Books: Tiffany Blues by. M. J. Rose

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe yet again! Today I have a book review for you all!

Title: Tiffany Blues
Author: M. J. Rose

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinion from the lead writer of this blog! Please respect her thoughts and opinions on this book.

What is it about? This book takes place in the 1920s where we meet Jenny Bell who is an uprising artist with a dark past. At the age of twenty-four, she gets invited to the Tiffany Compound known as Laurelton Hall in New York where she vows to concentrate on her painting and not be distracted by anything outside of that even her past. But when she meets the grandson of Louis Comfort Tiffany, Oliver that was when things changed. Not only she falls in love for Oliver but her best friend seems to be out of it and fallen head-over-heels for one of their fellow artists that she thinks that her best friend is being taken advantage of and not only that someone from her past knows who she is and willing to make her leave the compound before the summer ends.

Thoughts: I LOVED THIS BOOK! I felt like while reading this book I was transported back to New York in 1924 with how M. J. Rose wrote this. Even her raving reviews were right about that on that part. I felt like I was there in the Tiffany Compound with Jenny experiencing all of the stained glass that Tiffany had made and imagined all the colors which made me become inspired with a makeup look with all the colors described. I do get inspired by other You Tubers but a book all about the Tiffany Company did give me an idea to use my Ulta Be Gorgeous set to create an eye look with blue, purple, teal, pink and rose all together and people loved how I used those colors to create an almost stained glass look myself.

Not only that, I remembered how I went to a Tiffany exhibit here in town when I retook my Art History course and it was at one of the museums in town. I didn’t know the exhibit nor Tiffany & Co. myself until I went to this thing. It was amazing! From seeing and feeling lamps, this was when I still had my sight at the time to an entire room of stained glass! I felt like while reading this book it brought me back to that exhibit but ten times more. I know Tiffany works are expensive and there are replicas but how they were described were gorgeous, especially the peacock jewelry that Jenny wears for a party where Thomas Edison visited with a new invention known as the spirit phone. During the 1920s, talking to spirits was a huge thing and even Ouija boards were huge at the time along with mediums. Now I cans see why there was an episode of Legends of Tomorrow in the 1920s with a medium.

If I were there, I could imagine how well done Laurelton Hall looked especially with all the stained glass in the windows, the lamps, and so on before it was destroyed by a fire. Oh yes, it did exist and it was a place for art students to study too and this was a great story with it incorporated. Besides the artwork, I did love how Jenny and Oliver interacted throughout the book. It was very sweet since despite her dark past she was accepted for who she was and despite how things were being revealed Oliver still accepted her. Even with how much the art was beautiful in this tale, the love story behind it made it even more beautiful because it gave a magical feeling and wishing I could have my sight to paint what Jenny had seen but in color instead of black and white. I did like how Louis Tiffany did say before we left 1924 to her present that can be true and that is, “You can find beauty in broken things.” Which I agree, even if I can’t see art I can still create it in my own way and that was a great lesson for Jenny in the end.

Rating: 5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! This is one of the best Historical Fiction stories I have read so far and it was a great one at best. It had the signature art from Tiffany but mixed in with romance. We got to see great characters and a great tale told. You can still see Tiffany’s work at the Charles Hausman Morse Museum here in Winter Park if you want to see what I’ve seen back in 2007. That room I mentioned? Well, that was the Tiffany Chapel which you get to see. If you want to give yourself an artistic read, I would suggest this book even for the Tiffany & Co. lovers who may have the jewelry pieces over time. I wonder if that museum would have this book on display. You will never know!

That is it for this book review and I enjoyed every single paragraph on Kindle. I will also leave a link to the book itself so you can purchase it on Amazon! So, stay tuned for the Writing Villains panel Tiffany Blues by. M. J. Rosefrom Omni Fandom Expo! Until next time!


Beauty: New Wet ‘N Wild Flights of Fancy Box!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I’m at home today which I’m a sad little universe kitty girl but I did do something while at home.

Wet ‘N Wild Flights of Fancy Collection!

Yes! I got the new Flights of Fancy Box Set from Wet ‘N Wild! This is their new summer collection and this year it doesn’t have unicorns but hummingbirds. I didn’t go for the spring collection because, if you read in my anti-haul, it didn’t interest me at all. Not only that, I should have mentioned this, I am not a big loose anything powder person and in this collection there were loose highlights. I was like, “Pass!” Plus some of the items did remind me of the Midnight Mermaid collection from last fall. Pass!

This one, on the other hand, did interest me because I think I like hummingbirds when most girls like butterflies. I find them cute and Flit from Pocahontas was sassy. Anyways, this collection includes baked blushes, new shadow quads, a lip scrub, a primer spray, and new lip glosses and eyeliners. When I heard about the box on what’s up in Makeup, I ran to the website to get it because I did not want to miss out like with the Midnight Mermaid box. Which now Ulta sells, what the heck!? What do I think of the collection? It’s good and wishing that the primer spray, lip scrub, and blushes in the baked formula were permanent which a lot of people like primer sprays and never thought they would be fun to use and you have a drugstore option now. Same with a lip scrub so you don’t have to go to Lush all the time and the scrubs around $2.99. I did say it’s a 4.5 out of 5 because I found that the lip gloss I was using was a bit hard to apply, I think the others will be better, I will have to see!

Enjoy the video guys and make sure you follow us on Twitter for all of the latest updates @ Nerdy Shique! Until next time!

Books: Fountain of Souls by. Ray Else

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe. I am back with another book review and it’s a sequel this time!

Title: Fountain of Souls
Author: Ray Else

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions from the lead writer and producer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts and feelings about this book.

What is it about? This book starts where Our Only Chance left off where now a new problem has arisen.

Last time, the A. I.’s Cortana, Siri, Google, Watson, and Eina are now inhabiting bodies and were turned away because they were bodies of people who used to be alive. Self-aware and now living in different parts of the world, a new issue has arisen where people are losing their souls and their minds are filling with the voices of people still asking them questions. During the epidemic, Android Eina is missing and now Yuriko must find her in order to fix the missing soul problem.

What Are My Thoughts? The book did continue this story very well until the end and did feel like there were some parts missing. Yes, this book did start from where it did leave off except more of two years after what took place in the end of the book. As in, we see all of the Human A. I.’s living new lives around the world and having actual relationships while I am wondering what’s going on with Mainaka in Japan all of the time, which there were there were brief glimpses of her and that’s it when she is the creator and should have more to it where she could’ve been more involved with the search and seeing more about the missing soul epidemic instead of placing bounties and trying to buy souls, which was kind of weird in my opinion. I felt like that didn’t flow like with the first book which the first book told a compelling story about a mother’s love towards her android child. Where was that in this book? I mostly seen it with Yuriko when she was finding the Human A. I.’s and when she found Android Eina. I did like how she started a relationship with a human and how she tried to trick him with her human self since the guy thought she was an elf, this was Iceland after all when a lot of folklore does take place with elves and other fantasy creatures. I did notice when he told the stories of Icelandic legend that she was getting into them like how she did in the first book with all the manga she read and anything that was on the net but in this book it was mostly about her surviving along with the A. I.’s ’n the end. Speaking of the end, I felt like it was a bit abrupt into his one. I am not sure if it was due to deadlines coming up but I felt like I wanted to see the end being expanded a bit in what had happened to the characters such as the boy from the first book who had a prominent role in this story for example just wondering if he can see souls and demons for real? I’m hoping there would be another book because this ending was just too short and the third book should expand the ending and tell what happened to the characters in its own prologue and go from there.

Rating: 4 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! This book, as said before, was good until the abrupt ending. I’m not sure if the ending was written as it is but hoping if it does become a trilogy that it would expand the ending since I felt a little confused with what went on and wanted to see more with the characters and how the resolutions took place like with the ending of the first book since that was described very well. I think I liked Our Only Chance a little more but I think Ray Else can tell the story even more and hoping he does continue get stronger with the third one if it does happen.

Well, that’s it for this book review! There will be more coming since I still have a huge list to read. Make sure you follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Fountain of Souls by. Ray ElseShique for updates! Until next time!

Accessibility: Using Soundscape At Millennia Mall!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Today is another Accessibility Review!

Using Soundscape in Mall at Millennia!

As you know, I have been using the Soundscape app developed by Microsoft on my phone. It’s a GPS location app where you can know where you are, what’s around you, and what’s ahead of you. You can also place a beacon on a place to help you find it if you need to catch your ride on time.

I already have used this app while going to Walgreens near me and the Altamonte Mall to see if it works in an indoor place and it does. I did tell the guy who introduced me to my very beautiful Braille Sense Polaris about that tidbit because he has a friend who wondered about that and that answered their question to see if it could work in a mall. So, I wanted to try this app at other malls in town and decided to try it out in the Millennia Mall which is a huge tourist spot here in Orlando. Yes, some of the stores are upscale but some of my fave ones are here which include Lush, Bath & Body Works, MAC, GameStop, Apple, and NYX.
Hay I had to stop here is because I needed more of my Celestial Moisturizer from Lush since that is the only moisturizer that works on my sensitive skin besides coconut oil. I use this moisturizer before I put on my primer to put on makeup and it does make a difference since my skin has been improving thanks to this and other things. I also needed to go to NYX to get another Light Concealer Jar and wanted to get their translucent powder which I have heard good things about.

What Happened? Well…not much! As in, I felt like this mall was not a good environment for this app because whenever I walked around with my dad to get to the NYX store all I heard, “Heading in this direction Millennia Mall!” It didn’t point any of the stores out while leaving from the food court heading towards the NYX Store which was on the bottom floor. It didn’t point out Bath & Body Works either which over in Altamonte it was pointed out and I kind of figured out why nothing was pointed out except the Apple Store after passing by it. I could have seen on the other side to see if it would point out any of the stores, especially the really luxury ones like Versacci and Bloomingdale’s. I think the issue was…

Issues? It’s the noise in the mall and I’m talking about the really loud music you tend to hear throughout the mall. Ever since this mall has opened back in the early 2000s, which was my high school years by the way, there were these little TV screen panels hanging over the center of the mall which align with the Food Court on the top floor. You hear surround sound orchestra music and now they added more modern music to it. You also tend to hear the music from inside whatever store you were in. I still remembered the echo of it when I was inside Waldenbooks when it was in that mall when it first opened. (Trust me, I still miss it!) I think the music and the echo of it throughout the mall was not helping Soundscape be able to detect the stores inside but it did really detect Apple on the bottom floor which surprised me and even told me that I was in the parking lot when we got outside. Seriously? It did it over the roar of waterfalls outside, oh yeah this mall is upscale on the outside. I’m not bashing on either one but I think Soundscape needs an update soon in detecting more places and not only that, forgot to mention…

More to Improve! I feel like the app needs to improve on the area you’re in. I didn’t get to mention in this first review but whenever I’m in a store it keeps on mentioning its distance. For instance, standing in Barnes & Noble, it still says, “B&N 12 Meters!” It should just say along when you hit the “My Location” button, “You are in Barnes & Noble!!” Then proceeds to tell the places next door to that place rather than just making it sound you’re not there.

Another thing is is still the Meters to My Right Or Left which can help even more. I’m glad that this app works but Millennia is not the mall for this app, I can’t say they should take down that music display since that seems to be a favorite thing among the visitors. I would say just go without Soundscape and go with friends for sighted help or if you have it, AIRA with you because more blind people are getting those glasses nowadays. If you don’t have AIRA and still want that sighted support through your phone, Be My Eyes is another option.

Well, that’s my use of Soundscape in another mall! I’m stil wanting to put this app to the test at Florida Mall to see how well it can detect its maze of stores and see if it can detect the hotel part. That may have to wait since a lot of things are coming up the next few months! So, anything new? Not yet, just follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique for our updates!

Books: Holding by. Graham Norton

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I bring you another book review today!

Title: Holding
Author: Graham Norton

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions by the lead writer of this blog! Please respect them.

What is it about? This book tells a tale about a remote Irish village called Duneen where not that much drama takes place until bones of a dead body gets found on an old farm one day. PJ Collins has been called to the scene to figure out about the bones that may belong to Tommy Burk, a village boy who was also a lover to two women, one who is the youngest of sisters and another who he broke his engagement to, and goes through the struggles to see what had happened and digs up deep dark secrets behind Tommy and what led to his death.

My Thoughts? This book was pretty interesting and entertaining since the description did mention that it’s a dark comedy with some drama to it and great for J. K. Rowling fans which I do still love Harry Potter to this day. I do have Hufflepuff beer glasses and a t-shirt to show it. I did find this book very entertaining because at first it did start off with PJ Collins being a cop that is going into work as usual like any other day in town until construction workers come up to him to tell him what they’ve found. That really starts a riveting story since it did give the mysterious air at first but then it becomes a love triangle story to match with the Tommy Burk thing which is the driving force in the book.

I did like how it introduced the two lovers that Tommy Burk, Evelyn who is the youngest of three sisters and Britt who was the one who was supposed to marry Tommy but it broke off due to him falling for Evelyn. It does show how Britt does move on since she has her family in this story and Evelyn is trapped with her sisters since she didn’t move on but when PJ came into the picture they do fall for him. I have a feeling that he would end up with Britt because she wasn’t happy in her marriage and the ending did kind of make it show that but I don’t want to give too much away in case you guys want to read it for yourselves, which I suggest doing so you can see how each turn takes place.

The character I did like was Evelyn since she seemed to be the one with more personality throughout the book. I felt like the characters were dry since they had to go through their daily routines in order to survive the small town life while Evelyn was just that really perky person even if her parents died and just had Abigail and Florence, her other two sisters. Heck, even when she got questioned about Tommy and how she was probably linked to the suspected murder since he went missing from what everyone was told including PJ, she still carried on with her cheery self. You do see her break down in some point of the book with her dog and it changes from there. I didn’t like how she always found PJ out of nowhere and I felt like they were forced all the time even thanks to Abigail.

Rating: 4.5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! Even though I did like this book I did find it started off slow and then picked up midway part one. The characters were dry except for Evelyn because she was so likable! I would say there were some funny parts since this was supposed to be a comedy but it still had a very serious tone to it. I hope to read more of Graham Norton’s works since this was pretty good for a novel since he has written short stories before and some t.v. stuff from what I have seen on the Net Galley page for this book. It’s not bad of a book so check out the link in the post when you get the chance!

Well, that’s it for this book review! I have more reviews to come since my Net Galley shelf is just having a scratch so far. I’m reading Ray Else’s sequel to Our Only Chance since he kept me updated about it so stay tuned for that review! I’m almost done with the second Nemecene book which I have around three or four chapters left so stay tuned for that one too. So, make sure you follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique when I post those reviews. Holding by. Graham NortionStill hoping to get the rest of the Omni stuff up! Until next time!

Books: Siege Line by. Mike Cole!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s time for a new book review from Net Galley!

Title: Siege Line
Author: Mike Cole

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions based on observation from the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts on this book!

What Is It About? Jim Schweitzer had everything! He was a Navy Seal and even had a family until the Gemini Cell took those two things away alongside his life. Once brought back to life by a certain magic, Schweitzer must take out the Gemini Cell in order to get everything back unless the shadowy director tries to stop him first and go to the sub-arctic regions of Canada to find someone with the same magic powers to give him an actual body. Schweitzer must join forces with the American Forces and Canadian Forces in order to take out this shadowy figure in order to get what he lost after being brought back from death.

Thoughts: Holy crap! This book was a lot of action and I felt like I was with Schweitzer through the entire thing! Well, also Man Killer on top of it, who is a former Canadian Force Member since parts of the story told from her point of view. If you’re into stories where it not only contains military related things but also fantasy mixed in due to the Necromancy aspects, this book is actually for you! I never thought that this book would give a new twist on zombie stories while reading it. Yeah, they’re fast and some of them don’t have as much speech like with the George Romero zombies but they gave an interesting twist. As in, if your soul was brought back into your body you would have more strength to you but your body will start decomposing over time due to how broken it is in the first place and that is where using metal to re-construct someone came in. What I found it even more interesting, later on we meet Man Killer’s, Sgt. Plan by the way, grandfather to help save the town later on we find out that he said he could only put souls in animal bodies which you get to see with wolves and bears and another thing is that being brought back into a certain body your eyes either change gold or silver.

What I like the most about this book is how the fights were handled in the sub-arctic areas of Canada. Normally in a lot of zombie books, films, and games, it was normally done in the middle of nowhere in a small town, a city, or how Resident Evil: Afterlife did it, where the fight against zombies was on a ship in the middle of the ocean. This book had the fights mostly done in the frigid northwest of Canada! A lot of things can take place in an environment like that since you can use the snow to your advantage and the cold climate can also be used to the advantage since of course bodies need to be preserved in ice if they need to be examined. Way to go Cole for changing the environment for a zombie fight. I did like how the survival was even more real for everyone in Sgt. Plan’s little town which I liked her as a character the most because throughout the entire thing she was pretty much the one who didn’t want to take any chances even leading the enemy to her grandfather. Yeah, she lost some people but she didn’t let it affect her to the point of being all wishy washy, she was always moving to keep the town safe until help arrives.

Rating: 5 Out of 5 Star Paw Prints! I found this book to be a great change to a lot of the zombie/Necromancy stories since it gave a nice small town idea a change to make it more of a town in an arctic location. Heck, it even rose the stakes because if you’re familiar with the area then you have an advantage in how to get around. There is one thing that I think needed some improvement and that is wondering what happened to the Senator we get to meet in the beginning of the story because he kept things under wraps until things went wrong. There should be a sequel to see what happened to him since some books do one point of view and then shows what happens behind-the-scenes in another. I also wondered is there anything else to the Gemini Cell? I mean since they killed some of the specimens they used were there more that weren’t killed that weren’t seen in the book? That is what I like to know. Plus, would be interesting to see if anything escaped or a new guy with magic comes to the scene because this can be an interesting new version of the Umbrella Corps. Heck, would make an interesting new video game in my opinion.

Well, that’s it for this review! I will be also including a link to this book because I need to remember that! Don’t worry I will have another review Siege Line by. Mike Colesince I have so many books to go through! Until next time and stay tuned for more posts! Make sure you follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique!

Hauls + Accessibility: Hot Cash April 2018 Haul and Microsoft Soundscape Review!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, here is a mash up I never thought I would do! You know I love shopping even at Hot Topic and tech and this is a mash of tech and a haul since I got my Hot Cash Haul for 2018 and tested out a new app while I’m at it! Let’s start with the haul shall we?

Hot Cash Haul April 2018!

So, Hot Cash has come and gone at Hot Topic and this time all thanks to some purchases in February I did get two of them and it was a hard thing to choose when knowing what to get in order to meet that amount you have to get a discount! I had #30 off this time around let’s see what I got!

Sailor Moon Sailor Guardian Symbols Earring Set! You all know that I have been a Sailor Moon fan for the longest time and and had a major nostalgia bomb when I watched the re-dub. When I saw these on the website, I knew I had to have them. They are earrings of the original five guardian symbols that you see in the series when they reveal themselves as Sailor Guardians. I was really happy about it due to the Jupiter symbol in there since Jupiter is my all-time fave scout or guardian! Sorry! I wished they made the earrings Sailor Moon and Mars wore, I always wanted those!
Spike Gem Earrings! I know it sounds crazy but these earrings are almost like icicles in a way but they’re plastic spikes. I kind of feel like Hot Topic is coming back with the spike items since I saw a choker with spikes with a ring in it like in the past which I almost got but decided not to. These earrings were interesting and never seen before. I have gotten the spiked hoops which were heavy but looked great and even worn them with my Digimon character but these are cool! I feel like I had my ears pierced with these but they are more of a stud style. Hot Topic! Make more earrings like these!
Loki Septor Necklace! You all know who know me, I love Tom Hiddleston’s Loki from the Marvel movies! I can’t help it because he does it so well! While looking for items for this haul, I was looking for items related to the Avengers due to Infinity War coming out today and found Loki’s septor as a necklace. I added it to my bag right away and was surprised that when I got it it was a horizontal charm necklace like my Panic! At the Disco one. I’m wearing this with my Fairy Tail emblem and Panic! Necklaces and it gives an interesting layer when you look at it. Oh yeah, next author pic, I’m wearing these three necklaces!
New Doctor Who Logo Shirt! I did get two t-shirts since there are times where my large tees don’t fit as well as they used to due to my shoulders and I’m pretty much plus sized at the moment. This shirt was something I’ve been wanting for a while and that is my new Doctor Who logo shirt. As we all know is that the new season is coming out this fall and with it there is a new logo and Hot Topic happened to have a shirt with it and released it around February but decided to wait a bit before I got it since I was getting Hot Cash. The wait was worth it since I got the $30 off my entire order. I’m happy that I finally got it and can’t wait for the newest season in the fall!
Avengers Infinity War Collage Tee! So, Infinity War is out and I thought it would be perfect to get a shirt for the newest movie and the good thing that Hot Topic had a ton of t-shirts to choose from based on Marvel. I got the one where all the characters are in a collage since in this movie we will be seeing a ton of characters appearing and can’t wait! In case anyone is wondering, yes I caught Sebastian Stand, Bucky Barnes, on The Talk yesterday and it was great watching him talk a little bit of the movie and the pics they took as one big cast. I can’t wait to see this movie and will be wearing my Thor Thunderbolts and Loki Septor!

Additional Items:

Exchanged Sailor Moon Cat Cup for Pushin Cat Bottle! Well, after this order, I did notice Hot Topic was doing a discount code but couldn’t use it with Hot Cash so I went for the Sailor Moon cats travel cup. I didn’t know it was going to be one of those cups you tend to get for a kid when I saw it in person or felt it. I thought it was going to be a sealed tumbler because when you hear “travel cups” you think to that or the mug version and was wrong. I had to exchange it for something better and it’s a water bottle with pushin cats! It may not be a tumbler but it also has cats! I love this thing even if it has the straw inside. The reason why I prefer sealed bottles or tumblers is because I tend to knock over my drinks and with it being sealed tight there would be no spills. I am glad that this one is the same way where you have tightly sealed and the straw comes up easily.

Avengers Infinity War Makeup Pallet and Too Many Dead Pools Shirt! Gondras brought me a coupon that Hot Topic had sent him and he knew I would put it to good use and I did! What got me to use it is that they advertised an eye shadow pallet based on the Infinity Stones from the Marvel movies and other shades in it. I was hoping they would have it in store but they sold out and had to go online. What else I picked up was a Dad Pool shirt since the last Dead Pool shirt I got for I was many years ago and it was of him with the cake and the portal behind him as a Portal joke. I got the one with Too Many Dead Pools. I almost got the one with him and Domino but this one was funnier and I prefer the funnier shirts with him, I mean Gondras has the one of him punching a shark that Nerdy Shirts got him. Now my shopping spree is over.


Besides picking up my order, I did have a bit of a mobility test with myself and it’s with an app I’ve been using lately and it’s called Soundscape which is made by Microsoft and only available in the App Store on IOS devices. What got me to get this app is because of one situation with paratransit during my customer service training at the local Lighthouse. There are times where I get home early and other times I get home so late it’s unacceptable and this time it was really unacceptable because I live nearby the Lighthouse which is around thirty minutes or less but nope! They didn’t get me home until close to 8 at night! Even Gondras was on the phone with me when it happened and that is why he picked me up during the last weeks of training because it made him mad and concerned that they are doing this time to time. I understand that too since there are times where some people need priority drop offs.

What is this app? Well, it’s basically a location app that uses your Location Tracking to tell you were you are with the “My Location” button which tells you the direction you’re heading or what place you’re at, what’s around you with the “Around Me” button which tells you the businesses and intersections and streets around you if you’re walking or on the bus, what’s ahead of you with “Ahead of Me” which tells you what road and intersection or business is ahead. This app tells me what’s in the park next to my neighborhood in miles! Good thing is that I use it to see if I am heading home or not on the paratransit to see where the driver drove to. Gives you a better perspective. So, I decided to test this app out at Altamonte Mall which is where I was picking up my package and wanted to test it out in a semi-crowded mall. When I went today, I decided to have the transit system drop me off at Barnes & Noble to make it easier than picking a random department store. I decided why not use the Beacon Setting which now it added a feature where I can mute and unmute the beacon noise in order to hear the announcements and if I’m ready to come back. I did use the Beacons on Tuesday when I went to Walgreens with the paratransit after an appointment with Blind Services to look at my new Braille device that’s being purchased and happy about and set the Beacon Setting with Walgreens and went to lunch at the nearby pizza place and enjoyed two slices of pizza and walked back to Walgreens to wait for my ride. This time I used it with Barnes & Noble since that was going to be my pick up point at the end of the day and muted the noise because it can be a little distracting. I turned on the announcements and when I walk by places, which I walked around the top floor first to get a better feel and for Soundscape to catch everything so if I were to come back to a place I would know where to get back to. I did use my sensory training from Daytona Beach as well to hear any key sounds, notice some lights that are particularly bright, and any unique music coming from a particular store.

Even Life after Sight Loss did talk about this on their YouTube, which I also thank them for this app in the first place, and using that sensory recognition to know where is what can tell you a lot. One thing that tells Hot Topic apart is the metal that is usually played on the speakers, Bath & Body Works and now White Barn Candle have their usual scents wafting outside in the corridor, which you can smell a mile away, there’s a popcorn stand where you smell the butter and at least it’s a lot lighter than it used to be. All-in-all this app is really good but I wish not only Soundscape give the unit of measurement, either in yards or meters depending on the setting, but tells you if it’s on the left or right of you because when I walk I tend to not know if a certain store or aisle is on my left or right and without that it can be a little confusing. Microsoft if you read this, which I will be tagging them on Twitter, add that to the settings or have it automatic because it can help some people that need that added information.

Rating On The App: 4.5 Star Paw prints Out of 5! This app is a really good app and so far Microsoft has been hitting it on the ball with helping in the Accessibility department. They have added more support with JAWS even with Edge which I still need a new license key in order to play around with Edge. Their mobile apps are really good which I love using Seeing A. I. for doing product identification, color help, and even short text reading. While Soundscape, it does give you the locations and it did that for me in Altamonte very well. I want to try this app at Florida Mall since that mall is huge and crowded due to how big of a tourist spot it is and of course I heard that there’s an Inglot store which I never knew and just seeing their cosmetics with just number labels don’t help me at all so I need to explore more with this app and I will give you another review in how much it works at the Florida Mall. If you think I should try it out at other malls or places Like Disney Springs for example, I would love to do that! If you’re visually impaired and need an app like this, I would say try it out since not all apps are for everyone, I did have my teacher in the training course download it and she did suggest it at the Lighthouse Reunion since it did give her the location updates. And a head’s up, any Android users, it’s not available for Android. Hoping there will be a version for those users along with Soundscape.

Well, that’s it for this post! I know it was pretty lengthy but it was something I wanted to share and add something to the Accessibility part of this blog. I will see how it works anywhere else and hoping more things get added. Stay tuned later on today for a new book review! Make sure you follow us on Twitter for the latest updates @ Nerdy Shique!

Books: Skinny Pants by. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I am back with a new Mimi Jean Pamfiloff review!

Title: Skinny Pants-A Happy Pants Café Book #3
Author: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Disclaimer: Please respect the thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this blog! This review is based on her thoughts about what Mimi had written to put this tale together! If you don’t respect it, an invisible, vampire unicorn will come after you! My kitty minions had to hide from it once already after the last review.

Synopsis: This story is the third installment of the Happy Pants Café and this is where we meet Macy Franklin, a nurse at the Napa Valley Hospital who is also overweight. She always felt that despite eating a healthy diet her waist stays the same no matter what she does and then thinks about getting a Gastric Bypass. On top of these thoughts after drinking some sparkling wine, she creates a fake persona online named Katrina to see how guys would react since her dating life is not perfect as her friends’ dating lives have been. After waking up, she sees texts and emails from a Dr. JLove and sees the pics and doesn’t realize that it was the man of her dreams, Dr. Jack Reed, she sees at the hospital. Jack Reed moved to Napa Valley in order to get away from his ex-wife and the memories that were painful to him after how she left for a woman that was his patient before when he had to re-construct her face. When he meets Macy at work one morning as a patient at first, he doesn’t know that she has been keeping a secret identity and that she also met Lucy, the happy Pants Café owner who is known for her love cookies. Will Macy and Jack get together all thanks to the famous cookie that was sent to Macy?

Thoughts: First, why did this have to be the final story!? I will have to get to that later in my thoughts but first this was a very cute and funny story! I did have the giggles since this reminded me of Never Been Kissed but cuter since yes I know how Macy felt when it came to falling for the hot guy. I was overweight myself in high school and still trying to keep myself in shape for cosplaying, not easy when you’re curvy but my fiancé still finds me sexy! Try to have him play keep away with your scrunchie all the time after pulling it out of your hair. Anyways, I liked this one more than Leather Pants and Tailored For Trouble because I felt more connected with Macy and how she went through to fall for Jack was something that most of us go through time to time minus the online dating, okay maybe most of us would do online dating, but still I do admit that I felt that spark between them right away. I did find it heartbreaking where Jack had to face his ex-wife, Doris, because I did see how he had a hard time coming to grips that he had to let her go and I know that feeling too since I did have a hard time letting go of my ex during the first three years due to some mental scars and it does show towards the end how he was able to get over it and realize that Macy was the only one for him. Heck, it takes one super heroine thing that Macy did to have him realize that she is Mrs. Right. Does he propose? I would say is read the book! You will probably cry or just go, “Aww!”

Good! No invisible unicorns yet! Anyways, I have to say is that this series could’ve gone for more stories since I read the Author’s Note! I wanted to see how Taylor’s brothers might find love since I remembered they haven’t found anything or even have her dad find someone new after her mom passed away since a lot of stories do that, heck even in the Midnight Breed Series the vampires find new Breed mates when they lost their own. I would had loved to see that and it did say in the last book that Taylor was supposed to take the Happy Pants Café business when Lucy retired but it looks like this book kind of ended that. Plus Mimi did say she has other books to write and that includes The Librarian’s Vampire Assistant, Ah Hell No, Immortal Matchmakers, and more. I can’t wait to see what’s next in her line in books since she has a lot more writing to do like me.

Rating: 5 Out of 5 Star Paw Prints! Good no unicorn yet! I am sad that this was the last book in Happy Pants since this was the series that got me into Mimi’s other books and gave me a great author friend too. One thing about being a writer, talking to the writers do help in giving you writing advice and I’m glad I’m still going with my third book since I kept on starting over! Plus, her books do give me laughs since the characters are cute and quirky even in the supernatural realm. I would say to Mimi, create a sequel series to this one if you can because it could’ve kept going and would’ve loved how Taylor would try and keep the Happy Pants cookies going since that would be a fun idea to think about. So, that ends another Mimi review! And it looks like my kitty minions are…wait what happened to Tribble? Great, I guess the unicorn visited.

That’s it guys! I know I had a bit of fun writing this review since I do enjoy Mimi’s stuff and I guess you can tell I still enjoy unicorns, I do have a Rarity phone case after all and did cosplay her. Anyways, I need to finish up another book to review since I have so many to read! Until next time!

Haul: First Oriental Super Market and Sun Pearl Bakery Plus Review On Food!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It is time for a haul and a review! It’s been a long time since I’ve done any haul especially from an Asian Market since I do still go to them time to time to try new foods and snacks and this time it is from a market that StellarNan took us to! Let’s see what I got and what I think about it!

First Oriental Super Market!

So the store we went to is called First Oriental Super Market and it’s located on West Colonial Drive near the Fairgrounds. This place is a very big place and even bigger than my and Gondras’ fave spot Donga Corps. On E. Colonial & Mills. Not only that they carry a lot more than just food and also have cheaper prices! Normally on Donga I spend around $30+ on snacks and tea alone but here I spent $10 on cookies, some candy items, a bowl, and a pack of chopsticks, not kidding there is stuff more than food here! There is even an aisle dedicated to cookware alone if you needed it! Besides that you also have your meat and seafood counters and a small bakery area on top of it but will get to a different bakery later. Let’s see what I got!

Hi-Chew in Acai Berry, Kiwi, and Cherry: To start is my favorite candy from Japan and that is Hi-Chew! I lost my Pokémon container that contained my orange flavor and triple berry flavored ones and not sure where I lost it and have not gotten any new ones since. I should’ve bought some from the Japanese Snacks Guy at Omni but completely didn’t realize it until after the con. I was glad that this place had more flavors than Donga and a bit less than Japanese Snacks Guy since he has a bigger display when he is at cons, I have to make sure at the next one I get more Hi-Chew. Anyways, I did remember enjoying the cherry flavor which is one of the flavors they had. I tend to not like cherry flavored things especially with cough syrup but these Hi-Chews make it taste like real cherries! They also had banana flavor, strawberry, green apple, and even had kiwi which I never tried before and decided to get it. What caught me by surprise was the Acai flavored Hi-Chew! I know there are accent marks with the berry name but it may be complicated to do. I didn’t notice this flavor before since there was the triple berry I got once and the strawberry ones being a common flavor, I have a feeling it’s new since Japan does make new flavors over time and decided why not try these out and how I feel. I’m glad to get these again because there are times when I need something to chew on and don’t chew gum and this is a good replacement because you can chew and swallow it. According to history of Japan, taking out gum from your mouth is gross and unpleasant so making these were to replace that and yes they do have gum in Japan. Another interesting fact, the creator of Fruits Basket in an interview talked about how she is a major gum chewer even while creating her manga panels. I would be too or I was when I was younger but then got off of it and decided these are my replacement when needed and I did start using my Easter Egg containers from Lip Smackers to contain a pack of these things.

Chocolate Mint Hard Candies: Sorry for the long tangent above, next item is these mint candies that contain chocolate chew bits in the middle. The funny thing was that while being in the snacks and candy aisle I gravitated towards something out of nowhere and it was a bag of these candies and StellarNan noticed and was surprised that I took a guess out of nowhere that they were mint candies since I love carrying mints in my bag and love other mint things. I did try these out this morning and besides being minty they also had chocolate and that made it even better! I love chocolate and mint together, especially dark chocolate and mint. The candies started out with the mint coating and then when you bite into it you have a chocolatey chew in the middle. It dissolves as you chew and if you bite into it if it still has a little bit of mint left over then you have both flavors. I guess I picked up a really good item based on assumption.

Lemon Cream Wafer Cookies: Next are some wafer cookies. I did love these when I got them at Donga and when me, Stellar, Tobi, and Vivi went to this place for our first time last year I found the same wafer cookies and they were cheaper but also more flavors to choose from. Last year I got the sesame cream and the taro cream which they tasted very light. As in, they weren’t a-punch-to-your-face taste like most things. Well, the cappuccino ones I tried first had that idea and had to dip it in hot cocoa to make them taste better and it worked better. I did try the strawberry ones but they were too light to me while sesame they had more of a roasted taste since sesame seeds tend to do that and the cream tasted interesting with the wafers while the taro you barely tasted it since it has such a light flavor. The lemon cream ones, which I got this time, tasted very light too but it was there. It does have the cream taste but the lemon had a bit more of a zest flavor rather than the overpowering flavor you tend to taste in cake. The wafers added the slight airiness to the taste and I think I love these the most because I had another one due to how good they are. I will be buying more of these whenever we return since they’re delicious!

White Chocolate & Strawberry Yogurt Wafer Cookies: These were interesting to say the least. I wanted to find regular cookies but these were one other wafer cookie the store carried. These had more of a yogurt base with either white chocolate or regular chocolate but what caught my ears were the ones with white chocolate and strawberry and decided to try them out to see how they were. OMG! I was glad I did! These were individually wrapped and they were more of a square cookie and the yogurt was covering the wafer with a creamy consistency and the cream was solid. When I bit into it, you barely notice the white chocolate but the strawberry flavor is so real! Even more real than a pop tart! I highly recommend these!

Jelly Drink Pouches: Remember in anime where you see characters drinking something from a pouch that kind of make you want to find it? Well, that is how I felt about those! Ever since I got into Fooly Cooly in my high school days, I noticed how Naota and this one other girl in episode three which was the Puss & Boots episode and Naota brought them the drink pouches to have after dinner. I wondered, “I wonder if I could find those in real life?” I tried finding them at a lot of the Asian markets and couldn’t find them and figured you can only get them in Japan while the closest you can find to those were little jelly cups which were good but not what I was looking for. I did eventually found these pouches at this Asian market and happy that I could get them in real life! They are just like they are in Fooly Cooly and many other anime that featured these! I tried one today and it is pretty good! Not only you have the jelly but you also have fruit bits in it which makes it even more awesome! I am not sure if it is supposed to be grape jelly or something but it does taste very good for a jelly pouch! I know if I go back I may get another pack or two of these again and they don’t cost much either, just around $4 and you get around six or eight from what I felt in the packaging.

Instant Miso Soup Packet: Besides the snacks and the jelly drink, I did manage to get something more savory. I was hoping to find mocha since it has been a long time having that but did have something I hadn’t had in a major long time and that is instant miso soup. I had the one from Publix that comes in the cups they sell next to the sushi display and it was not that great in my opinion because if how much it was diluted after making it. This one, on the other hand, is the real stuff! Yes, you can dilute it if you wanted, but it basically asks for 2/3 cups of boiling water and that’s it! While having this despite how strong it tasted due to the amount of water it asked for, I felt like I was back at any of the restaurants I’ve been to enjoying miso soup! I was glad to get this and at the same time I wish I had gotten more of because they were around $2 each a packet. You get the usual seasonings, the stock, and everything else and you just pour the water on top and there you have it! I know there are other soups you can get and knowing your basic ramen, I may have to get more of these if I were to come back.

Mini Cat Bowl: I know, “Mari! You love cats too much!” I can’t help it! The thing is like I said above that this place has an entire aisle, or an entire aisles dedicated to cookery and serving plates and even utensils for traditional Asian families. In the cookery aisle, you have your serving plates, your tea sets, and of course your soy sauce trays for when you have sushi. One thing that got me to buying something was that there were little items with cats on it! You know me, I do love my kitties and good example are my little cats in bananas plush from Hot Topic. I got the bowl only to keep myself in control and plus I can come back if they still sell any of the cat items. One thing that got me wanting to come back is the tea kettle and matching cups! That has to wait a little bit. The bowl does hold pretty well for its size since I did go with the smaller size. A head’s up if you were to buy anything from the cookery aisle, make sure there are no cracks or any other blemishes on the bowls or glasses because it can’t be returned. Nice little friendly tip.

Chopsticks: One other thing that got me excited about this place was of course getting more chopsticks! Last year, I wasn’t able to get a pack since this place sells them in pretty awesome packs of a nice amount of them. Most of the time you tend to get chopsticks by the pair rather than a pack unless if you look further in dealer rooms at conventions. These were really good for a really good price and also I tested a pair and they are pretty sturdy too. It’s been a while since I picked up any chopsticks and this is a good place to get them at since you get more than one pair and of course they do have smaller ones if need be if you have smaller hands or starting to learn how to use them. And they do come in a variety of colors.

Sun Pearl Bakery: After shopping for snacks and other things, we did drop by the Sun Pearl Bakery since StellarNan told us about it and we do enjoy this place. This place has many desserts and some savory things on top of it, last year I had a very delicious pork bun and almost got it again but got three other items instead. At first I was hoping to get another taro Boston cream pie slice but they didn’t have it. Figured that it was closer to closing time, yeah we decided to meet up later than usual to get some rest especially Tobi with his long night shifts and me with waking up super early to catch my rides for Customer Service Training. I did get to enjoy three other things that the bakery had to offer and they were the bag of cream puffs in chocolate, the Princess Custard Bun, and the Taro Bun! These were all delicious! The cream puffs were like Oreos where the outer parts were more cookie and they were soft baked, the cream was a small dollop but they still melt in your mouth in one smooth taste. I may have to get more bags of these in the future because they taste better than the cream puffs you get at Barnes & Noble in my opinion and these are smaller and the cream is not so heavy. The Princess Custard one was a pretty big bun that had a bit of décor on top to match the “princess” parts but the custard was really creamy! You have to be careful in the end of eating this thing because the custard can end up on your hand which can be a huge mess. Wishing they had huge napkins or something to help with clean up even with kids since they can be messier than a blind person eating these things. The taro buns, yes there were more than one, were easier to eat because they were more a bread rather than a cream filled bun. I did have the taro cream one last year and that was also good but this I think I prefer a little bit more because you don’t have a cream coming out, you do have bits of taro baked in throughout it and the bread is baked to perfection! One other thing I wished to have was the Boba tea which has been a major fave ever since I went to some of the Boba places in town. My fave places for this tea are Chewy Boba in Oviedo and Chibi Boba near where Gondras works. They did open a Chibi Boba in Florida Mall, which I want to test Soundscape in but will have to test it in a different mall for a review first. Anyways, they were out of Boba and I was sad about that, there is always next time though!

Well, that is it for this snacks review and the haul! I definitely want to try and find some mocha in the store, I almost got these Fig Newton looking cakes at first but the flavors were a little meh and now looking back on it I may have to try them out next time I go. I definitely want to get more of those jelly drink pouches because I was really happy to find them in real life! I highly recommend anything jelly related that comes from Japan because they don’t taste as artificial as most jellies here in the States. I also recommend trying out the Blueberry & Black Current Preserves and the Lemon Curd Preserves from England because they’re also very natural! I’m glad to find more flavors of Hi-Chew since I missed those things for many months since we did go to Star Wars and had to put my Hi-Chew in Gondras’ car, not sure if it got lost in there or something! Anyways, glad to get these again and try new flavors. I will also be getting more of the miso soup and the lemon wafers because they are so delicious! All-in-all it was a pretty good haul and day!

What is next? Hoping to get more of the Omni Fandom Expo stuff up since we are still behind on that, we also had an interview with J. Michael Tatum and Brandon McInnis over Skype and we need to get the audio edited into a video so stay tuned for that, yes that was the special treat for you all, long story short it was to make up for not interviewing them during Holiday Matsuri so will see how that goes in the editing. And yes I will be trying out Soundscape in a mall, which is an app developed by Microsoft for IPhone users to find out where they are heading on foot or on bus and can’t wait to do that review! So stay tuned for more posts on here! Until next time!

Books: Ballad of Huck & Miguel by. Tim Deroche

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Guess what? I finished another book and decided to read something out of order.

Title: The Ballad of Huck & Miguel
Author: Tim DeRoche

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinion of the lead writer of this blog! Please respect what she says about this book!

Description: In this re-telling of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, we see young Huck being placed into our modern world in this spin from Deroche. He gets chased by his psychotic father, Pap, after meeting an illegal Mexican immigrant by the name of Miguel and have to travel down a river through rainy and calm nights in order to dodge his father and anyone who thinks Miguel is accused of murder when he’s not. These two have to survive the the trip so Miguel could be free and form a bond along the way.

Thoughts: I admit I never read the original Adventures of Huckleberry Finn but I remembered the classic characters of Tom and Huck that Mark Twain had created all those years ago. I still remember from middle school where I had to see a video where a girl skipped a class and had to watch a scene with a Mark Twain actor and a scene of Huck and Tom to guess the different vocab terms that went with Twain’s stuff, even Onomatopoeia as an example. I still remember Hey Arnold! With that spelling bee.

I did like this book a lot since it gave Huck Finn a modern twist and made it more interesting in how it was written. I did find it entertaining how Deroche wrote the book in Huck’s words as in jumbled spelling and misspelled since it shown that he was a boy out of school traveling with his dad across the U. S. to get to California.

What did I love about the book was how Huck and Miguel have traveled along the river in order to be free. I knew they would be great friends at first when Huck was brought to Mrs. Watson’s place and how’d he preferred to be around Miguel over the two women even when he was taking care of Carolina with Miguel. I did find how they saved each other, Miguel saving Huck from his dad at first and keeping him protected during the other times they were found by Mr. Finn, and how Huck had to get the anti-venom to help Miguel when he got bitten by a rattlesnake when it was found inside a blanket on their raft. It shows how much their bond has not only gotten stronger but shown that they can’t be separated. Heck, especially when Tom Sawyer was added in again the friendship still blossomed between Tom and Huck. I wished there were more of Tom since Mark Twain always paired them up together in a lot of adventures. Who knows, maybe a sequel in the works to show the newer adventures of Huck and Tom since it is set in modern times and who knows what kinds of things they could get into in this kind of era?

Rating: 5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! This modern re-telling kept the spirit of the original Adventures of Huckleberry Finn that twain had told and can see how people still loved it to this day. Knowing when people were to read this book they would still feel that same free spirit that Huck had felt during his time traveling even with Miguel. Now hoping to see a sequel to have Tom more in the story since we got to see how Huck got to Los Angeles and to see what else can happen to the two. Apparently, there is going to be a movie version of this book and I can’t wait to see how it gets portrayed with this kind of telling. Still a great book and it gets my “Star Paw Print of Approval!”

Well, that is it for this review! I will include a link to the book for you guys to check out and I do recommend as a great read! I am reading more of The Ballad of Huck & Miguel on AmazonSiege Line so stay tuned for that review! Until next time!