Books: Trying It All by Christi Barth

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I am back with another book review! Let’s get started!

Title: Trying It All
Author: Christi Barth

Disclaimer: This review is based on observations and opinions of the lead writer and producer of this blog~! Please respect her thoughts and opinions on this book! There might be spoilers by the way!

Synopsis: This is the fourth installment of the Naked Men series which I should talk about the first three books since I haven’t reviewed any of them here.

The Naked Men series is a book series about five guys who went through a major accident while in high school and survived while playing soccer in Europe. The bus they rode in ended up falling off a cliff and killed their bus driver and the bus went up in flames charring their belongings leaving four of them stranded and one of them help the French rescue teams rescue them. Well, they did come out of caves and shown that they were able to survive the accident in a mountain range.

Now fast forward where the guys end up falling in love with girls that met up with them which Griffin fell for Chloe, a survivor of a deadly college shooting who wants to feel safe but willing to risk anything to be with him, Knox meets Madison, a girl who came to D. C. to not only be with him but also find the brother that she wanted to meet her entire life, and Logan, Madison’s brother, who catches up with long-time high school buddy Brooke, who has a secret about her job that she is willing to move on and show that Logan can be able to give everything up for love and get closer not only to him but also him closer to his sister and father.

Now we are onto Riley Ness, the control freak of the bunch, he is always the guy with the plan and knowing how to survive danger when it comes to it. He always has this notion that danger should be predicted to get over his anxiety from the accident that almost cost him and his best buddies their lives many years before by working for the NTSB. Even though he is a pain to a lot of people including his buddies but he knows that he needs to tame the fighty and sexy Summer Sheridan, who is also a college shooting survivor with Chloe from the same college they went to and owns a clothing boutique, has to help him loosen up and able to try to live. Even though Riley wants to feel like she shouldn’t risk her life by trying everything, he wants to show that he wants to save her in the name of love while she wants him to loosen up for it and enjoy life.

Thoughts: I felt that this book was a really good continuation of the story. Ever since I read Risking It All, the book that started it all, it took the idea that Lara Adrian did by having each character meet the one they fall for and shows the ups and downs of the relationship while they are dating to lead to the full on conclusion of them being together forever and it does continue those relationships in the kanon. For instance, Risking It All ended with Griffin letting Chloe to be the one asking to marry him if she wants it and it continues into the next in seeing how their relationship continues and how Knox, the braniac and millionaire overnight of the group, ends up with Madison which he felt that she was pushing onto him and doesn’t want her at first but then Chloe helps Madison with advice along with Summer and Anabeth, Madison’s roommate and who works at the expensive bar the guys like to go to, in how to get Knox’s heart and agree to marry her. Then it moves into Giving It All which Logan leaves his world saving gig in order to meet Madison after her revealing herself to him over a satellite call and then ends up on an island as a hurricane hits and runs into an old high school friend and has to help her get over a tragedy that happened and thought she was responsible by saying, “It wasn’t your fault!” And then it moves into Trying It All where all the girls and guys help Summer and Riley get together with advice in how they have to handle each other since Riley is afraid of falling in love and losing Summer while Summer is afraid of living life to its fullest even in love! Forgot to mention with Giving, it does show how two have to give it all up for being with each other which that was another bit of advice with Trying. So yeah, the narrative was able to blend with each other as the series progresses. I wished that Barth gave a preview of the next book because I have a feeling that Josh is the last one unless she is planning to do one for their butler. (Which would be interesting.) I can’t wait to see what may happen with Josh since he is the only guy among the Naked Men that is left.

I did find it weird in this one that they didn’t show anything of the podcast or blog postings. Throughout the first three books we see how the guys perceive topics within the “Naked Men” blog and podcast they do in the series which the books are named after. This one had Summer become a guest and be on camera and wishing to see how that went when the other books shown the guys talk about the topics but not this one which was to promote a project to put seatbelts in buses. I even saw how the chapters were a bit like cliff-hangers as I read, I think Barth wanted to change it up since in the other books it shown how things were solved as the book went on even if the girlfriends/fiances are pissed at them and how they had to fix it like in a lot of romantic movies. This one, it just gave a summary of what had happened to show what happened in the next chapter in order to fill in the blanks from the previous one such as when both Riley and Summer got really hurt due to a storm while in a nature preserve and Summer locked up their phones in the car and he had to go and get help to get Summer from underneath a tree which it summed up in the next chapter that he kept falling while finding help through the storm and Summer gets rescued and brought to the hospital. I am not sure if she wanted the book to be slightly shorter since it was twenty something chapters long and just focus on the romantic bits. It is good but wishing it didn’t go that way.

Rating: 4.5 Star Pawprints Out of 5! All thanks to summing up the parts, it does take five points off because the last three books didn’t do the summing up and having a chapter be a cliff-hanger each time. I do like the characters of Summer and Riley since I didn’t expect Riley to be a bit of control freak. I always remembered him being a bit cheeky and always being a wingman. I didn’t know that he didn’t stand for Summer, it didn’t really show in the past few books actually. I wished it did since I did like Summer from the start of the series since she was the fashion lover and I didn’t see her as flighty. I guess Barth was waiting until this book to develop her more which can happen in a books eries with a ton of characters. I am hoping with Josh it will be even more interesting since he owns a food truck. I even came up with names that would probably fit such as “Taking It All,” “Betting It All,” and “Missing It All.” Unless she is writing something with their butler that is also some possibilities too.

That is it for this review! More books to come! Stay tuned!

Books: The Twilight Wife by. A. J. Banner

Hello Shiquers again and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I know I just did a post like an hour or so ago but just finished another Net Galley title!

Title: The Twilight Wife
Author: A. J. Banner

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer and producer of this blog! Please respect her thoughts and opinions!

Synopsis: We meet Kira Winthrop, a thirty-four year old marine biologist, who doesn’t remember the diving accident that gave her a very complex memory loss and can’t remember the past few years of her life. She does start getting flashes of many things such as a man that she had remembered, remembering her college days, and even being on the island before meeting her now husband, Jacob. She wonders where are these thoughts coming from and what exactly happened during the accident and is Jacob really her husband or just a part of her complex flashes?

Thoughts: I never heard of A. J. Banner until I saw this title in an email among some science fiction titles and thought it was pretty interesting. This was more of a psychological thriller since Banner did write one called The Good Neighbor which was a big best seller on Kindle. I did try finding it on Bookshare but they only had this one.

I did like this book even though I felt a little confused in the beginning and starting to learn about Kira and start to learn about what she is going through. It started to come easily since it deals with someone trying to figure out what had happened to them and how it led to where she is now. It did take some interesting twists such as how she started remembering Aiden, the “husband’s” best friend and employee and wonders why is he always on her mind and if she was really with Jake in the first place. The dots do connect and they connect very well.

What I did like is how the use of tech was involved. It made the mystery more interesting since Jake was a huge software developer and he was using the internet and the computers in his office and in Kira’s office to his advantage to plant false memories and trying to take out the truth before her knowing what really had happened to her and Aiden during the accident. If you are into psychological thrillers, I would say check this out since this does show how someone can toy with not only your mind but wanting to keep the truth that you can’t trust the person you are with anymore. Also, it does make the island in the middle of nowhere idea very well since Mystic Island, which is where she is in this book, was a way of being away from it all and yet became her prison. It even got more interesting when she meets a fisherman that gets her confused as Jake’s mother but she finds out a little bit more about Jake even when she met Nancy and her husband, Van, which I felt like with how Nancy acted around Jake that she wanted him for herself and leave Van even after a scary event that took place during a dinner thing. I did feel how Nancy was a bit jealous towards Kira, that is how I saw it while reading. I even thought, If you want Jake so much, why not have him? But that would ruin the surprise towards the end of the book.

Rating: 5 Star Pawprints Out of 5! This book was a pretty good read! I did get confused in the beginning but it sometimes happens. The twists and turns were great and it did play the small island idea with a “Nowhere to Run!” idea when the secret has been found out. If I were to find a way of getting my paws on The Good Neighbor then I would give it a read. I hope I do find more titles in NetGalley by this author in the near future since so far so good as someone who already has a second book is doing pretty well.

That is about it for this one! I know it was another post so soon but it was fresh in mind! I am going to read a title by Kristy Barth but I have to read the book before it. Until next time!

Books: The Expansion by Christoph Martin

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I have another book review for you today and I thought I would take longer than expected but nope! Let’s get started!

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer and producer of this blog! Please respect her thoughts and opinions on the book that is being reviewed. There might be spoilers that may want you to read the book when it releases!

Title: The Expansion
Author: Cristoph Martin

Synopsis: We meet Max Burns who ends up in a lot of trouble in this book. When the body of the senior official of the Panama Canal’s expansion is found dead, suspicion is pointed at Max alongside sabotage and murder along with political betrayal and intrigue in the Central America area of Panama. He can only turn to Carice Dean, a scientist with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, but little did he know that she holds a secret aobut herself that may either cost him his life or arrest.

Thoughts: At first I thought I wasn’t going to read this book from NetGalley’s collection since lately I haven’t had much luck until I was approved for this book. I was glad since the description made me interested when I got an email about authors from the U. K. offering books this summer and thought it would be interesting.

I thought it was going to be set in the 1920’s at first since that was around the time the Panama Canal was built but was wrong, this was a book set in the 2000s. It does make sense since we do have advances in technology than back when the original canal was built. I did like how the book shown all the characters that were going to be involved throughout the chapters as I read, which it started with Max losing his parents and being with his friend Gotfrito and how his best friend would play his role in the story later on with a reunion in Panama. Then we see Carice in how she starts her role by being at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Center with her roommate and colleague and we find out her secret later on in the book. There are times when books do shove the characters up front and don’t tell who they are or do and just briefly and just stay for the rest of the book which is a hard thing with character development but Martin does paint the characters very well as I kept reading. I did feel that Carice’s and Max’s relationship was a bit forced since Max was supposed to get married but the split happens when he was going on this project, I would let you read this book to see how that happened. I felt with Max meeting Carice was meet at a party and have one night and she’s gone for most of the story, I wished he could’ve met her slightly earlier like visiting the canal site or something and then it would start naturally as time goes on before she had to leave for a few years until they had to cross paths again.

The murder, on the other hand, I thought it would be happening as the story starts but I can see why it took until close to the ending chapters since it brings the important characters into the book and how events are happening and how it does lead into the murder. I think I prefer the story with a murder that way without starting the book with body on ground and they look at the most likely suspect and just have Max go through chapter on chapter to see why was it him until the end. I think putting key players in first and then the mystery works out better than mystery and then key players. I can see how this story was in his head and has stuck with Martin for a while, trust me the idea for my third book which I have been working on a little bit lately was the same way. It is like a bee buzzing around you until you have to hit it to stop bothering you. I bet with the next one it is the same way since Martin did say he is working on a sequel, which will be out next year. I can’t wait how that will be looking like since there were a few loose ends as I finished the book that need to be tied up. I have to wait!

Rating: 5 Star Pawprints Out of 5! This book deserves the five since I feel like the book did build up to the murder very well. It brought in the characters that are going to be important and then gives the set up towards the murder and the fingers to be pointed at the unsuspected when it takes place with sabotage and murder. It did make me suspect someone else, which most mysteries do, but at the same time it made it more interesting with how the story builds to the climax in the book. I can’t wait what Christoph Martin has in store for the next one next year! Hoping it will fill in some loose ends and see how the canal expansion finishes up.

Well, that is about it for this review! I would say look out for this book on Amazon in paperback and as an EBook coming soon!Until next time here at Nerdy Shique Universe!

Books: The Jekyl Revelation by Robert Marsello

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Now I have another book to review!

Title: The Jekyl Revelation
Author:Robert Masello

Disclaimer: This review is based on observations and opinions of the lead writer and producer of this blog! Please respect her thoughts and opinions and there might be spoilers!

Synopsis: This book is a thriller and science fiction book where it goes between England in the 1800s to present day California. We meet Rafeal, an environmental scientist, finds a trunk in the middle of lake while on patrol in Topanga Canyon that unlocks items from the past such as a top hat to a cane and a small trunk that contains a journal that contains the entries of the famous writer Robert Louis Stevenson. The entries tell his tale of how he faced tuberculosis and gets over it but the experiment turned him into the creature that inspired his famous story, Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde!

Even though the story unravels for Rafe but his life in the canyon has become even more dangerous when he finds a meth lab in the canyon that leads to risking his life along with the woman he rented a trailer from and may cause a psychotic drug addict wanting the journal before he knows where the story takes him next and how the trunk ended up in the lake in the first place.

Thoughts: I don’t know guys! I feel like this book was a bit meh but at the same time it was compelling. I did like how it switched from present day to the past which I read in the author’s notes at the end that he loves to do the switch between present and the past to tell his stories. He even warned the readers not to try and write a paper based on his books which some of the parts are fiction since we are supposed to enjoy the book.

I remembered reading the play version of the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde in my senior year of high school and I ended up reading the part of Dr. Jekyl which I did it better than the dude who read Mr. Hyde. Try having the guy crushing on you at the time looking over and being amazed. (Not kidding!) I did like the idea how the past pages told the tale of Stevenson and how he became Hyde and due to the elixir he was given by the doctor he saw about his condition in the beginning and somehow the stepson got his paws on it and then he became Hyde. As I read, it does show how he was worried about the stepson and worried in how he created the monster that he was inspired to write. I wished at some points that the present stuff would’ve had a somewhat of a conclusion before transitioning into the past since I wondered at some points where it cut off and goes to Stevenson as “What happened?” For instance, there was a part in the book where the break cables in Rafe’s jeep were cut and his partner and him were about to hit a lake and wondered what happened to them but it didn’t reveal when they go back to the present! Or I think I fell asleep since I read it at night and Kindle loved to keep going.If Bookshare or NLS Bard get this book I will read it all the way!

I would say this book is a way of showing that no matter where you are,w hether it is a tiny canyon or in England, monsters can be created which I saw in this book. Whether it is due to drugs which I saw in the present day parts with the character Lazlo and how he worked with a motorcycle gang, the Spirits, he was pretty much greedy in getting the journal thinking it was treasure in a small box, or seeing Lloyd, Stevenson’s stepson, taking on the character that was supposed to be fictional and how he harmed women. But in the end, the good will prevail somehow such as seeing Lazlo dying in a major meth lab accident where the fire spread all over the canyon due to a stupid move, and seeing Lloyd lost at sea in the Samoan islands after jumping on the boat that during a storm for Stevenson to live another day.

Reting: 4 Star Pawprints Out of 5! This book deserves a four since I felt that it was good but at the same time kind of felt like the transitions were too fast to me. Yes, it had a strong start of the whole rising action and the start of the conflict such as the trunk, the idea of illegal meth labs happening, and starting to see the past through Stevenson’s journal. I think some of the story should’ve had two or three instances of the present having its tale being told in a complete way and then transition to the past to tell the journal pages which I saw in some instances in the beginning of the book. I think it would’ve slowed down and let me enjoy the book a bit more. I did like the past being weaved in to show that someone left something in the canyon and how it got there and how it connected the dots through the journal which was interesting. Wishing the present parts were told more conclusively and hoping there is a recorded version. I may have to see Marsellp’s other works if they are available.

That is it for this review! I am reading a newer book by someone in the UK and it is a long one but it’s pretty good so far! Let’s see how long it will take me. In the meantime, I will try and do the Anime That Should Be Dubbed list. Until next time!

Also…I found out from GOndras that Adam West died. Rest in peace original Batman! Too bad we didnb’t get to meet you last year at MegaCon Orlando.

Books: Leather Pants (Happy Pants #2) by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I have another review on a Mimi Jean Pamfiloff book!

Title: Leather Pants: Happy Bants Book 2

Disclaimer: This review is based on opinion and Observation by the lead writer and producer of this blog! Please respect her thoughts and opinions and warning there might be spoilers!

Synopsis: This book is the sequel to Tailored for Trouble and the second book in the Happy Pants series and I was excited to read this one after reading the first one! We meet Sarah, Taylor’s best friend, who is a judge in San Francisco who is really serious about her career and how she got there by missing the fun of life to get where she is including not falling in love until she gets the fateful cookie from the Happy Pants café as a birthday gift from Taylor. She eats the cookie and ends up fruning into the guy who is the main part of a case and he is the famous singer Colton Young and they had a bit of a one night together in a club bathroom which little did she know it ended up as blackmail material against her and Colton in order to give him community service, which ends up at the Happy Pants Ranch to help Ms. Lucy everyday in time for his new tour. As time goes on, Sarah starts falling for the bad boy and not only that learns about a secret about him that his fans don’t know about and she is the only one that can really help him and risk her career along with it.

Thoughts: Whoa! This book was amazing and it was a great sequel to the first! Normally the sequel is not as great as the first but I think this one slightly better than the first. How so? Well, since this is supposed to be a romantic comedy and I laughed a lot more during this book than the first. I did have small chuckles during the first but this one I had a bit more because of how awkward Sarah was being around Colt when he comes closer to her and she just feels her heart flutter even when he wears the leather pants she loves him for. I can see how she cared for him throughout the book when he went through his moods and willing to help him in anyway he can and he did get jealous whenever his brother tried to dance with her at a charity event that Bennet Wade, Taylor’s husband, held and you can see how he was getting overprotective of her through the entire story. I know that feeling since my fiancé, Gondras, is pretty protective of me too and if anyone does me any wrong he does want to help me.

My fave part of the entire book would probably be during the charity event where the crowd asks Colt to sing and they don’t know that he has forgotten his old songs and Sarah went up to sing for him but almost cabaret and it was a way of saving him from embarrassment when he tried to say, “No.” It was kind of cute for her to distract the crowd and it shown her fearless side even if she couldn’t sing from how the book described it. There are times when I don’t want to be onstage singing even in front of my best buddies while playing Rock Band and just stick to my shower with “Bohemian Rhapsody” or New Found Glory.

Rating: 5 Star Pawprints Out of 5! Like with Mr. Rook’s Island, I give this a five as well! This book was entertaining and it did bring me more laughs than the first. I didn’t want to close up Kindle even when I am in bed listening to it on Kindle. If you are into romantic comedies like I am, this will be your major cup of tea! I would say check out Tailored for Trouble since that starts the series and how the Happy Pants cookies are and why they are so special, which is funny at the end of the book when she is with Colt she does realize that the cookie was eaten on her birthday and forgot all about it and he did lick some of the crumbs from somewhereon her that night. I can’t wait for the next one, Skinny Pants, where we get to see Taylor’s older brother who was divorced gets to meet his girl and be the next Happy Pants cookie victim!

That is about it! I am hoping more of the MegaCon Orlando videos do go up on YouTube so you can watch our experience during this year’s event. You can still see the Tom Wilson Q&A, the Stan Lee Q&A, and the Princess Bride script reading! Until next time!

Books: Mr. Rook’s Island Volume 1 by. Mimi Jean Pamiloff (Coming out This Month!)

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Now to take a break from convention stuff to have a new book review that is coming out on June 13!

Title: Mr. Rook
Author: Mimi Jean Pamiloff

Disclaimer: This review is based on opinion and observation of the lead writer and producer! Please respect her thoughts and opinions since she did read the book!

Synopsis: Welcome to Mr. Rook’s Island where you can have an exciting journey or just finding the long awaited fantasy you ever dreamed of such as sailing with a pirate or even looking for a treasure in the caves like Indiana Jones! You can have it all on an island near the Bermuda Triangle where you can get lost in a fantasy you desire! Unless you are Stephanie Fitzgerald, on the other hand, who is trying to find her sister after finding out that she has vanished and the last place she was in is at Mr. Rook’s Island but finds out that she is getting into secrets that the island has that not everyone knows about and something about Mr. Rook that she wants to know until she falls for the mysterious man with the mysterious island.

Thoughts: Damn! This book was steamy like crazy! Even the air conditioner and fan in my room wasn’t working while I was reading this book!

All I have to say is that Mimi has done it again with her writing! I have read Tailored for Trouble, Accidentally In Love With a [God?] from BookShare, and Ten Club and now this new one! This is supposed to be the first of a new series which she had a hard time to know what to write and I can relate myself since I am about to write my third book and it is kind of hard knowing where to start the story or how to start the words. Anyways, she wanted to do three separate ones from what I read in the end and then she combined it into this new one which she also hinted to the next book which I can’t wait!

I thought it was clever that she would set the island near the Bermuda Triangle since we all know that the Triangle itself is a mysterious place where people in planes or ships would disappear and having an island right on the edge kind of makes sense since you don’t know where you are going exactly, where you send some of your fortune to, and you hardly get any signal out there which makes sense! Plus, this book makes it seem like a steamy version of Gilligan’s Island but you have women meeting men for many fantasy excursions to fill their own dreams as a way to get away from cheating husbands or just want to enjoy the end of your life for once. Doesn’t that sound like a nice cruise for a week? I wouldn’t mind staying in a bungalow with a hot man rubbing my feet after a long convention weekend.

Now onto the characters! Like always, Mimi seems to bring on a sultry and sexy man and a very spunky woman and I saw it in Stephanie and Rook! Stephanie kind of not only has the spunk but she does have a guarded side which you see a lot in this first book which she hates how anyone touches her due to the pain of losing her sister but she starts letting it down when she meets Rook for the first time which she starts feeling the attraction towards to him. I kind of feel like I was reading Accidentally In Love Book 1 again since this couple reminds me of Guy and Emma from that but Stephanie shows more of the mistrusting side and doesn’t have Rook whisper inside her head all the time. I hope her character does get developed more as the story goes on since I want to read more of this series and see how she and Rook get along after how it ended.

What about the love making? Oh man! I would say it’s even more steamier than the romance scenes in Midnight Breed Series! I felt like I need a glass of wine despite that I don’t drink due to being lightweight or unless I would have some Lindor Truffles while reading it but my face….my face! It was turning strawberry red from all the blushing! Heck, I was hearing “Careless Whisper” in my head, even Hyde’s (dude from L’Arc`en`Ciel) singing it while reading it. Girls! If you are 31 like me, pick up this book if you are into steamy romances!

Rating: 5 Star Pawprints out of 5! Damn! Yet another fiver here! I am hoping the next one is as good as this and also fill in blanks as well since the ending was pretty good and the dots were about to start connecting and knowing the next one will do the same! I highly, highly recommend if you are late twenties early thirties and need a very good romance story to relax yourself from a long day of work or just sit down and enjoy something with your gal pals!

Look out for Mr. Rook out June 13th!

That is it for this review! I am reading one of Mimi’s other books to catch up in the Happy Pants series so you will see my review next on that!

Update on MegaCon videos: Nerdy Shirts is getting the videos up, it’s taking a while since the upload speed at his place is slow but he is getting videos up as he can. So, I am keeping an eye out and then will post the Brina Palencia panel along with others here! Stay tuned!

Convention Impossible: MegaCon Orlando 2017

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe. MegaCon has passed and man this will be my most honest review, let’s get to it!

Disclaimer: This review is based on opinion and observations of the lead writer and producer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts and feelings, more like deep thoughts and feelings about this convention because it will be one huge honest review especially the results.

Location: This convention has been held at the Orange County Convention for many years but has been in multiple buildings. In most of the years I’ve been to this convention it was in the North Concourse and then one year or two in the South Concourse and now this year was in the North South Concourse. I know it sounds confusing but I am not done yet! Basically, the building is separated in North and South where you can cut through the vendor’s room to get to both sides until closing time when you have to go back out to get to either side. In order to get your ticket, you had to walk to the South side in the side to get your wristband, VIP pass, and the Press pass like mine, which was a pin on tag which you could also clip onto a lanyard. There was also the option for four day pass holders to receive their passes in the mail to ease the trouble of waiting. Hmmm, why not do that other cons? Anyways, so with panels, you had to go to either North or South Concourse areas to see the panels and how I saw it that the more comic book and sci-fi panels were on North side, not only that there were also the cartoon guests and video game panels on top of it, while the South side had the anime related panels and North had the gaming room for any gamers that need a break. Having the game room somewhere in the Concourse instead of the vendor’s room like with previous years, which that is next!

Vendor’s Hall: Or Exhibitor’s Hall for the volunteers working! It was …pardon my French…fucking huge! I never thought in my five years of returning I would see something this big! I thought the one during 2011 was big! Not only we had a lot of vendors, which we did find some sweet ones including Tee Turtle where I got my “Crazy Cat Lady” shirt (I know that is supposed to be for someone who is single but I do love cats and it had kitties!) Not only that, the Artist’s Alley was also huge since we were walking all over to find me some Dolic earrings since I didn’t have any while wearing my Doctor Who dress. Oh, need to mention the celebrity area! Not only it was huge but there was one huge, huge, HUGE area for Stan Lee! Gondras was only there for a day and he saw the humongous line of people and I was like “Oh f**k no!” If anyone has been on Splash Mountain, that line was way longer than that! I did meet Katie Griffin and Linda Ballumtyne in the flesh and did give them lanyards themed after their respective Sailor Scout. I did want to meet some of the other guests but we had to run to so many panels to get for the channel, which speaking of which…

Panels: This year was the only year at MegaCon I’ve been to the most panels. As said before, we had to go between the concourses to get to the many panels we have gone to. We went to Q&A panels for Brina Palencia, Mike McFarland (which I was glad to hear that he is also a Whovian and he has me wanting to watch Hitalia after knowing that he is Estonia and always hearing Todd Haberkorn as Italy.) Also, a panel with Amanda Miller, Brina, and Jamie Marchi, and went to Billy West’s panel Saturday night which was hilarious. I think the best panels I’ve been to all weekend were Stan Lee’s and the Tom Wilson panels! Stan Lee is of course the major comic book legend and without him we wouldn’t see the awesome Marvel movies. Too bad we couldn’t interview him because it would’ve been as entertaining as the panel but couldn’t do an interview, which I will get into detail after the Verdict. This panel was very good and we got to hear about Stan’s first visit to Universal and there was one tip that one person did ask out during the Q&A part was about his advice for anyone who wants to become a writer and that is: “Write what you like! All I hear about nowadays from writers is I write this book for this age group but what happens if you’re older than that and will you like it? Don’t write for anyone else just what you like.”

I will take that to heart since I have started writing fiction stuff and my second book will be out in September and just wrote it based on things I liked rather than others would like and that will be passed onto the next book which I am about to start to work on soon.

We did tape a lot of panels but there were two we didn’t get footage for which were the Flash panel with Tom Cavanah and Danielle Pannebaker who played Reverse Flash and Killer Frost because of copyright reasons and how they did talk about show stuff. I did find funny from the panel that Daniellle did mention to Tom how she was in Sky High and that his kids would love it and guess what they do and they always want to watch it. The other panel we didn’t get was the Q&A panel with Troy Baker and Nolan North due to coming in close to it ending. One thing I was happy with this panel was after getting off the phone with Gondras was that Troy mentioned how video games should be more accessible for blind people! I did cheer for it and I was really happy about it since there have been articles lately about blind people playing games, for instance this past week my buddy Stellarnan did put a link up about a Japanese boy who was blind since birth beat a rhythm game series and wrote to Nintendo to make more and they sent him a Braille letter thanking him for playing and that they will pass his request on. Another example is that there is a guy on YouTube that plays games and has his friends help with navigation, which the last game he did with his friends was MarioKart 8 for the Switch. I did write to Nintendo a long time ago about making a screen reader since I do play Pokemon (Haven’t opened Sun yet!) and it’s hard not being able to read the story and it would help. I will find a way of getting a new letter to Japan after this to get it developed. Anyways, I did thank Troy for it and he really wants to see more players out there even with a disability. This got me to ask Jennifer Hale and Ally Hillis during the Mass Effect panel about it and they said that we are at a time to have more inclusion and accessibility in games and they want to see more people game too. This gave me major hope and if it is possible to get the word out more then it can happen.

Don’t worry guys, Nerdy Shirts will get the videos up of the other panels we got so you can enjoy and I can put them into posts so you can see what I experienced. Which I will start with Tom Wilson’s panel since I caught that on my phone so stay tuned for that!



I know it’s weird to do two different verdicts but this year after doing press this just once it is only once that we will do it.

Don’t get me wrong, I was appreciative for doing it but I felt screwed over as a small blog. Yes, the convention was great and the good thing was that we got to see panels but the truth was we had to be re-considered for this convention after being turned down. I was glad we did since we got to see Stan Lee’s panel and many others, heck the Totally Spies reunion as well. While Press itself is something we have done in the past but I feel like it needs to be worked on a lot more.

What do I mean by this? Well, I feel like the press form should at least mention requirements needed or wanted, especially for online media outlets. New blogs and YouTube channels are coming up and there are times when they want to do a huge convention like we just did and not only that MetroCon has been our first big convention we started with. Why go for the bigger ones? It’s because we are trying to build our resumes in order to do press for other conventions. We have done press for four years and have built it up and have done interviews, which I will mention that next, and have reviewed their events as time went on to show that we can actually do what we do. I even built our press kit in Powerpoint to show what we’ve done so far for press to show it. With a press kit or not, this would help big conventions and bigger conventions trust the smaller blogs along with major press outlets like local newspapers since the newspapers really focus on the event as a whole when YouTube channels or online magazines can do a lot more like we have done with Omni, Mythic, and even Holiday Matsuri which I feel MegaCon should have more trust in smaller outlets. Well, Orlando at least since we haven’t exactly done it with Tampa.

Next is interviews…::heavily sighs:: On the form, it asked about doing interviews and it mentioned how you can interview staff or the celebrity guests which we wanted to do it with guests of course. Then there was another question underneath saying, “What are the top two guests you want to interview?” At the time when they started doing guest announcements the two real guests that caught my eye or shall I say ear since I use JAWS were Stan Lee and Tim Curry and after being re-considered I did ask about that and was told not until April. We were turned down for interviews and I tried to ask about voice actors and was asked what we wanted and waited until they got announced and asked and then was turned down for that too and was told only cosplayers, attendees, and comic book artists.

Okay, I understand Stan Lee and Tim Curry are huge names and it would be hard to see about getting interviews but what about the guests? What is the real reason you won’t let us interview anyone else? That is what puzzeled me the most. I remembered during MythiCon 2014 where Chuck Huber was going to be there for two days and was given the reason of due to him being there for two days can’t find the time that would be easy to get an interview with him even though he wanted to do it when we told him what had happened. (Chuck, we owe you one so come back to Orlando if you can.) I felt like I was let down majorly about that since voice actors are our biggest thing and I bet you’re wondering “Don’t you cosplay?” Yes I do but here is the thing, when I do interview questions I base it on the work of those people which I research it first and then come up with what I want to ask and well since I can’t really see the work in front of me then there’s the problem. For instance, I was able to interview Riddle because I remembered her from Heroes of Cosplay and I did like what she brought to the show as a cosplayer and had fun talking to her. RJ Heady was easy due to how I knew his work from Face Off and makeup effects are my favorite and they were able to describe the work very well on that show since my vision was not as great when season two rolled around with him on there. So, comic book artists wouldn’t be the best place for me since I can’t keep up with comics due to being not able to read them and see them. I can interview authors that I have read since I can listen to the audiobooks and voice actors because I am able to hear the dub easily. That is why I took it to Twitter to see if some of the guests would like to be interviewed through email and was able to get Katie Griffin and Linda Ballumtyne and promote the convention as well, which I did forget to mention that when I got re-considered that the big thing of doing press is to promote MegaCon and that is what we do with our Convention Spotlight and Last Minute Convention Info since this year was going to be a huge travel year with other things going on such as Volcano Bay and Pandora opening at Universal and Disney. That is why I am treating conventions as travel now among promoting them.

I think that is it, so yeah, after looking at it, I think this will be the only year for us at MegaCon Orlando. We have other conventions to think of and of course the ones we have done press for in the past since we have had great experiences.

I believe that is it for this Convention Impossible! I didn’t try to bash on MegaCon, we did have fun but wishing that press would have been better in my book. I did get to ask questions if I were in an interview which you will get to see in our videos of some of the panels. I am glad that Troy Baker wants to see more accessibility with video games and I was glad to meet Katie Griffin and Linda Ballumtyne which you can still read those interviews! Too bad the Doctor Who companions cancelled since there is a new season of Legends of Tomorrow for Arthur Darvil to do but not sure why Jenna Coleman. Oh well!

What is next for us? My Top Ten Songs for May! Stay tuned!

T. V.: Agents of S. H. I. E. L. D. Season 4 Review

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I should’ve done this yesterday but finally thought that it was a great season that it should get a review and that is Agents of SHIELD Season 4! Let’s get to it!

Season Synopsis: Last time on Agents, we saw Daisy, also known as Quake, go off on her own to take out any criminals so she could get away from SHIELD once she lost Lincoln. The season brings in a new threat that deals with an ancient text known as the Dark Hold which opens one’s mind to endless possibilities such as turning an android into human to having a new life beyond the real world. All thanks to this text, new trouble arises for our agents and Colson as he tries to get Daisy back and meets Ghost Rider while he is at it. Besides making new friends, he finds out a new group that is trying to get rid of inhumans known as the Watch Dogs and knows that he has to protect his superhero strength friends along with his agents.

Disclaimer: This review is based on observation and opinion of the lead writer! Please respect her thoughts and opinions in this review! Also, spoilers may be ahead!

Thoughts: Oh man! This season was a lot better than the last, so much better that I forgot that Season 3 even existed! Yes, there were a few misses in this season but everything else was like “Holy sh*t!” The twists and turns took this season to new heights and how they introduced Ghost Rider made it even better. No, this is not the Nicholas Cage one but a newer one that drives a car than the motorcycle. I think I liked this one since I have seen reviews on the Cage Ghost Rider and too cartoony when Agents captured the character very well even when he returned to the Hell Mouth and then came back in the end of the season. Perfect esart and end to a season and hoping they keep this Ghost Ridr and get the rights back to the movie like with Spidey since Marvel can do right by getting characters back to their side. I wouldn’t mind seeing a movie with this Rider or re-tell the story teading up to this one to fill in the blanks that led to Season 4.

Okay, better stop fangirling for a bit because the rest of the season did play more with the Fitz and Simmons relationship again which I felt that this season was a major test for them both because Fitz had been buddy-buddy with Radcliffe from last season. I know I did say I forgot the last season but I did like Radcliffe even if he shown up out of left field for me when Hive was the villain.This season shown a bigger interaction with Radcliffe since it brought something from Age of Ultron into this season and that is building an almost real android and that is the new character Aida! Apparently now in the Marvel universe, if you create one of these ever since Ultron existed people have to report that they created one. Fitz meets Aida while visiting Radcliffe at home and he does warn Radcliffe that he has to report to the authorities about her and Radcliffe of course refuses and keeps it as a secret. You know this goes wrong, right? It does! She does get hold of the Dark Hold and all hell breaks loose all thanks to it, especially when the Matrix is involved or the Frake Work is involved. Oh yeah, we go into the Matrix with this season where we found out that Radcliffe made a world where life can be perfect but it gets twisted all thanks to Aida. It was meant to be made to load up your consciousness after you die but our Agents do get kidnapped and Daisy and Simmons have to rescue them from this messed up version where Hydra wins. Gondras wasn’t liking this part since Fitz and Simmons’ relationship was being tested towards the end of the season which Aida was really wanting Fitz! I did notice that too but I know Fitz really wanted to stay with Simmons even despite the hurt he was bringing on and how he wanted to connect with Aida and teach her how to be human but that was all wrong. I think this season was a huge development for Fitz’s character since it shown how he explained how hard his dad was on him during his life and you saw it the most during the Frame Work portion of the season, even though we saw the eviler side of Fitz in that part. We also get to see other sides of some of the characters in the Freme Work side such as May being colder than ever, Mack with his daughter with his more fatherly side, and of course Radcliffe being guilty for creating the Frame Work and Aida! Oh yeah, this season had a lot of character development and that is what I liked, especially with the first two seasons! Hoping the next season will be even better.

There was one thing that did confuse me, I am not sure if it’s because I missed a few episodes in Daytona, once ten rolled around I was exhausted from my long day of work, but the cocoon thing. Apparently, there was something where a inhuman was created through being inside a cocoon and didn’t see that much in the past few seasons. I am guessing it was something that led to Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 where the post-credits scene dealt with a cocoon as well which is foretelling of one character for the next movie. I wished that was told a lot better than it was the Senator’s brother being inside of it and didn’t want him alive, apparently she didn’t like inhumans and didn’t explain that much to me about her character and her brother, it felt like she was in for a few episodes and was killed by an exploding inhuman and that was it. I think Marvel should’ve explained things better when they can tell good stories. Io me it felt like that was glossed over and then cuts to Talbot working with SHIELD despite his feelings working with them and then to the Frame Work and so on. Hoping Guardians 3 explains the cocoons a bit better or at least the new Inhumans tv series, oh yes they are doing it, will explain that better!

Rating: 4.5 Star Pawprints out of 5! Even though this season was better than the last but the cocoon thing was confusing and felt like a one shot thing and forgotten about it. Ghost Rider being in this season was a really good change and it brought something new to the story and hoping that Marvel gets bte rights back to the movies since they can do a better movie than the ones that are made for the Rider himself. I did like the Frame Work stuff since this season cdi show what humans can be reckless with technology especially with artificial intelligence. I feel as though this can be a warning sign if we did create Aida and it goes haywire. I rather not being so afraid since I have to rely on tech for my everyday use. Now let’s see what Marvel has in store for the next season and Inhumans.

That is it for this review! I am glad to to do this since it was a season hat I enjoyed and it’s in time for MegaCon in a week. Let’s see what happens with Mega! In the meantime, I may do a post that deals with a subject that a lot of people may notice that still exists is the Wheeaboo and I may still do the anime that should be dubbed post either after the coverage on MegaCon or before it. Stay tuned!

Books: Gilded Cage by Vic James

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Time for another book review!

Title: Gilded Cage
Author: Vic James

Disclaimer: This review is based on opinion and observation! Please respect her thoughts and feelings about this book.

Synopsis: This story is a telling of magical aristocrats in a modern world where commoners are there to serve them. We meet the Hadley family who end up in the world of Slave Days where a family has to work for the Jardian family, a huge aristocratic family that has been equal for many years, for ten years. The family is known for having many of magical skill and secrets that they don’t want to give until the Hadleys have their son sent to a Slave Town in order to work while the others were sent to the prestitious Clindestined where they not only have to take care of baby that one of their members gave birth to with a slave woman but taking care of a family member who has been in a coma for over twenty years.Twists and turns take shape and even people are willing to get hurt or die in order to change things and show that everyone is equal no matter who they are.

Thoughts: All I have to say this book was DAMN! This is one story I wanted to keep going and not be disturbed from reading because of how good it was! I did get confused on some points such as the family backstory with the character Utope who was in a coma for over twenty years. Yes, it got explained but I wondered is that is she so emotionally unstable even with death? I mean she went into her coma after losing her parents in a fire and then destroyed an entire wing after a death and I feel like that should be something the family should control or at least help her by going through treatment or training to control her powers or both. I remembered in the Dresden Files, it was explained that Molly’s powers can be triggered by feelings and in Ghost Story her guilt made her magic even more powerful. So, yeah Utope’s powers should’ve been helped with.

I was also even surprised by how Luke, the son, was sent off to the Slave Town for being “useless” to the Jardians but it was revealed later that he was useful. I did like all the parts with him and how he was dealing at the place he was in even when working with the rebels since it shown the darker side of the Slave Days if you’re not useful to the Equals. I almost thought they weren’t going to make it when a huge chemical fire rose up when he and the rebels rescued a friend that got arrested and tortured. You know those moments in books that you think your fave character will die but he survives in the end. I had that the most with Caid in Midnight Breed Series for most of the books he shown up. That is how I felt about Luke and hoping if there is a sequel, since the epilogue opened it to one, that he gets through what had happened to him in the end and that he gets rescued again.

Another character I did like was Abby, Luke’s older sister, I did like how she interacted with Jenna, the unskilled member, and had a feeling that they would get together despite how forbidden it was. I liked how she did the hardest not only to act normal as she worked but knowing the secrets of the family as she worked such as remembering the history since she had read upon it before working for them and trying to figure out why Luke got sent away when she and her parents and the little sister were sent to the Jardian home instead. I did like how she said, “Screw the rules!” towards the guy that was on the leash that was known as Dog. He did interact with her at first by grabbing her ankle when she had to take him to the stables on the property and she knew that something was really up and wanted to solve the mystery behind it and why was he treated as a dog. She is one of those characters that can fit with the Mystery Inc. group on Scooby Doo with how suspicious she gets. I can see why Jenna fell for her in the end.

Rating: 5 Star Star Pawprints out of 5! This book was a very good read! I never thought I would enjoy it as much! There were some confusing moments like I mentioned above but hey I got passed that with how well it was written. I am hoping there is a sequel since it opened up to one and you know I would be reading that! Way to go Ms. James!

That is it for this review! I am glad I am almost caught up with my “Older Than Three Months” shelf on my Net Galley account. I was so caught up with the Victor Reader Stream but I am glad to find some of the books I read in the past recorded and also as Bookshare files so far. That is about it!

Movies: Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! So, we saw Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 and man it was hilarious and awesome! Let’s see what I think!

Disclaimer: This review is based on opinion and observation of thn! Please respect the thoughts of this review and warning! Spolers might be imminent!

Synopsis: We meet up with Peter Quill and the gang finding themselves in a new adventure across the galaxy! This movie is set to the music of Awesome Mix Volume 2 where we get to see the secret behind Peter Quill’s family and who his dad is when we meet Ego, a Celestial and made his own planet. What we don’t know is that daddy is really not alright and will Peter surrender himself to his Celestial self or stay with his family of rag tag heroes and a plant?

Thoughts: I know it was cheesy of me to kind of quote “Surrender” by Cheap Trick with that but it does say it all.

Anyeays! This movie was HILARIOUS! We couldn’t stop laughing because of all the stuff that went on! I know there was a lot of serious things going on but the comedy made it better! Heck, my audio description made it better especially when Groot brought back a dude’s toe to Rocket and Yandu which I couldn’t stop laughing and coughing! What was even more priceless is hearing Drax reciting a Gurren Lagan speech! Gondras pointed it out and I was thinking, “I wonder if Steve Blum and Kyle Hebert were seeing the movie and realized what he said?” Or at least Yuri Lowenthal going as Simone, “HEY!” Or just laugh hysterically with everyone like we did.

Gondras did go MST3K and I even cued up when audio description said, “Groot used vines…” I tapped on Gondras’ shoulder and I said, “Groot used Vine whip!” He started laughing because I have a shirt from Aardvark Tees with that on it and should’ve said, “It was super effective!” I know we are all nerds!

We did have Stan Lee make his cameo but don’t want to spoil that for you guys! What was random was seeing Howard the Duck again and even more random in the credits Jeff Goldblum dancing in one of the pics. I guess they wanted to bring him in his Thor: Ragnarok costume as a way of promoting that Ragnarok is coming out this year and the thing was if SpiderMan: Home Coming wasn’t coming out in July then it would’ve been this movie and then Ragnarok but nope! We’re getting Spidey back in July! Hoping the Marvel version will beat the horrible Amazing SpiderMan movies since the guy playing Peter in it is better from what we saw in Civil War.

Now, will I get the soundtrack like with the first? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! I am not sure! I liked the first soundtrack and all but the only song I do still ove that was in this movie was of course “Surrender” by Cheap Trick. Let’s see what happens. I know we will be getting this movie on DVD or Blue Ray.

Rating: 5 Star Pawprints Out of 5! I gave this movie the highest rating because it was funny and enjoyable. Movie Bob thought that Marvel movie sequels don’t build up to the first except for Winter Soldier but to me this one was as good as its first! It kept the comedy except for one part where a priestess’ red carpet ended being stuck for a bit. Didn’t laugh as much at that but the rest it was something that was part of the story. Yeah, we did hear a lot of pop culture references but that is like the first where Gamora did refer back to her remembering Peter’s story and comparisons he used like in the first one with Kevin Bacon.It was enjoyable and it kept us and the entire theater laughing and did have a sad ending on top of that! Now I can’t wait for the third which the end credits scene did give us a look into.

That is about it for this review! What is next? Well, we will be doing the last minute convention information for MegaCon Orlando 2017!