Interviews: Audrey Dubois from “Day of the Dumpster” at RangerStop 6!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! I am back with another interview!

Audrey Dubois from Mighty Morphen “Day of the Dumpster!”

No, that is not a typo! Audrey originally played Trini in “Day of the Dumpster” which was an interesting fact. Why wasn’t she still her? Well, tried asking for more money is not the way to go back in the 90’s. What did I get to ask her? You will know in a minute with this video!

That is it for this interview! Next will be our last one from Ranger Stop and that is with Kat Sutherland from mighty Morphen, Zeo, and Turbo. Stay tuned for that and also my review on the latest Alex Verus book by Benedict Jacka. Until next time! Stay beautiful while traveling the universe!

interviews: Sean C. W. Johnson from Light Speed Rescue!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! I am back!

Interview with Sean C. W. Johnson from Light Speed Rescue!

Time for another interview and this was one I wanted to do for a while since I have seen the season and that is with Sean C. W. Johnson who played Carter Grayson on Light Speed Rescue. As the convention got closer and I was packing more and more I was watching this season even though I also watched it for Jennifer Yen who started Pur~Lisse years back. I would love to interview her some day since skin care is important but glad to interview Mr. Johnson as well. What did I ask? Not only the usual but also about the Easter egg towards Mariner Bay in the 2017 Power Rangers movie and did try doing the Light Speed hand movements for the morphing phrase since if you see with last video if we interview any rangers they got to do the call from their respective season.

What is next in interviews? One cast member you probably haven’t met yet and got to interview her at Ranger Stop and that is Audrey Dubois who originally played Trini in the episode “Day of the Dumpster.” Stay tuned for that since the coverage is almost finished to make room for Holiday Matsuri 2018! Until next time stay beautiful while traveling the universe!

Interviews: Mike Ginn from RPM!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! Welcome back! I am now continuing my RangerStop 6 coverage!

Interview with Mike Ginn from RPM!

It is the start of the interviews and man it was fun interviewing people from some of the other shows and the first is Mike Ginn from RPM! He plays Jem who is one of the android twins and Gold Ranger between the two. What did I get to ask him? You will see here!

What is next in the interview series? Why it’s Sean C. W. Johnson of course! You can keep up with us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique! Until next time!

Conventions: Forever Red from Ranger Stop 6!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back! It’s time for the last panel from Ranger Stop 6!

Forever Red!

This panel was a last minute add on by Christopher Kayman Lee since as we all know from Wild Force that they had a huge crossover of red rangers from the past up to the present so we had Jason, T. J., Tommy, Eric, and Wes, and many more leading up to the Wild Force Red Ranger.

This panel was kind of like that but with the red rangers attending the con as guests so we had of course Austin St. John, Christopher Kayman Lee, and of course ZuiRanger Red with them, which you get to hear his translator in this one. And yes, they were asked to do their morphing calls which you get to see in the upcoming interviews! Enjoy!

That is it for this panel! The panels at Ranger Stop this year were as amazing as Ranger Stop 3 especially with Saban Meets Disney Era this past year. Hoping next year we get to see more awesome panels with more guests. They need to get more of Time Force or at least the entire team. Ohhhh staff! Wait, would’ there be an anniversary next year for Lost Galaxy? Hmmm! Let’s see what happens!

Next is the first of the interviews with Mike Ginn who plays Jem in RPM! I had fun talking with him so stay tuned and follow us on Twitter! Until next time!

Conventions: Saban Era Meets Disney Era from Ranger Stop 6!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back! I am so sorry for not putting any new posts up due to work making me busy lately! Yes, your lovely writer here is now working as an Adaptive Tech Instructor but don’t worry I have not forgotten about this blog since the tech does help me create posts. I do have another Ranger Stop post!

Saban Era Meets Disney Era!

This panel got me excited about this year’s convention the most and that is the Saban Era meeting the Disney Era Power Rangers! I did enjoy this panel and I did have a moment in the video where I went to the line, which the good thing is instead of someone with a mike running around the room like last time they had a mike in one part of the room like MegaCon did. I did ask Yoshi and brother, Peter about Hyper Force, which is a table top Power Rangers RPG they have been doing well Peter and Yoshi was just revealed as a new ranger. And if you heard from Peter, yes I have seen episodes and it was easy for me to tell his voice apart and he goes “Nice hat!” All weekend I have been wearing my RWBY hat since I don’t have a Power Rangers hat. I may need to look for one before next year’s event. Anyways, enjoy and when you get to that point where I am heading for the line, please do a Mystery Science Theater moment by going, “whoa!”

That is it for this post~! I bet you’re wondering, where’s my November Ipsy post? Well, here is the thing! I ended up ordering something extra which Ipsy does now and the bag gets shipped later according to my order placement email and well another thing is that it ended up at my parents’ house after my move and apparently they won’t ship to my new address until this month. So yeah, I know I should have skipped a month but my bags have been so good especially this one and this month’s! Hoping it doesn’t take until the start of 2019 for December’s to arrive and since I am here on the coast, I will sign back up for Boxy Charm but have to wait a bit before that happens. Don’t worry I will get it back and might do a year of it or just monthly. Let’s see what happens. Once Gondras does give it to me I will post about it on here and sorry for it being late. I will also make sure to keep on posting here since Holiday Matsuri is getting closer and I have to start packing soon for that so I will get the next panel up which is a last minute add on they did at Ranger Stop and the interviews that we were able to do at the convention. So stay tuned and make sure you’re on Twitter following us! Until next time stay beautiful while traveling the universe!

Conventions: Mega Force Panel!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling across the vast universe! I am back with another video for you from Ranger Stop this year!

Mega Force Five Year Anniversary Panel!

Can you believe it that it has been five years since Mega Force has been on air? Dang! Time has gone fast but when you look at it, Dino Charge and Ninja Steel has been the last two seasons that have aired.

Sorry if Voiceover is on during this or if not and sorry for not focusing the camera on the cast as well. Plus somehow my camera didn’t start recording until the point you see where it started with one of the girls speaking. I hope I got the parts where two of the guys were talking about the episode where they switched bodies and they started to act like each other because one of them does it very well and they started to do everyone on the cast. This was a pretty fun panel to go to and great to meet these guys as well since got to talk to them. I didn’t get to have interviews with any of them during the weekend due to how busy they were so hoping in the near future that we do have one over Skype with one of them. So stay tuned for that!

I hope you all enjoy this panel video and the next one is the Saban Era Meets Disney Era Panel where you get to see a lot of the Saban actors and Disney actors from Power Rangers in one panel. Stay tuned and follow our Twitter while you’re at it!

Conventions: The Villain, Mentor, and the Minion Panel!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! I am back with another post and it’s from Ranger Stop!

The Villain, Mentor, and the minion Panel!

The next panel is The Villain, The Mentor, and the Minion from Ranger Stop this year and it was a panel that I had to get onto YouTube. It featured Barbara Goodson, David Fielding, Peta-Marie Rickson, and Romy. Sharf, and I think Psycho Red was in this too from what I remembered. Anyways, this was entertaining since we got to hear the different stories especially how Peta had to recount how she as Alpha tried to fight Ivan Ooze during the Power Rangers Movie back from the 90’s and that she had her eyes covered and heard how they were going to blow things up around her. Scary thought right there.

And also, if you’re watching this and notice my camera is not focusing on anyone let me say this. This is from a comment someone had left on the In Space panel on YouTube about how I didn’t point my camera towards the cast but just the host and downwards. I am doing my best with this stuff and since I didn’t have Nerdy Shirts with me with the camera on the first two days, I had to rely on myself like when I started doing this press stuff. Reason why I put this stuff up since the comment did ask about that is because I want to bring awesome content to you guys who don’t get to go to these things and probably couldn’t make this year’s event so I put it up. Plus my left arm’s motor skills aren’t the best so I had to hold it up the best as I could. So please, I’m asking don’t get mad about how bad it looks. I do the best I can as someone who does press and at least you get to hear these people speak in this video and same with the others. I may not be Steve Saylor or Molly Berk but I am just Mari Blue Cat who does this stuff for you guys! I am dedicated to my work and I want to make it work! Thank you!

So, that’s it for this post, hope you enjoy this panel because the next one is the Mega Force Panel! Stay tuned!

Conventions: Power Rangers In Space: 25 Years Later!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling across the vast universe! I have been busy with my move since it’s going to take place tomorrow. Before I continue packing, I want to post at least one panel video for you all on here from Ranger Stop!

Power Rangers in Space: 25 Years After!

First panel up is the Power Rangers in Space panel! This season has been one of my favorites since it does continue from Turbo after Cordon gets taken. This season was also the end of the Cordon Era of Power Rangers since we already know what happens. If you’re new to this season, I would suggest to take a watch because it had a lot of stuff going on in this one even Ninja Turtles showing up. Not kidding! At the same time, the live-action Ninja Turtles series was going on at the same time and had a crossover with this season. It was weird but I’ve seen weirder in most anime and funnier too, I mean me and Gondras are watching Overlord for one thing but hey at least I had a blast watching this season. So enjoy this panel even with the ones who couldn’t attend Friday’s events which someone did comment about that. This blog has your back when it comes to panel videos!

That is it for this panel video! Next will be the Villain, Mentor, and Minion panel from Saturday! Stay tuned and make sure you follow us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique to get that alert! Until next time! Stay beautiful while traveling the universe and also wish me luck at my new place while you’re at it!

Convention Impossible: RangerStop 6!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! It is time again for the Convention Spotlight!

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts, opinions, and observations from the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts on the convention and what she had observed!

Well, Ranger Stop 6 has come and gone and it’s that time again to review this convention!

Location: The Holiday Inn & Suites Across from Universal has been the same layout ever since I have been there as an attendee but I felt like the sighted help was better this time around. As in, when I got dropped off by Paratransit there were valets there helping and they guided me to where I needed to go for picking up my badge. The guy who sight guided me Friday asked me what my favorite season was even and told him it was Time Force and he told me they had Time Force Pink as a guest last year. I was kind of sad about that because tried getting press last year which I will get to that point later. Hoping she does come back again. Back on topic, volunteers did help me out in getting in and out of the convention as in the two sets of doors in where to go and guiding me around the barriers and even through the panel rooms! Way to go staff! I give you major props on this! Heck, even a cleaning lady helped me when my liquid lipstick was a bit askew.

Events: After learning my lesson from three years ago, I did show up on the first day a little before it opened and I think the events have gotten better as in not just having so many events for VIPs and letting regular attendees miss out on them. Now they have events in Panel Room B where you have to pay for a sit down meal or snack with your favorite ranger members, heck there was one with the ZyuRangers on Friday. Trust me, if I had the money right then I would have enjoyed S’mores with the RPM Gold and Silver Rangers or pancakes with Sean C. W. Johnson. Maybe next year if we do press again. Still the other panels in Panel Room A were the most jam packed because of what they had this year. For instance, the Power Rangers in Space: 25 Years after Panel was amazing and did record that one since it was one of my other favorite seasons. I did also attend many other panels like Let’s Henshin since it was a Kamen Rider panel that covers the series later on and knowing Gondras would fan boy over. He did show me V3 since we did find it on DVD during MegaCon. I think my favorite panel of all throughout the weekend would have to be the Saban Meets Disney Era one because we got to have cast mates from both sides of the Saban series of seasons with the Disney ones due to how Disney bought Power Rangers from Wild Force all the way through RPM. I did get to ask a question since at one point in the video you do see me heading towards the line, I would say if you would do a MST3K bit at home just sound like you’re on a rollercoaster since I was using my camera on my phone and carried it with me to the microphone which was actually nice and easier than having someone run from one area of the room to the next like three years ago. What did I ask? You have to watch that video! And yes, I did go to Rangers after Dark, can’t say much except don’t tick off Jason Mamoa.

Guests: The guests this year were very friendly and sweet. They were surprised that I was blind and doing press at the thing because well like most times the cane is not visible until I point at it. I did get a little shy, I know Nerdy Shirts did point out on Sunday why should I be shy when I interview people? Valid question but sometimes it does happen because I will explain here that seeing all these people when I was a kid and on Net Flix in their respective seasons is a little exciting but it can also be a little overwhelming at times and I think, Crap! What do I say!? Even though there are times where my hat or shirt speaks for me as in they get noticed. Yes, was wearing my RWBY hat since well I don’t have one for Power Rangers anywhere. In case if you were wondering, I did talk to Barbara Goodson and was wearing “Make My Monsters Grow” shirt and she loved it! What made it funnier was Friday, I was wearing my Lost Galaxy Red shirt and apparently if I have it right but Christopher Kayman Lee was also wearing one and we were twins! Thank you Mr. Photographer, I am still waiting for that pic since I did hand him my card. Christopher did like the shirt I wore Sunday which was Dead Pool punching a shark, I would make the joke that it was the Shark Zord from Ninja Storm but was telling him that would be easier to interview him over Skype since this convention was pretty busy for them and it is our back up interview area, I did interview some people thought but have to wait!

Did I meet up with Austin St. John and Walter Jones? Yes! I did find something awesome among my items in a box of stuff from the attic was a Mighty Morphen Black Ranger plush. The story behind it was that I won this during a set of games at an event called Disney Days At the Park and they had Power Ranger dolls as prizes for the kids and I think I was around ten at the time and won one of the Black Ranger ones and was happy to find it again and thought to show it to Walter and he was surprised I had something like it. I wished to get it signed but it does cost for an autograph but at least I shown it to him. Still a nice guy like Austin.

I did get to meet the Mega Force crew since it has been five years since the series had ended and they were nice people. I hope to get them on Skype for an interview! Did also meet the Alpha suit wearers which were Peta-Marie from the 1995 movie and Romy who was the one from the show and Romy and I talked about Richard Horvitz since he voiced Alpha. These two did get asked what they thought about the 2017 movie from last year like everyone else and you will get to see that in the Villain, the Mentor and Minion panel video. I did ask Sean C. W. Johnson about the call back to Mariner Bay by the way which you will also get to see that.

I didn’t get to meet up with Yoshi from Dino Charge since I met him briefly three years ago when the show was still going on nor did get to meet his brother, Peter, who took up the Blue Ninja Steel mantle. Well, too be fair so many fans were meeting everyone and didn’t know where they were but at least I got to meet everyone even had an anime discussion with some people and explained what RWBY was for a few people. I did have one major meaningful moment but want to wait towards the end.

Vendors: Sorry guys, due to the move I didn’t buy anything since I wanted to save money in case if I had to pay for my power deposit or need to get groceries just in case and yes there were nice, pretty shiny things but I had to keep myself from buying anything. I did get some buttons that were made for the guests and that they were giving away and got a few for my Polaris strap since it would tell my Polaris apart from other Braille devices people may have while working. I know with most conventions I would have a small haul with what I bought but my move was more important at the moment but maybe next year or during Holiday Matsuri since this year is going to be a Christmas Gift Shopping bit for Gondras.

Verdict: CONVENTION ACCOMPLISHED! Reason for this is because I had a blast this time around not only doing press but getting to meet and know some of the guests too. I had a lot of fun at the panels and glad that the convention and hotel staff helped me out. I also thank Nerdy Shirts taking his Sunday to join up with me to record the interviews as always and hoping next year GOndras gets to join in on the fun because I want to do press again! Why is that? Well, since I did mention a very touching moment is that I did even impressed Tracy Lynn Cruz, who played Space Yellow, and Audrey Dubois, who did play Trini in the pilot for Mighty Morphen and that I was seen as inspirational towards them. Yes, despite the blindness it can be a tough thing but in the end I am doing something that not all blind people think of doing or probably step out to do. Doing this press stuff gives me a purpose and showing that even though you’re disabled you can find a way around obstacles in getting content out there on YouTube, Word Press, Tumblr, and other places and passing that torch onto someone who wants to do it too is even more rewarding. I mean I gave advice to a new writer who was talking to Christopher Kayman Lee about his own story and we kind of got confused and asked questions and then gave my own advice about fleshing out the story more and when I was done Christopher goes, “There you go.” It felt thrilling and at the same time that I can be that mentor to others to show that things are possible. Hoping no water works but hey it felt amazing. I will take it to heart and put it into my work coming up soon and a warning for my interview with Audrey you may need tissues. And now…

Needs for Improvement: Which is Just a Press Form! I think this is the only need for improvement because I feel like it would help out. It’s nice to email someone that is doing press but emails do get lost and sometimes end up in the Spam Folder and doesn’t get seen. When I contacted about press last year no response and it took a bit for this year. Trust, I didn’t give up on this one and glad to add this convention to our experience. I did explain the reasons behind it with the heads for this convention and did point out that we do live in the age of tech so using sites for making forms and adding it to the website can make it easier in finding out who are the press teams that are signing up and what they do and plus it makes it less of a mess trying to find an email or two when you et the forms on a certain server to look at. I mean all the other cons do it like Omni Fandom Expo, MegaCon, even the guys at MetroCon sent me theirs when I did press for them years ago, even MythiCon when they were around did it. Just have a form it would be so much easier!

Well, that is it for this Convention Spotlight. I bet you’re wondering, “Do we want to do press again?” HELL yeah! I mean of course! I would even drag Gondras if I have to since he needs to experience this himself!

Anyways, stay tuned for all of the videos including interviews and panels from this year’s event! So, follow us on Twitter for the latest updates! Until next time, stay beautiful while traveling the universe!

Conventions: Holiday Matsuri 2018!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling across the universe! I am back and it’s time for another Convention Spotlight!

Convention: Holiday Matsuri
Location: World Center Marriot in Orlando, FL
Dates: December 14th through the 16th 2018

It’s back and we’re back for another year of press! Oh yeah, we are on a roll for this year since of course any new readers who don’t know about this convention, I will tell! This convention in Orlando’s holiday themed convention that takes place in December. It has seen many hotels in town and now it has been at the World Center Marriot since 2016. Speaking of hotels!

Hotel: Like the past two years, Holiday Matsuri will be held at the World Center Marriot near Disney. Rates for the Marriot start at $159.00 a night and if you guys have the Marriott Rewards app you can add more rewards. Rooms are almost sold out so I would hop on and reserve but what if you can’t get a room? There are two other options near the hotel and they are the Caribe Royalle where Holiday Matsuri was held before and the Holiday Inn Resorts & Suites Water Park. Good thing is that there are free shuttles for the two other hotels during convention hours. You can book through here:

Registration: Now onto Registration which is pretty big this year! You can buy your tickets via Event Bright on your PC or on your mobile device through the app available in the App Store and Google Play Store. There are passes left for VIP and they are $150.00. For the Three Day Pass, it’s at winter pricing at the moment which is $55.00. And for anyone going for just a day, Friday is $30.00, $40.00, and Sunday is $30.00. There are fees included when ordering online to let you know. If you guys go for a day, I suggest either Friday or Saturday since there are tons of events going on and if you go for Sunday you would catch the costume contest which is pretty entertaining. Oh right! If you have a child that wants to go, its $20.00 for age’s six to twelve. And for under six, it’s free!

Besides the usual convention passes, there are events that require tickets to be purchased and that includes the Benefit Ball and they cost $10.00, $15.00 and $20.00. You can find out more about Registration by going here:

Guests: So, what guests does Hol Mat have in store for the good little nerds this year?

Returning to Hol Mat this year we have Todd Habercorn, you may remember him as Natsu Drakneil from Fairy Tail, Death the Kid from Soul Eater, and one video game duo you may have heard an interesting version of his voice, Rowan from Tales of Xilia Part 1 and 2! It’s fun playing as him in that game. And of course any Star Trek Continues fans in the Nerd Universe like me and Gondras, he plays Spock!

Another return is Cian Schemmel who of course plays Goku in DBZ and also DB Super.

For any Over watch fans out there we have Jen Cohn and Keith Silverstein!

And of course, what has me excited is Brittney Karbowski making an appearance at this year’s convention and you may remember her as Wendy the Sky Dragon Slayer from Fairy Tail, I’m wondering if she still has the Carla I gave her at MetroCon. Hmm! Also she is in My Hero Academia and one anime I remember her from is of course Kiba.

If you want to see full lists of the guests including cosplayers, hosts and so on, you can hop over to here:

Stuff to Do So Little Time: Like a lot of conventions, there is so many things to do at Holiday Matsuri within the three day span. Plus you also have a lot when it comes to going around Orlando if you want to go out into maybe, hoping, cooler weather at night, to check out Disney Springs, Disney Boardwalk, and even Universal if you can. And if you need to pick up anything bathroom wise like toothpaste and shower gel, there are drugstores around and any grocery stores for any food you may get for your room. There is also the Pantry on the first floor alongside restaurants on hotel grounds and nearby.

Besides Orlando’s attractions, some things you should check out during the convention including their first 12 Ft. Christmas Tree where attendees can bring ornaments made by hand, which I will be doing myself with my keychain making. Plus, of course you have events like the Holiday Runway Contest which you have seen pics of in past years, and of course the Costume and Skit Contest. Not only that, returning for another year is Idol Fest! There is also other events which you can hop over here to see what else Hol Mat has to offer:

Well, that’s about it that I will be covering in this Spotlight! There is so much to mention! I suggest getting your hotel room soon either at the World Center or the other two hotels I’ve mentioned because they will sell out. We will have coverage from this year’s convention and hoping to have some interviews for you this year. And if anyone’s new to the convention scene, my best buddy Vivi has been doing convention tips and will be doing it leading up to Holiday Matsuri which you can see right here: And follow her because she will appreciate it!

I hope you enjoy this Convention Spotlight, I know it was a bit early but had to get it out since I am moving in November and who knows when I can post while unpacking everything and working too. So, hope to see you all at Holiday Matsuri 2018. The weekend before the move, we will be at Ranger Stop 2018 doing press! So yep, the end of this year is a busy one for us! So, until next time! Stay beautiful while traveling the universe!