Music: Top 10 Songs of March!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I am back again and this time for the Top Ten Songs for March! I know I didn’t do it for February because my computer crapped out during the end of February and now it’s back so I decided to kind of loop in some of the songs in due to how short February is and didn’t listen to I Heart Radio as much as this month so let’s see what I got!

March’s List:
10. “Joy Ride” by There for Tomorrow: First is a band from my past and they are known as There For Tomorrow. They are a band from here in Orlando and they were very big in the mid-2000s and they got beally big when of their songs got used for the first Ben 10 Alien Force live-action movie which was known as “A Little Faster” but the song is on my list this month is called “The Joy Ride” which I didn’t know they made any newer music until I found them on I Heart Radio. They sound so different with how their music changed which it does kind of have their old sound from “Pages” but the singer sounds slightly higher than back then. I am not sure if they switched singers but he sounds very good. This is a really good traveling song and it also had me listen to this reminded me of the book Forsaken Skies because it deals with a lot of space travel if you read my review on that book a few posts ago. If not, you can still read it!
9. “Girl All the Bad Guys Want” by. Bowling for Soup: This didn’t quite shown up on I Heart Radio but I started listening to it again and that is “Girl all the Bad Guys Want” which is the song and only song I really like by Bowling for Soup! I always feel like this song describes me due to how some of the “bad” guys seem to magnetize towards me during high school especially the ones that picked on me and that creepy childhood friend that bores the crap out of me. (I ended that friendship) Especially that friend because I’m with a guy I really like but one thing I don’t match that lyric is the wrestling and drug bits but hey I do like singers that are mad at their cat in their songs.
8. “Miss Murder” by. AFI: I guess you were wondering where this might be but this appeared on my I Heart Radio lists with Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Panic! At the Disco and that is “Miss Murder” by AFI. I Heart Radio does have good taste and I can’t blame them! I do sing along with it time to time. I think I even sang along when I was hold on the phone with Hot Topic once. Anyways, this does take me back to my earlier days of being a slight punkish despite listening to pop but hey they are still an awesome band and would love to take a chance singing this onRock Band since Gondras has it on his.
7. “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World: Oh yes! We’re going back to 1999 with this one and that is Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle!” I can’t help it that one of the radio stations in town also plays this as a nice throw back to the 90’s and I always think back to one cover of this performed. Okay, there is an event called Red Hot & Boom that is the day before July 4th every year here in Orlando and one year they had We The Kings which is another alternative band that was pretty good and then they did this song. I knew what it was by the first few bars and went “WHOO!” Nobody in the entire park didn’t do it along with me and this was around the time The Game was existing and yelled in my area of sitting “You all lost the game!” No reaction either. The crowd didn’t start rocking until middle of the song which is kind of fail when everyone knows this song and even do it on Rock Band. I think I got most of the lyrics right before I do this on it again since I think I got a 75 trying to sing it but the last time I hung out with the girls and riding in the car with Tobi and Vivi, I sang along with this one when it came up. Rock Band you’re next!
6. “The Enemy: by Sevendust: Oh yes! The band that got me into metal is on this list and that is Sevendust! I wasn’t really into metal when I was in high school until I heard these guys on a just music channel that played one of their other songs and liked them. I got the Seasons album with this song and that is “Enemy.” I bet you’re wondering why Sevendust? I don’t know…it just happened out of nowhere and I thought they had really good music for someone from Orlando. I would susggest seeing them live since they tend to do music from their older albums over the newer ones which I don’t mind at all! I was happy they did this one during their Earth Day Birthday 2015 set when they replaced Bush. Now they are headliners for it this year in case if you’re going. Enjoy!
5. “Only Hope” by. Mandy Moore: Next is a pop song and that is by Mandy Moore. I kind of blame it on Mary E. McGlynn…well her interview since she is directing the new Tangled animated series and I mentioned Mandy Moore and this song came to mind. I Heart tend to play “When Will My Day Begin” from Tangled but I was glad to find this one because it came from the movie, A Walk to Remember. If you guys seen my Fifty Random Facts video over on our YouTUbe, I mentioned that this movie was the ONLY movie that made me cry more than the book! The music from that movie is great especially this song which is from the part with the play which is different from the book. This is one movie I did prefer it over the book and they used Mandy’s talent very well both in acting and singing since this was the first movie I saw her in. I still remember her as the pop singer starting out in 1999 and still can hold those notes!
4. “What Have You Done?” by. Within Temptation: Next is a song that has been popping tons on I Heart and that is by Within Temptation known as “What Have You Done.” I haven’t heard of these guys until I heard them on the Coheed and Cambria playlist when I heard the app a while back and glad that I found their actual playlist. I like these guys because of their epic orchestra sounding songs with metal. That is one part of metal I do like is more of the orchestraic songs and Within Temptation does it very well! This one does use their male singer and female lead as a duet kind of like Evanescence did with the guy from Seether or is it from some other band in “Bring Me to Life.”
3. “24K Magic” by Bruno Mars: Hey! Don’t blame it on me for this one since I have a feleing you’re thinking, “What the heck Mari? Why this one?” I kind of blame it on Gondras since he wanted me to find this on I Heart all thanks to him hearing it before me and wanted me to listen to it. I did find Bruno Mars and he accidentally hit “Favorite” as the playlist started playing. This song did appear a lot on my Faves List during February and man it’s catchy! It also did appear in Todd In the Shadows’ top list for last year despite it releasing this year in January. Anyways, as said it’s very catchy las”Uptown Funk.” I think anyone who is Catholic might use the #blessed if they hadn’t since you do hear it in the song. I can imagine this being in Rock Band if they hadn’t already put it in. Conventions, I think you will be hearing this playing in your game rooms!
2. “Smiling in Your Sleep” by Silverstein: Yes, back to metal and the screaming kind! I have been a fan of this one called Silverstein all thanks to a song called “My Heroine” if I got it right. I never thought I would hear these guys again but on I Heart Radio and this got me to liking them again. I like the right aamunt of screaming and how the chorus switches between lyrics and screams does have a nice rhythm. I think I heard someone trying to sing this song in the room next door to Panel Room 1 during Omni Day 1 abd had a hard time unless I am mistaken. Well, I do hit the screams in “Demons” when Soul Switch performs it everytime despite it killing my voice. Oh well, that is my number 2!
1. “Emperor’s New Clothes” by Panic! At the Disco: The final song on this list is by Panic! At the Disco and it’s called “Emperor’s New Clothes!” This was supposed to be number one on last month’s list but since this month would make up for that, I can’t help it but this song does get into your head! During that Anime in Western Literature panel from Matsuri, they shown an AMV that was put to the Count of Monte Cristo that used this song and it was perfect actually! When you listen to the cchorus it does talk about taking back a crown and the bridge does use that old “Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers” rhyme and it fits with the beat! Plus, this song is supposed to be asequel to the song “This Is Gospel” especially with the video due to how you do hear the end of “This is Gospel” at the start because of how is reborn as a demon in underworldwhich I saw the making of this video. I did remember Kat Sketch talking about this song in one of her old Favorites videos and how she wants to do a makeup look but will take a lot of prosthetic makeup. Well, enjoy the video!

That is it for this month’s list! April will be filled with a few more! Will it include some of the Orlando Overdrive artists since we will be doing press work for it? You will see next month!

What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? Another Cosmetic Controversy which you guys should be thanking Kat Von D for the idea. Until next time!

Music: Orlando Overdrive and an Intro to Nerd Music!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I am back and have something from the Music Universe that needs to be mentioned and it’s all thanks to Manime Man!

Event: Orlando Overdrive
Put On By: Ongaku Overdrive
Music Genre: Nerd Music
Date: April 22, 2017
Location: Backbooth 37 W. Pine Street in Orlando, FL

So, I have a new event to mention on Nerdy Shique Universe and thought it would be great to mention another genre to the Music Category on here. You all know that we at NSU support the local music scene in Orlando and the rest of Florida which includes Mr. Bella, Mechanism, Soul Switch, Traverser, Filth, A Brilliant Lie and many more! We even have attended many House of Blues shows, even went to Earth Day Birthday in 2015 that is always put on by WJRR but there is one event that not many people haven’t heard of nor seen much of this genre unless you go to a convention and that is Orlando Overdrive.

What is Nerd Music? First, I have to address the genre known as “Nerd” Music. We all have played video games and watched anime over the many years they have existed and know the songs and have hummed them time to time or even blasted them at school on a speaker. For instance, I remembered one day in my UCF days that someone placed a boombox underneath the walkway between Classroom 1 and the Student Union with “Saria’s Song” from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time which made sense for the environment but it is a major earworm. Heck, I even “nyu” it time to time even when Gondras plays Hyrule Warriors. Anyways, the genre pretty much has people put their own spin on these many songs to make them sound interesting whether in chiptune form, rocking out on a guitar, or even doing their own rap to it!

Some of these artists that are known include Arm Cannon, which also includes Danimal Cannon, Random Encounter, Benjamin Briggs, and our own IQ who has been growing lately. I will be putting some videos in this post so you can hear some of these things. I even went to some parties with some artists performing and they are pretty good and also listened to Manime Man aka Kent Ward’s podcast on Nerd Music on Propeller Anime Radio. Now onto the event!

Event: This event will be held at the Backbooth in Downtown Orlando on 37 W. Pine Street. A little It takes place April 22nd 2017! It is the same day as Earth Day Birthday and if you can’t go to that then I would suggest this since you would be in air conditioning. The good thing is that it starts at $10 in advanced and $15 at the door!

Who is playing if you’re wondering? That’s the great thing is that fans can vote who they want to see and voting ends next Monday! I would say vote by going here:

If you want to know how to get tickets in advanced and want to follow Ongaku Overdrive, you can go here:

Kent said in press release that he is hoping that this event would boost the Orlando Nerd Music scene and also open up more doors for the acts that will be performing. I agree with him right there because like with our rock acts, Orlando has very talented nerd music acts even all over the state!

So, go and vote and also if you are interested in subscribing to it, I suggest check out the Propeller Anime Radio Podcast! Not only Kent and his buddies talk about anime that we see on Krunchy Roll, NetFlix, and Toonami but also talks about Nerd Music on top of it! He even gets the artists in for an interview! You can also check out everything Propeller related at:

That is about it for this post! I know it seemed rush but when I saw the date for voting I had to get this up! So support the Nerd Music community and hope you will rock out with what I have in this post! What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe as well? Definitely some last minute info on Omni Expo, my January and February faves, and even my top ten songs of February! Stay tuned!

Top Ten Songs: January 2017!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back fo Nerdy Shique Universe! I am back with a new post and it’s a new series or idea! My best buddy Stellarnana thought we should have our top ten songs of the month. I think it is a good idea and it can be anything! So, January is now on!

10. “Strike Back” by Back On: Starting this list off with a song I fell in love with ever since I knew the band Back On released a new one. Who is Back On? Think of them as a Japanese version of Linkin Park since they are mostly rock with a hip hop edge to their music. They have done music for anime such as Eyeshield 21 and Murder Princess but the one that I really loved was the one they did for one of my all time titles, Fairy Tail, and that is “Strike Back!” This song is opening sixteen for the anime and I have heard it both in english and Japanese and still sounds good! Plus, I did just finish watching part 17 of Fairy Tail where this opening starts playing.
9. “Karate” by BabyMetal: Next is another song by another Japanese band and that is BabyMetal. I heard about these girls all thanks to fans of them in Daytona Beach and decided why not listen to them? I am a fan but the song that really gets me pumpin’ is “Karate” from their album Metal Resistance. I would say give them a listen and if you find the video where they perform with the lead singer of Jusst Priest, watch it!
8. “Last Chance” by Cascade: Lately I have been getting into acts that were invited to Electric Daisy Carnival and to tell you the truth, I rather go to EDC than a convention rave. Why? Well, the music is not as great even if we went early. I do hear the MetroCon rave is pretty good. Anyways, the song that gets in my head is by Cascade and the song is known as “Last Chance.” It has a very soothing beat and I do like the chorus line of “This is my one last chance to breathe.” Which I can see why the DJ at EDC Las Vegas have everyone in the crowd to sing this line. Also, the beat is very catchy and good to dance to! Anime Sushi, why don’t you play this one at Cyberia during MegaCon? Or just get Cascade to do it.
7. “Dangerous Woman” by Ariana Grande: Next is a popstar that I remembered since her Nickelodeon days and that is Ariana Grande. Don’t judge me, can’t help that I sometimes listen to pop despite my lovin’ rock and metal. So, “Dangerous Woman” seems to get stuck in my head and doesn’t help that Ariana appears in Brave Exvius which is the mobile Final Fantasy game, which people are wondering “Why?” Well, she is big in Japan. This song is a almost jazzy-like song and it it is the title track on her album. I can see how she grow up from the other songs she has done already including what she did on Victorious.
6. “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” by The Darkness: I know this was an early 2000’s song but it does get into my kitty ears time to time and I have been listening to it a lot in January. When I first heard this song I cracked up a lot because of how the lead singer goes into this operatic sound in his voice. I can imagine how painful it can be when playing this on Rock Band. I am not kidding! You an download it in the store for the game.
5. “Ohio Is For Lovers” by Hawthorne Heights: Okay, back to rock and lately on my I Heart Radio list this song has been coming up and it’s by Hawthorne Heights. I got into these guys around 2005ish and remembered hearing them throughout our walking Warped Tour 2007. I do like it since it has a nice balance of screaming and it is a good song to even have on the Hot Topic playlist.
4. “Circles” by Pierce the Veil: Another band that has been showing up on my I Heart Radio playlists is Pierce the Veil! I decided to kill my kitty curiosity by seeing other songs by them. I forgot the song that pops up the most on I Heart Radio but the one that I like that sometimes play is called “Circles.” I just like the chorus because it has a very awesome hook and rhythm. I would love to see these guys live at some point!
3. “Paper Moon” performed by Pellock: Well, we are in the top three and this one made me happy! So, there is this guy on YouTUbe known as Pellock and he does covers for a lot of songs in Spanish, English, and Japanese. The one that made me happy the most was when he did the cover of “Paper Moon” the second opening of one of my other most fave anime titles, Soul Eater. The guy did a pretty good cover and his band did make it sound like the original! Now I want to watch Soul Eater again!
2. “Heart Killer” by HIM: Another song that was played throughout January on I Heart Radio and that is HIM’s “Heart Killer.” They are usually known for slower songs but this one is a very good and upbeat song they have done. I think it was on the first Rock Band for the downloads store. No matter, it does get my second slot.
1. “You Are” by Paul Oakenfold: Remember when I mentioned EDC earlier? Well, another artist from that known as Paul Oakenfold and in his Las Vegas set from last year he opened with a song called “You Are” and that got me searching. You can hear this song in the video that will be included. I preferred the version that he opened his set but this one also sounds very good too.

That is it for this month’s list of top ten songs! Let’s see what February brings! Stay tuned for my next post!

Review: House of Blues July 1st Show and New Mr. Bella Album!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Guess what? I am back in Orlando! I returned last Friday and man I had a major weekend of recovery from my month away in Daytona Beach. Not only I was recovering but did have to unpack everything I took and bought as well. Besides all that, I do have a review for you and that is on the House of Blues show I went to last Friday along with a review on Mr. Bella’s new album which I picked up while I was there! What do I think? Keep reading! Also…

DISCLAIMER: This review is based on opinion and observation of the writer! Please respect the thoughts and opinions of what they say.

House of Blues, July 1, 2016 Show with Filth, Mr. Bella, Soul Switch, and Mechanism: I did a quick review on this show over on my Facebook and decided why not bring it to Word Press since this was a show not only after the Pulse tragedy but it was the last show that Tom Huestus of Soul Switch was saying goodbye to the band. When I found this out back in May, I was surprised because Soul Switch has been together for as long as me and Gondras have been together (didn’t know until the night of the show about this tidbit) and they aren’t the only ones who lost a lead singer because Leaving Haven lost their’s at the time of I found out about this. So, I did what I always do and asked for tickets from Matt of Soul Switch and I did get two envelopes full of them this time around.

I know I mentioned how the Pulse tragedy was an unfavorite last month and still is it didn’t keep all of us and the rest of the crowd from not going and the bands from performing that night! They did beef up security which was a good thing. Before we got into the House of Blues, we did explore the Disney Springs area since we had time to kill and we found the Mac and Sephora in that area. For those of you who don’t know is that Disney Springs took place of Pleasure Island which was the party spot of all Disney and lost money apparently during the recession and was changed into this place. Very nice and we will have to see how it’s like in the shops. Also, got to go back to Ghiradelli after so long since that place is my number one chocolate spot and all time fave! Gondras tried a sundae that had cookies and cream, vanilla, and those new mini squares with caramel which taste amazing! I had the salted caramel brownie shake was equally amazing! If you haven’t been to the Ghiradelli shoppe on the Village side, you should because they tend to put their chocolate squares in every ice cream item! Stellarnan did have something but from a shop across from Ghiradelli and it’s a Canadian dish called Poutine which tasted very good actually! I never thought gravy, cheese, and potatoes would go together and that is not the only one they have since they have others like a latin-style and an Italian-style, which sounds delicious but I would go for the original.

The Show: The first act up was known as Filth. I never heard of these guys since it was their first time at the House of Blues that evening and man they really woke me up! They are a scream metal band and when they started their set I almost flew out of my flip flops. I know it’s strange to hear me say I was wearing flip flops but since the day before I was wearing a pair of new wedges that went with a dress for a mock interview and I had flip flops to help my feet out that I bought when I got to Daytona at the beginning of June and wearing them and learning from that night was kind of a mistake but I wanted to be comfortable. The band, Filth by the way, was okay not knocking my invisible socks off at the moment except they did bring Tom onstage for a song since it seems that some of the bands were really wanting to celebrate with him.

Next up was Mr. Bella always lighting up the stage! They started off with my alarm for the past month and that was “Cross My Heart” and it killed it! They did perform a lot of new material which I will get to the review after this and did pick up the newest album they done. They did have a major request from it and that was the song “Psychological” which is very awesome! They did go back to one of their oldies and it was known as “Fire.”

Next Soul Switch took the stage and of course they not only killed it but fired up the stage despite it being the last night for Tom to be in the band. They done their classics such as “Walk Alone,” “Saving Me,” and of course “Hang On,” and the song you will ever hear me scream with, “Demons.” “Change” this time around was extra special because the lead singers of Mr. Bella, Filth, and Mechanism were also brought onstage and both Anne Marie and Eric were heard in the performance. I am not sure if Mecha joined in with the screaming because she is also a screamer and opera singer with her music. What really made us sing along was of course Soul Switch doing “Zombie” by The Cranberries. We have seen some of the local acts cover this song but this done by Soul Switch would make Cranberries happy due to how well they did it! I also made it extra special since not only my birthday is the day before Tom’s (go figure that I was born on August 9th and he was born on the 10th) but decided to bring my zombie torn shirt! If you guys don’t know the story behind it…

So, it is pretty much the original Soul Switch shirt and when I had it washed the first time it unraveled a little and I worn it to the show back in 2011 if I remembered or was it a year later, anyways, I wanted to see if I could get a replacement and did. I kept the unraveled shirt and when Manime Man held a Friday the 13th party, I had an idea and pretty much went town on this shirt to make it look like I was my Soul Eater character fighting off zombies and covered in zombie blood and shreds. I did wear it to the End of the World show underneath my warm jackets since it was freezing like crazy that night, the last show we saw them at last year in the fall, and now this one since Tom was leaving. He did want me to bring the shirt and decided why not get it signed to retire it. Man, it tickled with the sharpies but worth it! I also have a picture with them which you can see on my Instagram at MariBlueCat. I hope Soul Switch will be okay as a band because I will miss Tom in the band but I will still wish him birthday wishes when August 10th rolls around!

Finally, Mechanism finished the night which in my honest opinion this set was a bit off. I mean the sound check shown they had no problems but when they performed they were a bit off beat. I mean Mecha was a few beats ahead of the guitars and drums. I think one song had them go with the beat a lot better. Mecha is still nice as ever and she was happ0y that I came back from Daytona earlier that day.

Mr. Bella New Album:”Don’t Tell Me No!” This album shown how much Mr. Bella has matured as a band. I still remembered seeing these guys back in 2009 at the House of Blues and it turned into a regular thing to go to see local bands for us. “Don’t Tell Me No” is a major step up from seeing them back then and now that it’s 2016 and still rockin’! I heard their newer stuff since the start of last year and man it sounds good. The songs you would tend to hear them perform are “So Long to Sanity,” “Word,” and “Don’t Tell Me No.,” which are equally great songs even live. But the song that really got my ears going is “Psychological!” This song has me tapping with the beat of the drums and give me a nice adrenaline rush while listening to it. I think of the anime Psycho Pass with this song because of the action it brings. I can see why so many fans requested this song to be performed especially when we went since it kind of gave me the same feeling of “Cross My Heart” live. What surprised me about this album the most is the cover to “Just Dance.” I bet you’re wondering, “Bowaaaaahhhh!?” Yeah, they covered a Lady Gaga song and they made it better in my ears! I do admit I do like “Bad Romance” and one other song I am blanking on but “Just Dance” was covered very beautifully and Anne Marie rocked it.

That is why I am giving this album:

Five Paws out of 5!

What abouyt the show? Hmmmmm…..

4.5 out of 5 Paws! Reason being is that Filth was just okay in my opinion and Mechanism did a smooth sound check but the performance was a tad bit off. I can’t help it that “Zombie” done by Soul Switch did keep a higher score because they really rocked that song!

Well, that is it for this review and I am glad to be back in town! I may be going back in the future since Daytona is considered a home to me since it is very accessible but for now I have to focus on my turutre and how to grab it.

What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? I am not sure yet but…it may be a sad end to my Boxy and Ipsy for now. I will explain in the post for that so stay tuned! Also, make sure you’re following me on Twitter and now Instagram where I post new pics even new makeup looks!

Doesn’t Sound the Same: Simple Plan

DISCLAIMER: This post is based on opinion and observation of the writer!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Guess what’s back? It’s time for another “Doesn’t Sound the Same!” I bet you’re wondering if I’m doing it on Panic At the Disco like in the last post said, nope! Why? Because a band came back into the music scene and man they REALLY don’t sound the same! I will come back to Panic at the Disco which until then, I will be covering the band that came back!

Band: Simple Plan
Place of Music Origin: Canada

Welcome back to “Doesn’t Sound the Same” where we see bands go through their music timeline based on albums! Today we will be looking at the band Simple Plan. Ohhh Simple Plan I miss thee and as said before, they did come back but with a new song and it’s called “Singin’ In the Rain.” I didn’t know they came back until Gondras told me last night and man it made us laugh like crazy, especially him since he heard it on the radio station first on the way home.

The Original Sound: If you haven’t heard of these guys, they came from Canada back in the early 2000s and the first album we saw from these guys was called No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls. Yes, that’s the album title and I did crack up the first time I heard of it and their music back then was more of alternative with an emo twist. Their first single for us in the US was of course “Addicted” and listening to it did bring me back to ye old high school days even when they performed the Class of 2004 Disney Grad Nite in 2004, which was awesome by the way! Of course the song was about being addicted to the one you love. They did have other singles from that album including “Perfect,” “I’m Just a Kid,” and one of my most fave tracks, “I Do Anything.” They did keep the emo rock going with their next album Still Not Getting Any which featured “Welcome to My Life” which is pretty much almost everyone’s song at that age after high school, which this album did release that fall after I graduated.

Where the Sound Changed: When the sound changed from their emo sound, heck even their most emo sounding song didn’t have a title, changed to more of a pop sound by the sel-fitled album that was released around 2006 which I didn’t know they released it then until finding it on the FYE website. I did pick it up and it felt as though they did still have the sound I used to remember but you hear a distinction in how they changed, if you listen to the riffs in “Your Love is a Lie” it kind of takes on a pop sounding chord and how Pierre sings it feels like an R&B song. Even the first single off this album known as “When I’m Gone” took the more poppish sound and felt like, “This is not them!” No wonder they didn’t perform much off of the self-titled album when they were performing at Red Hot and Boom in 2009 here (for anyone who hasn’t been to Orlando in July, it is a free outdoor concert that a local radio station holds the day before Independence Day with a fireworks show and a lot of bands during the day) and just performed off the first two albums. I did see they released a fourth album but never got it and it was around in 2010.

What is the sound now? Oh jeez! When Gondras told me about this song last night, I went immediately to YouTube to listen to it. “Singin’ in the Rain” turned them ainto and it sounds like “Fly” by Sugar Ray. I am not bashing on Sugar Ray, I am a big fan of that band but Simple Plan is not them. This song cracked Gondras up to no end and I did crack up a bit because it is not the same sound I used to know coming from them. I will put this video along with one of their older videos so you can compare what I’m talking about. I did find an earlier song they did with Sean Paul on YouTube known as “Summer Paradise” which I have a feeling that came on the album I didn’t get before this newer one that is out or about to be released known as Taking One for the Team.

Do They Sound the Same? NO! No they don’t! They changed and it wasn’t for the better either because when I hear Simple Plan I always recognized them for “Addicted,” “Welcome to My Life,” and of course, “Perfect!” Not “Your Love is a Lie” and this newer one either. It’s like seeing how Jimmy Eat World would turn into a pop band when we know them for “Middle” and “Sweetness,” which I remembered they kept their sound very well even when they shown up to perform on One Tree Hill. Sorry to say guys, I prefer the old Simple Plan over this new one and wasn’t kidding that they did perform more off their first two albums during Red Hot and Boom either, I was there for that performance and the only song they did that night off of the self-titled was “Your Love Is a Lie.” Anyways, Enjoy the funny of their reggae sound!

What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? I will try to get around to doing the Panic At the Disco “Doesn’t Sound the Same” post sometime soon. Also, will be going to Daytona for a month for a pre-employment program but will be posting as much as I can like I did the last time. I will see if my parents will bring my Ipsy and BoxyCharm to me as well whenever they get delivered next month.

I did decide to research in the whole why clean off your makeup because I did like how Patrick Starr talked about it in his makeup cleansing video and thought it would be an interesting topic for some of the cosmetic controversies I’ve been doing here. Stay tuned!

Faves: March and April 2016

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Itt’s time for March and April Favorites! I know I tend to do it at the last week of the second month but I have a not-so-fave that I need to get off my chest!

Not-So-Fave: Idesse New York Organic Gel Nail Polish: Oh yes, the thing that got me excited that I was hoping for sucks! What do I mean by that? Well, when I first tried it out it chipped within a day and it looked like my nails went through a wood chipper and got all my nail polish off. I re-did them Monday and woke up this morning with two of my fingernails on my left hand missing polish and my ring finger on the same hand lost all of it. Okay, I understand that this polish is supposed to be chemical free and organic but shouldn’t have the same staying power as a lot of gel nail polishes that are found at salons and in our local Ultas, Sephoras, and drugstores? Apparently this one doesn’t! I know some of you who got this polish in Ipsy might say use the stylist tip of not using a base coat which I seen a video yesterday of the person not using one and she went through the same thing as I did and didn’t use a base coat when I do along with a quick dry coat and a no-chip one but it seems like the polish ignores the top coat and hates me. I find it even sadder that the gel polishes I have from Wet N Wild and Sinful, I think some of my OPI ones are gel, and those STAY for DAYS beyond this one! Heck, when I wore Alfresco from Sinful’s gel polish line which is a Copenhagen blue color, it stayed for over a week on my nails! This was when I used the Sinful Top Shine Coat. I’m sorry Idesse and Ipsy, one need a better formula in doing that chemical free polish and Ipsy pick better polish brands. I hear Trust Fund is a good brand and why not have LVX and NCLA in your bags as well like Boxy because those polishes do stay on my nails! Oh yeah, this thing is getting a one out of five when Gondras helps me with the reviews because this is not a Paw Print of Approval status product, I give it a Negative Paw Print!

Faves Time!

Fave Convention Moment: Hearing That Omni Expo Gave Us a Good Word! So, going into faves and decided to start off with a fave from Omni Expo. This year it was in March due to, again, Mega being in May this year and crossing our fingers on getting press for it and yes there will be a convention spotlight at the beginning of May, so stay tuned for that and follow us on Twitter for that if you haven’t! So, you guys know my story with Omni with the whole finding us and reaching out to us to do press during their first year after a tiny typo I made and we have done press for them since then and glad that we done it for third year and as a full team. One thing is that this year we had a good word passed on about us to Brian Beacock because before our interview we had a bit of a schedule issue and got it fixed and he told us before the interview that they said “We’re awesome people and do a good job.” That is a major first for a convention to do that especially one we have done work in the past for. I am really thanking them for that because it makes us even more accepted as a blog. I am putting this as a fave because having two turn downs last year did make me ad but it is not effecting me as much since there are going to be those conventions that are going to turn you down but more to accept you since there are so many going on year round, especially here in Orlando! Thank you Omni Expo, hoping to do a fourth year with you guys and more interviews to come with!

Fave Panels: Paul St. Peter’s Pirate Curses and Voice Acting Panels! Another fave is during Omni Expo, Paul St. Peter had a lot of panels that dealt with voice acting and gave very good pointers. Heck, he even did one on pirates and tested people on their voice range for that! If you’re at any convention with this guy, go to to his panels! Take it from us because if you want to be a voice actor these will help you understand different ranges for both heroes and villains! Not only that, if you’re in a pirate movie, his Pirate Curses panel will also have pointers in saying the many different curses pirates have made when they were around in the 1700s or 1800s, forgot the time range, it would help know what to sound like. Still, these panels are a great thing to go to, even if Chris Sabat is at a convention, go to his voice recording panels because he gives good advice on how to record when you’re working in the booth.

A Major First: A Double Interview with Kyle Duhaney and Jeff Perazzo from Power Rangers! Well, had to mention this in my faves and hoping to do more like this and that is an interview with more than one cast member and we got to do it with the two Dino Thunder Rangers Kyle Duhaney and Jeff Perazzo. I wished they did that with us with the main cast from Attack On Titan last year, because that would’ve been more convenient but hey we understood. If you haven’t seen that video, it was hard coming up with questions before the convention to tell you the truth and we did ask some of them during their panel earlier that day. Still, it would be fun to do it again at future conventions and it shows that we can do other formats of interviews and I think we passed with flying colors with that!

Best Done Cosplay: Water Pokemon Trainer! Too bad I didn’t get to interview any of the guests with this costume and sorry for no pics but I finally wore that water trainer cosplay I meant to wear during AFO last year but glad to bring it to Omni! I will tell you what I wore though and it goes like this: Teal Blue Tank Top, dark blue patterned skirt, a pair of sandals, my glasses (yes I wore glasses and have started doing that again), Gondras’ old red wig he used for Spirit Albarn, a white barret, and a pair of Pokeball earrings that my buddy Nancy made and a booka shell necklace. And will plan to do a cosplay of her twin brother from my Pokemon fics in the future. Anyways, that is the idea of the cosplay and has been in my head like my character Avery, the ice trainer you have seen me wear the costume of in every video since last Omni! I hope to do an interview wearing this costume in the next few conventions.

Beauty Faves!

MakeUp Geek Eye Shadows: Yes, I have to combine these because since I got my BoxyCharm in March, still sad about it in April but hey what can I do? I got two of the ever-so-popular-on-YouTube brand, MakeUp Geek and I can see why people love these things like crazy! They are so pigmented especially Cocoa Bear, which most people got even Vivi got it. I used it with Mink from Hikari which I traded my other Jay Cat Beauty Lip Paint with Vivi for it and a light brown shadow I traded points for and man they go well together! While the other is Mai Thai which is an apricot shadow with gold flecks which I mixed with some gold and bronze shadows which also worked well. I may have to get more of these because they are amazing! If you never tried MakeUp Geek, I would say do it! You won’t regret it! Maybe the Sparklers because people didn’t like the no sifter idea.

CleanColor Madly Matte Lipsticks: I have to mention this brand and their lipsticks because they are awesome! So, I was watching It’s Judy’s Life and she mentioned how she was having a very hard time getting her paws on the Kyle Genner Lip Kits and she checked Amazon to see about getting them due to them selling out and people have been selling them for outrageous prices there, which is true with most makeup being outrageously priced by people, and she found liquid lipsticks by a brand called CleanColor that was being sold there and she got a set for around $7 which is not bad and went to see for myself. I got a set of six lipsticks for $7.50 with shipping that totaled around $13 and you can’t get better than that. The shipping was fast too and got it Sunday out of all days and oh man, they are amazing! They have a Fruity Pebbles smell but they go on smoothly and feel comfortable! I know everyone wants to go with the matte look and they tend to find drying lipsticks and these do need a few passes from what I hear and I believe it, they are so comfortable that you hardly feel anything! I am thinking of getting more if I can’t find a blue lipstick, I know why because of Jeffrey Starr’s and so many other people’s pastel goth look which I tried, and found more sets for affordable pries! I may see about the liquid counterparts if they are even better. CleanColor does have a website and they are very affordable there too which their stuff is in the drugstore price range.

Wet N Wild Ombre Blush in Mai Thai Buy You a Drink: Whoa, that was a mouthful! So, Wet N Wild came out with new blushes and they are in the ombre style! I heard so many things about ombre blushes since it seems to be the big thing this year and NYX came out with some and almost bought one but there are times when products can be disappointing and might go for those due to how people like them but the Wet N Wild ones seem to get the popular vote! I was glad to find them in Target which I iwish they were in WalMart and drugstores because they are pretty popular! Pretty much these blushes go from light to dark and your color options are The Princess Daquiries which is a pink range, In a Purple Haze is a purple range, and the one I got is a peach range called Mai Thai Buy You a Drink! Whoa, tongue twister! I have been open to trying peachy blushes and did get Peach Berlini from Ipsy last month from one of the many brands and sometimes wore the peach colors in my Coastal Sense blush pallet, plus did get Mac’s Warm Soul which is a neutral peach shade. When I heard about Mai Thai, not saying the entire thing again, I wanted it so badly! Princess did sound nice but Mai Thai won and I love the soft application! If you haven’t tried out anything in Wet N Wild’s blush range you must! Their blushes are amazing and these are too!

Wet N Wild What Dreams Are Made Of Highlighter: Another item from Wet N Wild is their limited edition highlighter from the spring collection known as What Dreams Are Made Of! I heard about these highlighters all thanks to Tati and couldn’t wait to find a way of getting these and found them at Walgreens! I only got one because this one appealed to me the most due to the having purple, blue, silver, and I think some gold in the highlight. It is also very subtle in the lighting! They are known as 3D Highlighters or something and I have tried highlighters from Wet N Wild and the Furgy collection and they are pretty spot on. Some people didn’t like the Cat Walk Pink pallet but I do like my highlights being a bit subtle and I tend to put them under blush so they won’t be so loud. I wish these were permanent because of how unique they are, I hope they do make permanent ones in the future.

Rimmel The Only One Lipstick in the Best of the Best: I almost put this in Not-So-Faves but at the same time I loved it as much as most of my lip stuff and that is the new The Only One Lipstick from Rimmel. I love Rimmel and when I heard about these through the commercials I knew I had to have it! I also saw swatch reviews and it got me to try at least one and I got it in The Best of the Best! It’s a blue toned red like Mac’s Ruby Wu and it’s supposed to be very moisturizing and stays all day but the problem with this is that it slips and slides all over! My mom thought this was my red Jay Cat lip paint I tried using in a container and I tried telling her it’s way different and decided to use a lip brush and it works out better because the control is way better with the lip brush opposed to just using the tube. I would say be careful with the slippery lipstick if you don’t want to do the brush and try to blot your lips as much as you can if it does slide, but the brush is better so go withthat! Will I get more if you’re wondering? I am on the fence, I might get It’s a Keeper but might not. As said, on the fence despite how well the brush works.

Favorite Book: The Rejected Wirter’s Club! Yes, another book to check out and that is The Rejected Writers Book Club by Susan Kelman! I did mention how I’m a member of Net Gally and have been expanding in my reading in other genres as a writer and hoping to read and review the next Midnight Breed book that way. Anyways, this book is the first of a s have some romance but a lot of adventure too! You can get it on Amazon in June and enjoy what this book has to offer from Paul Cruger. I hope to read more from this guy since it is a very clever read and plus you get some history, well historical fiction, behind some of the cocktails that get mentioned. And to anyone in their early twenties, drink responsibly after reading.

new series that Susan Kelman is doing and it is about a librarian who gets involved with a group of rejected writers and their leader ends up with an acceptance letter by mistake for a manscript she sent in hoping to get a rejection letter and ends up having a road trip to with them to visit her daughter in order to get the manuscript back. It’s very cute and funny, I also do relate to some of these people in the book because I do write and I have encountered people get on my case about my fan fiction, which I need to continue on one. I recommend this if you are into comedy!

Another Book: Last Call at the Night Shade Lounge! You know I am a major Dresden Files fan and this book ended up in a list to pick from for Net Gally and it’s called Last Call at the Night Shade Lounge and it’s by Paul Crueger! This book won’t be available until June but got to take a look! Is said before, when I read this book I vflt like I was reading a Dresden book but this is what if you take the magic and put in alcohol? Pretty much the story is about Bailey, a post grad, works at a long time friend’s family bar and gets attacked by a creature and knows that Chicago gets attacked by these creatures at night and must fight with magical cocktails or she’s dead meat! If you want a summer read, I suggest this book because it does have a lot of comedy, some romance, and a bit of historical fiction about the different cocktails used in this book. If you’re my age or in the twenties, do drink responsibly!

Fave App: I Heart Radio! I know this app has been around for a while but had to get it again due to how Apple is doing Apple Music where you get it for free for three months as a trial and then pay for it afterwards and that’s $10 a month. That made me sad since I was able to listen to Eyeshine that way! Hey, I can deal because I Heart Radio did add World Music to the mix and that makes me happy since I tend to enjoy listening to anime music and Japanese artists and that is a major way for me to do it! I was happy to listen to Asian Kung Fu Generation, L’Arc~en~Ciel, and even the RWBY soundtrack! If you’re not liking the idea to pay for radio, I Heart Radio is the best place to do it and also listening to the app does help get artists to the I Heart Music Awards and the event too in Las Vegas. It would be cool to see Asian Kung Fu Generation take the stage in Las Vegas.

Fave Food: Milk Tea Cookies! I have to mention these because I was glad to try them out due to the limited edition packaging and tthat they were in a Pokemon Cookie Tin. These cookies tasted so good I think I had more than one at a time since they aren’t too sweet to the point of “OMG, I think these are too powerful!” And I been there with some stuff! I may look for milk tea cookies in my local Asian market because the taste is good and knowing Donga may have other brands of these!

Another Fave Food: Cadbury Dairy Milk Squares! Lately, it seems that I am getting more into British food and candy, I bla,e and thank Doctor Who for that because I enjoy Jelly Babies and Jammy Dodgers and those do get carried in Publix here. I also like the Lion Bar which is like what if you combine Kit Kats, the Nestle’s Crunch Bar and mix caramel in it and oh man! Best combo ever! But my most fave is the Cadbury stuff since they are good British chocolates! What? You didn’t know they came from Great Britain? They did! They have amazing stuff you can’t find much here but due to how grocery stores have been carrying International foods especially from the UK, I am glad they had these Cadbury biscuits which are biscuit cookies covered in the dairy milk chocolate and for Easter there was a Cadbury egg version with the cream from the egg in it and those were delicious! What made me happiest of all is that I went to WalMart recently and we found bags of Cadbury chocolate squares with that same Dairy Milk chocolate and I found ones with Old English Toffee! It is like eating a Heath bar but the chocolate is made by Cadbury! What is cool is that they aren’t a single square but a double one so you get double the flavor or share with someone who hasn’t tried these things! I suggest trying them because they have different flavors! I want to check out the mint ones since I do love mint and do tend to get the Ghiradelli Squares in the dark chocolate mint instead of milk chocolate and mint. Good to try to see how those taste. And if anyone has seen the Ghiradelli Dark and Blueberry Chocolate Squares, an opinion from a blind person with heightened taste buds, they’re better off with white chocolate due to the tart in the berries and the bitterness of the chocolate. I did write to Ghiradelli and they will pass it along to their chocolate making department.

Well, that is it for this post! I do have new beauty controversy posts, one of them is about fake lashes due to a friend telling me that the glue is bad for the eyes! I am researching on this topic! I also want to do one on Highend vs. Dupes but with quality and formula all thanks to the Idesse nail polish because I have been watching videos of people having a lot of misses in the luxury department and drugstore since that tends to happen a lot! I will also research that!

I will also get yopu guys the Convention Spotlight on MegaCon in early May! So follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique since that is where we update everyone on the convention front, what posts are up, and so on!

Doesn’t Sound the Same: Fall Out Boy

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, it’s time for more music stuff and it’s the second installment of Doesn’t Sound the Same! Today’s band is one that I heard during the early 2000s and they have changed ever since and they are known as Fall Out Boy! I know we have been listening to songs like “Uma Thurman,” :Century,” and a few others but they have changed their sound to fit today’s music. I am changing the post set up since the Avril Lavigne one didn’t go well due to being sick when I wrote it. Let’s get started.

Band History: We know the story behind their band name and that is tthey were new to the stage and didn’t know what to call their band until they asked their fans to give them a name and Fall Out Boy came around all thanks to the character Fall Out Boy from The Simpsons which stuck. I heard about these guys all thanks to a very old music streaming website. I am not talking about the very controversial and well-known Napster which was around at the same time but I am talking about

I was browsing on the top alternative and punk charts until I came across a song known as “Saturday” by them and decided why not download it and check them out. This was around 2001 when I started getting into New Found Glory more and other rockfish acts and when I listened to “Saturday,” they were a pop-punk band and sounded very good. I decided why not find more about these guys and found another song that was available for download and that was “Dead On Arrival.” I bet you’re wondering what this song that I just mentioned? Does anyone remember the very first Rock Band game? Reason why I ask this is because this song was on there on the disk for people to sing. It is a very easy song mind you!

After a few years, I haven’t heard anything new from them until the radio started playing “Sugar We’re Going Down” in 2005 from their second album, yes I am saying second because the first album that a lot of people didn’t know about had those two songs I mentioned above and you can find it through Best Buy and that was called “Take This to Your Grave,” the second album was “Underneath the Cork Tree.” They kept the rock theme going since this was more of an emo sound they had mixed with the pop punk sound. Trust me, “Sugar We’re Going Down” was a major ear worm and even had the album, heck I even have a special edition one that my dad found out of nowhere. The rock sound kept going with other songs like “Dance Dance,” “A Little Less A Little More Sixteen Candles,” even with the next album with “This Ain’t A Scene,” and then the last album before Ashlee Simpson went Yoko Ono, “I Don’t Care,” which was a failure of an album with that.

When the Sound Changed: Fall Out Boy did return and this time their sound changed with it. Even though rock still stuck around since we still have bands like Sevendust, Ten Years, even Slash came back with his own band, but Fall Out Boy turned completely pop to fit today’s popularity with pop and you hear it with their songs “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark,” “Immortals,” which was featured in the movie Big Hero 6, and the song that everyone knows and loves and used for football, “Centuries.”

My Thoughts: Even though they are still a bit of an ear worm but turning pop was a 50/50 thing with me. I miss their old punk sound but at the same time it shows how much they evolved over time from being pop punk to emo punk and now pop entirely. It is weird for me but looking at it now like most artists, they need to fit with what a lot of people listen to. It’s not bad, hearing “Uma Thurman” on the other hand, just one of those things that you may step back even with hearing the Munsters theme being sampled throughout it.

Do I Want Them to Go Back? Yes, in a sort of nostalgic way. It’s like me with New Found Glory’s “Coming Home” album which I thought they need to go back to their old sound and get rid of the piano. I still prefer the punkish version of Fall Out Boy because they sounded better to me than now. Who knows, maybe they will bring it back someday or even still perform “Saturday” or “Sugar We’re Going Down” at a show.

So, that is it, what is next for Doesn’t Sound the Same? Well, since I covered Fall Out Boy, why not go to a band that almost sounds like them and went through the same changes and they are known as Panic At the Disco. Stay tuned!

UPDATE ON HOLIDAY MATSURI: Since you guys know that I mentioned my buddy Manchii on here. I would like you guys to know, he will be a cosplay guest for Holiday Matsuri! He has helped me with getting my cat character Runa done and my outfit for Lucy. If you want to meet himand see what cosplays he may have on hand, go to Holiday Matsuri that is taking place in two weeks! Get your tickets now before they are gone or buy them at the door!

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Music Review: Eyeshine’s Sidewalk Dreams and Chalk Dust

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s time for a music review and glad to do something music again. What is it this time? Let’s see!

This starts off with Ranger Stop, I know you thought I was done but not really! Johnny Yong Bosh was there as a guest this year and found out while I was meeting him again (last time I met him was at AFO 2011) and found out that among all the items he had on his table was his newest album with his band Eyeshine. I know you’re thinking, he is a musician? Yep! I got into their music through a friend of mine that Johnny remembered and even have their radio station on Itunes added to my list. Let’s see what I think about this album!

Album Name: Sidewalk Dreams and Chalk Dust
Artist: Eyeshine

As you know, my favorite genre of music is rock and some bands I do like, especially in alternative and punk, include New Found Glory, Soul Switch, Boys Like Girls, and so many more. Eyeshine to me at least remind me of a combination of Third Eye Blind with a mix of Boys Like Girls but this album shows more of their Boys Like Girls side with the first two songs having a harder sound and they are known as”Paper Hearts” and “Play in Two (I’m Getting Out.)” Then once track three, “So Majestic,” it brings their softer side and to admit I like Eyeshine’s softer side than the harder because it shows Johnny’s voice range a lot better. Even on ITunes when they play the ballads by Eyeshine I feel like turning up the volume and sit back while I write as they play, heck I did remember one really good ballad on one of the old CDs I borrowed from that friend and played it over and over on my old MP3 player because it was beautiful. I wished Ranger Stop had Eyeshine perform because not only I never got to see them live which I am kind of kicking myself for not doing that during AFO 2011 but I can imagine how this album would sound.

There is one song that does pop out to me and it’s called “Break Free” break Free” and it is another one of the ballads on this album. To me the lyrics kind of remind me when I graduated from college since it talks about leaving one world in the soft guitar that starts it and then the other instruments join in. I remembered how back in college I wanted to break free from it and live my life again without college holding back. This song is pretty much my favorite on the album and I think one other.

My other favorite would have to be “Myself to Lose” because I like the sound of it and I do like the lyrics about being twenty-one and have to grow up. When I was that age, I didn’t feel grown up at all, especially meeting Gondras at the time. One thing I did take from the song is the chorus because it talks about doing something in your life again and you have yourself to lose. To tell you the truth, I feel like I want to draw again but lost it due to my eye sight again and if I were to go back to that time in my earlier twenties I would definitely do it again before my reality did hit. I do say that right now doing this blog is what I like to do the most.

My Thoughts on the Album as a Whole: I say Eyeshine has definitely changed their sound and the audio sounds better on this as well. What do I mean by that? The older stuff felt a bit echo-like and I feel like this one had better recording style, editing, and so on. Plus, it shows that Johnny has grown as a musician with his band and if I would definitely have this played at a gathering among friends or even in Hot Topic.

My Rating: Five Cat Paws out of Five!

Well, that is it for this review of the album! I hope to see more from Eyeshine and hoping if Johnny is back for Ranger Stop that they perform. That is one thing that they needed and that was Special Events. Anyways, glad to know that they put something new out there for all of us and glad that I can find their music on ITunes, which their list is interesting because it also has anime music to go with. If you have an IPhone or IPad, I would say check out their playlist on ITunes Radio to see what other stuff they have done.

What is next? Definitely doing Doesn’t Sound the Same on Fall Out Boy. And follow us on Twitter @Nerdy SHique if you haven’t gotten a chance! We will be posting about our experiences from Holiday Matsuri during that weekend so you can see what is going on with us during the convention and what other posts we have and so on. Stay tuned!

Avril Lavigne: Doesn’t Sound the Same!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s time for my newest segment with music and that is known as “Doesn’t Sound the Same!”

All thanks to branching into music back in April after interviewing Soul Switch and reviewing their album that came out, I have been noticing from then on, even before, that a lot of the famous artists have changed their music for the better just doesn’t sound like they used to be. I understand that they want to fit with the times but it seems out of their little box that they sound like they used to be. That is why I created this and will be looking at artists like Fall Out Boy, Skillet, Taylor Swift, and today’s artist, Avril Lavigne!

Who is he or she? Avril Lavigne is a Canadian singer who was known for her single, “Complicated” back in the early 2000s. Born on September 27th in 1984 in Bellville, Ontario, Avril started her career by the age of fifteen when she appeared onstage with Shania Twain and then signed a two-album contract with Arista a year later. Her album, “Let G,” was a popular album by 2002 and ended up with the personas of “Pop Punk princess” and “skater punk.” Now I can see why most of the pop punk fans hated her, try being in chatrooms back in the early days of my AOL use and seeing so many people calling her a poser. But back on track, She has sold over 30 million albums since her debut on the and 50 million singles on top of that.


Let Go: 2001-2002
Under My Skin: 2004
Best Damn Thing: 2007
Goodbye Lullaby: 2011
Avril Lavigne: 2013

Where the Sound Changes: “Let Go” and “Under My Skin” were the albums that shown Avril’s rocker side. There were a few tracks that seemed a bit soft on her first album, “Let Go,” which did match the alternative sound that she claims to have. Some of my fave tracks on this album included “Complicated,” “Sk8r Boi” and one called “Tomorrow” which I tend to listen to when I was down back in my high school days since I looked up to her a lot. With “Under My Skin,” it did have the same sound from “Let Go” since it shown the same alternative sound she has over the punk sound that she claims to have. To me, her music was more of alternative in the end over the whole punk sound, especially when you hear in “Happy Ending,” “Together,” and even in “With You,” “Complicated,” and a few others on that album. At least those two albums kept it together while “Best Damn Thing,” it just…gave me a “Why!?” This album was where the song “Girlfriend” came off of and it went into the realm of pop-punk except more pop. I only listened to this album twice and now my third time writing this post and it was not my favorite because of how much Avril’s sound went down more of the pop route since pop music was starting to pop up more around 2007 and pushing rock back, which this album did make it to number one on the music charts. With “Goodbye Lullaby” which was released in 2011it explores more of her pop side and I do admit “What the Hell?” is a good song but I am missing her old sound as I listen to some of the songs from this album, especially on the ITunes radio station for her. Pretty much, with how I observe, from alternative to the small summit of pop and then hitting the peak of pop with “Goodbye Lullaby.” And I noticed how it does open with the first perfume’s name, Black Star, and it is a pretty soft beginning from some of the other stuff she has done. No wonder this album was popular in Australia and Japan as well as the United States and UK. What about the self-titled? It sounds like a mix of “Goodbye Lullaby” and “Best Damn Thing” from what I am hearing, especially with her song “Heres to Never Growing Up,” which does have the old sound of “Complicated” but it still has the pop edge. This album also features a song with her ex-husband, Chad Croger from Nickelback, and of course the notorious “Hello Kitty.” Which according to some people, “Hello Kitty” is a racist song towards Japan but she quoted that it’s not. I did listen to the entire song before doing this post to do my research and man my ears hurt!

What Do I Conclude? BRING THE OLD AVRIL BACK! Which I’m trying to say is that she completely doesn’t sound the same, especially with her self-titled one that was released in 2013. I admit I do like the song “What the Hell” from “Goodbye Lullaby”, which doesn’t hurt as badly as some of the other songs such as “Girlfriend,” but I do miss her alternative sound that she was best known for back in the early 2000s. I ddidn’t mention that she did try some acting and I did see her voice work in Over the Hedge as Heather, a opossum, and that was pretty well done for her first time. Still, I would just have the first two albums and just buy “What the Hell?” on its own or just listen to the ITunes radio station when it comes up. I may track down her perfumes because I do like celebrity perfumes, especially both of the Taylor Swift scents.

That is it for this first segment of “Doesn’t Sound the Same!” Who will I look at next? Definitely looking at Fall Out Boy since I got into them back when they started in 2002. And also, stay tuned for my Ipsy and BoxyCharm post since I just received my Boxy today and Ipsy yesterday!

And also, if you were sent here by my buddy Vivi lately, hello! Because I done a collab with her and my friend over on her YouTube Channel which we done a haul together! Find her as Paws & Play. (Don’t get confused with the pet subscription.)

Well, that is it!

House of Blues: September 5th with Soul Switch, Mr. Bella, Blaine the Mono, and I Wake Up for My Funeral

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I am taking a break from beauty to bring you a music review! Last night I went to see some bands at the House of Blues and they were Soul Switch, Mr. Bella, Blaine the Mono, and I Woke Up for My Funeral. I got free tickets like my riends Vivi and Tobi to this show but all thanks to Soul Switch! You remembered that I interviewed the guys of Soul Switch back in April and got to see them at Earth Day Birthday that same month and now they are back at the House of Blues where local music hits the stage here in Orlando! What do I think of each set? Keep reading! And one more thing before I start!

DISCLAIMER: This review is based on opinion and observation of the writer, please don’t get mad if you don’t like what I have to say!
I Woke Up For My Funeral! I know, interesting name for a band right? I heard many other names like Johnny Plastic and the Rubber Band, Rise of Defiance, Not Tonight Josephine, and even Maybe If You Hit It. These guys opened the show last night and we kind of missed the first song since traffic was pretty bad getting in due to how Downtown Disney has a parking garage in the West Side parking lot now. We did catch the rest of their set and they sound pretty good for a weird name like this. They have a very unique sound and they know how to rock. I should’ve bought their album but there is always next time whenever they are performing with our fave bands.

Blaine the Mono! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh! We saw these guys and ggal back in April when they opened up Soul Switch’s album release party, which also had Traverser and Leaving Haven performing that same night. We aren’t too fond of them after seeing that set and we were hoping that they would improve but we thought wrong. Sorry, I am going to sound as professional as I can be with what I think, but we don’t like this band. Orlando and Tampa, since Mr. Bella is from there, does have a lot of talented bands but not all of them are faves of mine and this one is one of them. The lead singer has a bit of a pitch problem and her screaming is screechy! Don’t get me wrong, there are good women rockers and some of them include Bif Naked, A Brilliant Lie, hell, even Mechanism is one of them after seeing them once but to me Blaine the Mono needs to turn down the screams and just focus on being an alternative band and just have the singer hit the beat more since the rest of the band has. I didn’t even like how they covered “The Best of You” by Foo Fighters and even “The Beautiful People” back in April despite not being a Marylin Manson fan myself. I would say just skip this band if you want, but they do have a music video they recently shot according to the lead singer and it’s on YouTube.

Mr. Bella! One of the bands we really wanted to see is back and they rocked yet again! We got to catch them back in July with Leaving Haven and The Dead Deads and it felt great seeing them after over a year and half. This time around, still felt that goodness hearing them live yet again. Great thing is that they did make a few new songs and they are known as “Words,” “Crsh and Burn,” and “So Long to Sanity” if I remembered correctly! Still a great band and amazing performance and hoping they come back to Orlando over and over. I want to doget my paws on that “Words” song since that is my fave new one.

Soul Switch! And finally, the main act of the night, Soul Switch! Like with Traverser, these guys are always a pleasure to catch over and over and their set gets better and better! I did mention how they released Regnerate back in April and they did perform “Hang On,” “My Tragedy,” and “Demons” to close the show. Of course they done their hits “Change,” “Saving Me,” and “Transmissions Lost.” They even had the performance only “Walk Alone” and “Never Again,” which I wish they were released because they sound equally amazing live and could imagine how they sound recorded. But what can you do? And we can’t forget the signature broken mic for Tom in the first song though. I did pick up a new shirt since they released three newer shirts during the time since we saw them last and I got the one with the Regenerate cover on it. I did say it was the “Best EP” thus far this year so why not get a shirt with the cover? I did wear my zombie ravaged shirt for added support! As always, they rocked the stage and the good news for anyone who lives in the rest of the SouthEast, they are going to be touring, catch them if they head to your state Shiquers! Knowing that they will be posting on Facebook about it, is the page to be and for their official site!

Well, that is it for this post! I will be getting back to beauty with with the “Too Young for Make Up” post and then return to music for the first post of “Doesn’t Sound the Same.” Stay tuned!