Conventions: Convention Survival Snacks!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I was going to do this as a video but due to how busy I have been, I decided to do it as a post instead on Word Press. What is it? It is my Convention Survival Snacks! I wanted to do it as a video before Omni when the convention just started for us here in Central Florida but you know my sad computer story and couldn’t do it. If you guys still want a video later, probably before any fall/winter conventions, I could do it but right now with MegaCon fastly upon us dfr Memoria Day Weekend in one week…yeah! What snacks do I suggest, keep reading!

1. Protein Bars: Starting my list is protein bars! Reason why is that these can be tasty but they do help with filling in your appetite as the day goes on. The ones I did carry during Omni were the Cliff bars in Chocolate Mint which is basically a protein bar version of a Thin Mint. Yes, they do have that weird taste but they can be very handy when surviving three or in Mega’s case four days of convention going, it is good to carry one just in case!
2. Granola bars: Since I mentioned protein bars, granola bars are another great thing to carry in your backpack or messenger bag like me! Also for any of your hotel roomies to carry too. These are not that expensive and they do provide energy and protein too alongside fiber in case if anyone needs it. The bars I recommend the best are Quaker bars if you are into chewy bars like I do and have a nice crunch along with it and of course I do love my chocolate chips, S’mores, and of course I used to get the Thin Mint ones last year but a Variety Pack can last you and any roomies that may want a bar or two. If you don’t want them to be a squishy mess, there is the Nature Valley classic bars which are very crunchy and solid and you get two per pack.
3. Cracker packs: I am mentioning these because I started carrying these with me last year as a nice added snack in case if I felt my stomach rumble a lot more and they are those little Thomas or Captain Wafer cracker packs. When I was little and was in the second grade, I had these with my lunch and for snacktime during the day and these were filling and still are. Great thing that these come in different flavors and variety packs if you want more than one flavor and be surprised by eating them. My fave is always the cream cheese and chives because it gives a nice herbal flavor with the wheat crackers. Also, the peanut butter ones with the honey cracker are also good too! You can get them for a good price at WalMart, Publix, Dollar Gneral, and one place here in my area known as Ollie’s.
4. PopTarts: I know they aren’t the healthiest thing on the planet but knowing as a college student and a convention goer and you know you are late, PopTarts are your best friend! You don’t have to toast them, they are already ready for you to eat. Plus, you already have the frosting on top on a lot of them which with Toaster Streudel you have to put it on. Plus, nice accessory for that school girl cosplay to run out of your hotel room with a PopTart in your mouth. (I know, nerd!)
5. Nuts: If you want to keep the healthy part going and need extra protein, nuts are usually your best friend unless you’re not allergic to them. I remembered always carrying cashews and almonds but it was hard for me to finish them off in the end but I did something pretty cool which I will mention next…
6. Brownie brittle: If anyone knows about this then it is handy, if not I will esplain for any new people to the concept. Brownie brittle is basically the thin, baked parts of a brownie, basically the almost burnt bits of the brownie but in cookie form. THey have many flavors and the cool thing I did is I crumbled it up and mixed it with whatever nuts I carried and make it as a mini trail mix. Plus, it is low calorie for bronie brittle!
7. Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches: One of my all time fave things about being a nerd is peanut butter and jelly, especially in the same jar! If you guys remembered Goober Grape from the 1990s like me, then high five! Good thing is that you don’t harefrigerate peanut butter and jelly but you can do it with the sandwich itself after it’s made. I will be doing this since the pb does offer the protein and the j gives you the sweetness! Great for hotel snacking in between panels if you go back to your room and need a snack. Also, helps any of your roomies that may need it and it is also inexpensive when you gather your snacks for the con. I am doing this this time since during Omni until Sunday I didn’t eat breakfast which the good thing is that this is any time food too!
8. Chex Mix: Another thing I love to carry during conventions is basically snack mix especially the beloved Chex Mix! Great thing about these is that you can carry it in small snack bags or you can get a freezer bag like I do and carry ate entire bag in it and it pretty much keeps you eating all weekend. Great to share with others too who love this stuff! What I also like is that there are different flavors to choose from which I do love the Traditional and Turtle ones the most. I want to try Muddy Buddy but got Traditional this time around since the Target I went to didn’t have Muddy Buddy. Anyways, Hershey’s did make their own which I haven’t found in my area yet but may do someday since I love having snack mix and it does keep you snacking even during panels. Heck, I think I had a lot of mix during Ranger Stop with the Cheddar flavor.
9. Japanese snacks: For that Wheeaboo inside of us, there are times when we want something to snack other things and there are times when we find vendors selling Japanese snacks! I always love finding Mr. Japanese Snacks whenever I go to the conventions, especially with Omni and Holiday Matsuri, he tends to carry a lot of new items and the classics that I love and the ones I tend to pick up the most since they last a good while is Hi Chew! They are like Starburst but a lot chewier and they have more flavors like apple, strawberry, and I even found cherry flavored at an Asian market in town. Speaking of which, there are also looking around in Asian markets if you have the time to do so since getting snacks can be time consuiing while packing. Also, you can get a great box of pocky for Scott McNeill.
10. M&M’s: I know candy is not the greatest thing but if you are craving for it then by all means but M&M’s are the best thing to go since they are really good movie snacks and panel snacks. Plus, there are the usual chocolate lovers that tend to carry these and also the old prhrse, “Melt in your moth, not your hand!” Also, if you find the M&M’s World during Omni, then a good idea to get some or a tin!
11. Chips: Potato chips in any style, whether your standard Lay’s, Cape Cod’s, and so much more, can be that perfect snack if you’re craving for them! They can be an excellent snack to share with your roomies or to go into the snack bar at your hotel or into a WaWa need be. The best chip for a backpack would be Pringles since they come in a cardboard tube and they don’t cgetcrushed as easily and you do have the travel size versions which I used to have in my university days. Plus, they are pretty cheap to purchase when you only have a dollar on you.
12. Combos: My finally snack of this list is of course Combos! I know, in case if you haven’t heard, these were re-called a year ago due to finding peanut elements in them and now they have been showing up in stores again, well depending where you live. WalMart bring them back in town. Anyways, these are our fave snack during conventions because they are easy to carry in a freezer bag and we all enjoy them the same. As in me, Gondras, and Nerdy Shirts. They come in pizza flavor, heddar, nacho cheese, and you can choose between the basic cracker and the pretzel. I prefer the pretzel slightly more because I am a pretzel addict! Now youc an see why I ove Chex Mix! Anyways, this is one good snack to carry and you can eat it easily during panels or while sitting down for a break.
That is it for this post! If you guys want to see this in video format whenever I go to the next con then I can do it for you! So, enjoy your convention adventures which we will try with ours!

By the way guys, we have a Patreon now! Since we don’t have any donations on Go Fund Me, which you should donate to that to so we can have our convention experiences in and out of town to bring you awesome content to our YouTube, so we also have Patreon to continue it! Here is our link to donate:

That is it for now! Stay tuned for our convention coverage from MegaCon!

Faves: March and April 2016

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Itt’s time for March and April Favorites! I know I tend to do it at the last week of the second month but I have a not-so-fave that I need to get off my chest!

Not-So-Fave: Idesse New York Organic Gel Nail Polish: Oh yes, the thing that got me excited that I was hoping for sucks! What do I mean by that? Well, when I first tried it out it chipped within a day and it looked like my nails went through a wood chipper and got all my nail polish off. I re-did them Monday and woke up this morning with two of my fingernails on my left hand missing polish and my ring finger on the same hand lost all of it. Okay, I understand that this polish is supposed to be chemical free and organic but shouldn’t have the same staying power as a lot of gel nail polishes that are found at salons and in our local Ultas, Sephoras, and drugstores? Apparently this one doesn’t! I know some of you who got this polish in Ipsy might say use the stylist tip of not using a base coat which I seen a video yesterday of the person not using one and she went through the same thing as I did and didn’t use a base coat when I do along with a quick dry coat and a no-chip one but it seems like the polish ignores the top coat and hates me. I find it even sadder that the gel polishes I have from Wet N Wild and Sinful, I think some of my OPI ones are gel, and those STAY for DAYS beyond this one! Heck, when I wore Alfresco from Sinful’s gel polish line which is a Copenhagen blue color, it stayed for over a week on my nails! This was when I used the Sinful Top Shine Coat. I’m sorry Idesse and Ipsy, one need a better formula in doing that chemical free polish and Ipsy pick better polish brands. I hear Trust Fund is a good brand and why not have LVX and NCLA in your bags as well like Boxy because those polishes do stay on my nails! Oh yeah, this thing is getting a one out of five when Gondras helps me with the reviews because this is not a Paw Print of Approval status product, I give it a Negative Paw Print!

Faves Time!

Fave Convention Moment: Hearing That Omni Expo Gave Us a Good Word! So, going into faves and decided to start off with a fave from Omni Expo. This year it was in March due to, again, Mega being in May this year and crossing our fingers on getting press for it and yes there will be a convention spotlight at the beginning of May, so stay tuned for that and follow us on Twitter for that if you haven’t! So, you guys know my story with Omni with the whole finding us and reaching out to us to do press during their first year after a tiny typo I made and we have done press for them since then and glad that we done it for third year and as a full team. One thing is that this year we had a good word passed on about us to Brian Beacock because before our interview we had a bit of a schedule issue and got it fixed and he told us before the interview that they said “We’re awesome people and do a good job.” That is a major first for a convention to do that especially one we have done work in the past for. I am really thanking them for that because it makes us even more accepted as a blog. I am putting this as a fave because having two turn downs last year did make me ad but it is not effecting me as much since there are going to be those conventions that are going to turn you down but more to accept you since there are so many going on year round, especially here in Orlando! Thank you Omni Expo, hoping to do a fourth year with you guys and more interviews to come with!

Fave Panels: Paul St. Peter’s Pirate Curses and Voice Acting Panels! Another fave is during Omni Expo, Paul St. Peter had a lot of panels that dealt with voice acting and gave very good pointers. Heck, he even did one on pirates and tested people on their voice range for that! If you’re at any convention with this guy, go to to his panels! Take it from us because if you want to be a voice actor these will help you understand different ranges for both heroes and villains! Not only that, if you’re in a pirate movie, his Pirate Curses panel will also have pointers in saying the many different curses pirates have made when they were around in the 1700s or 1800s, forgot the time range, it would help know what to sound like. Still, these panels are a great thing to go to, even if Chris Sabat is at a convention, go to his voice recording panels because he gives good advice on how to record when you’re working in the booth.

A Major First: A Double Interview with Kyle Duhaney and Jeff Perazzo from Power Rangers! Well, had to mention this in my faves and hoping to do more like this and that is an interview with more than one cast member and we got to do it with the two Dino Thunder Rangers Kyle Duhaney and Jeff Perazzo. I wished they did that with us with the main cast from Attack On Titan last year, because that would’ve been more convenient but hey we understood. If you haven’t seen that video, it was hard coming up with questions before the convention to tell you the truth and we did ask some of them during their panel earlier that day. Still, it would be fun to do it again at future conventions and it shows that we can do other formats of interviews and I think we passed with flying colors with that!

Best Done Cosplay: Water Pokemon Trainer! Too bad I didn’t get to interview any of the guests with this costume and sorry for no pics but I finally wore that water trainer cosplay I meant to wear during AFO last year but glad to bring it to Omni! I will tell you what I wore though and it goes like this: Teal Blue Tank Top, dark blue patterned skirt, a pair of sandals, my glasses (yes I wore glasses and have started doing that again), Gondras’ old red wig he used for Spirit Albarn, a white barret, and a pair of Pokeball earrings that my buddy Nancy made and a booka shell necklace. And will plan to do a cosplay of her twin brother from my Pokemon fics in the future. Anyways, that is the idea of the cosplay and has been in my head like my character Avery, the ice trainer you have seen me wear the costume of in every video since last Omni! I hope to do an interview wearing this costume in the next few conventions.

Beauty Faves!

MakeUp Geek Eye Shadows: Yes, I have to combine these because since I got my BoxyCharm in March, still sad about it in April but hey what can I do? I got two of the ever-so-popular-on-YouTube brand, MakeUp Geek and I can see why people love these things like crazy! They are so pigmented especially Cocoa Bear, which most people got even Vivi got it. I used it with Mink from Hikari which I traded my other Jay Cat Beauty Lip Paint with Vivi for it and a light brown shadow I traded points for and man they go well together! While the other is Mai Thai which is an apricot shadow with gold flecks which I mixed with some gold and bronze shadows which also worked well. I may have to get more of these because they are amazing! If you never tried MakeUp Geek, I would say do it! You won’t regret it! Maybe the Sparklers because people didn’t like the no sifter idea.

CleanColor Madly Matte Lipsticks: I have to mention this brand and their lipsticks because they are awesome! So, I was watching It’s Judy’s Life and she mentioned how she was having a very hard time getting her paws on the Kyle Genner Lip Kits and she checked Amazon to see about getting them due to them selling out and people have been selling them for outrageous prices there, which is true with most makeup being outrageously priced by people, and she found liquid lipsticks by a brand called CleanColor that was being sold there and she got a set for around $7 which is not bad and went to see for myself. I got a set of six lipsticks for $7.50 with shipping that totaled around $13 and you can’t get better than that. The shipping was fast too and got it Sunday out of all days and oh man, they are amazing! They have a Fruity Pebbles smell but they go on smoothly and feel comfortable! I know everyone wants to go with the matte look and they tend to find drying lipsticks and these do need a few passes from what I hear and I believe it, they are so comfortable that you hardly feel anything! I am thinking of getting more if I can’t find a blue lipstick, I know why because of Jeffrey Starr’s and so many other people’s pastel goth look which I tried, and found more sets for affordable pries! I may see about the liquid counterparts if they are even better. CleanColor does have a website and they are very affordable there too which their stuff is in the drugstore price range.

Wet N Wild Ombre Blush in Mai Thai Buy You a Drink: Whoa, that was a mouthful! So, Wet N Wild came out with new blushes and they are in the ombre style! I heard so many things about ombre blushes since it seems to be the big thing this year and NYX came out with some and almost bought one but there are times when products can be disappointing and might go for those due to how people like them but the Wet N Wild ones seem to get the popular vote! I was glad to find them in Target which I iwish they were in WalMart and drugstores because they are pretty popular! Pretty much these blushes go from light to dark and your color options are The Princess Daquiries which is a pink range, In a Purple Haze is a purple range, and the one I got is a peach range called Mai Thai Buy You a Drink! Whoa, tongue twister! I have been open to trying peachy blushes and did get Peach Berlini from Ipsy last month from one of the many brands and sometimes wore the peach colors in my Coastal Sense blush pallet, plus did get Mac’s Warm Soul which is a neutral peach shade. When I heard about Mai Thai, not saying the entire thing again, I wanted it so badly! Princess did sound nice but Mai Thai won and I love the soft application! If you haven’t tried out anything in Wet N Wild’s blush range you must! Their blushes are amazing and these are too!

Wet N Wild What Dreams Are Made Of Highlighter: Another item from Wet N Wild is their limited edition highlighter from the spring collection known as What Dreams Are Made Of! I heard about these highlighters all thanks to Tati and couldn’t wait to find a way of getting these and found them at Walgreens! I only got one because this one appealed to me the most due to the having purple, blue, silver, and I think some gold in the highlight. It is also very subtle in the lighting! They are known as 3D Highlighters or something and I have tried highlighters from Wet N Wild and the Furgy collection and they are pretty spot on. Some people didn’t like the Cat Walk Pink pallet but I do like my highlights being a bit subtle and I tend to put them under blush so they won’t be so loud. I wish these were permanent because of how unique they are, I hope they do make permanent ones in the future.

Rimmel The Only One Lipstick in the Best of the Best: I almost put this in Not-So-Faves but at the same time I loved it as much as most of my lip stuff and that is the new The Only One Lipstick from Rimmel. I love Rimmel and when I heard about these through the commercials I knew I had to have it! I also saw swatch reviews and it got me to try at least one and I got it in The Best of the Best! It’s a blue toned red like Mac’s Ruby Wu and it’s supposed to be very moisturizing and stays all day but the problem with this is that it slips and slides all over! My mom thought this was my red Jay Cat lip paint I tried using in a container and I tried telling her it’s way different and decided to use a lip brush and it works out better because the control is way better with the lip brush opposed to just using the tube. I would say be careful with the slippery lipstick if you don’t want to do the brush and try to blot your lips as much as you can if it does slide, but the brush is better so go withthat! Will I get more if you’re wondering? I am on the fence, I might get It’s a Keeper but might not. As said, on the fence despite how well the brush works.

Favorite Book: The Rejected Wirter’s Club! Yes, another book to check out and that is The Rejected Writers Book Club by Susan Kelman! I did mention how I’m a member of Net Gally and have been expanding in my reading in other genres as a writer and hoping to read and review the next Midnight Breed book that way. Anyways, this book is the first of a s have some romance but a lot of adventure too! You can get it on Amazon in June and enjoy what this book has to offer from Paul Cruger. I hope to read more from this guy since it is a very clever read and plus you get some history, well historical fiction, behind some of the cocktails that get mentioned. And to anyone in their early twenties, drink responsibly after reading.

new series that Susan Kelman is doing and it is about a librarian who gets involved with a group of rejected writers and their leader ends up with an acceptance letter by mistake for a manscript she sent in hoping to get a rejection letter and ends up having a road trip to with them to visit her daughter in order to get the manuscript back. It’s very cute and funny, I also do relate to some of these people in the book because I do write and I have encountered people get on my case about my fan fiction, which I need to continue on one. I recommend this if you are into comedy!

Another Book: Last Call at the Night Shade Lounge! You know I am a major Dresden Files fan and this book ended up in a list to pick from for Net Gally and it’s called Last Call at the Night Shade Lounge and it’s by Paul Crueger! This book won’t be available until June but got to take a look! Is said before, when I read this book I vflt like I was reading a Dresden book but this is what if you take the magic and put in alcohol? Pretty much the story is about Bailey, a post grad, works at a long time friend’s family bar and gets attacked by a creature and knows that Chicago gets attacked by these creatures at night and must fight with magical cocktails or she’s dead meat! If you want a summer read, I suggest this book because it does have a lot of comedy, some romance, and a bit of historical fiction about the different cocktails used in this book. If you’re my age or in the twenties, do drink responsibly!

Fave App: I Heart Radio! I know this app has been around for a while but had to get it again due to how Apple is doing Apple Music where you get it for free for three months as a trial and then pay for it afterwards and that’s $10 a month. That made me sad since I was able to listen to Eyeshine that way! Hey, I can deal because I Heart Radio did add World Music to the mix and that makes me happy since I tend to enjoy listening to anime music and Japanese artists and that is a major way for me to do it! I was happy to listen to Asian Kung Fu Generation, L’Arc~en~Ciel, and even the RWBY soundtrack! If you’re not liking the idea to pay for radio, I Heart Radio is the best place to do it and also listening to the app does help get artists to the I Heart Music Awards and the event too in Las Vegas. It would be cool to see Asian Kung Fu Generation take the stage in Las Vegas.

Fave Food: Milk Tea Cookies! I have to mention these because I was glad to try them out due to the limited edition packaging and tthat they were in a Pokemon Cookie Tin. These cookies tasted so good I think I had more than one at a time since they aren’t too sweet to the point of “OMG, I think these are too powerful!” And I been there with some stuff! I may look for milk tea cookies in my local Asian market because the taste is good and knowing Donga may have other brands of these!

Another Fave Food: Cadbury Dairy Milk Squares! Lately, it seems that I am getting more into British food and candy, I bla,e and thank Doctor Who for that because I enjoy Jelly Babies and Jammy Dodgers and those do get carried in Publix here. I also like the Lion Bar which is like what if you combine Kit Kats, the Nestle’s Crunch Bar and mix caramel in it and oh man! Best combo ever! But my most fave is the Cadbury stuff since they are good British chocolates! What? You didn’t know they came from Great Britain? They did! They have amazing stuff you can’t find much here but due to how grocery stores have been carrying International foods especially from the UK, I am glad they had these Cadbury biscuits which are biscuit cookies covered in the dairy milk chocolate and for Easter there was a Cadbury egg version with the cream from the egg in it and those were delicious! What made me happiest of all is that I went to WalMart recently and we found bags of Cadbury chocolate squares with that same Dairy Milk chocolate and I found ones with Old English Toffee! It is like eating a Heath bar but the chocolate is made by Cadbury! What is cool is that they aren’t a single square but a double one so you get double the flavor or share with someone who hasn’t tried these things! I suggest trying them because they have different flavors! I want to check out the mint ones since I do love mint and do tend to get the Ghiradelli Squares in the dark chocolate mint instead of milk chocolate and mint. Good to try to see how those taste. And if anyone has seen the Ghiradelli Dark and Blueberry Chocolate Squares, an opinion from a blind person with heightened taste buds, they’re better off with white chocolate due to the tart in the berries and the bitterness of the chocolate. I did write to Ghiradelli and they will pass it along to their chocolate making department.

Well, that is it for this post! I do have new beauty controversy posts, one of them is about fake lashes due to a friend telling me that the glue is bad for the eyes! I am researching on this topic! I also want to do one on Highend vs. Dupes but with quality and formula all thanks to the Idesse nail polish because I have been watching videos of people having a lot of misses in the luxury department and drugstore since that tends to happen a lot! I will also research that!

I will also get yopu guys the Convention Spotlight on MegaCon in early May! So follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique since that is where we update everyone on the convention front, what posts are up, and so on!

Favorites Time: January and February 2015!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! February is about to draw to a close and you know what that means! Time for my faves of January and February 2015! Man, I have a lot of things to cover including a non-fave, which I should start with that!


Non-Fave: Pur Lis Glitter Flash Tattoos! OMG! These sucked and they were the Pur Lis Flash Glitter Tattoos from the January BoxyCharm because they caused my skin to react weird when I decided to try it out on my right wrist and then did it on my left upper arm. I did follow most of the directions by doing the water after putting it down and it transferred well but I didn’t know I had to let it set dry afterwards  through the air. I can’t read directions and they didn’t post the items for review until two weeks after I tried them. Plus all thanks to my old rash from Lush a few years ago it had an allergic reaction to my skin. I can see why I don’t use any body glitter since it has a weird reaction on my lower arms. My upper arm nothing happened except that it peeled! Even the one on my wrist peeled but not as badly as the upper arm one. I threw these away because of how bad my skin reacted and not only that they didn’t remove well, I did the old alcohol removal trick and it doesn’t work well, it made my skin worse. I definitely won’t buy these at all and it’s not worth the price, especially if you have sensitive skin like I do. I am hoping BoxyCharm doesn’t send these again if they get any other designs, if I get them again, I may give them away or swap them to someone.


Bath and Body Works: Body Butter in Madagascar Vanilla! First beauty item is a body item and that is the Bath and Body Works body butters in Madagascar Vanilla! I was looking for body butters since I was running low on the Ayres Patagonia one I received through Ipsy and I didn’t want to buy the full size since it might be pricey and decided to look around in Bath and Body Works in the Volusia Mall and they were having a sale on some of their items for 75% off and this was in that display and I loved the scent! I almost got the Shea one since that smelled sweet but decided to stick with the sale display with this one and got two of them! What I like about this scent is that it’s not overbearing like most vanilla scents are by some companies and with vanilla anything by Bath and Body they deliver very good vanilla smells! I still love the Vanilla Bean Noel from Christmas and did like the Warm Vanilla Sugar as well. I am kind of sad that they don’t have the tubs of the body butters now, which sucks and it’s easy for me to get it out, but I may check out the Body Shop’s brand of body butters since I heard good things about those and I know Pacifica makes some. Will have to check them out!


  1. L. F.: Clear Brow Gel and Mascara! Now a newer product to my collection and to use to get ready for the job search routine and that is the E. L. F. mascara and clear brow gel! I was turned onto this all thanks to a former make up artist who has a lot of knowledge in putting it on as a blind person and she gave me pointers and helped out in finding things and this was one of them. We were originally looking for the Maybelline clear mascara but the WalMart we were at sold out or didn’t exactly have it, forgot the reason, but we did find this in the E. L. F. section while looking for the right blush for my Professional Look Kit! What I like about this is that it’s double ended which there is one side for brows and the other side for lashes and I marked the lashes side to help me know which end was what. With this thing, it does help with just using the clear gel for the brows than wrestling with the question of “Which shade is the best for my brows?” Which I notice a lot of YouTubers wrestle which shade is best for them. I would say get this for that and the lashes part does save you from having black smudges all over and you don’t have black dots on your shadow when you’re done. Trust me, I tend to get that time to time if I miss my lashes!


Almay: Bold Nudes for Green Eyes! Next is a newer Almay Product for my Professional Look Kit and it is by my fave make up company and that is Almay! IIt’s the Bold Nudes eye shadow pallet for the green eyes. I haven’t gotten any of the eye shadow pallets in a long time since I got the smoke trio for hazel eyes a while back and still have that and just tossed the green eyes one since that was running out in the crease and brow part and glad to get back into it with this one. A great way of going with a nice eye look is through the neutrals and this little pallet is perfect for that due to how easy it is to have the right shades for your eyes. I like how it goes from a taupe, to a blue grey, to a lighter grey for the brow and it does lighten the gem green in mye eyes since it does mix with a cobalt in them. I will go for hazel for the weekends or the days I will be with Gondras, this one is staying with my little kit!


LA Color: Warm Berry Blush!  On a recreation trip, I stopped by a Family Dollar and wanted to see if they have make up items while looking for my fave baby wipes for make up cleaning. I found the brand LA color and I heard about these guys through a videos and did get a mascara by them, it is pretty good but not on the faves list, and found this blush and it’s in the color Warm Berry. It gives off a nice berry glow like my Berry Glow cream blush by Ulta and it is pretty pigmented, which I need to really blend this into my skin or it will make it look like I have tons of it on. I am hoping I can find this in my Family Dollars near me.


Mac: Cream Cup, Cream in Your Coffee, and Danty!  Finally added to the list, some Mac products! I did mention in my New Haul of 2015 Haul that I was slowly getting into Mac products! I do have the Pet Me Please lipstick from the Alluring Aquatics collection from last summer and now I have a total of four items but three made it to this list. I did mention I got Gleeful but haven’t used that much to count as a favorite but I did use the other three a bit more. Dainty is a pink blush that I heard about through Coffee Break With Dani and I like it! It goes on pretty well and it does blend very well. I know the price is a bit up there but it is in the same price as a Tart blush and it’s pretty worth it! I know this will be re-purchased and so with the two lipsticks on here, Cream Cup and Cream In Your Coffee! All thanks to Make Up By Tiffany D and Color Swept Beauty, I had to pick these up and they were separate buys since tend to buy Mac items one at a time and was glad to get my paws on these. I do love both colors, which Cream Cup is a pinkish nude while Coffee is more of a brownish one. I find it funny that Coffee was the more popular one and I had to wait until they had to restock on it and when I went to see if they got itt in, it was the last one that Friday! I was like, “Give it! Give it!” I was glad that I did get it and I do love these both! It was funny that the next day when I went back for Gleeful, the girl was like “I knew you would be back for Gleeful!” Who knows, it will be on the next list. I did almost leaned towards Diva as well, but that is on the maybe list for now! But these three are my fave! Especially with how great the two lipsticks being so creamy and they go on very smoothly, even more when there’s a lip balm!


Rimmel: Glam Rock Mascara and Captivating Lip Gloss! Next are products by Rimmel and they are the Rock Glam Mascara from the Scandaleyes line and the lip gloss in Captivating. When I first got the Glam Rock mascara, I wanted to take a try at the mascaras by Rimmel since so many people love them and I already love their lip products and I did have an eye trio by them a long time ago and now using their nail top coat on top of that. I was originally looking for the newest one, the Rockin Curves one, but couldn’t find it and got this one and man it feels awesome! My lashes do give a bit of a spike look from what I felt but they do curl very nicely with this mascara! It feels as light as the Rockin Curves one and curls pretty nicely with that too, but I would say the Glam Rock one got my vote as fave this month. The Captivating lip gloss is also another item in my Professional Look Kit and I love it! It’s a maroo colored lip gloss and it just feels pretty light, not too heavy or cakey, just nice! I may have to get more of this one and all thanks to this lip gloss it has been getting me more into red lips as I get more lip stuff. I am still looking for the Provacalips since Young Wild and Polished did a review on them and want to find them myself.


Jessica Simpson Perfume: Signature! Stop the presses! I finally got my paws on the Jessica Simpson Signature perfume! It made me happy since I did want this one for Christmas and didn’t get it and couldn’t find it until I got it as a Valentine’s Day gift from my dad. It is so gorgeous as a scent! It is not too heavy on the floral like most scents and it has a bit of an earthy sweet if that makes any sense! When I wore this one day my mom thought I was wearing potpourri as a scent but I told her it was the Signature perfume and she liked it! It can be confusing but it so amazing! Loving it!


Harley Quin Perfume! I had to mention this one on here because it became an all time fave scent and was wondering, “Hot Topic why didn’t you make this before!?” It is their Harley Quin perfume that they started making this year! Apparently, Hot Topic has been going a bit Harley crazy and they even have their own clothing line revolving around her called Harlene. I didn’t get any of it knowing that my Amazonian build won’t fit the corsets, the cardigan, nor tops, I would like to point out two years ago on my 27th birthday when a Harley top stopped at my shoulders over my head. I wasn’t out of hope when I found out that the Volusia location did carry the perfume when Gondras mentioned it while he visited. I knew I had to find it and glad it wasn’t exclusive to the the site! This scent is OMG amazing! It sprays on musky and then it gradually gets sweeter and I can’t stop smelling it! Gondras made a joke that they probably put Smilex in it and well I wouldn’t care if they did because this perfume is addicting and makes me a happy kitty! I have to keep myself from reaching for it when I brought it home because I love it so! I would say to check this out whenever you get the chance!


Fave Snack: Reese’s Hearts! I have to mention these because I have to keep myself from binging on them like crazy! They are the Reese’s Valentine’s Hearts that they always bring every year and they still taste as good and I feel like since they made them bigger, they taste a lot better! I have to keep myself from binging on these but when Valentine’s, Easter, and Christmas come around, chocolate is my major kryptonite, especially Reese’s and Hersheys! Oh yeah, and Ghiradelli!


Fave Hair Product: Eva NYC Hungry Hair Oil! I almost forgot one item and that is my fave hair product and that is the Eva NYC Hungry Hair Oil that came in the December BoxyCharm! When I started using this item I was happy to use it since it kept my hair soft, especially after coming home from Daytona and opening it with fresh highlights in my hair. The oil smells like vanilla and it is very moisturizing and it did last me pretty long for its size. I did get the actual bottle, even though it was the same size as the sample since that seems to be the full size, which doesn’t make sense, but been loving it! Looks like I found my fave hair item from a subscription box!


Fave Song: “Killing Loneliness” by HIM and “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift! I know ::dun dun dunnnn!” I usually go for the rock stuff but ever since I sang “Blank Space” with two of my other girlfriends in Daytona, I like it! It is on my IPad, which I recently got and love, and my IPhone, that it does get stuck in my head. Hell, I even sang along with it a tiny bit in Ulta while they played it last Tuesday! I was resisting but couldn’t help it! And the other song, I only used to like one song by HIM, which I forgot the title, but when I heard Vivi sing this on Rock Band this past weekend, my ears perked up and had to ask what it was and Gondras told me. Then got clicking on Itunes! I love orchestraic sounding rock songs and this song is really beautiful with the violin, piano, and guitar, couldn’t help it! I even liked how the singer sings it, you know he was writing it from his lonely soul! Tragic I know!


Well, that is it for this faves post! What is next? Still will do the plushie thing of course and coming soon will the start of my spotlights on Anime Festival Orlando and will be bringing back the Anime in Transmedia posts since it would be right with two of the guests at AFO to bring this back for the next couple of months and doing them on three of the biggest series, Slayers, Yu-gi-oh, and Pokemon. Stay tuned!

July and August Favorites Forgot to Mentions!

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I was supposed to do the “What’s In My Bag?” post but then realized I had a few forgot to mentions in my July and August Favorites! I was watching a few favorites videos for August and did a face palm without realizing it! Here here they are!


Steela Lip Glaze in Pink Lemonade: The face palm happened when one of the video faves mentioned a Steela lipstick that was their fave and realized I forgot to mention this and that is the Steela Lip Glaze in Pink Lemonade! I ended up getting this as a free sample, well free item, during a run at Ulta during the summer and since I spent over $30 I got a few free samples and the lady was nice enough to give me this since it would go well with me! I like the packaging the most since it’s a tube with the brush and you have to turn the dial to get the product into the brush and just paint it on! I do like how it’s lightweight and doesn’t feel goopy and not messy unless you don’t get too much of it. I have to warn you that you may get a lot so just get a little at the base of the brush and it’s good enough for a few applications before another turn of the dial for more product! I do love the Pink Lemonade one because it smells and tastes like pink lemonade and that is why I wanted to get more of these lip glazes and also put it in my make up bag in case I want to wear that instead of whatever lip product I’m wearing at the time! Definitely love this!


Favorite Cosplay Part: trenchcoat with the thunder wave symbols from .hack! Yes, this was my fave part of the entire costume! Even though I did like the scarf since it’s comfortable and not heavy but this coat was a nice find at the thrift store! I did find other coats that did fit but this one was perfect since the sleeves don’t go all the way down which helped in rolling them up to show the arm bands that were painted on my arms and of course can’t forget the patches for the Thunder Wave symbol that my dad made. I may use this whenever it really gets cold here in Florida in January since it gets pretty warm despite it being a bit lightweight in how it’s made. I can’t stop looking at the patches in my closet since they were really well made and I did put a good use to my chain that I got at Hot Topic since this version is based on my Soul Eater variation, which what happens if he picks up a copy of The World and made a character for himself! Basically, I placed the chain up in one of the shoulder holsters and placed the lanyards with his name and health and ability bars as a nice touch to the costume! I do have a suit jacket with the patches as well but didn’t do the masquerade which sucked, I may use it for a different masquerade!


Favorite Food: Spikoky’s Crunchy Cookie Butter! I think I spelled the name right but this is something I was curious since my first visit to Trader Joe’s and I found the crunchy version the last time I went! This cookie butter tastes amazing! It feels like you’re eating cookie batter with the cookie crumbs spilled into it and it is awesome on toast! Even though the cashier said it tastes good on waffles but this was my Nutilla substitute until I ran out! If you find this, try it out! I may try the almond butter next!


Favorite Snack: Free Pea Snacks and Choco Pies! Two favorite snacks include the Free Pea Snacks from Trader Joe’s and the Choco Pies I found at the Asian market I tend to go to. The Free Pea snacks were addicting! They taste so good and better than chips and those Frank’s Hot Fries since they aren’t spicy, they have the salt that almost reminds me of sea salt, these are amazing and should try them out! I do hear that there’s a Japanese counterpart of these but they have MSG on them, if you don’t like the MSG then get the ones at Trader Joe’s and if you want to try the Japanese ones, you may find them as Saia or Saia Endou. The Choco Pies on the other hand are way different from the Meiji brand, which their version is more of a pastry crust and filled with chocolate and come unwrapped in a box but jumbled into one foil pack! With these, they are more individually wrapped and take on more of a moon pie and still have the marshmallow filling than just the plain old chocolate filling. I thought they were the pastry ones but when I saw them, they looked better and tasted better! Hoping the next time I go to the Asian market they still have them!


I think that’s all the forgot to mentioned stuff I remembered! Looking at it now, I don’t think I will do a What’s In My Bag post unless it’s a video, I may! I need to try out the video taping stuff for MythiCon first in case I want to do more videos unless you still want me to do a Word Press post! Well, til next time!

Collective Haul of Summer 2014

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I was thinking about posting the Drugstore Products for Cosplay but then decided to do the collective haul first since I haven’t done a haul in a while and it’s about time to post another! I have been all over the place for my stuff such as Ulta, Target, and even the Asian Market and Trader Joe’s, yes, we have one now! Let’s get on with it!


First, I will start with the Asian Market stuff. I have gotten some more candy and a few snack items and they even done a pretty good deal on one thing. I did get the last pack of the Hello Kitty Anniversary Candy Pack. I tried seeing if they had more than one pack since I love these so much but the pack I got was the last one there and not sure if they restocked since it was right after MetroCon, well the week after MetroCon was when I went to get this stuff, still I was glad to get these again. I also picked up these cashew candies which are little bars of candy with cashews inside! As you know, I love cashews and I thought it sounded weird to hear that they made these but when I got home and tried one out it reminded me of these peanut butter candies I loved when I was little but with cashews and they tasted pretty good! I like them! They are a bit mixed with the candies I have already and bought. I also got another pack of these lion candies that are soda flavored! They are very good and I think they changed the shape of the candy in my opinion, it is kind of more of a head rather than the entire lion character’s body, but what I like most about these is that you tend to get pepsi flavor, sprite flavor, and other soda flavors and they taste amazing and when they split and get the soda juice in your mouth it fizzes as it goes down! I suggest these, I believe the packaging said “Lion Kids Candy” or “Kids Lion Candy!” I did get another soda candy and these are more like soda bottles in the design and they have soda and also ramune flavored sodas in this pack. I had the grape, melon, and I think cider flavored ones over time and man they fizz a lot more than the ramune candies I am used to! I also picked up more of the milk candies I love, the ones that are shaped like flowers and have the bubbles on them in the texture! These are very creamy and my favorite! I wish Sanrio bring back the Hello Kitty fruit flavored milk candies because I miss them a lot. At least I found these again since the last time I went I found a different pack that had different flavors of milk like strawberry, banana, regular milk, and even corn flavored. It is a great pack with those as well but I prefer my classic ones and the Hello Kitty milkies. I also got two different fruit candies, one pack is like Life Savers and the other is shaped in a flower almost, these two are pretty good but I like the Life Saver ones a bit more since they don’t feel strong in the taste since my enhanced taste buds go nuts when I have something strong. I may get the life saver ones again if they still have them. I did get repurchases of my fave chocolate mushrooms and the Hello Kitty ghrahams, even though they are regular butter cookies but they look like Teddy Grahams that we had as kids and today! The chocolate mushrooms are just in one big bag, I wish they sold the individual wrapped ones like the bamboo shuts you find at the Asian market since I like the flavoring more and the chocolate tastes creamier that way, but at least I got these since it’s been so long since I had them. And finally, the deal of that time was $2.99 or was it $3.99 on a box of Choco Pi! These are different from the Meiji version, which if you had the regular packaged ones, they are like little pies made from the pie crust and filled with chocolate, those were okay but these are better! Why? These are more like Moon Pies! You not only have the chocolate on the outside but you have some of it with marshmallow on the inside! I looovvvee these! I am hoping they still carry them and may be still on sale if I go back before I have to leave for Daytona. So glad I found these! I did find out from the lady that they now carry Green Tea Kit Kats! Yay! I may have to go back for them soon!


Next is Ulta! I have been shopping at Ulta a bit more here and there and the funny thing was that I went on the same Friday I went to the Aisan Market and then the next day ordered stuff. What I got at the store was with my $3. 50 off a $10 purchase and had to get another box of pore strips since I started using them due to my nose gets the icky oily feeling and blackheads do show up time to time on me and so I found out that they were doing buy one get the other 50% off and got two boxes of the eight pack which I’m happy about! I am almost halfway through one box and will start on the other soon! My nose doesn’t feel so oily as much or clogged when I started using them! Next are two eyeliners, well liquid ones! One of them is the NYX Extreme Gold one and the other is the NYX Black one from the same line. The thing was I thought I lost my gold one during MetroCon since I had to dig for my make up stuff in my travel caboodle and thought it fell out and so got another one! I found the one I thought I lost during Metro a few days later, woops! I at least have a spare! With the black one on the other hand, thought I should get it so in case my Wet N Wild one runs out and I love how NYX’s liquid liners glide on. I also picked up another Butter Gloss from NYX and it is in Peaches N Cream! I had to have it since I heard that so many people like this one and I am also addicted to these things! My order on the other hand, it was just two items and it was due to a 20% off coupon I received in the mail and well story is my mom loved my NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Progue when I worn it and she borrowed mine until she could get one and when this coupon arrived, she asked me to order one for her since I have the account with them and I also got a little something for myself and it is one of the Steela Lip Glaze trio sets! I ended up getting a sample well a free one from when I went back in June to Ulta and the lady gave me Pink Lemonade from this line and I loved it! I believe these are limited edition since the sets are limited edition and I had to get more of these and saw that they had the Summer Trios and the one I got was the Kiss and Pout trio which includes Salted Caramel, which is a sheer gold, Cafe Au Lait, which is a shimmery pink, and finally Pink Marshmallow, which is a sheer rose gold! I was debating on which one to get because they also got the other trio known as the Read My Lips set which includes Creamsicle, shimmery coral, Pina Colada, which is a shimmery glitter one, and Pink Punch, sheer fuschia and then they had make your own which you choose three out of the entire line and it will be the same price as the sets. I almost went with the build your own since I could choose Pink Lemonade but with me and lip products, I know it would last and might be able to find again on EBay in the future, so I decided on the Kiss and Pout set since these are flavored and I am a sucker for marshmallows and salted caramel! And on my last purchase, it is my birthday month and I also had points I decided to use and finally broke down on getting it and it’s the Urban Decay Naked Basics pallet! I don’t have any of the Urban Decay stuff and I heard about how so many people have this and that is cheaper than the three pallets they have out and decided why not start off with something basic, I know it sounds cheesy but it’s true, and got this. I was glad that I got to use this with my points and got my double points. I am going back since I got my coupon for a free Calvin Klein mascara, which is a major bonus on my list. They sent me the coupon Monday since my birthday was on the weekend, makes sense for them to do that. I will try it out and see how it goes for the pallet I mean!


Target is next since it was mostly to find the Almay concealer stick I use and well I tried going to CVS at first but they ran out at the location I went to, so decided to check out over at Target which was nearby and they had it there, well my shade at least! I did decide to go eye shadow searching since I have this eye shadow kick lately, don’t know why and decided to get more of the color tattoos from Maybelline and see if they got the new ones in, they didn’t but they did have them on sale and the ones I got that were on sale were Electric Blue, which I love, Gold Rush, and Audacious Asphalt and the one that wasn’t on sale that I got was Bold Gold. Then I went over to L’Oreal’s Infolluble Eye Shadow section since I haven’t got any in so long and I wanted to find two colors that people say on YouTube that are nice and they were Bronzed Taupe and Amber Rush. They sold out of Amber Rush but did find it at Walgreens this past weekend and did find Bronzed Taupe at that Target, which I was happy about. I did have to get more cotton pads since I am on my last bit of the trio pack I got not too long ago. I also did get M&Ms for the movie we saw that night as well and to snack on later.


Next Trader Joes, this was a trip to find something I heard about from YouTuber known as Emy In Japan and also heard about them from CatSketch and Grav3yard Girl. First, I was watching a savory snacks video that Emy In Japan did and one of the snacks was these green pea snacks that are known as Saia or Saia Endou in Japan and I tried seeing if the Japanese snacks guy that goes to the cons would have it at MythiCon, unfortunately he won’t be at MythiCon but another one in Daytona Beach this month or the next because of his sales were low at MythiCon year 1. Yet again, first year con, not a lot of sales and AFO was the weekend before! Anyways, I did hear that Trader Joes had something similar and remembered CatSketch and Grav3yard Girl talking about them and decided to go and find them and they had them, they are known as the Free Pea Snacks by what I heard from the guy. Man, they are addicting! I also got coconut chips, which are these coconut shavings as chips and they taste like coconut milk while eating them. It gets strong after a while so watch out for that! I also got dried apple rings which are also good! They are almost like apple chips but more dried and chewier! I did have to restock on my favorite alphabet cookies and did get ginger snaps. What I love about these ginger snaps is that they have actual pieces of ginger! Very awesome! And the last item is crunchy cookie butter! I know it sounds weird but it’s basically like Nutilla but tastes like cookies and has actual cookie bits! They have almond butter which I want to get next! I love Trader Joe’s!


Nextplace is WalMart! I had to go to the super location and try and find more of the labeling tape I use in my Braille labeler but they didn’t have any! My dad did find it at the Neighborhood location that’s a walking distance away from us and got me two packs of it, which I am happy since the labeling tape that DBS got me with my label maker sucked! As in it wouldn’t stick very well and bits of it would cut off and get stuck so badly in the label making port and it makes the wheel stick. I would say to anyone who is blind and uses braille and label makers, get the Dynamo colored tape because it doesn’t cause as many problems as the big, clear tape you tend to see in them. Moving on! I had to get another bottle of Acetone Nail Polish remover since it comes in handy when removing the tough nail polishes and glitter top coats from my nails! I know it is drying, but not sure if the moisturizing formula is also acetone, can anyone tell me below? And good news is that I did find the new Color Tattoos, the Leathers collection and got it in Vintage Plum, which I love purple shadows time to time! I also got Inked in Pink so I can use it with my Lucy cosplay, which I will tell you in detail in my next post in why I get these for cosplay!

And final place is Hot Topic on my birthday! I thought I wasn’t going to get the $5 off coupon that I get every year until I called up their hotline and found out that it was in my account since they couldn’t resend me the coupon, so I saved up my cash and went! All I have to say is that this birthday was a Dr. Who birthday since we mostly got stuff from that franchise, we meaning Gondras and I because we found the 4th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver! It is the actual one from Tom Baker’s run and to make the sounds on it you push the head down since the earlier sonic screwdrivers looked a lot different than the ones you see now, especially with the ones in the customize set which I will be using since I got myself a David Tennet costume dress! Yep, they are starting to bring Halloween back and the items out front happened to be the costume dresses for some of the doctors and made me happy that they had David Tennet’s suit as one and I tried on an XL and it fits! Normally with Hot Topic girls stuff they don’t fit but this fit perfectly and is a nice slip on dress! Now to get a brown, spiky wig and a pair of cream colored or black and white Chuck Taylors since he wears those, they are comfy for him to run in! Gondras did get me an extra birthday gift since earlier in the week he got me Fairy Tail part 10 and it’s a David Tennet Tartus phone case for my phone! I needed a new phone case since my Hello Kitty one is starting to peel in some of it, it’s one of the phone wallet cases and the magnet doesn’t stay in place, at least this is on my phone now and it is super slim! I also am happy to get a Hot Cash coupon for next month since I did spend over $30 since it was also buy 1 get the other item half off! I do have my eye on a Attack On Titan shirt so will be using that on that shirt next month! I will try to go before I have to leave for MythiCon, if not, wait until after since the coupon is good from September 18th til the 28th. So, if you want this coupon, go to Hot Topic and spend $30+ because they are awesome!


Well, that is it for this big haul! Stay tuned for my next few posts!

May and June 2014 Favorites

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I know I was going to put up the transcript of the Attack On Titan Q&A panel but I realized that it has really gross moments, well about the titans mostly. It doesn’t mean I can talk about it as a favorite though, which this is my favorites of May and June!


Omni Expo


Favorite Panel: Attack On Titan Q&A panel from that Saturday! Sorry again for not putting up the transcript but it is my favorite panel since it not only had Kyle Hebert, the voice of Mitsubi, and Matthew Mercer, the voice of Levi and still can read my interview with him here, but it was one of the funniest panels I attended this year so far! Plus, this panel got me into the anime a bit more since I catch it on Toonami when I can! I will be picking up Season 1 Part 1 if I can find it at Metro since that’s coming up in a few weeks. My favorite moments from this panel would have to be how Kyle and Matthew talked about auditioning for their parts from home, which Matthew almost missed the deadline and did it late night when his neighbors next door were having a party and when he was done screaming, the party was silent and probably calling the cops on him and he to go over to apologize and explain that it was an audition! Didn’t help that he had to yell “I’m going to kill you!” at the top of his lungs! And Kyle had to do his in his car so nobody would hear him and one of his neighbors did catch him once and thought he was an angry guy and even said how they put wooden floors in the apartments and he hears their footsteps all the time. And another moment was how Matthew talked about how a police car stopped outside his house while he was auditioning and kept hearing the intercom go off telling someone to come out. Hoping it wasn’t Gabriel Iglesias! (I know I’m horrible!) If you want to see what it was like, you can probably find it on YouTube since a lot of people video tape panels at conventions and post them! Whatever happens at the cons stays on YouTube!


Favorite Interview: Chris Patton’s interview! I know I interviewed Carrie Savage, Chris Sabat, Toni Darling, Cali Cosplay, and Team FourStar and now wishing I interviewed Grant George and his wife, Jessica, but had fun talking to them! There is always next time if they come back! But one interview that I did like the most, especially while transcribing, and that is with Chris Patton! I liked how I learned more about voice acting from him, especially how it was different between Sentai and Funimation in how they worked differently, come to think back on it, no wonder Gravion and certain parts of Sister Princess sounded a bit rushed in some of the lines. Anyways, I also did like what happened to him when he recorded for RahXephon with one huge belch. Anyone going into voice acting, wait a few minutes after chugging a Red Bull! I did surprise him with my copy of Gravion before his interview and how I was the only one who bidded on it on EBay! (It was true, a few seconds to go and no one went for it!) It was great to interview him since he hasn’t been back to Orlando since 2008 and hoping he does come back for other conventions since he is really nice and great to talk to!


Favorite Moment I Wish I Was There For: Matthew Mercer singing karaoke! OMG! I didn’t know this happened until I got back to the con Saturday morning! As you know I used my ride service all that weekend and left around 8:30 the latest Friday and needed my rest due to the cold I was suffering from and need to wake up early to meet my ride service again. Apparently that night, Matthew Mercer sang Tenacious D’s “Tribute Song” as Levi! If I posted the panel transcript I would put it in the link but I will put it here for you guys at the end so you can see how well he did! The story was that a girl was cosplaying as Levi and sang something earlier in the session and he witnessed the performance and he was like “Beautiful!” And then he went up and sang himself! I wished I was there for that if I didn’t have to leave or if Gondras was with me, knowing we would be there until like midnight or one in the morning. As said, I would post the link!


Favorite Voice Actor Moment: Grant George Remembering Me! I had to mention this since it was very surprising! I remembered how I first met Grant back at MythiCon Year 1 and I told him how our wedding is going to be Disgaea themed since he plays Axel, MidBoss aka Vires, and the Prinis! He did suggest that we should have a Prini ring bearer since he asked during his panel since we were planning to have a bride and groom Prini on top. I was in cosplay and for Omni I wasn’t going to be wearing any of my costumes since I still had to finish my Pokemon Ranger costume for this year’s MythiCon due to Eric Stuart as a guest and my .hack one is still being built, well need to just build the weapons since the jackets are finished (one for the masquerade and the other is the trenchcoat) and I didn’t have Lucy! So, you saw in my pics, I was wearing my blue ears and collar until Sunday when I had zombie ears! I figured he wouldn’t remember me from Mythic and well, he did recognize me! I did bring Gondras’ copies of D2 and 4 for him to sign! So, he and his wife were there and he even told his wife about the wedding! I know I may get comments, “Are you inviting them?” Anyways, it was great talking to the both of them and great that Grant did recognize me! Did have a bit of a “Do it again!” moment when he saw me unfold the cane after leaving Matthew Mercer’s table after my interview with him. I guess it is not hard to recognize a girl with slate grey and hazel eyes (sometimes they take on a cobalt look or in certain lighting I look like I have contacts on!). I hope they do come back to Omni or MythiCon could get them as guests in the future for another year!


Favorite Items from Dealer Room: 10th Doctor Sonic Screw Driver UV Pen and Dragon with Orb necklace! I didn’t really buy much at this convention since the dealer room was pretty small! I almost did buy Thor: The Dark World but the card machine Best Buy had was broken! I can just go back since I think I have rewards certificates to cash in but hey! I know Best Buy has it at least. I did get two interesting items while I was there. I picked up the 10th Doctor Sonic Screw Driver UV pen from the Books A Million stand since they are one of the other sponsors and they were selling items from Dr. Who and Mind Craft and some other items and since they had the Tartus there to take pictures with I decided to get this pen due to my David Tennet shirt, which you see him lean against the opening and arms crossed with his screw driver. I do like how it does the sound effects and it comes with black ink and UV ink cartridges! You can also get refills since it has a paper that comes with the package about that! I almost bought the build your own kit but I would have more use with the pen due to writing fan fiction! I did get Gondras the build your own kit, but went to Barnes and Noble for it! He is planning to do the 4th Doctor for Metro actually! And the other item I did get was a necklace of a dragon with an orb stone in its claws! This thing is made by Dragon Alley, which is a jewelry maker which makes not only dragon stuff but also nerd jewelry like the cross necklaces that Sam and Dean wear in Supernatural and the time traveling pendant from Harry Potter to name a few! I was tempted to get the time travel but if I want something from Harry Potter, it would probably be a necklace or a bracelet with the Hufflepuff crest! That house is my favorite out of the four and I just find the name funny. I did like the necklace that I got since it is not only silver but the stone was really nice in how it was made, plus the light just hits it nicely! I also did have a similar necklace years ago but it had dolphins wrapped around it and somehow I like necklaces like these for now on and somehow no one actually makes them until I found this! I did almost buy a ring of a dragon that wraps around and in my size, but didn’t want to spend too much, but I can go online or if I find them again as a dealer next year! I think they have Facebook by what I remembered from their business card, I may have to like them and see what else they made! I would give these guys a two thumbs up!




Pacific Rimtee of Gypsy Danger Petting Eva Unit 1! This was a shirt I wore to the first day of Omni Expo and if you have read my interviews with my pics you have seen it! I was happy to find this one and kind of sad since at first I was going to get a new Angry Prinis shirt because I bought it a size too small and I think I lost it and tried finding it all over Aardvark Tees’ Etsie store! As you know, I love Aardvark’s stuff and it’s been a while since I bought their stuff since I didn’t go to AFO last year, which is the convention they go to in Orlando. They did go to Holiday Matsuri back in 2012, but they should come to more Orlando conventions! Omni, Mythic, get these people! Why? 1. The shirts are very good quality and stain resistant and 2. they have very fun pop culture references! Especially the one I got! Since I couldn’t find the Angry Prinis shirt, I did find the one I have which is the “Prini Rights! DOOD!” shirt and I did shoot a message to Grant George telling where he can get it so he can have one after I wore mine on Omni Saturday! I did cruise over to the Kaiju section since I saw a Pacific Rimshirt of one of the Yagars handing the Iron Giant a bouquet of flowers at first, so I went to see what else they had and I found a few others but this one got me to go “Here is my money! Take it!” And it is the Gypsy Danger petting Eva Unit 1! It does make sense since Pacific Rim is the better version of Eva and Gondras thought with all the trailers that it was the live-action Eva movie that was supposed to be made and coming out but this did it better! Plus, Mako does look like Rei Ayanami if you look closely! Still! I love this shirt and will wear again! Even Ellyn McLain loved it since she is the voice of Gypsy Danger in the movie! And yes, I got the thing signed! I am still wanting to go back and get a shirt that Aardvark also has which is a double crossover of Dr. Who and Hitalia of the Daliks chasing England! Plus, now I have a Dalik necklace to wear with it! I can’t help it, they are awesome little villains!




Chocolate coconut granola bars by Sunbelt: These have been a returning fave since I haven’t had them in years and was sad I couldn’t find them at WalMart until I found them again! I think they made these smaller since Sunbelt used to make bigger granola bars, I even remembered having the chocolate chip ones as my snack back in elementary school and they were wider back then! Now they are a bit smaller, pretty much a standard size granola bar except they stay put than the Quaker ones and they are creamy in taste! I love the dark chocolate and coconut ones the best because they don’t overpower the bar with too much coconut like most things do, even Glico does it with their chocolate and coconut Pocky and I am kind of picky with the taste of coconut since I prefer it sweet and with a hint of sweet milk to it! These make it sweet and it has a nice creamy taste while eating and leaves a nice aftertaste, plus both the chocolate and coconut balance each other out! I am not sure if I will have these during my Metro trip since they do melt if you leave them out and depending on how we will get our stuff into the hotel but I will have the chocolate chip ones and might get another box of one of the other flavors since Sunbelt does make good bars and you can find these with the big Little Debbie displays at WalMart!


Honey Roasted Cashews: I have to mention these! Besides the granola bars, I also had these to chomp on! I do love my sweet things and I tried finding honey roasted peanuts, but the WalMart I went to didn’t have them but I did find these and they are honey roasted cashews! I never tried these and thought I would try them since I love honey a lot and they are so good! They taste better than the peanuts in my opinion! I couldn’t stop eating them, I have to control myself a bit, but knowing with Metro right around the corner, I will have another can of these! I think Gondras or Tobi have to lock these away if I try eating the entire can in one sitting! Almost did at Omni!


Salted Caramel Apple Chips: I just got these on Saturday while needing to restock my honey at the Farmer’s Market near me! I found a stand right next to the honey stand a lady that made chips out of different fruits and vegetables, she makes ones out of cale, tomatoes, mangoes, and the ones I got were apple with salted caramel! I am a major salted caramel junkie and when I heard she had these I had to try them! I was in heaven! They are good and now want to buy my chips from her for now on! Hell, I want to go back and get the sweet potato ones since she makes those too! Great thing is that the crispiness comes from freezing them, which is neat and makes sense since they do become soft when they are warm and crispy when frozen. Plus, it’s better to freeze your fruits and veggies. They are $6 for a bag, not bad and plus they are homemade on top of it. They can be a bit addicting and they taste better than the apple chips I got from Smoothie King once. Will have to go back and get the sweet potato ones.


Beauty Faves:


            Playful Beauty 66 Piece Set Blockbuster by Ulta: Now onto the beauty faves and starting with that big Ulta Playful Beauty set I bought last month! I bought this after buying stuff as my grad gift to myself and it was a beauty steal during May as well! Normally it costs $24 but it was $16.99 during the steal and since I gone back to get the name of this thing since it is hard to remember, now it is two bucks less, which you can get it for $14.99! I bet you’re wondering, is it worth it? Yes! I’ve been using some of the eye shadows from this set and they are very pigmented and pretty easy to use! I also used one of the double ended liners which comes with the set and man it is also pigmented! If you haven’t read my haul post about this, it is a double decker make up case which includes a eye shadow pallet area on the top which you have all the shadows you tend to see in a huge pallet, which includes the neutrals, smoky, even the line of blues which I used one day and seems to stay on pretty well! And then the slot underneath, you get even more shadows but as their quads in neutral, smoky, and matte and then you have a top coat quad which are very glittery. Of course you get a powder, bronzer, and four blushes and two of the butter balms from the line in Jasmine and Rapunzel! Not bad for a price! I would suggest getting this if you are into playing around with make up or just need something to travel with, this is what you should get, especially for the price they have now, which is pretty much a steal! Ulta’s make up line is pretty nice for a store brand and doesn’t cost much, especially if you don’t want to spend too much on make up sets at department stores, which this thing at any of them would cost you around a $100 or more when this contains a $170 value of make up! Plus, it comes in a very convenient case! I would say get it for the price right now since they dropped it down again, who knows when it will be back to the original price in the coming months! Plus, if you are a member, you might have the newsletter with the coupon of $3.50 off a $10 purchase which will be good until Saturday! Get it while you can for this amazing price!


Wicked Dreams pallet by NYX: Yes, another NYX item since I have been NYX crazy and their make up is just amazing! This pallet is known as the Wicked Dreams pallet! It contains shimmery and matte shadows and range from neutrals to smoky to jewel tones and it is pretty good! I got this pallet before I got any of my Dream Catcher pallets and thought it would be nice to try it out but never used it until recently since I got it back in January or February from NYX Surplus on EBay, I know you can still get it from Ulta but decided to get it from EBay since I didn’t know at the time that they also accept PayPal! Hey, I can still get it if NYX didn’t discontinue it, which I hate how most companies do that with awesome broducts! Anyways, like a lot of the NYX eye shadows I own, they are also pigmented and easy to blend with some, I heard from some reviewers that it is hard to blend with some colors like the yellow one in the pallet but I had an easy time with blending the baby blue, the dark blue, green, and the gold to create an interesting ocean eye since it was summer, wanted to see how a quad look would look and turned out pretty well! Then I went dark and purple the next day with the plum, burgundy, and a pink to give a gothic smoky eye! You can tell I had fun doing that and man it made it crazy with my Black Heart lipstick I was wearing that day as well!Oh well, I may use a different lip product whenever I do that eye again. All in all, still affordable and still fun to use and pigmented like the shadows you get from NYX!


Cream Concealer in Light Medium by Almay: As you know I was bummed about how Almay discontinued my favorite concealer stick with the treatment gel a year ago, I ended up using all the sticks I had left from the line and finally got the newer liquid cream concealer that they made as a replacement for that in the Clear Complexion line and like the stick it does work! Well, minus the treatment of course, but it still conceals like the stick and I tend to use it before I put my foundation from the same area of the display and it is handier that way since I can blend it in with ht my beauty blender while going over with my foundation and blends well after putting my powder on top! I may have to get another one soon since it feels like it might be running out.


Grey slim pencil liner from NYX: Another NYX product and it is their slim liner pencil in grey, which I was happy to find finally to go with that smoky liner from Hot Topic’s Black Heart line! It goes well with a smoky look if it deals with a lot of greys and it does go well with black shadows as well, I may have to try it with the charcoal shadow I have from the old shadows that Black Heart had since they repackaged them and have less colors now.


Lux in Lavendar and Radiant Raspberry from the new Bleached Neons Collection by Maybelline: I know these are limited edition by what I heard but Maybelline released new Summer collections and they are the Bleached Neons collection. I only picked up two of the Lipnotic Elixirs from the collection and they are Lux in Lavendar and Radiant Raspberry! I love more of purpley type lip color and these two have that, Lux is slightly dark but it still gives off a light purple tone since they are almost a pastel by what I heard in videos and Radiant is kind of like Raspberry Sorbet from the old lip gloss line they had years ago, which I am sad that it was discontinued since I tend to use it with my Twilight balm stain from the Revlon Just Bitten line! Still, these are pretty neat and they do glide on easily like the regular Lipnotics, which I still have the purple one which I can’t name off the top of my head!


Fifth Avenue Fushia and Pink and Proper from Color Sensational by Maybelline: I was glad I got to get more Maybelline lip products since it was forever since I got anything from Color Sensational and I had stuck with NYX due to them coming to CVS and of course Revlon and Wet N Wild, I decided to pick up some new lipsticks and they are Pink and Proper, which is a basic pink, and Fifth Avenue Fushia, which is a nice bright Fushia! I still have my Sugared Honey lipstick, I don’t think it exists anymore but I did like the Color Sensational lipsticks since they feel comfy and they give a sweet smell and since they have changed up the colors, it was time to come back!


Gold Shatter polish by OPI: I finally got around to using one of my other O. P. I. polishes and it was one of the shatter polishes in gold! I graduated and since I remembered when my high school was strict in how you should look for commencement, I didn’t know if I could do anything to the cap or gown, which I found out the hard way at the ceremony that people put decals or painted things on their mortar boards of their caps! I did do something special with my nails and I painted them in black and used the gold shatter on top to go with the school colors! I did use it a second time by painting over Last Chance by Sinful Colors, which gave a nice jungle look to my nails! I love the shatter polishes by O. P. I., I may have to go back to EBay and get more since they aren’t made much anymore unless if they decide to sell them during Halloween since crackle polishes are well-known around that time! To me, it’s an anytime thing since you can do a lot of coats to get a nice look to the polish.


Fave Bag: Kuromi messenger bag! I had to mention a favorite bag and it is a messenger bag with my favorite Sanrio bunny, Kuromi! I wanted to get a messenger bag from Sanrio for the longest time and well with my last visit to the store it was kind of a drag since my dad was kind of whining about the prices and their Kuromi selection was meh! It’s like Sanrio is not making a lot of items of certain characters anymore such as Kerropi and Kuromi and just sticking to their major character, Hello Kitty!? So, since that was a trip that I want to forget, I decided to go on EBay and found a Kuromi messenger bag! I thought it would be nice and big so I could use during Metro in case if I have to carry everything besides my Braille Sense and recorder like last year when I first did press! Nope, it was the size of a purse, one of those purses that are 12 inches! It still worked out and I use it as an actual purse! Even the people at Lush the day I got it loved it! I did go back to EBay and found a big Hello Kitty one to use during Metro and what I like about them both is that they have a zipper for the main part like my Fruits Basket one like I was using before! I wish all messenger bags were like that because stuff can fall out easily if you don’t position it right! I love the zipper!


Other Non-Beauty:


Favorite Album: Comatose Comes Alive and the Regular Album by Skillet! I know I have been on a major Skillet binge lately and finally I have all the albums they actually released to the public and ITunes! I have both Comatose and the live version of it! What is the difference between them? Well, the Comes Alive album is not only of them performing in Chatanooga, but it also has them do a songs you don’t hear on other albums, well not sure if “Savior” and “Collide” are on earlier ones since according to ITunes their latest album, “Rise” is their 10th album! I guess they were a local band in their town before becoming big. Hey! Traverser and Soul Switch are the same here in Orlando! Anyways, you also get another recorded song on it and acoustic versions of some of the songs from Comatose like “Whispers In the Dark,” “Rebirthing,” and so many others! And the original is just the studio album, which I like a lot, “Comatose,” “Rebirthing,” and “Whispers In the Dark” are amazing songs but one song I really like and wished was done live on their Comes Alive album is “Looking for Angels,” which is pretty dark but like it says, people are searching for that one thing in their life during turmoil and what do they look for, an angel! Skillet, you need to perform this one!


Favorite Song: “Don’t Want to Be Here Anymore!” by Rise Against! ::gasp!:: Did Rise Against make a new song? Yes they did and it’s called “Don’t Want to Be Here Anymore!” This is the first single off their newest album coming out two days after Metro and it’s called “Black Market.” I love this song, it kind of goes with the rhythm of “Prayer of a Refugee” and a tinge of “Dancing for Rain” when you look at it! Still, it’s a good song and can’t wait for what else will be on the newest album by these guys July 15th! You can get this song on ITunes if you can’t wait like I did and plus it gets stuck in my head like now for mentioning it!


Favorite Book: Edge of Dawn and Shades of Midnight from The Midnight Breed Series! I finally finished all eleven books of The Midnight Breed Series that Lara Adrian has released! I have to wait until August for the newest one to come out and it’s called Crave The Night which deals with one of the First Gen Asassins that Dragos made earlier in the series like with book 9 if I remembered, forgot the name! But anyways! I am mentioning two and they are book 7, Shades of Midnight which is the story that deals with Caid meeting Alex and finds out that his twin brother, Seth, turned rogue due to his powers of speaking to animals and Edge of Dawn, which deals with an older Mira who finds out that the one she fell for, Kellen Archer, didn’t died but eheaded a rebel group! I did like some of the other stories that came after but they turned to other places which confused me, like the final book in the ten book bundle, which is Chase’s story with meeting Tavia Fairchild, who had gene splicing done to her in becoming a breed member. I thought, “What is she doing with this?” And when I read further, I was like, “Okay? Weird but Intriguing! Better than Meyer!” Why did I like these two the most out of the books from five to 11 is because with Caid’s story, I liked how he hid himself from Alex and led her on until how he found out she was a Breed Mate and how the Alaskan environment can lead to dangers and best for the Breed due to how the arctic time zone is different and let them out longer. It was sad with how he lost his twin brother, but it did say there are times when one of their own does go to the edge of bloodlust! If you read the first book, perfect example with Lucan Thorn since he and Teagan are the oldest out of them since they were born first gen vampires! With Edge of Dawn, on the other hand, it is the story right after the Breed gets noticed and becomes a part of society and now new enemies are showing up and they came from the past of the Ancient! You need to read books 8 and 10 to see what I am talking about and well the end of 7 to get what happens! Anyways, it was a very touching story and I did almost shed a tear, an actual one since I was close to it in books 3-7 and 9 pretty much! But this one shows a happy reunion turned sad and then happy again! I would suggest this series if you are around my age and need something to get away from sparkling vampires, which in my last faves, I said they are more like the ones from Buffy but more extreme and the damsals in distress have more voice and don’t act like Bella, hell, even Tavia and Rinata, from Nikolai’s story, are major badasses! Can’t wait what the next one will bring! I am in the middle of Skin Game! Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten my fave wizard from Chicago!


Favorite Convention Video: Todd Habercorn singing “Let It Go” from Frozen as Italy! I know we are all tired of that song “Let It Go!” Plus, Gondras gets ten times annoyed with it! So glad I don’t show him this video and that is of Todd Habercorn singing it but as his character, Italy, from Hitalia during BelleCon this year! I haven’t been to it but one of my friends on Facebook helped run it and sad to find out Todd was there! I still want to thank him in person somehow for Fairy Tail. Anyways! I heard about this video during Omni in the Sands of Anime room and even though this song gets drilled into everyone’s heads over and over over again, Todd doing it makes it funnier and as Italy! It makes it better that he does point some of the lyrics towards the character Germany. I am also linking this one, please don’t kill me for it because I don’t want to be in a body bag when I interviewing Dante Basco during Metro!


So, that’s my favorites for May and June! Sorry again about not putting up the Attack On Titan transcript because as I said there are some gross moments and it is best that you guys find the video of the thing! Hey, be glad that you get to read my interview with Matthew Mercer during Omni! What is next? Well, since I still have time! Will finally do my original character cosplay advice! And then there will be my Convention Impossible on MetroCon 2014 and interviews with Dante Basco, Richard Epcar, Troy Baker, and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn! Stay tuned for all of that! (Matthew Mercer)


Todd Habercorn:

March and April 2014 Favorites

Hello everyone and welcome back! Finally got around to posting yet again! I really miss posting for everyone in the universe of Nerdy Shique! So, this post will be my March and April Favorites! There have been a lot of things I liked and this post will also give an honorable mention! Let’s get to it!




Yes! These pallets get the honorable mention of the Paw Print of the Universe this month and why? Not only they are limited edition but I love them so! Plus, they are the only other make up item that I own all the pallets for besides the Wet N Wild Limited Edition Spring pallets for this year, but these get the most mentions since they are amazing! As you know, I got interested in these all thanks to Eleventh Gorgeous mentioning that they got all three pallets for free during IMATS Los Angeles through NYX’s party and wanted them! The three of them are Golden Horizons, which contain gold, bronzes, two purples I believe, and one rose gold/pink, Dusk Til Dawn, which features more of browns, bronze, and some grays, and the one I wanted originally when I first heard of them, Stormy Eyes, which features more grays, blacks, silvers, and white, also a purple or two! Still, these pallets are pretty and when I first got Dusk, the girl who told me over the phone my local Ulta said they are like the Naked pallets and when I got Dusk, I agree! But these are actually pretty good dupes for them since they are very affordable, which they cost $14 at Ulta, I got Golden Horizons on EBay for c;pse tp that price, but still affordable if you can’t get any of the Naked pallets, especially Naked 3 since that flies off the shelf according to all the YouTubers I subscribe to! If you want to get these, you should get them now while they last since they are limited edition, try seeing if Ulta still carries them, if not, you can start finding these on EBay. I got mine from a user called Joy’s Cosmetics which you can find that name in any make up that is listed in the title. Not sure if NYX Surpluis has posted their’s but still look! You get a pretty good price for ten shadows and the applicator is underneath a drawer type slit with another mirror which is very convenient! You can make countless looks with these, I even had fun doing it with Stormy the most since it is easy to create different smoky and neutral looks! I would suggest with the Golden Horizons pallet, you can use gold eye liners or brown ones, I suggest the NYX gold liners and the Wet N Wild brown liners! So, get these while they last!




Gold pencil liner and gold sparkle liner: Now speaking of NYX, I am totally in love with their gold eyeliners, which I got at Ulta the last time I went with my member coupon which was for 20% off my entire purchase, which made my NYX findings that day awesome! Why? Because they did Buy one get the Other Half Off Sale that day well days, because a lot of people came and acted like vultures and bought almost everything out! I was lucky to get my hands on both the gold solid pencil which is a very easy glide on and then the golden glitter liquid liner which is pretty easy to use! I use these with my Golden Horizons pallet when I used my gold colors and bronzes to give off a nice gold look and also used it with my Iced Latte eye shadow from L’Oreal which fit perfectly! I may go back and see if they made a smoky type liner pencil to go with my Hot Topic smoky liner since Walgreens doesn’t carry smoky type pencils, I did remember they carried a smoky liquid liner in WNW but not sure if it’s still around, but I know it may be carried and existing in NYX.


Matte Lipstick in Nude: I finally tried out the matte lipsticks from NYX! Since it was buy one get one half off decided to get some lip items as well and this lipstick was one of them and it was one of the remaining ones! As said, vultures went crazy! I would too if I knew this sale existed! Anyways, this is a light brown according to the girl and it goes on pretty smoothly on the lips, especially with lip balm! I haven’t used my Sugar Wafer lipstick yet from the Butter Lipsticks but I know I will love it!


Butter Lip Gloss in Terra Misseau: I can’t spell that name but I finally got my hands on one of the more neutral lip glosses from this line and heard a lot of good things about this one, pretty much everyone has it and glad it was one of the many leftover! I was hoping to get Sugar Cookie, one of the newer ones that Nicole Garriaro picked up, but I think it got sold out. I may get it since I got another coupon from Ulta! Yay! Still, I am using it right now and love it! I even still love the smell of the cake battery type smell from the vial! Can’t wait for my graduation party with cake!


Baked Eye Shadows in Silver Haze and Chance: Another eye shadow fave and that is these two baked eye shadows that I got in my order from Ulta last month. Remembered how I mentioned I ordered from the site? Along with Stormy Eyes, I finally got my hands on the newer baked shadows that NYX made and one of them was what I wanted and the other wanted to step out of the comfort zone and they are Chance, which is a purple and brown mix and Silver Haze, a silvery eye shadow! These are very easy to apply, not much fall out, they also stay put and they look amazing with the liners I used, I used the purple liners with Chance while silver and smoky with Silver Haze. I may try using the browns with Chance next time to see how that goes, but now I love these and may buy more!


Hot Topic Black Heart


Smoky eyeliner: I haven’t mentioned this as a favorite since I was still experimenting with it with all my shadows and loving it! This was next to the smoky eye primer they made, which I might go back and get since I have a lot of smoky ey shadows, still it looks good with silver and black eye liners! I am going to try and find a smoky pencil since I had a hard time finding a pencil for it!




Extraordinaire Lip Color in Purple Prelude: I don’t think I mentioned this but I finally tried out those new Extraordinaire lip colors since they are pretty popular and plus Make Up Freak did do a review on them! She got Fushia Orchestra and Purple Prelude I believe or some other color and had to try them out since she liked them. I do have both Fushia Orchestra and Purple Prelude, but haven’t worn Fushia yet, but I do like Purple Prelude a lot and like how it glides on. There are even times when I worn it without the lip balm and it still glided on smoothly, I can see why everyone bought these like crazy when I first tried it out, because the Walgreens display was out of most of them at the time! So glad I waited until the craze went down for my own Fushia Orchestra!




Disney Villains Eye Shadows in Cruella and Malifascent: Remember how I mentioned I got these for Christmas? Well, I love them! I haven’t mentioned them in a favorites yet since I haven’t explored a little more with how I liked the make up in the books I got, which were Cruella, Malifasent, and Evil Queen! Great thing about this is that everything is separated into their own casing and they include one eye shadow pallet of six shadows, one eye liner in pencil and liquid, a mascara, a brush, and a lip shimmer and a lip gloss! I don’t like the lip gloss and shimmer from Cruella’s book because the lip gloss feels sticky, but I did try out the Evil Queen one when the book for it broke when it fell and the tray came off, I did separate everything and decided to try out the lip gloss and lip shimmer and they weren’t sticky like the Cruella book’s lip stuff! The shadows and liners, on the other hand, do go on smoothly! I don’t wear mascara, so won’t talk about that! I am hoping these come back since they are pretty pigmented and they do cost around $12 when they come out at first, but they do have sales close to Cristmas and become half off! That is how I got Evil Queen and Malifasent. There is Ursula, but that is one villain I didn’t like much!




Ghiradelli’s Spring Impressions Chocolates: I have been loving the Ghiradelli’s Spring Impressions chocolate squares that have been released for Easter! These are a combination of dark chocolate and mil chocolate and there were ones where I got with dark, white, and milk, but still they do impress me! I hope I get these again next year!


Chips Ahoy ice cream cookies in Mint Chocolate Chip: Normally I don’t like Chips Ahoy but a special on these got me loving the chewy ice cream flavored ones in Mint Chocolate Chip! It is a mint cookie with chocolate chips and tastes really good!


Baskin Robbins Inspired Ice Coffees at Dunkin Donuts: I had to bring these up since I love them so! I really got into iced coffees, especially at Dunkin Donuts since they are so flavorful and the ones that got my kitty ears perked is their Bakin Robbins inspired ones returning for another year! I never got to try them last year when they Mint Chocolate Chip flavored ones, as you can tell mint chocolate chip is my all time fave ice cream since I was little! Hell, I horded the ice cream inspired Pop Tarts in my freezer! Anyways, the flavors this year are Jamocha Fudge Almond and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough! I love these two flavors and I tend to rotate between the two, but mostly reach for the cookie dough since it tastes very good, especially with the cream and sugar! I love my sweet! I hope they don’t stop making these!




The Midnight Breed Series by Lauren Adrian: I have been loving this series! I downloaded it while looking for the Vampire Academy books, yeah go ahead and laugh, I was a curious kitten! I do like the first book in that but when I started reading this series, this was amazing! It is a ten book bundle I ended up with from Bookshare and it deals with a group of women who have rare birthmarks that are in the shape of a tear drop going into the bowl of a crescent moon and they end up meeting vampires that get attracted this birthmark because they are compatible with them and have to bond with them through blood by sucking their blood and having the females take their blood sucked by them to complete the bond. Great thing is that they can also have kids in order to extend the breed, well sons, so they can survive! It is pretty much a better series than Twilight and it is more for adults since it has nudity and sexual content, but very good! So far I really enjoyed the first two books, which the first shown how a photographer by the name of Gabrielle Maxwell meeting Lucan Thorn, a first generation offspring who tried saving her mother who got attacked by the enemy vamps, vampires who came under bloodlust and became rogue, and was left in foster care as a baby and found out later that Lucan was the one who saw her mother being attacked by a rogue and never got a chance to erase her memory. The story was something I couldn’t close up and thought very heart warming towards the end, but the one with Tessa, a vet, meeting and becoming Dante’s breedmate was even better! I was reading the second book during breaks while writing papers! Right now, I am reading book three, “Midnight Awakening,” which deals with the widow known as Ellis and another first gen named Teagan Smith. Can’t wait how that would end! I would say if you can find these books as a collection or spparated, get them and read them if you’re over 18! These blow Twilight out of the water since the roamanc is better and of course, forgot to mention, set in Boston and not in the middle of nowhere town! I am from Boston, which makes me happy to know that these books are set there! It makes sense due to the history and how dark it can be for vampires.




Skillet’s “Rise” album: I have been going crazy for Skillet lately and I got their “Rise” album last month. I did mention that I did love their single “Not Gonna Die,” and had to get the album. What sucks though is that the radio doesn’t play it, they do play “Monster” since Skillet was being a part of Mardi Gras’ line up for this year, but why WJRR, why not play new Skillet? Anyways, I love the album except for two tracks, “American Noise” and some jazzy type track they did. I do like the other songs like “Salvation,” which is one of my fave slow songs besides “Lucy” from their “Awake” album, which you hear the female singer sing a lot of it. It is a nice duet between them since they are husband and wife! I may get “Comatose” since I redownloaded “Awake” since I think I lost that album! I didn’t know they had a second album until I saw it at Best Buy while get this one! Way to go Skillet!


Well, that is it for my faves! Before mentioning what is next, here is a little convention announcement!


Linkara is coming back to MythiCon for his second year! I know I mentioned in the spotlight that he wasn’t coming back but he is! He announced it on his website and then MythiCon announced on their Facebook group that he is coming back officially! So glad he is returning and with my press pass…yes now I am doing press for Mythic 2014! I may interview him! Or Bennet, and maybe the other guests!


And speaking of press! Since this summer will be action packed with conventions! Look out for interviews with Carrie Savage, Matthew Mercer, Chris Sabat, and Team Four Star next month from my press experience at Omni Expo 2014!


That is about it! Til next time!

Sunday Haul!

Hello everyone and welcome back yet again! As said before in the Convention Spotlight that I do have a haul post! Last Sunday, I went to a few places after my workout and during the evening hours since I did need a few things and also had to do some birthday shopping for a friend and was also on a bit of a Sanrio high! Let’s get started!


Sam Flax: So, the first location was to Sam Flax, which is an art store in Downtown Orlando, near the Asian Market Area of town and the reason why I went is that they were clearing out their Sanrio stuff and I have been on a high lately! I did get myself a Hello Kitty Japanese Princess plush of her in a pink and purple kimono all thanks to the Blockbuster Buster episode where EJoy was trying to cheer him up and had the plushie of her in a pink kimono with a fan. The seller I bought it from on EBay, which you can’t get these here in America so you have to go to Sanrio Japan’s site or to EBay, didn’t have anymore of the pink kimono so the choices were blue and brown kimono, a green kimono, and the one I chosen. Still adorable! I still had the high since I had a dream about going back to Sanrio and I found out on their site that Sam Flax had stuff and called and found out they were clearing out for 50% off! I did get a lot of stuff and I did get something for a friend who is having a birthday party this weekend, it is a little Kuromi keychain with the little chain instead of a key ring. I asked him which character he liked and one of them is one of my faves and it is Kuromi, he also like Pon Pon Ribbon and Choco Cat, but most of the stuff they had left was the other characters like My Melody, which they had a plush and almost got that but to me some of the plushies weren’t as great as the ones I have like the Hello Kitty ones I got at Sanrio and online, also at Hot Topic with the Chun Li Kitty, the Keroppi blinking, and my mini Kuromi that was a Toys R Us exclusive that someone sold. Anyways, I am giving him the little keychain since I also got a Kuromi plush pen and was looking for pens and got it, so keeping that! Other things I got was an old fashioned change purse with Hello Kitty on it! I loved old style change purses since I was little and I did have one from my aunt but not sure what happened to it, I think I lost it or sold it but was able to find this one! I love how the clasps are on top and you just open it up and place the coins inside. I also love how they are more spacious than the zip up ones since you can hold a lot more change than most coin purses! I am so glad I found that one! I also got a bigger pencil case to keep all my pens and 20/20 pens in since I kept some in my Keroppi pencil case and the others in Kuromi, so this one is the one that goes in the binder and very big! I also did get a Keroppi keychain where you can put other keychains and keys on, and I attached it with a little notebook on a keyring and attached it to the pencil case so in case if I have a memo to memorize, I can write it down, along with fan fiction ideas! I did get a few more pens like one plushie pen of Hello Kitty, a ball point one with her attached and dangling like a cellphone charm, and a pen with different inks in one! If you remembered those pens that have different colored inks and you push one down and you get one and then click another down then you get the other, I hadn’t had any of those since I was in elementary school and glad they sold them! If you live in town and want to get discounted Sanrio items, you should come here! I will go back to Sanrio if my family goes to Milennia anytime soon because I wanted to get a tote bag and never found any left! I carry my writing stuff in them and during cons I tend to use them for autograph items so it would be easier to take out and fit the bigger items since knowing with MythiCon, holy crap my pile is going to be huge for Eric Stuart!


Donga Corp: Well, since I couldn’t find much for my friend for his birthday at Sanrio, I decided the next best thing that he loves and that is Japanese snacks! I got him stuff from an Asian market across the street from school when they were around for Farmer’s Market Day but they don’t show up anymore and Farmer’s Market Day is Wednesdays now and hard to get there on Wednesday when I tend to have class around the same time as they do the market day thing. That is why I decided to drop by my fave market in town and that is Donga Supermarket! I love this place and haven’t been back there since December since I got my teas and the candy selection was okay, now it was better. Let me start with what I got for my friend and then me!




Tropical Pocky: I haven’t seen this before but I felt that he might like it since he loves pocky!


Chocolate Pocky: This is a staple for every anime fan and great way of starting loving Pocky! It is pretty much baby step pocky!


Strawberry Pocky: Another staple but the flavor is always okay! I love strawberries but I have a feeling he likes this flavor!


Cute Cube Candy: I gave him these since I didn’t like them much because they are really sweet! I think they are a combination of green tea and red bean according to him? I got him an actual pack of these this time since it looks like they are a fave for people!


Corn Milk Chewy Candy: I originally got these for myself since I heard about these from CharleinJapan on YouTube but they are the hard candies she talked about. I thought they were hard since my dad told me they were but they ended up chewy and tasted weird. So, I decided to give them to him so he might like these since apparently Japan is a corn lover and they put corn in anything according to Charle or Charla, sorry if I messed up your name, but I placed them in a zip lock and included some of the candies I got from the packs that he tried from my candy pouch, which I will mention below. I included the Hello Kitty melting candy, I may include some more for him since I have so much of it! I will see about more ramune or something. I will do it tomorrow since the party is not til Saturday! He always loves this stuff!


Now to my stuff…


Green Tea Pocky: I am so glad I finally found this again! As you know I love my green tea flavored sweets and I haven’t seen this in sooooooooooo long! Now Donga brought it back! I always loved green tea pocky ever since I started dating Gondras and he didn’t get me green tea pocky because they stopped carrying it before he got a chance to buy it for me, so he gets me the almond crush since he knows I love it! But I love green tea pocky a bit more and yet he finds me weird but he loves me anyways! So glad it’s back!


Fruit Yogurt Candy: I included these with my present to my friend because he tried these when I had them in my candy pouch and loved them! They are what they are, they are candy that are pretty much fruit flavored yogurt and are creamy like yogurt and they are soooo good! I think I still have some of the ones I got a year ago in the tin I have in the fridge outside but they are amazing and was glad to find these!


Hello Kitty Anniversary Candy Pack: I finally found them! I wanted to get these for months but they didn’t carry them in the fall like they were supposed to! Well, end of summer mostly, but it is the Hello Kitty Anniversary Candy pack! I love these candies like the fruit milk candies they used to make, not sure what happened to those, but glad to find these again! Also, a new change to the sticker! Instead of it being the whole card is the sticker, it is three mini stickers, so you have a mini sticker sheet! I am so glad that these returned so I can stick them onto my make up case! I might go back for more of these candies! They are so delicious!


Fruit Milk Candies: These are different from the Hello Kitty ones because they aren’t the Sanrio ones. These are a different kind which I was looking for milky candies, the hard ones I tend to love but couldn’t find the ones I tend to get, but found these instead! They also include corn flavor but at least these are hard milky candies!


I believe that is it!


Hot Topic:


So, went to Hot Topic for something completely different, well two items. I was hoping to get a Captain America shirt since Winter Soldier is coming out in April! Yay! Well, when I got there I found out that MegaCon attendees bought them out from Wednesday til the start of Mega, Friday! So, the only sizes they had left was small! So, I have to get an XL of the sield shirt ordered for me! That wasn’t a total loss since I also had a 15% off coupon on my account and realized I forgot to get a new chain for my torn pants to replace the chain that used to be on my Good Charlote wallet when I got the ball chain during the buy one get another half off sale and kind of kicked myself for it! I did get a short, silver chain for it since I was doing the black, silver with nautical stars, black, and then silver again to make it look unique for my Soul Eater version of my character, since I am doing .hack for Metro. Too bad they don’t have a lot of chains like they used to, I would love to match with the wig! Black and blue! Also the gloves, almost forgot! Still, not a total loss, have to wait for word about the shirt to be sent to the store! I haven’t heard when it got shipped, hoping I get contacted soon since the movie is coming out pretty much next Friday!




So, went to Wally World! Had to get new cottonballs! I know I should have went to Walgrens but WalMart had the really big bag of them and those lasted me from September I believe until now! Yeah, a lot of them! So, got big bag! Next, my dad had to get more hairspray! He thought my dry shampoo was hairspray but I said it was not since it does look like hairspray but it’s not. Keeps my hair clean while not washing it. And finally, got these all thanks to Grav3yard Girl and they are the Hot Designs Nail Art set! Not sure if you guys saw her video on testing these but these do work! They are that two in one, or shall I say four in one since there are four colors in each pen, which they give you six colors and they are packaged as one pen, which you twist the pen towards the ink cartridge of the pen and you get the nail polish and you uncap the very top and you get the pen and you squeeze for the design. It is easy to do and you don’t have to go to a salon to do it either, just at home! I got the one that comes with sparkling designing pens and nail polishes. I almost thought about the basic set but wanted to get the one that Grav3yard Girl has since it has silver in it I love my silvers! I may get the Basic Color set which has navy, black, red, green I think, and a few others! I will be having a polka dotted thing since you can make dots with these as well. It does come with a design guide if you want to go by that. It is $10 like in the infomercials and according to her they dry quickly! I will link the video down below so you can see how they worked out for her!


I do have news and it is from EBay! I did mention I would see about the Golden Horizons pallet on EBay and well, I found it but bought it froma different seller! She sold it pretty much close to what Ulta sells it for! It is pretty much golds, bronzes, browns, and even purples! What is interesting though, I was told that there was purple in Dusk Til Dawn, I think the girl that held Dusk for me got them mixed up, you can get purple in Golden Horizons and also Stormy Eyes, which I used today! I mostly used the smokier colors for the look I wore today! I will be wearing Golden on Saturday! I would say you should get these while they last at Ulta or just go on EBay since they are limited edition and they are a nice dupe for the Urban Decay Naked pallets and they are very pigmented and easy to use! And while I was at EBay, I did pick up a pair of white, kitty paw gloves for my Kitty Lolita cosplay for Metro since I am going to be wearing my bell collar I bought last year and my white kitty ears and paws with it!


So, that is it for now! Check out the video I post here! I am not sure what’s next since I have so many things to do for graduation in May! I will do the March and April faves before then! Til next time! And also, if you like the Hot Designs video, check out Grav3yard Girl’s channel on YouTube and click subscribe so you can be a part of the Swamp Family and give an alligator its wings! You can also check out her Facebook through YouTube and her other media sites! Her stuff is very entertaining and you may like the stuff she does! So tell her I sent you! See ya guys!