Books: Forsaken Skies by D. Noeland Clark

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I haven’t posted the press coverage here yet because I am still on my IPad wth a keyboard but the good news is that I will be back on my computer by next week! So hang in tight! I do have something for you and that is a review and it is on a book I just finished.


Title: Forsaken Skies

Author: D. Noeland Clark


Disclaiimer: This review is based on opinion and observation by the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts and feelings.


Synopsis: Since I don’t have the NetGalley page in front of me for the synopsis so I will describe best as I can! Forsaken Skies takes place in a universe where people colonized into space and on planets that can support human life after a war that almost depleted resources. Between Mars, Galamine, and Earth which caused Mars and Galamine to surrender. When we thought we were at peace, Miria, a planet that relies on farming, religion, and engineering technology for searching the stars, gets attacked by an unknown species and former military officer Lano along with pilots and a rich kid must defeat it or Miria is lost.


Thoughts: Whoa! Where should I start? This book was amazing! It is one of those that you have the right twists and turns that you expect in a story like this. It brought me back to Titan A. E., Independence Day, and so much more. It brought a nice break to the romance novels I’ve been reading due to how action-packed this book was and it is a nice start to Clark’s series which the second one should be out soon or already. I did recommend this to someone who did get me into Hunger Games since this is also available as a recorded book on Bard which I did add to my Wish List to listen to later on. I do like the futuristic setting of the Hexsus which is your normal city-like colony and then you have Miria, which is almost like a wasteland of craters but it does support human-life in them. It gives a nice switch of what happens when a peaceful planet is in danger for its resources of mines by aliens since they did disrupted it. It was a really well-thought and well-written book even with great characters which…


Characters: The characters in this book , except for one, had a major connection that brought them together and that is due to the war. That led them to where they are. For instance, Lano dead to retire early due to actions that cost him his rank and there is also Mags who has debts in his background that he feels like he must pay back and he scams two people that show up at the Hexsus from Miria for help that catches Lano’s attention. Not only that, he does hear his dad time to time in his head giving him strategies in how to act and what he thought of everyone, especially his mother later on. We also meet Jang which is an interesting character who ended up losing a half of her body in an accident that she got to switch bodies with a girl who was blind with cybernetic eyes, which in this world you can switch your consciousness with someone else and be in their body or put your own mind in another body when you’re dead. Gotta love technology! Then you have Caroline Ita who ends up with a condition that causes her to no longer fly and finally Vorc, my fave character of them all, who was placed into a heavy space suit after getting four degree burns all over his body in one accident. I know it sounds brutal but it is interesting when they reveal what really happened to him. And finally, we have Tom! Tom is a runaway due to how he killed his dad, who is a big politician, after finding out that he was created to take on his dad’s consciousness after he dies due to an illness. He does grow into a speaker himself and then a fighter which I am hoping that we get to see more of him in the next book. I did like one other character’s growth and that was Roan. She left home due to abuse and became an Aspirit of the religious sect with Elder Mackree. She felt like a misfit as in she joined the sect in order to become an elder herself but when she met Tom things changed. As in not only falling in love but thinking that her home is important to her and the only way of saving it is to disobey the rules which causes her to grow into someone else in the end. Hoping that Roan also gets seen in the next one but going through as a different person. Depending on what the author has planned to do with the next few stories. Would be interesting that she joins the military or engineers despite her lack of creativity.


Rating: Five Star Pawprints Out of Five! Because this book was amazing! I loved the characters, the story, the setting and how the tech gets used and even get to see how someone finds different solutions to take on an alien fleet. I do like the idea of switching your consciousness since that shows how much technology can advance but who knows when it will be in reality. Hey, they started doing Jordy’s visor from Star Treak a little while ago.


That is it for this review! Next book is a slice-of-life book! Until then, I will be doing my Convention Spotlight on MegaCon 2017! Also the Top Ten Songs of March. Sorry if I didn’t do February’s so I will loop into this month’s list! Stay tuned!

Favorites: January and February 2017

Hello Shiquers and welcome back o Nerdy Shique Universe!I am playing catch up with some of the posts I haven’t done since my computer went down at the end of February, so will be doing my January and February Favorites for this year! Let’s see what I have in store!


Hair Faves:


Suave Almond and Shea Butter Shampoo and Conditioner: First up is shampoo and conditioner and it is by Suave! I remembered using Suave for many years and have gone back to it for the past few months and the one I have been using is the moisturizing one in almond and shea butter! I was trying to find the Biotine one but couldn’t find it which sucks since I loved that one for hair growth and when I found this one pair in the almond and shea butter, I love the scent and it does moisturizer my hair. It also helps with getting anything that built up during the week out and refreshes the hair from any of the hair products I tend to use as well. That is really awesome that this exists! I hope to find this again or anything since I feel Suave is getting more into the more natural ingredients for their hair care line.


Garnier Fructis Dry Shammpoo: I am mentioning a dry shampoo since I had to get a new one because Walgreens stopped carrying the Got 2 B one I loved to use and that was a bummer because I loved that one a lot. I did get turned onto the Garrnier one since I have been loving the Sleek and Shine line for the longest time and did use the color control shampoo and conditioner wheghlights for a little while and never thought I would use the dry shampoo which it smells like mangoes! I know it is supposed to mean fruit. But this has the mango smell and I feel like I am back in Puerto Rico having mangoes time to time. Plus, this stuff doesn’t make my hair feel weird after using it and no white cast if you went “I love this stuff!” On your hair with it either. I will definitely buy again and hoping WalMart carries it since it is weird that they used to have their hair masks and not anymore.


Garnier Heat Protectant: I switched my heat protectant as well during January because the Tressemee one I have been using, which I found out that it was the one I had, made my hair feel wet before straightening and it wasn’t drying when I use my flat iron. The Garnier one, on the other hand, does dry when I go through with the flat iron because it is not a heavier spray due to the nozzle being more of a standard bottle sprayer than the spray gun style you tend to see on other products. What is also great is that it makes my hair really soft since the flat iron I have is supposed to keep my hair from fizzing up and damaged and this one spray keeps it extra protected and soft. Plus, it does have that signature mango scent! Definitely a re-purchase when it comes to it!


Marc Anthony Grow Spray: Next is a new item by Marc Anthony and is that their Hair Growth Spray with Caffeine and Ginseng! I never thought I would find this one and this was bought in hopes of helping my hair growth which is slightly helping since my hair is so uneven and tried to get the uneven ends but some of the hairs in the back are growing all thanks to this spray. I even notice some of the hairs in the side are growing back too and this spray is something I use everyday when I brush my hair. The smell is pretty fruity too since you don’t smell the caffeine part, so yeah your hair won’t smell like Starbucks when you spray this. I hope to find this again at Ulta since I can’t find the oil treatments much , well in the bottle for leaving in your hair. Also, I do find it weird how the girl thought Marc Anthony was pro-hair care when it is drugstore. I know it should sound fancy but it is also is carrried at Walgreens.

Makeup Favorites:


Wet N Wild Liquid Cat Suit Liquid Lipstick: Next up is a new item by Wet N Wild and that is their Liquid Cat Suit Liquid Lipstick. I got two colors in Goth Topic and Gimme Mocha. These don’t budge when they dry down, even after doing swatches for my Walmart and Walgreens haul I had the Goth Topic swatch still on my hand even using Dawn on it shows how stubborn it is in being on the hand. What I didn’t like is how it did move around on my lips, Goth Topic I mean, when I finished applying it. I need to get back into the habit of lip liner which I have been lately for those that love to move around. Gimme Mocha was a major complimented one since I wore it on Galentine’s Day where my gal pals said it fit me in color which is interesting since pinks do get matched more with me. I guess brown nude lipsticks look good on me.


Wet N Wild Lengthening Mascara: I have to mention this one which is very awesome so far. It is the lengthen mascara from Wet N Wild since I never tried mascara by them until now. People did say they make okay mascaras but it is how it works on people and it made my lashes long. I can see why it lengthens.


Rimmel Retro Glam Mascara:  This is something that I tend to reach for whenever I reached for my tubes of mascara and that is the Retro Glam mascara that Rimmel makes. I suggest trying their mascaras because they are pretty good for their brand. I neeed to replace my tube of this at some point despite how it doesn’t irritate my eyes after so long of having it but it still holds a curl. I can’t stop reaching for it.


Well, that is about it for these faves! I tend to have more but January and February was mostly more hair stuff and less makeup since I couldn’t find any of the new NYX stuff in my part of town. I did have to order the Duo Chrome highlighters since I could only find them on Ulta’s website and the location I got the Hair Growth Spray only had testers. Really? Should have them in already but some places here do get the items a month later than their release here in my part of town.


That is it. Next I will have my Top 10 Songs for Feb next!


My Thoughts on the Jeffree Starr and Kat VOn D Drama

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s time to get a little serious and it deals with two big makeup personalities in today’s world and that is Kat Von D and Jeffree Starr. Recently Kat has ended her friendship with Jeffree due to some drama and I have seen videos on both sides of the matter and will be giving you guys my thoughts!

Disclaimer: This post is based on opinion and observation from the writer! Please don’t bash if you don’t like!

What I think at first is that I was surprised when I first heard about it from my best buddy, Stellarnan. I did do my research and basically on some websites it was due to artwork being stolen, racist comments that Jeffree has made in the past, and drug use but I am really focusing on the real issue that was brought in both videos and that is artwork being stolen. I already know about the racist comments and what happens in the past is IN THE PAST! A lot of people have made these kinds of comments before and people do get offended but it is still happening and yes there are ways of stopping it but people do apologize and others do let it go. Next, drug use, Jeffree has stated that it s medical marijuana he uses and that is it and leaving at that.

Real Issue: Artwork Being Stolen. To me the real idea behind this was due to how Jeffree was stealing artwork and I have seen both sides of the story and how it was explained. So, basically, as Jeffree’s makeup brand was being developed he asked Kat for an artist she knows for any artwork they can do for the brand’s products and she introduced him to a close friend of her’s and he drew rough sketches but he turned them down due to how big of a price it was. According to her. He used the artwork without paying but he didn’t and went to someone who he knew a while back with his clothing line that was carried in Hot Topic for that logo design and used their’s instead of tKat’s artist friend. He did say in his video that he did send money to the artist friend and he didn’t know what was going on until now. It does sound complicated but I would say watch both videos to get both sides of the story…which I will say next…
After seeing both videos, I would have to conclude that this should have been done privately rather than in public.

I relate to Jeffree myself since I had it done to myself two years ago due to a Lolita dress maker that I talked about here on Word Press blasting me and her other client on a social media site, I am not sure which one but I saw the post that was sent to me by my best buddy ManChii. People did agree with her but didn’t hear my side of the story which I am having that done in my own book (you will get that full announcement in September) and I felt that not everyone got the full story and seeing these two videos between the two helped me think that two successful people brought something to public eye and to me I feel as though people should see both sides before saying, “I am supporting one over the other and stop ybuying or supporting their brand.”

Will I be supporting either or like most people? No I won’t. I haven’t gotten any of Jeffree’s products yet and only got one of Kat’s lipsticks and so far enjoying it but saying from consumer’s sides, I will still support their brands despite the drama. I mean, I am using as example, Kiley Genner’s line of liquid lipsticks and glosses went through a broken wand phase but have improved over time and still get support from everyone including Jeffree since he got one of those bad wands but gave the brand another chance on his channel. (Saw the video myself!)

Anyeays, I will support both! I am subscribed to both channels and I do enjoy watching new makeup being made, being released, and how people put it to use. Heck, I even make it interesting in my use of what I get. Who knows what will happen to them next since they have their own brands to develop as time goes on. We are humans in this world and people do make mistakes and do assume a lot, that makes a part of our makeup. So, that is it! See both videos and think as you will, but this is what I think.

See ya guys in the next post!
Well, that is my two cents on this issue and seeing both sides of the story does help draw what you may think and conclude.ything but it is important to get both sides of the story before drawing your own conclusions. I know there are a lot of videos made to bash on Jeffree about the racist comments and now knowing the artwork scandal.

Omni Expo 2016 Cosplay Gallery

Hey Everyone! Here’s the Cosplay Gallery for this year’s Omni Expo. We focused on the folks we didn’t get pictures from during Holiday Matsuri. We also got pictures from around the convention, so check back for next post. Enjoy!

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Omni Expo 2015: Interview With Mike McFarland

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! First you found out that Omni was a Convention Accomplished, now it’s time for the first interview I done during the weekend.

It was hard choosing who to interview since there were a lot of great guests this year and chose six this year and the first is with Mike McFarland. He hasn’t been to a convention in Orlando since 2006 and was glad that he returned and got a one on one with him. You may know him as the ADR director for Attack on Titan, FullMetal Alchemist and FMA: Brotherhood. He also done voices for those shows and for any Fruits Basket, he was Ritsu Sohma, the Monkey. What did I ask him? You will find out in the video. And a head’s up, the IPad cut off before I asked him about new stuff, but he did work on the newest series, Tokyo Ghoul, which is something that caught my interest.

Next up is my interview with Lauren Landa!

Earth Day Birthday 22 Review

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Holy crap! What a Saturday! Yes, Earth Day Birthday passed and all I have to say is that me and Gondras can finally say that we finally went to one and that happened to be this year’s event! For years I wanted to go to this and so did he and we finally did with this year’s line up. Even though we didn’t get the media passes we did get the tickets with our money and it was worth the $65 for each and WJRR knows how to put on a great event and that is why I am also revewing it, which I disclaim with this, whatever I say in this review is based on opinions please and thank you!

We didn’t stay for the entire line up since we were about to collapse towards the end but at least we got to stick out to as long as we did. The event started at 11:25 with a special rocking version of the “Star Spangled Banner” and it led into the first act of the day, which was of course the major reason why we were brought to the event in the first place, Soul Switch! They did a pretty good set despite the microphone that was handed to Tom was bad but he did get one that worked and they did their old set with music from “As It Seems.” I wished they did some stuff from “Regenerate” but seeing the time limit they were given, especially being on the Bud Light main stage, they had to stick with the old set. At least we can see them again at House of Blues and the Haven. I did forget to mention that not only the Bud Light stage was there, there were two other stages and they were the Full Sail stage which featured acts like Trapt, Saving Abel, and many others, there was also the Acoustic stage where some bands did acoustic performances and Flyleaf was one of them. Now onto who we did catch and what I thought:

Soul Switch: Since I did mention them up first, they were an awesome choice to be on the main stage for this year from Orlando. They did their old set which is still awesome no matter what, I wouldn’t have minded to hear “Hang On” but them doing “Change,” “Saving Me,” and of course both of their non EP tracks, “Over Again” and “Walk Alone,” they did an awesome job!

Flyleaf: We managed to catch them on the main stage and didn’t catch them on the acoustic one, but they still soung good as the same if we were to see the acoustic set. I have to say, I do like the new lead singer, which I read in the liner notes for their latest album that their old one left and was replaced. I liked how she did the old stuff like “Red Sam” and my all time fave, “All Around Me,” she did pretty much brought a better sound to them and of course revitalized the band’s sound with their newer stuff, including “Set Me on Fire.” I guess I have to pick up one of their newer albums.

Saving Abel: I got into these guys back during ORock was still around and no matter how much they changed they still sound as they did back around 2008/2009ish! They sound even more amazing live if you get to see these guys!

Buck Cherry: We kind of heard them from where we stood in front of the Full Sail stage, which of course Full Sail University was a sponsor, waiting for Trapt, we couldn’t help but overhear these guys. I did have a headbreaking moment when I didn’t know. If you guys know that song called “I Don’t Care” by that girl duo? Apparently they covered that song and I was like, “They Sing What Now!?” I heard it on WJRR and didn’t put my paws on the band until I found it was Buck Cherry! And of course, if wondering, they did close their set with “Crazy Bitch.”

Trapt: I only really heard of these guys with one song and that was “Headstrong” and was glad to see these guys live. We didn’t know they were that good of a band until we heard some of their other songs performed and including a new one, “Passenger.” I think I may have to pick up an album.

All That Remains: Gondras thought I was drawn to these guys all because they came from my place of birth and that’s Massachusetts, which in all honesty I didn’t know they were from there until they said it! Yes, I came from Boston, random fact is that Boston Cream Pie is my fave dessert and did have the Coldstone Creation on one of my birthdays with the Buy One Get One Free coupon. Back to my review, I do like these guys, they do have the metal sound they proclaim but to me it’s more of alternative in my kitty ears, especially with the song “If I was Nothing,” which I do like the most by them. The rest of the set was good overall and wish they come around more. They did say they have performed at Earth Day Birthdays in the past and that was at the time I didn’t get into them due to how O-Rock didn’t play them as much and after switching to WJRR when O-Rock closed down, glad I really got into them.

Sevendust:  As you know, I announced on here that Bush cancelled due to reasons and Sevendust replaced them and we heard the real story behind it on their end. Sevendust hasn’t been around lately due to being in the studio recording a new album and when they got the call at the studio, they said yes! You know I can’t wait for that album to drop! I will even check my Rewards Zone for gift certificates to pick it up! My thoughts on the set is that this was a better set than the Carnival of Madness one back in 2010. Back then they performed songs I didn’t recognize until the final song they did the final song on the Seasons album “Face to Face,” which was kind of disappointing  since they had awesome songs from many other albums that could’ve been performed. What about now? They performed songs I knew and love! One of them happened to be the very first song I heard by them and got me into them and that was “Denial” and that made me a very happy kitty despite the drink I had earlier that day. They did end their set with “Enemy” which made it better and they did “Face to Face” as well which I did sing along.

Slash and the Conspirators: Oh yes, a little old school and that is Slash from Guns and Roses with his own band and man it was a great set! He did the classic Guns and Roses stuff from when he was in the band and one of them was “Sweet Child of Mine.” Gondras went on a ride, which that was a part of admission to this thing that you get to ride carnival rides and he got everyone singing along and while me, since I wasn’t with him, almost cried since he sang that song to me one time. ::insert “Awwwwww” here:: The set did end with “Paradise City” which we did sing along with.

Rise Against: The band that we left after and waited for the most all day. We did weant to stay for Five Finger Death Punch but we had to listen to our bodies. At least we got to stay for our all time fave punk band from Chicago! They did start their set with “Don’t Want to Be Hear Anymore” except they changed it to “Don’t Want to Leave Here Anymore” which I can see why they did that because of how much Orlando loved these guys! I didn’t even know their first start was here in Orlando at the Social! I did remember hearing of them when they had their song “Like the Angel” on a CD sampler with my copy of “Sticks and Stones” by New Found Glory back in around 2002. How did the guys do? Amazing as they did back at UCF! They did do songs from their many other best hits like “Savior,” “Ready to Fall,” and one that we didn’t expect and Gondras was surprised and that was the first track off the “Sufferer and the Witness,” “Chanber the Cartridge” and it sounded really good live. All in all, it was a really good set for doing it for almost an hour!

Is It Worth It? Now the question is that is EDBD worth the time and money to go to? The Answer is yes! After going to my first one, it is a definite yes despite seeing the stoners and drunks but still worth paying the $65, especially going to one with a lot of your fave bands! Hell, wasn’t expecting Sevendust replace Bush since they are Florida boys themselves. You also get to ride carnival rides while waiting for your fave band or during sets! You rarely get that at Warped Tour! I think the only thing that kept us busy during that was Guitar Hero in some of the tents. Still, this is worth it and even more worth Red Hot and Boom over at Cranes Roost since that event has been focused on pop acts that don’t really interest me even though I kind of edged back to it. This was better and glad to see Sevendust and Rise Against for a second time and seeing Soul Switch being a main stage act! I am proud of you guys. Will we go next year? Not sure since we did almost got de-hydrated and did get sunburned, which I have a big bottle of Aloe Vera on standby. Still, it was worth it!

What is next? Well, my faves for March and April 2015!

Haul: Ulta and Target!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, still working on the Ipsy and BoxyCharm post since my BoxyCharm hasn’t arrived yet due to timing making it look like my box will be here today but because of President’s Day it meant no mail, so it won’t be here til tomorrow! In the meantime, another haul and this time it’s from Ulta and Target!


Ulta: So, this time with Ulta I was on the prowl for new NYX items and they sent me another free deluxe coupon for the Perversion Mascara! I haven’t finished my sample from Ipsy but hey it’s free and I do like the Perversion mascara and it sure beats paying for the price for a full size, even though I may get it at one point. I tried going to the Winter Park location since they carry more items but they didn’t have any of the new Intense Butter Glosses and went to Altamonte and man they were picked off by vultures!


I was glad to get my paws on at least one of the Intense Butter Glosses and that is in Napoleon, which is a peachy nude color and thought it would look nice since I do love my Peaches N Cream and Peach Cobbler glosses from the original Butter Glosses. I wanted to get Berry Streudel, Toasted Marshmallow, and Spice Cake but all they had left were the testers and Ulta can’t sell them. Sucks! I guess doing the buy one get one half off on lip items during the weekend really wiped them out! I did have better luck with the High Voltage lipsticks which got me interested through Color Swept Beauty! I tried finding the one she loved, Dalia, but they sold out like crazy! A lot of them were out of colors but I did manage to get one called Privelege, which is a pink color, and Rock Star, which is a light red and a nice way of going into reds. I did try going for Hollywood, which is a darker red, but they sold out of that one, there is always next time when they restock on everything and after a while the new dies down. I also was happy to get my paws on two of the new Prismatic shadows which they had a lot left of and got two colors that Color Swept Beauty mentioned and they were Tin and Punk Heart! I also remembered Tati mentioned Punk Heart since she was given some of the newer NYX stuff by a friend and knew I had to get this one because it’s a purple shadow and I do go for them because of my cobalt-hazel eyes. Tin is a silvery one that is a bit darker and it would also bring the gem green in my eyes from what people say when it comes to silver shadows on me. I may have to use this if I ever do my Ice Pokemon Trainer cosplay. And the final item is a cream blush, which I was sad that the Altamonte location didn’t have the new blushes in when Mondays are when they get a lot of new things delivered but the blushes that were new didn’t come in but I did decide to see what the blushes were like and picked up Rose Petal, which is a nice pinky shade! Good to try something I never tried before and NYX blushes are one of the things that do get pretty good reviews time to time from what I seen on YouTube. I will have to see with the restock!


Target: With Target, tried jump on the Easter LipSmackers since apparently some places started stocking all the spring and Easter items on Valentine’s Day, which is odd especially my mom saying some places started doing that a week earlier. I was hoping to get my paws on the newer Easter LipSmackers but was a bit too early and they haven’t stocked them yet! I did go into the make up section to see if the NYX section had the Intense Butter Glosses but didn’t, they just had a small section with the normal items! I did go into ELF to see what they may have new and all I found was two lip items and I got two lipsticks! One is matte while the other is a regular one. One of them is Rich Red and that’s the matte and the other is Rosie Go Round and I do like the lip items by ELF since I had the lip gloss set from Christmas! And then I got the 32 shadow set by them and I heard this from another YouTuber who got this and she recommended that people should get this and glad I found it! It costs $6 which is amazing when you normally find pallets like this for more than that! I did get one more item that I forgot to get while I was at Ulta and I finally gave in and got the Cover Girl Clump Crusher Mascara! ::applause:: I heard so so so soooo many good things about this mascara that it kept perking my kitty ears like no other! Oh yeah, kitty became curious and had to get it! I may have to wear this sometime this week or the next to try it out! Also, I did get the package with the free retractable eyeliner and packed it with my make up to take back with me to Daytona so I would have a back up black liner! I may have to grab my other black pencils as well before then!


That is it for this haul! I know it was short but hey I got a lot of new items and glad to try them out! I will have the Ipsy and BoxyCharm post up and another announcement…looks like Nerdy Shique Universe will be heading for Anime Festival Orlando, so look out for any convention spotlights for this year’s convention! Stay tuned!

Ipsy Time: November 2014 + Ipsy Me Offer!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Guess what time is it? It’s Ipsy time! So, I am back from Daytona and this is my bag for November! I did get it through the mail last weekend but since I was not at home and on the coast couldn’t do the review and see what’s in it! I am glad to be home and got it! Let’s see what I got!


Theme: Girl Meets Glitter! This month’s theme is “Girl Meets Glitter!” I feel as though this month’s theme should’ve been next month’s theme because that is when glitter tends to come in play with the holidays but hey, not bad of a theme. I would have a feeling that the December theme would have a nice theme to it due to Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Channakah.


The Bag! The bag is how a lot of video bloggers talked about in how it is plastic with the glitter inside the plastic, which is really nice and you don’t have it flying all over! Kind of like when I went to Spirit for my first time one Halloween time. Apparently Ipsy collaborated with Forever 21 to make this bag and I like it! I even like how soft the bag is ionthe inside! Lovin’ it!


IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye! Item number 1 is something I gave to my mom and that is the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye concealer! I do have bags but it is mostly anti-aging items and don’t tend to use them. I did hear IT cosmetics is a really good brand and that their concealer is also pretty good! A full size of this at Ulta retails $24 but knowing that my mom may like it she may get the full size!


Marc Anthony Oil of Morrocco Argon Oil Hairspray! Man! That was a mouthful! Anyways, this something I was happy about and that’s the Marc Anthony Argon oil hairspray! I started using the Suave Professionals Morroccon infused shampoo and conditioner and loved that stuff a lot and I did hear a lot of Ipsters received this in their bag! I am glad that I did too and it gives me a way of trying out hairsprays that won’t hurt my hair and it is with argon oil and carotene on top of it! The size is pretty nice to be in the bag. I can’t wait to use this and also take it back with me to Daytona. I know this hairspray is like $8, close to the price of an Aveeno dry shampoo and plus I am an Ulta and Walgreens, which I heard they sold this, member. I will see how this works. And I believe this is also made by the singer!


Star Lux Gem Eye Pencil in Ultra Olive! Finally I get to try Star Lux! I never got the lip gloss last month by them and I did try trading for the Obsidian pencil from someone but somehow they said we weren’t a match. Ticked off by that thank you! I am so glad I get to try a product by them and it is the gem pencil in Ultra Olive! I noticed a lot of Ipsters got this one and not the purple one. I wouldn’t mind for the purple but this one would look nice with my Esmeralda eye shadow I traded for last month. They weren’t kidding when the packaging is hard to open like the envelope that the bag came in! Ipsy, did you send us that thing in that envelope because of the bulk of the items this time around!? It is pretty smooth when you do apply! Okay, I hope they send me more Star Lux items because Mari Blue Cat is definitely curious!


CRX Anti Aging Lotion! Okay, I got something by a company I never heard of and they are known as CRX and looking at the Ipsy page for them looks like they use natural ingredients! If you guys got any of the two items you would either get the expoliant for the body and face or the birch sap lotion which is also for the body and face! I got the lotion which I wanted it to be that since I can use it on my knees and hands because of how I read braille and it does cause my hands to get dry and I do have ashy knees. I hope this stuff works, I do like the body butter, which I have not used since I got it, it’s in my room in Daytona so I can use this until I get back.


J Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paint in Mad Splatter! I never heard of Jay Cat until Eleventh Gorgeous got products by them in Ipsy and it’s good to be a part of Ipsy because I get to finally try them out! I got the color in Mad Splatter which is a pretty dark color according to people but hey at least I like the vampy lip! I do like how the packaging is a paint tube because Hot Topic did package their War Paint lip stuff that way along with some glitter gels they had. I can’t wait to wear this to try it out.


Overall: This month’s bag was pretty good! I know I would probably use the concealer but I thought my mom would use it more than I would and it was worth getting it so she can try something new. She did get some of my Ulta samples last time. I also did give her the hair mask from the September bag, I hope she used that thing. I was really happy overall! I mean I got the hair spray which let’s me try out something good, the eye pencil from Star Lux which I was curious in that company, the Jay Cat lip paint, which I never tried and I heard they are similar to OCC Lip Tars, which I never tried, and the Birch Sap lotion by CRX which I did put on my hands and knees and it has a nice cooling effect! This is an awesome thing!


Bonus: Ipsy Me Offer of the Ofra eye shadow pallet! I did end up getting something in the Ipsy Me page and that is an eye shadow pallet by Ofra! I never heard of Ofra cosmetics until Ipsy had an offer on their eye shadow pallet, well one of them and it includes twenty shades. It did say in the offer that they are also cream shadows and to me they feel more powdery than creamy. The brand is pretty much a skin care and beauty brand which is pretty high end! This pallet would normally cost $79 and Ipsy offered it for $28 and I was glad to get it! This is a nice magnetic pallet with a mirror and it is pretty nice. I never thought I would get something high end again outside of an Ipsy bag and thought it would be worth it after getting it with free shipping! I wanted to do a video on this but since my trip from Daytona tired me out, I’d rather write a little bit about it. And also for reading this, you guys get a code for 40% off your entire purchase on and the code is ipsyme40 and just enter it at Check Out! The offer ends on December 8th by the way! Forgot to mention, the shadows can be placed in another magnetic pallet if you want since you can pop these out!


Well, that is it! This month’s bag was a good one and I hope next month’s bag comes as good as this one! And of course, if you haven’t joined Ipsy! You can go to their website and it only costs $10 a month and you get items from a lot of high end, online, and drugstore companies! Also, youget the Ipsy Me offer alerts in e-mails because you can’t get offers like these anywhere!


What is next!? My first spotlight on Omni Expo 2015! And of course, my faves for November and December next month, and wrap up 2014 with my Bests and Worsts of the year! Stay tuned for all that!


MythiCon 2014: Eric Stuart Interview

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! So you saw my Opening Ceremonies video and the clip from Eric Stuart’s live performance and now it’s time to bring on the interviews!


The first interview of the weekend was one I waited all of August and going into September leading up to the weekend and that is with Eric Stuart! He has done so many characters over the years including the original Brock and James from Pokemon, Seto Kaiba in Yu-Gi-Oh and of course Gourry Gabrieve in all five seasons of Slayers! I had the honor to interview him at this year’s MythiCon and if you’re wondering, was I nervous? Yes until he entered the room and didn’t know it. I even did this finger tapping thing until Gondras got back from the bathroom to start but when it started it went well. And reason why it’s in two parts was because my phone gave out and made the joke of “I think Opening Ceremonies was too epic for my phone.” It did get a chuckle out of him but we got it done! Enjoy! Also check out his EP when it comes out in December and the clip in the previous post! And a heads up, that is me in the Pokémon Ranger cosplay and you do get to hear Gondras speak in British because he was the Tom Baker Doctor that weekend, so if you got a Jelly Baby, you know who it came from!


And next interview will be with John Swasey!

Ipsy Impressions August 2014

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe. I know I was going to do my favorites post but decided to my impressions on my first Ipsy products and then do the favorites post so I don’t have to combine them together in one huge post since I have so many favorites, especially with MetroCon happening in July. Stay tuned for all that.


So, I got my very first Ipsy bag this month and liked the products while other people seemed to get other products and sounded either excited or meh or disappointed in their videos and I feel like with the samples itt gives me a chance to try out new products in the high end range and see how I feel or if I would pick up the full size if I wanted to. On top of that, the sizes may be small in some products I kind of feel like it fits with the Back to School theme they are going for and it’s hard to find ways of lugging full size products in a backpack and need to be on the small side and also traveling. I like the idea and of course with the small sizes this month with two of the products, yeah they would run out quickly but you can get the full size if you want to or not, so I am not disappointed! What do I think about each product?


Jersey Shore Sun Magongo Anti-Aging Lip Conditioner in Mandarin Green Orange Ginger: A lot of the Ipsters got this lip balm and others got other lip balms depending on their bags but I think this one was given out the most since I seen videos where subscribers got this and I was one of them. I used this right away after I finished my Sparkle Sugar Shine lip balm from Lip Smackers and I like the feeling but what I hated about this lip balm is how it gets destroyed so easily! What I mean is that it seems to fall apart pretty easily in some points, especially when I checked on how much I had left by pushing it up to get an idea of it, when I tried pushing it down it caused it to fall apart even more, especially while I put it on my lips so I had to take the top off to keep it from not doing that anymore and it got finished off within like four days I gotit because I used it so much and how my lips thirsted for the moisture. Since I liked it so much, I may get another down the road but now since I have so many lip balms, I should see what else Ipsy sends me since September is right around the corner, new bag soon! Not bad of a lip balm!


Urban Decay Perversion Mascara: As said in the “What’s In My Ipsy Bag August 2014” post I had a feeling that Ipsy read my mind when I picked up the Naked Basics pallet and knew that I was inching into mascaras lately since I do have the Miss Manga, the Ulta Voluminous Mascara in my free make up bag, and CK One, and of course the ones that came with my Disney villain books which I am not sure if I will use right now since I am liking this one and the Miss Manga so far! I haven’t tried out the other two yet since CK One is pretty expensive and glad to get it free, who knows when I will use it and the Ulta one. I decided to wear this mascara, the Perversion, to check it out for one night last night and what I liked about it is that it didn’t spread if my eyes twitch a little, it just stays on the lashes even while in application. I can kind of see why Urban Decay is pretty big in the cosmetics realm but I am not sure if I will go and pick up a full size of this unless I get my points racked up again at Ulta or something, still it’s pretty good and it’s a decent sample size! Plus it comes off pretty easily when I had to remove it since it doesn’t feel like a waterproof formula or close to it. I did see some people get the free eye liner in their bag if they didn’t get this, but glad I got this!


Paula’s Choice Moisturizer with SPF 30+: I know it has a longer name but I think this will be easier to say! When I was watching other subscriber videos, I didn’t see many people get this product! People got the Dr. Brandt Primer, the shimmer lotion, a dry shampoo or both the primer and shimmer lotion or the shampoo and lotion, and other bags did get a body lotion made with volcanic minerals, so not many people got this item like I did. I have been using it since I got it and well it’s not that bad but I feel that it doesn’t react well with my Celestial moisturizer when I put it on later on, it makes my skin feel itchier if I put it on and I did feel itchy when I used it as a base for my make up. I formed two tiny zits when I did it with my make up, one close to my left eye and the other on my left cheek in a diagonal direction from the eye one except the one near my eye vanished all thanks to my acne control wipes from Stridex but trying to get rid of the other! Plus, it has too much of a greasy feeling if I try not too put too much but it feels matifying once it dries! I am definitely not going to get a full size of this once I’m done, I feel like it is not the best kind of moisturizer for my skin, if it was meant for it then I may get it but not a sensitive skin friend in my book. I am also glad I didn’t get the primer since it was meant for oily to combination skin and don’t have that. I wished Ipsy put “sensitive” on the survey as my skin type question. I guess it’s due to how most places make stuff that is meant for it and other companies aren’t. Not sure if I will retake the quiz to change it up, I will see what September holds for me!


Coastal Sense Forever Blush Duo: Normally I don’t go for blush but I had to crawl out of the box a little bit and try this out! I was kind of jealous when some of the bags came with eye shadows I love eye shadow but since I hear good things about Coastal Sense all thanks to Make Up Freak, I had to give it a try! I tend to put the blush on my cheek bones (I know it’s supposed to be the apples but I watched a make up artist and he says to do it on the bones since you naturally blush there and it looks better that way as well!) and then blend it in with my powder to make it look natural and that nothing’s there. It feels pretty comfortable like nothing is there once you know you put it on. I may have to try my other blushes I have from Ulta and see how they go but the Coastal Sense ones are pretty good.


Lord and Berry Kajal Kohl Eye Liner pencil: I never heard of Lord and Berry until now, well since other people got products by them in the past in their bags and now I got one! This eyeliner is a small one and some people were sad about the size, except for me of course! If any of you got any of the E. L. F. pallet books during Christmas and know the pencil liner that comes with them, it’s basically the same size and I don’t mind if it is. If I need to, I may pop it into my make up bag and head out. Plus, I think the size would be adequate for anyone who is starting in eyeliner and usually sampling them would help know what you like, if need be, find a dupe for it if the person can’t afford it or the company discontinues it since I seen it before. This eyeliner is pretty smooth to go on and it glides pretty well! Need to be careful since it can smudge all over the place since of course with kohl it used to be liquidy and that’s how this pencil feels, especially with a liquid eyeliner placed on top of it. So, will I get a full size of this? If they have other colors maybe, but I am more comfortable with the Wet N Wild pen liner I use for black and the NYX, WNW, and E. L. F. ones but at least I get the samples to try them out and see how I like it and may get a full size if I wanted to.


Well, with one product being a disappointment, to me the others are better and I am not disappointed with these four items! I liked the lip balm, the eyeliner, blush, and mascara since those worked out the best while the moisturizer, I will finish that up and toss it. I think I remembered I didn’t want skin care related stuff, it was a while back but hey at least this wasn’t bad and of course I am excited about September and see what that may bring in the bag!


So, what’s next!? July and August Faves!