ant: Response to Grav3yard Girl’s Instagram Nightmares Video

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Today I decided to do something more as a response to a video I saw earlier this morning.

As you know I like to watch Bunny aka Grav3yard Gril on YouTube and this morning she did a rant video about how she had a bit of a situation on Instagram with with a caption she had made and it cuased people to get into arguments over it. She talked about how people are trolls and want to bring people down and not only that there are cyberbullies that exist out there and I know how she feels because I went through something similar in the past and did comment how I seen it with my fan fiction on FanFiction.Net. I decided to write a response about that on here because no matter where you go there will be people out there that make mean and cruel comments and time to time don’t know the rule of whatever you write on the net, whether it’s through a comment, a video, etc. it will be out there forever especially with the words you use. I even remembered saying the same thing to a commentor on my DMC Reunion Panel clip from Ranger Stop when they y rand about how I didn’t record the video horizontally with my IPad. If you go to the video you can see the comment that they made and I felt offended by it myself and I felt that my response to it was seen as rude by them when their original comment was rude. Did it bring me down? It kind of did but it didn’t mean that I would stop making videos even with my convention stuff to bring to you guys. I bet you’re wondering what about the fan fiction part of it?

Well, as you know I wrote a bunch of fan fictions after I lost my eyesight in 2008 and have come a long way. At first I was writing my fan fictions in the old paragraph style and people told me how to write it better and started doing it that way and it grew and started writing fics based on Tsubasa Chronicle, DNAngel, and even did my own take on Angelic Layer. As time went on, I did notice how people were commenting that they don’t like the writing and it even shown a lot on Fairy Tails: Fan Fiction Novel of the Dresden Files where I had so many comments saying they don’t like how I was writing it and how I didn’t make it like the original source material or even read anything of the original sources which is not true. I have read the Dresden Files more than once and even read two of the books while writing Fairy Tails and that was Blood Rites and Turn Coat. I haven’t read “Bombshells” a second time because I didn’t like the person reading the Dangerous Women story collection as much as the other recordings. Anyways, halfway through writing I decided to end it short since I couldn’t take it and when a fan stood up and commented by saying “I want to see the ending, don’t take what they say personally.” I took that to heart and jump started it and kept writing and even ignored one comment that cussed me out which I can’t block the guy since he was a guest commentor. I did put in my author’s commentary after that by saying “What you say on the internet will be there forever.” Which is true and I have taken that to heart and not only that as my response to those comments the sequel came to be and shows the reverse effects of Fairy Tail ending up in Chicago instead which the good thing I didn’t get any harsh comments. I am hoping that won’t happen as the story goes on.

My thoughts on this in the end is that a lot of people are expecting people that create content for the net whether being a blog like you see, a video, or even fan fiction expect that they have their expectations met. The thing is that I tend to take from an old Disney Channel move is “Never expect the unexpected” It means that you can’t always give people what they expect out of what you make and when it does happen then there will be disappointment time to time either in yourself or your audience. My advice is just go in with an open mind whether it’s subscribing to a makeup box or making video, just open minds exist.

What about bullies? Well, nowadays it seems like being a troll either in the real world or in the internet is a way of being “normal.” There is a major difference between criticism and making a jerk-sounding comment and that can be expressed with feelings in the real world but on the internet you can’t convey those emotions through text. As in, no one can’t see if you’re happy or angry or sad when writing it unless if they are sad about it as in “I’m sad that my cat ran away.” Then add emojis to convey that sadness. In other places people can take the message as the wrong way, I still remember how I used to be in a group on Facebook on my shared profile with Gondras and someone comes in and says “Naruto is an anime? I didn’t know.” It was supposed to convey sarcasm in a joking way but some of us couldn’t see that and it turned into a huge argument between the person and her boyfriend. Not only that it got two of the moderators involved which went into one huge mess and don’t want to go into too much detail. As said, feelings are hard to see and not only that there are people that are just plain mean and think they can be mean all over the place to be liked but not a lot of people like people that way. Bunny did make a point that not everyone will get along with each other and I respect that idea since I don’t get along with some people back in my college days and have seen it in my Daytona days as well. We are all human in one way shape or form and if we want to talk to someone we can and if we don’t then we don’t have to even if it’s hard to bottle it in. But bullying someone on the net whether it’s through Instagram or Facebook is something that is not tolerated in everyone’s books and it’s hard to get rid of, looking at it now it is kind of like high school on the internet which what if we were in a school on the net to make friends and we have a troll and they bring that person down. It is hard to get rid of those trolls whether through blocking because there will be new ones popping up. It’s hard to avoid and yes comments can be mean and they think it’s acceptable when it’s not, which those comments can really hurt and cause something serious.

I In conclusion, I see what Bunny is saying and now thinking why did we come to this idea that in order to be accepted in the internet world is to be mean when commenting on someone’s picture by slamming them down. In our world today, bullying has been a major part of our society and it gets transferred over to the internet and a lot of people have taken their lives because they couldn’t handle it, which is sad. To make the point, when we write in our blogs, post on Instagram, or even record for YouTube, we can’t always please people and fit their expectations when it comes to being creative, which means we should go into everything with open minds and just shrug what crap gets posted in the comments. Plus, trolls are everywhere and can’t stop them unless they realize what they did can be hurting.

Well, that’s my response on the video. You can find her video titled “Rant-Instagram Nightmares.” Which I love her Tea Vlog rants a lot since they are entertaining and informative since she has been bullied herself and have blossomed into an awesome YouTube personality and I admire that about her.

Well, there you go! Stay tuned for anything else I will bring!

Rant: Why the Internet Media is Important for Convention Scenes

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Today, I kind of have a rant and well it deals with internet media, especially with conventions who want people as guests and press!

The internet has been growing for many years! I still remembered how it started off as dial-up and now we have cable, sattleite, and wi-fi internet and it gets used everyday! Whether it’s for checking email, the stocks for the day, or even downloading music. There is one spot in the internet that a lot of people to use and that is for creating content and uploading it for the public to enjoy, which includes videos, fan fiction, and even blogs like you see right now. Like many books and movies, there are many genres of this material and that includes anime, beauty, cosplay, gaming, etc. There is even podcasts on these many topics and a lot of people enjoy watching or hearing about this stuff.

I bet you’re wondering, where do conventions come into play? Well, there are times when a lot of cons every year ask for people to do press or ask for internet people to be guests while others not so much. Last year, as you know that not only we got turned down for press by AFO but I did suggest them to have Bennet the Sage as a guest. Why? Because he fits in and does make good points when it comes to anime and we seen him at MythiCon and he was very entertaining. Someone put a comment saying that internet reviewers aren’t as important to show up. Here’s the thing though, a lot of internet reviewers do have a lot of popularity nowadays as voice actors. They bring entertainment and people enjoy what they have to say about a particular thing and when they get invited to conventions they get to meet their fans and bring their material live for them to enjoy even more. For instance, MythiCon had Little Kuriboh and Linkara for their first year and I think I laughed to the point of needing oxygen by the end of the weekend, especially Little Kuriboh’s Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged panel. Then the following year, not only they were brought back but added Bennet the Sage from Anime Abandoned and the funny was turned up even higher! I highly recommend the Bennet Q&A panel from that Friday during MythiCon 2014. We not only got to see the Abridged panel from Little Kuriboh and Linkara’s Atop the Fourth Wall Live but Bennet’s Anime Abandoned Uncut panel. Plus, what else they brought was a panel about how to start your own channel or blog and that made it more interesting because of people may want to start their own stuff like how we’ve been doing for years, we did ask about camera work which their tips did give us ideas along with Mike McFarland’s ideas. Still, having these kinds of people do help in giving tips to their fans, doing panels, and many other things. Heck, we even overheard Nate Wants to Battle do a panel giving advice on how to do chiptunes at last year’s Omni. Whatever it is, they do bring good things to the convention scene and they should get more recognition and of course more people to se them, which most conventions do enjoy the amount of people they bring in.

What about press? Well, as someone who has been doing it from 2013 to now, press is one major importance with the internet media because a lot of people have been making YouTube channels, blogs, and even podcasts about conventions, cosplay, and what makes us unique, adding beauty due to makeup purposes for cosplay. Like many conventions, press does get asked for because there are times when a new one comes up in the convention scene or new guests get added, press comes in handy because we do a lot more for the convention we cover. As in, we cover events, review the convention, and my fave part, interview the guests to take a look into their work and background and possibly get some advice if they want to get into the different industries. There are even times when we do get into some VIP events depending on the convention to talk about, such as Troy Baker’s acoustic set during MetroCon 2014! Plus, with all this stuff, it is pretty much beyond what a normal newspaper does because they tend to be limited to write one article on one event, such as the Orlando Sentinel writing about the cosplay contest at AFO last year. Press does go a long way when it comes to spreading the word about the convention too, if you seen all the Convention Spotlights in the past, you know how much I try to get the word out, even with Omni in its first year of being a new convention in Orlando. Without press, where would the publicity end up? So, press is one major importance and it does help business more since of course it is a major business to run a convention.

In the end, internet media is very important to the convention scene the internet stars that get invited do bring a lot of entertainment like the voice actors. They even help with giving advice in starting a YouTube Channel and blog if someone wants to do itm heck, I even remembered doing a fan fiction tips panel for example. And onto the idea of press, a convention is a business and publicity helps that business grow in having the word spread. With the videos and posts, this gives people ideas of wanting attend the next one if it happens again, not only that we do use social media to say “Hey! Check this thing out!” since there are a lot of people on social media these days! We also tend to cover a lot more than a lot of major newspapers don’t due to how limited an event can be written about due to how daily headlines have to be up front. Another thing is we also interview some of the tuests that come to these things so that our readers or viewers can learn about what they did in their career. There are many things that internet media brings to the table and like many businesses, it is also a business in itself with how we work with the convention scene to keep coming as either guests or as press.

That’s about it for this rant, comment below if you want to add your two cents to this because I like to see what you think. Not only that, if you know anything else that I should talk about here that is important just comment it.

What is next? Well, I have my January and February Faves coming up next! Stay tuned!

Anti-Aging Cosmetics Rant: Do We Need It At Such a Young Age?

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Since I am still waiting on word if we are doing press for AFO, they should really get on that since August starts tomorrow and on the edge of my seat for it, in the meantime it’s time for something that I have been a bit miffed about and it’s due to how I have been getting a lot of anti-aging products in my Ipsy bag and BoxyCharm when I don’t use them!

This is mostly a rant about it because since I am turning thirty on August 9th this year, I don’t have any wrinkles, fine lines, smile lines nor frowny ones, crow’s feet, etc. due to how young I look. If you seen all my pics and videos from aall the interviews I done with every voice actor so far you would wonder, “Is she really turning thirty?” Trust me, when I was having the actors put “Happy Birthday” on my stuff back in 2010 when AFO ended a day before it, they didn’t believe me I was turning 25. Anyways, I don’t use anti-aging make up at this stage in time because I don’t need it and it’s scary or odd to hear a lot of girls are using it especially the younger ones around their teens.

What Do I Think? Use Age Appropriate Stuff and Save It for Later! What do I mean by that? Yes, we see the Maybelline Age Rewind items and the IT Cosmetics Anti-Aging primers but best to save it when you hit forty or older and if you are subscribed to Ipsy or BoxyCharm or any other subscription, which a lot of times they give it out, just give it to a mom or aunt that would make good use of it. I did that with my Chloraine eye patches, the face mask from last month’s BoxyCharm, and the Pur~Lis brightening serum which I gave to my mom who put better use to these products since her skin is older than mine despite sharing the same traits as her. I even put that in my review in the Pur~Lis serum that I want more age appropriate products because I rather stick to the skin care regiment I already use that has ingredients meant for my skin.

I bet you’re wondering, then why rant about it in the first place? Well, while researching this after getting that serum I mentioned above, I found that website from the UK that I got a good portion of my points for my permanent make up post (if you haven’t read that post, should do so) and found out teens as young as sixteen are using their mom’s products that are meant for their mothers’ skin not theirs and it’s all due to these kind of products being advertised on a teen network on tv. It goes the same for the United States when we base our shopping on commercials and magazine advertisements for companies like :’Oreal, Lancome, Maybelline, and many other companies.

What are the effects? Like most products, there are many effects that can not only cause the good things but can be harmful to the body. One major thing about using these products very early on is that the ingredients are heavier since women in their forties to sixties have different skin types at that age than we do in our teens to thirties and you all know my number one rule of all skin care, “Not everyone has the same skin type!” This goes true for using these products because as we age we know that we have to use heavier stuff and a teen doesn’t need the heaviest of all. And why are these things heavier? Ingredients in anti-aging creams and cosmetics tend to use Vitamin C, retanoids, and retinol and even coligen which is what our skin is made of. Heck, even in Japan they make marshamallows with jelly made of coligen, which is true that we do lose coligen at a later age. Keyword is at a later age, which these products are meant for that. The main effects that these types of products would cause is that the skin would break down and lose its outer layer that would cause sensitivity to the sun according to the article, “Fresh-Faced and Sixteen: So Why are Girls Like Her Buying Anti-Wrinkle Cream.” Even Web MD did mention the whole these products are too heavy for younger skin and best thing is to stick to sunscreen, which we need to protect our skin the most from due to how we expose ourselves to the great, firey star in the sky and tanning at the beaches, especially here in Florida. And of course, my fave to hear my screen reader read all over my research is that not to smoke! Smoking cuases wrinkles after doing it so long, so stay away from the cancer sticks if you can if you want your skin to stay glowing. Plus, like I said above, better off using the age appropriate skin care products such as Proactiv and AcZone for the teens and salisilic acid based skin care for twenty year olds and save the heavier stuff when you hit later ages.

Well, that is it for this post! I know I ranted a lot since this kind of ticks me off to find something that doesn’t fit my age and yeah, we can prevent wrinkles early but using a heavy cream that is not for our skin can be harmful. Just hand it to your moms or aunts or an older neighbor that would get a good use of it.

What is next? Well, I thought with the age thing…maybe I should mention when it would be right to start using make up since that is an easier topic and there is a lot of things to look at. Also, still still STILL waiting on press news from AFO, because I really want to do interviews with Veronica Taylor, Todd Habercorn, Christopher Kaman Lee, and have Gondras interview Reuben Langdon, which yes you get to see him in the flesh for that. Still crossing my fingers for all that! Stay tuned for everything, including my next August subscriptions and of course my July and August Favorites on top of that. A lot to look for here! Til next time!

Beauty Rant: LimeCrime Controversy!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I tend to post about beauty on here when it comes to box subscriptions, reviews, great buys, and even how it pertains to cosplay. There has been a controversy lately in the Beauty Universe and it deals with a brand known as LimeCrime!

I knew that the controversy has been going on for a few months and started getting familiar with it due to one of the YouTubers I subscribe to, Young Wild And Polished, talked about how she wasn’t going to support them and said to Google why and I did all thanks to my kitty curiosity and found out that a lot of people have been robbed because of the website being hacked! Don’t worry, I didn’t buy from them during that time since I didn’t know it was happening during my time in Daytona. I am so glad I did know. If you’re wondering, I got into this brand all thanks to other YouTubers mentioning them in their videos and bought only one lipstick at the end of 2013 but it was on EBay since I didn’t know that if PayPal wasn’t used, which now I do know they use PayPal but did hear tidbits that it’s hard to get anything on the website because everything tends to go out of stock. I purchased a tube of Airborne Unicorn, which is a pastel purple which kind of reminds me a bit of Lux in Lavendar by Maybelline looking back on it. Still, yeah I paid more due to the EBayer selling for $20 something, at least I got to try it. I haven’t bought anything else since I do use other dupes and of course MAC since I like their products when it comes to the higherend brands due to how it’s slightly cheaper to Urban Decay, I tend to go for other companies. What got me into doing my own post on the hacking matter and some other things is that I watched the many videos on YouTube about it and this is what I found out.

Behind the Hack: Apparently, LimeCrime’s website got hacked at the end of last year right around October but it was hidden from fans and kept under wraps, even someone posted on their social media pages that their money got stolen after purchasing from their site and it got delted and they didn’t say anything and people kept buying until around January. By January or February, more people were still having their bank accounts emptied and wondered why, which they tracked it back to previous purchases and by then LimeCrime did announce that there was a security breach on their website and got shut down because of it. A lot of people did go and contacted their banks after being told a few days later to check their account activity and man it cause some people to post on their social media pages about not letting the public know, which a lot of websites would do that instead of not doing that in the first place and wait until now. This made Doe Dear, Owner and Creator, mad and did made some mean comments about how it was the crowd’s fault for buying her products in the first place.

My Thoughts: I agree with a lot of the YouTubers that this was not handled very professionally as it should and not only that was kept in secret for months. I remembered how I had my account compromised after purchasing something from the Lush UK website a few years back, which they did contact me saying “Yeah, we got hacked and you may have been compromised!” Which I was one of the people and my card company contacted me about it, which the good thing was that the purchases were declined which was good in the end. Still, LimeCrime should’ve announced this sooner than later and more money could’ve been saved from being taken. Another good example of companies who had it done to were of course Target and Neeman Marcus at the end of 2013 and they alerted everyone that there was a security breach as soon as they noticed it. Again, LimeCrime waited later than sooner.

Now to the post about it’s the customers’ fault for buying, a lot of YouTubers agree that is a poor response to what had happened and I agree with it. A company, independent or not, tend to rely on the customers and how they care about them and the service they give even after a bad experience. I had bad experiences in the past and have had a level head when it comes to that because I want to be treated right by the company and how hard they’re willing to fix it. If the company doesn’t reflect good customer service then why bother dealing with them. For instance, I had a bad customer service experience with the Airport Location at Lush and the Florida Mall location did understand what I went through and were even surprised with the rash I got from a dusting powder, yeah I didn’t go back for three or four years to the airport location but it looked like they improved on it. Another example is how Ipsy has really good customer service even in high volumes. Recently I had problems reviewing my items I received due to the new formatted website and they were able to help me out by having me send my thoughts so they can plug them in. We both understood that it is not easy technology can be difficult, especially with my end in using screen readers, still it helped me and they are friendly when it comes to their supporters. But what LimeCrime said about their customers really shocked me because it kind of continued into about MAC and how they should purchase them when they are lower than they are. After hearing that part in the videos, I was pretty apalled! MAC is an equally good make up brand and their customer service is even better than LimeCrime’s from my experiences in their stores! Yeah, you’re paying $16 for lipsticks from both companies but MAC does have the bright colors and do the nude colors too and have great pigmentation on top of it. With hearing this comment and so many other things, it brings me to this…

My Verdict: I won’t be supporting LimeCrime once I use up Airborne Unicorn! I heard things in blogs and in the videos against what had happened that LimeCrime has sold repackaged products, that they aren’t really vegan on top of it since there are times that Beeswax was used in the past, and on top of it that some of the products aren’t the same as they are advertised. As in, someone bought Cashmere, a Velvetene liquid lipstick, and it is supposed like a khaki toned color according to the site and the person who bought it didn’t get it, they got it a deep brown instead. With me and products, I would get what I expect from people describing the color to me or researching the item in how they bought is not what it was supposed to be. I know the net would take it to great lengths but seeing some of these accounts, especially with the hacking happening, it can happen to anyone wherever you buy things. Even with the quote about it being the customers’ fault for buying items, we do buy things if we like them and we can’t always find everything in-store which makes us go online to find it.

Alternatives to LimeCrime: Like many places on the web and in drugstores, a lot of companies do make neons and pastels, and even the wacky colors if you like just like what LimeCrime does. One of them that is starting to get their company out there is The Lip Bar. I heard of these guys after BoxyCharm announced that Charmers will be getting a lipstick from these guys and got me to look and see who they were, as in watching the Shark Tank episode with them and look at their site, they are pretty much a lipstick company that gives bold colors and are handmade as well! They do cost a bit more but can’t wait to see what they are like when I get my box and of course reached out to them to hoping do product reviews. Another company that has the weird colors and don’t cost a lot is of course Hot Topic’s make up line, Black Heart Beauty! They even have a blue lipstick which I remembered seeing on the Hot Topic website. And of course they do sell LA Girl cosmetics so you can look for the Neons pallet. And of course even NYX has the neon colors with their Macron lipsticks, Maybelline does the Rebel Blooms collection, and so many other companies even did neons last year! You don’t have to purchase LimeCrime if you are going for neons and pastels for your make up collection. I am getting more into MAC since I do love their lipsticks and blushes. I do hear good things about their eye shadows and may dive into those at some point. Still, if you’re into drugstore stuff like I am, there are companies that do pastels and neons that are way cheaper and have good customer service on top of it.

Well, that is it for this post! What is next on Nerdy Shique Universe? Well, a Pokemon cosplay post of course, which I am going to focus on trainers, rangers, and gym leaders for it since it’s easier that way! And of course, in one weekend is Omni Expo 2015! Can’t wait! Stay tuned!

Beauty Rant: Box Subscriptions!

Hello shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Even though it is time for Ipsy and BoxyCharm since I just got my Ipsy bag for April but waiting on my BoxyCharm box which is supposed to be here this Friday, but with Florida shipping it is pretty much on the Road Runner express due to it being from Florida. So, in the meantime…it’s a rant!


I ranted about cosplay and of course fan fiction with the problem I went through with Fairy Tails a few months back but this time it deals with box subscriptions, especially in the beauty realm! I don’t want to take one huge paragraph in my next post in what I got I decided to make it a separate post. As you know I am part of both BoxyCharm and Ipsy and get them both each month and I feel as though that I do pay for what I get, as in $10 for Ipsy and the $22, since I live in Florida it gets taxed, for BoxyCharm and do get what I get in each box but with other subscribers there are the ones that do complain about what they get and it’s been irritating for the past few months I’ve been with these guys, especially with Ipsy! Even the complaints started when the theme for April was revealed for Ipsy, which is even incredible and I seen complaints about the people who complain about it. Yeah, it is sad. Let’s continue!


The Appeal: The appeal of both which caught me to subscribe in the first place are different. Yeah, I heard about both through YouTubers I subscribe to but the stories are different. The prices are different for reasons on their own. First Ipsy, which was started back in 2011 and heard of it through the girls of Eleventh Gorgeous with their Ipsy vs. Birchbox videos which are now up against Beauty Box 5 and what really got me to subscribe with the idea of getting samples from different make up companies I heard of and seen in Ulta and Sephora or none I heard of due to being online only and they come in a make up bag for every month! I liked the idea because I always like to switch up my make up bags and I do use them for cosplay make up kits and now have a make up kit for interviews so I won’t get confused. I also got turned to it due to NYX being a company in these bags and you know me, I am a NYX lover, plus itt gave me an open mind in trying new things along the way with samples from other companies. While Boxy, on the other hand, despite it being $10 more and taxed here, it gives me more of a higher end look. Ipsy does dabble in higher end make up yes, but Boxy does it more with brands like Ofra, Model Co., Beauty for Real, and more. It also gives me full size and deluxe sizes in other items to try out and of course I don’t have to pay the high end prices for most products along the way with this box. I seen so many videos with what everyone got and had to try it out for myself with what is included each month. On top of that, what is a greater appeal is that since you get sample sizes sometimes, they do last for a long time! Usually samples run out depending on what it is while others last longer than a month and it gives you enough time to try them out. On top of this, you can trade items if you don’t like them with other people. I will mention that next! Plus, what is great, especially with Ipsy that got me into them and don’t tend to use them and that is the coupon codes that come with each product. Make up does get pricey and I know from my experience in going into Mac and waiting on prices go down on certain Urban Decay items, prices do rack up and it is good to get discounts! Even the Ipsy Me offers where you can get the item you didn’t receive in your bag also has discounted items for people to buy, for instance I got the Pacifica Solar Pallet, which has the Coconut Mineral Shadows from January, for $20. BoxyCharm does have coupon codes that they send in e-mails for people to get, even some of them are credit codes, like with Previse as an example, I think you can find them on the products, but mostly e-mail codes get to you and Ipsy does the same at the end of the month in case you can’t find them on the items. Now, let’s see what are the complaints  besides the appeal!


Complaints: Mostly I see the complaints on Ipsy but with Boxy I only see complaints with not getting the box or not getting sneak peeks, which I am guilty of doing that, which I found out that they only reveal two to three items a month and send the box so everyone can be surprised. Okay, that’s brilliant! I do understand the whole not receiving boxes and bags since there are times stuff does get taken in the mail or gets lost, which I had that happen with packages from different parts of the US and overseas through EBay, here is the thing, boxes and bags get replaced by the company. As in, they tend to send replacements of the entire thing, which I seen a lot through Ipsy, or the individual item, which I only had that once thus far. The only complaint I have with BoxyCharm’s replacement policy is the picture thing, due to being blind and not being around sighted people all the time due to different schedules I can’t take a pic on my own. I admit I traded the item before it got replaced. I did apologize to the person who got it in the end. I do notice how Ipsy does have new envelopes because there are times when items do go missing and these newer envelopes prevent that and are getting better by putting liquids in little ziplock bagies to send to people and I saw that in one of my items this time around, which is a nice step up.


Now onto the most known complaint and that is “I didn’t get what I want!”  This is something is expressed always on the boards on the Ipsy site and on the Facebook and man it’s annoying! Especially when they point out about how they didn’t mark it on the quistionaire! Let me say these points!


  1. The survey that gets taken at the beginning along with the reviews ARE GUIDELINES! As in they use it as way of seeing who you are and what is your style and do their best in matching that with items you get in the bag. Even with the reviews at the end it asks to help cater the future bags in if you like it or not with products and shades, but again they are just guidelines and you don’t not get the item you hate or you do in future bags. They do say that.
  2. They don’t guarantee what you get is what you marked! I learned this after knowing why I’m not getting nail polish much anymore, which I only got it once and that is whatever you marked on the quiz is not a full guarantee is what you’re going to get in every bag and on top of that…
  3. YOU CANNOT OPT OUT OF SAMPLES! Why the caps? Well, this is why, every month Ipsy gets a set of products from different brands and it says when you first register that with signing up that you can’t opt out of them, which is what you get is what you’re going to get that month! I do admit I get disappointed sometimes but I deal and still keep an open mind and willing to try out some things because I understand what they do is what they do! There are solutions with these products..

Solutions to not getting what you expected:


  1. Swap items! Everyone on every board stresses this and that is that you can swap the items that you don’t like and didn’t wanted for something you may want or wanted. I did this in the past with some Ipsy items for other items I didn’t get and that included two skin care items I couldn’t use to sensitive skin for other Ipsy items and still have and of course did swap two of my Boxy items that I diwouldn’t use, which were lashes and the Mistura C to P concealer, for other Ipsy items. Another good thing is that there are Facebook pages for Ipsters and Charmers to trade with each other and I am a part of the Ipsy one but there are times where they can be picky in my opinion, watch out for that.
  2. Ipsy Me Offers! There are times where if you don’t get something from a brand you wanted, such as nail polish by a brand that was given that month or the previous month for example, Ipsy does have their offers thing where they do sell the brands they tend to give out at lower prices than the list price and normally as bundles. I do love these things because I may not get the products they offer that I wanted at first place but they do sell them later. For instance, I just got the Bonita Beauty Lips and Tips set since they were giving Bonita Beauty nail polishes this month and with my luck my bag didn’t get one but I did like the set, which came with two lip glosses and two nail polishes for $8 and glad to get that. That was not the only offer I got, I did get the Rob Sheppy pallet from Tini Beauty, which everyone got the Pearl Fizz shadow in February, the Pacifica Solar Pallet, which featured a lot more items than the shadows, and of course the very first Ofra item I ever got and that is the Ofra eye set. BoxyCharm also put up the products from each month to review and for you to buy since there are some things they do give at random which you can click on the item and buy it from the site or see if it’s up for points which makes it greater.
  3. Buy Them In Stores! Like a lot of brands, there are times you can find what you don’t get in stores! Trust me, I had this happen where I want something and didn’t get in my bag, it can be easily found at Ulta or Sephora. For instance, I didn’t get the NYX Hot Pot Eye Shadow they gave out in October’s bag and was able to find it in Ulta! What if the locations don’t have it or the color I wanted? There are times that you can just order it online which makes it easier. Plus, even when you like the item you got you can also pick up its full size counterpart there instead of having it in another bag. In the end, if there something you didn’t get in the bag at first, you can just buy it in stores, so please save some timeline space in case this happens.

Latest Complaint: Neutrals! ::record screech:: I know, SAY WHAT NOW!? The latest complaint I seen right as the bag was announced was about neutrals appearing in every bag and asking for colors! I know a lot of us girls like the colors and the neutrals but we can’t always do the color thing. I do admit I have pallets and make up sets with the colors but I do reach for neutrals due to smoky eyes and of course doing neutrals for workplaces are the best thing. I am not bashing on colors but the thing is that this is a sampling service when it comes to Ipsy and Boxy does a lot of neutral stuff too, you can’t really bash on it. I did mention coupon codes and going to buy the products, if you get a product in a neutral color and try it out first and like the feeling of it, you can just go to the website for the make up company or the store it’s carried at and pick up the colors that are made. Plus, the Ipsy Me Offers do provide the full size of other colors of the company’s other items, such as the City Colors set with the 72 shadows and other things as an example and their Golden Girls pallet was sold later on with another range of colors. As said, don’t knock the product due to color, just try it out and if you like the product, buy it in a different one with the coupon code or go to Ulta or Sephora where it might be sold and pick from the color range that way. If the product is not liked, then swap.


Conclusion: In the end, box subscriptions when it comes to beauty is a sampling service. There are some where someone can pick what they want but with Ipsy and BoxyCharm, I do like the idea of trying out higher end stuff and drugstore stuff I haven’t tried before or explore the rest of the range with items I did try before. I also get to see other things that brands make or even brands that I never tried before. If I don’t get something I can just go and buy it, no big deal, especially in another color. I would say, don’t knock unless you try if it’s something you can use or don’t like it. If not, just swap with others they may have it.


What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? Well, since I got my Ipsy, I will talk about that with BoxyCharm since I’m waiting on that now! And of course, waiting on news about Earth Day Birthday if I get the media passes, which I am still crossing my fingers on it! Til next time!

Fan Fiction Rant: Writing for Entertainment’s Sake!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Welcome to another rant and it’s on fan fiction! I know most of you are probably groaning or there are booing in the audience, but this rant is not touching on the redundant issues like Mary Sues, how characters react, or even mixing languages, which that should be touched on in my opinion but next time, and so on! This is more of a serious subject and that is writing for entertainment’s sake!


What do I mean by that? I feel as though nowadays that criticism on fan fiction has been a bit more nitpicky! How do I know? Well, I’m and have been facing that since I started doing a crossover with both the Dresden Files and Fairy Tail called Fairy Tails: Fan Fiction of the Dresden Files. Yes, I’m Runa Isami! I know it breaks your guys’ heads but I need to put this out there because of how I feel about this! It feels as though that the comments that have been coming in have been nitpicking on the stuff I’ve been writing, especially with the latest which I’m got and read it as the “You’re using the ‘what does this button do’ trope in this!” I like getting constructive criticism on my stuff but it feels as though that this day that criticism on Fan Fiction.Net is not being constructive anymore! I do help writers out as a writer myself in making their writing experience better, I do it nicely and giving suggestions. That is what I think constructive criticism should be rather than “This sucks!”


My thought about it: I feel as though with the nitpicking criticism that fan fiction is becoming less fun and not writing for entertaiment’s sake! As a fan fiction writer, we write as a form of entertainment for readers to enjoy. I enjoyed writing Fairy Tails since February and able to make all the characters interact with each other, hell I had fun in making all the pop culture stuff being lost to Natsu and the gang in the beginning. Now I feel as though now I’m losing it. I will end it but in my own way, but you should read if you’re interested in what I came up with and the comments on top of it.


Another thing when it comes to nitpicking I hate now is how some readers comment on how the writer doesn’t research or read the material or watch it that the story is based on. The first nitpick was on how I had Harry use magic in Fiore in front of a civilian which he doesn’t do. I did respond to this and will also mention it here. ::clears throat:: The reason why Harry doesn’t use magic in front of people in Chicago is because it will cause panic, even though he had to do that in the story “Something Borrowed” in Side Jobs and he didn’t do that until he escaped in both Death Masks and Skin Game, the most recent story! Reason why it happened in Fiore is because he was helping someone who had something stolen and it made sense there because Fiore is a magical place where magic IS used in front of everyone! Both magical and non-magical. I seen enough Fairy Tail and best example is how Magnolia has to split in half whenever Guild Arts returns home from a long journey and they know his magic destroys anything in his path and hurt anyone he touches. Example young Natsu!


Anyways, you get the jist of it and good example of how I read and seen my source material! Hell, I read a good portion of Dresden Files more than once! I even had to read Grave Peril in the beginning to get Lea’s name right. I guess readers don’t understand that I do read my stuff, even research some things on Fairy Tail while writing since I can’t see the elements of the show as well as the sighted.


So yeah, got to understand that good writers have to research, even when I did my panel, “True Tips and Tricks of Fan Fiction,” first rule is “RESEARCH!” Even Richard Castle got his research from Beckett for his Nicki Heat novels on Castle.


What about my response to the recent comment you may ask? I would say is this that I know I had Harry wonder about a portal that was placed in the NeverNever but I made it into a mirror that he has never seen before. Like most private investigators, which in Storm Front mentions that he is a investigative consultant for the Chicago PD, he was curious and decided to investigate like on every case! And later on, a similar mirror sent him and Fairy Tail back to Chicago since they were sent to investigate it. Yeah, it sounds like “What does this button do?” Not really in a sense due to how each story follows that premise, especially in adventure and without that premise then there wouldn’t be a story!


Well, I hope that helps out this rant! Yes, we as writers write to entertain the readers. Criticism is welcome but it is better to be constructive instead of nitpicky! I may not be Jim Butcher nor Hiro Mishima, nor Yukiru Sugisaki, nor CLAMP, but I do love to write and want to show it. What will be Fairy Tails’ fate, I have a plan for now! If you want to read it, go ahead.


What is next? I found out my Ipsy bag will be arriving Thursday! So stay tuned!