as MAC Paint Pots, which makes it better. I will see how this goes.

Amzaon: I did go on an Amazon shopping trip because of something I was looking for and that is the Z Pallet! Everyone on YouTube talk about these and since my Ulta Blockbuster set that is in the canvas casing kept on falling and it is a little warped, I decided why not deport it and get a Z Pallet for it. I did get a large one and a small one because the blushes wouldn’t fit in the bigger one due to how many shadows were in it but the problem is due to how powdery and chalky the shadows are they kept on breaking and spreading powder all over the place. That didn’t work out well, plus some of the pans do bend easily at times. I did get the blushes out pretty well and put them in the small one and it’s in my make up travel case since they are compact and willing to finish them with my other blushes. While the other pallet, I decided why not put the small Ulta quads that came in the set and the little make up bags since those contain shadows similar to the set I tried depotting the shadow pallet. It works since I can remove the plastic covering and also did notice one of them keeps on losing the covering. I am getting more metal plates to keep them down in the pallet since my failed attempts at getting the depotting to work caused me to use up a good majority of the metal stick ons that came with the pallets that I ordered. I am glad to do the quads and it will help me use up some of the shadows more. I will update you guys on how it goes!

Before I finish this post, I want to thank the ELF Team because they were amazing throughout my order situation and very patient. I appreciated that they did give me a gift card and was glad to put it to use on their lovely brushes! They are one of the nicest staff teams I ever met and very understanding too!I am still going to order from ELF and of course buy items from Target and WalMart from their sections, even Walgreens during Christmas. If you haven’t checked them out, eyeslipsface.com is their website! Thank you ELF Team for everything!

That is it for this post! Stay tuned for my many other posts!

Target Haul: September 1st!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I know this was supposed to be an ELF haul but due to shipping problems I have to wait for my stuff. Be glad I went to Target today when I thought I had an appointment this morning. I needed a few things and did pick up a few make up items while I was at it and a few things I wanted to try while another was something that a fave YouTuber tends to rave about!

The Essentials: First I needed more of my Clean and Clear Sensitive Skin Toner because I tend to go through it pretty quickly and now at a half a bottle or less since I use this item twice a day as directed, well there are times when I do it once a day. I love this stuff since a lot of companies do make sensitive skin items when it comes to skin care. Next is the Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine for Frizzy Hair! I started using this when I had highlights at the beginning of the year and it kept my hair from going crispy like when they blow dry it and put hairspray in it, which was a big no-no and wished it didn’t happen due to my hair being a frizz ball. So glad I use the Marc Anthony Argon Oil Hairspray. Anyways, this Frizzy Hair oil was suggested by dorm staff in Daytona and it works wonders and it’s my third purchase of it! I use it when I wash my hair and on days where I use my dry shampoo and need to give it my hair treatment pick me up!

Make Up Items: Well, went down the make up area because I was looking to try newer items and one of them was a stop at ELF and since I wanted to try their face primer and glad to know that Target carries it. There were four different ones in this range which were the hydrating one, the porerless one, and two different versions for tone correcting. I went with poreless because I tend to have that run in with pores around my nose and I feel the gunk from my make up go into my nose ridges and have to use the strip time-to-time but they are stubborn like crazy! I am thinking to the radio commercial on ITunes for the Biore Charcoal Strips, which I am thinking of trying those next, talking about how gross they are and with me they are a pain! Hoping this doesn’t break me out since the Smashbox one did kind of do that and it may have been the batch I got in the Try It kit and ELF items for face tend to have salisilic acid, let’s see how this works!

Next, since it was the next section over, stopped by Maybelline to pick up the Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara! Since I have so many shadows, liners, and wanted to try out newer mascaras as a break, which I had a shadow purchase and that’s next, decided to check out another Colossal counterpart. I almost got the regular one since Vivi liked that one and I already like the Chaotic, but what caught my ears the most is the Cat Eyes one! Of course, mention “cat” you got my ears! It claims that the formula in this mascara spikes out lashes to give more of a cat eye look, especially at the corners. I have to try this out and see how it goes since it will be my first time trying it out and if it goes well like the Chaotic, which I did get my second tube of not too long ago, then I will wear it with my cat ears, collar, and now tail.

Next, I tried dropping by Rimmel to see if they had the East End Snob lip liner and they didn’t at the location I went to. I ended up going through it due to all the points breaking off and will have to remember that not to touch it too much and it will break everytime. I still love the liner and will probably look at Ulta on another girls’ day thing or at Walgreens or WalMart. I did pop by L’Oreal since I kept on hearing Kathleen Lights talking about the Telescopic mascara and was glad to find it. I like the packaging on this a lot because it is pretty much a telescope for what it says on the packaging! It also claims that it defines lashes to make them longer. I will give this a try since I do like the Miss Manga, the newer Miss Manga Rock Edition, and the Butterfly mascara, which I like to try out newer ones and get the ones I like over and over. Let’s see how this one works out and end up on re-purchase lists!

Finally, the Infoluble eye shadow in Eternal Black! I have been on a eye shadow no-buy or try to since I did get the Hikari Ready for Fall set from Ipsy and that contained three shadows and it’s hard not to get any more shadows since they are a staple to wear and new ones keep coming out and I do like the drugstore ones I own, especially the Infolluble Shadows by L’Oreal! The ones I have in case you’re wondering are Soltry Smokes, since I use that for my L cosplay to accent his sleeping eye look and it looks nice for everyday wear, Iced Latte, a golden nude, Amber Rush, which is a copper nude Bronzed Taupe, which is taupe with a bit of a bronzey edge, , Midnight Blue, which looks amazing with my hazel eyes or green when it’s the right transformation (my eyes tend to do that), and Golden Sage, which is a golden green color. The one I got this time is Eternal Black because I have been a curious kitty in trying out black shadows and not just as a smoky eye thing. I have to thank Vivi for it since she is kind of having me step outside of the box due to showing me the Primal shadows by NYX that she recently picked up and one of them was black. I decided why not go for broke and get Eternal Black since Jen from Head to Toe talked about this color in a haul a while back, she did get me into these shadows all thanks to that haul, and knew I would probably pick it up someday since it’s a nice, shimmery black shadow! I may have to wear this for Soul Switch because I am thinking of wearing my zombie ravaged shirt. Still, glad to step out of the box for a bit and this will go nice with my black liners on top of it since I wear my Smoky liner from Hot Topic with Soltry Smokes!

Well, that is it for this haul! I will have the ELF haul up once I have this shipping situation fixed. I did call them a few minutes ago and they will be re-shipping my items, which I am thinking due to the “Ship for Free” special it caused a major mix up. I will tell the entire story once I get the entire order in and hoping that I get all six items I purchased originally. Stay tuned for that! Once that is done, will try and do the whole too young for make up post and then start my new segment, “Doesn’t Sound the Same.”

Mini Hot Cash Haul and ELF Haul!

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I know I was going to be doing the next TransMedia Retrospective but decided to bring my Hot Cash and a small ELF haul for you! It’s been a while for a haul since we expanded into music and have been busy looking for a job and of course Braille Reading Contest! And this month will be busy as hell since Omni Expo is this month and I have my annual eye appointment…booo! Anyuway, let’s get started!

Hot Topic Hot Cash for April! Well, I was glad to get money in my account which is down to little due to finding the Pikachu plushie I was looking for for a little while now and did get the alert texts from Hot Topic a week ago with the whole “It’s the last day! Use it!” So, did and man I had a hard time finding things that I wanted. Didn’t go for shirts since I have enough shirts as is right now and found three items and then later on went to the store while dropping an application.

Harley Quin Nylon Train Case! You guys know I love Harley Quin and jester characters, such as Kuromi from Sanrio the most! But of course Harley Quin is my most fave when it comes to DC, and of course she’s the answer to creating a Dead Pool. If you’re wondering what that means….well Gondras read me the new Harley comic and she is pretty much Dead Pool in DC and pretty much goes with the alternate voice but in a stuffed beaver doll named Bernie and she does break the fourth wall a lot! It’s funny and cute, of course Ivy shows up since they are always paired up! Back to the haul, I had a hard time choosing what I wanted and decided to look around the Harley stuff since it’s been a while since I got anything of her after the perfume and robe, I found this and it’s a train case that is pretty much a Caboodle with the Harley logo in the Batman logo style! It has the mirror and man it’s more roomier than my old Caboodle! I was surprised I was able to fit a lot of things! At first I thought it would be small to keep my professional kit but I can keep both that and my cosplay make up kit which these kits are both my Naked Basics pallets, the Almay Bold Nudes pallet in the Green Eyes version, my Maybelline Rose Petal blush, my ELF Essentials Clear Brow and Lash mascara, my Rob Sheppy pallet for my Pokemon costume for Omni this year, my color tattoo in Inked in Pink, which I am definitely going to get my Fairy Tail mark done when I do Lucy for AFO, my Cupcake Butter Gloss and Cupcake Lip Butter! I almost thought about putting the Miss Manga mascara in it buuuuttt I tend to wear it on some days when I feel like grabbing it. Forgot to mention, my blush I am using for my ice trainer as well. And of cour a brush to draw the Fairy Tail mark! I am so glad to find this on there because I almost got the make up bag but I have enough of them due to Ipsy that I don’t need anymore! Thought this was a good choice since the make up bag I used for the professional kit was getting fuller with the Naked Basic pallets. On top of that, the one I had from Caboodles was breaking a little. Way to go Hot Topic!

Polka Dot Brush Set! Lately I have been having a bit of a brush obsession! Didn’t help that I had to replace my eyebrow brush that came in my brush set from WalMart with a Real Techniques one. While going through Hot Topic’s site, I looked around in the make up area and found this and that is a set of five brushes and they have polka dot patterns on them! I did like the price since they were around 50 cents less than what WalMart sold and I did see they got a 5 out of 5 rating on the website. It looks like the set has a face brush, three eye brushes, one for the crease or liner, a precise chisel brush, and a regular eye brush, and of course an eyebrow brush, always good to have a spare just in case! They also feel pretty lightweight and can’t wait to use them!

LA Girl Eye Shadow Brick in Smokey! Well, another eye shadow pallet to add to the arsenal of pallets I own and that is the Eye Shadow Brick in Smokey by LA Girl! I heard of LA Girl before through YouTube and was surprised that Hot Topic sold them along with their Black Heart make up line! I thought it would be great to check them out since I found this on their site. They do have the Nudes pallet if I remembered but the Smokey pallet caught my interest and decided to order it. The pallet is pretty big and it has twelve shadows and pretty versatile. I can’t wait to try these out since I heard good things about it and saw one bad review on it but it didn’t stop me. On the LA Girl site these retail for $9 while Hot Topic sold these for fifty cents more, which doesn’t make sense but at the same time was a good grab, especially with Hot Cash!

In Store: So, while dropping off an application to work, I decided to see if they had the Harley style logo necklace I saw on the website at the store since I feel as though I should’ve bought during the Hot Cash use and went and was told about the choker and got that along with a set of six pairs of Harley themed earrings, which feature some as Aces, the black and red diamonds you see on her jester outfit, and even the ones I am currently wearing and they are jester hats, which are cute! Unfortunately, I had to go back right away because the choker didn’t fit! I thought it would with the adjustable chain but it is more for someone with a tiny neck which I think is impossible, it would be more of a bracelet. I did exchange it by using the money to put it for the necklace to be shipped to the store. I need to mention this, there is one thing I missed that gets carried regularly in Hot Topic in the past and they were the belt chokers! They do get carried in October for Halloween but I do miss them being carried because it’s easier to wear the belt chokers since they are adjustable and it would be better if the Harley Quin chokers were in that style instead of the velvet types or just extend the ribbon to fit the bigger sizes. Heck, here’s a nice design idea, the belt choker with the black and red diamonds and then do the Harley logo. Sounds pretty good huh? I can’t wait to get my paws on the necklace and wear it.

E. L. F. Haul Time! Lately I have been going a little bit E. L. F. crazy. As you know, they are a make up company that gets carried in Target and in some WalMarts and Walgreens, well during Christmas. I had my eye on a few things on the website and have been hearing about and decided to get them. First, the website! After shopping on the Hot Topic website, decided to hop over to the E. L. F. website and decided to grab the Highlight pallet, which is a pallet that contains four highlighters. I am getting more into highlighting and saw that a lot of people loved this and I am glad to see what this will hold when I start using it. Another item is another Essntials Clear Brow and Lash Mascara because I feel mine will be running out soon and not sure if it’s carried in the stores and loved this product! And then did want the blush pallet but didn’t want to go crazy despite how cheap this brand is, so I decided to see if any of the Targets had it and they did. I was glad to drop by after an interview and get it for the Light Skin I believe and it has four blushes, one pink, one peach, a tan, and I think a coral. It felt soft when I wore it when Gondras and I saw Avengers 2 and it felt light! I do have an ELF studio blush and loved how that felt and this pallet still has that feeling! I will have to try it with the highlighter to see how that goes.

Well, that is it for this haul! Next up will be the Transmedia Retrospective I promised! Stay tuned!

Haul: Ulta and Target!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, still working on the Ipsy and BoxyCharm post since my BoxyCharm hasn’t arrived yet due to timing making it look like my box will be here today but because of President’s Day it meant no mail, so it won’t be here til tomorrow! In the meantime, another haul and this time it’s from Ulta and Target!


Ulta: So, this time with Ulta I was on the prowl for new NYX items and they sent me another free deluxe coupon for the Perversion Mascara! I haven’t finished my sample from Ipsy but hey it’s free and I do like the Perversion mascara and it sure beats paying for the price for a full size, even though I may get it at one point. I tried going to the Winter Park location since they carry more items but they didn’t have any of the new Intense Butter Glosses and went to Altamonte and man they were picked off by vultures!


I was glad to get my paws on at least one of the Intense Butter Glosses and that is in Napoleon, which is a peachy nude color and thought it would look nice since I do love my Peaches N Cream and Peach Cobbler glosses from the original Butter Glosses. I wanted to get Berry Streudel, Toasted Marshmallow, and Spice Cake but all they had left were the testers and Ulta can’t sell them. Sucks! I guess doing the buy one get one half off on lip items during the weekend really wiped them out! I did have better luck with the High Voltage lipsticks which got me interested through Color Swept Beauty! I tried finding the one she loved, Dalia, but they sold out like crazy! A lot of them were out of colors but I did manage to get one called Privelege, which is a pink color, and Rock Star, which is a light red and a nice way of going into reds. I did try going for Hollywood, which is a darker red, but they sold out of that one, there is always next time when they restock on everything and after a while the new dies down. I also was happy to get my paws on two of the new Prismatic shadows which they had a lot left of and got two colors that Color Swept Beauty mentioned and they were Tin and Punk Heart! I also remembered Tati mentioned Punk Heart since she was given some of the newer NYX stuff by a friend and knew I had to get this one because it’s a purple shadow and I do go for them because of my cobalt-hazel eyes. Tin is a silvery one that is a bit darker and it would also bring the gem green in my eyes from what people say when it comes to silver shadows on me. I may have to use this if I ever do my Ice Pokemon Trainer cosplay. And the final item is a cream blush, which I was sad that the Altamonte location didn’t have the new blushes in when Mondays are when they get a lot of new things delivered but the blushes that were new didn’t come in but I did decide to see what the blushes were like and picked up Rose Petal, which is a nice pinky shade! Good to try something I never tried before and NYX blushes are one of the things that do get pretty good reviews time to time from what I seen on YouTube. I will have to see with the restock!


Target: With Target, tried jump on the Easter LipSmackers since apparently some places started stocking all the spring and Easter items on Valentine’s Day, which is odd especially my mom saying some places started doing that a week earlier. I was hoping to get my paws on the newer Easter LipSmackers but was a bit too early and they haven’t stocked them yet! I did go into the make up section to see if the NYX section had the Intense Butter Glosses but didn’t, they just had a small section with the normal items! I did go into ELF to see what they may have new and all I found was two lip items and I got two lipsticks! One is matte while the other is a regular one. One of them is Rich Red and that’s the matte and the other is Rosie Go Round and I do like the lip items by ELF since I had the lip gloss set from Christmas! And then I got the 32 shadow set by them and I heard this from another YouTuber who got this and she recommended that people should get this and glad I found it! It costs $6 which is amazing when you normally find pallets like this for more than that! I did get one more item that I forgot to get while I was at Ulta and I finally gave in and got the Cover Girl Clump Crusher Mascara! ::applause:: I heard so so so soooo many good things about this mascara that it kept perking my kitty ears like no other! Oh yeah, kitty became curious and had to get it! I may have to wear this sometime this week or the next to try it out! Also, I did get the package with the free retractable eyeliner and packed it with my make up to take back with me to Daytona so I would have a back up black liner! I may have to grab my other black pencils as well before then!


That is it for this haul! I know it was short but hey I got a lot of new items and glad to try them out! I will have the Ipsy and BoxyCharm post up and another announcement…looks like Nerdy Shique Universe will be heading for Anime Festival Orlando, so look out for any convention spotlights for this year’s convention! Stay tuned!