Blindness: When Sight Loss Is A Tragedy But Blindness Isn’t!

Hello to all my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe I am back with another past and it’s a bit of a response post!

Your Life Is Not Over When You Lose Your Sight!

I was inspired by Derek Daniel from Life after Sight Loss which is an awesome podcast by a blind person who lives life after sight loss and gives tips how to get through it and one of his videos was about life not being over after sight loss and wanted to do my own response about it.

I felt like responding to this now because I was in a Facebook Live Chat earlier and I felt like I needed to get some of the negative aspects off because as a person who has lost her sight at 23 I had so many life changes during that time and yes I was one of those who thought my life was going to end because I’m blind, even when I tried finding a job at 28 after graduating from college that I couldn’t find anything but knowing about this podcast did make me think more in a positive light and feel like doing my response now.

Actually, the video I’m referring to is that Sight Loss is a Tragedy but Being Blind Isn’t and I agree with the title since he does give good points.

Why is losing sight a tragedy but not blindness? Derek said that going blind is a tragic event while being blind is just the journey because yes we can lose our sight in many ways whether it being all of a sudden, having Glaucoma, having my eye condition, or even losing your sight due to an accident it can happen in different ways. While blindness, it is just the journey you have to take in order to live your life the way you want it to be. Yes it can be hard, trust me I went through that while losing my sight and going through college but I was able to learn different techniques of doing things like sewing, writing, and using different technology such as my IPhone and now going to work teaching Assistive Technology is something that came from my decision of switching my job goal gears years ago. While with the tragic experience of losing sight loss is depending on how the event affects the person since it is surrounded by sight loss. It depends how someone feels when they lose it and it can take a jolt, as in, “Holy moly, what just happened!?” And then things start to take shape.

What I noticed in the Facebook chat we were talking about how different people who may be performers or even YouTubers that are going through their own visual impairments have to go through a lot like trying to live life daily and how not getting enough in Super Chat from YouTube is not fair to the person because they’re blind. Yes, blindness can be the factor but to me it’s how you handle it in order to get around it. One good example if you saw my interview with Apl DeAp at the NFB National Convention, one of my questions was asking how is he able to perform on different stages? He did explain that he has to be more careful in what he does onstage performing whether it’s jumping around or doing break dances for example. Heck, I remembered when I entered one of the costume contests at a convention and they helped me with the stage before the event. Still, even if you’re visually impaired as a performer there are other ways of performing onstage and not only that getting your music produced and of course you have crowd source ways of helping you to achieve your music goal, even Traverser did a pre-order thing with their last album to help them fund their finishing project. And what about YouTube? It goes the same way, yes it may be unfair to some that they’re not getting all the money back from their Super Chat, take me for example where the YouTube Channel for this blog got de-monetized due to the new guidelines and yes I was mad but I do have Patreon just in case to help fund stuff even though we haven’t gotten any donations but that’s okay, I still go on with my channel as much as I can by posting when I can. It’s not over and see I don’t include my blindness in this because it sucks to be blind but there are other ways of getting around the issues of not getting the funds from your video or other projects. You just have to problem solve and find different ways and keep going from there.

So in the end to make this post a bit short, going through sight loss is a tragedy because we have the emotions of going through our sight loss depending on the different circumstances but being blind is a way of getting on with life, yes you have to re-learn things such as cooking, cleaning, and even navigating around your local mall but we can’t always make it seem like a negative aspect because we’re blind. We have to not only empower ourselves to get out of bed, go and find a job, or even write a book and then that passes on to empowering others to learn about the disability itself and know how you’re able to advocate yourself in a certain environment. I mean I go to the House of Blues for shows for my friends in Traverser to support their music and show that I can rock out like a sighted person!

Well, that’s it for this post and it was kind of short. I will include the video I was referencing so you can see what I was talking about. I also suggest if you know someone who’s blind or if you’re a sighted supporter, I would suggest the Life after Sight Loss Podcast and YouTube for tips, advice, and any tech tidbits! So, that’s it and stay beautiful while traveling the universe!


Beauty: Limited Edition MakeUp Tag!

Hello my beautiful nerds who are traveling the vast universe! It’s time for a new makeup tag!

Limited Edition Makeup Tag!

This tag was created by Angelica Nyquist who is a YouTuber I got into all thanks to Karen Harris and her video in particular besides the cat got me to do my answers. I hope doing it as a blog post is okay since it’s easier for me to do rather than have a camera with Siri telling me where my face is. I think this is an interesting tag because it asks about limited edition stuff and we all love the novelties behind it and sometimes it can be annoying to find depending on where you live or it’s in stock or not! Let’s see what questions she asked and what my answers are! I am not bashing on these brands if I have anything negative to say it’s my opinion and I’m entitled to that opinion!

1. What is the limited edition product that you were happy to get your hands on? It has to be both the Tarte Swamp Queen Pallet and the Too Faced Holiday 2016 Sets in New York Café and Merry Macarons! I remembered how Bunny also known as Grav3yard Girl on YouTube was releasing a pallet with Tarte and it caught my ear and I wanted it so badly. It was sold out at Ulta and when I got enough money to get this thing I had to order it on Sephora and was lucky that it was still available there when it sold out everywhere else. I love everything except that the bronzer was way too dark for me to use as a contour shade, I feel like an Oompa Loompa if I used it for that so I use it as eye shadow instead with the other shades that have an orange undertone. I wished there was a lighter bronzer even though Bunny does love her super dark contour but I can’t use it. Again, it’s an eye shadow for me. While the other two sets, these were very popular even the Merry Macarons because it smelled like cookies and it was sold out everywhere in my town and my dad didn’t want to give up on me getting it for Christmas until I called the Ulta he went to first and they had one left and I begged for them to hold it and they did until noon which made me happy that I got this. I haven’t used it much because of it being a hard thing to find and I love the vanilla scent it gives as much as the coffee scent from the New York Café ones since that’s coffee and these were the two really pigmented sets out of all three they did that Christmas. So I was really happy to get these three!
2. What was your least favorite LE Product you could live without? I would have to say the Nikkie Tutorials Collab with Too Faced. I know I did praise it despite how bad reviews were but this was one collab I wished it would’ve been pushed back for the pigmentation issues. I admit I did have some issues with one of the shimmer shades while the rest were pigmented. I do have to say one thing is that companies should not rush their collabs with YouTubers and celebrities because this can happen and Too Faced, especially, is well known for being one of the greatest companies with their pigmentation but lately it feels like they are going down the hill and their saving graces are the Peach Collection and the Chocolate Bar Collection. I am still on the fence about the Golden Bar Pallet by the way. I wished I didn’t have bought this despite how I love leopard, which got me, and I did want to support Nikkie. Still, it should’ve been pushed back.
3. What brand do you think that does Limited Edition best? This one is a hard one but so far so good I am giving it to Wet N Wild because they’ve been working their asses off especially last year with their Spring, Summer, and Fall Collections! I still have all three by the way and the only collection I have this year is the Flights of Fancy Collection and that was really good except for the primer spray which the sprayer died on me very badly. If I were to pick which collection was my overall favorite it would be Unicorn Glow because it was very simple and you can do a lot of things with those eye pigments, highlights, and you do have the lipsticks and that cute brush! I am also still thinking about their Zodiac Collection since I am also thinking what happens if they do a fall one in the midst? Who knows but still I think Wet N Wild does it best.
4. And to flip things over, what brand do you think does it the worst? Oh man, this one is very hard because I tend to pick which brand I want to get the limited edition stuff wisely because I look at reviews with some things like the Christmas stuff for example and some YouTuber related items just in case they go on sale. So, I can’t really say who does it the worst because reviews can be where you can tell yourself if you should get it. Also, I have to agree with Karen that there are times where brands do make it hard by saying it is limited or not and then bring it back due to people wanting it back, to me that is also confusing.
5. Name one thing or more that you wished that wasn’t Limited Edition? Easily the lip scrubs and baked blushes that were in the Flights Of Fancy Collection because as you know lip scrubs are a huge thing at the moment since people love to take care of their lips and brands have been popping up with their own scrubs in the drugstore so you don’t need to go to Sephora or Lush to get their scrubs as an affordable option. I have the watermelon one and man it doesn’t feel so rough like some of the ones I’ve tried so far, it’s just sugar and oils which are very essential to the lips after you get the scrubby bits off. I am not sure but I do lick it off and it’s not harmful to me and it does taste like watermelon. These should be permanent and more flavors please Wet N Wild. While the baked blushes, this was their first line of baked blushes and I feel like they can keep these in their permanent range due to how popular their Color Icon Blushes have been. These are as pigmented and easy to blend and yeah they may have the hummingbird in it but that can be removed and place it on the shelf. And of course, can make more colors of on top of it. I mean they took the concepts for the Metallic Cat Suits to make nude colors for their permanent range why not this?
6. What is the thing that got away and you couldn’t get and missed? I would say the Manny MUA pallet he did with Makeup Geek. I was so excited for this to come out but couldn’t get it since at the time I always asked for some money from my mom and was sad not to get it since the price was over whatever I had left. I did ask for it in PR and they said no to that. I wanted it so badly since I used to support Manny and I did love the shades that came in it, especially Luna and Artemis, I wished they released some of those unique shades separately then I would buy those but nope! I did let it get away and one side of me is kicking myself but the other is not feeling so badly since he does have his own makeup line and not sure if I should support it after not being subscribed to him for a while due to his makeup videos weren’t that entertaining after a while. I do like neutral eyes but they can be boring after a while. Sorry Manny.
7. What was one thing that was limited and made permanently and either made sense or not to you? I would say, since I mentioned Wet N Wild is that they took the Metallic Cat Suits and made a different range of them to be nuder and I liked that. I don’t have any of those shades yet but will in the future since I did love the ones from the Midnight Mermaid Collection and it was great that Wet N Wild took that and said, “Hey, people loved these why not just make nude ones since not everyone wants a bold lip.” I admit I love wearing blue and green sometimes but other times I do like my nudes and I did hear good things about what they did for permanent shades and glad that they did that instead of just keeping the Metallic Cat Suits limited edition.
8. What is one thing permanent do you think should have been left limited? Hmmmmmm! That’s a hard one! I got one! I noticed this ended up on Ulta’s website and that is the Midnight Mermaid Box! I wanted this originally from Wet N Wild but it sold out and it stayed sold out on their website and I got the individual pieces from Ulta and Wet N Wild to get the entire collection. Trust me, that was hard on both sides but what the question is would it have been back in stock? I even talked to people over at Wet N Wild on the phone and they said it won’t be back. Guess what? A year or so later, it was on Ulta’s website. Seriously? I was mad at Ulta since they could’ve had this when the Midnight Mermaid box first released but we were told it was going to be only on Wet N Wild’s website. All I have to say, it looks like it’s no longer there but at least it was still considered limited edition because I feel like the box sets should stay limited and like what Wet N Wild told me if it sold out then you pretty much can’t get it again. The Flights of Fancy Box is there though in case if you haven’t gotten that yet.
9. What is the Best Thing or Collab Released According to You? I would say when Ofra collaborated with any of the YouTubers so far like Nikkie Tutorials, Manny MUA, and Kathleen Lights because they have had liquid lipsticks released, not only that Nikkie had a highlighter wheel made and now she’s getting another collab with them which is a good thing. I love Ofra and I hope they keep on going with other You Tubers that have been working hard and I know some of the shades are also permanent at the moment which is pretty awesome for Ofra.
10. What limited collab or product would you like to see? I would like to see more brands collab with smaller you Tubers. Yes, it’s great that they got the bigger ones but the smaller ones need some boosts too because they buy the brands all thanks to the bigger ones and try them out on their channels or blogs and getting that support like with the bigger YouTubers can help them get more subscribers after having their work checked out. Yes, being on a PR list is great but getting that collaboration chance would make it even better.
Well, those are my answers and it was pretty challenging because you never thought limited edition would be thought about until now. We always hear “Limited Edition” all over the place and we know it’s not really for some things. But these were my answers and I hope you enjoy it!

Next post is my Ipsy for July! I know, I said I was getting my first bag in August but apparently I’m getting one this month and I will explain that in that post! So follow us on Twitter for any updates about that @ Nerdy Shique! In the meantime guys, stay beautiful my nerds!

Beauty: What FIve Things I Would Save In A Fire?

Hello all my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! Today is going to be a new tag!

What Five Makeup Products I Would Save In Fire?

So, today, I watched a video by Just Call Me Jo on YouTube which I just subscribed to all thanks to Danielle Schmidt and now watching Danielle’s video and this tag deals with what five things I would save from a fire? Now I’m hearing “fire” by Arthur Brown in my head especially with one specific line that goes, “You lost all you saved and earned…” Anyways, so it’s interesting to see what a blind person has to say with a huge makeup collection but these are five items I would save.

. Ulta Be Gorgeous Set: This is the first product I would grab first because it is one of my shelves and this is a set I can’t stop touching and well it’s no longer available. It has all of the things I need which there is a ton of shadows, also has bronzer, blush, and highlight, even my gel liners and a few pencil liners and lip products! I better grab the flash drive with my pallet guides then!
L’Oréal Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara: The mascara I would save is the L’Oréal Miss Manga Mascara! This is my ride or die because it is my top fave cosplay item and it makes my lashes look amazing and yes I can replace it but this is one that I would run out with! Can’t help it if it’s my all-time fave mascara either!
Black Moon Cosmetics Moonlighter in Shroom: I just got this recently and it looks stunning on me and that is my Shroom Moonlighter from Black Moon Cosmetics because of how beautiful it is! I was hoping to get Squid from this line but it sold out at Riley Rose which sucked but this one was my second choice if that happened. It does have a bit of glitter but not to the point of pooping it since I can put a brush easily into the compact and put it on my cheek bones!
Both Urban Decay Naked Heat and Petite Heat Pallets: I know this is slightly cheating but Jo did have six items but I would have these together and they are the Petite Heat and the Naked Heat pallets from Urban Decay. I’m trying to collect all of the naked pallets from Urban Decay at the moment and my birthday is coming up soon and have two left to get but these two have my faves out of all the ones that have been released, even more than the Naked 2 Basics. The mini pallets really got me to collecting since I use those for interview makeup and when I had my work experience, heck I hit pan pretty hard on the final shade of the Naked 2 Basics and bought another during Pre-Employment, so yeah on my second one on that and the first one may follow suit but later. These two in particular are very unique despite how warm toned they are but very versatile. Yes, people have complained about too many warm pallets but you can create a lot of looks plus the Petite Heat is a supplement where you have colors that did not appear in its original counterpart especially with the orange! I would grab these two since I can’t keep my paws off of them!
Wet N Wild Foundation in Buff Bisque: My final item is of course the Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation in Buff Bisque! I know over the years I raved about Almay’s foundation from the Clear Complexion line but this one beats it out of the water because the applicator is simple and you don’t have to pump out so much which you just spread all over the face and I buff it in with my beauty sponge! Plus, it’s very affordable and my skin just matches perfectly with this shade. Speaking of tools…
Coastal Scents Vanity Affair Brush Set: I’m going to pop in one more item before I end this post or shall I say before my runner ups! I would so grab this brush set first since I can’t go without brushes and my suitcase of loose brushes would be too heavy and that’s the Brush Vanity Affair Set from Coastal Scents! Reason being is that I had watched this set on Coastal Scents for years until it went on sale but found it on Amazon a few months back for $9.99 plus free shipping and grabbed it since it was the last one. And Coastal Scents put it on sale for half off. What the heck? Oh well, but this set does have all the brushes I need from powder to foundation and all the eye brushes I need. I can just get the Real Techniques sponge at Ulta real quick!

Runner Ups: Can’t go without a few runner ups!

Hot Topic Black Beauty Galaxy Shadow Pallet: First is something from my fave store Hot Topic and that is the Galaxy shadow pallet which is in the original huge packaging! This shadow pallet is unique and it has more out of this world colors and I admit I’m not afraid of playing with color time to time!
NYX Dream Catcher Pallets: My most favorite pallets from NYX are the Dream Catcher pallets which are Dusk to Dawn, Golden Horizon, and Stormy Skies which I love all three and they are so pigmented! Plus these are the cheaper pallets that NYX has released since. I saw the newest one and ten shadows for close to $30? Say what?
MAC’s Warm Soul Blush: I’m so addicted to this blush and it became a major staple in most looks!
L’Oréal Lumi Bronze It In Light: This has become a favorite bronzer and it’s hard to not wanting to use it but it always ends up in my hands like the next item!
Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer in Light: This is a bronzer I wear a lot since it is so natural and the smell is amazing!
Curve Chill perfume: Even though I’m running low at the moment but I would grab my bottle of Curve Chill! This perfume is the cleanest smell in the Curve line because I tend to love clean smelling perfumes and it’s not that heavy of a scent either. Plus Curve was one of my first perfumes but it was Curve Crush and I do have a bottle of that along with Kick, Appeal, and Wave.
Burberry Brit Perfume: Last runner up and another perfume and that is Burberry Brit which has been a big staple fragrance in my perfume collection! Everyone at the Blind Rehab Center always knows me by this scent due to it being a unique vanilla spice scent and I’m a unique person that everyone meets.

Well, that’s about it for this post! It was hard to narrow down some items since I do have a big collection of makeup and it does continue to grow! I am glad that Danielle Schmidt and so many other YouTubers have done this tag so I can do this post. If I were to tag anyone, definitely Vivi! Your turn! I want to see what you have to say! I will get the interview with Apl D Ap up as soon as she finishes looking at it in case if it needs editing and more things to come! I haven’t been posting as much since I’m going through a lot of books and I’m also still going through the JAWS Certification so I can pass that before I start my Grad Certificate Program so hang in there! In the meantime, make sure you follow us over on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique for any latest updates like if I finished anything in my Project Pan! Until next time! Stay beautiful my nerds!

Social Media: Brands Scamming On Instagram?

Hello all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! I am back with another post and I did promise something more serious!

Instagram Has Scams!?

Disclaimer: This post is based on an experience that the writer had and basing it off of other experiences people had in the past. Please respect her thoughts and opinions.

Yes! Say it isn’t so! And I kind of experienced it. The thing is that apparently some brands are going around on Instagram to gather people for their Affiliate Links and Ambassador Programs and some of them don’t give what you want if you paid for it or say “No Purchase Necessary” but you had to purchase it yourself and not straight forward about it. Let me tell you my story.

So, this was right after I bought the Urban Decay Beached Eye Shadow Pallet and I did a look using the teal, the blue, one of the dark brown shades, and Blaze and posted it on Instagram. I got the usual likes and new people liking it until two comments came up, one was from a sunglasses company called Hash Tag Sunglasses and the other one was from a box subscription called Yes Oh Yas! They commented that my look is awesome and that they want me to be an affiliate with them. What was interesting with the one from Yes Oh Yas said, “Contact me so we can get you started and send you a box?” I was sold mostly on Yes Oh Yas because I have been missing Ipsy and Boxy Charm while Hash Tag Sunglasses was an if in my book.

So I and the rep from YOhY talked and she told me that there is no purchase necessary, we give you a code for your followers, and we don’t really ship worldwide and so on. I decided to go with it and leave my address and she did give me a website to sign up on and I go through the process and yes I looked into it and the products looked amazing, you even get a full-size brush set or pallet and other things. I was hoping that the box was going to arrive soon and apparently I found out the hard way that they don’t send boxes for free. Yes, not for free for review. I even confirmed with the official Facebook page and they said the same thing in response. What got me was that they sent a code in the email saying, “Here is your 10% Off Code for your subscription and your friends.” I thought I was getting a free box at first because that is what no purchase necessary meant, even contest rules are the same thing for many companies. I was mad! I felt like I was used even because most affiliate programs would be more up front which I will go to next.

So, with Hash Tag Sunglasses, on the other hand, is different. Again they did the same comment, well almost the same, and I PMed them on IG about it and they said go to the website in my profile and I did and signed up. They send me an email saying, “Thanks for signing up! Look through our designs and we will give you a code to use for our Ambassador Rate and after ordering we will let you have a custom code for your followers.” So, I found the Cat Eye Style with the brown and leopard colors and email them back and they give me the code and I did explain that I didn’t have my deposit yet until June 1st, can I just order then? They let me and when I got the deposit I did put in the order and it went from $53 to $27 which is not bad because a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses go for more than that! I did email them with what I want my code to be and apparently I sent it twice, it was supposed to be 10% off but it’s now 20% somehow. I was cool with it and a few days later my package is shipped. While it was going through shipment, I was looking on the net about this company and guess what happened? There were videos about them going through a scam with this company, one was from last year and the other was more recent. I know better to look into things very deeply and finding that YohY was more trustworthy except for some reviews which I will get into later. Trust me, after watching the videos which the first was the one from last year saying that she didn’t get her order and it was after the two week time span and that a few other people went through the same thing. I figured that it was a year ago and probably they had issues for being a new brand or had high volume which happens. The most interesting part to it that made it more long time ago idea in my head was that the codes that they gave everyone was the same to use for not just purchasing which was a first time code but for the discount code for friends and followers which was “New Shades For you10!” The girl did ask I think in the second video, “If you are an affiliate, don’t you get a custom code?” Which I did get a custom code which was good.

Did it ring some bells? Yes! I decided to contact the company for questions because I was worried even with the glasses being sent from China of all places which I looked into they mostly come from different warehouses around the world. Also what rang my bell was that there was no tracking that anyone got which the first person said it was because of the free shipping bit. A little bit of news about that! Even if you have something with free shipping attached, from my experiences of buying from EBay, Amazon with some free shippers, and even Color Pop when I reached the $30 limit and even NYX once, you get a tracking number no matter what! I did get a tracking number actually which gave me some relief and did send that email anyways and I got a big response saying which I will summarize, “What are in those videos might not be true, we do have high order volumes and sometimes packages may be delayed!’ Which is true, even around holidays that happens, I even had it happen once in 2007 when I ordered something for Gondras for his birthday and you know how hard it is during Christmas. They even mentioned how they have been around for a long time, well four years, and they do deliver on their products which is also great relief on my end which is true since I did get my sunglasses in the mail last Thursday. And the second person did get her sunglasses too in the mail but she wasn’t happy with them which I was happy with them. What was also a sweet relief was that they also sell at the Galleria Mall in the Chic NYC store where you can see them in person if you need to.

What Is My Verdict?

Well, I feel like some companies do work hard and not all of them are scams on the internet. Yes, it was kind of weird knowing that my sunglasses were coming from China which I think they had to be made there and they did say on their website that depending on the style it would come from a warehouse worldwide. It did get to me within the two weeks’ time because that is usually the time that I buy anything from China or Hong Kong gets to me whether I get it on EBay or Amazon, heck it took longer when I ordered the Smell of Weather Turning from Lush UK! So, I knew where it was coming and I did get my tracking number and it did update when it got to New York and then when it delivered. The only complaint I have is the text messaging updates I never received because I figured I could track my package if it was coming or not. I did bring up to them and they did say, “I think we had the wrong address on file but we are glad that your sunglasses arrived. For future purchases just email us.” Which seems a bit off because I gave them the right address and they came to right one even though that can happen with one wrong typo. Unless the shipping service got it wrong while going through the process of being shipped. I don’t know what happened but hoping if I were to buy again then I will double check on spelling and hoping to get text updates. Which that brings me to the next point.

The customer service I receive even while explaining the Affiliate Program was way straighter forward than the Yes Oh Yas people. How so? Like I said above, with YOhY, they didn’t tell me that I was supposed to subscribe to their box when they said “No purchase necessary.” Or required which was another bit of wording used later. If only customer service came to reply within hours through Facebook like they said or in a day by saying, “Sorry! I don’t know why that rep told you that! You need to subscribe in order to get our box while signing up is free to get your referral codes.” Rather than be vague about it. While Sunglasses, they were more up front with me talking about how the Affiliate Program works and how to get your first pair which you had to buy with a code and then come up with a custom one for your followers which is pretty fair in my book. Even Chic NYC was the same way since they also came up to me but their prices…yeah…not in my range even at the Ambassador Rate. Hey, at least I’m working with one of their other companies and as a blind person I have to protect my remaining vision at all costs especially around summer and winter when the sun is super bright. I do love my accessories even jewelry if you may have seen my cosplays.

All I do have to say after those two videos, maybe HTSunglasses did change over time and was getting used to having affiliates. I am not sure what happens behind the scenes but it did throw me off with how the text updates didn’t work but hey at least their customer service did give me an answer even to my worries. I may have to visit their Galleria Mall shop if I get to stay in South Florida for more than one day because I want to see how other styles are like in person since I can feel them in my hand. I will still work with this company and yes I got a lot to learn about different people on Instagram from different brands I will keep my guard up. While Yes Oh Yas, they won’t get any business from me after feeling like I was duped for something. Yes, their Ambassador Program would have get a dollar for every person to sign up but not sure if that is for real and wouldn’t be more fair to send out the ambassadors a free box once and then talk about the product on the blog which I wanted to in the first place and see how the audience would feel and want to trust what the company provides. That is why Ipsy and BoxyCharm, even Allure and Sephora, get the following that they do with their own boxes. Which I am thinking of going back with Ipsy soon because I miss having the little makeup bags of stuff and trying out something new even in a small size which gives me an idea of what is similar in the stores or if I can get that NYX item or Hikari item somewhere. Another thing as well, some of the products I noticed with some reviews are also repeated in other subscriptions too especially with Bella Pierre products, which I’d rather go with Ipsy and Boxy for those items. And I also read a few Facebook reviews and some were not great, I did talk about my experience on their alongside someone else becoming an Affiliate except they got blocked which is not good. Sorry YOhY, you get a thumbs down in my book.

And if you guys want to check out Hash Tag Sunglasses, you can and if you want to use my code, I included it in the Affiliates page and will include it here which is blueuniverse20 which makes sense since my name is Mari Blue Cat and for my blog name. And I did say I started with the Cat Eye Style glasses with the leopard print. They do have many other styles even for men and kids in case if you need to get them a pair. And again, it does take two weeks to ship so just be patient and if you are in Fort Lauderdale, they are also available at Chic NYC store.

Well, that is it for this post! Stay tuned for another book review! Hold on tight!

Accessibility In Gaming Part 2: What d Do I Want to See In This?

Hello my beautiful nerds traveling throughout the vast universe! I’m back with a new post and this time it’s a continuation of a past post I’ve done!

Accessibility in Gaming Part 2: What I Want To See in Gaming With This?

Stellarnan gave me this idea since she brought an article about a new controller Microsoft had developed for their XBOX for anyone with hand issues to play one handed. This is a step in the right direction since it has popped up and now Microsoft has been working on a lot of things in the Accessibility Department. I even participated in the NFB’s webinar with Narrator recently and can see improvements. Not only that, don’t forget Seeing AI and Soundscape made for IOS.

  1. ind that should be included1. Nintendo Get More Into Accessibility! As you know, I play a lot of pokemon and it’s not easy playing without any assistance. I did use Seeing A.i. with the Short Text setting to read things on the screen and it was great but it would be tedious holding it up all the time even with a tripod. I did mention this and that Nintendo needs to get into the accessibility game more even though they did start with the contrast adjustment settinngs on the Switch. A little fact, according to the episode I listened to the episode by Assistive Tech Update that Nintendo is behind in accessibility due to Microsoft taking the top sot with Sony right behind because of one setting which I will talk about next. Yes, it is nice that they started with the contrast adjustments but not everyone can see that because not everyone has the same eye condition so that brings me to the next point.

  2. More Screen Reading Support! I menttioned Sony because they only have the Text to Speech engine working on their home screen at the moment. Even Gondras demonstrated this when he first got his Playstation 4 this year and we were disappointed that only went far to work on the home screen area which makes us sad and me even more because I have not gottten my paws on Playstation controllers for a long time, well I did have to navigate through the Rock Band 4 song list to find one song I wan sing and that was last year. Anyways, it would be nice that screen reading software be included or as an app to downloaded. I did mention above that not everyone has the same kind of eye cndition to use contrast adjustments with colors, you need low vision for that while total blindness or low vision to the point of not seeing anything requres screen reading. Reason being is because we ccan follow along with the story better to have it read to us, the tutorial screens read to understand what the button combos are and how not to get killed in something ike Final Fantasy XII or even Kingdom Hearts to name a few. And speaking of Final Fantasy, having the emnu options being read out along with who is up next because it would be hard to see that little arrow icon over each character when it is their turn. Okus, give it he Soundscape treatment by telling where an item is like in Pokemon and what building is ahead and nearby because a character does have to buy their supplies to go on and continue their adventure so more screen reading support and even navigation can help someone with lower vision get through a game more easily.

  3. Braille Support On Braille Displays! I know it seems weird but hear me out! Braille has come a long way and it has improved in the tech dpartment and we are having complete Braille tablets being made! Not kidding! Anyways, Braille Note Takers today have Android tech built into them which not only we have the usual built in apps but also Google Play to get the apps we get on our tablets to be installed se. Oh yeah that will be handy when I start my certificate program. What is also great is that they have Bluetooth and Wireless settings and also a USB cable to plug into a computer to use in order to read. So, having a way of using a Braille Display while playing a game would be awesome to use if the screen reading support is not there or still being worked on. Yes, there may be plug-ins needed but it is easy to add onto a device or just have Bluetooth pair with each system like how it does with IPhones with my Braille Sense Polaris. With this ablity, it can read menus, the subtitle boxes when characters speak so you can feel while pushing X or the A button while hearing the story, and even read the tutorials and any notes from that tutorial. Wishing I had that during the PS2 days while playing the original .hack games since it was a lot of text along with dialogue.

  4. Developers and Gamers Should Talk! As in the disabled community, even blind, and the developers should have discussion about these issues. Trust me I have been emailing Nintendo about the screen reading and it will take forever. WHile game developers, on the other hand, seem to be more open. Steve Saylor, the Glind Gamer on YouTube, even is working on that too from his review of the accessible version of God of War where they added some accessible points to the game. In order to improve on games themselves, developers d listen and hear their fans out well most developers, still it shows that they are open to the subject of making their games not only great for their existing audience but new ones as well and that will help with inclusion of new audiences.

Developers Should Speak to Well Known Acccessibility Companies! This is another big point I want to touch upon besides the one above because it can help expand on making games accessible and that is the developers of the systems, technology, and even games should talk with the developers of Narrator, in order to make it inclusive to the screen reading for XBox, JAWS, and even NVDA, and even the devices I have mentioned above in getting ways of how to make their games and systems work with this kind of technology. Without the having talks with each other, it would make it harder to know what to do or how to do it when it comes to making something more accessible to a new market. As in how to make a title be read out by Narrator or how it will look on a Canute 360 for example, having these discussions will take as far as new games come out and new people w

ant to play. Who knows, maybe we will hear UVSoft thanking Freedom Scientific one day for helping them having a screen reader read out Beyond Good & Evil 2 someday on an E3 stage.

So guys, that is it for this post! I know it was a lot to talk about because I have been using Assistive Tech for eight years now and about to go into it for work and school as my career field it would be awesome that the tech we use could expand into video games since I do not want to give up on finishing any of the games I have been playing and I am also planning to get a Switch due to 2019 will be announcin another generation of Pokemon to be made. I would ove to have my Polaris at my side telling me if my Dragonite wants to learn a new move and I need to remove one to make room for it.

So, what is nextt for Nerdy Shique Universe? Well, I need to talk about an affiliate program I just joined because I have been hearing warnings about companies scamming people over Instagram and wanted to talk about it since I just received my product and they were one of the ones mentioned. So stay tuned for that and follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique for all of the latest updates! Oh right, also gotta do a Faves post! Until next time!

Blindness: Making MakeUp Better for the Blind!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Today is another response and opinion post and this deals with blindness!

Putting On Make Up While Being Blind!

What got me to do this post is that recently in Sao Paolo, Brazil a salon taught blind women how to put on makeup and that included false lashes. They even placed Braille dots on makeup and brushes which I wish that could happen here because you all know I love doing my own makeup and it’s hard to know what’s what even in brushes when I first get them. I will talk about my makeup application process but wanted to touch upon the course itself.

I heard about this story through Jen Luv’s Reviews’ news show What’s Up In Make Up this past Sunday and I was excited because finally someplace in the world there is a course in helping blind women how to put on their favorite make up brands despite not being able to see themselves in the mirror. I know that struggle since it’s not easy to see yourself in the mirror when putting on mascara or even your favorite eye liner and it is a struggle to know what brush you’re using. I just find it awesome that this salon went far and beyond to give blind women a chance to do this to teach them. According to articles, it was a way of building their self-confidence and able to apply makeup and groom themselves without any extra effort. There is also Braille dots on the shades so they can choose from to use. I remembered how years ago in Personal Management at the Daytona Beach Blind Rehab Center I was taught different tips with samples that the teacher had from Mary Kay and Avon and not only that from a woman who used to work for a department store make up counter and she gave amazing tips from her days working there before she had Stargars Disease where this visual impairment causes you to lose sight and you’re mostly near sighted. I remembered how she had her magnifier at all times even in the cosmetics aisles we were in at Walmart and and gave good tips and pointers on what to get and even the mobility intern wanted to learn more about make up!

Yes, we can’t really see the mirror but the stereotype with most blind people is that even though we can’t see ourselves in the mirror we can’t groom ourselves and putting on that foundation or eye shadow can be a challenge. Want to know how I do my make up? Let’s see!

My Way of Doing Make Up!

I tend to start with my brows where I use a clear brow gel most of the time and if I wanted to depending on using my Ulta sets I would use the dark brown brow powder or my trusty NYX Brow Pomade in Chocolate. Then I prime my eye lids to put on shadow and then set it and then prime my face. I do moisturize my face before doing my makeup and a good tip is do your moisturizer after doing anything else in the bathroom like styling your hair and then have breakfast because it gives time for the moisturizer to soak in. Since I’m going back to Daytona for a week, I would have to do that before breakfast. After priming, I tend to feel my brushes to see what eye shadow brush I would use first depending on the pallet I’m using. If I’m going with a quad, I use four brushes which are my lid brush, my Definer brush, my Crease Brush, and my Brow Brush. If I want to go extra special with a multi-colored pallet with more shades I do have the transition where I use more of a flatter precise brush, or if I just want to do inner and outer corners, either or, I do have a smaller and pointed brush that I would sometimes use that on the lower lash line which I rarely do. I admit I do use double ended eye brushes if the pallet came with one or if the set has a few that I can mix in with my brushes because I do use an entire set sometimes that came pre-packaged in a case like one that I take with me to conventions or I tend to have loose brushes in a train case or pencil case to switch them out when they get dirty and place them in a cup bristles up.

I bet you’re wondering, “What do you do for eye liner?” There are times where I do use gel liners or liquid liners but tend to use them with the liner brushes that either come in a set or just buy one on its own. I do have a few of the ones that came with a few gel liner pots but those get used for my Fairy Tail mark when I cosplay as Lucy. The eye liner I tend to use the most happen to be pencil liners. Reason being is that when I first started wearing makeup I had a hard time controlling liquid liner and gel liner and it always ran all over the place without me even knowing and it’s embarrassing. I decided to just stick with pencil liners when I can because they are easier to control and best as a training liner because it gives you the idea of where the line starts on your eye and when it ends. I tend to guide the pencil to the area with my other hand to make sure it’s in the precise area I need it to be. I even do that with gel liners since I have gotten used to the pencil, which is a good tip to do. If you want to use liquid liners, I do suggest using a separate brush for that. I just tested out a new look and I used Sea Symmetry from Wet N Wild’s Midnight Mermaid Collection with an angled liner brush and it worked out so much better than making the thickest line that you would have a bit of a raccoon eye. It’s easier since the tip is more precise than the brush applicator in a liquid liner and of course having that baby wipe or make up remover pen would be a great way of having on hand if you go overboard.

Mascara was a hard thing for me to acquire the skill for because the wands can be tricky! I wondered how the salon stylists taught how to put it on but I will tell you that it does take a lot of practice. Mascara wands come in different shapes, lengths, and even spikiness! Trust me, the Urban Decay Trouble Maker was so spikey I had to toss it and glad it was a sample too! Which a good way of starting, usually, is getting the sample sizes because not only it gives you an idea of what the full-size does but the wands aren’t enormous. Molly Perk uses the minis all the time because it’s easier for her and it might be easier for you but if you want to go for full-size, especially drugstore mascaras since they work the best depending on who makes it, guide the wand with your other hand to the lashes in order to be careful around the eyes. I admit I poked myself in the eye more than once even when I was training myself and it’s not a good feeling! Especially when it’s with a really spikey wand like I mentioned with Urban Decay. And oh yes, if you watch any videos, please don’t do it with your eyes closed! I done it for years and well…I had conjunctivitis for a bit and realized it’s best to do it eyes open. If you saw my Omni 2016 videos, that is what was going on with my watery eyes.

Now onto the face! Usually the face is the easiest because you have a bigger space to work with. Unlike with the eyes, you have to figure out where your crease is the most since that is a great landmark for yourself when applying eye shadow, even Smash box mentioned in their videos is to find your crease to know where to put that crease shade either for transition or later on in the look or both! If you have hooded eyes, then that could be a little tricky and there are tons of videos with people who have hooded eyes give you tips and pointers on that. Now, back to the face which you tend to have concealer, foundation, and powder. I tend to conceal first because when I put on my foundation it will blend in more easily than doing it the other way around and since I do color correct due to my acne marks which are being taken care of, using a green concealer does help and blending your natural concealer on top makes it easier. For concealing, I tend to feel for what needs to be color corrected or at least concealed along with my under eyes. Before, I used two different concealers for my spots that matches my skin tone but now I just use the NYX Light Concealer for that since I would know where I would brush it on. With foundation, depending on how you like to use your foundation, today a lot of companies have made it easier with adding wands to their foundations. I admit I like this format more than the pump because when I used a pump I tend to have a hard time getting it into a bowl I used to use to put my foundation in or when I put it on a sponge it can be a little bit much. With the wand, I just apply it to my face and then blend it in with either a brush, whether it’s a foundation brush from a set or the Ulta oval brush which works best with these types of foundations or a sponge which I found out why people love so much, and make sure that it’s evenly spread out. I tend to go over with the brush or sponge a couple of times to make sure it’s fully blended because it can be a huge mess if it’s not blended correctly and a tip with foundation and concealer, make sure that both products are colors that would match your skin and blend beautifully together! Long time ago, I tried that Maybelline concealer pen in Light Medium and I was starting to use Almay’s foundation in Warm and they did not blend well together! One of my gal pals was taking the same writing class as me and she saw that my concealer was slightly darker and I think Maybelline’s idea of “Light-Medium” is different from Almay’s “Light-Medium” which is interesting to learn from that experience. I would say try to use a foundation and concealer either from the same brand or if you want to use a different brand of each, try to ask for a shade match with a friend or a salesperson who knows how to match. I know it sounds a bit confusing with that last part but there are times when a salesperson has a hard time matching you and you can get the wrong shade. My buddy Vivi’s tip, with a sighted friend have them take a tester and swatch a color if it’s close enough and see how it oxidizes or not over a ten minute time limit and if it gets darker than what it’s supposed to be then that’s not your shade, if it doesn’t then it’s a winner.

Now onto powder, I save these for last in the essential makeup since it does help put the look together. I use a translucent powder for my under eyes because I find it easier than having a banana powder not be right for myself. I’m currently using the one from L. A. Girl and it works pretty well for one. While for face, I am using Warm Beige from Wet N Wild because it matches, well close match, to Buff Beige in the foundations due to how warm my skin is. And finally, my bronzer, blush, and highlight. With my natural looks, I don’t need that much bronzer even though I used to contour my cheeks but seeing how Wayne Goss explained that you don’t need that much, I do agree. Yes, having a tan is nice and all even with self-tan but you can kind of go overboard even in the bronzing department. I just stick my contouring on the outer parts of my cheekbones near the ear lobe in the temple area because that is where the light hits the most on me and learning from my artistic days that is where shadow hits a lot more. I do use different bronzers but my paws always seem to land on the Butter Bronzer from Physician’s Formula because you can go in very lightly with this and it can be buildable if you need more. I even had this during Holiday Matsuri when I did Link and Itachi for my chin to make it slightly masculine and it’s perfect for that! Blush and highlight, I just stick with my cheek bones closer to my nose, which I apply blush by going with the curvature of the bone and go towards the ear. I was taught an interesting trick you can use and that is cross your arms where you have your left to have your thumb and index finger at the start of your cheekbone and then your index at your ear and place your brush in the middle to help gauge with your blush brush. I was told about this trick but it was hard for me to do and thought I had to be better with my left hand but this way it would be easier if you’re just right handed. With the finger gauging, you can also your index and middle finger for helping with the width due to how big or small the blush brush is made. I may have to try this technique again since it’s been years and blush can be easily messed up even with the wrong color or the amount of pigmentation. I mean, I had a huge pigmentation issue with Milani’s Baked Blushes once and I had a HUGE pink spot on my face. Got to be careful with those! And you can use the same technique with highlighting since it is supposed to be on top of the blush.

If you’re wondering, yes I do use setting spray and it can be a hit or a miss so I have to make sure it’s in the right area to spray!

There! That’s how I put on my makeup in order. Not everyone’s order is always the same because people do put on their makeup differently and I find eyes first to be the easiest in case of fallout from shadow. Not only that, even as a blind and visually impaired person, not all techniques are the same for everyone because with that blush technique, I was taught the finger thing and I was also taught that you can take your angled blush brush and pinch it close to the feral as possible and do upward sweeping motions. And there is my favorite blending technique, I tend to use those little brush applicators you get with your blushes or highlights and blend your bronzer, blush, and highlight together to get a nice watercolor look! After my setting spray, I do feel nice and refreshed and out the door! Unless someone I know spots my eyeliner somewhere on my face.

What Brands Should Do!

During Jen’s video I did comment about the Sao Paolo thing that brands in the States should do the same thing as they do. I did contact my local Lighthouse about having a workshop on this which I will definitely link them to this and one of the recent articles and Jen’s video because with the Lighthouse and Rehab Centers alike, make up courses should be taught because when you’re in the work force they want to see if the employees are well groomed and their make up on and presentable. Having these tips and guides whether for work or just wearing it for fun can help with the adjustment process of being visually impaired or totally blind. Like with Sao Paolo, it will definitely help with the self-confidence issues because as blind people we tend to worry about not being able to do something despite not being able to see yourself in the mirror or even cooking for example and learning the skills in order to combat that helps heal those doubts. When I started with makeup, I was doubting myself in being able to do eye shadow, liner, and so much more but after learning it myself, getting those tips and pointers, I have improved greatly even with my selfie taking, Heck, even explaining my brush touching to know what’s what, I feel for the bristles to know how wide the brush is in order to see if it’s a face brush or an eye brush, for instance for my powder brush I tend to feel how fat the handle is and then move up and feel the feral and if some brushes have a similar one then I go to the bristles and feel for its shape. I have two different powder brushes in my Brush Vanity Affair set from Coastal Sense and admit I interchange if I need to get into the pan to finish my powder like I did this morning. While eye brushes, for lid I tend to feel for the first brush in the line of eye brushes and know that’s ’he one for my lid or to set my primer. I would love to have those Braille dots on the brushes though because it can help out even further because there are times where the brushes can look-alike and having that Braille system can help in knowing what brush is which by either using the first letter or have three letters which I admit I do on some of my makeup products. For example, “Pow” can be on a Powder compact and also on a powder brush and if there is more than one powder brush can use “L-Pow” for Large Powder. And for smaller brushes, do it on the ferrals at least to make it easier for the space. It can be easier than using labeling tape because there are times where the labels come off for some of us, I admit I have so many problems with it, I even had to leave my label off of my Naked Heat pallet because of the tape being so bad that it falls off every time. And not only that, one last thing, if a brand can’t do a class in person why not have a blind person who is experienced in makeup teach it or do videos for the website? There are so many hours of the day for a store to be opened, especially in a mall where MAC and Sephora lie alongside the makeup counters in department stores, not only that there are people that don’t have the experience of teaching a blind person and that can happen in the makeup industry so having that person that has the experience would help either do it in person for a certain event and even for new releases in how they would use that item. I mean so many brands have so many seasonal items especially when Spring and Festival Season comes around and having that person getting to practice with the item first and knowing the colors and come back to the store or to film for the website can show how they would use a yellow or a rose blush to give their looks a real festive look. I mean, I wished I taped it but when New Year’s Even rolled around I used my Gwen Stefani pallet to get an interesting look with the rosy pink tones and gold to give off a festive look. Even people asked how I do it, I answered with that I have a guide as a Word Document, which reminds me…

Another great thing is to have a big Word Document of the pallets with the colors and how they are placed. Some of the pallets you find on Ulta, which is the better place to get your info in my opinion, have all the colors in order. I tend to do this when I’m about to get a new pallet if they have a description with all the shades in order and I do it “Shade 1, Shade 2, etc.” And if they have the color description to their shade name, I include that for instance the Ulta Be Gorgeous Set I had Shade 1: Light Pink and so on! Interesting fact, they accidentally missed the silver shade in the shade list in case anybody got the set and noticed that when I did when I did my guide. If the website doesn’t tell you, just have someone tell you the color names if they have any such as the Hot Topic pallets I had to have my dad read the shade names that are printed in the shadow or on the cardboard and tell me the colors for that name. Once I use that set or pallet, I count until I get that shade after looking at my guide or have it open next to me. I should have it on my new Braille Sense. And since we are on this subject, brands should also give shade names and descriptions on their websites and do what Urban Decay does with their pallets everywhere online and that’s by bullet points because it will make it easier than having someone just guess when they get a Make Up Revolution pallet or a Wet N Wild quad, it can help with giving the color name and its description after clicking it because I remembered Smash box did it with their old trios to use as an example. And it does help with color selection while buying online because when I got my Ulta sets it did help knowing what colors come in the pallets.

Whew! That was a long one! I do have to say is Sao Paolo did an amazing thing for blind and visually impaired women. Make up is supposed to be a way of self-expression and it should be for all kinds of people whether sighted or blind, having a different skin tone, and so on. It just brings that creativity. I hope this would convince brands to try it out since we have a big population all over the world why not try it out too? You get to learn more about the person, their eye condition, how they can see if they can still use a mirror or not, and can learn more about the products. I will be having fun at Inglot then because they just stick to numbers on their site and that’s another thing, name your colors instead of numbers, Coastal Scents did it with their single shadow pans. Anyways, way to go!

That is it for this post! I know it was long but hey it does kind of help and hoping that brands get on this band wagon because they should know more of their customer base and who knows I may come out with something in the future. So, what’s next? Another book review on the horizon! Stay tuned! Also follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique for the latest updates!

A side note from earlier with brands doing the Braille, it would be costly but it would be nice if they had a laser or 3D Printer to offer the service for free or at a low cost to add the Braille on a brush or an eye shadow pallet or blush. Just saying!

Blindness: Sight Loss Is Never Ending!

Hello shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Today I am doing something different and it is also thanks to one of my fave podcasts!

Blindness Is Never Ending!

So, I was listening to Life after Sight Loss and Mr. Derek Daniel was talking about how sight loss is never ending. I know there are treatments out there but it does not mean it will be ending that soon. Yes. We have AIRA, E-Sight, and other glasses with cameras and new gene therapy but new people are coming into the world of sight loss in many ways which includes being blind from birth, an accident, or even having a developing disease that grows over time like mine. Besides that, he did tell some of his sight loss stories and I want to share mine.

I wrote The Blind Perspective: Convention Stories from the Dark which told some of my experiences as a convention attendee turning press with my sighted days to blindness. I have done a lot of things besides being a convention goer too which included being a college student, a Hadley Institute student and here are some of those stories and some of the feelings that went with it and ay include mine.

Grateful: First, Derek mentioned gratitude and what I feel grateful for is being able to learn different topics and skills through Hadley Institute ore the years. Without Hadley, I would not have been able to learn Braille and now finishing up Self-Esteem & Adjusting to Blindness since I am trying to me an Assistive Tech Instructor and this is helping me improve. Another thing is being able to have a work experience in Daytona at their Rehab Center. It gave me the spring board to get into teaching even with is tech. And the last thing that I was grateful and still grateful to this day is doing press for Omni Fandom Expo. How so? Well, they were the first con to discover this blog and ask for press all thanks to a small typo I made. It gave us great opportunities to sit down with guests like Brian Beacock, Lauren Landa, Paul St. Peter and even now Derek Steven Prince to ask them about their work. Don’t worry, you will see that interview soon!
Anger: Yes, I may be happy-go-lucky but I had my moments of anger and that dealt with how people didn’t see my cane back in my university days. I was always mad when people ran into me, almost ran over my cane tip with their bikes, I was lucky that none of them ran me over, and even luckier to dodge two golf carts that Security drove! WTH guys! You should be keeping the campus safe not to run over someone who’s blind. That got me to have my cane sprayed neon green and that helped.
Surprise: Since things take place in my life, I did get surprised by one thing is finding descriptive audio at the movie theater and the movie I started with was Dead Pool! I was not expecting it because I did hear that some movie theaters were implementing it and was worried Regal Cinemas wasn’t and when the manager at the one near me asked about it, I was surprised and glad to have it! It was very detailed and it got me to using it from there on out, the only one I had a hard time hearing was the one for Guardians 2 due to how hard everyone, including me, were laughing and we were next to the speakers. I can’t wait for Infinite War!
Embarrassment: Another aspect is that we’re not always perfect since we do make mistakes and feel embarrassed by it. One moment would have to go to when I used the Men’s bathroom twice in one day! I was trying to take an exam at Student Disabilities on campus and the bathrooms next to it were in a dark alcove before they moved to an easier to get to location in the same plaza area and I thought I was using the Women’s room. This was before my Braille reading was good enough to read Grade 2 and well when a guy came in, I knew something was wrong and asked, “Is this a men’s room?” And heard, “Yeah!” I thought, S&*@! And finished and left. Another embarrassing moment which I was able to use my mobility skills was where I opened a bottle of Vanilla Coke and it exploded all over my arm and this happened during Omni 2016. I had to run to the bathroom and cleaned myself off and then had to find my way back to the Gaming Room where Gondras and Nerdy Shirts were. And of course, that same time, I accidentally had my cat tail in the toilet which I am glad to wear a shorter one now and double check that it won’t go in.
Happiness: There’s many things that make me happy and one big thing is…cats! I know it sounds obvious due to how our logo is a cat’s paw and I make my cat sounds and even have cartoon kitty minions running around. Cats have been my major thing since I was little actually. I remembered having a white cat when I was around five and was sad that my mom gave it back to the owner that gave it away with other cats. So, that is why I still love cats and cat characters to this day. Yes, Gondras and I will have our own kitty!
Sadness: Even though there are happy times but there are sad times too. I would have to say is that when I graduated from college? Yes, it was a relief but at the same time I felt sad that I left because it was a huge thing for me to accomplish and a part of my life. Yes, it took me ten years to finish college but it was worth it…
Regret: Which I have to add this to things I regret doing. What is that? Well, listening to my counselor at the time when I was placed into my writing minor. I wanted to be a blind services counselor myself since I understood what it’s like to be blind and able to help them and give them advice if I have someone going to college. I wished I did continue my Exceptional Education Minor in order to go to Grad School to do Counseling but that counselor thought I wouldn’t pass Grad School because it’s “too hard.” My Bachelor’s and Minor were hard because I almost failed Theory of Creative Writing when I started my writing minor. I wished I kept going!
Redemption: Since I felt regret for not continuing due to my interests, I feel like I am redeeming myself by becoming an Assistive Tech Specialist and the best start is by going back to school. I have started the application process to get my Grad Certificate and hoping to get into Norther Arizona’s online program for it. Yes, I do appreciate having my Bachelor’s and Minor now but I feel like with how hard it is to get a job as a blind person, try looking for the past three years without anything, it was time for a change. I feel like it’s time to forgive myself and prove that I can get that certificate!
Inspiring: If you have read my Omni Fandom Expo review from this year, I have become an inspiration to my sighted peers. Yes, it’s weird to be an inspiration to sighted people but I can see why. I did ask people about it to help write something for the Braille Monitor and what people love the most about me is my perseverance because I don’t give up anything and also I don’t want to give up on anyone which happen to be my friends, especially when I feel like one door closes I find a way of opening a new one to keep going with my dreams. As a blind person, it feels like we have to give up on things due to our blindness but there are times where we have to pick ourselves up and push aside the negativity to keep on going. You know how much I was ticked about not going forward in keep going with my original dream? Well, it gave me a new one. And another thing to feel inspiring is that I do things to represent the blind community and that is my freelance press stuff. Yes, I need help with visual things like video and photography but it doesn’t mean I can’t keep going with it. When I dawn that press badge, I feel great that I’m working for another con or another year at one!
WTF!? Yeah, I have to include this because I did remember going through one major moment and that is hearing someone that they were wishing to be blind like me. I know it sounds screwed up but blindness is not the best solution because there are hardships when it comes to being blind even when you’re going through times of re-learning the skills but through a different light so to speak. I had to learn how to make eggs again as a blind person to use as an example. When I heard that, I did confront the person and well they did deny what they said which I felt my friendship with them is something not worth keeping if they are going to feel that way, heck they were even ignorant when it came to my blindness years back. I am not sure what had happened to him but hoping things go for the best for him.

Well, those are my experiences when it comes to having vision loss and the adjectives to go with those experiences. Even though it is hard to be blind, I did say I have to learn many skills differently, I’m able to survive as a blind person. What I want you guys to take away from this is that don’t look down on us or feel sorry for us because that we can’t see. We have a new way of living life and still learning how to live it. Heck, I’m trying to expand my cooking skills as time goes on and about to finish up customer service training at the moment. All I have to say is just think of us as still human and help when we ask for it or just hang with us because you will learn something new.

That is it for this post! I’m glad to share some of what I went through with you all. If you want to check out Derek Daniel’s podcast, I highly recommend and will link to his website so you can check it out and how to get it on your own portable devices that play podcasts. I will also link you guys to The Blind Perspective because it does show my convention experiences. So, what’s next? I will do my next Coastal Scents look and get my The Blind Perspective: Convention Stories from the DarkLife After Sight Lossinterview with Derek Steven Prince up! Until next time!

Beauty: Being Careful With Vitamins For Beauty from Within!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I did say I was going to be doing another post. And this is the boiling hot topic that is going on in the beauty world!

Disclaimer: This post is based on thoughts from the lead writer. She also did her research on this topic and bringing it to you guys here! Any fans of the person or product must respect her thoughts and opinions along with the experience she went through.

Being Careful With Vitamins!

I bet you’re wondering, what’s this is all about? Well, you see it deals with a new vitamin supplement that came out and not a lot of people like it or are skeptical of it. Tati Westbrook also known as Glam Life Guru has released her first product of her beauty line and people were expecting makeup but it turned out to be vitamins. These vitamins are supposed to help with hair, skin, and nails which you can find in the drugstore and what’s even more interesting is the pricing and that you can pay for more ach month which is around $40 per 30 day supply. What’s interesting is not only people don’t like the price but don’t like the idea of her releasing vitamins because although she claims they’re safe but they include ingredients that can be harmful to someone that might be allergic to them, that can’t use anything with that ingredient, and so much more. People were asking questions about the ingredients which she only addressed on Instagram and Snap Chat and she disabled the comments on her announcement video because of the comments and supposed to make a video addressing them and she also claims that she’s working with medical experts and labs to create these vitamins in order to be glutton free, vegan, and sugar-free. And she’s claiming its “magic” and it “works.”

Who’s Buying It?

According to the Snap that drama channels have played is that 25,000 people have bought it but most other people aren’t. I bet you’re wondering if I will buy it. No! Why? Well, let me tell you about my experience with one of the ingredients and that is Biotin.

For a while I wanted to grow my hair out because Gondras wanted to see me with longer hair and I’m trying and when I found a bottle of Biotin I decided to try it out. I didn’t consult a doctor and thought I was fine until last summer! Since around 2005, I’ve been seeing an Endocrinologist due to a threat of Thyroid Cancer and I was growing hair in areas where guys grow hair. So, last summer I was seeing my Endocrinologist for a follow up and she tells me that my thyroid levels were off and I told her I was taking Biotin supplements and didn’t know I was supposed to talk to her and that it’s known for making levels go haywire and that there’s signs warning people about it in their labs in the building since it’s easier for me to get my ultrasound and blood work done there. So, I did return in two weeks to get blood work after seeing being off of Biotin will help but it didn’t and had to get my meds increased to 212 where I have to take two different micrograms of my thyroid med to equal that amount. So, afterwards I decided to stop taking it knowing that I would risk my thyroid even more and it is an important gland for all of us and I have had these problems since I was three weeks old back in Boston. Ever since stopping, I did see my Endocrinologist again and she was happy that I took myself off completely and I’m still on the same dosage and have to see her again in May. Yes, blindness is hard but a thyroid issue is a whole bigger level than that. I did share my experience on the announcement video so people can be aware about it and people were surprised and the ones who had issues too thanked me for it and even someone tossed their Biotin when I put my comment on a drama channel’s response since Tati did disable the comments. So, yes if you have a thyroid problem definitely consult your doctor if you want to get this vitamin but best since they would say is to stay away from it, even articles on the net talked about people going through the same thing and took more of the generic forms of thyroid med and go through the same levels issues.

Another ingredient that people have issues with is Saw Palmetto! What it is, from doing research, is an oil used from the fruit from the Saw Palmetto plant which is well-known here in the Gulf Coast area especially Florida! It was mainly used for men to help with sexual drive and prostate issues. It is also used for hair loss and they did say women can take it but their side effects besides the usual stomach issues can include breast size increase. People have commented on Tati’s videos and apparently Instagram that it also blocks birth control effects and can cause pregnancy if not careful. Okay! I am thinking why would an ingredient meant to help men more be used in a product like this? I’m thinking maybe some men who have hair, skin, and some nail issues want to take this too? Even though the oil is meant for hair loss but when I researched there were some pages saying it’s better as a topical treatment which you run it through your hair.

Another ingredient that seems to be huge in the Halo vitamins is Ceramides RX. I had to take some research since I never heard of this kind of thing and found out it’s a topical product that is meant to help with dehydrated skin. There are creams made with this and now thinking about it like with Saw Palmetto, why is something like this in vitamins? I decided to take a look further to see if it can be injested and just found an article from January of this year! According to Very, there is no knowledge about any Ceramide supplements taken by mouth since it’s best to go for any lotions and skin care formulas to be placed on top of skin. What is also more interesting about the Safety section is that it mentions high blood levels of Ceramides tested shows diseases like Cardio Vascular and Diabetes. Oh no! Even though Tati has backed this ingredient and how it works…oh…jeez…looks like this might bite her in the butt because again these are meant for topical uses not injestion. I’m kind of thinking was this researched at all before the start of the creation of these vitamins?

There are other ingredients that were used even ones that are seen in other Hair, Skin, and Nail Vitamins but there are some that weren’t used like my fave vitamin to help with my eye sight, Vitamin A! Also Calogen wasn’t mentioned when I was watching a video on the ingredients and we know that this a very important thing in skin and how it survives when we keep it healthy with Calogen. Heck, even Japan put this ingredient in marshmallows at one point as a jelly and I remembered seeing a snacks video eating them and she mentioned the importance of Calogen and how at a certain age where we’re depleted of it over time. Better to mention this than one scene from Speed Grapher that still freaks me out to this day.

Looking at this vitamin, I’m agreeing with a lot of the YouTubers when it comes to this and that is consult any doctor, as in a Nutritionist, Dietician, and even an Endocrinologist!

Oh right, almost forgot! FDA! I should mention this since before the comments were disabled that people were asking if the FDA approved these vitamins. This is a big concern since there is a different approval process from prescribed supplements and meds. Even though it’s not required to be approved by the FDA but companies have to put the same warning labels given by the FDA and can’t falsely claim anything on their labels to consumers. Oh yes! That is another red flag since Tati did state in her Snap that it’s not FDA approved and when I did go to the Halo website myself to check out and see if the full ingredients list is there I did see the FDA message that is used everywhere at the bottom of the page. And of course, pointing out something interesting since she says that her vitamins will work in three weeks, I noticed there is the statement that everyone was waiting to see and that is “Results may vary!” Which means not everyone will get the same results according to the original product claims. So, is this whole “Three Weeks You Will Get Results” a disclaim? Time will tell and reviews popping up from people who may have purchase will have to see if it does work according to Tati. I mean my Vitamin D didn’t start showing better levels until my Endocrinologist appointments in the three month mark.

Alternatives to This Vitamin

Are there any alternatives? Yes! You can get the individual vitamins over the counter that were put into these vitamins such as C and B 12 Complex. Heck, you have so many B Vitamins on the shelves at every single store you go to. You can, if you can take it by the way, get Biotin over the counter for around $8 and Nature’s Bounty Hair Skin & Nails for $10 to $15 if you can’t afford these “magical” vitamins.

Also, another alternative is go for skin care, hair care, and nail care in drugstores, beauty supply stores, and your local nail salon if you can. I will use my stuff for example, I do use Celestial from Lush even though it costs $20 but it is way cheaper than getting Sunday Riley in my book and my skin loves the coolness it gets from the vanilla water. I also use a hydrating primer from NYX, coconut oil to remove my makeup, and even use it on my cuticles and my face and on my elbows time to time. Heck, I sometimes run it through my hair for added moisture and do have other hair products like Garnier Sleek & Shine anti-frizz serum and R&B from Lush, which I have been using since 2008, and my hair looks amazing! I also change up my shampoo and conditioner time to time to keep it from being dull and use a dry shampoo on top of it. Whenever I want to straighten my hair, I do use the Garnier heat protectant to keep it from frying. So, yes there are alternatives in cosmetics and vitamins to what Tati is selling. I’m not saying not to buy since it is consumer’s choice but at the same time should be careful with what you put into your body.

Oh right! Almost forgot one alternative and that is there are foods enriched with certain acids like orange juice with your daily amounts of Vitamin C, vegetables like sweet potatoes, spinach, and other leafy greens that help. Even nuts and seeds do have these vitamins and can help with keep your skin and hair healthy. When I first started doing the hair growth thing, I looked into the diet thing and saw things on seeds and I have containers of Flax and Chia Seeds, and a bag of sunflower kernels for whenever I make trail mix or even put on a salad or oatmeal, or when I have ice cream or frozen yogurt I break out the Flax and Chia seeds. You can find different ways of helping your health with vitamins and have to consult your doctor, even a nutritionist can help you with picking out what vegetables and fruits that can help you the most day to day. Sorry Tati, I did enjoy your channel for a few years but Halo’s vitamins aren’t what I need nor take, and if anyone is wondering…he is going to address in detail in a video about the concerns. I did get a bit irked knowing that in her Snap that she thinks that people are attacking her character instead of the vitamin and don’t have the proof to back their facts. I am interested in seeing that more in detail since I did mention I commented my experience and people thanked me for that along with mentioning it on drama videos and people have seen my original comment before those comments were disabled. That’s another thing is that people will be concerned and comment towards a product that is being put out, I mean look what had happened with the Subculture pallet and the unprofessionalism that took place. I won’t go and harp on this part but to make it simple I agree that Tati didn’t handle what people were asking very well and I will have to see what she has to say. In the meantime, if you want to purchase the vitamins to try them out, in my advice even asking doctors for consultations not his product, just buy a month’s supply and see if it gives you the results in three weeks like she says and be your own judge but if you experience side effects at all just stop. Or go with the alternatives instead and get the over the counter stuff when it comes to vitamins and skin care!

Well, that was a hard post to do but it was very informative. I won’t say if this release was a flop to me but time can only tell if people have certain issues and experiences. So, until next time guys!

Tags: Baby Bat Days!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I’m back with a new post and it is all thanks to my best friend Vivi Blanc and she created a new tag known as the “Baby Bat Days” tag. I felt like why not do a post since I already did a video over on my channel and haven’t done any tag posts on here for the longest time so why not?

A little disclaimer, with her questions, I will answer to the best of my knowledge because I’m kind of bordering Steam Punk/goth/rocker/nerd since there are times where there is a little bit of Goth inside of us. I do look at the positives of life so don’t get annoyed about that.

1. How old were you when you started in the sub culture? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! It’s hard to say because I really don’t know. But I could say the real age I was introduced to something goth-like was around fifteen when I started my more punk rock journey.
2. How you were first introduced to the sub-culture? Well, I knew some people who were Goth, well mostly one person when I was 17. She was mostly a punk but I think she was borderline Goth especially with the spikes as one element. Nowadays she thinks I’m just a fake. Well, you earn some and lose some.
3. Did you start with the music or the fashion? I think I mostly started with the beauty aspect so you can call it fashion is where I started and most of the time I wore gothic elements with my cosplay especially with my Soul Eater character Kiosk Ishida, even with the chains and ripped up casual shirt and pants. I am going to re-vamp the costume for a different outfit design. So, yeah mostly the beauty aspects since I started wearing bolder lip colors and smoky looks even with the neutral colors on top of it since most smoky pallets do have the neutral aspects. My five bold lipstick to wear happens to be the NYX Cosmic Metals blue and green ones.
4. How did your family/friends feel about you being Goth? Has it changed? Well, when I started wearing the spikes my mom hated it because she was expecting me to be more like the other girls in school who were preppy and snobby but I always followed the “Be Yourself” aspect of life and I always wanted to shop at Hot Topic rather than JCPenny and Charlotte Rousse. The store I hated going into that existed in my early high school years was Paul Harris and she always wanted me to go in there for clothes. I was different from everyone in my family, even from my ex-sis-in-law. My mom did get over it by the time I hit around 24 because she realized that I wouldn’t listen and just let me be because I was accepted as who I was even if I did go blind. While my friends, Gondras and Chibi hated the spikes because it poked them! I did tone them down even though I wore them with cosplay even as Hatsuharu, I wasn’t kidding with the cosplay parts. Oh right, when I was with THEE X his family thought I was weird but didn’t matter after the break up! Nowadays Gondras doesn’t mind the Goth elements since I do wear the darker lipsticks even Ion from Kat Von D he did like on me.
5. How confident were you when you started and how confident are you now? Hmmmmm I guess I was a little overbearing because I wanted to fit in and was seen as a poser even to the punks. I tried a little too hard and hardly tried at all back then as time goes on, I just let it flow and be myself. Now? Well, there are times when I think about doing something for goth add-ons but never go through with it, I guess I was afraid of being judged since I do still wear spikes but not the super sharp ones and now that I’m looking to start my career I know it will be hard to switch but if I were to open my business, I want to be comfortable in whatever I wear if I’m not hurting anyone.
6. Were you into any other alternative/subculture groups before Goth? Yes, punk stuff! I know the spikes were considered as “punk” but I do admit I did try a little too hard being more punk when some punks were annoyed with me and was seen as the poser. I did love listening to Good Charlotte, New Found Glory (absolutely loved them and even sang along with all of their songs) which that made two girls mad once. I should tell this story now! So, I was wearing one of my Good Charlotte shirts and two girls came onto the bus since we were heading home. I was a senior at this point and one of them asked, “Do you like Good Charlotte?” I said, “Yeah.” As I put a CD in my CD player (yes, those existed back then) and she goes, “You shouldn’t be listening to them.” I go, “Why?” Her buddy goes, “Because they’re not really punk!” The other noticed I was putting in my copy of NFG’s self-titled album and goes, “Ewww! NFG!” I just ignored them on the way home because I didn’t care. I did remember seeing one of the girls while heading for math once and asked, “So, do you think you’re punk!?” I nodded and just walked off. So glad I didn’t see those two after that since they were annoying. Anyways, yep, was mostly into punk.
7. What was the worst experience when starting in the subculture? Hmmmmmm can’t really say anything that was the worst except getting mad at someone at NYX making fun of my best buddy Vivi for her dress and look that day while I was wearing my fedora with a skull and piercings on it, my Harley Quin goggles, and my Doctor Who shirt for a steam punk look that day for a photo shoot. Didn’t know it happened until either Stellar or Vivi mentioned it and I guess glared a little. I guess everyone expects us to look like a model walking into NYX when NYX is known for making bolder makeup.
8. What has been the best experience while starting out? Oh man! I would have to say getting my flame sleeved hoodie! My mom at the time was always the type where you had to get a new piece of clothing when the seasons are turning or school starts, etc. Heck, her thing is mostly shoes, at least I don’t have to worry about that since my current pair of Vans have lasted me three years so far. Anyways, I was at Hot Topic mostly looking for cosplay stuff and this was when I did crappy, cheap cosplay and not kidding since I used a vampire cape as my trench coat as Dark for a few years. I found my hoodie at the front among the winter stuff and saw the sleeves and wanted it so badly because it was different and unique and couldn’t find it anywhere else and when my mom found me I pointed it out and told her I wanted it and she kind of turned her head sideways even when I tried it on and she gave in after knowing it fits and got it! I loved that hoodie and worn it for a long time until the zipper broke off.
9. Do you have any pics from back then? No!
10. If you could go back to change anything, what would you change? Definitely the poser part! I felt like no matter what I did people still bullied me and made fun of me, even mocked me, and I could’ve shopped a little more for my clothes rather than my mom. I did say I was different and plus could’ve stood up to her a little more because I felt like I couldn’t be different and express my wardrobe a lot more. I admit I am not into blouses nor skirts unless if they have a logo or something on it I like like my Doctor Who dress and my RWBY skirt for example. Still, I could’ve said when she got on my case for having spiked bracelets and my five keychains on my chain wallet, “I’m different and you have to accept it! I may wear spikes and rocker tees that are always printed on black shirts, it’s just who I am and no one else is going to change me with a wand. I will still be the same!”
Well, that’s about it! I think this was a hard tag but I think I did pretty well! I think it was a nice change from book reviews at the moment so there you go! So, stay tuned for anything from Omni Expo!

Response & Opinion: YouTube Changing Their Partners Program

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe. It’s time for another Response & Opinion Post on here.

YouTube Changing Their Partner Program!

Disclaimer: This post is based on thoughts and opinions from the lead writer of this blog! Please respect her thoughts and opinions and thank you!

Last night I got an email from YouTube about how they were changing their Partners Program to safe guard their program and their creators which now you have to reach a certain threshold in order to monetize your stuff as a starting YouTuber. Well, I only have 50+ subscribers and well now my monetization is terminated until I can hit the threshold in a month or I have to meet that threshold in order to monetize again. In case if you’re wondering what that threshold is, here it is:

I have to reach 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time within a year. I know, it is harsh and I think I know why YouTube had made these changes and my gal pals were talking about it earlier when I told them what is going on since they have channels and our collab channel together.

Reason? One reason I think is John Kuckian’s stupidity and we all agree what Logan Paul had done in Japan. For those of you who don’t know what had happened, I will re-cap:

Logan Paul went to Japan and has done a lot of things that were disrespectful such as throwing coins into the prayer box instead of placing it in at a temple, being loud in those places, and even hitched a ride on the back of truck, also throwing Pokeballs at people and things. Not only that the worst one to date is how he went into the Sea of Trees and found a dead body hanging and should’ve called the police but no he filmed it and used as a thumbnail before he took it down. I did do my response post about this and you can read it on here.

John Kuckian, on the other hand, I admit I used to be subscribed to him but I unsubscribed from him recently due to some things that Peter Monn had revealed and John falsely accused Peter for things that were worse and that was accusing him for being a pedophile and that he sexually harassed him through text messages. Peter was upset and I saw the videos of him being upset and well what John did was in response to the videos about his makeup brand, Kuckian Cosmetics, not getting any good reviews, people were asking about ingredients but deleting those comments, and did hear that he was supposed to have a release party and people paid but it got cancelled and didn’t pay them back nor sent any free cosmetics from his line. As retaliation, making a summary of this, he went onto a Tumblr that was supposedly belonged to Peter and said there were horrible pics of kids that he had worked with, even “shown the “Texts” etc. The Kucki Fam were believing what John had to say but here is the thing Peter had only worked with teens that were abused for thirteen years and had to leave when his mom was sick and she did pass away later. I understand emotional distress can cause you not to go back to where you worked originally and I would have not gone back if it had happened to my mom too. Even though one part of the “evidence’ that John got was how a kid with A. D. D. went to a center where Peter was working and went through therapy with him when it is not true. I bet you’re wondering why the quotes around evidence? Well, Tawny Michelle had made a really good video proving the lies when people said she didn’t have proof, she had shown clips of Peter talking about how he hasn’t gone back to the center he worked at and also demonstrated an app that John had used that faked the text messages from Peter where you can create a fake account, which does happen in our age of tech, and then use a different email but same number to make his own account and then do it that way. I would say check out her video because I loved her demonstration and she does make a point even with the time differences between England and the United States which is six hours apart and the time stamps for both us and England are in different formats too. So, I would say see her video.

So back on track! All thanks to the material that have been posted recently by these two, I know there are other offenders with equally as bad content on YouTube may have been a huge reason for the “safe guards” to be placed. It is YouTube’s responsibility to protect the viewers from seeing this material but punishing creators by taking away monetization even the newer creators or the ones still growing little at a time aren’t going to get these benefits of being able to get ad revenue even though it is not much. YouTube did punish Logan by taking him off of their Red service but not enough to take him off of YouTube completely and that is due to how popular he and his brother are but not everyone watches him or they don’t do content like he does.

Take my content for example! I do convention videos and the reason why I started the channel to put the interviews and other things up is that it’s not easy transcribing interviews and after how long the answers Troy Baker gave in his interview it was best to do video and it worked! Our biggest video TO THIS day IS THE Attack on Titan Cast Panel from 2015 and now our Idol Fest videos from Holiday Matsuri 2017 are rising in numbers because it was their first Idol Fest. Reasons for not posting as much is due to my actual life finding my career path, volunteering, and working on my newest book and not having many funds to go to other cons in the year, getting the videos can be a challenge and also doing videos here or at Gondras’ place can get interrupted by family. Trust me, I had my mom interrupt my beauty videos when I have my sign up!

Anyways, I am planning on falling onto Patreon and Go Fund Me at the moment since those can help us out. As in it can help us travel to some of these conventions, possibly get some new equipment since we did have that mishap with some videos which an external hard drive can help, and many other things. So please if you can support us by donating either $1, $2 or even $5 to either of them because of how Adpocalypse took place and now with the changes to the Partners Program.

And back to the protection part, I think I mentioned on the Logan Paul post that YouTube should not allow any content that can be harmful to young crowds. Yes they do have the “restricted Mode” but it’s not helping especially with what Logan did and the video that John had done. Yes, I know the specific John video was privatized onto a different channel of his but it was posted and viewed and he did do supplement videos to his points. Still this is another thing that shouldn’t have been posted nor allowed to be posted like with Logan’s Suicide Forest video. I still remembered the days where YouTube was a great platform to be creative and able to post things but now it is in very dark time, more like a dark, dark, DARK time! As in, we’re being punished for material that is not all of our material. I still miss the days of watching a beauty review one product I might be interested in without any finger pointing. And I even miss haul videos that were interesting to see the newer products but it feels like there is mostly one brand mentioned. I guess that’s why I did that one post about brands not being mentioned all that much. Still, I miss those days and it would be hard to back to after knowing what’s being posted now and all the changes being caused.

I am still going to be posting on YouTube for everyone and I still want you guys to enjoy the content we bring from Omni and Holiday Matsuri since those are the only two conventions that still have us do press. I will also leave the links to our Patreon and Go Fund Me and please donate if you can and also support and subscribe to our channel and other channels that may be affected by this new change that YouTube is placing because who knows how long YouTube will be accepting a new creators.

What Vivi suggested and me and Stellar agree is that Twitch should expand their streaming and do stuff besides just streams. Stellar also mentioned they have a Partners program too. Hoping that is a lot more fair than YouTube’s.

Anyways, that is it for this post! It was a long one I know but I had to get my thoughts out about this since I feel like what YouTube is doing is unfair especially to the new people. We will be passing out business cards, also we still have an affiliate link, and I am going to put another one in there soon so keep an eye out for that! And also check our Patreon and Go Fund Me out because since we’re not going to be monetizing anything until we PatreonGo Fund Mehit a thousand subscribers these pages are the only way for any revenue. Thanks everyone!