Convention Spotlight: Omni Expo 2017

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It is time for another Convention Spotlight and we are going back to a favorite that will be in March again!

Convention: Omni Fandom Expo
Dates: March 3-5 2017
Location: Florida Mall Resort at the Florida Mall in Orlando, FL

We are back for another year at Omni Expo and it is on its fourth year, which includes us doing a fourth year of press! Yes! Makes us happy since we have done press for them since year one! Things had to be changed around and etat includes location, let’s get started!

Location: Florida Mall Hotel! I bet you are wondering, wasn’t this supposed to be at the International Palms Resort over on International Drive? Yes, unfortunately the story is that they were supposed to be there but International Palms got bought out and is going through renovations and being changed. Awww, that would’ve been a nice wedding place, but oh well! So, due to months of no contact nor news from International Palms, the staff saw the news about what had happened to this hotel and they knew they had to pull out. Once they got out, they had to find a new location and they found the Florida Mall Resort that had a time slot open for the weekend they wanted which is March 3rd through the 5th this year! Which is a sweet relief then they would’ve skipped a year.

I bet you’re also wondering, “Wait! There is a hotel at the Florida Mal?” Yes there is! I never been there myself but I know they have had nerd events there and I did remember the MAC Cosmetics do hold their interview seesions there. I tried applying for MAC a while back. Also, this hotel is known as the Florida Hotel and Conference Center. Sorry guys, I don’t have the rates since the website is not working at the moment, I would say go to Omni’s website and try to reserve a room, which when I talked to them during Holiday Matsuri, they really want people to stay at this hotel! So, make your reservations!

Guests: This year not only brings new people but a return of two favorites!

Paul St. Peter: Returning for 2017, Paul St. Peter! If you remembered last year during the Convention Impossible that we have gone to his voice acting panels and his pirate panel and if you have missed them then you have another chance. I highly recommend going to these panels because the voice acting ones do have a lot of pointers in how to get into it and how to sound for many scripts that audience members get to try out. Gondras was one of them all three days so let’s see what happens this year. Also, he is one of the guests we want to interview after not getting the chance to do so last year. For anyone new to the name, for anyone who has played Kingdom Hearts 2 he’s Xemnes and the Kyuubi in Naruto.

Bruce aka No Ordinary Ballon Man: If anyone has been to the first two years of Omni you may have remembered the titans from Attack On Titan made out of balloons. I sure had and even was at the 18 Plus panel with Matthew Mercer and Jessica Calvello during 2015’s Omni where they signed one one of the titans and extra ballons to be donated. They were made by this guy and he known as the No Oridnary Ballon Man! It’s been two years since he has been back, let’s see what he has in store for this year’s Omni!

Chris Rager: Now onto new people! First up is Chris Rager who plays Hercule in all things Dragonball! Well, not the Abridged Series.

Josh Martin: Josh Martin is another new guest for this year and you may have remembered him as the voice of Magen Buu in Dragonball Z and games!

Lisle Wilkison: Another new guest for anyone who loves Tekken and that is Lisle Wilkison who the voice of Nina Williams. Any Sanrio fans, she is also the voice of Batz Maru!

Brian Muir: Next is a sculptor and that is Brian Muir! He has been working on many movies for forty plus years and some movies include Star Wars, Captain America, and of course, Guardians of the Galaxy. You can find his full list of movies he has sculpted on over at Omni’s guest page.

Tiffany Siper: Next is an artist and that is Tiffany Siper. She is the co-founder of Epicycle Studios two years ago and worked on the art for the web comic Alien Spike where a new threat of an alien and a robot comes to Earth when it has recovered from its past threat. Now I am curious!

Noflutter: Next is another artist and that is Noflutter. She is a native Floridian and studied at the Orlando International Academy of Design and Technology and you may have seen her work brought to life on the show Heroes of Cosplay.

Masumi Sempai: Next is a cosplay guest and that is Masumi Sempai. A hardcore cosplayer from the turn of the millennium and grad student from here in Orlando and a Lolita as well. I definitely have some questions on Lolita for her.

Besides these guests we also have the 500 First appearing again and a Michael J. Fox impersonator known as Rob Simms showing up this year. You can get full details on these guests at Omni’s webpage!

Events: Knowing that all conventions do have events and panels by guests and attendees! One event that is returning is of course the Suicide Karaoke event. Hoping to show up for that to see what it’s like! Then we have the costume contest and also have an announcement here!

We will be hosting an Assistive Technology panel known as Devices from the Dark! Since it is a technology convention as well, I thought why not do a panel on it since I am planning to teach it. I will be demonstrating apps I use, even the Braille Sense that I tend to surprise the guests we interview. Check the schedule as time gets closer to the event to see when this panel happens along with many other panels and events!

Well, that is about it for this Convention Spotlight! You can see the details on Omni at:

We can’t wait to bring you coverage from this event and new interviews from it as well!

What is up next for Nerdy Shique Universe? A review on the Grand Magic Games arc from Fairy Tail since I finally finished watching that arc and of course another book review and Cosmetic Controversy! Stay tuned for all that! Catch ya on the universe side!

Bests and Worsts of 2016

Disclaimer: This post is based on the opinion and observation of the Lead Writer herself! Please respect her thoughts and opinions! Also, we didn’t mean to go political for one thing but had to! Also, if you don’t like it then don’t read it!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Whew! We are finally on the last day of 2016. You know what that means? It is time for the annual Bests and Worsts list of the year on this blog. This past year was pretty much the worst year to many and there have been really good moments along the way but balanced with the bad too. Let’s start off with the Worsts because I think I have a bit more than the Bests!


Celebrity Deaths: First is that this year had a lot of celebrities dying and that included David Bowie, Prince, Pete Burns, and the most recent Carrie Fisher. It felt as though this past year was the big year for us losing the most epic of celebrities even the ones that were overlooked such as the guy who was in the R2D2 suit, I am not kidding there was an actual three foot tall dude in that robot suit in the original Star Wars trilogy.

Worst Election Year EVER! Yes, I have to mention this when normally here we are not political but this year has been the worst election especially with the winner. As everyone knew and voted, it was pretty much Hilary Clinton vs. Donald Trump all year and man it was a heated battle which caused me to ask on Facebook towards America, “WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?” After knowing who won and that was Donald Trump. Heck, the world was even upset since there were countries watching who who will win and I know they wanted Hilary like the popular vote which she didn’t win and did find out as a fact that back in the past Presidents did win based on popular vote which would’ve been great but nope! The electoral college chose Trump to win over the popular vote this year. I keep on wondering why would they want someone who is going to embarrass us with the next four years? Let 2020 get here so we can have a better election because I don’t want him back in office.

Most B. S. Press Turndown: MegaCon Orlando! I had to mention this because we did have another turn down by a convention for press and that is our most popular and biggest convention in town and that is MegaCon. I did put Orlando due to how there is Tampa Bay MegaCon and not sure if that will happen again this year but we did get press for that but due to scheduling conflicts, we couldn’t make it but at least we know we can get it. Why Orlando turned us down? Apparently, even Nerdy Shirts mentioned this in his review and I added some notes, that it was due to how we didn’t cover them in the past. Here is the thing, if you know the story of us starting we didn’t start until a few months later from MegaCon 2012 on Blogger and didn’t start doing press until a year later but in Tampa over at MetroCon. We haven’t been back to Mega for three years due to branching out to other conventions like Omni, since they were the ones who reached out to us, Holiday Matsuri, and MythiCon. We did try AFO last year and you know the story with that. Will we go for Orlando again? Yes and hoping we get it this year because we have done so much for the convention community and since we are a small blog now getting slightly bigger, it does show that we can gain more experience and Nerdy Shirts did say that bigger conventions should give smaller blogs even some that are starting out press badges to help them get their name out there. Plus, unlike most blogs, we do interview the big stars, heck we just interviewed Steve Blum this past Holiday Matsuri and it would be great that we get more stars which we wanted if we done MegaCon like the Doctor Who companions, Kevin Smith and Jason Muse, even Adam West and the guy who played Robin in Batman who are now retired. Please let us cover Mega this coming year because just heard that Tim Curry is a guest this year.

Worst Movies: Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad! This goes to two movies since this year D. C. Comics and Warner Brothers tried to topple over Marvel Studios by bringing in Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad. WGondras and I didn’t see either but heard that they both sucked! I would believe because I’ve seen the reviews especially with Black Critic Guy and both Bennet and Gabe doing it. I did do a post on where D. C. and Warner Brothers are better on and that is on TV because when they do movies they try so hard to copy off the success of Marvel but when they do it their story in film falls flat on their face or faces. As in, when they did the BVS film, they had characters that just stood there and when Nostalgia Critic did his review he had his cast do that “Oh, this person is there!” and whoever played them they went, “Hello!” and just left. That was a really good example of that idea and that’s not what we want in a movie when it comes to comic movie adaptations. At least with Civil War, you have all the characters involved and interacting with each other throughout the film not just stand there! I did hear the best out of Suicide Squad was both Marg Robbie as Harley Quin and Will Smith as Dead Shot which I might see that on NetFlix. Still, D. C. and Warner Brothers are better off just doing shows since what I’ve seen of Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow they were all great and the casting was even greater and not just saying that when they got the guy who played Harry Dresden on the Dresden Files tv show was on Arrow. Still, Warner Brothers, just stick to TV!

Weakest Season for a TV Show: Season 3 of Agents of SHIELD! Yes, I had to mention this on here because it was the worst season of Agents of SHIELD! Even though I need to catch up on season four of this series, Season 3 took on the Hive storyline and just made it bad. I am really sorry that I felt like I crapped all over it but Seasons 1 and 2 were better than this and the start of this past season was better because they did take the time to write all these seasons. I never thought back to season 3 until now because I wanted to forget about it and how it felt a little rushed even I would’ve written a better Hive story by instead of having Ward come back and becoming the Hive, I would’ve had the guy that Simmons interacted with on that planet be it instead by acting all okay on Earth but then turn around and not okay! I did feel better that Simmons and Fitz finally made love! Sorry, spoler!
Runner Up: Agent Carter Season 2! I think most of us have to agree that the second season of Agent Carter was a bit weak. Gondras didn’t like how they changed up the story and made the twists and turns different from the original story. If we gotten press for MegaCon, we could’ve interviewed Haley Atwell and asked her about her thoughts on it but as you can tell, we didn’t like it as much. Even though the series will be on a hiatus at the moment due to Atwell doing a different series, hoping if it comes back

Worst MakeUp Product According to YouTube: Nikki Tutorials Pallet with Too Faced! I had to mention this since this year it was all about the YouTubers collaborating with popular makeup brands and Too Faced was one of them. They collabed with Nikki Tutorials wt creat the Power of MakeUp pallet. I did get my paws on this and some people did say that this pallet had inconsistencies and that dealt with the pigmentation in the shadows and the highlighter, Pink Truffle. I did admit in one of my Favorites post that I mentioned this pallet is that one of the shadows did have to be built up but I did notice the other shadows were pretty pigmented and stayed put all day. I even remember a YouTuber did do a tutorial with this when she got it in Canada and so many people got on her case about it when she said it was really pigmented to her. To me it deals with the type of primer you use whether it is the Shadow Assurance primer that came with this pallet or anything you use like how I used the Maybelline shadow primer I love a lot! Also, I do believe that Too Faced should’ve taken the time to formulate the shadows like their Chocolate Bar pallets since it could’ve helped fix the inconsistencies and made it better.
Rummer Up: LimeCrime Super Foil Shadows! I heard about these but never bought them myself since I heard bad things about them and that is the LimeCrime Super Foils. They are a duo chrome shadow that features two colors in one compact and they are activated with water to give the metallic effect that people love even with the Duo Chromes that MakeUp Geek makes. As I have heard, LimeCrime is known for their own crimes such as the website being hacked and the owner putting down her customers, and there was recent sacadal where a contest dealt with buying a gift card to be entered into a drawing for over a $1000 in their products as a prize which normally contests don’t require that. Anyways, what made this the worst product from what I’ve seen on YouTube? Apparently mold and rust grows in these shadows even with not using the shadow itself! What did LimeCrime say about it? They said it’s harmless! How can it beharmless when you are putting rust and mold near your eye? Even people are wondering that too! Apparently the pans in these shadows are made from tin which rusts eery easily and when you are making a shadow that is activated with water you need a stronger metal! I need to ask Doe Dar something…have you seen the Wizard of Oz? The Tin Man rusts when water hits him due tow tin rusts easily when water hits! Plus, the eye is the most sensitive thing on us and you can get injured in that area or even go blind, take it from me since I’ve been blind since 2008 from an eye condition and it’s not easy. That is why I took a look into the fake lashes thing but back to what I said before, I wouldn’t buy this if I were you if you found it somewhere since I heard this item got taken off of LimeCrime’s website. I would also say stick to using shadows from MakeUp Geek, Colour Pop, Urban Decay, and many more that we all trust and love!

Worst Tragedy: The Pulse Shooting in Orlando… I had to mention this here since not only we had so many deaths in the celebrity world but we also had a worst emount of deaths but at a night club all thanks to one guy shooting up a night club in Orlando and that is known as Pulse. This took place when I was in Daytona for a pre-employment program and I just froze when dorm staff told me about this. I had to look into it and can’t believe that something like this would happen especially on a night where so many people were trying to enjoy their nitht like everyone else both gay and straight. At least the guy was found and was killed, I know that sounds mean of me to say but if he did survive then the House of Blues would’ve been next. Near Pulse right now, there were flags installed on the light poles saying “Orlando Unites” and even Tom from Soul Switch wore the shirt with that on his final night performing with them back in July. Again, I don’t get why people should have guns and gun control should take place since tragedies like these can be prevented. My heart still goes out to the victims that lost loved ones during this shooting.

Worst Device: The Galaxy 7 Note! ::groans:: I had to mention this since this thing has been on the news everywhere all this fall! It is the Galaxy 7 Note! If you all haven’t heard or heard all over, it is a phone that looks like a tablet and it was the latest in the series this year along with the IPhone 7! This device was known for overheating and causing fires while being on the charger. Someone in Hong Kong lost their apartment to it and even a guy got bronchitis while sleeping as it caught on fire on the charger. TSA wouldn’t even allow this thing on board of any flights due to what happened! Even someone in Daytona had one and had it recalled when news of this started rising. All thanks to this, Samsung did lose a lot of business due to the recall or shall I say two recalls of this device. I am so glad I am with Apple and have an IPhone SE since I upgraded to it this year finally when my IPhone 4S’ power button had a spring broken. Good thing is that I went with bigger storage with it too. Speaking of which.

Worst Tech CNo Ear Phone Jack in Iphone 7! Reason why I had to mention this is that I know we are trying to go wireless but IPhone 7 having wireless ear buds due to not having no ear phone jack was a bad idea. Yes, I know there is a lightning jack to plug in regular earphones but people were mad about that as well. What even sucked more was that some guy made a video about drilling a hole to create a new earphone jack into your IPhone 7 which newsflash it doesn’t work that way! People tried it and pretty much bricked their phones! There goes the Apple Care repair thing! I am hoping with the next phone they have an earphone jack with hhow bad this went.

Movie: Dead Pool! Oh yes! I have to start the bests list with movies and to me Dead Pool takes it this year! Wow, a Fox Entertainment movie takes the trophy? Well, when you look at it, Dead Pool is still a part of Marvel and Fox did a pretty good job on this film. As in, getting his attitude, the comedy down, and even the action! Heck, the audio description that I had with this film even described it to a T! When I heard that Regal got it for this film, I was like “Count me in!” And I did get a Dead Pool hoodie! Oh by the way, even Ryan Reynolds, still better as Dead Pool than Green Lantern! I did hear this a second one coming out and can’t wait!
Runner Up: Civil War! It was hard since I almost thought Dr. Strange should’ve gotten runner up for this but Civil War kind of gets it more because it was a very good comic adaptation even though the ending went differently from the comic and it worked out very well. As said in the Worst Films slot, this movie did a lot better than what Warner Brothers did with BVS because it had all the characters interacting and being ivolved like they’re supposed to and made the story as compelling as it is. Also., Spiderman is back and he was played very well and of course, if you guys want me to, do you want me to write my thoughts about Spiderman having a movie in Marvel?

Best Death Battle; Dead Pool Vs. Pinky Pie! Speaking of the Merk with the Mouth, at least he didn’t pop out of nowhere, he had another Death Battle and this time against one of my fave ponies from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Pinky Pie! I know, I tend to go for the action-packed anime and action packed movies but I do love the newer MLP series that they have done since the dubbing in it was better and the animation was done right. Anyways, enough of that! This was a pairing that I never thought I would hear and when I told Gondras he was even more surprised! I don’t want to spoil who won but I will put the video and a fair warning…y6eah Pinky Pie’s description and stats may be so cute and nerve racking and also torture to some of you but the rest is still entertaining and that is why it got this slot!
Runner Up: Jack and Daxter vs. Ratchet and Clank! I do have a runner up and that is the match between the biggest couples of Playstation history and that is Ratchet and Clank vs. Jak and Daxter! This was made in time for the Ratchet and Clank movie and it was an amazing Death Battle! Todd Habercorn also voiced one of the characters in this battle and he did a very good job and that is why I wanted to know how it was working with Wiz and Boomstick since last year. I will get to ask that question if he comes back for a convention. I would say watch this battle and see who won!

Best Book Series I Wished I Didn’t Judge Too Much On: The Hunger Games Trilogy! Yes, I did judge way too much on The Hunger Games Trilogy! I remembered taking Theory of Creative Writing back in college and my teacher was always doting on it like it was the best book trilogy. I did meet a woman at my work experience who was a major fan and told me how she liked it more than the movies and decided to sit down and actually read it and like her, I really like it! It is not to the point of that teacher who doted on it but it is more of “Ma“, these aren’t as bad as I thought!” I guess I was worried that it would’ve turned into Twilight but it’s not. It is pretty much what happens if people had to survive by being controlled and to keep from rebelling against the capital and in order to take out people a contest must be held to thin out numbers. This is supposed to be a young adult book but by the time I read Mocking Jay, my thought was “Is this for young adults? This feels more like a college age series!” Even the first two felt more college age than high school age reading. If I would, I would write a paper on the trilogy for college.

Best Book: The Aeronauts Windless Book 1 by Jim Butcher! I had to mention this one since I have to mention my most fave author, Jim Butcher! I have read the Codecs Alera and now waiting on book 16 of the Dresden Files and found out that he wrote this one known as the Aeronauts Windless and that was the first in a newer series he is doing. I couldn’t stop listening to this on my digital book player due to how many twists and turns it took in the book! I can’t wait to see what the next one will bring since Jim is starting on it after Peace Talks is released! I am hoping it gets released in 2017 because I’m waiting for it in audio and Gondras is waiting for it in print!

Best Reading Device: Victor Reader Stream! I have to metion this and that was during my work experience, I had this device purchased for me and it is the Victor Reader Stream! It is a digital reader device where I can download podcasts, read Talking Books, and even Bookshare books which I finally got back! Also, this thing can record things which came in handy for getting the brownie directions when I made them recently with the leftover chocolate chips and toffee bits when I made cheesecake for my birthday.

Best Voice Actor Encounter: Interview with Steve Blum! I finally got to meet the guy behind the voices of our childhoods and that was Steve Blum! iIf you read my Favorites post recently, I did get to interview the man since I wanted to do it for a while now! I can’t wait to interview many other guests in the new year!
Runner Up: Finding Out We Had a Good Word In for Brian Beacock! Well, I had to mention this because I never heard this until Omni. One of the guests this year was Brian Beacock, the voice of Takato in Digimon Tamers and we were trying to arrange an interview with him and when it was being arranged there was a good word put in about us. He even told us about that and that made us really happy and feeling good! We never had a convention do that when it comes to interviews because we have been turned down by other conventions and since we have done press for Omni since it started and done our job and enjoying it, this was a major first for us. Maybe I should mention that on the MegaCon form, eh?

Best Thing Released: MY FIRST BOOK! I know there were many things released but the best thing ever released was by me! I released my first book self-published under Light Switch Press and it is known as The Blind Perspective: Conventiom the Dark! I have been a convention attended since 2004 and have gotten many experiences and have told them to friends and it got me wondering why not put them into a book? Well the most memorable and wrote it since last year. Well, it was done last year and took a year to be edited. I was happy that this took place and that people could read what I went through as an attendee before going blind and then went blind later. I did have business cards with me to promote it at Holiday Matsuri and if you have seen the videos on YouTube, I have linked it to the Amazon and Barnes & Noble pages where you can buy it. Here are the links again! So, please buy it!
Barnes & Noble:

Best MakeUp Collaboration: Tarte with Grav3yard Girl! Well, final item of this year is the Best MakeUp Collab with a YouTuber and that is with Grav3yard Girl! I loved Bunny ever since I stumbled upon her on YouTube and started watching her many videos. She is different and quirky and I love that in many people! It is not that bad being weird. Anyways, this year Tarte Cosmetics has collabed with her to create two liquid lipsticks and a face pallet and I was able to get my paws on the face pallet which includes eye shadows and a bronzer, blush, and highlighter! I loved this thing and I had to keep myself from using it everytime I take out of my drawer! I even loved the smell of it which reminds me of the Coldstone waffle bowls cooking! I loved to use the eye shadows the most along with the blush since they are so pigmented and made with the Amazonian Clay blush formula which is amazing! She did bring it back for Christmas recently on the Tarte website or shall I say Tarte did it since there are people who didn’t get it the first time. I didn’t get the lipsticks at first since I only wanted the pallet the most and love it the most! I really want to meet her since she has been my most fave YouTuber of all! Even Gondras has watched some of her stuff after witnessing me watching her.

Well, that is it for this year’s Bests and Worsts! I know it took me all day to do this because of the amount of Worsts from this year! I am looking forward to the next year because a lot of us wanted this year to end so badly after so much has happened. Yes, I did enjoy having my book come out but 2017 will be the year that I want a better life as in I am going to look into living on my own for real, things aren’t go so well at home by the looks of it and I am not getting any younger guys! Also, I am working on getting my aareer as an Assistive Technology instructor started since that was my work experience tog et my toes wet and I have been missing it and I am looking into continuing to be certified in that. Also, I have been working on a new cosplay for 2017 with the funds I got from the work experience which is finally coming to life! What is it? I wanted to do it this past year but I did get another cosplay made instead since I had everything I needed for it but for next year it is Link from Legend of Zelda as a Pokemon Ranger! Basically it is my Pokemon Ranger costume but what if I changed the red to green and give it the Zelda touch. I did buy the Silveon last year at AFO and got the goggles, elf ears, and hat before and after Matsuri which was a process in the making. It will be done by Omni 2017! So, anyone going? Go there or stay tuned to Instagram, I will try to get a pic up for it! I am also working on another book at the moment which is my very first fiction piece to be self published and I will try to get it done by mid-summer so it will also be released by next fall or so or even earlier depending on the time I will be working on it. So 2017 will be a huge year! Happy New Year!

Holiday Matsuri 2016 Cosplay Gallery

Here’s our collection of cosplay photos, featuring entrants and winners from the Cosplay Runway.

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Convention Spotlight: Tampa Bay MegaCon

::out of nowhere a noise sounds and out of nowhere a blue police box appears and out comes a cat girl with blue ears and wearing a trenchcoat with the thunder wave symbols from .hack:: Looks like I’m in the right place! Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I was going to do my favorites post but I’m bringing you a quick Convention Spotlight that was supposed to be done a little while back but I finally got contact from Tampa Bay MegaCon!

Convention: Tampa Bay MegaCon
Location: Tampa, Florida

We return to Tampa after two years with another spotlight and this time it’s MegaCon taking over Tampa in a week! Yes, it is October 28-.0th and will be at the Tampa Bay Convention Center! You can find the information here:

I do have something as a nice treat for you all and that is an interview with the show director from this convention and here are the questions I asked Andrew and this is what he gave:

1. Since David Tennant is a guest for this one, how does it feel to have one of the iconic doctors from Doctor Who as a guest?
The opportunity for fans to meet and connect with David Tennant of Doctor Who is unchanged and continues to deliver some of the most special moments that we see on the show floor.

2. What will attendees expect from the guests at Tampa Bay MegaCon?
The appeal of pop culture events has broadened significantly over the years. The opportunity for fans to meet and connect with their heros is unchanged and continues to deliver some of the most special moments that we see on the show floor.

3. Will MegaCon branch out to other cities like Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and others?
Unable to comment on this question. However, in regards to MegaCon Tampa Bay, both Visit Tampa and The Tampa Bay Convention Centre have been very welcoming and supportive. It is our mandate to produce the Ultimate Fan Experience and we look forward to delivering that to the Tampa Community at the end of the month.

Oh yes! This convention made me a happy kitty when I found out that David Tennant will be a guest at this since he is my favorite Doctor from Doctor Who. We did get press and not sure if we wilf we will show up for a day. If we do, we will make sure to update you guys over at the Nerdy Shique Universe Twitter @ Nerdy Shique! If not, there is always next MegaCon! You can check out all the stuff from this convention, hotel info, and so much more on guests like William Shatner and many more at the link I provided!

Stay tuned for more posts to come and more convention spotlights! And also, if you haven’t bought a copy, make sure you buy a copy of The Blind Perspective: Convention Stories from the Dark on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

Favorites: July and August 2016!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s time for my bi-monthly favorites! Man, this year is still going by fast and before I know it it will be Holiday Matsuri! Speaking of which, I better do a Convention Spotlight on that late September or early October. Anyways, I have a few non-faves first!


The Jeffrey Star and Kat Von D Drama: Yes, I had to mention this because it seems to be dying down but at the same time some people do have problems with Mr. Star. Anyways, if anyone has not read the only other uncategorized post talking about my thoughts on this controversy between Kat and Jeffrey, well to make a long story short, Kat Von D announced in July that she was cutting all ties from Jeffrey because of his drug use, bullying, and the major elephant in all this was him stealing artwork. Jeffrey did respond that he only does medical marijuana for anxiety and has settled what had happened with the artist that was said who he stole from which was BJ Bets, sorry I haven’t mentioned the artist, and he didn’t steal the work but went with someone else due to how much Bets was charging him when his savings was used on his first three liquid lipsticks. I felt that this should’ve been dealt with privately instead of publicly since things have been a major firestorm. I seen a lot of videos of people taking Kat’s side while others like me are willing to support both instead of one over the other because it is just makeup! I did see the reviews that Jeffrey has put up about different brands and he is pretty honest in what he doesn’t like and what he does like and sometimes can be interpreted by other people in different ways, so I would say if you support either one go ahead but to me it is still just makeup and I am still subscribed to both of them on YouTube and have bought one item by Kat but nothing yet by Jeffrey, that will change in the future.

Cancelling Ipsy and BoxyCharm: I know I am sad about this and have been this past month and that is back in July I had to cancel Ipsy and BoxyCharm. It is not the same with mail delivery this month because it was something I looked forward to with all the sneak peeks, Glam Room openings, and videos that people got these things. Even with Ipsy in how people got different items than I did. I am still trying to go for the PR BoxyCharm box because at least I can still can get that and try to do more videos for the channel since I haven’t been to a convention since March of this year. And if you’re wondering, I haven’t watched any unboxxings because I don’t want to depress myself even more knowing that I had to let these two go for now. Hoping in the future I can get back to subscribing to these two boxes due to how they let me explore more brands especially in the higherend department.


T-Shirt Find: Harley Quin Hello Kitty! I have tons of t-shirts and have been keeping myself under control with my shirt buying, heck I even kept myself from Hot Topic back in Daytona but the one I loved when I found it was the Harley Quin themed Hello Kitty shirt I found at Game Stop! I found it Wednesday when going there with Gondras and he sees it in the window and glad to find it in an XL for shrinkage problems or sizing problems since I have tried on a Harley shirt in the past at Hot Topic in my sizing and I couldn’t get past my elbows! I know that is horrible but one thing I don’t like about most girl shirts in Hot Topic is they don’t fit bigger women like me since it feels like you have to be tiny to fit those sizes. Which is impossible! That is why I went with the X-Large and it did fit very well the next day! Not only that, good thing was it was cheaper than a shirt at Hot Topic which this one was $15 and the ones at HT are going up in price which I remembered my last Doctor Who one was $22. If you find any good shirts you want, I suggest Game Stop if you’re big into video games as well as cartoons and anime!

New Brand of Lip Products: KleanColor Cosmetics! I know you are wondering, “What!?” Well, the thing is lately I have been liking this one brand of makeup that is said to be from Asia from what I heard and it’s known as KleanColor and heard of them through It’s Judy’s Life where she had a hard time getting the Kiley Genner lip kits and they were selling them very expensive on Amazon which I don’t get, even some products on EBay in the beauty department are the same way, and found KleanColor and decided to try them out and got a six pack of lipsticks in pinks, reds, and purples for around $7 and that wasn’t bad. Heck, I have gotten a set of twelve bold ones when I done my pastel goth look, which also included a yellow and will give that to Vivi in the future, and recently got the entire set of the Mark of Love lipsticks. People have made mixed reviews online saying that they aren’t as pigmented, they come off to easily and so on but at the end of the day you do take your makeup off and a lot of lip products do come off easily when you eat or drink something which I have no complaints. Plus, the pigmentation with me is not that bad even though I have to make a lot of swipes but it is okay, I tend to do that anyway with most lipsticks in stick and liquid form, lip glosses, and my lip balms to get that feel that they are there! And they also smell nice, the first set and the second set smelled fruity while the Mark of Love set smelled like vanilla! I wanted to get a pastel set but that went up in price, I may get that another time if the price goes lower. You can get KleanColor on Amazon and they do have a website.

Hair Product: PYT Argon Oil! In my last BoxyCharm I got the PYT argon oil and man it was very good! I did have some instances where I got more than the actual amount I supposed to use but it did still do the same thing by keeping my hair soft and not so damaged. Heck, it kept it damage free when I straightened it on my birthday. I did finish it and to me the price of $39 is not worth it to re-purchase it despite how good it was. I can get the Marc Anthony Argon Oil items and the Suave Oil Infused with Argon Oil for much less than that and they work as well!

Shapoo and Conditioner: Suave Oil Infused with Coconut Oil! Had to mentiuon these two since I’ve been using them lately and that is the Suave Professionals shmpoo and conditioner with the coconut oil in it. I have used the Marc Anthony Macadamia Oil and the Argon version of the Suave Professional line and love them! These oils ar very good for the hair and have heard coconut oil is best for hair growth which I am seeing a tiny bit of that because Gondras did ask me to grow my hair out and working on it.

Dry Shampoo: Got 2 B Rockin’ Dry Shampoo! I know it’s a surprise to hear this from me when there are so many on the market with the dry shampoo collection but the one I prefer the most is the one by Got 2 B! This one doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and does keep my hair clean until my next hair washing but the only problem is the pressure that it gives off in the spray which is very powerful. I prefer this one the most over Not Your Mother’s since I tried that one and it made my hair feel weird while Got 2 B feels like you have that clean without the weirdness!

Pomade: Got 2 B Hair Pomade! Yes, another Got 2 B product and have been using it for a while and that is their hair pomade! I haven’t thought about using hair pomades until last year for job interviews and I used the one by Crew and that was pricey and didn’t enjoy the smell it gave off which was like I was wearing one of my dad’s colognes in my hair and weighed my hair down. I know Crew’s pomade is claimed to be the best but to me Got 2 B is better because it is not as heavy and doesn’t weigh the hair down because it feels more like a cream than a hard salve. Plus, it smells amazing and doesn’t cost as much, it is around $5 at Walgreens! Which I may need to restock at some point since I am at the bottom.

Eye Shadow Pallets: Swamp Queen by Tart and Gwen Stefani by Urban Decay! I have two favorite eye shadow pallets or shall I say makeup pallets! First is the Tart collab with Grav3yard Girl pallet which is the Swamp Queen pallet! I am so proud of Bunny since she has been a major fave of mine on YouTube since I watched one of her haul videos when I started getting into makeup and this pallet is a face and eye pallet where you have nine shadows and a bronzer, highlighter, and blush all in one! This is very travel friendly since you have everything in this thing and my fave shade has to be Sippy Sippy since that is a shimmery brown shade. Some people say there is a lot of fall out with the glitter but I make it work! And the other pallet is the Gwen Stefani pallet with Urban Decay! I didn’t put this on Christmas list since I already had shadow pallets I was wanting, especially the Full Exposure pallet from Smashbox for the longest time! So, I found out that Urban Decay discounted the Gwen pallet this past summer and got it! This pallet is based on names from No Doubt and her like Pop, Baby, Steady, and so on. They are as pigmented as a lot of the shadows by Urban Decay and glad to have this! I do love how this came with two blue shades which is fun to use!

Powder: Ofra Oil Control! I never thought I would mention a powder and that is the Oil Control setting powder by Ofra Cosmetics! I know I am not oily but I do have some oily feeling around the t-zone but I do use this powder to set my under eye concealer when I start using my powder in the end. This is a translucent powder and it feels like most powders I have used and it does feel good when you apply it! I got this in BoxyCharm as well and unlike the banana powder from February this is a full size product! I have been using this for a while and loving it!

Rediscovery: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Progue! I had to put in a re-discovered product and that is my NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Progue! I used this in my Back to College Makeup video and started using it again but ran out of it! I think I used it three times and it got buried in my lip drawer! It is a very pretty berry color and it goes on very smoothly. People did have problems that this product accentuates their lip lines but with me it looks very natural! Even my mom likes these lip creams and I have gotten her this one and Milan. I need to re-stock on this and Transylvania since these two are my fave colors in the entire line!

Confession: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! Yes, I admit it! I like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! I started watching it lately and loving it! I am taking a bit of break from it since some of the cuteness can be overwhelming especially the song! My fave two ponies of the main cast are Twilight Sparkle because I love reading as much as she does and I can be uptight with deadlines, which Gondras can see that a lot of me, and the other one is Pinky Pie because she is hilarious! She even becomes funnier when she snaps in some episodes but she is very entertaining in the series, especially when she had to babysit two baby ponies that were newborns from the bakery owners.

Show: Fuller House! This was something I finally got around to watching when I was sick and that is Fuller House! This pretty much Full House but it is the sequel where it takes place twenty plus years later and DJ Tanner or Fuller had three boys and she is living at the old Tanner home with Stephanie, Kimmie, and her daughter, Ramona. It is as entertaining as the original and you get to see the normal situations of divorce, ex-boyfriends, new love, and taking care of kids under one roof! I am hoping NetFlix makes another season because I want to see more of this and how DJ and crew keep going in the house! Also, can’t help with the appearances by Jesse, Danny, and Joey!

Well, that is it for these favorites! What is next? Still waiting on doing the Convention Spotlight but you can follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique and check out the YouTube channel while you’re at it!

Convention Impossible: MegaCon 2016

MegaCon 2016 Review: The Beginning of Something Truly Mega

Hello there Shiquers! My name is Kristen G. Rosario (AKA Mr. Nerdy Shirts himself) and I’m here to give you my take on what I thought of this year’s MegaCon. Of course you’re asking yourself, “Where’s Mari?”, “Why isn’t she doing this review?” and “Why do I have to care about what Nerdy Shirts says?”. Those are all valid points, but unfortunately Mari was unable to attend this year’s MegaCon due to other priorities.

She has entrusted me to do this review because I was able to go this year, and also for the fact that we’ve been good friends for quite a few years now, so she knows I’m going to be quite honest with my take on the convention. Now that we have that out of the way let’s get started with this review.

To begin with, this was my tenth year going to MegaCon as my family has made it a tradition to go to MegaCon on the Saturday when it’s in town. Over the years and with the addition of many friends during my time in MegaCon, I started to enjoy this convention more and more. MegaCon is the first big convention I’ve ever been to. This is only my second time doing this, but I decided to get a full weekend pass for this year’s event. I have been doing it with other conventions I’ve gone to (like Holiday Matsuri, CEO, and Omni) so I’ve been trying to make it a habit of doing it more often with Mega.

Why am I telling you all of this? Well I want you to know that this review is coming from the perspective of someone who knows how MegaCon should be. Over the course of the ten years I’ve been going to this convention, I can easily tell you that it’s not perfect and it hasn’t been for quite some time.

This year is different though, as Fan Expo (a company that makes money through conventions) bought out this family-run business early last year and decided big changes were in store. The first big change was the amount of days MegaCon was around, now moving it to a full four days instead of three. The second change moved the convention, which was typically a Spring convention (usually held between February and April) into a Summer one as now Mega was going to be held at the end of May.

There was even an event last November called MegaCon Fan Days that was only two days, but a sample at the kind of convention Fan Expo was offering. Overall though, I was curious to see where they would go with this as I was kind of 50/50 on this since bigger companies buying or even partnering with smaller companies has never really worked out that well. There are other smaller changes that occurred that I will get into throughout my full review.

Speaking of my review. I’ll be breaking my review up into a few categories, with overall thoughts at the end.

Getting a Ticket:
Within the last few years, MegaCon has seriously hiked up the prices for all the kinds of passes that they offer. When tickets went on sale for MegaCon 2015, nobody was happy by the amount they were asking for all of these passes and the company that ran MegaCon were forced to drop some of the prices due to fan backlash. They were still a bit high, but the prices on the passes were now a bit more reasonable.

The passes for this year’s convention were about the same, but offering more for those willing to pay. For instance, this year when you ordered your tickets in advance, you would now get the option for the actual pass to be sent to your home, thus eliminating the need to get in line to pick up your ticket. The VIP and new “Premium” passes even got a sweet bonus (besides the usual swag) that’ll let you use them to get into the next big MegaCon event (which I’ll get into that later). For the general admission passes though, the biggest problem was the limited kind of passes they had to offer.

They had a 4-Day Pass (Deluxe), Individual Day Passes, and a Child Pass. That’s it. They weren’t offering any three-day passes, Thursday & Friday, Saturday & Sunday or even a two-day combo pass. I paid $100 for my Deluxe Pass (because I bought it at the convention) since I wanted/knew I could go all four days. My brother though still had to pay full, Deluxe price despite him only being able to go three of the four days. What kind of crap is that?

They seriously couldn’t figure out a pricing system? Fan Expo couldn’t make it to where there were three-day and two-day combo passes that costed at least $15 – $25 less depending on what days you were going? That just reeks of stupidity. And then there were the press passes.

Now one of the other reasons Mari was unable to go to MegaCon this year was because her press pass application was denied. Why you ask? Because according to the response email she got from them, they were mainly focused on getting press who have been to MegaCon before.

This makes sense at first, since they want veteran MegaCon press attendees to get the word out on all of the new changes Fan Expo has made. What doesn’t make any sense is them not letting about the same amount for newer press attendees for press passes attend as well. You need positive feedback on both fronts if you want more people to attend your convention.

Getting In:
This year had an entire entrance section dedicated to picking up pre-ordered passes, or purchasing ones there. Those who had to purchase said passes there were required to fill out a small paper slip with their personal info and how many tickets they wanted to buy. This was really stupid as even during their busiest day (Saturday) they still made you fill this out before going to purchase your ticket.

Then there was this policy they had where you couldn’t pick up a pre-ordered individual pass a day or so before you could use it. My brother experienced this when he was only allowed to pick up his deluxe pass and not the other two day passes he bought for the next day.

This became a problem as now my brother had to wait in an enormous line just to pick up their pre-reserved tickets on Saturday. What didn’t help was that they only had about four ticket booths each to support the pre-ordered tickets section and purchase said tickets section. They should have seriously been more prepared for this, plus they had plenty of room to add more booths in the ticket section of Mega.

Vendor Hall:
Previous Vendor Halls at MegaCon have always been hit or miss. That’s not say what they offered was any good, but the way they were organized and prepared always seemed a little off to me. They always made the vendor halls feel like they were underestimating the amount people that were to attend. This year’s MegaCon promised the biggest vendor hall in the convention’s history. Well they definitely weren’t wrong about that.

This year’s vendor hall was definitely an upgrade compared to other years. The first thing you notice after getting out of ticket section is that all of the spaces in the alleyways between the booths are much wider. This made it easier to get around the place as previous years didn’t feel like they really did that (even Saturday didn’t feel that half bad). Plus the amount of booths now was amazing because there was so much more variety in what they had to offer (though I did count at least 2-3, 3-4 of the same kind of Pop Vinyl Figure booths).

The areas for themed sections of the hall (ie. Artist Alley, Tattoo Alley, etc.) were definitely more organized and properly handled. The attractions in the halls were great and definitely offered some great photo ops.

Though one of the better improvements of the vendor halls was the Celebrity Section. Like I said previously, one of the bigger improvements was the amount of space they got for the vendor hall. This definitely helped benefit the amount of people who were there to help with autographs.

This section was very big and even on Saturday it was still easy to get through. Every celebrity had a line section dedicated to them, which really worked out to give more space to the people moving around the area. The biggest celebrities of the convention (John Cusack and Stan Lee) were both put properly on one end of the Celebrity section as to reduce the clutter throughout the autograph area.

One final thing to note is that they had an alleyway on the side of the vendor hall, near the exit to this area, dedicated to getting into any part of the hall. This helped immensely when just trying to get to one specific section of the vendor hall.

Photo Ops Section:
Now I didn’t put this section in the previous one because I kind of have a gripe with this area of the vendor hall and here’s why. About four years ago I purchased a VIP experience with Stan Lee for myself and my father. One of the perks of this package was getting to take a picture with The Man himself. Me and my father went in there, got to say hello to the legend, shake his hand, and then got to take the picture. I still consider this one the best moments of my entire life.

This year I got to do that with my brother, but it wasn’t the same experience at all. Organization wise, it was much better than previous years as they properly took care of the lines (most of the time). My biggest gripe however was how they handled the pictures. There was no chance to really say hi, no chance to shake The Man’s hand, just “click, NEXT, click, NEXT, click…” (that’s almost verbatim of what me and my brother heard inside the Photo Ops Section).

While it was nice to take a picture with Mr. Lee, it just didn’t feel the same as when I took it with my father. It felt less like taking a picture with someone, and more like taking a picture with a statue. My brother went through the same experience when getting a picture with Burt Ward and Adam West next to the ’66 Batmobile. Just click and go, click and go.

Now like I already said the lines were organized for the most part. The reason I’m saying “for the most part” is because they wouldn’t let you set up a line beforehand until around 30 minutes before the Photo Op with the celebrity began. Now anybody who’s been to enough conventions knows that even when officials say something like that, people still set up a line.

They’re saving a whole hour (or perhaps more) of their time at this convention to get in, meet the celebrity, take the photo, and go. Do not tell them they can’t wait because they will stand there like a statue and wait until there’s a makeshift line behind them.

When it comes to any convention, the one thing I looks forward to the most is the panels. Running into friends, wandering around the vendor halls, and even seeing some amazing cosplays is great, but going to panels gives you that chance to get an exclusive experience when it comes to going to a convention. One of the big changes this year was that 98% of the panels were free to get into (unlike other years where you had to buy “exclusive access”). This meant that a huge majority of the celebrity Q&A sessions everyone had access to (though there’s still the issue of lines).

To deal with the issue of a majority of people having access to these panels now, they put some of the bigger celebrity ones in the Chapin Theater. This was a giant auditorium area that I had no idea the Convention Center had. To even deal with the line into this theater, they had an entire separate room across from the auditorium dedicated to handling the lines. There were only two panels I went into when it came to the Chapin Theater, but the experience was still great. A great move by Fan Expo as it gave a lot of people a chance to get into the bigger panels.

My biggest gripe though with this was that not all of the celebrities got a nicely sized panel room. While some celebrities like Billie Piper, Michelle Gomez, Jason Isaacs, Carlos Valdes (Cisco from The Flash), and John Barrowman got nicely sized rooms, others didn’t. Actors like Vivica A. Fox, Elden Hansen, and David Hayter got much smaller rooms.

The panels I did get into where fun and a real treat. I sadly didn’t go to the Barrowman panel (which I’ve heard is always a good time), but I did have a great time going to the ones I did. Conroy panel was great, Valdes panel was better than I expected, the Cosplay Contest was awesome as well (this year had more individual awards given out, along with honorary mentions from the judges).

I had a few problems with the panels that I did go to though. For one thing, most of the moderators for the Q&A panels talked for TOO LONG. Some of them wasted about half of the panel with their own questions. I heard from other people in line that it was worse though when it came to any of the Q&A panels held in the Chapin Theater. Then there were some of the lines.

While the most of the panels I went to you could easily tell where the end of the line was, the others you couldn’t. Anybody going into the second biggest panel room of the show had a tough time figuring out where the end of the line was since they would wrap a majority of the line around a small section next to the panel room. I know I’ve only seen this once, but there could’ve easily been somebody holding an “END OF LINE” sign to make things easier.

The most minor gripe I had was with the goddamn TMNT2 trailer they showed before some of the bigger panels. While they were a great indicator that the panel was about to start, it was the first trailer of the movie from last December that they showed. This bugged me because there was a trailer that they released earlier in May for this movie that they could’ve used! What made it worse was the tacked on Stephen Amell promotion before the trailer started because you can tell it was one of those half-assed, “insert convention here” promos.

Quick Minor Gripes:
-The booklet’s this year were in full-color, but limited as the first day I went, I actually had to ask a random volunteer booth for one.

-Returning general admission convention goers showing up in the first hall of the convention had to take a long, winding path just to get to the vendor hall area again. You weren’t allowed to cut through doors that led directly to that section. That was only meant for VIP, Premium, Celebrities, and Vendors. Easy fix though because you could easily go to the third floor and take the doors through there to get into the main con area.

-Sadly didn’t get to go to the Jay and Silent Bob panel as that was part of the 2% of panels that required an additional exclusive pass.

-I was unable to find one of my favorite sections of any convention, the video gaming area, though one of my friends said there was one.
-Be wary of the Box of Mystery booth’s if they’re at a convention you go to (the ones that have SMB coin boxes) because they are less 50/50 and more 75/25 when it comes to what they offer on the inside. The box that I got only had a couple of items that I generally liked. The rest was seriously meh. The only time you’re going to get something worthwhile from those boxes is if you purchase the $100 one.
-A schedule for the voice actor’s time for autographs would’ve been nice. Same goes for some of the celebrities.

While there is stuff that this convention still needs to work on (their ticket system and their Photo Op area for instance) I still had one of the most amazing times at MegaCon in quite a while. The variety of vendor booths, all the panels I got to visit, the celebrities I got to see and even the cosplays were great. I didn’t bring this up in my section on the panels, but the official MegaCon app was even really useful this year for getting around to the panels and it kept me notified on any changes or cancellations throughout my time at the convention.

There is confirmation that there MegaCon will now be a bi-annual event as the next Mega will be held this October in Tampa. It’ll be interesting to see how that one plays out. In the end though, if they can fix some of the problems that they have (especially in time for MegaCon Tampa), then this convention has the potential to be truly Mega.

If you guys want to see more of my work, then be sure to check me out at the link’s below!

Zelda Informer:
Super Reaction Bros:

*Note from Mari: Thank you to Nerdy Shirts, aka Fox Warrior, for giving this review.

Another thing I want to add which he allow me to add to this: I think the press form would be greatly improved the most because it felt pretty vague in what MegaCon was looking for which could help out anyone who has been running a blog or a YouTube Channel like we have been running, which I seen some conventions mention “Are you a media outlet?” also put “Check all that applies” to the section to show what outlet they’re posting on because not all blogs, Instagrams, and everything is the same.

Another thing to improve the form is adding “Do you want to interview our many guests?” section because I had to send a separate email to show a list but this would be a lot easier because we wanted to interview a lot of people and that included the Star Trek crew and Companions from Dector Who as examples. It would give a nice variety of who would sign up for this convention since not every online media outlet does this and if you seen our videos, we do it and have fun!

Now, we are aiming for press for Tampa MegaCon which can help us branch out more and get us back to Tampa, so seeing how that will go! You can follow that brance on Facebook in case if you’re interested!

My Final Thoughts: It looks like Mega does need to improve with the new group running it from what Nerdy SHirts said and hoping it becomes better since people do have to get used to the craziness that goes on during these events. Let’s see what happens next year! Again, thank you Nerdy Shirts for this review!

Also, in case you’re wondering: He gives it a CONVENTION ACCOMPLISHED!

TV: Agents of SHIELD Season 3

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Today will be a double posting, so stay tuned for post number two a little later! First, I will be doing a review on Agents of SHIELD Season 3! This was the season where the show got weak and then weaker and stronger towards the end. Let’s see what I think! Also…

DSICLAIMER: This review is based on observation and opinion of the writer of this blog. Plus, spoilers ahead!

Story: This story starts off kind of where the second season left off which pretty much the Inhumans are now known especially to the world and now SHIELD has to find them and help them from a new threat to them which is killing them. Plus, they have to find Agent Simmons who vanished all thanks to the monolith that was taken into their possession from Jaying that sent her to a planet beyond our universe where a newer threat is causing harm to it and follows suit.

Thoughts: I think this season introduced so many things all at once as in finding more inhumans that were in contact with the terigan cyrstals to finding Jemma Simmons and of course…bringing back Grant Ward. I feel that they should’ve split some of the story into the many seasons since season two felt that it was missing something even though I didn’t review that one due to how I was missing episodes while in Daytona and had to catch up at once, they should’ve put some of the season three stuff in season two or at least hold some of it til season four, which was kind of teased at the end of the season finale, which I won’t spoil that so you guys can catch it on your own through Hulu or NetFlix. Or put some of Season Three for Season Four, which I feel like that should’ve been the end of season three right after Bobbi and Hunter left, that could’ve been a great season end right there! Nope, Marvel had to extend it.

I can see how this season was pretty weak, the last two seasons had pretty good ideas and good villains but…they were killed too early which annoyed Gondras and pretty much this season kept him talking. My observation was that they introduced too many characters at once and would’ve been better if they didn’t bring Grant Ward back since it looked like he was killed by the hand of Colson but nope! He had to be the Hive’s host body! Which by the way, the Hive is in this which in the comics it is a being that takes over a corpse and its thoughts and memories to control other humans and Inhumans, even kill people Inhuman or not! It gets nasty when you see the people get killed when the Hive shown up for its first time this season, so glad I couldn’t see it but Gondras described it. If I were to rewrite who the Hive took over, I would’ve kept Ward dead all thanks to Colson and on the planet where Simmons was on, there was another guy there that was an experiment all thanks to Hydra and ended up being the host and when they got back to said planet after saving her, Fitz finds the guy and what if he didn’t know that he was the host and they bring him back and then the Hive starts showing in the guy as a surprise invasion on SHIELD. Should I do this for Fan

Anyways, what also made us sad is how Bobbi and Hunter left and not getting their spin-off that was supposed to happen. They were great, especially during season two when they first appeared on the show and got stronger through the finale of Season Two and then their relationship also grew during that time, heck even Hunter wanted her not to be in the field after what had happened to her leg. That would be great to see the spin-off to see what happened during the time of the Accords for Civil War which yes there was a tie in for that, and to what happened in between the Hive fight and the six months afterwards, which the ending did show what happened after that time. Marvel, I know there are issues on the staff, make it a NetFlix series at least because these two characters need these characters to keep existing!

What was the weakest part of the story, was of course “Fallen Agent.” This is where Daisy gets controlled by Hive and the others have to try to get her back. This got Gondras go off in major tangents because he doesn’t like mind control stories. I can see why this story wasn’t as great since it felt like her resistance against it was that great due to her past with Ward, if you seen the past two seasons, you can see that they were kind of starting something but there was one episode when he got with May in season one. Ward is a boring character if you can tell, he’s better off being written off but still, they had to keep him. At first Daisy, to me, was a strong character when the series first started until she found out about her powers and how she went through the struggles of controlling them and wore the guantlets to keep them controlled during the start of the season. She was awesome until this arc at the end, during the story she gets visions of people on the team dying and she thinks its her destiny to be the one dying. Since the story took on this idea, it felt like became weak and weaker until she said she wanted to come back to Hive’s side. She has become a bit pathetic from what I seen in the finale episode, hoping season four makes her stronger than what she has turned into with Hive’s organisms inside her. I did like how she got surprised by Lash showing up!

Another character that has shown the stronger side, or characters, are Colson and May! First May, she seemed to have a major and stronger backbone throughout this season! She pretty much turned into Mulan but with more balls since she had to keep Daisy in line, Lincoln in line, and even Colson after he had his arm replaced so many times! Hell, when she found out what had happened to Andrew turning into Lash, she pretty much kept going despite seeing what he had become. I would say she is the most badass character on that show, well along with Mac but she kept everyone going! While Colson, oh man! Where do I start? Let me say that since he lost his arm, he has become more badass as well. He even crushed Ward’s chest with it and even in the newest one, he had a touch screen on it! Yes, he gets more points in my book due to how he didn’t let things keep failing, he had plan after plan after plan to find ways of fixing things! Heck, even used everyone on missions to work with each other despite how much they messed up. He even pulled a Stars Wars trick to keep him alive. I am hoping, Gondras as well, that they finally recognize that he’s alive!

Closest Call: Definitely almost killing Fitz and Simmons! As we know at the end of last season, they were supposed to have a date until the monolith got Simmons. This season also made them stronger but almost had life and death moments, especially Fitz at the end, we were worried that he would be the one dead. When he was alive, we were like, “That was close!” And yes, they finally had their romantic moment! Trust me, we were having an Abridged Tristan Taylor moment until it happened! Hoping nothing else happens to them both despite being able to be in the field on missions.

Hopes for Season 4: Since there is going to be a fourth season, I am hoping the story gains strength again since this was the weakest season! As in, lessen the characters to just our main team, even the addition of few more Inhumans but spread out the meetups because it felt a little congested towards the end. And of course, more Talbot, seeing more of Fitz’s and Simmons’ relationship develop more and of course…try to make Daisy stronger like she was before. Hoping the fourth season becomes better than this! Plus, Colson showing up in the movies again to say “Hey, I am alive and back!”

Rating: 2.5 Pawprints out of 5! I would put a three but the season as a whole was still weak and hoping next season doesn’t follow the pattern.

That is it! Stay tuned for the next post!

Omni Expo 2016: Interview with Dino Thunder Rangers!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Now it’s time for the last interview from Omni Expo! First we asked Brian Beacock about his work in anime, onstage, and now on his new webseries, then we asked RJ Heady about visual effects and his work, now it’s time for a double interview!

Omni Expo had a lot of firsts for us in the past! Being the first convention that reached out to us to do press during their very first year at the World Center Marriot, then we had our very first popular video from last year’s convention which was the Attack On Titan Cast Panel which had over a thousand views the last time I checked, and now our first double interview from this year’s convention and it was with Jeff Perazzo and Kyle Duhaney from Power Rangers Dino Thunder! For a while now we wanted to interview cast members from the ever growing series from our childhood and didn’t get much success on that front until Omni Expo announced that they were having these two at the convention this year! We were glad to interview them after we wanted to do Power Rangers related interviews. What did we ask? Well, Gondras does mention in the video that some of the questions we ask here is also what we asked during a panel earlier in the day. I did ask them if they saw Linkara’s review on their season during that panel and they never heard of him and asked if it was good review. I did say it was and I did see the season all thanks to Mr. Linkara! And of course, it was the season that my nephew really got into the series as another note.

Well, that is it for this year’s coverage! IO hope you enjoyed it and that Omni has another convention in the next year because they know we will be there giving them press coverage and we have fun doing it! Especially when it comes to sitting the guests down for a nice one on one or double interview! We are trying to aim for MegaCon since that is a beast on its own for a convention especially with it being four days this year. I will have an update on that whenever I get the form in, if you are following us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique, that is where I will be posting said update!

What is next? My Ipsy bag because it looks like I won’t be getting BoxyCharm this month unless I get a bit lucky. Let’s see what happens! Stay tuned!

Omni Expo 2016: Interview with RJ Heady

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Continuing with the interviews from Omni Expo 2016, our next interview was with RJ Heady!

Like with Brian Beacock,w hich I didn’t get to mention in the last post, we had a major blast especially with RJ because since I like to use beauty products in my cosplays in create countless of looks and multipurpose some items as well, interviewing one of the finalists from Face Off expands on the whole cosplay makeup looks. RJ was the fan favorite from Season 2 and I was into watching this show when it first aired on ScyFy a few years back but since Agents of Shield took over, I missed episodes. I know sad kitty! But hey, I got to ask RJ about his work on the show and many other questions! I should find a way of getting in contact with him about alcohol paints since you know me cosplaying as Lucy, Maybelline does discontinue some of their Color Tattoos. And speaking of alcohol paints, if you hear me talk about one of my fave YouTubers using these things, I am talking about Kat Sketch which you guys gotta check out her makeup transformations especially her Tim Burton ones since RJ did mention the Tim Burton challenge from Season 2.

Well that is it and enjoy the video! Follow us on Twitter by the way! And stay tuned for our final interview with the Dino Thunder Rangers!

Convention Impossible: Omni Expo 2016

DISCLAIMER: THIS REVIEW IS BASED ON OPINION AND OBSERVATION! PLEASE RESPECT THE THOUGHTS and feelings of the one writing this review. If you don[‘t like, don’t read it!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, another convention has passed where we done press and it’s time for Convention Impossible for Omni Expo 2016! Yay! This year was new location, new guests, and new interviews as well! So, we got a lot of new experiences from this convention and had a lot of fun! Let’s see what I think and if it is a Convention Accomplished, Complete, or, doubt it would be, Aborted?

Hotel: Too bad this convention was not at the Rosen Center this year even though that was a nice place, but of course a convention does grow out of its location like Holiday Matsuri had. This year it was at the Double Tree across from Universal and man it was a very good choice! How so? Well, it was all in one building versus more than one like the one near SeaWorld. The only thing I wished some of the conventions and hotels would do is to put up signs to indicate the location they are at instead of people guessing where to go if they aren’t staying at the location, especially if you are at a huge location with a lot of levels to it like the World Center back in year one. What was also weird was that some of the parking lots were blocked off and like with the sign thing, no signs to show where to park either. Yet again, signs please and thank you. We did get to have free parking even if we had to be in the Kobe Steakhouse parking area which it looked like where we parked was in there. Hey, better than nothing. Speaking of restaurants, there were restaurants where you could walk to and we did that Friday night with GOlden Corral since it was right there and we did drive to other places nearby which was very convenient. I hope they stay at this hotel for next year if they are doing another one because it is so easy to navigate inside for one thing, everything was in one place than having to walk building to building to get to events like how the Ramada near Kissimmmee was with JACON and the Double Tree with MythiCon near SeaWorld, especially with how unpredictable Florida weather is where it’s hot, it’s been seasonably cold which is good, and of course rainy even around summer if they decide to move the dates. I also heard that Spooky Empire was at that same one and can see why they hold it there. I also liked the set up with the vendor’s room and Artist’s Alley being in two different rooms which we don’t have to go far in the vendor’s room to find artist’s alley. I didn’t get to see it so much but knew where it was. Then there were smaller rooms near the bathroom area for viewing rooms, gaming, both tabletop which was a first, and video gaming. There was also a smaller panel room as well for open discussions which was also fun and that was the Sci-Fi room.

Vendor’s Room: Since I mentioned vendor’s room in the Hotel section, it was pretty nice and well…not many vendors this year like the last. I did have a bit more money this year and was hoping to find some of the vendors from Holiday Matsuri to buy from besides the Japanese Snacks guy, which I will get to him next, but there weren’t that many! I think it was also because of ConjureCon taking place that Saturday and Sunday. I just hate it whenever I have a bit more money to spend this year that there is not much. I did get three items and it shows since I tend to go spend crazy at these things but not so much even with limited space in my room. What did I get? Well, one thing is a sleeping Raichu beanie baby! There was a stand that sold imported plushies of Pokemon, Digimon, and many other items and man there was a lot! You know me I do love Pokemon and have been collecting plushies of them and now got back to the card game which I have braille labels on my decks. At first I almost bought a Skitty plushie that had a face going “Nya!” It was so cute! You know me and cats and even have a Skitty on my team in Alpha Sapphire. But Gondras had to break me and it was with a Sleeping Raichu! What do I mean by this? Well, at the Pokemon Center stores lately there has been versions of the Pokemon plushies like they are lseeping and they have the little animated faces to show they are sleeping. They mostly did it in the Ty Beanie Baby style and have Pokemon such as Mew, the Evees, Cyndaquil, and of course, my all time fave, Raichu! It is sooooo cute! If you find these anywhere with your fave Pokemon or go to the Pokemon Center website, get them! I will get Skitty another time if I see this dealer and hoping I have more in my money pouch since she also sold the Cosplay Pikachu plush of him as Lucario. I wish they made one of Lugia since that was my fave legendary.

Now onto the other place where I bought from and that is my buddy Mr. Japanese Snacks! Hey, made a new name! I bought cheesecake flavored Lucky Chocolates! I heard about these before a long time ago actually and seen videos of people having them and they are basically chocolates that spell out “Lucky” and they are packaged in the style of Hershey bars but they are already separated for you. He had many flavors but the cheesecake ones appealed to me like crazy! They do taste like cheesecake but with a hint of fruitiness. I want more of these because I love Japanese chocolates a bit more than American ones except for Ghiradelli, I love that brand the most and if I end up as a guest and ask for gifts for fans to bring (which I hear stories about), Ghiradelli is my number one. Anyways, the main thing I bought from him was all thanks to PikaBelleChu! She posted back around January a picture of a tin of Pokemon cookies that has Pikachu and a few other Pokemon on it and I asked her on Facebook, “Where can I get them?” She told me that only the Pokemon Center in Japan has it and was kind of sad but then realized that I knew Mr. Japanese Snacks and shoot him an email and he said he was going back to Japan in February and will drop by the Tokyo one and get me a tin. I was happy! What made it more fun of the story is that he was at another convention before Omni and had it on display! An attendee sees it and asks for it and he tried telling them nicely it was for someone else and the person begged him because you can’t get this anywhere in the US and this tin is made for the 20th Anniversary for Pokemon. He sold it and did ask his buddy to overnight him another tin and glad he did! It was $15 but worth the pretty penny because you can’t find this unless you’re in Tokyo. The flavor he got me was mil tea and they are DELICIOUS! My patience was very rewarded and of course will keep the tin since it is gorgeous. I suggest if you see Mr. Japanese Snacks, buy from him! He gets very good stuff from Japan and does go back for more of it. All in all, there should be more vendors for this convention, hoping next year!

Guests: Oh man, this year’s special guests were awesome! They did get Austin Tindle back and of course everyone remembered the shouting his name multiple times from last year. I wasn’t expecting the panels they put on being very fun! Maybe I should talk about that here as well since they were very entertaining with what we went to!

RJ Heady was a blast to see! We went to interview him and found his display at the signing area and didn’t know he also made a Mrs. Doubtfire costume! He even does a very awesome impersonation…I bet you’re wondering who? First, RJ Heady was the fan favorite during Face Off in Season Two and if you have seen that season, that was with the Tim Burton challenge where the contestants had to do a Tim Burton version of certain people like the toymaker, baker, and what he got was the bell hop. I don’t want to spoil that for you since he talked about it in detail in the interview and I would say search for videos of that challenge if you’re curious. While Mrs. Doubtfire on the other hand, if you were a 90’s kid like I was, it was the movie where Robin Williams took on a nanny persona, which was a very funny flick. If you guys want to stay tuned for the interview, he was a very nice guy and very awesome to talk to about visual effects stuff since that was a major first to do for Nerdy Shique Universe and made sense due to how I mention makeup from drugstores and highend for cosplay. If you seen my cosplays, that is where you see some of the stuff I used.

Brian Beacock was another guy we interviewed and was funny is that he never played Cards Against Humanity and there was a panel where some of the guests played with the Co-Head of Omni at a game of it. Oh man, it was hilarious at first but then died a bit down. It was fun seeing him reading some of the ridiculous stuff and he was awesome interviewing him. I got to learn more about his background and the series he is working on called Acting Dead. We will have that video and the links to that website up for you when it does go up.

Jeff Perazzo and Kevin Duhaney were the Power Ranger guests and of course our first Power Rangers interview ever. I was glad that two of the Dino Thunder rangers were there since we get to see any of the Disney year rangers, even though the SPD cast was at Ranger Stop last year. Also AFO did get JDF for many years. Still, awesome to know that this convention got these guys to Orlando and they never been until now. We did get to learn a little more about the series in the interview and during a panel that took place when we got back to the con on Saturday and got to know about their own movie project. Stay tuned for that as well! And of course, we did attend a Dino Thunder commentary panel where we got to see their favorite epsodes and talk about the series and interesting enough, I did tell them about Linkara’s History of the Power Rangers since they never seen it. Now they know who he is.

Paul St. Peter was the last voice actor guest which made the convention an all round experience! Even though we didn’t get to interview him since it would be tough knowing what to ask him but able to do that during his voice acting panels. We attended his Villains of Paul St. Peter panel, VOicemaker panel, Pirate Curses, and Voice Performance and man they were awesome and interesting! With Pirate Curses, it was more about the history of pirates and how they came to be. He even was dressed in pirate garb and had the voice to fit! Oh yeah, he is not playing around! He even did a small contest where he handed sheets of paper with pirate curse sayings and some of them were pretty ridiculous when you hear them but more censored in what we tend to say today. If you see this panel in convention guide, I highly recommend it! Even keep tally if you were to make a drinking game out of it, which Gondras did and the tally was over 100! While the voice acting panels, on the other hand, were even more interesting because he was talking about the different ranges he uses, how he layers his voices like with Wormmon in Gigimon Adventure 2, and how to sound nasaly as well, he knows his stuff and how to do it well! He even had people volunteer to try out voice acting, as in doing villains and how to do advertisements and trailers by Sunday. Gondras did try it out since he does have theater experience during his high school days. I also highly recommend to go to Paul St. Peter’s voice acting panels if you’re interested in doing voice work. He also said that Todd Habercorn and Steve Blum do their own panels and of course, anyone who has been to a convention with Chris Sabat, he also does his own voice acting panels too! I would say if a voice actor do panels like these and you want to go into voice acting, go to any of these panels because it gives you pointers, trying it out, and feedback from the audience and the actor too. So glad panels like these exist and there should be more of them!

Verdict: Convention Accomplished! Yes, a third ACCOMPLISHED in a row! I almost thought about a COMPLETE due to how Friday was a bit dead but I can’t base it off of one day. I bet you’re wondering, why didn’t I go to CongjureCon? Well, I did hear that they offered free admission for Sunday but we didn’t want to leave Omni since they have been good to us and the very first convention to reach out to us for press. Plus, they also put in a good word for one of our interviews on top of it. Not only that, you can’t find voice acting panels as much at some of the other Orlando conventions nowadays and Paul St. Peter brought it and talked about it very well and we need more stuff like that since we do live in a place where Disney is around and of course a lot of studios are asking for new people. I hope Omni brings more pros like these even Steve Blum.

Needs for Improvement: Well, there were some things we did notice that need more work on and the first thing is of course more vendors. I did mention this in the MythiCon 2014 review that there weren’t many vendors that sold stuff and we seen it here. Plus, there weren’t many attendees browsing them either due to how less there are from the previous year. The main thing about a convention that a lot of attendees tend to go for is buying from vendors. I am not sure how many people went to Artist’s Alley but I think a lot were there. Still, there should be more vendors like last year and didn’t help with ConjureCon either since knowing them they may have had a vendor room too. Still, more vendors for next year.

Another thing is more security volunteers! Like Holiday Matsuri, there weren’t many volunteers on standby at the doors. I noticed it like Fox Warrior did and felt a bit weird since knowing when I did security for JACON 2009 and MegaCon 2009 that having volunteers for conventions are a big help even keeping people safe. I mean what if a mace spraying or even worse a fire broke out? People will panic and not know where to go and which exits to use if a volunteer is not there to help. I seen more volunteers at the past two Omni Expos but the lack this year kind of needs to be improved.

What I Want to See: New section! Knowing a lot of conventions like feedback in what attendees want to see for next year and since doing reviews on here would help show what I want to see as well!

Guests: I definitely want to see more voice actors appear since last year and the year before there were a lot of them. Like year one, there were a lot of variety of them ranging from Ellyn McLain from Portal to Team FourStar’s Big Three showing up. Then Year Two was all about Attack On Titan! This year, it did focus a bit more on cosplay and visual effects, but there is one more voice actor that should be brought and that is definitely Steve Blum. Why is that? Not only he is the major voice of our childhoods along with Scott McNeill but it would be awesome to see how he teaches voice acting since so many people teach differently. Chris Sabat shown it with his recording panels, Paul St. Peter did it this year with bringing different scripts to play with, I definitely want to see what Steve Blum brings!

More Open Discussion Panels: Why I am I mentioning this? Well, the thing was in the Sci-Fi room there were open discussions with people from NecroNomeCon and it was fun doing it. Of course we have the usual guest panels but having open discussions help with meeting other people and hearing their own convention experiences. Hell, even got to have fun with Doctor Who discussions. I did remember AFO 2012 having a ranting panel with how people are frustrated with certain things and I miss something like that where people talk about what they like, don’t like, and so on.

More Props and Vehicles: This year the vendor’s hall had the vehicles from Supernatural, Back to the Future, and Jurassic Park, along with props, they even had the Tardus two years in a row! That should expand a bit more and bring in the Ghostbusters mobile even since there is the reboot movie coming out and would be nice for next year.

Well, that is it for this review! So glad to do press for this convention for another year. They have been good to us and have been going through the sweat, blood, and tears to keep it going! I know the feeling, I write this blog as well and it can be hard. We did get to meet and interview great people and even had fun afterwards since we haven’t hung out with anyone after conventions end in many years. Heck, I still remember CiCi’s Pizzeria being our after convention spot and during convention spot for food. We need more of that! I am hoping 2017 brings another and that we get to do press again or even more stuff along with it.

What is next? The clips from Opening Ceremonies!